Curious Cy Lantyca Concepts and Artifacts

[First, I would like to say thank you for reading Cy Lantyca!
_It means a lot to me that you took the initiative, or that you’ve actually read it or are currently reading it. _
As the amount of downloads for it has been increasing.
Thank You With Big Hugs!]

Cyryn Fyrcyd I

Curious Cy Lantyca Concepts & Concepts

I thought this should be necessary for all you readers, and anyone interested.
What your about to see and read, is all the “behind the scenes,” of Cy Lantyca. My ideas coming to life on paper, the artifacts I made. Just so you can visual it it better, instead of reading about it. These items your about to see are very sacred to me, and some of which are not even present. For some things are just meant to remain a secret.

Your first going to read, and understand about the characters, and how to properly pronounce their Cy Lantyca names. Even including why I chose certain celebrities.
Even though my imagination is quite extensive, I needed a visual within Cy Lantyca pertaining to some scenes. Especially with Anna Belle and Heather.

The second portion will be of all the diagrams, drawings and concepts, even including the artifacts I’ve created. Therein, giving a description of each one.
Doing the hard work behind most of the items, really paid off in the end. Having them on display in my personal space, people see them immediately. Whereas only a few become captivated by them. But it’s those ones who become enthralled by my work, as they are the ones who receive the unique artifacts. Therein, benefit from their simple compliments of my hard work.

Thirdly, Cy Lantyca Art work.
All my art work emanates from my true essence, my positive outlook and happiness in my small life. While absorbing the musical influences that I listen to. Anything I create, a trinity of the things I love go into each piece: Mother Nature, Music and the Fyrcyd family.
My work can be seen on Fine Art America site, by simply typing in my name on google.

I will not post the Cy Lantyca language nor alphabet.
To me this is very sacred, that I only trust a few people with.

Cy Lantyca Characters


In the beginning, I couldn’t decide who could portray my parents. Initially I was thinking of Billy Idol to be my father, but I knew Angelina had to be my mother. I actually photo-shopped them together and thought… Ya No! However, I stumbled upon this picture of Brad and Her. Score!
I pictured him just a tad skinnier in the face. I chose these two, for in my mind I could picture them as the ultimate couple. Then so be it… The split! Ugh!
p.                                                            Brad – KrolyK, pronounce ‘Crow Lick.’
p.                                                            Angelina – Cy Tyna, pronounced ‘Se Tina.’
Husband & Wife

Even before I began writing, this fine handsome gentleman was already deemed my brother. If you do not know who he is… Well… please exit sideways. Ha! Jason Statham. About five years ago, I was told i resembled him, but not so much now. Using his personality, and hearing that slight accent. Including his build, he fit my character perfectly. But now here’s the unique clincher. His wife in Cy Lantyca was portrayed by someone else as I was writing. But when I heard about him hooking up with girlfriend Rosie Huntington-Whitely, my jaw dropped. She was the ultimate match. Height wise, look wise, watching her fluidly walk down the runway. Even them standing beside each other, it was exactly what I was picturing. Even though my character had red hair, she still fit the bill exquisitely.
Jason – Cy Lyk, pronounced ‘Sigh Lick.’
Rosie – Cyn Tu, pronounced ‘Sin Two.’

               Husband & Wife

  This was probably the hardest task, as I had to have a visual to work with these two. I had a vision of the sisters in my head, but I was going mad on google to find THE RIGHT ones who could harness what was in my mind. I believe I searched google for a good week. Sierra McCormick and Bella Thorn are the outcome, even though I pictured them with slightly different coloured hair. The facial features of their Mom and Dad, Cy Lyk and Cyn Tu were smack on. Writing about these two were fun, as they are in their teens along with Fyr and Lucy, which we will get to soon enough. Sierra – Chynyn, pronounced ‘Shy nin.’ Bella – Cyn Ti, pronounced ‘Sin Tee.’ p.                       (Sisters)

My mind was racing one afternoon at the local coffee shop, as who could portray the next couple. I was writing about how they first meet in the bakery, and how they fell in love immediately with each other. Meanwhile, Anna Belle had to harness a certain… historic feel and look to her. Evan Rachel Wood fit the the shoe stunningly, as I came upon her with a simple search. Radiant strawberry blondes. She also plays the part of her ancient ancestor Hemera, the Greek goddess. Heather, well that was a sheer cosmic crash. Her looks, height and features were sensational, including her vocals, which I captivated on in Cy Lantyca.
Evan Rachel Wood – Anna Belle & Hemera.
p.                                      Katharine McPhee – Heather a.k.a Hyath, pronounced ‘Hi ath.’

This radiant woman was an absolution in Cy Lantyca! She captivated me in Warehouse 13, as Claudia Donovan. Where I harnessed her quirky character from the show, even taking in her musical influences along with so much more in Cy Lantyca. Making her best friends with Jessica, as they work side by side at the hospital. p.      Now that I think of it, I never gave my character Andrea a last name in Cy Lantyca. Weird….  This even includes her long time boyfriend Rodney, however, he is a pure country boy. My mental image of him was just fine, but I did use an imaginary older version of Bret Kissel. Allison Scagliotti – Andrea   I’m sure you know who these bumbling twits are. Yup! Fyr and I. I really don’t think I need to elaborate on too much, other than the fact she DRIVES ME NUTS! But it was her that encouraged me to write, for her loving personality illuminates, and shows when you meet her. Her sarcastic tone, the death glare, even the laughter which brings you into one yourself. Her pure motivation and patience when I was writing Cy Lantyca was and is greatly cherished.

All I have to say is…. ROFLMFAO!
p.      Selena Gomez was pure inspiration for my character Lucy. Taking tidbits of her character from her roll in Wizards of Waverly place, which my daughter and I love. Was a pure blast to write about. Picturing Selena doing the stuff I wrote about, actually made me out right laugh! The Shakespearean roll play, the star wars puns and the burst out loud dramatics. All clearly seen in my mind, it was as if Selena was acting it out in a movie. Her charismatic ways, contagious laughter, true down warmhearted presence is clearly felt in Lucy as well.

The next one on the list is Jessica Klowes.

                                                          But with no picture. (Insert Sad Face)

No matter how much I searched google, nothing came up to my minds description, other than a few images that bared a slight resemblance. But nothing, as she is a pure figment of my imagination.
p.                            I know she is out there, and not just a fantasy character.
She’s out there, waiting for some like me. As I know her and I both search the cosmos, and look to the sensational flickering stars above, and ask:
p. To the great majestic wonders of the world. I thank you for my life, but I truly wish you bring me a loyal and loving partner. Someone who can love me for who I am, and cherish every minute with me. Thank You.


Designs & Artifacts 

        First thing up is Klowes bakery.

                                 The picture below took me a very long time to achieve.
I wanted it to be perfect in my mind, here you can see the finished picture, then the original. Quite the difference. However the finished picture dose not have the hydro poles or trees.


 Now I shall present to you the layout, basically the floor plans of the bakery and the apartment above. Including the basement, which is not mentioned until the Cy Lantyca CCM.

      It’s time to take it to the Fyrcyd Cottage. Unfortunately with no picture of the barn ruins out front of it.

The images here were my vision, a stunning view of a place I would love to be. Out in the country with a beautiful flowing river. The full view of the front house, take the left side of it and flip it to the right. However, the floor plans will help you see it clearer.


The next one is from Cy Lantyca CCM.

A more mystical place, one that I had to personally design. My creativity took over one evening, as I was listening to Blackmill. Laying on my floor, I began doodling. I knew the look I was going for, as it had to be bizarre in shape. The description of it in CCM is far more detailed, as per my drawings. But I just want you to get an idea of it.


Notice the view of the building itself, in the middle. Look at how the stones are.

Yes, it does look like a clown face. Never even noticed that till now. Too Funny!

  In Cy Lantyca CCM, I mention of a mystic hideaway, a chamber filled with some of the greatest finds of our ancient past. Here is a small and flimsy visual.


Alright…. (Claps Loudly!)

These next diagrams are of my own personal design of my truck, actually Jessica’s truck. In the first book, the waitress brings me crayons and a children’s colouring sheet, where I flip it over and design a truck. Therein, In Cy Lantyca CCM it is presented. Heck, I even sent in this idea to GMC, but they returned a “Not Interested,” in my design. Oh Well! There’s always hope right, as I would love to own something like this.

Please note, I do not have all the fancy modules to create sophisticated looking concepts, I had to work with what I had. Thank You PicMonkey!


  Now, comes the actual artifacts within Cy Lantyca & CCM.

CyKrs are grounding beacons, more or less an opening/portal for the one who it is presented around. Calling forth all the natural elemental surroundings, and a Chynoa for that individual.


The CynKa Staff is Cy Lyk’s, however the bright blue stone on top is not present.


The CyNx is mine, again with no gem upon it.


The Kylyka Scope is a very unique artifact, as it does control time. In Cy Lantyca it is described more in detail. The staffs and this, all sit together nicely in a tall box in the corner of my room.


This is Heather’s and Anna Belle’s tridents, weapons more or less. Heather’s weapon is currently being made, whereas Anna Belle’s might be a little had to do so.

These artifacts are mentioned in CCM, where Heather holds the two and receives an electrical jolt.

  The Cyx is a finding tool, as mentioned in CCM. However, this little wonder is really cool to watch when hanging in a tree. It does some pretty interesting things. p.

And last, but not in the least.

This was a pure treat to make, as I am smiling right now. A very tasty drink, that has quite the kick to it. Take a smoother version of moonshine, and combine it with Absinth, now add a sweet taste of oranges. Yum!  It is a slight bluish green, and if you go to my IG account you will see several shots of me drinking it.
No I will not share the recipe.


These…. Well, these are left all around Stratford, Ontario. Even places I travel to, I always try to leave at least one. The reason why is because each one is individually harnessed to what is written on them. They are called MyXs, stones that actually enchant your current life goals, dreams, wisdom and even what you desire. As who ever finds them, it is meant to be, and to go home with you.  
The one above was left in an acquaintances garden, where they snapped a picture of it and posted it. I will not go into full detail, as to what was said or done, but lets just say. It is in their home and their life suddenly changed, to a more positive outlook. Which makes me extremely happy!

Always keep an eye out for these. I know of five people here in town that have received great unsuspecting news, or something unique entering their lives. I do not want to give too much away.

They’re always in full eye sight, or out of it in slightly concealed spots. The ones that are out of sight, are the “lucky” ones.

Now this….  This is too arcane to mention now…. You’ll have to be patient.

This will be presented in the the last book of the Cy Lantyca series.


[[*Cy Lantyca Art Work. *
*I prop myself in front of a custom canvas I make, but before anything I insert my earphones. I then find a song, or a suitable genre in what I am feeling. Mostly I find myself drawn to fluid trance, or dub-step. Blackmill is the main one, as I use his music at the beginning of every video I make. With that being done, I then pick out my colours and I begin. With really no idea of a design, nor a pattern. I let the music take over me, my strokes and my mind. Completely unaware of everything that surrounds me other than the essence of the elements. I become lulled by the music, by my surroundings in which I love. Either being outside, or inside I harness what is around me, and by the music. *]]

Therein, when I am finished. I see what the music helps me create.

And here are some.


      This One Stand In At Eight Feet High                                  This One Six Feet High


This One, a Two By Two. One of my favourites.      BlyTha: In my living room at five by five feet

These specific ones are the one I give out, or simply send to people. The one on the left was one I rolled up, tied it up eloquently and left it uptown for someone to take it. It was gone within a matter of minutes, I just hope the person who scooped it up has it displayed upon the wall. For its message is quite serene. The one on the right, I sent via purolator to a radio station in Kitchener.  As I hope the personalities have their specific pieces up as well. p.

Each Cy Lantyca painting comes with a story on the back, a message to the individual, or who finds it. A “meant to be” artifact and quote, specifically to the receiver.

To me, my art holds a very unique contribution to whom ever finds it, or who bares it upon their wall. My very essence goes into each one, an illumination of positivity and undeniable love to all that surrounds it. Sheltering them, or even encouraging them in an unseen sense of positivity that I send into each painting.  There is always an unseen essence to each one, even hidden within the paintings themselves comes other findings, which people have told me about.

            So there you have it.

                                                         Thank you again for reading.
p.            “May The Wishes Of Your Dreams Come True.”
p.                Cyryn Fyrcyd I


Curious Cy Lantyca Concepts and Artifacts

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Curious Cy Lantyca Concepts and Artifacts Curious Cy Lantyca Concepts and Artifacts