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Curtains provide light filtration, glare and sun reduction, as well as the ability to give complete privacy. There is an extensive range of curtain headings to choose from.




Pinch Pleated Heading – the most popular heading.

It results in very uniform curtain folds.


Twin Pleating – simple variation of the pinch pleat.


Pocket Heading – almost exclusively used for sheers on a
conduit rod.


Gathered Heading – gives a less formal look.


Eyelet – provides a contemporary look and are available in gold, silver, and dark brown.


Inverted Pleat, also known as Inverted “Box” Pleat – used in place of a pinch pleat curtain. They look great as a static sheer.


Roll Pleat – contemporary, new look that creates a slim clean curtain.


Knife Pleat – sharply creased narrow pleat, usually one of a series folded in the same direction.


Curtains are a mandatory accessory in our homes. Curtains have become a style statement and an essential part of home decoration. Curtains are a reflection of our tastes and add meaning to the room.


You can get curtains and other products including shutters, blinds, awnings and screens.

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