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It comes for all of us. Some early some late, but we all meet death, or do we?


Meet Sebastian LaPlante an astronaut who has survived several life-threatening events. First, there was the explosion during the testing of the new shuttle, it killed all of the crew but for Sebastian, who was thrown out through a viewport whose glass shattered seconds before he hit it. Then there was the life support failure on orbit, again killing all the crew but him, although he did suffer from apoxia, and spent several weeks in the hospital. Then there was the car crash that killed his wife, he survived with just a scratches. The medics at the Canadian Space Agency started to look into all of these weird happenings, other astronauts refused to work with him, calling him an albatross, as to date all groups that had him on their team had suffered fatalities.


The doctors and scientists subjected Sebastian to a huge battery of tests, Tomography, MRI, gene sequencing, and they found that he was missing a gene; Humanity had this gene, all that is except for Sebastian. Was it the lack of this gene that made him live when others died? The medics then forced Sebastian’s heart to stop beating, within one minute it had restarted on its own, with no sign of any damage to him. They then put him in a hyperbaric chamber, and reduced it to near vacuum, and again Sebastian was fine. They tried withholding food and water all with no ill effect. During all these tests there were numerous accidents and deaths among the medics, doctors, and scientists who were conducting them or otherwise working on them. Finally, the CSA stopped all the experiments and testing on Sebastian, as it considered them too dangerous to continue, dangerous not to Sebastian but to the people performing them. The CSA retired Sebastian with a full pension, even though he was young and fit, as no other CSA astronaut would work with him, even NASA refused to work with him, as the astronaut community is a small and tight-knit one, and everyone refused to work with “The Angel of Death” as Sebastian was called behind his back of course.


What Sebastian’s colleagues did not know, could not know was that Sebastian LaPlante was indeed “Death” after all how can death come for someone when it and the person are the same entity


  • Author: Andy Leavens
  • Published: 2016-06-26 18:20:14
  • Words: 404
Deathless Deathless