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Crape Diem


He was yelling at her when she called him right when he was about to draw back the curtain on a very laidback morning.

“Listen, this is extremely urgent”, she demanded.

“Oh come on give me a break. I’m not on my duty!”

“But you’re the only one who knows me well, we used to work close by remember?”

“That was like decades ago”

“Come on. We have a very important case to solve. So, Brunch? It’s on me!!”

Without saying anything, he hung up the phone and buried himself in the thick duvet. He’s not even sure if he can handle much more of this ‘getting out of bed’ routine. Ever.

She didn’t expect him to arrived in their usual brunch place earlier than her, with a newspaper and a cup of coffee on the table

“Never thought you’re an early riser”, she muttered as soon as she seated in front of him.


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Crape Diem

  • Author: Erwin Saputra
  • Published: 2016-05-17 15:35:06
  • Words: 1114
Crape Diem Crape Diem