Destiny And Faith Go To Twincentric Academy


Destiny And Faith Go To Twincentric Academy

By Teddy O’Malley

Cover by Carl Miller

First Edition, June 2011

Shakespir Edition

Copyright 2011 by Teddy O’Malley

No part of this work may be copied, transmitted, or reproduced without written consent from the publisher.

This book is dedicated to

My mother Angie because she always knew I would be an author AND Hope Tobben because without her none of this would have happened.

In loving memory of

Lauren and Rachel Taylor. You will always be in our hearts. Promise.

Destiny And Faith Go To Twincentric Academy

Shakespir Edition, License Notes

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Destiny And Faith Go To Twincentric Academy

By Teddy O’Malley

Cover by Carl Miller

First Edition, June 2011

Shakespir Edition

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: The Academy

Chapter 2: Time For School!

Chapter 3: Hope and Grace

Chapter 4: Some Twins Aren’t Nice

Chapter 5: Aiko To Akiko

Chapter 6: There’s Always Hope

Chapter 7: Triplets

Chapter 8: Swapping Twins

Chapter 9: Not My Idea!

Chapter 10: If All Goes Well

Chapter 11: A Trend For A Friend

Chapter 12: A Perfect End

The Language Glossary

About The Author

Chapter 1

The Academy

“Destiny! Faith! I have something important to tell you girls!” my mother called from downstairs.

“What do you think she wants?” I asked.

Faith shrugged. “I just hope it’s not something I did. Race?”

“Yeah!” I agreed. Faith and I raced down the stairs. She won only because she cheated.

“Girls, please sit.” Mom pointed to the chairs. Our four-year-old sister Olive sat near her, crashing her toy airplane into a muffin.

“Your father and I have made an important decision. We wanted to let you girls know about it and see what your thoughts and opinions are.”

Faith and I turned and gave each other an “uh-oh” look. When Mom wanted our thoughts and opinions it usually meant something not so good, like her deciding to send us to our old Aunt Hazel’s house.

The only thing Aunt Hazel would cook was chocolate chip pancakes. I love chocolate, but that was a little too much pancake for me!

Mom must not have known how to word it, because she simply pushed a brochure towards Faith and me.

The headline read

Twincentric Academy: Where twins reign supreme!

I grabbed the brochure, opened it and read, “Give your twins the benefits they deserve. Twins are not like singletons. They have special twin needs. Our school supports important twin issues such as twin bonding, twin telepathy, and twin development. No other school pays attention to twins like Twincentric does!”

“What do you think, girls?” Mom asked.

Before Faith and I could give our opinions she threw in, “I have already enrolled you girls for second grade in Twincentric, so I hope you’ll like it.”

“I don’t know,” we both said. We looked at each other, both of us contemplating a school that paid special attention to twinship. It was true our first school did not.

There teachers had made a few attempts to separate us. They even asked us to “please stop dressing alike.”

Chapter 2

Time For School!

“Time to go to school!” I yelled as I shoved my sister out of her green bed with pink peace signs.

“Huh?” Faith asked sleepily.

“You know, that place we go to get an education?”

“Summer’s over?” she asked.

“Yeah, now we’re going to Twincentric Academy!” I informed her.

“Okay,” Faith agreed. She walked across the room and flopped down onto my pink bed with green peace signs.

I finished getting dressed in my overalls and added my favorite hair bow.

“Come on, Faith!” I encouraged, nudging my twin.

“Go back to sleep, Tiny.” She was encouraging me too, but in a different direction.

“FAITH!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. I got up and began jumping on the bed.

Faith rolled off. “I’m up, I’m up!” she grumbled sleepily.

I went to brush my teeth while Faith took her time getting up. I smiled at myself in the mirror. I have mocha colored skin and black hair, because I’m biracial. That’s because Mom is black and Dad is white. The one thing Faith and I got from Dad is blue eyes.

“I got your clothes ready so all you have to do is put them on.” I smiled at my sister.

“Great, thanks,” Faith grumbled. She pulled on her overalls and hair bow, and we walked downstairs for breakfast.

“Good morning!” signed Olive, sitting at the breakfast table already.

Our Mom taught Olive ASL. She also taught us when we were babies. She has at least ten different books about “baby sign language.”

Olive is always the first person up. She gets up at early hours like 5:00 AM. Even on the weekend!

“Breakfast is ready. I made your favorites,” Mom said, setting it on the table.

Everybody said and signed, “Good morning!” except for Faith, who was using buttered toast as a pillow.

Olive wiped her muffin across Faith’s face. “Mmm, buttery.”

“Bagels and cream cheese, yum!” I said. “Mom, are you sure we’re twins?” I asked, glancing at my sleepy twin. “We could be fraternal and just look a whole lot alike, right?”

“Destiny, are you trying to get out of going to Twincentric Academy?” Mom asked.

“No! I think it’s fabulous that the school dedicates itself to twins. I was just thinking, Faith and I look alike but we’re so different.”

Chapter 3

Hope and Grace

“Welcome, girls,” the teachers said to us as we entered the classroom. “I’m Ms. Caitlin and this is Ms. Catherine. She teaches across the hall.”

Ms. Caitlin and Ms. Catherine were twins. Aside from their matching names, they were identical twins, just like Faith and me.

“Do we look that creepy dressing alike?” Faith whispered in my ear.

“No, we don’t. It’s only creepy when old people do it,” I reassured her.

“Come meet your classmates before the day starts,” Ms. Caitlin said.

“As you can see Ms. Caitlin and I have name tags, but if you mistake us for one another, that is okay,” Ms. Catherine promised.

“Okay,” Faith said.

Two Asian girls wearing identical red dresses walked into the classroom.

“Good morning, Hope and Grace,” Ms. Caitlin greeted them.

“New kids!” one of the twins yelled. “I’m Aiko Hope Kobayashi! Call me Hope. What’s your name?”

“Don’t forget me!” her twin interrupted, “I’m Akiko Grace Kobayashi! Call me Grace.”

“You mean Graceless,” her twin murmured.

“I’m Faith and this is Destiny, but I call her Tiny,” Faith introduced us.

“Tiny is different. I like it!” Grace said.

“You like everything that’s different,” Hope replied to her.

“I gave Tiny her nickname!” Faith added proudly.

Another set of twins entered the room. They had blonde hair and blue eyes.

“Let’s go meet those blonde girls,” I said to Faith.

“That might not be such a good idea,” Hope warned.

“They’re kind of mean,” added Grace.

Faith was already on her way over to them, so I walked over anyway.

“This is school, not Old MacDonald’s farm,” one of them said, her curly blonde pigtails bouncing off her shoulders.

“E, I, E, I, not funny!” I said in defense of our overalls.

“We wanted to look nice for our first day,” said Faith.

“Yeah, and we were coming over to meet you, not to get picked on,” I added.

“Give them a break,” said Hope and Grace. “They’re the new girls.”

As Grace turned to walk away Jourdana stuck her foot out and tripped her, causing Grace to fall on her face.

“That’s why she’s called Graceless,” Jourdonna said in a sarcastic tone. Jourdana and Jourdonna looked at each other and said in unison, “Losers!” They put their fingers in L’s against their forehead and giggled evilly as they walked away.

Chapter 4

Some Twins Aren’t Nice

Ms. Caitlin walked over. I suppose she could see that a fight might break out between us. Twins versus twins, I thought in my head. It was kind of a funny idea when it was just in my head.

“Is there a problem, girls?” Ms. Caitlin asked.

“We just wanted to meet these girls…” Faith started.

“But they don’t like our overalls,” I finished.

“We never said we didn’t like your overalls,” one of them said.

“We just made a joke,” the other added.

“Some jokes might hurt feelings, Jourdonna,” Ms. Caitlin told her.

“These two are Jourdana and Jourdonna,” she introduced the snotty sisters.

“Destiny and Faith,” I said back, pointing to myself and then Faith as I said our names.

“I don’t know if I’m going to like it here.” Faith sighed. “I’m beginning to wonder if it really is a good idea to have a school just for twins. It almost feels like we’re being singled out.”

“It’s better than them trying to separate us. Although, I think the teachers at our old school realized they were fighting a losing battle,” I added.

“I agree,” Faith said. We sat in desks next to each other beside the desks Hope and Grace sat at.

“I so don’t like them,” Faith said, eyeing Jourdana and Jourdonna. “Where are they from, anyway? They have accents.”

“They fake French accents, but really, their parents are English,” Hope informed us.

“Yeah, they are actually learning French now, but they are not very good at it,” Grace added.

“We can tell, because we know a little French,” Hope said.

“Even though our parents came here from Japan,” Grace threw in.

“I know some French, too,” I said. “Les jumelles blondes sont méchantes, n’est-ce pas?” I laughed. “That means ‘the blonde twins are evil, aren’t they?’”

“Don’t speak French when you know I’m not so good at it!” Faith whined.

Chapter 5

Aiko To Akiko

“So we’re Japanese. Where does your family come from?” Grace asked, as she batted a tether-ball towards Faith and Hope.

“You told us that,” said Faith, batting it back to us.

“Our family comes from Haiti and the Netherlands!” I said proudly as I hit the ball.

Spreek je Nederlands?” Grace asked.

“Yeah, a little,” I answered, knowing she had just asked me if I speak Dutch.

“You know as many languages as Tiny, don’t you?” Faith complained.

“Don’t feel bad,” Hope said. “I’m the way you are. Grace is the language twin!” She hit the ball hard and knocked Grace over.

Faith and Hope ran to us as I knelt beside Grace, making sure she was okay.

“This is why I nicknamed her Graceless,” Hope smiled.

“Not funny, Aiko,” Grace snapped.

“Yes it is, Akiko!” Hope shot back.

“No need for first names,” Faith said, laughing halfheartedly, hoping the tension would break between Hope and Grace.

You’re more clumsy than I am,” Grace said in Japanese with a smirk.

That’s not true!” Hope yelled back. Faith pulled Hope away, so the two of them would stop arguing in Japanese, and we could calm them down.

“I hate going to school with my twin,” Grace told me after Faith and Hope had left.

“Ah, it can’t be that bad. I love going to school with Faith.”

“I have an idea,” Grace said. “You and I get along better than Hope and me. How about we switch twins. You and I will be twins, and Faith and Hope can be twins. What do you say?”

“I don’t know. Maybe,” I said. I’d have to think about it.

Faith and Hope came back.

“Sorry I yelled at you and called you clumsy,” Hope apologized.

“Apology accepted,” Grace smiled,” because here’s my idea!”

Chapter 6

There’s Always Hope

“There are four of you I would like to talk to in the hall,” Ms. Caitlin addressed the class. “Those four girls are the Funningtons and the Kobayashis.”

Uh oh, I thought, that’s us. I tried to keep a straight face. I didn’t want to look sad if I didn’t do anything wrong, and I didn’t want to smile if I did.

“There’s always something,” Faith said as we walked out.

“Same here,” Hope said to Faith.

“Girls, did you think nobody would notice that you swapped outfits?” Ms. Caitlin asked us.

“We didn’t just swap our clothes,” Hope told her.

“We swapped twins,” Grace finished. “Destiny and me are twins now.”

“And Faith and me are twins,” Hope added. Hope and Grace seemed more excited about switching twins than Faith and me.

Ms. Caitlin looked like she was trying not to laugh. I crossed my arms and waited for her to speak.

“Explain to me why you girls are swapping twins?” she asked seriously.

“Because,” Hope said.

“We can’t get along,” Grace added.

“Oh,” Ms. Caitlin said knowingly. “Okay, I suppose you girls can swap twins just for this one day and see how it works out.”

Hope high-fived Faith. “Secret hand-shake,” she said.

“I don’t know it.” Faith shrugged.

“Oh, sorry, I forgot,” Hope said.

I could see this wasn’t going to last very long, and I guess Ms. Caitlin could see it as well.

“I’ll teach it to you. I’ll also teach you how to speak Japanese,” Hope told her.

“Come on,” Grace said, pulling me, “Let’s go back to our desks! I want to show you how to write your name in Katakana! That’s a way of writing in Japanese!”

“Alright,” I said, not used to being pulled around. If there was one thing I noticed about twins, it was that in every set of twins one is more the leader and one is more the follower.

I’m more of the leader….and apparently so is Grace. I couldn’t wait to see how this worked out.

Chapter 7


“Hi, Destiny!” Faith said, meeting me at the table. She sat across from me. Hope and Grace came to sit with us. Grace sat next to me, and Hope sat across from her.

“I’m sitting with my twin!” Grace said, sticking her tongue out at Hope.

“So am I!” Hope shot back.

I rolled my eyes. These two never let up.

“What are you going to eat first?” Hope asked Faith.

“I don’t know. What are you going to eat first? I usually eat whatever Tiny eats first.”

“I’m going to eat macaroni and cheese first,” Grace said.

“I’m going to eat my sandwich first,” I stated.

“No, Tiny, you have to eat it the same way I do!” Grace whined.

“No, I don’t,” I argued. “I always eat it the way I want to. So does Faith.”

“What kind of twin are you?” Grace said, turning away from me and crossing her arms.

“The kind that’s Faith’s twin,” I said softly.

Three identical blonde haired, blue-eyed girls bounced into the cafeteria and sat at a table nearby. They were smaller than us. I guessed they were kindergartners.

“Triplets!” I said excitedly.

“Where?” Faith asked.

“Over there!” I pointed at the three little girls.

“What are triplets doing in a school for twins?” I asked Grace.

“They’re the daughters of the owner who started this school,” Grace informed us.

“Really? If his daughters are triplets, why did he start a school for twins?” I asked.

“Yeah, shouldn’t he have started a school for triplets instead?” Faith added.

“He has older daughters who are twins,” said Hope.

“Oh, that explains it, I guess.” Faith nodded.

“Yeah, it does,” I agreed.

“The rumor is he’s going to change the school for twins into a school for clones,” Grace stated.

“Not clones, Grace, multiples!”

“I want to meet them!” I said.

“Me too,” Faith said, joining me as I walked over to meet the triplets.

All of them were wearing white shirts, red skirts, and had their hair tied up in a neat red ribbons.

“Hi,” I said, approaching their table, “I’m Destiny. And this is my twin, Faith. We’re new to this school. What are your names?”

“I’m May,” the first triplet said.

“I’m June,” the second triplet added.

“And I’m July,” the third triplet finished.

“You two don’t match!” July scolded.

“Yeah, matching is code,” June added.

“Don’t let the principal see you,” May threw in.

Chapter 8

Swapping Twins

“We can explain!” I defended

“Yeah, we swapped twins,” Faith said. We ran to our table and grabbed Hope and Grace and pulled them over to the triplets.

“See? I’m Grace’s twin,” I said.

“I’m Hope’s twin,” Faith explained.

When we stood next to each other our outfits matched in an odd sort of way, kind of like letters in a word when you scramble them.

“Oh, I see,” said June. May and July giggled, and June soon joined them.

“That’s a cool idea. Swapping twins,” May said.

“Yeah, I like it,” said July. June nodded her agreement. Faith and I smiled. At least the triplets weren’t snobby like Jourdana and Jourdonna.

After lunch I still sat next to Grace, and Faith still sat next to Hope, but I noticed something odd.

“Is it just me…?” I began to ask Faith, but she was already shaking her head.

“Okay, good,” I said. “I’m not going crazy.”

I looked around. The kids in our class were in different seats. Not only were they in different seats, they were in different clothes. Even Jourdana and Jourdonna were wearing different outfits.

“Oh…my…gosh….” I began

“We started a trend!” Faith finished for me.

“You mean we started the trend,” Hope argued, referring to her and Faith.

I sighed. Faith slapped her forehead. We were tired of hearing Hope and Grace arguing.

I am so happy Faith and I get along most of the time, I thought.

I knew I probably wouldn’t get along with Faith as well if she was more a leader type like Grace. And I think that’s why Grace and I weren’t hitting it off as twins. Grace, on the other hand, didn’t seem to notice.

“Destiny, Faith, Hope, Grace – the hall.” Ms. Caitlin pointed to the door.

We walked out of the room once again. Only this time I had a better idea of what to expect.

“Alright, what exactly is going on?” Ms. Caitlin asked.

“Look, Ms. Caitlin, Hope and Grace got into a fight, so we decided to switch twins for a while. So now we’re Destiny and Grace, and Faith and Hope.”

“You mean Grace and Destiny,” Grace interrupted.

“Whatever,” I said. “Anyway, we didn’t mean to get everyone doing it.”

“Yeah, they’re a bunch of copycats. They stole our idea,” Faith said, accusingly, her cheeks turning red.

“I see, and who started all this?” Ms. Caitlin asked.

We all pointed a finger. I pointed at Grace, Faith pointed at Grace, Hope pointed at me, and Grace pointed at me.

“Destiny started it,” Grace said loudly.

Chapter 9

Not My Idea!

I walked to the principal’s office with my arms crossed. Some twin! Faith would never tell on me to get herself out of trouble if I didn’t do something. It had been Grace’s idea to swap twins. Not mine! I sighed and knocked on the door to the office.

“Come in,” came a woman’s voice.

I pushed the door open. I was surprised to see that the people in the office weren’t all twins. Or maybe they were fraternal. I just knew they weren’t identical twins.

“Sit,” said a woman with hair pulled into a tight bun and glasses sliding down her nose. She pointed to a chair. She pushed her glasses back up her nose and began typing. “The principal will be in to see you momentarily.”

“Ah, Destiny Funnington, I presume,” the principal said, walking into the room.

“That’s me. And you’re the principal, I presume,” I greeted him.

“That would be me.” The principal sat in his overstuffed office chair. He opened a book and scanned through the pages. “Destiny Funnington, twin sister to Faith Funnington. Do you know why you’re here?”

I tried to think of an answer, but I didn’t really have one. “Not exactly,” I admitted.

“Well, apparently we have dozens of mismatched twins, and you seem to be the start of this ‘trend’.” He made air quotes on the word ‘trend’.

“I’m sorry, sir. I was only doing it to help a friend.”

“Oh, really?” he said as he examined a pencil.

“My friends Hope and Grace were mad at each other. Grace said, ‘Well, why don’t we be twins?’. I said, ‘I don’t know if that’s a good idea,’ but she talked me into it. How could I say no?”

“Hmm, so Grace started this trend then?” He raised his eyebrows. “Wait a moment, Grace who?” He flipped through his book.

“Her name is Akiko Grace Kobayashi,” I said.

“Oh, yes. Aiko and Akiko, excellent students; terrible sibling rivalry.”

I nodded. That was Hope and Grace in a nutshell.

“Can I go back to class now?” I asked.

“Well, I hope by tomorrow every twin in this school will have their priorities straight. You may go.”

I jumped out of the chair and walked quickly to the door.

“Bye,” I said.

Chapter 10

If All Goes Well

The next day at school I was approached by very excited twin girls.

“Hello, I’m newspaper reporter Mackayla Valiant,” the first girl said, a notebook and pencil at the ready.

“And I’m newspaper photographer Mackenzie Valiant.”

Mackayla waved her notebook around, asking me a zillion questions a minute. “So you started a trend. I want to hear all about it.”

Mackenzie snapped a picture of me.

“I just wanted to help my friend out. You know Akiko Grace?”

“Sure, we know Grace,” Mackayla said.

“We know everybody,” Mackenzie added.

“Nice,” Faith said, standing next to me.

“So this is your twin, Destiny?” Mackayla asked.

“Yeah, this is Faith,” I said.

“What’s your full name?” Mackayla asked me.

I hesitated and then answered, “Destiny Lillian Funnington.”

“I’m Faith Filana Funnington,” Faith added.

“Your initials are FFF,” Mackenzie pointed out.

“Maybe that’s why she gets so many F’s in school.” I laughed at my joke. Faith shot me a mean look, so I stopped.

Mackayla continued to ask questions and write things in her notebook. Mackenzie snapped more pictures. She wanted some of me and Faith together and at least one of each of us individually.

“I thought only high schools usually had newspapers,” I said.

“Early Start Program,” Mackayla said.

“Twincentric Academy is advanced,” Mackenzie added.

“Oh, I see,” Faith and I said together.

“Well, thanks for your time.” Mackayla smiled.

“Here’s our card.” Mackenzie handed a piece of colored paper to Faith and me.

“Thanks,” I said.

Faith and I walked back to class and hoped the rest of the day would go well. We were matching again. Hope and Grace were back to matching again and weren’t really fighting today.

In fact, I think Grace wasn’t happy with me, but she was getting along with her twin just great. I’d rather she got along with Hope than me anyway, so I wasn’t very worried.

Chapter 11

A Trend For A Friend

The newspaper came out and everybody in class got one. It read:

A Trend For A Friend

By Mackayla Valiant

How far would Destiny Lillian Funnington go to help a friend? When twins Aiko and Akiko Kobayashi (better known as Hope and Grace) began fighting over who was clumsier, Destiny helped out by letting Grace switch twins with her.

After the famous May, June, and July found out about the switch the story of twin swapping spread throughout our school. In one day, over one hundred twins were matched to a different twin. This has not only been a trend but a great learning experience for all of us. And it is all thanks to Destiny and Faith.

I noticed under the photo of Faith and me the little comment that said, “Photography by Mackenzie Valiant”.

I hoped the principal had read this story and understood. Mackayla mentioned that swapping twins was a learning experience. I hadn’t even thought of that, but she was right. Swapping twins could be a learning experience.

I raised my hand.

“Yes?” Ms. Caitlin asked.

“May I go see the principal?” I asked.

“Who asks to go see the principal?” someone in class murmured.

I ignored them.

“Sure, be back before math time,” said Ms. Caitlin. “Don’t forget the hall pass!”

I grabbed the hall pass and headed to the office. Once there I knocked on the door and heard the secretary tell me to come in. I sat in the chair and waited for the principal.

“Destiny!” he said when he saw me. “I didn’t call you in here. What can I do for you?” he sat in his large chair, and I thought about what I wanted to say.

“I wanted to ask you if you saw this article?” I pushed the newspaper towards him on the table. He looked it over.

“I see you, Faith, Aiko, and Akiko made the front cover.”

“Yes, there’s also information about the trend,” I pointed out.

“I see,” he said.

“Mackayla put that the twin swapping trend was educational. I think she’s right, don’t you?”

“You know what,” the principal said, “I think this has been educational for everyone.”

I smiled. Everything had worked out in the end. As I walked back to class I was met by Grace. She had come to tell me that math time was about to start, and I was going to miss it if I didn’t hurry.

“Are you mad at me?” I asked.

“No, I’m not,” Grace said, “If anything, you should be mad at me.”

I smiled a big smile. “I’m not mad at you! Best friends?”

“Best friends!” she agreed. I grabbed her hand, and we skipped down the hall together.

Chapter 12

A Perfect End

As we were skipping down the hall to get back to class we bumped into Jourdana and Jourdonna. They didn’t look very happy to see us.

“Why is your picture on the front of the school paper?” Jourdonna demanded.

“It should be us!” said Jourdana.

“You’re on it, too,” I informed them. I handed them a copy of the paper. Their smiles disappeared, and their eyes widened in horror as they saw their pictures in the background.

“Twin nose picking. Wow, when they saw some twins do everything together, they really mean everything,” Faith said.

The mean twins shrieked and ran away.

“A perfect end to a perfect day.” Faith, Hope, Grace, and I giggled as we walked to class together, hand in hand.

The End

The Language Glossary


ASL is another name for American Sign Language. It is most commonly used by the deaf, who talk with their hands.

It is also used by some mothers with their babies, so that they can “talk” before they are old enough to speak.


Spreek je Nederlands? – Do you speak Dutch?

Dutch is a language spoken mostly by the people who live in the Netherlands.


Les jumelles blondes sont méchantes, n’est-ce pas? – The blonde girls are evil, aren’t they?

French is a language that is spoken mostly in France.

To learn more languages, please visit http://www.destinyslanguagelearningcorner.blogspot.com

About The Author

Teddy O’Malley first fell in love with writing at the age of seven when she wrote her very first story as a school assignment. She discovered that she loved writing as much as her other favorite activity, drawing. Ms. O’Malley resides in Poplar Bluff with her crazy family.

Destiny And Faith Go To Twincentric Academy

Destiny and Faith enter second grade in a school for twins. They make enemies and friends and have to step in when friends fall out. This is the least of their troubles however. When the principal has a plan to force all twins to dress alike, Destiny and Faith take a stand. There is going to be trouble - on the double. EXCERPT After lunch I still sat next to Grace, and Faith still sat next to Hope, but I noticed something odd. "Is it just me...?" I began to ask Faith, but she was already shaking her head. "Okay, good," I said. "I'm not going crazy." I looked around. The kids in our class were in different seats. Not only were they in different seats, they were in different clothes. Even Jourdana and Jourdonna were wearing different outfits. "Oh...my...gosh..."I began. "We started a trend!" Faith finished for me. * * * Lessons learned in this humorous adventure include: Dealing with sibling rivalry What to do when friends fight Being culturally aware BOOKS IN THIS SERIES #1 Destiny And Faith Go To Twincentric Academy #2 Destiny And Faith's Summer Adventures #3 Destiny And Faith Get Stuck In The Country

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  • Author: Teddy O'Malley
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Destiny And Faith Go To Twincentric Academy Destiny And Faith Go To Twincentric Academy