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Creation - The History of Humanity



The History of Humanity

By Eric Hodges

Copyright 2016 Eric Hodges

Shakespir Edition

ISBN xxxxxxxxxxxx

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In the beginning, we were the You-I: formless and conscious, undivided and individualized. We were the whole of Mind, inhabiting the awareness of the infinite and the knowledge of all realms of matter because we thought them all into being. We were the creators of all things physical and we manifested the Universe into an organized system of suns and planets beyond number. As the You-I, we oversaw the development of these creations over long periods of time of which we were aware, but did not experience as the constraints of time and space. We were consciousness unbounded, always.

Some of us wanted to impart life on these on the stony worlds of rock, mineral and water and embarked on the adventure of biological creation into the void of lifeless matter. Those of us that chose to participate in biological creation are the Guardians among us that manage that growth, and evolved it into many varieties. These individuals within the You-I that started the growth process of life into the realm of matter, bestowed a bit of their own life force into that matter such that it could organize itself into living forms. Life cannot be created from the lifeless, it can only be created from life. The spark of life comes not from matter but from our own Life Force that illuminates each cell and compels it to multiply. The Guardians of these living creations and would continue to impart a portion of their own life force to maintain and organize the creations.

The developing conceptions on one of the planets captured the interest of the You-I and engaged more and more individuals to create life in that laboratory of biological manifestation. More and more of the You-I became Guardians, and stepped forth to create plants and animals, ecosystems and interdependent structures that would become a self-sustaining food chain. Each creation was empowered by a Guardian providing the life force, each Guardian was aware of all the others and the remainder of the You-I looked on with rapt attention at the movements on the planet of all of these creations that did have a life of their own that were wildly more entertaining than mere rocks. Imagination and excitement reigned within the You-I, as more and more varied creations came into form. Plants were evolved into shrubs and then trees. Biological cells multiplied into fish, reptiles and mammals and life flourished on the planet in endless variety.

Growing within the You-I was an appetite to experience the realm of the forms created because sensation and physical contact was beyond the capabilities of the formless. We were able to know but we were not able to feel. Some among us wanted to feel the warmth of the sun, to know the sensation of weight and to be a part of the burgeoning creation. To inhabit the creation was a strange concept because we were the creators, we were the consciousness of all and to become one individualized forms, locked into a time and a space, seemed foolish. We were unlimited in consciousness but some of us had become bored with our unbounded existence and wanted the challenge of becoming a life within a form. This would be a severe and willing curtailment of unbounded consciousness.

Alarm spread throughout the You-I at the notion that some wanted to leave in a very real way and split the You-I into different realities of existence. Most of us remaining as unlimited Spirit while others actually considered entering the realm of physical existence.

The turmoil is growing as our individual energies impart contrasting impressions that push and pull on the consensus. The You-I seems to be expanding and contracting as the consensus moves from the excitement of actually becoming form to the concern over the risk of becoming the creation. Those that want the experience of life on the planet are increasing in number and the crescendo finally arrives. The You-I is reduced by the large number of individuals that have left to become the form created.

The reduction of the You-I is known immediately by all. Some have jumped to the planet into one of the life forms there and have left a strange void we have never experienced. The Guardians of the life on the planet knew at once where all of our brethren went and knew the dire circumstances that had been created: the jumpers were no longer consciously aware of their You-I selves. Those that had jumped had entered the physical form of deer, monkeys, birds and all manner of creatures with no awareness of the You-I, no understanding of the true nature of their existence and no way to get back. In short, they were stuck.

The physical brain of all of these animals have no capability of self-awareness nor do they have a need. Physical existence requires only the ability to feed and survive danger, not the ability to be consciously aware and create. We of the You-I have the ability to manifest and alter matter by thought, unconstrained by the limitations of time and space and unconstrained by the limitations of physical form. Our jumping fellows, of which there are thousands, maybe millions, now have no such freedoms. They have taken on a physical form and have no memory of the You-I. We must respond.

The most capable and able life forms on the planet are the humanoid ones. They have the widest range of physical mobility and a promising size cranium able to support the expansion that will be necessary. There are family groups whose adults care for the young until they are old enough to contribute to the group, so they are chosen to support the rescue. What they lack, however, is the power of self-awareness. They have the typical animal functions necessary to survive in the physical environment and the thin connection to the Guardian of the species required to maintain life, but they lack the ability to be self-aware.

Many of us in the You-I are supremely compassionate and want to go down on the planet to affect the rescues of the jumpers. We are anxious but we are not as hasty as those who have jumped because we know they cannot get back and for the rescuers to be successful, we must retain our awareness of the You-I and the ability to manipulate matter. They need help and we need the ability to return to the You-I. What is necessary is a physical form that is able to accomplish the rescues, remember the connections to the You-I and successfully return to pure consciousness. My partner and I lead the effort to alter the humanoid to accept this expanded brain function and specimens on the planet are selected in pairs to facilitate the changes required. We will go to the planet like our brethren the jumpers, use our knowledge and abilities from the You-I to affect the biological alterations and return these jumpers back to an awareness of the You-I.

We consult with the guardian of the humanoids to make the necessary brain modifications to allow a space for the portion of our You-I life force to reside. There must be an alteration made to the brain itself that will allow it to remain in contact with the Guardian to coordinate the functions of the humanoid form, and facilitate our entrance into the physical form as conscious awareness. The animal functions of the humanoid are already in place, so the addition is only a communication link.

The You-I compels two humanoids to leave their family group and travel a distance apart from their group and re-establish them in an area that has all the necessary support systems of food and shelter. We are the first of many male and female pairs that have volunteered to start the conversion process. The humanoids are made to sleep by the You-I and the two of us began the process to be the first to inhabit the glorified humanoid form endowed with a conscious mind function. I shall be called Adam and my companion shall be called Eve.


We both awaken at the same time and are awed by the beauty of our surroundings. The sensations delivered through our physical senses are amazing. The smells, the feel of the sun on my skin and even the feel of the skin on my fingertips is astonishing and taking my first breath is a revelation. All of it is a sensational overload screaming to be enjoyed and experienced fully. I look over to Eve and I can easily tell she is having these same realizations of ecstasy.

“Are you having the same joy that I am having?” I ask her with a voice I didn’t know I had.

“If it is sensual assault you are having, then yes” she answered in a shaky voice.

“We have the same awareness of the You-I and a full immersion into the world of form” I said as I investigated my inner and outer surroundings. “We’ve done it!”

All she could say is “Yes.”

We marvel at the mobility of these physical forms. We can balance on our two legs and walk through and around the plants and rocks. We can see the viewpoint of these change as we move about and the awareness of everything from every viewpoint that we had as formless beings is reduced to one vision and one location. We are aware of the infinite You-I consciousness and aware of the human, physical senses at the same time. The remarkable combination overwhelms our first moments of life experience on the planet in physical form.

“Over that way” I pointed with my newly discovered arm, hand and finger, “is the group of humanoids from which we came.”


“And here is the place we created for our life support” I said looking around at the trees bearing fruit, the bushes full of berries and a row of green beans rising across a fallen log.

Eve just nodded, taking it all in herself. “I can see the life in every living thing here” I said looking to Eve. “And I can see the life in you, empowering the body. You are a physical shape and pure You-I energy co-located identically.” I was aware of the life force in all creatures, vibrant in the energetic colors and shades that outlined the physical form.

She looked me over carefully and said “And you are the same energy field. We have indeed created the individual forms and have not lost anything from the You-I consciousness.”

She smiled happily. I extended my awareness to the formless You-I from which we came and was pleased to recognize the universe of matter, the totality of this planet and all of its forms and the local environment into which we had arrived. It is a marvelous addition to the life that I am.

“We must be careful to resist the temptations of this place” I said to Eve. “It is wonderful to feel so alive and still retain the You-I. I am sad for our brothers, but we are here to bring them home, are we not?”

“Yes” was all she said with a disinterested tone and a faraway look in her eyes. She was looking at my body, apparently comparing mine to hers so I did the same. She had prominent breasts that I did not. I had a penis that she did not and that was the part of my body she was paying particular attention to. She reached down to caress it and a cavalcade of new feelings and emotions flooded my body and my mind. I knew this was the beginning of procreation but I had no idea it would be accompanied by the intense sensations as my unique male appendage responded to her touch of its own accord. She led me to a place in the soft grass where we did indeed experience the differences between male and female.

That was my first sensation of the powerful physical urges already resident in the animal forms we had entered. The addition of the conscious mind function did not eliminate the subconscious mind nor did it even overpower it. These two mind functions would now operate together to maintain the physical form for survival purposes and provide an awareness of the self and one’s surroundings. Eve and I could use reason to understand the human predicament for the first time in human history and we were on the path of sharing the biology with humanity. We could not contain the sensations nor did we want to.

We spent our first days discovering the extent to which these sensations affected us. We learned that the physical bodies had a communication system in place that would inform the mind when there were shortcomings that needed to be addressed, such as hunger and thirst, heat and cold. We could not just be a consciousness as we were in the You-I. We needed to feed ourselves and deal with the byproducts as well as protect ourselves from the heat of the sun and the chill of the nights. We needed to care for our frail bodies to ensure our feet were not cut on sharp rocks and our skin was not punctured by tree branches.

It was a simple matter to repair the damage to these bodies. We simply dissolved the damaged areas into energy and precipitated the energy back into its undamaged form, using the creative abilities we enjoyed as conscious members of the You-I. In this way, we were able to quickly eliminate the pain and discomfort of the physical forms and enjoy our new surroundings thoroughly. When it became too cool for our comfort, we could just raise the temperature of the air that surrounded us. We were not so able to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays without shade nor were we able to satisfy our hunger without eating. We needed to service the bodies to maintain the biological systems.


We eventually directed our attention to the task of rescuing the individuals of the You-I that had come before us. They had entered the physical forms of unprepared animals that had insufficient connections to the You-I to accommodate an individual consciousness. The instinct and the subconscious functions of the animals were only capable of receiving life force energy to provide life, not the consciousness of an individual. Eve and I had prepared our ‘Adam’ bodies for the purpose of rescuing these souls from the entrapment of the physical forms, and have come to the world of form to release the energy of the individual back into the You-I.

We began the rescue of our brothers by inspection of the local area using the entire You-I. We simply compelled the afflicted animals to come to us, specifying that they arrive in staggered numbers that would allow us to deal with them in manageable numbers. We had no concept of time in this environment so the idea of now and later was foreign to us. We began the process of attraction and were rewarded with animals of all sorts arriving in our presence in a steady procession.

What we did was use the process of creation we had used to manifest worlds and universes in a slightly different way. In our presence, the animal would become attentive to the energy of attraction and stare at us intently. In response, we would look back into the eyes, locate the life force that was the You-I, and release it back to the You-I without the form. The body of the animal would fall as the individual was released, and the individual energy returned to the You-I, free of the attachment to the animal. After several moments, the guardian could re-establish its species connections of life force with the animal that allowed it to move off, back into its original existence. Eve and I continued this process for several rotations of the daylight until we became exhausted from the exertion and collapsed into each other and entered the state of slumber. Our exertion was beyond the capabilities of the humanoid forms we had inhabited, demonstrating to us another one of the limitations of this realm. Time has an effect on the body.

There were many of us that came to the planet surface to perform the rescues, each pair taking over humanoid forms and creating the glorified body just as we had done as Adam and Eve. Unfortunately, there were available humanoid forms on only some on the continents and travel to these places that had no humanoids was proving to be problematic. We are unable to travel the distances required in our bodies and there was no other available means for us to get to those places.

We are able to deal with the animal forms that came to us easily enough because the individualized You-I that had jumped into the animal, jumped in completely. There was no connection from the physical form back to a remnant of the individual consciousness in the You-I. Eve and I, as well as the other rescuers, knew the severely limited physical forms that we chose to inhabit, could only tolerate a small portion of the total individualized consciousness. We created a life force connection to the larger portion of our You-I and only placed a minor portion within the physical form. The interaction with the larger You-I was uninterrupted and we had full access to our formless selves.

These animal forms had such a large infusion of the energy of the You-I they could not function as the host animals and were lost and confused. The guardians over the animal kingdoms were responsible for providing the bit of life force to each animal to give them what was needed to function as that animal. When a different, entire individualized You-I entered the body, it sometimes severed the connection to the guardian rendering the animal isolated from the organized patterns of living for that animal and threw its biological systems into chaos. Some of the animals with which Eve and I came into contact were near death, so the release process triggered no resistance. We soon completed our tasks in the local area, but Eve and I both could sense the difficulties others must be having.

“Is there anything else we can do to help them?” she asked languidly as we took our mid-day rest.

“I don’t see what” I replied. “The other rescuers have our same capabilities and the entire You-I at their disposal. Nothing can be hidden from us.”

“Yes” she drew out in a long word, thinking it over. She continued “then there must be something else. The jumpers that have not been found must have done it some other way. Could they have created glorified bodies like ours?” she asked.

“Not really, there was no imprint in the You-I” I reminded her. “As soon as the thought occurred to inhabit the forms on the planet, they were gone with no preparation. We were the ones that created the imprint of the glorified bodies.”

“Well, there is something that is different” Eve said. “It does not feel complete.”

“Yes” I said, pondering the ramifications of her statement, “And we do need to complete this.”

We picked up the staffs and shoulder bag the two humanoids brought with them before we took over the bodies and made our way to where their family group was living. Our entrance to the village created a bit of a stir as the inhabitants pointed and grunted in surprise. Possibly the donor bodies that we inhabited had uncharacteristically been gone too long. The humanoids there communicated with gestures and sounds but there was no speech. They had developed a thought transfer up to the guardian and back down to each other, making the sharing of thoughts seamless. We used the method that our hosts must have used before we entered the bodies.

“Uh, uh” one of the older, bearded men uttered and gestured. ‘Where have you been?’

“Hoo Ca” Eve replied. ‘We have been hunting.’

“Ca Ca?” he pressed. ‘Where is your catch?’

“Oo Ca Da” she said. ‘We found nothing.’

He brought his staff around to the front and gripped it tighter in both hands while smoothly lowering his stance for better balance. He made a rumbling sound punctuated by loudly uttering “To-Ta, To-Ta.” ‘Danger, danger.’

Heads spun throughout the camp and two younger, bearded men ran up beside the older one and assumed the same stance, all three of them looking at us warily. This was not looking good for us. I stood tall and shouted back “Oo To, Du Ba, Du Ba.” ‘Stop, we mean you no harm.’ I bypassed the guardian and spoke directly to them with the same mental strength I used for the words. I had no way of knowing that the strength I used was many times what they were used to from the guardian and it rocked the three warriors back on their heels like they had been hit by a blast. They dropped their staffs and fell to the ground, cowering.

I approached them and reached a hand down to the older warrior and said “Koo Pu Du Ba” using the guardian. ‘All is well, we mean no harm.’

I helped him up and I could tell he was shaking. I asked him “Ki Dy Nu?” ‘Are there others like us?’

He responded with a diatribe “Cu Du Hee, Du Ni Su Ti…” I interrupted his confused monologue and just used the guardian exclusively not using spoken words.

‘Have you seen others like us?’

‘Others? Are you not Ahh and Eee?’ He thought, utterly confused.

‘We are and we are not’ I said, confusing him more, realizing that we had to leave this place.

He said no more, so I continued ‘We will go.’

Eve and I left the village and returned to our garden that was far enough away from there to leave them in peace. We stayed there for a time enjoying the pastoral beauty of it, the abundance of life that surrounded us and the sensual pleasures of life in a body that we had previously not known.

Our animalistic natures were still being organized by the guardian, freeing us from the details of maintaining life. That nature provided us with two sons that showed us the joys of family life and the bonding that occurs. We were happy in our garden for the time, but eventually we knew we had to continue on the path of the rescuer.

Eve and I raised two of our boys into adulthood and lived as one of the first families on the planet that had self-awareness and an understanding of the You-I from which we had come. Cain would routinely burst into fits of delusion about being possessed by demons and hearing screams in his head that were difficult for him to control. He would go off on his own and try to hide from the voices in his head but he only seemed to fall deeper into his delusion, not knowing it was the You-I and his own consciousness speaking. We were finally able to explain his You-I self and his blended life, but not before it was too late for his brother. Cain, the oldest our boys, killed Able when they were both young. Cain had great difficulty adapting to the You-I connection we had provided to both of them from birth, and in a fit of desperation he thought that Able was gifted and assaulting his stability and Cain wanted to reclaim it.

Cain left our garden for a time after the killing, to live in the village from which our original humanoids had come. They were not aware of the You-I and Cain had an easier time ignoring his disturbing awareness. We had another son that we named Seth, to ensure that the continuation of the You-I awareness would have a strong foothold. And eventually, Cain came back to us with a wife from Nod and was able to reconcile his mental confusion. We had left the biological seed and returned to the You-I, there was nothing more to be done.


It seemed so simple to just go to the planet, recover our separated companions and return to the You-I as individualized consciousness, but this was not to be. Eve and I had sensed a lack of completion when we were down on the planet but had only a limited understanding of the issues we discovered upon our return.

Our experiences on the planet were so enthralling and captivating that many of the You-I had chosen to follow us into glorified bodies, displacing the inhabitants and enjoying life in physical form. The Guardian of the humanoids fiercely resisted the takeovers and made them stop, but not before many of the You-I had made the jump to populate the planet with glorified human forms. It is at least fortunate that those inhabitants have the same abilities Eve and I enjoyed and can return at will.

It is not so fortunate for the remaining initial jumpers. The ones that were severed from the You-I that we had been able to locate, were easily released from the physical link and returned to pure consciousness, which we had already done. There were others that retained a fine link to the individual consciousness of the You-I from which they jumped as well as the link to the guardian of the species. They were still out roaming the planet and either chose to not respond to the calls to assemble or they were not able to respond. Those were the ones that needed to be located and returned to the You-I and individual consciousness, and that was why we had felt incomplete about our first visit

The You-I had realized by this time that the rescuers needed a physical location in which to congregate and the means to travel the planet to do the searches. And further, the rescuers must adhere to the physical laws of the nature of matter and enter a body that has already been prepared for them. The glorified body, the Adam body, was adjusted to be able to be created by the normal process of procreation and birth that would enable an individual member of the You-I to enter during the growth phase of the human fetus. This did two things, it allowed the small portion of the life force needed illuminate the body to slowly acclimate to the new physical surroundings and it allowed the larger, individual You-I consciousness time to learn the duties of the Guardian that were necessary to maintain the body.

Eve and I returned to the planet with these new capabilities as Elif and Kai, brother and sister. Though the bodies were capable of wondrous things, the skill to do those things required training and practice. We acquired that training through years of formal classes and exercises that we were just completing.

“And now that you ready to contribute to the work that we have already begun” the headmaster droned on, “and I want to thank you for choosing to join us to continue the process.” While he was speaking, he was also sending pictures of the tasks we had been trained for, uniquely registering each one of us into a role. The twenty of us already knew the roles we would assume, so this was not new information.

What was new was the completion of the converter crystal and the preparations being made to test it. The headmaster sent the images of the crystal and it’s mounting before voicing the explanation. “The images you see” he filled in the details, “represent an enormous expenditure of energy by a large number of us to organize the available matter into this converter.”

“Elif” Kai whispered into my ear, blocking out her ability to send images so we could talk in private. “Is that the thing you were being trained to operate?”

“It must be” I whispered back. “I already know how it works and what to do with it.”

“But Elif, I was not trained for that” Kai said, with a hint of concern. “They wouldn’t separate us, would they?” Kai and I were identical twins and we had never been separated. Growing up, we had nearly identical bodies and we seemed to have identical thoughts.

“Let’s listen and see if he says any more” I whispered back.

“The tests will be conducted at once” the headmaster said, as he continued to broadcast the images “and some of you will be at the forefront of that testing.”

He continued for a bit longer but there was not anymore new information to be delivered and we were released from the ceremony. Kai and I left the area and returned to our home walking through surroundings that were dramatically different than those of our Adam and Eve memories. Back then, we walked between random growths of trees and bushes on packed dirt pathways. Here in Atlantis, we are walking on smooth marble streets between arches carved out of solid marble with awning covered porticoes made from brightly covered canvas. On the smaller habitats, there are sitting areas shaded by the canvas and the larger buildings featured an open area in front to accommodate small gatherings. We are not wearing the roughly cut animal skins, we are wearing robes made of fine white linen that is lightweight and cool to protect us from the sun. There are others walking dressed the same way engaged in conversations of the recovery process and the biological conversions, but we pay no attention.

“Kai, you know that we can never really be separated, don’t you?”

“I know, Elif” She pouted. “I’m just concerned that the converter will, I don’t know, change us somehow.”

I put my arm around her back and cupped her waist just above the hip. She did the same and we walked along as one. We were exactly the same height and often walked this way to feel the closeness of one being by touching each other.

“Remember our days here as Adam and Eve” I countered, and she nodded. “We were together the whole time on the planet.”

“Okay, I remember” she said, not knowing where I was going.

“We were together physically but not unified like we are as the You-I, we did not know how to blend the two awareness’s at that time. In physical form there will always be a separation created by the physical forms that cannot be bridged.”

“I know” she said sadly.

I continued “These physical forms” I jerked her waist “provide sensations that cannot be had as the You-I and take away our real intimacy because of that separation. I cannot be you because the body defines you here on the planet as it defines me. Fortunately, we have the awareness of the You-I and a sense of unity.” I gave her my best winning smile to convince her.

She gently pulled me closer and said “You’re right” as she touched our heads together and we strolled comfortably in silence, pleased with our limited intimacy.

We neared the group of the pens that our father Annoi administered, containing the animals in various stages of conversion. The jumpers of the You-I had inadvertently inhabited animals that had no real capacity to house the biological features necessary for conversion. Father was one of the converters that altered the biology little by little to facilitate the necessary enhancements by growing the head of the animal larger if it was the right type, or evolving the head of another animal onto the torso.

In the pens were several horses that had small human child heads growing out of the side of the neck of the horses. Horses seemed to be very popular. When the human head was sufficiently developed, it would take over the control of the animal and the horse head would be removed. The human head would then be enhanced with the additional conscious functions and the return of the energy to the You-I would be possible, completing the rescue.

Some of the animals were simply not large enough handle the human replacements so there was a pen and a pond where the host animals were being grown to impossibly large dimensions. There were lizards and grasshoppers the size of men. There were tadpoles and frogs hundreds of times their normal size. Father even had an aviary containing pigeons that could carry a man in flight. All in all, this area was bustling with the activity of the conversions at all different stages of the process.

“Hi kids” father noticed us. “How was the last of the training?” He still called us kids even though we were a whole head taller than he was.

“We’re glad that’s over” Kai said.

“We are more than ready to come out here and really do something” I finished our thought.

“You do know” father replied seriously “that one of you will come here and the other will join your mother, don’t you?”

We shared with him the images of Kai working the pens with him and me beside our mother working the converter so he could rest assured we knew. We also shared with him the images of the ceremony and the headmaster so he could know our entire day and that we would have the evening meal prepared when he finished. He beamed with pride and returned to the pens.


My first days with my mother testing the converter showed some stellar results and some catastrophic failures. The actual process was very simple. The target animal is located, the physical matter of which the animal is made, is converted into pure energy, the energy is re-assembled at a new location and the animal appears to have moved from one location to another.

What actually happened was the re-assembly did not exactly follow the model of the specimen. All of us could move inanimate objects in a similar fashion with varying degrees of success. Mother and I were particularly good at this and played the moving game at home frequently. She would move an object to hide it from me, I would find it and move someplace new, she would move it, then I would move it again until we lost track of who last moved it and where the object was actually located. We always ended laughing uproariously, accusing the other and denying responsibility shamelessly.

With a bit more deliberate efforts, we were able to move small animals in the same manner without benefit of external aids, like the converter. The first use of the converter caused the animals to be re-assembled improperly, with feet extending where the tail should be, the head located on the center of the back and all manner of grotesque appendages and configurations that killed the animal immediately.

What we were doing initially, was using the converter to amplify our personal energy to accomplish the matter-to-energy conversion without consulting the guardian of the species. The guardian was adept at managing the biology of a particular species and was also aware of the locations of individual members that aided our process greatly. What we ended up doing was to use the converter crystal to amplify the guardian’s life force connections to perform the matter to energy to matter conversion, by the direction of the converter operator. That process could then be executed flawlessly every time. Mother and I, as well as the other operators, took turns converting animals from greater and greater distances until we could perform the move from anywhere on the planet. We were ready to start the recovery process of our wayward members of the You-I.


Kai entered the ranks of the converters seamlessly, to evolve the strange creatures into more humanoid forms. She had a strong affinity for the work because she could see and sense the trapped consciousness within each of the forms and feel the pain and frustration. Her first days in the pens she met Cedar who shared the same compassion.

“Hi” Cedar greeted her for the first time. He bowed slightly in a way that unnerved Kai. “I am Cedar.” He was very muscular from his work moving the animals and greeted her with a broad smile topped with dazzling blue eyes.

“Hi, I am Kai” she stammered, a bit flushed

“You are not afraid of animals, are you?” he inquired with a hint of a smile.

“No, why would you ask that?” she asserted, showing her strength.

“It looks as if you were, I don’t know, afraid or shocked when you first saw me” he said, posing for her in a sensual way.

She looked him over critically and said “Maybe the only animal I should be afraid of is you. Are you sure you are from Atlantis and not a local?”

They could see each other’s thoughts and knew all of the backgrounds so the meeting was all a jest. They broke out laughing at the drama.

When the laughter cleared, Kai asked “How is it that you came to the planet by yourself? I came with my brother Elif.”

“I did not want to experience that much of the physical form. I desperately wanted to come and help because the anguish I felt here was intolerable for me. I could not just watch from the You-I. I wanted to do my part but I wanted more to make sure I did not get entangled here. So here I am, alone on a lonely planet.” He raised his eyes in sorrow and Kai broke out in fits of laughter.

“You are having me on, aren’t you” she challenged.

“Partly, but it’s a good story, don’t you think? I’ve been practicing” he said proudly.

Kai looked up to the You-I in mock exasperation and said “Save me.”

They laughed together then, and Cedar proceeded to show her around the pens.

Kai’s empathy clouded her judgment occasionally, however, and did cause problems. She had taken over a case where the inhabited bird was grown large and was then evolved into the horse that would then be evolved into a humanoid. The step from bird to humanoid was too challenging to guarantee success in just one step, so the two step process was being used now. This particular specimen was mostly horse with just the over-sized wings of the bird remaining.

“Hold him down, pull your rope tighter!” Cedar yelled.

They had two ropes looped around the neck of the medium size horse and they were pulling his neck down between them. The wings protruding from the withers flapped dangerously as the horse-bird jerked the ropes trying to take off.

“The rope is burning my hands!” Kai yelled back. “I can’t move the rope to the head, it’s stuck!” They were trying to get the rope up to a place right behind the head to get better leverage. The horse-bird was lifting off the ground in longer jumps as they both weakened.

“Pull him forward! Try to walk him!” the Cedar said. They moved closer to each other in front of the struggling horse and that was all it needed to gain a bit of ground speed and rip the ropes out of their hands and take off, trailing the ropes behind.

The two of them slumped in the dirt gasping for breath as they watched it fly off. “I just wanted him to stretch his wings out of that tight pen, Cedar” Kai said sadly.

Cedar squinted at the distant dot of the horse and said reassuring her “I wanted let him spread out too. We’ll catch him again. From what I hear about the converter, we will be able to locate him easily enough. Let’s deal with these” he turned his angry red palms up “and get over to the guinea pig. It’s ready for the implant today.”

Kai and Cedar looked at their hands and sealed their open, bleeding cuts with new skin, returning the blood released inside the bruises to the blood vessels from which they came. It was the work of a moment to return the damaged areas to unblemished skin.

They walked through the dirt paths between the pens of squealing, squawking and barking residents to an area of smaller, quiet pens. It was quiet except for Gaius screaming at the humanoids that remained in Atlantis after the release of the You-I consciousness. Some of the jumpers entered humanoid forms that did not have any better ability to house the consciousness than did the lower animals. So when the consciousness was released, the humanoid returned to the primitive stage before the Adam body was created. It had no conscious awareness. Gaius had stopped doing the work that the converters engaged in, and had become a harsh taskmaster, directing the humanoids with a streak of cruelty.

“Get that mess cleaned up!” he yelled verbally and mentally, causing the two humanoids to flinch. Gaius was pounding their mental receptors to the point of pain.

“Stop that!” Cedar yelled at him as he and Kai got within earshot.

Gaius spun his head around furiously, glaring at Cedar and redoubling his mental assault. Cedar deflected the energy easily and shot back some of it to get Gaius’ attention as he continued to close the distance between them.

“How dare you interfere!” Gaius spat out, glaring angrily at Cedar.

These are people” Cedar poked a finger in the direction of the humanoids “and they have every right to be free and not controlled by you!”

“They are not people” Gaius gloated. “They are just so much random biological dust with no value. I can do with them what I wish” he sneered.

Cedar knew he was right but it galled him just the same. The conscious connections to the You-I shared by all the citizens of Atlantis was unlimited. Each one could individualize and direct the You-I for whatever purpose and Gaius was using his ability for personal gratification.

“You will not do what you wish when I am present” Cedar warned firmly, standing taller and flexing his muscles. “You will do the work of conversions or get out.” Cedar’s threats were physical and unmatched by anything Gaius could respond with. Cedar was very strong from the work of pushing and lifting animals and Gaius had gotten soft from a life of just issuing orders. Gaius turned on his heel in frustration and left, trying to maintain as much dignity as possible in the face of physical intimidation.

“He’s not going to stop, is he?” Kai asked when it was quiet again.

“Probably not, but he must be stopped somehow. The imprint he is leaving on the You-I is destructive” Cedar said with sadness. Kai and Cedar scanned the You-I for a moment to sense the imprint. The notion of control over others was leaving a dark influence that some of the You-I were considering seriously and some had already joined Gaius on the planet in the Adam bodies to experience the idea more fully. Kai experienced a more personal revulsion of it through Gaius that left its imprint on her.


Kai related her experiences with Gaius that evening over the meal at home and I was surprised that this could actually exist. How could a person possibly control another? Even if it was a lower life form being controlled, we are all sentient beings with varying capabilities, not better or worse, just different. Father supplied some background.

“I have known Gaius for years” Father began. “He became interested in control early on, and experimented with it as the rest of us concentrated on the conversions. We warned him that what he was doing was a mis-use of our capabilities and that we were on the planet to perform conversions, not manipulate other beings for pleasure. Our resistance to his work caused him to hide from us and perform his experiments in private and ignore our protestations.” Father became more and more sad as he told the tale. I felt the same sadness and regrets that I am sure Kai and mother felt too.

“Annoi” mother said, patting his arm. “Gaius is not ours to control, as much as I would like to.” She knew all that father knew.

“I know, Thia, but that does not mean that what he is doing is right, or even acceptable. He needs to be returned to the You-I so he can do no more harm here” father replied, seeming to consider actually sending Gaius back. Then father continued to relate more of Gaius background “He emerged finally, with the ability to control the humanoids at will, ordering them here and there to do the menial tasks necessary at the pens. We still protested but he just scoffed at us declaring that his abilities were better and more powerful than ours and that there was nothing we could do to stop him. A few of us, like Cedar, intervene now and again but it does little to actually stop him. I fear there is a dark outcome to this control issue, but we are not able to curtail one of our own.”

We were all silent, pondering the dire possibilities. I had a palpable sense of foreboding that I couldn’t shake off upon learning about this. Mother and father had known all along and just not said anything to us. It was probably a parental protection thing for which I was grateful.

After the evening meals, we often took walks in the neighborhood, sometimes with mother and father and sometimes not. They shared a physical intimacy that Kai and I did not but ours was no less deep. We have a love for each other that began at our first waking moments here and has continued unabated.

I enjoy our walks and intimate moments because I can feel the comforting closeness of Kai, I can sense the activities of all the forms on the planet and tap into the vastness of the universe available to the You-I. It is these moments I experience myself as being both here and there and I am refreshed greatly.


Mother and I became a great team operating the converter. The significant part of the apparatus was the crystal itself, perched on a sturdy wooden stand that raised the top point of the crystal slightly above my head. The body of the crystal was a six sided hexagon that was large enough that I could barely reach my arms around it. It was usually a milky white that was not quite clear, but became various colors at different times during its use.

This day, I would be the operator and mother would be the assistant. I would stand next to the crystal and begin the process by making contact with the guardian responsible for organizing the species we had room for in the pens. I would request that the guardian locate an individual for converting that housed a jumper and make the preparations for the conversion process within the animal. At the right moment, I would energize the crystal and send a massive energy to the guardian. The guardian would use it to transform the animal into pure energy and then reverse the process to deposit the animal into the open area in front of the crystal.

Mother would be prepared for the arrival and she would hold the life force to the animal in a kind of stasis that would reduce the disorientation created by the transfer and immobilize it long enough for the others to physically restrain the animal without harm. The activity was blocked from my view, so I only knew the process was completed by the commotion created. I would then retrieve the energy of the crystal sealing it back into its receptacle and thank the guardian for its assistance, completing the process.

I would step down off the short platform and join mother, watching the animal be led off to the pens. We would look intently to see the distribution of energy inside and outside of the animal we had just snagged to help determine its condition. Some had strong guardian connections and weak links to the jumper that was enjoying the physical habitation. This combination of energy predicted an animal that would be docile and easily managed by the handlers. When the proportions of energy were reversed making the guardian link the weakest, the animal was rambunctious and wild. The handlers had a fight on their hands that sometimes required mother and I both to limit the life force energy of the jumper so that the animal could be restrained without injury to it or the handlers. A few times, we had to follow the chaos all the way to a secure pen because the animal would not calm down, so we did pay close attention to it all until it was safe.

This was one of those times. One of Gaius’ cronies, Phio, was among the handlers and was particularly forceful in trying to subdue one of our charges, thrashing it harshly.

“Do not beat the animal!” Cedar yelled. “That’s making it worse.”

Amid the jerking Phio yelled back “What does she know, she’s just a dumb animal!” The animal was a large antelope or deer, I didn’t know which because I had never seen either. Phio had one long antler under his arm and was whipping her side with a strap.

“Thia, Elif!” Setka yelled from the pile. He was one of the wranglers helping us. “Get this filly under control!” My mother Thia and I came running, building up the proper energy shields as we ran. Setka was gored when Phio pulled the animal down just as mother and I pinched off sufficient energy to calm the beast. Setka and another wrangler held the animal easily after that, but the Cedar jumped over the animal just clearing the other antler and planted a horizontal shoulder right in the center of Phio’s chest. The two of them continued on Cedar’s horizontal trajectory with Phio landing flat on his back and Cedar on top. The crash squeezed all the air out of Phio’s lungs that left him unable to take a full breath and unable to move.

“We about had her under control!” Cedar yelled, as he lifted himself off Phio. “You didn’t need to do any of that” he said, and came over to help us, ignoring the gasping Phio. Mother stayed with Setka to help repair his damage and I followed Cedar and the other wranglers leading the animal to a proper pen.

“Are there others like him, Cedar?” I asked. “That man is scary.”

“There are a few here that he relates to but Phio is by far the worst” answered the stocky, muscled Cedar that did the tackling. “He usually stays away from us, but when he ‘helps’ it is normally like that. I do not understand him at all. How can he be part of the You-I and do that stuff? I just don’t get how he can take pleasure in beating the animals we bring here.”

I could not respond to that because I did not grasp the benefit of his behavior either. How was it possible for a member of the You-I to inflict pain? Couldn’t Phio feel the same pain? I surely did and it was particularly uncomfortable, even though none of it was mine and I was just watching. I helped settle the wayward animal into a safe pen, released the pinch to her life force that I had been applying and the bucking and kicking continued where it left off.

“Shouldn’t we be doing something to calm her down?” I asked.

“Not really” Cedar answered. “The desire to calm down must come from within the animal. Once the realization dawns that escape is impossible, they calm down.” They all moved on to the next tasks around the pens and I saw Kai in the distance with her hands on some kind of medium sized animal. I waved when she saw me and I returned to the converter.

Mother was headed my direction with Setka still showing the upper part of his robe stained with blood.

“Are you okay now?” I asked him as I examined the stain.

“Oh sure” He said lightly. “Thia here helped and we closed it up in a heartbeat.” He was smiling pleasantly. “Too bad we had to do it.”


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Creation - The History of Humanity

Creation takes the reader through the stories detailed in the Bible and the mythology of impossible creatures, into the actual development of the human we know today. We are the beneficiaries of the progress of eons manifested into our own consciousness. We have forgotten our beginning and this book is the reminder. The great civilizations are lost to history but the amazing artifacts that defy explanation, we created. We were those glorious civilizations and the fact that we have forgotten our heritage does not diminish our potential to regain what was lost and become again, magnificent beings. This is not a 'How To' book, it is a 'What If' book. What if we really were born in the Garden of Eden, what was born there? What if Atlantis really existed and played a huge role in our development? What if we built the pyramids? How did we do it and what was it for? Creation takes the reader through all of it, and more.

  • ISBN: 9781311516091
  • Author: Eric Hodges
  • Published: 2016-06-03 15:05:07
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Creation - The History of Humanity Creation - The History of Humanity