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Dead Thor Rises

Dead Thor Rises

By Gregory S Stomberg


Darkness falls in the dead of night.

“She’s going to find you, you know.” Dusk Lucifer said, sadly for her friend. “If I found you then she’s going to find you too, it wasn’t that hard.”

“Yea, maybe.” Robin said, cleaning her arrows near the campfire. “But you’re on her list of people she must kill too, so we’ve got to stick together on this.”

“How did I get dragged into this.” Dusk said, combing her spiked green hair back away from her face. “I saved a couple people from Hell, helped a mad goddess get the magic sword back to Sonjia the Caller of demons, and helped Dead Thor along the way, how does that make me the bad guy? “

“You’re on the list of people Sonjia must kill.” Robin said. “ and Dead Thor wants us because we blind sided her and left her for dead, again, stupid plan, we should’ve thought that one out a little more.”

“Well … we keep moving, keep playing it smart, and we’ll be okay.” Dusk said, looking up at the stars, once she had been the Devil’s daughter, now an outcast from hell. “Thor ain’t the brightest bedbug in the tulip garden.”

They both laughed, knowing the two most dangerous women on Earth were looking for them, for revenge, and nothing could stop them once they were on a mission.

In the dark, through the nearby woods, Dead Thor was skipping and singing her favorite song, she was close, she never stopped, never rested.

‘Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her father forty whacks…’ she sang as she skipped under the stars, as happy as can be, her blonde pigtails flying in the wind, her Levi coveralls bouncing around her tall muscled frame and her red flannel shirt flying in the breeze.

Sonjia the Caller of Demons was following close behind her.

Sonjia was dressed all in black, staying hidden in the darkness of the night and the shadows in the woods, let Thor grab all the attention she wanted and maybe she’d get herself killed, but Sonjia didn’t care, she had two people on her list of people she had to kill.

She stopped and listened, she couldn’t hear Thor singing now, something was up, she sank back into the darkness to sneak a peak.

Campers, a couple tents, and I’ll bet anything there’s a couple men around, rats, here we go again.

She watches Thor talking to a woman, a couple other people are coming out of their tents, she waits silently, dreading what comes next.

“I do declare missy I hope you folks are safe, and warm enough up here in these old woods.” Thor was telling her. “They done destroyed the city and most of the infected but there’s still a few stragglers around, can, can you all come out here where I can get a good look at ya’ll, for safety sake?”

There were a couple preteen kids, girls it looked like, maybe their mom, mom’s sister or friend, oh no, some guy, and another guy, this could get ugly, damn.

Thor was looking at the three kids, the sledgehammer hanging limp at her side, and a big smile on her face.

“Well ain’t you three just the prettiest flowers in the weed patch.” Thor smiled big and waved at the youngest one, maybe nine years old, who was cowering next the her oldest sister, who had just turned twelve. “Oh don’t be afraid of me, darling, I’m just good old aunt Thor, yes I am, no, don’t be afraid of little old me, I promise you sweetie, ain’t no man ever gonna hurt no woman while I’m around, no sirree Bob.”

She shooed the female children over towards the adult women.

“Is everything okay here?” One of the men shortcoming out of the tent to check out the commotion. “I’m Ted, Jenny’s husband.”

He held out his hand to shake hands.

“Maybe you kids better hang by mom like a junebugs hug.” Thor told the kids. “So’s I can talk to mister man here about some grown up stuff.”

She shifted the sledgehammer around in her arms and gave the kids a wink.

‘Oh, shit.’ Sonjia the caller cursed behind a tree. ‘Not again.’

‘And just what do we have here?’ Thor asked and looked over at the men with a gleam in her eye. ‘I don’t think we’ve met…’

She hit Ted in the stomach with her sledgehammer, hard, then swung it down and around to crack his skull, spilling out his brains.

It happened so fast the other man just stood there, the women and the kids were shell shocked into silence.

She slammed the hammer again into the back of his head with a mighty thump came a gush of blood.

‘Sorry about that.’ Thor said. ‘But I didn’t want the poor man to suffer.’

The other guy, Harry nearly fell backwards in shock.

Thor swung her sledgehammer at him but it barely missed him, and thorr didn’t miss often.

He mumbled ‘holy shit’ as he scrambled backwards trying to run but trying to keep an eye on this insane lady .

She poked the hammer at him but missed as he jumped back.

He took off running as fast as he could, in the dark, in the Forrest, scared for his life.

Sonjia stepped out of the darkness and with one swipe of her sword she cut off the head of the poor innocent man who had done nothing except try to protect their family.

‘You got him, you really got him.’ Thor said. boy, you really showed him, boy, ain’t no man never gonna hurt no woman while we’re around, are they, no way, you really showed him didn’t you?’

‘Yes Thor, we really showed him.’ Sonjia said sadly, it was either kill the guy nice and clean or let Thor bang him up a few times. the women are okay?’

‘Shucks they look fine to me, they got more food and water now.’ Thor said smiling, pleased at herself.

‘You go on ahead, I’ll spy around.’ The Caller said, hoping maybe someone will surprise Thor and kill her.

‘Okay but don’t try to ditch me again you little stink potato.’ Thor laughed. ‘I’ll find them, you just wait and see.’

She went merrily skipping on her way, singing bang bang Maxwell’s silver hammer.

The Caller melted into the darkness to muffle the sound of crying women and children.

Robin heard them coming from miles away, she perked up her ears and listened and was certain she could hear Thor’s loud bufoonish voice bellowing thru the acres of woods between them.

‘We could ambush them.’ She said. ‘Set up a trap, shoot them, kill them.’

‘You shot Thor with three arrows point blank.’ Dusk said. ‘I can’t see trying it again.’

‘I dipped these arrows in a poisonous berry concocotion.’ Robin said. ‘So at least in a couple weeks she’ll get a bad infection.’

They both laughed.

Dusk was sharpening sticks for weapons, spears, arrows, makeshift knives while robin was cleaning her crossbow.

‘She’s sensed our presence by now.’ Dusk said. we’re in some deep shit now.’

The singing stopped.

‘Theyre here.’

Sonjia the caller of demons had melted into the blackness of the forest.

Thor was pounding her way thru the forest, using her sledgehammer to keep her rythme going to a beat.

The campfire was was getting closer.

‘Golly, Sonjia are ya there? ‘ Thor asked. ‘I’ll betcha we’re getting closer, yes indeedy doo, we are.’

She was close enough to smell the smoke from the hastily put out and half burning campfire.

‘Come on out girls, its just me.’ Thor yelled. ‘ Good old Thor is here to see what you got to say for yourselves, now, you’re on sonjia’s list to kill but you might not be on mine, why sure you tried to kill me and leave me for dead but good old dead Thor is here now ain’t she? Shucks, I don’t hold no grudge, so come on out, I might not kill you I might let you go.’

Dusk came out from behind the bushes with her hands up.

‘Its just me Thor.’ Dusk said. ‘I ain’t armed or nothing, I got no grudge against you, I helped you remember? I helped Sonjia get her sword back, remember? Let’s just have a friendly chat.’

‘Well if my green haired girly friend, dusk.’ Thor said with a big old smile. ‘ I know you didn’t shoot me with those arrows, but you sure didn’t help me when I was down, shucks, robin hood thought she done killed me and you go running off with her.’

She was shaking her big finger at dusk.

‘I thought she killed you, she was gonna kill me, I was her prisoner.’ Dusk said, trying to sound convincing. ‘Our mission was to get the sword back into Sonjia hands and we did, I didn’t know she was gonna shoot you, she would’ve killed me too if I didn’t follow her, I just escaped from her in the dark when she took off running from you, I came back to you cause we’re like best friends.’

‘Shucks, dusk you’re making me blush like pig with lipstick.’ Thor said. ‘And you say robin took off a running again? Won’t do her no good, I can be skippingand a singing all night long till iI find her, yes, inddeedy do.’

‘So we’re cool right?’ Dusk asked. ‘You ain’t gonna bash my head in or nothing are.’

‘You sure are a funny one, you scrawny looking girl, I got no grudge against you, shucks, I guess I don’t have to kill if she was a making you do all that bad stuff, come here and give me a hug darling.

Dusk walked over with her arms outstretched and gave Thor a big family hug.

‘You got one big problem tho here honey pie.’ Thor said. ‘You are on the list of people sonjia must kill and she’s a coming for you and robin hood.’

‘I know, I was hoping you could help me with that.’ Dusk said. ‘You know, do me a solid, get her off my back.’

‘Oh, no.’ Thor said. ‘I ain’t getting involved, the voices in my head done told me to help sonjia and by golly that’s what I’m a gonna do, so I ain’t getting involved with this one, you’re on your own girlfriend.’


Sonjia the caller of demons stepped out of the dark shadows of the forest, carrying the bloody head of a young woman.

She held the severed head up high to the light of the moon.

‘Oh my god.’ Dusk said solemnly. ‘Robin?’

‘Robin is no more.’ Sonjia said.

‘Golly what a sight.’ Thor said. ‘I guess you really showed her didn’t you?’

Dusk was stunned.

she was on the list of people I must kill.’ The caller said calmly .

‘Jeez…. ‘ Dusk said. ‘Robin …’

The caller was holding the blood dripping head up into the moon light and Thor was laughing as hard as she as ever laughed.

‘I guess she done lost her head over that one.’ Thor said and started laughing again. that no way to get ahead in life.’

Dusk realized that now the caller of demons was looking at her, and she threw down the head to the burning embers from the fire.

Sonjia, the caller of demons, slave to the mad goddess Gabrielle was coming after her.

And there was only one thing she could do.

‘Thor !!!’ She screamed with all might.

Thor perked up, walked over and held her sledgehammer menacingly, scowling.

‘If a you ever need help, you just yell for good old Thor, and I’ll a come a running, yes ma’am.’ Thor said.

‘Now hold off a minute, sonjia.’ Dusk said. ‘Thor, there’s a man, and he’s a been hurting me, he’s been a hurting me real bad.’

‘Ain’t no man ever gonna hurt no woman while I’m around.’ Thor boasted. ‘You can bet I’ll come a running.’

‘‘Thor, you’re gonna need my help getting this guy.’ Dusk said. ‘He’s big, he’s mean, he slaps big girls like you around all the time, he’s evil, we gotta stop him Thor, he’s wicked.’

Thor and sonjia stopped and looked at dusk.

‘Sonia, this is the beast from hell, he’s on your list to kill, I can help you.’ Dusk pleaded. ‘You guys need my help, we’re a team, sonjia, you can kill me after we complete our mission of stopping this man.’

‘And who is this demon from hell that I must call on.’ Sonia asked. ‘Who has the power to acquire me to ask for your help?’

‘The most evil man in the world.’ Dusk said. ‘And that man’s name is ….’

‘The Shitkickin kid.’

The End


Dead Thor Rises

Detective Neal Adams, Dead Thor Rises, by Gregory S Stomberg,

  • Author: gregory stomberg
  • Published: 2016-07-20 05:35:06
  • Words: 2156
Dead Thor Rises Dead Thor Rises