Designing Your Leadership


Designing Your Leadership

By Francis Ongere

Copyright 2017 Francis Ongere

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To the ordinary- salt and light

Table of contents


++]Leadership start with you

born or made

the nature of values
determining your CORE values
values as time managers

Chapter 5; YOUR VISION
the elements of vison
images and perspectives
cultivating your vision

Purpose is not academic

The serve-ant
time and chance
servant leadership


Chapter 9; YOUR LEGACY





Every generation NEEDS leadership.

The need for leadership cannot be overemphasized though it is largely underestimated. It’s lack in time past has contributed to the evil and corruption we are reaping today. You were born for such a time as this, do you contribute to the preservation or corruption of your generation?

This is the gist of this book. To help ordinary people lead preserved generations.

Everyone shares in the leadership of his generation. Every life makes profound contributions to the direction a generation takes toward preservation or corruption. When it comes to leadership, no life is good for nothing. This has been my inspiration to put this work together.

However, many people have taken back seats and left the leadership role to others. At the back, they take no initiative to steer their generation towards preservation. Remaining aloof, the few responsible servants have tried to spur them to this momentum by calling them to participation. This is what plays out in the name of DEMOCRACY.

This book is for those who are being called to participate in leadership once in a while. It this for those who do not consider themselves ‘LEADERS’. It is a call for them to claim what is originally theirs. – THEIR OWN LEADERSHIP.


Time and again it’s being said, “it takes two to tango. “ Meaning it’s not only the personality with influence that has corrupt monopoly. The voiceless who toil to get money to speak for them are equally corrupt.

Being at the bottom offers no security, since those at the top are clever enough to give you with their left hand what is legitimately yours, and take away with their right the little you have. They will make the vital decisions in the name of LEADERSHIP, DEVELOPMENT, AND EMPOWERMENT only to tell you later how corruption is stalling the economy.

So, how we get out of this maze if our so called leaders have despaired in leading us to preservation?

It will be my purpose to spur a paradigm shift in the concept of leadership. I will endeavor to make it clear that it is the ordinary citizen who exercises true leadership. I will share a framework, that will help the common man understand his role of leading his generation.


[_ "You were born a leader, but you must become a leader"- Myles Munroe. _]

Leading a preserved generation is everyone’s job. Why?

Simply because everyone can serve and must live meaningfully in his/her generation.

In ancient civilization, servants were ordinary folks. They held no enviable titles other than being servants. In most instances they labored in domestic contexts. They did common routine chores. Thus, when the simple things they did remained simple, they had favor with their masters and all was well with them. However, they did contribute to their misery too. Master’s activities were condition in respect to that of their responsible servants. If they made wrong choices and displeased their master, they faced his wrath. Their responsibility towards preservation of their contexts cannot be watered down to be the masters’ responsibility. It took two to tango!


In many ways we despise what deserves honor. We tend to pay attention to the rare and scarce but remain oblivious to abundance. We see the king and ignore his subjects. We fail to pay attention to what we know in search for what we know not. We have been deceived there are greener pastures out there!

Between the ant and the lion, who offers the best leadership metaphor. I bet few of us have paid keen attention to observe the ants. They are in their abundance. They are everywhere in all manner of variety. Yet, how we fail to notice their existence! We will learn wisdom from their leadership concept and how it differs from ours.


Your leadership lies in designing your service to your generation. Service is the essence and substance of leadership. You must become the generation preserver – a light and a salt. In all our endeavors we must become servants.

It is in others that our significance in our generation lies. What we do to others starts the cycle about which everything else that happens to us and to others around the world. LEADERSHIP is demonstrated through your service.

A leader is just but a designed life in a servant. We shall see how service is the heart of leadership. It will be my purpose to help you in this design thinking. We will focus in building the below faculties to come up with an PERSONAL SERVICE statement.

1. The nature and value of values.

2. The dynamic of vision

3. The ant’s wisdom.

4. The essence of service in leadership.

Once you have your values identified, you need to know how they work for you or against you. Your values are good leadership values when they make the world a better place. Not just about the present but also they guarantee a preserved uncertain future. The relationship between your values today and your preserved future is working of your VISION. It is your vision that puts your values to work.

I will go further to show you how visions are brought to mind, so that in applying yourself to the thoughts and perspectives you will find the principles and tools to help you design your vision.

It will be illuminating to learn earn how to put your personal vision on paper as your SERVICE statement.

A leadership vision is one of greatness. There is an abundance that is linked to, it is characterized by an unstoppable and unlimited enthusiasm. Leaders want to prosper and get as many people as possible in their generation to buy into their vision. There must be a reason as to why a leader should desire this, if the reason is NOT reason enough, we say the vision lacks PURPOSE.

It’s purpose that gives inspiration to a vision and gives it undying commitment to preserve generations. Purpose is the WHY behind sustainable goals and objectives. But where can one find purpose in life? It will be eye opening when we answer this question in chapter six.

When you live a designed life, you live deeply and leave a legacy that outlives your generation. Not only will you be remembered, but also your life will impact generations to eternal preservation.

It is my hope you will forever find it a worthy investment of your finances and time. Keep leading a preserved generation by designing your life and selling your dream!

Let’s dive in.

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I bet this is not your first book on leadership. Perhaps, you have read more books on leadership than most authors of the subject. Or maybe this your first E-book, but am pretty sure you are well exposed to leadership. Leadership is applied everywhere. It is in nature, in the family unit, religion, in the society, everywhere- HEAVEN and hell too.

Almost anyone can share something on leadership. Male and female, we all know something special about it. My opinion is, leadership is multi-faceted and we all have something to learn from one another on the subject. Leadership is universal and unique to each person.

Wherever you go, you will find leaders who will be a marvel to your world. Somehow, leadership has inherent humility in its character. This make leaders learners. To lead you must learn and keep learning. You can learn from almost anyone. Little wonder the number of leadership literature out here.

To lead, you must learn and keep learning.

Having disabused myself from being a leadership expert, and acknowledged my lack of monopoly in the subject, I hope that you will pore this material with an open heart and mind.

Having that said, I have some level of audacity to tell you what every reasonable leader, or leadership coach will tell you. I will tell you the same and remind you of it. LEADERSHIP STARTS WITH YOU!

Leadership starts with you.

Leadership is about working on yourself. It starts by you leading you. More specifically, leadership starts as a private affair. It begins in the recesses of your mind when you are all alone. It is such conscious design in solitude that you sell to the world that longs to KNOW who are you and what you have for them.

I have heard it being said, if one claims to be a leader but has no follower, he is only taking a walk. This statement makes a lot of sense, but it only tells one side of the leadership story. You should be careful not to obsessively focus in growing your following. Rather, focus on growing yourself as a leader. Once you do this, followers will do what they do best- FOLLOW!

Leadership starts and ends with you.

Whatsoever benefits your contacts draw from you is but a mere manifestation that they too can do the same to benefit others. We can all grow ourselves as leaders to benefit others.

Below is a short poem I wrote to express the idea of SELF-LEADERSHIP. It shows what we must do to bring out our leadership to the world. Take time and engage with it mentally.

What are some of the things MUST you do to lead?

Highlight five things you will consider to consciously apply in your daily living.


Your values and virtues to choose
Your ambition, vision and mission
In pain to train your brain.


Your time to game n make your name
Through spirit, habit & heartbeat
Employing faith, foresight & follow-through.


To will, wit and wisdom
To service for finance & abundance
To give your soul, love & your all


For your medication, meditation & action
To read and lead in peace to the peak
To be & become

The servant that leads.

Here is a resolution I made years ago.

[[Revisit and employ my core values.
* Focus my resources toward my vision- designing life and selling dreams *
Serve others by developing content to help them discover and champion their leadership
Read two books on leadership every month.
Employing meditation to master my health.]]

You can also do the same.


When you focus on growing yourself as a leader you won’t become super human being. It won’t make you a superior, you may or may not rise the career ladder, you may or may not receive recognition and awards, but your contribution to lead a preserved generation will be unmatched. Your contribution will speak for you.

Traditionally, we have left the leadership role to the conspicuous few. Unfortunately, most of their English titles start with letter ‘P’. We ascribe POWER to these Patriarchal people and consequently reduce LEADERSHIP to be a cosmetic title.

Who are these people? These are the people who come into anybody’s mind when leadership is mentioned. These include but not limited to;

[AT HOME-parents, peers,philantropists, patrons etc
IN RELIGION-the pope, priests, pastors,preachers,prophets etc
IN SOCIETY-PRESIDENTS, professors, principals,politicians, professionals et al.]

Whether you fall in the above categories or not, you have inherent power and potential to lead a preserved generation.

There will always be some head somewhere, a number one of sorts, someone at the top. But leadership is a very personal phenomenon. We can’t all be at the top, but we can all bring our personal touch towards preservation.

PERSONAL TOUCH NOT POWER manifests true leadership.

There is a form of leadership everyone ought to bring on earth. We need to work on ourselves continually as advised in the poem, to be and become servants who lead.

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Man’s greatest ignorance is of himself – Dr. Myles Munroe

Are leaders born or made?
This is an age old question that still carries some weight and spurs intellectuals and warriors to debate. It is a battle of all civilisations so to say.

For my purpose in this book, I will frame the question in such a way:

Are you born or made?

We ought to personalize this question for it to be impacting in our generation. When we personalize the question, we are able to have the correct mindset of our leadership concept in our generation.

Then the answer automatically becomes simple;
You were born and are being made daily if at all you are a living being.

Since we live in a competitive generation, my approach to this argument is still prone to a compare and contrast analysis.

Was Mother TERESA born or made?

Was Mahatma Gandhi born or made?

Was Martin Luther born or made?

Was Nelson Mandela born or made?

Is barrack Obama born or made?

Do you fit the bill?

That this question would be asked with your name on it?

In a competitive society, nothing is enough though, everything is relative to another. No one is man or woman enough, no one is rich enough. MORE IS THE POINT. It is the name of the game. When life becomes a pursuit of more, CONTENTMENT becomes very elusive. Giving our authentic selves for service consequently becomes hard.

In a preserved generation, however, we are all inherent leaders. We, all having time and chance in our hands, can become leaders. You are enough. Trust me, you can lead effectively and it will be asked of you;

[Was (your name) born or made?]


Peter Block, one of my favorite authors observed that, we tend to avoid dealing with our own doubts by dealing with the doubts of others. I believe this has been the basis of our definition of leadership for most of us.

We tend to avoid dealing with our own doubts by dealing with the doubts of others-

Peter Block

Some of us are still afraid of what others may think or talk about us. Others are sore afraid that others may make mistakes if we don’t control them. These are instances where we focus on the doubts of others.

A classic example of this concerns the young people. They are forever said to be the leaders of tomorrow. However, at present they are considered to be problems to be fixed or else will cause greater problems of the future. We despise their leadership, because of our own doubts of their potential to lead. In return, we are entitled to lead them by taking care of them.

We need to give the TIME and CHANCE to them to build up their identity. To face their doubts and reservations. To solve their own problems, and to take responsibility over their mistakes. The reins of self-leadership must be in the hands of the youth.

On another hand, we train leaders to be assertive, have self-esteem and form a formidable self-concept to lead those who live in disbelief. Them who hold lightly to the blessing of being leaders are snatched the privilege and bound to be followers. Leadership turns to be the contest of qualities –the struggle for the fittest. The bold and the beautiful form of leadership prevails.

This concept of leadership is basically founded on the Darwinian principle of survival of species. History happens to be the stories of what the strongest of our species did. Our leaders are history makers; the rest are pawns as far as the history of leadership is concerned.

Where the winner is the leader there is no empowerment!


I believe this question ought to be answered well before we can offer leadership to others. It is the very same principle of love, that we cannot love others till we are able to love ourselves. We can’t lead others if we haven’t mastered ourselves. Who we are, is the epicenter of the leadership.

WHO AM I?’ is an answerable question.

The key to answer the question is one of slowing down in the trenches of life. We can’t find ourselves if we are busy competing with others! We need to be alone, by ourselves long enough to unravel the mystery of our lives. We need also to answer this question in light of the society that forms our worlds. WE NEED TO DEAL WITH OUR OWN DOUBTS.

In the crowd however, we start to perceive our identity by contrasting ourselves with others. Unfortunately, this practice only leads to focusing on the doubts of others. Consequently, we live OUTSIDE- IN because we feel we have no substance within us to live INSIDE-OUT.

It is quintessential for leadership to have a clear vision of ourselves. If we aren’t careful, we won’t find meaning and purpose in our lives. Correcting our vision of ourselves, others and GOD is the beginning of finding our true identity

Confronting ourselves with the reality of who we are in our society, is the foundation of leadership that preserves.

This Paradigm shift in our identity requires the correction of our EYE-DENT-ITY. I coined this word because of our tendency to have a relative view of our identities. Our sense of IAMNESS is CONTAMINATED by the doubts of others.



[[And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove the speck from your eye’; and look, a plank is in your own eye? 5 Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.
(Matthew 7:3-5(NKJV)]]

This scripture is an epitome of IDENTITY CRISES.

Hypocrites are folks that drink wine behind closed doors but preach water in public. The kind that say do as I say but not as I do. When we stand for such a philosophy we evidently lack understanding. Our view of humanity is one dimensional.

For us to lead effectively, we need to soberly judge ourselves. Our view should be on the 3-dimensional level.

Follow carefully the differences in identities below.

1-D one dimension) vision is the analytical eye that loves to compete. It is preoccupied with fixing others. It is not empathic enough to accept conflicting ideas. It is quick to judge and give ‘life’ solutions. It is the eye that sees the speck in another’s eye.

2-D VISION is the appreciative eye that is very accommodating. If you would agree with me, this book is a representation of my doubts; whether I can be of meaning and minister to you. I wonder whether my writing, will impact your personal vision. It is the appreciative eye that sees the courage to disrupt comfort zones. It is sympathy and it wishes walk in the shoes of the other person. It is however, limited to sympathy.

The 3-D VISION, is a holistic eye that appreciates humanity. It is a creative eye, that seems something different and embraces it. It sees the flaws and accepts them as part of life. It goes ahead to make its contribution to bring about transformation. It goes beyond competition to complement the leadership of others. It is empathic, it will actually walk its talk. It takes initiative to do the right thing against all odds. This is who you want to be as a leader!

May this be A LENS for you, to correct the way you see and know yourself. To correct your 1-D Vision to a more powerful 3-D vision. and discover your IDENTITY by correcting your EYE-DENT-ITY.

Your leadership starts with your identity.

Our thinking and attitude should be centered in knowing ourselves. IDENTIFYING with our identities. Our identities are of more worth than any material possession.

The doubts of others must not make us sell our birthright.


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[* I am religiously opposed to religion.- playwright Victor Hugo. *]

Our values are our true religion.

They determine what we do or don’t in and with our lives. We hide them safe close to our hearts. We are secret keepers of our own faith.

Every human being alive has his own personal creed, known or unknown, he or she is devoted to it earnestly. This consumes an individual overwhelmingly. In our hearts we think in terms of values, what we consider important we embody.

For as we think in our hearts, so are we.

So profound values are, they are the way, the truth and the very life that we live any day. You cannot outlive them; neither can you live without them. Any day, our values form the air we breathe, the water we drink and the ground we tread on. Values are perfectly the totality of who we are.

Values are the true living faith; they cannot be separated from own actions. They are wired deep in our identities.

Who or what we are presently, and all that we wish to become lies in no other but our values. Values give us the potent tools with which we can get hold of the future. As it pertains destiny, values are the roads, signposts and the vehicles with which we journey.


Values beget passion.

Are you passionate about something?

Are you a fun?

Are you religious about your values?

Passion create needs.

Every important thing creates needs that make it basic. If you value football, you will NEED to follow a premier league. If you value your family, you will NEED to provide and support them.

Every value creates a vacuum that yearns to be filled responsively, respectively and responsibly.I believe this is the reason why we become addicted to our HOBBIES. The craving to our passions cannot go unsatisfied.

The needs create priorities.

Unless needs and wants are satisfied, discomfort looms into the picture. The football fun won’t be at ease to miss out a derby involving his team. The responsible father, will feel out of place if he neglects his family. It is natural to have needs satisfied by prioritizing them.

Priorities create daily agendas.

That human beings are creatures of habit is not in doubt. It is also possible for one to learn new habits and unlearn others. Once one is convinced of his priorities, routine automatically manifests in his daily agenda. We always make time for what we consider important, don’t we?

People are always driven by passion. People religiously practice what they truly love. Somehow, each person has his own personal religion. Obviously, when we place our values side by side to already accepted religions, they become idols.

Some of us feel guilty that we are so much into social media than we are into our bibles.

Conscious devotion to your passion, can illuminate the leadership you offer in your generation. A personal devotion to your own values attracts followers to you.

Being aware of our values means a greater understanding of who we are-our identity, our vision and our service.



Values can be anything a-z, but don’t take them lightly

What is important to you is very important.

Values are a true source of wealth.

Many people take their values lightly only later to find out they have traded their kingdom for a worthless horse.

Though values are highly personal, they are not private. They are the bedrock of your surface behaviors which are in full glare of the public. They thus attract criticism and comparison from your neighbors.

They whisper to others about your identity. The values of others also tell you about their doubts and needs. Consider the over-protective father, the paranoid manager, and the cautious mother. You can tell what’s important to them.

On the other hand, the results you create in life are related to your values. Results are only consequences of your religious devotion to your values. Like a rod, once you pick one end the other end also comes with it. This is the very reason you have a free will to pick any of values and have yourself to blame for your success or failure in life.

One would not be shocked if I couldn’t name five football teams in America? Why?

Football is not in my value system. It’s not my value, am not passionate about it, I have no need to watch it in my television, I have no plan or agenda to enjoy it in my lifetime. If that’s not you, then be proud of your values.

Below is a list of values people hold onto. The list is not exhaustive and may not include yours.be free to add any you consider important as you keenly observe; the needs they give rise to, the daily agenda they program and the behaviors that follow after.


Adore, authority, academics, art, athletics

Bargain for benefits, bonus, business, beauty.

Crave creativity, collections, community, charisma, culture, cleanliness, clarity, communication, character, church, cost

Desire drugs, dignity, dolls, duty, differentiation

Esteem elegance equity, equality, electronics, education, entrepreneurship, experience, events, efficiency, effectiveness

Follow fashion, fame, feminism, family, fairness, flexibility, friendship, fitness

Glorify God, giving and generosity, gratitude, governance, globalization, grammar

Hail honor, honesty, hospitality, humanity, hobbies, humor, hope, humility, health, happiness

Invest for interest, income, investment, impact, integrity, innovation, intelligence, information, ICT

Joy in job security, jokes, justice, journaling

Keep knowledge

Look for land, love, loyalty, leisure, leadership

Make money, movies, music, marketing, medals, medicine, meditation

Note needs, necessities, nobility, net-worth, networks,

Organize for order, opportunities, openness, objectivity

Pursue parenting, purpose, power, peace, professionalism, politics, prestige, praise, privacy, prayer, politics, propaganda, patriotism

Qualify quietness, quizzes, quality, quantity

Revere relevance, relationships, recognition, respect, research

Seek status, sales, salary, sex, speed, solitude, solidarity, society, strategy, social media, stewardship, shares, sports.

Thrill traveling, thinking, transformation, time, tradition, truth, talent, Television, tribe

Unite for unity, uniformity, utility

Value vision, value, values, vocabulary

Work to wealth, winning, war, weapons, worship

X xoxo, x-mas

Yearn for years, youth, yardsticks, YOLO

Zoom zest and zeal


1.Do you think we all value the same things?

[At work
In the community
In relationships

2.In the list above; identify 5 in each category. (those you strongly feel/ regard)

[cross your values at work e.g. job security×
Underline your personal/spiritual values e.g. love
Super strike your values in a relationship e.g. honesty
Tick your values in the community e.g. service√]

3. Choose
Choose five values that stand out for you in the exercise above.




4. …………………………………………

5. ………………………………………

4. How many times did you choose money?

5. What passion, needs, priorities and agenda does valuing money bring?


Anything contrary or outside our values is a distraction that leads to our destruction.

The love of money is one of the dis-tractors from focusing our values. If you chose money as number one core value, check your life!

However, these three are the most notorious distractors of a values- led life. These common community crimes populate the cemetery with untapped potential. They are not only independent but also form a process ending in true poverty.

BEWARE! Of the crowd, covetousness and conformation.


What is everybody else doing?

Other people always seem to be sure of what they are doing. They also seem to have better ideas. They provide an illusion of security causing one to forfeit courage to get a hold onto his values. When we cling onto the embrace of the crowd we lose our very identity and what is inherently ours.

Majority may have their way, but remember narrow is the gate that leads to your destiny.


In a dog eat dog society, the winner takes it all. All the others are left to salivate. Since it has been suggested that we can be happy like so and so, if we have this and that we are moved to envy.

Envy, bedevils you. You sin against your own wealth by throwing away your cake for want of what can never be yours.


This is the desire to fit in.

‘Everyone’ becomes the subject of interest. Unreasonable choices are made to fit in the flock.

We strive to be part of the majority who have their way. Sooner or later we realize we have lost our leadership, and the majority are always poor.

Because of our EYEDENTITY problem, we FALL IN LUST with the DOUBTS of others.

For these reasons many successful and resourceful people have died poor.




[Now her this
Now hear this]

[The captain speaking
The captain speaking]

[That is all
That is all
-old navy saying.]

What happens on Monday morning when you get to the office?

Do you carry your values with you to the workplace?

Do you have to conform to what you don’t believe in?

It has no commander, no overseer or ruler, yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest. proverbs 6:7-8 nkjv

Whenever I read the above verse, I am persuaded that ants have no management trainee programs. Neither do they have managers. However, they work seamlessly in unison and with effectiveness. What are some unnecessary activities to you engage in frequently?

Ants carry their values to work. These creatures live out their convictions and leave out a remarkable legacy for the next generation to run with. They are dealers in values and vision and are dedicated to create organizations they believe in in a way they believe in. When you terrorize their hills, aren’t you mesmerized with their architecture and work ethic?

On the contrary, we carry our bodies to work and shut up our hearts. We leave the managers to define our values. To decorate our rooms and buildings with “core values” and draft impressive imprints on our corporate brochures. We lose our humanity to become routine dealers. We are forced to create organizations through controls and compliance. This ought not to be so!

If we learn from the ants, we shall write the core values with their own hands on the work we do daily. Self-driven, we shall build institutions that reflect the true values deeply inscribed in our hearts.

There is no need to oversee what the ants are doing. Their greatness cannot allow anyone to command them. No ruler can righteously instruct them and monitor their moves and be satisfied with his job description. Though small they enjoy the greatest freedom because of this wisdom-VALUES.


Why do we waste time?

Innovations abound to help tame and use this cash cow called time.

Simple clocks, diaries, time tables, bells, planners, expensive wristwatches, phones, calendars, timelines and DEADLINES. But none single handedly bears the awesome testimony of success in helping people be better time managers. They all help but heal not.

People too have taken the roles of time keepers. Parents. Older siblings, bell ringers, managers, consultants have had their say in taming this time animal.

All these mechanisms help but heal not.

Time is a universal resource that cannot be micromanaged.

Values are time consumers. We naturally make time to the treasures of our hearts. where our hearts are there are our priorities. Life becomes easy and productive when we identify or values and consciously allocate time for them.

I love Peter Drucker’s approach to time management. CONCENTRATION. Allocating big chunks of time to a task at a time. This is in tandem with the force of nature.

When it comes to concentration, honesty is the best policy in time management.


Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. (psalm 90;2kjv)

Values are the true time management tools. They help us number our days by considering our lifetimes as one gift package. If we concentrate on our values, our heartbeats will throb in synch with the minute hands.


1.a soccer player who trains in three chunks of 30 minutes a day, what does such a fellow accomplish?
2.A writer who writes a paragraph a day.
3.A poet who memorizes a line a day.

Values run our time. Values are time consumers. Aligning ours values through vision helps us make most of our time.

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In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

And God said, “Let there be light…” (genesis 1:1-3)

In the beginning was vision.

Vision set the precedent. Without vision nothing invisible can be made visible.

When you scan through your life, observe your values, evaluate your performance and realize it is empty, formless, without order and odor, then know that CREATION must take place.

When you can’t enumerate your values, you are passionless, don’t know what next, no agenda for the day, then it is time to envision. New circumstances can be made in your life!

Ever been to that place where you don’t know where to start? Take time and consider those moments. Are you still stuck in there? I hope not…

God said, ‘let there be light…’

Creation did not take place in darkness, why?

I believe it is so, so that your imagination may be stirred. After light came… … land, sea and sky came … the sun and the moon came … plants and animals came…. man came… beautiful garden of Eden … they were naked … then the serpent came, and then the drama! Very vivid!

Do you see the difference before and after creation?

The ability to see the AFTER from the BEFORE is the working of VISION.


Your vision is your place of your own creation, the EDEN OF YOUR IMAGINATION. It is your preferred future. It is the unseen, it is unpredictable, but all the same, YOU BELIEVE in it.

Circumstances are basically the what omes to mind when one hears of vision. We all want better and conducive environments for ourselves and loved ones. Inspite of the cliché, ‘today is a gift called PRESENT’, many of us are not all SMILES. We chose only to smile and occassionally laugh, because we hope for a better tomorrow.

To change circumstances, we need hope. We need hope to carry us on. When we despair, our vision dies with it (despair). As it regards vision, one MUST NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP. If you don’t live to see your vision who will?

You can start recreating the circumstances you desire. It starts by having an attractive picture in your head. Some call it THINKING BIG, others call it DREAMING. This is what will make a way for you.

All creation starts with a clear vision. Visions do come true!


Vision is trans-formative.

Your vision will force you to change in order for to suit your preferred future. The creation of our future starts with us. We can adjust our character to match the future we want (circumstances).

On the other hand, our circumstances need a strong character to keep us going in tough situations. Circumstances can be ruthless at times, and only the men of thrust make it sometimes.

This is where the rubber of our character must meet the road of our values.

We must forge our values to be in line with the future we want. You don’t put new wine in cracked bottles, do you?


Money cannot buy you vision.

Your vision is a personal brand which you and only you can pull off.

Vision deepens one’s character till he/she comes to a place where they naturally attract what is worthy of them. Some call it ATTITUDE, others call it MANTALITY. Whatsoever you call it, it is quintessential to train your mind.

We should daily work on ourselves to build character, any short cut will cut us short from achieving our vision.

Our vision then has to be the very values that we want to pursue and the character we want to develop. Once this kingdom is established all other things will be added unto us.

Vision is the purposeful outflow of our values with hope. The outpouring of our hearts through our hands with character


Teachers open the door; you enter by yourself.-Chinese proverb.

Vision is the inner working of images and perspectives in your mind.

The dancing of the images of your preferred circumstances, perspectives of the character that build you up and aternative courses of change.

More often, men do not invent them internally but they are informed from their environment. They are shown, then bit by bit, they are synthesized and eventually personalized to create a path to destiny.

These images and perspectives come about from other people’s manner of life, doctrine, faith, character and contributions.

Let us answer the questions below mentally.

[Who is your role model?
What are his values??
Name the top five values.
How has (s)he influenced the choosing of your values?
What needs they created for you? (shaped your daily agenda and behavior)]

An honest answer to the two simple questions will reveal how;

1.Their way of life, their values/ ‘religion’ has helped you package yours.

2.Their doctrine-their words are stored in your heart for they not only spoke in a language you understand but they also they spoke in your language.

3.Their faith challenged you to respond

4.Their character swept you off your feet. You admired their optimism, compassion, courage, self-control and education.

5.You gained or appreciated the benefit they contributed to society.

In many aspects and dimensions, you keenly considered them. Their vision beckoned you and soon you were in a path akin to theirs.

You didn’t imitate them entirely so as to lose your identity but they helped you understand your own path and you defined your own vision-the person you wanted to be and become.


Warren Bernis noted that leaders acquire and wear vision like clothes.

Their dedication to a personal vision covers them and is openly visible. Visionary leaders can inspire you to design and master your vision.

However, men of great strengths have strong weakness too, when you see their flaws, don’t criticize them. Honor helps you learn from their mistakes and shortcomings. Their imperfections help you to further sharpen your own axe-your resourcefulness and abilities for your own affairs. This is a 3D vision that promotes you from being a keen follower into an adept leader.

Such is the experience of those whose eyes are on the stars and feet planted on the ground.


It is the small things that make big things happen-John Wooden.

Have you seen a skillful workman at his hustle; beheld their gift in the results they produce?

Have you been saddened by the lazy man poverty?

Have you considered wasted lives?

Once you appreciate and identify with such, then you will know the images and perspectives of greatness. Vision is created by your beholding-what do you see?


You will only be as great as the smallest things appreciate.

The ant,

The woman who gave a fraction of a penny,
The poor street child about to fall since his shoe laces are untied,

The small piece of paper you do not litter around.

Your father and mother who birthed you and gave you the best upbringing they ever knew.

One of my teachers always reminds us, ‘ You will not be a millionaire by having one million in a bank account but by helping a million people out there”.

so, what are you looking at?



but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind…, Romans 12:2

Nothing is more powerful than a simple perspective bearing a clear image.

The poem below, captures the working of vision beautifully

I beheld Him
I saw his star
I offered an ovation
I arose and shone.

They looked up
They saw radiance
They saw a city on a hill
They saw the light of their world

The light of the world,
made light its burden,
gave sight to its blin
and dried its tears
fought is battle,

now they see….

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[[Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.

You are not a failure until you have someone or something to blame.

Naturally, no man is a failure! People always produce results. It is these same results that tell whether you sowed the right seeds in the right way or not.

Events may succeed or fail, but the bottom line remains. A good man produces good things. A bad tree is likewise known by its fruit.



Your vision must be bigger than your ambition.

As regarding your vision, you are the equipment. You want to be as content in your life regardless of what you have or have not. Your vision will demand that you work on improving yourselves in every aspect. You may want to develop your skills, financial management, work ethic, memory, public speaking etc.

As for dreams you may need external technology. You may want a computer, a car, your own house etc.

Here is a summary of the differences between your dream and your vision.

Vision is informed from the inside out, whereas dreams are inspired from otside in. Rarely will your vision conform to the crowds and be characterised by a herd mentality. Your vision is personally unique and may fail to follow the trends in the popular culture. Your dream however may be motivated by prevailing fashion and marketing around the globe.


Vision is the power behind THOUGHT LEADERSHIP. Dreaming is the mother of all COSMETIC and CELEBRITY charisma. Vision inspires others to think and train their minds. Dreams are there to please the eyes of the beholders. It thus follows that, whereas your dvision will demand a CHANGE in your character, your dream will only ask you to learn one or two kinky tricks to sell your dream.

We attain our vision by GIVING and achieve our dreams by GETTING. We feed our visions by investing in it when the conditions are not favourable to reap favourably in future. This in pratice can be very boring, but in the end the fruit we ATTRACT is sweatest. However, we HUSTLE and HASSLE to consume what we want.

Vision is basically images and perspectives of abstract ideals. They are brought to life through the ordering of our lives through our value system. Our vision is a product of true incorrupted faith. Our dreams, on the other hand are notions that or lives will be better if we POSSESS MORE. I find the dreams of many of us to bnepurely materialistic. They say… the finer things in life.

Money is all you need to realize your dream, but money cannot buy vision. Vision require the training of the mind to be focused on the seeds planted daily as opposed to the once-in-a lifetime- harvests that you reap.


[[Of what use is money in the hand of a fool, since he has no desire to get wisdom?
proverbs 17;16 nkjv]]

Of what use is money in your hand?

Surely, there is no doubt whether you will consume more with more income, the issue is if you will be more productive with more capital?

In the land of vision, the purpose of money is to buy wisdom. As a tool, we can appreciate it should be a high priority tool. Let it remain that way.

But the love of money is not a tool but a possessive obsession. It is the root of all evil. It makes money to be the principle thing and values such as wisdom, integrity, relationships have no place in the character a man who loves money for money’s sake.

Where money talks vision goes silent. All that is possible becomes impossible without money. This is what corruption does.

In the bible, these possibilities wouldn’t deserve a mention if money were take first place.

1.Praise and comfort to the woman who gives two copper coins worth a fraction of a penny (mark 12;14)
2.No accounting expenses where workers are faithful in a mega project 2kings 22;7
3.No calculations to feed 5,000 men from a boy’s lunch.
4.No offense to authority as Jesus pays his and peters taxes mark 17;24-29
5.Fishermen attain the wisdom to be fishers of men. mark 4;18-20 6.Hard for those who value money to enter into the kingdom of heaven- Luke 19.

What makes impossibilities possible are VALUES.

Values are the seeds of vision. They produce after their own kind.

The above perspectives and imaginations were made possible because of VALUES SUCH AS;

1.grace, gratitude, love and giving.

2.integrity, honesty, stewardship, service, contribution and honor.

3.Compassion, faith, prayer and order.


5.salvation, good news, eternity and wisdom.



What values do you think are espoused in situation 4 and 6?

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[* The purpose of life, is a life of purpose- Pst. Nike Adeyemi *]

Life is pretty much meaningless to many people. Most of us have not riddled out to our satisfaction this dilemma; do we live to eat or eat to live?

For sure this is not a virtuous cycle but a vicious one.

Rich or poor, young or old, learned or the illiterate – they all have ambiguous answers to this question. Maybe, meaningless is the definition and description of life itself.


The most amazing truth is that nothing is new under the sun. Since creation the world remains as it was in the beginning. As regarding purpose, this statement is loaded with meaning.

Let’s go back to our first parents and gain perspective.

The garden of Eden just in a holistic way describes the world, everything that is in the world.

1.Eden offered an opportunity for the eyes to lust

The garden of Eden is the epitome of beauty and creativity. We can only imagine of the landscape architecture and how pleasant it must have been to the senses. Pleasing to the eye, melodious tunes from nature, awesome touch to the nude parents, the natural tastes and flavors and not to forget the unpolluted brand new fragrance in the cool of the day.

Nevertheless, can what is seen with the naked eye be sensible enough to give an eternal being a sense of purpose?

Can what is man-made be a source of purpose, whether abstract or tangible?

2.Eden offered the opportunity boast about one has or does

The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. (genesis 2;15).

There are some of us who cannot imagine of a life without a well-paying job /career. We look forward to define our lives purpose by our professional careers and talents.

Can what we have or do give the purpose of our lives? It is shocking about the things we die to have in our generation.

What happens when we loss everything in a flash, does our purpose too vanish with possessions?

Can what we don’t have define our purpose?

3.Eden prompted cravings of the sinful man

The propensity for things to go awfully wrong exist with us today.

It is human to make mistakes.

No matter how eloquent you are, you will be susceptible to be misunderstood. We all feel stressed and are faced with pressures every right, left and center. All of us are susceptible to temptations, fear, anger, loss, stress, impossibilities and mistakes. Can being happy be the purpose of life?


For everything in the world—the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does—comes not from the Father but from the world. The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.1JOHN 2:12-17

We all want to be happy and satisfied in life. However, this goal proves to be criminal in a world that demands we take risks after risks. Comfort zones are temporal and highly volatile. Someone put it succinctly; life happens on the tight rope.

Pursuit to earthly provision propelled by the desire to be happy is enslaving. Persevering has to be the standard operating procedure in productive living.

The rat races we are involving in today didn’t show up yesterday. The cravings we have, the pleasure we seek by beholding, the pride of what we do/ have, are as ancient as wisdom. The wisdom of our lives purpose is not found in them.


The first step to finding purpose, is to realize that that there is a force greater than self. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. What has the father already given us?

++]Are you pursuing an image and an identity out there? The devil tricked our first parents that if they ate the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, they would be like GOD! Remember this was his sinful craving that lead to his FALL from heaven to hell. Lucifer wanted to be like God.

They forgot they were like God and embraced a lie.

Are you content in your own skin?

Do you want to be like so and so, or the who is who of this world?


Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being. (gen 2;7)

We have an affinity to be fruitful and multiply without bound. Not even our life span can limit our purpose in life.


God is our source and we can only have our being in him.

God through Christ had to demonstrate His love once more that we may be reconciled back to him. Back to his very breath through the word.

That love may be spread abroad in our hearts as is in the deity. We have his word to guide and lead us to Himself.


Lowborn men are but a breath, the highborn are but a lie; if weighed on a balance, they are nothing; together they are only a breath. (PROVERBS 62;9.) nkjv

Are you puffed up by empty notions about purpose? Are you fueled by mere gas?

Each breathe counts but it cannot be counted.

We are but a breathe, our worth comes from inspiration from God. We get strength and comfort by His Holy Spirit.

What inspires your life…. what gives you the drive… what gives you meaning and direction?

As much as you have breathe, make it your purpose to build upon this foundation- knowing GOD. Therein is the purpose of life.

Let everything that has breathe praise the lord. ~ psalm 150;6



Peace to all professionals
Patiently practicing the professors’ prophecy
papers make puppets, purpose makes people.

Pretend, be professional but pay attention.

Pause, was that painful?
For penny and pence
Professors processed professions
Patented professional papers for posterity
Powerfully persuaded pursuit of the papers
For this purpose, parents pressure pupils.

Pause, are you a professor’s puppet?

Pen and paper
Pain and pleasure
Politics and power
Penny and pence
Will perish and pass away.

Pause, do you pose as a poor specimen?

Plainly I pronounce my proclamation
You are a book that can’t be judged by paper
Put not your worth in paper but in purpose
Nor put on your papers in pride

Peace, be professional purposefully

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Between the lion and the ant, who offers a great leadership metaphor?

[[Four things on earth are small,
but they are exceedingly wise: the ants are a people not strong,
yet they provide their food in the summer;(prov30:24-25 ESV)]]

[[Three things are stately in their tread;
four are stately in their stride: the lion, which is mightiest among beasts
and does not turn back before an ;(proverbs 30:29-30 ESV)]]

Both display great strength and achievement of their goals.

Let’s consider the ant;

The ant wins because it considers its WEAKNESS.

I returned and saw under the sun that—The race is not to the swift,

Nor the battle to the strong ,Nor bread to the wise,

Nor riches to men of understanding, Nor favor to men of skill;

But time and chance happen to them all.( Ecclesiastes 9:11 )

The ant considers TIME and CHANCE to cover its weakness.

Kinky tricks- swiftness, strength, brilliance, knowledge and skills are very important in any human endeavor. Unfortunately, they are not given to all in equal measure. Fortunately, can they be borrowed, hired, bought or cultivated. Technology also helps us a great deal to harness them.

However, time and chance are given to all men in equal measure.

We all have 24 hours a day.

We all face opportunities (chances) disguised brilliantly as impossible situations. Don’t we?

The key to harnessing the advantage in time and chance lies in how you deal with your weaknesses.

What do you do when you feel fear?
What do you do when you don’t know?
What do you do with your attitude?
Whsat do you do when you fail?



The one dimensional identity looks at weakness and becomes discouraged. It complains and gives excuses. It has despairs and looks for a master. It is self-condemned to slavery.

The two-dimension identity, argues with its weakness. It rationalizes and puts up defenses to appear invisible. Soon than later, it is busted.

The three-dimension identity, firsts accepts its weaknesses. It takes time to train how to fight daily.

It builds up its character to help harness the gifts in time and chance. It operates in freedom and responsibility.


Can you imagine a demotivated ant? Ants on strike?

'That's not my job description!'- ANTY ANT SAID.

A Chance is an opportunity that demands personal contribution. Time and chance are the surest marks of freedom. They are to be used individually. They happen to us all!

Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise, Which, having no captain, Overseer or ruler, provides her supplies in the summer, and gathers her food in the harvest. (PROV6:6-8).nkjv

Unfortunately, it is sad to say that;

Our patriarchal leaders who care for us are our modern day masters. They take away our time and chances since they doubt our responsibility. Without time and chance we are hopeless and helpless. Helping doesn’t restore the hope that chance and time give.


All people must solve their own problems to prove themselves diligent and responsible. That’s why we need to claim these worthy resources back onto our hands. Only then can we become productive.

Never give an excuse when you have time and chance.

When we give up this resources to those above us, for them to decide for us how to employ them, we become crippled consumers. We need time and chance in our own hands. Otherwise, we are helpless and can only give out EXCUSES.



There is no higher religion than serving others-Albert Schweitzer

Nothing summarizes leadership best like service.

Service is the experience by which leadership gets its identity and character. When we serve others, we essentially use the time and chances in life in advantage of our freedom and responsibility.

This is what is captured in the cover page of this book.

We are thus able to live out our values purposefully as we envision. This is where true leadership needs to be nurtured and manifested.

When we design our service, we create our leadership.


A vision without people has no purpose. – anon

At the core of service is people. One cannot purport to serve at the same time neglect the needs of people. For one to serve effectively and tap into his/her leadership, he/she must therefore value people as they are. People are the conduits for us to find our divine purpose.

True service has no hierarchies. For its environment is friendship.

I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. John 15;15-17.

If we regard our customers, employees, or shareholders as our friends then partnership finds its true meaning. It is only then that we become purposeful in sharing relevant information with them. We all know that information is the power for anyone to act responsibly. Think about it, can one act responsibly in ignorance?

It is also true that those whom we do not serve have no part with us. They are not our friends. They are strangers. This is majorly because we act and live in political system. Here, the world is not interested unless they know you truly care about their needs. It is imperative that we connect authentically with people.

Kahlil Gibran, the poet must have had this in mind when he asserted, ‘your friend is your needs answered.’ This is because our service is essentially an extension of who we are. When we serve we belong and this is the blessing of giving our service.

No,” said Peter, “you shall never wash my feet.” Jesus answered, “Unless I wash you, you have no part with me.” john 13;8 NKJV

I was recently told by a good friend of mine from Japan that, the reason why their economy has thrived is partly because of their ‘PEOPLE-CENTRED CAPITLISM’. This makes a company a village where employees are hired for a lifetime employment. They hire the whole person and not merely a hand to perform specific functions only. They retain and train their workforce seamlessly. This idea inspires big time.

When we serve others, they become important to us. In return, they label us as their leaders because we become important to them.


[[For you to create something you must become somebody-
Johann Wolfgang Goethe]]

Service is an act of faith. One must believe beyond the glaring hardships and doubts. One must believe in the possibility of achieving greatness someday in the process of barely surviving day to day.

Haters will hate, naysayers will say, the proud will despise, the economy will crush, things will be tough, but you MUST not quit. So what will keep you going? – your vision

You must see what others do not see. You must pay today to play later. You must do what others can’t do. You must dream while others are sleeping. You must labor while they leisure. You must be VISIONARY to lead in your service.

[[But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.
(MATTHEW 23;11 kjv)]]


[[Here is a simple, rule of thumb guide for behavior. Ask yourself what you want people to do for you, then grab the initiative and do it for them. –
Matthew 7;12 MSG]]

This is called the GOLDEN RULE. I believe it is just golden in very aspect.

First as a moral guide it is loaded with truth. The good change we want to see in the world starts when we take the first initiative to bring it about. Mahatma Gandhi advised that we should be the change we want to see in the world.

Second as a principle in leadership service. Here, we are guided to share our values with others. We are encouraged to be creative with what we are passionate about. If you value movies, don’t sit back and critic every movie that comes to the market, get up, go out and produce your ideal.

On a light note, if you want that awesome, out-of-the-world book on leadership, get that pen and paper and start drafting it. That’s what I just did!

[[Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus:
Philippians 2;3-5]]

Service is what puts your values on the world’s leadership stage.

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For a company the need for a clear vision statement cannot be overemphasized. The same applies for a leader. Everyone must have a service statement.

From it we get meaning and direction in life. We are also able draw others to commit in our enterprise.

It is also a guiding rod in the path of our own making. With a clear vision, we can keep ourselves and our partners accountable and thus maintain focus and momentum. A good service statement programs our decision making.

The wise men of the east say that a straight path leads to one destination.


Here are four quick practical steps to help you design your leadership. They are the summary of this entire book.


What inspires you to get up every morning?

Anointed to/ empowered/ inspired/ exist to; e.g. establish the kingdom of heaven on earth.


(What you deduced in chapter four.)








Describe your passion in light of your values and purpose. what needs do they create, what do you have to do daily?

[preach the good news to the poor (the woman who gave)
bind up the broken hearted (the Samaritan woman)
Proclaim freedom to captives (woman caught in the act)
comfort all who mourn (Mary and Martha)
provide for those who grieve (5000 men)
release from darkness the prisoners(Paul)]


Describe the circumstance and the character you want embodied or institutionalized.

[not to be served but to serve and give his life a ransom for many

What is important to you needs not to be written as it is always in your heart and reflected in your daily agenda. However, the power of pen and paper to change lives is incomparable. The wise men of the east reckon that, the faintest ink is shaper that the brightest memory.

Words are seeds and carry life with them. They carry an element of MORE with them. Words are not static but always represent a gap between what is and what ought to be. So you want to use worlds that represent a movement towards the ideals of your vision.


Somehow you feel they do not state a familiar state but a projection to what is possible. Such words are powerful to call people to action.

Follow the above steps to draft your service statement.

Words do not lie

What is your purpose in life?

What are your five core values?


Describe your service in light of your purpose and value


Summarize the above steps into a vision statement.


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Your life, your message to the world
What you do speaks loud

What you say, a mere word
Who you are a whole world

Forever they will remember
These in their minds will linger
Either to learn or turn to laughter.
The values that shaped your character

This also will you find
Your contribution to mankind
The values bound in their hearts and mind

Your service will live as you sleep deep in the ground.

Solution’s and problems will be found

What value and values will they find?
What legacy will you leave behind?
On it generations will grind.

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This book is for those who don’t consider themselves to be ‘LEADERS’… those who, once-in-a-while are invited to participate in leadership. It is dedicated to the ordinary SALT and LIGHT.

It is also dedicated to leaders who desire to develop other leaders.

Unlike many books out here on leadership, this one is not written by an expert in leadership. It is by a student in leadership. I invite you to join me in this PERSONAL journey of DESIGNING LEADERSHIP.

To this end is the purpose of this book, to help ordinary servants lead preserved generations. Viva!

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Designing Your Leadership

Leadership must never be a cosmetic reference. Though being a household title, it must embody the ingredients that necessitate a preserved generation. Without conscious employment of our core values with purpose powered by unique vision, corruption is inevitable. This book is written for the ordinary servant. It is a guide to how to design your service to your generation and leaving a lasting legacy. Learn: Why purpose is not academic? What values consume your time? How to summarize your vision? The difference between vision and dreams ? Write your own personal service statement. And other insights on leadership. I hope you find this book useful : personally and in your quest to serve whenever you have the time and Chance to do so. Cheers.

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