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Dear Vampire

Dear Vampire

By R.Hart







Chapter 1

Introducing Lauren

The hard marble headstone rests upon my back, the coldness penetrating through to my spine. Its owner is a young girl aged 15, she has been gone since 1982 and the flowers upon her grave are shriveled and old, nobody comes to visit her, just me.

I sit here every day after school writing in my journal, listening to the spotted owls and watching the squirrels dance between the trees. I’ve lived in Lynn Valley for two months and nobody has bothered to talk to me or taken the time to get to know me. The children walk past whispering and giggling, pointing their judgemental fingers in my direction, making me feel like an outcast.

There is a boy that watches me from afar, hiding behind the maple trees and blending into the fog. Even though he has never spoken a word I know that he is not judging me, he belongs here and he makes me feel like I belong here too.

The boy is dressed in a black leather jacket with a white shirt peeking through. He is as pale as a ghost and his eyes glow a brilliant golden brown. I know what he is and I’m not afraid, I want to know more about him.

I get out a pen and some paper from my backpack and begin to write….



Chapter 2

The Letters Begin

Dear Vampire,

What is your name and why do you stand behind the trees? I don’t bite, but do you?

Every day you stand in the same spot with your golden eyes shining through the fog and I know you are there but I’m not afraid. You should come and sit with me and say hello, we could really get to know each other and be friends.

Do you want to be friends? I could really use one right about now and I promise I’ll be a good one. The children at school don’t seem to understand me or they think I’m weird because I like to hang out in a cemetery. It’s not weird or creepy here I find it peaceful and beautiful, a bit like you.

I hope I hear back from you vampire.

Your future friend,


Beside me sits an old vase and a cluster of half melted candles. I fold up the letter and place it in the vase, looking at the boy to make sure he knows it’s there. I leave the cemetery and make my way home with the hope that when I return tomorrow the letter will be gone.



Chapter 3

Vampires First Letter

I arrive at the cemetery and the vase is still full of paper and looks untouched, disappointment rushes over me. I pull out the letter and realize that it’s not mine, he wrote back, I’m so excited I almost rip the delicate paper in two trying to open it.

Dear Human,

Can I call you Lo, or would you prefer Lauren?

Yes, i do bite but only when I have to. I really don’t like to do it but if I don’t I will desiccate and die.

You should be afraid of me, you smell like honey and peaches and it is intoxicating. I’m drawn to you from miles away and every day I stand behind the trees in excruciating pain trying not to taste you. You are different and unique and I’m too afraid to come any closer.

Did you just call me beautiful? Nobody has ever called me beautiful before, I consider myself a monster, an ugly, horrible monster. You are exquisite with your ocean blue eyes and your fiery red hair, your perfect grin, and your rosy plush lips, it awakens something inside me, that is what I call beautiful.

I really want to be friends because I’m all alone too and nobody understands me either, I just don’t know how it would work. Can we be friends from a distance?

Until next time

Your friend from afar, Vampire

I fold up the letter and place it in my pocket next to my fast beating heart. I look around for the vampire but he isn’t here today. I begin to write a reply and I hope he is secretly watching me.



Chapter 4

Lauren’s Second Letter

Dear vampire,

You can call me Lo if you want to I actually really like that, nobody has given me a nickname before. You still haven’t told me your name and why are you not here today? I miss you.

Every morning for breakfast I eat peaches with honey drizzled on top, I had no idea it would change the scent of me and my blood. Do you like the taste of honey and peaches? Maybe I could leave you a drop of my blood so you could taste.

I did call you beautiful because you are. Your eyes are the most brilliant golden brown I’ve ever seen and when the light catches your face I can see the dimples on your cheeks. I like your raven colored hair that falls into curls around your perfectly created face and I like your pale skin because it matches mine. You awaken something in me too.

Of course, we can be friends from a distance and when the time is right you can slowly move closer. Tomorrow you should step in front of the trees and take a few steps forward, I won’t move or try to get closer, I won’t even speak.

I can’t wait to see you vampire

Lo x x

I am so excited for him to read the letter and I hope that he is interested in trying to come closer. I know I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight, I’m too excited for what tomorrow will bring .



Chapter 5

Vampire Henry

I could see him as I walked into the cemetery, he was sitting with his back up against the tree looking just as gorgeous as the last time I saw him. I sat in my normal spot and didn’t say a word I reached for his letter and started to read.

Dear Lo,

I don’t have a name. I’m, not the same person I used to be before I turned, I cannot possibly be known by the same name. I was once referred to as Henry, a loving gentle boy who had lots of friends and family. He is dead now and has been replaced by a killer, a hunter who preys in the darkness.

I do love peaches and honey and the thought of it running through your veins excites me. I picture you in my arms with your untouched neck exposed ready for me to sink my teeth in to taste you. Would you let me have a taste?.

Are you still not afraid? I don’t want to scare you away, I value or new friendship and would like to see it develop into something more.

Every day I will try and get a little closer and maybe we can talk instead of writing letters. I like you, Lo, I really like you, I could spend eternity with you.

With Love, Vampire




Chapter 6

Taste Me?

Dear Henry

I really like the name Henry and I would like you to still use it. I don’t see you as a killer, a hunter yes but only because you need it to survive. You are a lot like me you know, misunderstood and alone.

How did it happen, how did you become the vampire you are today?. I will understand if it was by choice, the movies always seem to glamorize it, at least that how I see it.

I’m sorry about all your friends and family it must have been heartbreaking to lose them all. Who do you live with now, are you all alone?. I feel like I’m all alone and that if I disappeared off the face of the earth nobody would care or come looking for me.

You are sitting close enough now that I can smell you and it’s transporting me to another world. I can smell the fresh salty air and feel the sand between my toes. The sound of waves is soothing me and I see fluffy white clouds and sapphire blue water. Did you live near the ocean? I have never been, will you take me one day?.

I really do want you to taste me, can I taste you too?. I feel connected to you like we were fated to meet, it feels like I’ve known you forever.

Henry, I will never be afraid of you, and eternity really does sound nice.

With love back, Lo

I can hear my foster mother yelling for me to come home. I put the letter in its usual place and wave goodbye to Henry, but he is gone, the yelling must have frightened him away. I say goodbye out loud with the hope that he is nearby and just hiding.



Chapter 7

Cold as Ice

He is here and sitting only one headstone away, as I approach him he raises a finger to his lips instructing me not to speak. He hands me his letter this time in person and on a gorgeous piece of paper edged with real gold leaf.

Dear Lo,

I like it when you use my name, it doesn’t seem so bad now. Henry and Lo sound quite nice together. What do you think?.

You are right, I am a hunter as I’ve only fed on animals for the last 100 years. I made a vow to only feed on a person if they were my human, the one I would spend eternity with, I could spend eternity with you Lo.

I didn’t choose to be a vampire I was dying and my family was desperate to save me. They asked for help from ‘the pale man’ who lived in the town center, stories of him being magical spread like wildfire but he wasn’t magical, he was a vampire.

Vampires carry the essence of where they came from which is why I smell like the ocean. I used to play in the sand as a child and chase the waves and the seagulls. I would love to take you there, I can’t believe you’ve never been.

You would carry the essence of a cedar forest with the spicy aroma of its wood. There would be a hint of mint and the scent of honey from the hydrangea and mint bush that grows outside your bedroom window.

Friends and family are not a part of my life anymore, they all died a long time ago and I have been alone ever since. I live in a cabin not far from here with my wolf named Luna, it’s just me and her and we always dream about having a family of our own. You would like her and I would love for you to meet her.

I’m glad you want me to taste you Lo because I don’t think I can hold back much longer. I’ve never met anybody as special as you and I am starting to fall in love. I want to touch you, Lo, I want to just hold your hand forever.

Love Henry x x

Just as I finish reading his letter he reaches over and grabs my hand, weaving his fingers in mine he pulls my hand up to his mouth and kisses it softly. I instantly feel the coldness of his skin, it’s like ice. I want to feel his coldness forever, I want to meet Luna at the cabin and I want to spend eternity with him. I’ve decided no more letters, it’s time to speak to him.



Chapter 8

Eternity Together

I look up at Henry both of my hands still in his and very slowly lean forward. I lay a single kiss on his pale icy cold lips and he responds by taking me in his arms and kissing me back. My heart is racing and the butterflies in my stomach are uncontrollable, I prepare myself to speak to him for the very first time.

“Henry, how do you know what grows outside my window, do you come and visit me?. I ask him secretly hoping that the answer would be yes.

“Every night I follow you home to make sure you get there safe, leaving you is hard so I usually stay and watch you while you sleep. I hope you don’t mind, you have become my addiction and I find you more and more beautiful every time I see you”.

“Oh Henry I don’t mind at all and I wish I could watch you sleep. I want us to be a family and I want to meet Luna too. I’m ready for you to taste the honey and peaches, Henry, I’m ready for you to take in my essence and I’m ready for eternity. I love you more than life”.

I tilt my head ever so slightly, brushing my fiery red hair out of the way I expose my virginal neck for Henry to see. He lets out a gasp excited for what is about to happen, touches my neck with his fingers running it over my carotid artery and throws his head back lustfully exposing his fangs.

“I love you, Lo, i’ll be gentle I promise”. Clutching me tightly he sinks his fangs into my neck.

It hurts at first but soon becomes arousing. I can feel the warm blood sliding down my back and my heart rate slowly falling. I can hear Luna howling in the distance and euphoria rushes through me. Still embracing me we slowly fall back onto the ground, a fire is lit within me and Henry releases his bite and kisses me. I can taste my blood in his mouth and I want more, i tighten my grip on him and kiss him passionately before everything goes dark.

He brushes the hair away from my face and stroked my cheek.

“Welcome to my world Lo, I’ve got big plans for us in our eternity”.



Chapter 9

New Blood

My name is Delilah and I sit in the cemetery every day after school. I don’t know why but I’m drawn here like a supernatural force is enticing me to stay, I can sit here for hours just waiting for the unknown.

There is a girl who stands behind a tree just watching me and she holds the hand of a boy. She is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen with fiery red hair and glowing golden eyes. I want to get to know them, I know what they are but I’m not afraid and I feel like I’ve known them forever… .

The End

Dear Vampire

Dear Vampire, What is your name and why do you stand behind the trees? I don't bite, but do you? A short story following the adventure of a young girl named Lauren and her discovery of a Vampire named Henry. Their friendship begins with innocent letters but soon develops into something more. Will they get along? What will come from being friends with a vampire?

  • Author: R Hart
  • Published: 2017-09-10 06:20:07
  • Words: 2525
Dear Vampire Dear Vampire