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Diaries From The Field - Chapter 2 - Recruited

Diaries From The Field – Chapter 2 – Recruited

by Kennie Kayoz

Copyright 2016 Coyotes Publishing

Shakespir Edition

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Hello Again;


The day came when I finally got to go out into this new world that we moved into so that I could possibly find kids my age. After searching around the house for a little bit to find various artifacts to perhaps make friends with or join friends if they happen to be playing catch I ventured out of the house.

I was in luck, living right next to me was a boy who looked to be my age, he was fighting with another kid about the same age with these wooden swords, but I as I heard him call for help I felt I had to go intervene and put a stop to it so I pushed the one kid away and he ran off. The other kid introduced himself to me he tells me his name is Butters of course he tells me it’s a nickname .
He thanked me for saving him and told me I need to talk to a Wizard King. I had no idea what to expect or what he was talking about, I was starting to wonder if Butters was on some very strong medication and he’s starting to see some funny shit.


So I followed him down the street, two houses past his and we got to a house that was green, Butters knocked on the door and started to get all excited when some kid opened the door. He as well introduced himself to me he called himself Cartman … I ventured through his house into his backyard where I was given a run down of what they were doing… I asked if I wanted to join them with it sounding rather cool to me I decided to do so.

I had four cards lay out before me as I got to choose my “path” … I decided to choose a mage, I’ve always liked the idea of magic and thought it would fit my fascination.
The second kid whose bigger than Butters asked me my name, when I told him he constantly referred to me as “douchebag” I don’t know where he grew up but he refused to take no for an answer to that wasn’t my name.

It then started to make me wonder what Butters did to get that sort of nickname, As my mind began to roam the one who is called Wizard King started to tell me the story of what’s going on. When he finished he asked me if I had any questions in regards to what I heard or would I be ready to learn how to fight, so I chose to learn how to fight… Armed with my trusty stick (also known as a wand) I learned the moves of the mage.

As I finished learning I got rewarded with a bunch of stuff that I kept on me for safe keeping.

In a panic Butters came into the room and started to freak out saying that we’re under attack.

I guess this was my first test for me to see if I could master my skills I had six other kids I had to defeat facing them in pairs.

I won’t speak of the horrors on the battlefield but I did win


I was then given my first mission to go find a few of the Wizard Kings best soldiers. I then was sent on my way, but I wasn’t alone Butters was coming with me. So we ventured back towards my house and I had to stop in for a minute as the gear I was given I didn’t like but I had some cooler stuff in my tickletrunk so I took Butters up to my room and changed up, anything that I have so far found in my journey I have left back in my tickletrunk.

Now I get to continue on my journey. Before we left I managed to take a photo of me and Butters as I’m in my new gear

Now it’s time for adventure.

Diaries From The Field - Chapter 2 - Recruited

  • ISBN: 9781311454324
  • Author: Coyotes Publishing
  • Published: 2016-06-29 01:40:06
  • Words: 714
Diaries From The Field - Chapter 2 - Recruited Diaries From The Field - Chapter 2 - Recruited