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Dash Diet: An Easy to Follow Guide to Speed Up Natural Weight Loss,Reduce Blood



Dash Diet

An Easy to Follow Guide to Speed Up Natural Weight Loss, Reduce Blood Pressure, and Improve Your Health!

Includes Dash Diet Recipes and a 3 Day Menu.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 – What Is the Dash Diet?

Chapter 2 – Getting Started

Chapter 3 – Day Two

Chapter 4 – Day Three

Chapter 5 – Wrapping Up


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Today, many people are searching for ways to live a healthier lifestyle in all aspects of their life. For a lot of us, that means eating better, taking good care of our bodies and addressing any health concerns we may have in our day to day life. But what if you could reduce the effect of, or eliminate altogether, certain diseases through smart dietary choices? With the scientifically-proven and simple Dash Diet, you can!

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is one of the most common health problems that individuals face today. Although hypertension often goes undiagnosed or simply ignored, it can have potentially fatal consequences if left untreated. In fact, high blood pressure increases the risk of stroke, heart disease and heart attacks, along with other related problems.

When hypertension is diagnosed, doctors often prescribe one or more blood pressure medications to regulate the problem. Unfortunately, for most people medications like Diovan and Benicar address the problem itself, but not the root cause. High blood pressure is often caused or made worse by issues like poor diet, a lack of exercise or excess body weight. Also, some of the medications prescribed for high blood pressure may have significant side effects.

The best approach to high blood pressure is a change in way you eat and exercise that can reduce your reliance on medication – or even eliminate your high blood pressure altogether! The Dash Diet is clinically proven to do just that, and it is a journey well worth taking to live a longer and healthier life!



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Chapter 1 – What Is the Dash Diet?

In the Dash Diet, DASH is an acronym for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. It also implies that it is a generally quick way for a person to lose weight. Despite the stigma that surrounds the act of quickly dropping pounds, DASH dieting is designed to keep a person healthy while shedding unwanted pounds. It is even promoted by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute for its benefits to the human body, and has been linked with lowering blood pressure, cutting stress, and improving the overall functionality of the human body.

The DASH diet is not a medication, and it does not endorse or prescribe any special drugs to achieve the results it is after. As stated before, many drugs focus on the symptoms. The DASH diet is unique in that it focuses on the cause of your hypertension.

The DASH diet is robust in what you can eat. It can include fish, meat, poultry, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Low fat dairy and whole grains are also listed in the DASH diet, while red meat and foods rich in sugar are limited. The DASH diet has been evaluated by numerous agencies that are associated with healthy living, and has been approved by the United States Department of Agriculture as a healthy lifestyle choice.

One of the biggest things that the DASH diet does is cut back on the user’s level of sodium and fat. A good DASH diet focuses heavily on fruits and vegetables, and while not vegetarian, is centered on these fat free foods. So, what produce items are best for the DASH diet? As it turns out, the darker and richer the color, the higher the nutrient content.

Some good examples of what would work for a DASH diet would be strawberries and blueberries (pesticide-free), spinach and kale, asparagus avocados, onions, papayas, carrots, cantaloupe, eggplant, kiwi, and pineapples, to name a few.

There are other foods that technically qualify for the DASH diet, but are recommended against. Not because they’re unhealthy, but because of the abnormal level of pesticides associated with their growth. If you have your own garden, or know that your produce is pesticide-free, then you should be fine. Otherwise, be careful about buying any of the following items unless you can verify where they came from:


As stated earlier, the main idea behind the DASH diet is to keep your sodium levels down. In a typical DASH diet, your sodium levels should be anywhere at 1500 to 2000. This is easy to do when focusing on produce, but it gets a little tricky when you factor in the other foods that can be in DASH, such as meats and grains. So, how do you go about lowering your sodium and blood pressure through a simple, three day diet? How do you account for different types of fish, beans, and protein?

The following three day diet is patterned after several medical institutions take on the DASH diet. It is meant to not only help reduce your sodium and blood pressure, but to also provide you with a balanced, 2000 avg calorie intake. Of course, feel free to make changes to any part that may directly interfere with any medical needs, such as substituting any nut-based product on this list. Also, as with any diet, you should always consult a physician before setting out on your journey. After all, a shift in diet can mean a lot of changes for a person, and you want to make sure you’re not doing anything that might cause you problems.

While the DASH diet is something that has been researched and approved by numerous institutions, there are different ways of doing it, and some may be better suited to your medical needs. Also, it never hurts to do some research into different ingredients that could act as calorie and vitamin substitutions. This would ensure some variety while adding a personal touch, and can keep you from getting stuck in a routine.

Chapter 2 – Getting Started

Before you begin on your DASH diet, you should consider what your overall goal is. The focus of this book is on a quick, three day diet. Some DASH diet can go five to seven days, some go for weeks or months, and some become a full-time lifestyle choice. The reasons behind this are as simple as the question, what is your overall goal?

If you’re looking for a quick flush of your system, accompanied by a lowering of your blood pressure and your sodium levels, then a simple, three day diet is just the thing for you. Please keep in mind, a DASH diet in no way means starving yourself. The point of the DASH diet is healthier living, so to do the DASH diet correctly, you’ll need to plan out exactly what you will be having from day to day.

For the first day, you will probably need to set the pace with a good, starter breakfast. Begin with a bagel, store bought is fine, and add two tablespoons of a topping such as peanut butter. It is recommended that you purchase the natural kind that separates, so as to cut down on any sugars that might be added. If you’re allergic to peanuts, then rest easy; sun butter is made from sun flowers, is gluten-free, and comes in a natural blend as well.

To help get you full and give you a burst of energy, add one whole orange to your breakfast. This will give you the vitamin C your body needs, while also helping to make you feel satisfied. Wash it down with one cup of fat free milk, and if you like, a cup of decaffeinated coffee. Yes, decaffeinated. The goal is to cut down on your blood pressure, and caffeine, while nice in the morning, doesn’t help with this. The orange should give you the kick you need, and the bagel will release its energy throughout the morning.

Lunch on day one is going to be green, with a four cup spinach salad. Fresh spinach is a wonderful source of vitamins, and also helps to clean your colon as well as reduce your body’s sodium levels. Feel free to add a sliced pear for flavor, along with ½ a cup of mandarin oranges and 1/3 cup of almonds. If you’re allergic, feel free to skip the almonds for ¼ cup of raisins. For a dressing, use two tablespoons of a red wine vinaigrette. This will add flavor without stacking the calories.

This may not be enough for some diners, so if you’re still looking for something filling, you can give yourself a dozen low sodium wheat crackers to go with lunch, or for afterwards to keep you from cheating. Also, have a cup of fat free milk to wash it all down. Of course, you can also drink water, if you prefer, but the milk lends calcium to the diet.

For dinner, we can splurge a bit. A quarter pound (4oz) of crusted, baked salmon is a great meal, and extremely tasty. You can add some lemon for sizzle, and to make the flavor stronger, try wrapping the salmon with your lemon juice in tin foil, and then baking at 350 for 25 minutes. Of course, this should be varied based on your oven, but the tin foil will help to seal in the flavor and give your salmon a kick. You can also encrust it with a small amount of cracked black pepper, if you wish.

For a filling side, try ½ a cup of brown rice pilaf with vegetables. Consider adding some from a medley, or steam some broccoli or cauliflower with your meal. Another side you should consider adding is ½ a cup of steamed green beans. These will help to provide missing nutrients from your diet, and also help to offset the favor of the salmon. One sourdough roll is also good for a filler, and you can add 2 teaspoons of olive oil to lend it some zest. Your fruit side can be a cup of mixed berries and some mint, and a herbal iced tea is just fine for a drink. Again, water would also do, if you’re not a tea fan.

All good dinners should have a dessert, and day one of your DASH diet experience is no exception. After dinner, or really anytime, feel free to have one cup of fat free yogurt and four vanilla wafers.

While it may not sound like a lot, the above menu selections break down to roughly 2014 calories, which meets the recommended daily allotment for an adult. Also, when you start looking at the individual ingredients, you’re getting seven grains, five vegetables, five fruits, three servings of dairy, three servings of meat, two potential servings of nuts, and three servings of oils and fats.

In short, day one may feel a little extreme, but that may be because of what your diet was before trying the DASH technique. It’s amazing how many calories people consume without really thinking about it, and the human body can only process so many calories before fat gets stored and salt builds up.

If the DASH diet feels like it’s too sparse, remember that you’re probably used to food that are rich in sugars and fats, and that your body has most likely been trained to pay attention to carbs, and not content.

Of course, you could always switch up some of the fruits. Pears are nice, but an apple has a similar amount of sugar, and could easily be swapped out if you prefer the flavor. Coffee, while nice in the mornings, isn’t a necessity in the DASH diet, and could be replaced with water. Your orange in the morning could also be substituted for a similar fruit, but considering how many people prefer to add sugar to a grapefruit, this might be a bad idea. You could however use a tangerine and get the same, rough amount of calories.

In conclusion, day one is a bit extreme, but it’s meant to be. The goal is to kick start your body into flushing what it doesn’t need, and to help balance your metabolism so that your hypertension and blood pressure normalize.

Chapter 3 – Day Two

Now that you’ve made it through day one, the three day DASH diet can begin to vary things a bit. This is important in any diet. You don’t want to keep eating the exact same things all day, every day, or several things will happen. First off, you’ll get sick of the routine pretty quickly, and if you don’t like what you’re doing, then there’s a greater chance you’ll stop.

The second issue is that over time, your body will learn to adjust its workings to match an expected diet. In other words, the shock of the DASH diet will diminish as your body comes to expect the different calories intakes it’s been receiving.

To start off day two, let’s go with a cup of mixed fruits. This can be as diverse as you prefer, and can include things like melons, apples, bananas, and berries. If you’re going hard-core on the DASH diet and you’re concerned about calories from fruits, then drop the bananas. While they are an excellent source of potassium, they are also one of the most calorie-enriched fruits you can eat. Feel free to top this mix of fruits with a 1/3 cup of non-fat yogurt and 1/3 cup of walnuts. If you can’t have walnuts, then feel free to skip this step.

This fruit cup would be filling on its own, but you can also have one small bran muffin to go with it. This should help you with your allotted servings of grains for the day, and you’re also allowed a teaspoon of trans-free margarine for flavoring. To drink, enjoy a cup of fat free milk, and a cup of herbal tea. You can also drink a glass of water, if you prefer.

On that point, feel free to drink six to eight 8oz glasses of water a day. This will help to keep you feeling full, as many times your stomach will misinterpret being thirsty for being hungry. Also, it helps to keep your system flushed and your mind focused throughout the day.

For lunch, let’s spice things up with some curried chicken in a tasty and healthy wrap. You can use 2/3 of a cup of chicken, or a little shy of a quarter pound. Mix this with about ½ teaspoon of curry powder (or to taste), and add ½ of a cup of chopped apples. This will give the curry wrap some body, and a refreshing crunch. The sweet of the apple will also nicely offset the curry, and keep you from scrambling for the sink for more water if you’re not used to spicy foods.

Finally, add two tablespoons of light or fat-free mayonnaise (not miracle whip, due to its salt content), and serve in a medium, wheat tortilla. If you can get spinach tortillas, this would work just as well.

For a side snack with lunch, help yourself to eight raw, baby carrots, and to drink, one cup of fat free milk. Remember, as always, you can do water if you want. Just keep in mind, water can’t make any burning from spice go away, but milk can strip the capsaicin from the curry powder from your tongue, as can the apples and mayonnaise.

For dinner, we’re going Italian with one cup of whole-grain spaghetti, topped with one cup of no salt added marinara sauce. This is a great dinner, in that it fills you up and gives you long-term energy from the good carbohydrates you’re putting into your body. On the side, you can have two cups of mixed salad greens, but try to stay away from the iceberg lettuce.

There is absolutely zero nutritional content in iceberg lettuce, and it can easily be swapped out with kale or spinach. Besides, once you add a tablespoon of low-fat Caesar salad dressing, you’ll be too busy enjoying your salad to care.

On the side, feel free to add one whole wheat roll. For flavoring, you can use one teaspoon of olive oil, and to drink, consider some sparkling water. This should nicely cap off a filling and well-rounded dinner.

You are allowed a snack on each day of the DASH diet, and for day two, it is recommended that you try some homemade trail mix. For this mix ¼ cup or raisins, one ounce (roughly 22) unsalted pretzels, and two ounces of sunflower seeds. This should combine to give you a good crunch and a nice flavor. Plus, it will make enough snack that you should be able to munch on this throughout your afternoon.

This snack, combined with some water, is more than enough to stave off your hunger while still staying healthy and keeping your body at 2000 calories.

Overall, the calorie breakdown fro day two comes out to roughly 2190, with the same number of servings of produce, meats, grains, oils, and fats as the day before. Your body should be feeling the effects of the DASH diet at this point, and the lack of salt in your diet should be forcing your body to burn through its reserves of sodium and fat. In other words, you’ll feel full, but your body will respond to the absence of the fats and carbohydrates it’s used to seeing, and as a result, will burn more fat to compensate.

Another nice side-effect is that with all the healthy greens going into your system, your body should be well on its way to flushing itself out. A strong diet of greens and produce can help to clear your colon, which can lead to an overall healthier feeling and more energy throughout your day. On top of this, it can help to stave off other health problems down the line.

As far as variations go, you could swap out the marinara sauce with a diced tomato and the olive oil from earlier. Mix in some herbs, and you’ve got a fresh and tangy spaghetti sauce. For the chicken, feel free to cut back on the mayonnaise if you want more of a kick, and when enjoying yogurt breakfast, feel free to go nuts with your fruit.

Remember, we covered the fact that the darker the fruit, the more rich in nutrients it is, so make sure your fruit cup is as colorful as possible. Also, for fun, you may want to go to the grocers and see what fruits are currently in season. Some good raspberries or blackberries can give your breakfast a little extra zip while not adding anything to your calorie count, and they taste great when mixed with other fruits.

Chapter 4 – Day Three

To begin, let’s go with a classic. Help yourself to one cup of oatmeal, topped with a teaspoon of cinnamon. Now, when we say oatmeal, we don’t mean out of a ready-made pack. Get a cup of actual oats and mix it with the appropriate amount of water. The cinnamon will add a delicious flavor, and should replace the brown sugar kick that so many people are sued to from their oats. Enjoy a slice of whole wheat toast, topped off with a teaspoon of margarine for filler. Butter by itself is swimming in salt, but fat-free margarine is usually pretty safe in this regard. Add a banana for potassium and a cup of fat free milk, and you should be good to go.

Now, with most of these menu items, we suggest an alternative, but in this case, keep the banana. Yes, they do have more calories than some other fruits out there, but this is also about the nutrients that the banana brings to the table. By day three, your body will be drawing nutrients from any source it can, and one key vitamin you will feel the effects of is potassium. If your eye is starting to twitch, that means you’ve left out the banana too much, and it’s time to bring it back.

For lunch, consider a tuna salad (chick can be substituted in the event of an allergy). You should consider water-packed tuna, and can use ½ a cup for your salad. Add two tablespoons of fat free mayonnaise, as well as 15 grapes. Purple are best for tuna salad, and don’t be afraid to chop them up to help release their flavor. Add ¼ of a cup of diced celery for a healthy crunch, and serve it on top of two pieces of romaine lettuce, both for flair and for flavor. If this isn’t enough, add eight melba toast crackers and top it all off with a cup of fat free milk.

For dinner, you’ve earned a beef kabob. Three ounces of lean, trim beef, seared, should do the trick. Add to this one cup of peppers, mushrooms, onions, and cherry tomatoes. These can be skewered and cooked over an open flame, or if grilling isn’t an option, consider baking them in your oven at 225 for 22 minutes, or until the tips of your vegetables begin to blacken. If you don’t have time for this, you can always fry your kabob ingredients in a pan to serve as a fast and tasty stir-fry.

On the side, make one cup of wild rice. You can then add 1/3 of a cup of pecans and one cup of pineapple chunks for a sweet and crunchy counter flavor to the kabob, if you prefer. To drink, let’s go fancy with a cranberry spritzer. The four ounces of cran-raspberry juice and four to eight ounces of sparkling water, depending on how strong you want your drink to be. This will not only compliment the taste of your dish (which incidentally, would mix together into a fantastic stir-fry), but it’s also a nice change from just water or tea.

In the morning, enjoy one cup of fat-free yogurt for a snack. In the afternoon, have a fruit, like a peach, for a snack. If you want to get creative, do half and half, and enjoy ½ a cup of yogurt and half a peach together in the morning, and the rest in the afternoon. As always, feel free to drink as much water as you wish.

The final calorie count fro day three comes out to 1,868, which is a nice balance to the slight overage from the prior day’s menu. The nice thing here is that even though your calories have dropped, your large dinner will more than make up for it.

One of the bigger complaints about any diet is the feeling of hunger felt from adjusting your calorie intake. This can impact you the most in the evening, so in all three days of the DASH diet, a large dinner is included. This should help you get to sleep soundly, and should feel satisfying after the size of your breakfast and lunch.

Day three had a slightly different balance of foods, starting with six grains, five vegetables, five fruits, three dairy offerings, six servings of meat, one of nuts, and three of fats and oils. This slight shift is fine, and it helps to confuse your body, forcing it to pay attention to what your eating and shift its usage of calories to accommodate.

Chapter 5 – Wrapping Up

It may not seem like it, but three days is enough time to cause some changes in your body, and those can be for the better. After your three day dash diet, feel free to check your blood pressure to see where you stand, and if you’ve dropped at all. Chances are that you have, and that you’ve lost a little weight, as well. If you chose to continue on with a five day or weekly diet, you’ll find that your body will continue to adjust. In fact, over time, a long-term DASH diet can have a massive impact on your health.

So, what secret about the DASH diet drove this change? Despite the claims of some other diets out there, the DASH diet has no mysticism or special chemicals behind it. The results are nothing more than what any person would experience from making healthy choices about their food, but still, there are a few key factors that make the DASH diet stand out.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. It’s a truly balanced diet. Most crash diets force you to starve yourself, or to only eat one type of food. The DASH diet emphasizes a nutritional balance to your eating habits, with a focus on the food groups that for years the FDA has been pushing as good for you.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. It drastically reduces your salt intake. The foods listed in the DASH diet are extremely low in sodium. While your body needs some salt, it doesn’t require the massive amount that most people unwittingly ingest on a daily basis.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. It cuts out soda. Regular soda pop is loaded with processed sugars and lots of sodium, which are both not good for your body. Also, they put a strain on your kidneys, forcing them to filter out a massive amount of chemicals that the human body was not designed to deal with every day.

If you’re thinking, “well, I can just drink diet soda,” think again. Even diet soda comes with an insane amount of sodium, which will completely negate the effects of the DASH diet. Plus, aspartame, the sweetener found in most diet soda, has been linked towards causing cravings in people.

This can be counterproductive when you’re trying to diet, plus there are numerous studies that show how aspartame can have a negative impact on the body.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. It allows for variation. The DASH diet isn’t limited to one food group or item, so you can mix and match, and experiment. As long as you stick with a 2000 calorie diet and focus on foods listed as safe in a DASH diet, then you should feel free to experiment and add some variety. As stated before, the monotony of many diets can lead a person to quit, and can cause your body to adjust over time to match the different nutrients it is coming into contact with. By spicing things up, you are putting your system in a stat where every day, it has to process new things, and therefore can never settle on a set nutrient list.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. It can be adjusted for your lifestyle. This book focused on a three day DASH diet, but some people go for far longer. Depending on your goals, you could use the DASH diet to try to lose weight, to encourage an overall healthier lifestyle, or to quickly drop your blood pressure if your health requires it. Having that freedom is important, and the flexibility and goals of the DASH diet are precisely why so many medical professionals endorse it.

p<>{color:#1C1C1C;}. It’s fun! Being able to try new things, and mixing and matching your daily intake can lead to some great experimentation with your foods. You may be encouraged to try new things, or to eat more of a certain type of food, such as fruits, that you’ve never really enjoyed before. Also, once you cut out a lot of the processed fats and carbs from your diet, it’s amazing how much flavor starts to creep back in.

You may not even realize it, but your body adjusts how it processes flavors, and if you start focusing on healthy foods, you’ll find that they start to taste better and better over time. Also, there’s something extremely satisfying about making your own meals, and the DASH diet is great at bringing out the chef in all of us.

Once you’re finished with the DASH diet, consult with your physician about next steps. Is this something you want to, or should, continue? Ask him to run a before-and-after panel to see the impact of a three day DASH diet, and then evaluate what worked, and why. Finally, consider your daily living and standard diet. If the DASH diet is something you feel you can do, does that mean an impact on your spending habits at the store? What about the contents of your pantry? When you’re finished and ready to take the next steps, it might be time to reevaluate more than just your blood pressure.

Consider pairing your DASH diet with an exercise routine that matches your caloric intake, and won’t leave you feeling drained. Look into healthy activities you can do, both at work and at home. Consider the DASH diet to be a tasty centerpiece for healthier living. It can be surrounded by a multitude of different life choices that can, in the end, lead to a healthier you.


There are so many diets out there for people to try, and honestly, not all of them are good. Some focus on cutting out vital nutrients that your body needs, some are designed with only the short-term goals in mind, and some are downright dangerous. Every year, hundreds of people are hospitalized because of their extreme diets and what they’ve done to their bodies, and that should never be the point of any diet.

The DASH diet is meant to encourage an overall healthier lifestyle. Its goal isn’t the total elimination of anything in your life, except for bad choices when eating. The goal is better living, and that can impact you in a variety of ways. To how we interact with others, to how well we feel on a day by day basis, to our inner health, all are aspects of a better lifestyle.

The DASH diet by itself is a wonderful start towards better living without putting your body at risk. It is meant to be paired with good choices, such as exercise, sunshine, and a good night’s rest. It is meant to make you feel good, and really, that’s the ultimate goal of every diet.

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Dash Diet: An Easy to Follow Guide to Speed Up Natural Weight Loss,Reduce Blood

With all the diet trends on the market today, it can be hard to focus in one that is not only safe, but effective. That’s where the DASH diet comes in. Unlike the other diets out there, the DASH diet is the only one backed by numerous health agencies the world over. It is considered a solid means of not only lowering your blood pressure, but also reducing stress and losing weight. So, what are the secrets of the DASH diet that makes it so effective? In this guide, we will explore a three day DASH diet menu, and break down the different aspects of what makes this not only a respected, but healthy lifestyle choice. The different types of food involved with be carefully discussed, as well as what you should commonly avoid when doing a DASH diet. Also, recommendations about next steps will be included, as well as a breakdown of what makes the DASH diet actually work.

  • ISBN: 9781311145949
  • Published: 2015-10-12 22:40:13
  • Words: 5528
Dash Diet: An Easy to Follow Guide to Speed Up Natural Weight Loss,Reduce Blood Dash Diet: An Easy to Follow Guide to Speed Up Natural Weight Loss,Reduce Blood