Dating Lessons



By Greg Figueroa



Dating Lessons

By Greg Figueroa


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Dating Lessons


LESSON # 1: Don’t take on more than you can chew.


LESSON # 2: Avoid the man that wants to isolate you from your loved ones and the things you love to do.


LESSON # 3: Someone shouldn’t be held guilty by circumstance or association if they weren’t directly involved.


LESSON # 4: All initial dates should be in public places.


LESSON # 5: A man who over indulges has no self-control. His addictions will always be top priority.


LESSON # 6: If a man can’t respect himself. He won’t most definitely respect you.


LESSON # 7: If a man is unwilling to participate then he has forfeited the date.


LESSON # 8: Avoid a love triangle with a man and his baby mother.


LESSON # 9: A man with an inflated self-worth is either ignorant or tremendously insecure.


LESSON # 10: Respect shouldn’t be earned. It should be there to lose.


LESSON # 11: A man pushes and a woman pulls. A no should be enough but if not then a man can’t push if there is no one there.


LESSON # 12: Looks do matter so don’t waste your time by lowering standards. No pity dates!!!


LESSON # 13: Age doesn’t matter! An older man can be just as immature as a child.


LESSON # 14: No one can force a connection on you if you feel a disconnection.


LESSON #15: For the height minded women, when a man uses ½ inch in height deduct a minimum of an inch.


LESSON # 16: Confidence is about knowing what you have and going after what you want.


LESSON # 17: The only love there is on a first date is a love for your body.


LESSON # 18: Put yourself in the best position to minimize risk. Listen to your gut and watch for red flags.


LESSON # 19: Immature guys hold petty grudges. They always have to prove a point that’s pointless.


LESSON # 20: Dating is a lot like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get! Stay positive!


LESSON # 21: Don’t feel obligated to keep a bad date because of the matchmaker.


LESSON # 22: Watch whom you trust and just how far you trust them.


LESSON # 23: Do a full circle in the mirror to make sure everything is in order.


LESSON # 24: Ulterior motives are like S.T.D.’s. You never know who has them.


LESSON # 25: Drugs and drinks don’t mix.


LESSON # 26: To tell a man how to act appropriately is a red flag. No man should be babied.


LESSON # 27: Your asking for trouble if you are leaving your food and drinks unattended on a date.


LESSON # 28: Give a guy an inch and he will take a mile.


LESSON # 29: A stranger isn’t the only person not to be trusted. The worst is done with someone that has familiarity with you.


LESSON # 30: It’s important to drink in moderation.


LESSON # 31: Don’t define yourself by moments in your life.


LESSON # 32: If you associate yourself with negativity it will adversely affect you.


LESSON # 33: Always make sure your tampon is fully inserted.


LESSON # 34: When you look for too much information, you may just get that T.M.I.


LESSON # 35: The ultimate result of games being played is validation for men.


LESSON # 36: Guys who think very little of your time, think very little of you.


LESSON # 37: Some women will tolerate negative behaviors out of fear of confrontation. But firm communication with your words and backed up by your actions isn’t meant to be argumentative.


LESSON # 38: You should say what you mean and mean what you say.


LESSON # 39: The biggest con is when people tell you what you want to hear. In many cases you give them all the information.


LESSON # 40: A guy always wants to end things in his favor. He will use the all or nothing approach as a last ditch effort.


LESSON # 41: People can only do to you what you allow them to do.


LESSON # 42: It always good to carry spare money for food and cab fare.


LESSON # 43: Threesomes are the ultimate male fantasy.


LESSON # 44: Money doesn’t make a date good. It is just an extension of his personality, good or bad.


LESSON # 45: A man’s true colors will reveal himself. Stay sharp and observant.


LESSON # 46: The bonds of brotherhood are about loyalty, respect, and scoring with your best bud by your side.

LESSON # 47: A guy who doesn’t heed your warnings to stop his advances. He is assuming you’re playing hard to get so be firm and ready to leave.


LESSON # 48: There are questionable decisions that can seem logical to a man. Especially if he is thinking from an insecure or selfish perspective.


LESSON # 49: Deal with men in reality and not your perception of them. Avoiding high expectations.


LESSON # 50: A man should be able to take what he dishes out.


LESSON # 51: Use flavored condoms during oral sex so you can avoid shots to the eye and unwanted S.T.D.’s.


LESSON # 52: Some guys do outrageous behavior for attention. Just ignore them!


LESSON # 53: People are what they contribute to the world.


LESSON # 54: Believe in quality control. A man of quality should have control over his impulses and actions.


LESSON # 55: A man in denial is drowning in his own deception.


LESSON # 56: Honesty is the best policy especially when it concerns yourself.


LESSON # 57: To some guys dating is a process and sex is a part of that process.


LESSON # 58: A bad boy is about maintaining his rep. and his lifestyle despite the feelings of others.


LESSON # 59: A man will try to hold on to his youth for dear life like the last wisp of hair on his head.


LESSON # 60: It doesn’t take 3 strikes to burn up a match and toss him away.


LESSON # 61: Guys do what they want because they can.


LESSON # 62: Carry mace to keep a guy in his place.


LESSON # 63: Learn to deftly navigate preexisting family dynamics with compromise.


LESSON # 64: Reflect on your past, Reconcile with your present, Reach your future.





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