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Defying the Call


A Poem


Jack Forge


Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2015 John Stephen Rohde

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Death is tugging at my arm

and calling out my name.

“Your time is nigh,” he howls

and pulls me to the earth

to commingle with the dust

of countless forgotten souls

but I resist his deadly force

and cry in a plaintive voice

that I’m not ready to go

into that long good night.

I want more moving moments

of re-energizing joy

and even cleansing sorrow

before I must disappear

with the fading of the light.

“Your time is near,” he utters.

I ignore his ruthless beckoning

and look for a glow in the sky

to show me that a beacon of life

still shines in my bleary eyes.

I want to see another sunrise,

hear another morning bird song,

sense the fragrance of a flower,

touch yet again the warm flesh

of a kindhearted human hand.

“Your time is close,” he whispers.

Pretending deafness to his call,

I stand straight and tall as I can

and deny the relentless pull

of his pale, skinless, boney arm.

The drive to stay alive still thrives

in my weary heart-beaten breast

and I struggle to carry the burden

of threescore and ten plus years.

For I have many worthy reasons

for which to survive this stretch

we casually call life on Earth,

not the slightest of which are

more lines like these on a page.




Surviving early life in Los Angeles, Jack Forge has been creating art since childhood. After college, he taught English for many years. His poems, stories, graphic art, and novels have been published on the internet; one novel as a paperback. Despite the storm and stress of the world, Jack lives for art, nature, and love.


Cover by Jack Forge.


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Defying the Call

  • ISBN: 9781311337184
  • Author: Jack Forge
  • Published: 2015-09-23 00:40:06
  • Words: 335
Defying the Call Defying the Call