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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, businesses, companies, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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13TH SEPTEMBER 2006, WEDNESDAY, We are in a fast track court room (situated in city of Mumbai, India) where there is a long standing silence, like everyone in the courtroom is waiting for something to hear which they want it deadly. Even a pin drop can be heard crisply in this kind of atmosphere.

They all are here to witness the case of a victim who was a 21 year old girl residing in one of the largest urban cities of India, Mumbai, and who was brutally gang raped few months earlier.

After which she had been taken to local hospital in very critical condition and after fighting to her inner will and strength in her best possible manner, to survive the aftereffects of most horrifying incident of the country till now, she failed.

She failed to deliver us, the Indians who believe and prosper girls as the goddess in many kinds,

Failed to deliver all the mothers who nurtured their daughters since childhood in a hope that their daughters would fit into the shoes of them someday and with whom they share all the expressions which they keep untouched in some corners of their heart,

Failed to deliver all those fathers who cares and strengthens their daughter’s courage to be competent enough to achieve something even which many sons can’t do.

She failed to deliver that hope which we carried in our hearts, the hope which was acting like a painkiller to hide the pain which was growing day by day in our hearts.

It was not only the hearts which had been wounded but it was the soul of each and every Indian which got thrashed by such a shameless act.

Finally after fighting for every Indian, for her mom and dad, for her brothers and sisters and for herself specially, she failed to survive.

SHE DIED but Anger in our hearts born and erupted like a volcano. Peoples were on the roads all over the country to protest against such brutality which no one can accept.

She died but unity in our different cultured blood had risen, which flows in vessels of all the peoples, who were out of their comforts to pray for justice in front of temples, mosques, churchs, gurudwaras or wherever they find gods resting place and in front of temples which carry the statues of men’s own defined gods, “our laws and constitutions”.

Now the every child, man and woman in India seeks justice from our laws and constitutions which holds the holy book to guide the path in every situation which our democratic country has faced till now.

Now we all are waiting in a hope that today we will get the justice which that girl deserve and somehow which every countrymen deserve.

So, today a few peoples inside this court room and billions of people outside the walls of this are waiting to hear the voice of the justice as provided by the representatives of constitution sitting here.

Allegations are against five men who are at present standing in the witness box.

The five devils behind the faces of humans responsible for not only the death of the innocent but also for killing her soul once and for all,

They are guilty not only for what they did against the girl but for each tears of her parents which was just equal to every drop of blood which came out of their eyes and every ounce of pain which acquired the space in their heart day by day.

They (the 5 accused) cannot be forgiven for bringing storm containing disastrous winds of anger and agony inside every people of this country.

Out of the five, four accused are above 18 years of age while one accused is of 16 years which bounds our constitution to treat him as a minor until he attains age of majority that is eighteen.

There were also few black and white suited peoples inside the court room, of which whom there are two lawyers relating to this case.

Sitting to the left, he is a petitioner lawyer Mr. Sanjay Kapoor (who has filed criminal petition against the accused persons), a young man having age of 28 years, but having a nice and tall built which sometimes personifies him as a television actor or model but his interest in the field of law has forced him to choose a career where sometimes he has to prove someone guilty to prove someone’s innocence.

He has a brilliant and prolific career so far now as he won almost all the cases in his past, sending many criminals to the place where they belong, making him the best criminal lawyer to date.

But this case has brought him a task which puts all his past glories on the line. Though he accomplished many accolades which were hard to achieve in his very short age of life but today he knows that if he fails to convince bench of judges, to deliver toughest of punishments to the criminals then his own mind will be trapped behind the bars of guilty forever.

Sitting to the right, he is a defence lawyer Mr. Kamal Khurana, defending the accused so that they do not get any life threatening punishment and he also tried his best till now to convince the bench of judges, to provide relief to that accused who is a minor, taking shelter of his age claiming that he was not fully conscious about the act he did as he is minor and his mind is immature.

He (Mr. Khurana) found the lacuna of our constitution system as he knows that if a boy, who is not a major i.e. below 18 years of age, commits any serious crime like murder, rape etc then he will not be treated as major for taking the punishments instead he will be transferred to Child Reform Facility for 3 years after which he will be given another chance to live like a normal human being and will be released free after above mentioned term.

Mr. Khurana tried his best to save the devils from the death punishment and to release them free in the society where they can showcase their evilness again.

So the whole country has now come up to this point of time where they are eagerly waiting to hear those words from the bench of judges containing fates of those five men.

Mr. Kapoor and Mr. Khurana also looking at the faces of judges without blinking their eyes to hear from them, for what they had been pushing themselves day and night to pour every bit of energy in their body to this case.

After whispering to each other for a while, Respected Bench of Judges addresses the court room.

With their tensed and tired faces they try to conclude this case. They had not faced this kind of pressure in their careers so far now as they know that the whole country is upon them.

Finally they speak some of the most valuable words of their lives. Out of five, four prime accused found guilty of raping the girl according to evidences and also charged for murder of the girl later, has been sentenced to hang till death.

The other minor accused was sentenced for imprisonment for 3 years and ordered to be shifted to child reform facility as per laws of justice juvenile act.

The Decision of the judges provided a huge relief to the victim’s parents, her relatives and the billions of peoples of our country as a whole as no other lesser punishment would have been sufficient to this kind of brutality.

People present at the court room applauded after hearing the result but they also knew that they did not get complete solution for the problem as the minor defendant got the easiest way out due to deficiencies of our law system.

As soon as judges spoken their decision, Mr. kapoor closed his eyes for a while and took a deep breath to thank the almighty god for cornering the output of this case in his favor as he delivered the victim’s parents exactly what they expected from him.

He waived his head in front of judges to show his thankfulness and tried to shake hand with his colleague Mr. Khurana who refused to do so in anger.

Afterwards he turned and walked towards victim’s father and putting his hand on her father’s shoulder, he added with his soft words, “This is what I could do for you, I am thankful to you for showing the strong character which motivated me to fight for your daughter’s justice, I would not have been able to do it without your support, thank you once again”

Victim’s Father took Mr. Kapoor hands in his hands and kissed it gently and then touched it into his eyes like he is touching some god’s hand, Due to his emotions he was not able to speak a single word but he hugged Mr. Kapoor to show him a sign of thanks & respect and then he slowly went out of the court room with his wife.

Mr. Kapoor was standing at the same position and saw them walking away out of the court room.

SUDDENLY Mr. Kapoor hears loud sounds of alarm bells which were coming from every wall and corners of court room. He presses both his ears with his hands to reduce the noise level but it goes louder and louder and finally he quits as he made his mind that he is going to die in few seconds and he closed his eyes and then suddenly the sounds stops and everything goes dark.

Mr. Kapoor opens his eyes and wakes up from his bed in a speed of flash, in his home (situated at Mumbai) like he got up seeing some bad dream in which he was just taking his last breath. The alarm bell which was on the table near his bed which rings daily morning at 8.00 am, is still ringing, tic-tic tic-tic tic-tic, Mr. Kapoor stops it and looks at the calendar to see today’s date which is 13th SEPTEMBER 2016.

The 38 year aged man still looks little puzzled like he is still in his dreams but soon he realizes that it (the dream) was over and takes a sigh of relief.

Wiping the sweat off his forehead, he walks into the washroom and as soon as he takes water in his hands to wash his face and looks up in the mirror, he sees little dry blood marks in his neck.

He comes close to the mirror and slightly twists himself to see it from shorter distance and gets shocked after getting the view in the mirror. He sees that there is a stitching mark in his neck which was not at the last night when he slept.

He still doesn’t believe in what he is looking at and sees it many times in the mirror from different angles but fails to figure out what was happened with him in this last night.

He rinses his eyes from water rapidly to check whether he is still dreaming as he has no idea what is happening with him, but within few seconds he identifies that this is not a dream unfortunately and now he is in some kind of unknown trouble.

He feels that this morning is not like every day and it may surely bring a breakfast for him, which he never tasted in life till now.

To stop the dilemma he is in right now, he went to switch on his television set to check the recorded CCTV footage of last night. Through recorded footage he comes to know that last night some unknown person entered in his room from window attached between kitchen and his room and then that person makes him unconscious with some kind of spray.

Afterwards that person makes a cut in his neck to insert something in it and then stitches the cut. After stitching, that person unplugs the phone from the charger to do something in it and after then he walks away from his room and gets out from his house from the back door of his house.

Due to low picture quality in recorded footage, Mr. Kapoor fails to identify that what exactly that unknown person did in his neck and to his mobile. Mr. Kapoor still tries to identify the person by zooming into the video several times but fails, as that person was fully covered with face mask.

He shuts his television off and punches his fist in the wall in anger as this footage brought him in more confusing situation than before. Mr. Kapoor watches his shadow in black television screen and touches the mark slowly with his fingers with a question in his mind that ‘after all what is happening with him??’

Suddenly he stands up and runs towards his mobile to check it as that unknown person had made some changes in it too. This mobile is a smartphone having latest android platform in it.

He finds that mobile is switched off. He turns it on and scrutinizes it thoroughly but he observes no such kind of difference which can bring any threatening concerns except deletion of some applications from it.

After checking internally he opens mobile back cover to check condition of its battery or other mobile hardware and with a hope that it may provide some kind of hint of the circumstances. But as soon as he pushes his hand forward to remove the battery, his phone rings.

It’s a call from some unknown number.

Mr. kapoor, who is already stuck in a state of high confusion, gets shocked, but he answers the call.

Mr. Kapoor : “Hello” (In a sad voice and with a pause after receiving the call)

Unknown Caller : “Sanjay Kapoor” (A heavy voice after a pause)

Mr. Kapoor : “Yes it’s me, but who are you??” He answered spontaneously

Unknown Caller : “Just hear it clearly what I am going to say, I think you already understand that yesterday night something bad has happened to you.”

Mr. Kapoor : “Who are you? And what you have done to me?”

Unknown Caller : “Yesterday night I had inserted a transmitter in your neck which is a kind of bomb and transmitter is connected with your mobile. Once you switched on your mobile a few moments before, the transmitter caught the signal from your mobile and as a result it became active.”

“Now, as we know the signal is already active, there is no need to specify additionally that the bomb is also triggered. The bomb will explode when the signal between your mobile and transmitter breaks. There may be four reasons due to which signal could be broken.”

“First, if mobile goes off.”

“Second, Network of your mobile lost”

“Third, if you tried to remove the transmitter, a slight motion in the transmitter will make it active and explode as a consequence. So it is better that transmitter should remain motionless in beneath your neck if you want to breath.”

“Fourth, there is a remote which is also connected with that transmitter and you can guess where that remote could be right now. Yes my friend, you have guessed it right. Its right here in my hand and for which my kids are asking. They want to play with it and you are smart enough to judge the consequences of that.” (In a Taunting sound and with cunning laugh at the end)

“ So now you know what you have to do to stay alive. I will call you when your battery reaches 90% if everything goes smooth till then or else we will meet in hell some day. There is a CD in your bed’s drawer. My eyes are always on you. So watch out for that”

Mr. Kapoor tries to ask in frightening voice that why he is doing all this to him, but he don’t even get a single word to his request and the call gets disconnected.

Mr. Kapoor places the back cover again to keep the battery safe and calls back in that number many times but it fails to connect all the time. He looks outside of the window to identify any suspicious kind of person but he gets nothing.

Before this conversation, Mr. Kapoor was sure that he is in very deep trouble but he would have not thought in his weirdest of dreams about this situation which he is in right now.

He is in the middle of the storm of questions which is getting tougher for him minute by minute but he recalls that there is a CD in the drawer which that person left.

Without wasting any time he plays the disc, Video shows that a plastic toy is sitting in a chair and a same kind of transmitter had been inserted by someone in its neck and after that a remote control is shown in which someone presses a button and the transmitter in that toy explodes which breaks the toy in uncountable pieces. The video ends with following message appearing on screen,

“Good Luck”

“May you live long”

After viewing this video Mr. kapoor realizes that caller would have triggered such bomb earlier, if he wanted to and he would have been dead till now but caller wants something from him that’s why he is still alive.

He remembers that caller informed him that he will call when battery reaches 90% but this puts a question in his mind that how the caller will know about his battery status. He checks his mobile that whether there is any app installed in his phone which is passing such kind of information to the caller but he finds nothing.

Suddenly his attention gets drawn towards the charger and to keep the mobile battery full he plugs charger with the phone but he finds that it’s not charging. He then plugs another to the phone but he gets the same result. He understands that unknown person had made the charging socket of his phone unusable.

And knowing that he is not able to charge his phone now, he checks his battery status which left 95%. He looks himself in the mirror and touches his stich marks slowly once again with a very scary question occupying space in his mind that whether he will be able to find the answers of following questions before draining its 95% battery that

Who is this caller??

Whether he will defuse the bomb successfully??




  • Author: Paresh Shrawan
  • Published: 2016-07-16 11:20:15
  • Words: 3226