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Data Dissection / The Instance Of Our Predilection


Data Dissection / The Instance Of Our Predilection

Barbara M. Schwarz


On the front cover: “The scrubbed aversion” 2017.


The latent discover, a long lost brother (the simple luminary – the brighter stars that we won’t see).


The poetry on the cover: “The accident recover: a wider mother – father of intention, now the intervention: minds’ great abyss, for how the data hiss ‘not like this!’ Hubble bubble when the stars we trouble just to see : our own destiny, but ‘in service to mankind’ – shall we stop being quite so blind, the truth the ages find – to help our lives rewind.


There is a thought we trammel our own destiny by the paths that we take, and that the spoken word conjures universes. In an age where our very thought (processes) can be deduced through cookies to a sense of what we are and who we like, it is comforting to know that the biggest unexplored myth is ourselves as the measure of all things known.


The Great Assertion : Life Is Lived Without Coercion

and in three shades of blue (life holds onto you)!

Shall man ever be free from Self-determinacy ?


Data Dissection

The Instance Of Our Predilection…


is it all of dubious perception

the horror in the resurrection

of what we ourselves term as


“Perfection” ?


A simple sense discourse

to discover now the source

the nature deep within

the ‘humanising’


A simple turn of phrase

the data how it plays

different energies

that categorise capabilities


a simple sense now rhyme

to find a humming time

that go beyond the sign

of what we ourselves define


(as equal to the sublime?)


oh, you think to prime

the pump just one more time

and throw in a dime

to have it beating rhyme?


What if you discover

the earth a greater lover

than nature’s own mother?


Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

we know all empires rust

and leave in earth’s crust


the lust to discover

what earth cannot smother?


We pierce the veil

and then set sail

further now to ‘knowledge quail’


the game of the new world

with our masts unfurled


further now than once we heard

when we discover our new bird

is just as before:

a part of what mankind explore.


Where is our connection

where should we peak

at our perfection


where should we speak

in new direction


where do we wish



to open grand erection

in a thrumming zone

where we now the future own?


Data sense of coming

data sense of life now strumming,


data, in your course

are you really pure life force?


Data, can you see,

is ‘big’ essentially

a flood of many things

that still must discover wings?


Data once again

you open up terrain


and we start to see:

the past holds greater history

than our present discovery.


Purple Eyes Publishing

We feel ourselves now on the brink – if only all the data sync – but we are just at the end – of the familiar we call our friend.


Every wend and turn – feel new image burn

see new energy learn,


see the turn and twist:


“Have you thought of this (and this… and thisss)?!!!!”

for now the data hiss.


Calligraphy – the strength of joy in memory,


Shall data be our enemy

If nothing is ever lost

If all weighs in at such a cost?


Can you really store

what is needed now for more?


Can you really see

a way to substantially

set within the stone

the human life as bone

to the past

the DNA now set to last?


Everything we hold

is that the truth we ever told?


Everything we said

is it accurately reflected in our head?


Every wend and turn…

see how data churn


hungry and ‘un-sated’

bored of the underrated


new subtleties created

to sift through inch and time

a source of the divine


What category

will outlive our posterity?


The final thing that free

our present instancy.


Predilection – the source

and instance of perfection,


is that we are never still

for we have empty stars to fill.


Ambition and determination

a venerable source of all creation


and the human leapt sensation

is to keep on humming to


the breath that once on cold world blew.


In a rhythm blue

we countenance you


In a rhythm new

we see right through


all we ever seek to do

is turn around and then face you,


the source of predilection

the stars – our ancestor detection,


the sense that we know

how all time flow,

in clues we garner from below

when we stoop to see

where gods gave way to imagery


Do we reflect a great(er) thing

than earth’s great wondering?


And the image knew

to cover blue

in clouds that blew


a grainy sense of grey

of what life further had to say.


The instance of our predilection

are clouds in all direction -


the final sense that all inspection

leaves a life source of perfection.


Curiosity beyond data’s own menagerie!


How far can you go

before you break the human flow

before you leech our soul

and banish us to whole

destruction -


such death deduction

is ‘only human’ induction?


Data dissection,

a simple course

and sense correction


to categorise perfection

as a tried and tested


of our own defined

protection, but,


what of our perception

to never quite see:


the full reality

is bigger than you or me.


And a final caw

the future now alone will roar

of what we never quite expected before


shores upon shores of understanding

and yet the human – still – is standing


ready now to grasp

‘the final task’

the perfect ask


of what survives us last.


Predilection -

to find within ourselves

‘Perfection’ (as a means of dissection).


Data Dissection / The Instance Of Our Predilection

We are bedded down in history - with our undiscovered mystery - dinosaur bones - and all our life zones - living cones, we see, that peak our curiosity. Alien mind to discover 'our kind'.

  • ISBN: 9781370947539
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2017-05-17 18:20:38
  • Words: 968
Data Dissection / The Instance Of Our Predilection Data Dissection / The Instance Of Our Predilection