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Corny Cornswab: King Crow's Revenge.

Corny Cornswab: King Crows Revenge

Published by Jonathan Garcia at Shakespir

Copyright 2015 Jonathan Garcia


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This story was dedicated to my niece and nephew. But since they rather play videogames; I stopped writing it. Now here it is completed for those who would actually read and enjoy animated short stories.


I want to thank those who contributed to the story of Corny Cornswab, my friends, my older nephews, my brother and my mother. Thank you for the help this one goes out for all of you.



In a small town named Gooburough there was a farm. The farm was owned by Mr. Jeff Marshalls who was a devoted farmer since he was 15 years old. In the farm he grew all types of crops from pumpkins to potatoes, but his farm was mostly known for its cornfields. Mr. Jeff’s farm was the most prosperous farm in town, until the day he got very ill and couldn’t tend to his loved vegetables. He battled greatly against his disease, but lost the battle due to his old age. Mrs. Ellie Marshals Mr. Jeff’s wife, suffered for the loss of her husband, and couldn’t find a way to take care of the farm her husband had worked so hard on. Her daughter Jenna Marshals took Mrs. Ellie to the city so she could take better care of her and ease the pain of her loss. Leaving the farm behind and with no one to watch over the crops, the crows and some of the farm animals started to raid the plantations in search of food. Concerned the vegetables decided to fight against the crows and the farm animals to end the war. Potatoes, broccolis, carrots, cabbages, turnips, and corn swabs joined together to save those vegetables that were in danger. But after a great battle in the famous cornfields the crows and some of the farm animals triumphed against the vegetables. Soon after the war, the farm animals where relocated by Jenna who sold most of the animals to neighboring farms leaving the farm empty and abandoned. The remaining vegetables hid in the cornfields afraid of being eaten by the crows and vowed to never set foot outside of the cornfields ever again


Years Later

“The battle took place in the cornfields where all of our ancestors fought to keep us alive, the crows outnumbered us, and there was no where to run. Underground tunnels, soon were overrun by moles making the escape of civilian vegetables difficult. Completely surrounded, the corn swabs were ready to give up, but the carrots came to their aid. King Crow commanded his crows and fellow poultry on a fierce attack nearly eating all the fighting vegetables. That night in between the fog and the uncontrollable rain, our last warriors fought against the crows in a final attempt to end King Crows’ raid, but they didn’t make it; and the farm was lost.” A group of vegetables sat most nights listening to Pop Cornswab tell the story of the the great battle. Corny Cornswab and his friends Baka Karrot, Ricky Brocclin, and Carmen Potatos always took the front seat. Telling stories became a tradition for the small village of vegetables; they sat together by a small bonfire and told stories of when the farm was at its highest production rate. After the animals were sold, only the crows remained and since Jenna and her mother never set foot on the farm after Mr. Jeff’s passing, no one cared to scare the crows away. The small vegetable village lived in fear of the crows, and even though they haven’t seen a sign of them for years, Pop was sure that they were out there waiting for any of the remaining crops to step out of the field so they could feast upon them. That night as Pop laid to rest, Ricky sneaked into Corny’s room to wake him. “Corny… Corny…” Ricky whispered “Are you up?” “Yes. What are you doing here Ricky?” Corny answered “I came to get you. Carmen and Baka are outside waiting for us, we are going to sneak in to the barn and prove to everyone that the crows are gone.” Surprised Corny got out of bed and leaned towards the window, where Ricky was hanging. “Are you crazy? Pop said that we should never leave the village, left alone the cornfields. It isn’t safe out there.” Corny exclaimed in a low tone. “We are going out of the cornfield, are you in or out?” Corny looked at Ricky with a doubtful look, he knew they would be in a lot of trouble if they left the cornfields. “Ricky, this is not like those times we left the village, we could get in a lot of trouble for this.” Said Corny “If you’re not coming then just go back to sleep. I’ll bring you a souvenir from the barn in the morning.” Ricky answered angrily. “Wait!” whispered Corny. “I’m coming with you.” Ricky smiled and climbed down to the ground where Carmen and Baka waited. The four vegetables left the village heading trough the cornfield and out to the front of the barn house where they believed King Crow spent years waiting for the remaining crops to come out of the fields. Corny didn’t know if he made the right decision by leaving the village, he trembled in fear just thinking about his grandfather’s reaction. The night was quiet, not a sound could be heard. They approached an abandoned tractor when they heard a noise. “What was that?” said Carmen trembling in fear. “It’s nothing, just the sound of the dirt as we step on it.” Said Baka nervously. As they got closer to the tractor they hear the same sound again, and look back at the withered cornfield. “Guys I think we should go back, I have a bad feeling about this.” Corny whispered. “Nonsense, we made it this far we won’t turn back now.” Ricky replied. They reached the rusty tractor and stared at it amazed, as it was the same tractor Pop talked about in his stories. “Let’s climb it.” Said Carmen “Last one to make it to the top is a rotten egg.” Yelled Baka as he laughed out loud. “Guys don’t… wait!” Corny exclaimed but none of them would listen. They raced to the top of the tractor, and as they got close to the top a shadow ran along the ground. Corny alarmed looked up and saw the dark figure move swiftly through the moon light. Scared he started to climb the tractor to warn the others, but as soon as he made it to the top he saw them; puzzled they looked up into the sky. “Guys, we should go.” Said Corny in a loud whisper, but they wouldn’t answer. He stood waving his hands in front of their eyes but they wouldn’t even flinch. All of a sudden a loud bang hit the tractor. A 2 foot tall crow stood before them. “Well, well, well. What do we have here.” Said the crow as he got closer. “Hello sir, we were just leaving.” Said Corny in a nervous tone. “But it seems like you guys just got here. Why don’t you stay for dinner?” The crow replied. “No thanks, we’re not hungry.” Said Corny pushing Ricky, Carmen and Baka to the tractors’ seat. The crow moved in front of them, finally Carmen, Baka and Ricky came to their senses. “Let me show you guys around, I’m sure we can have a lot of fun.” “Crow!” Carmen screamed jumping of the tractor as Baka, Ricky and Corny followed. They ran towards the cornfield, Corny running behind Ricky says “I hope this is enough proof for you Ricky!” “More than enough, I’m sorry I dragged you into this.” “You’ll have time to apologize later!” Replied Corny as they made their way into the cornfield, but just as they reach the gate Baka trips and falls. Corny stops and looks back “Help me!” screamed Baka “Corny you won’t make it in time, you have to leave him.” Said Ricky, but Corny was determined to help Baka even if it was the last thing he did. “No, I’m not going to leave him.” Corny turned around and ran towards Baka. “Watch out Corny!” Baka yelled at the top of his lungs. The crow was diving down towards Corny. Corny closed his eyes and took a deep breath when they see something shoot out of the cornfield and into the air, tackling the crow in mid air. The crow came down plummeting into the ground. Corny swiftly helped Baka up and they both looked at the fallen crown lying on the ground. “Is he..?” Said Baka. “I don’t know” replied Corny. Carmen and Ricky stared from afar as Corny and Baka got close to the unconscious crow. “Guys, its moving!” yelled Carmen, but as Corny and Baka were about to turn and make a run for it, they heard someone talking. “Help me get this guy off me.” Corny and Baka got close slowly and as they approached the crow they could see someone pinned down. “Pop is that you?” Said Corny. “I told you kids to stay in the village.” “Pop!” Corny exclaimed as he ran to lift the heavy crow off of his grandfather. “Baka, help me” They managed to lift the crow high enough for Pop to crawl out safely. “I’m so disappointed at you Corny. You knew about the dangers of leaving the cornfield.” “It wasn’t Corny’s idea Pop. It was all Ricky’s plan to prove to everyone that there’s nothing to fear about leaving the cornfields.” Said Baka facing down to the ground. “It doesn’t matter whose idea it was, you are all in big trouble.” Pop pointed at the fields instructing Corny and Baka to go back to the village. They started to walk towards the cornfield when they heard a loud chirp. Pop immediately looked behind them and saw the crow standing behind them. “Go!” Pop screamed as he got his cane ready to fight the crow. As Pop got ready to battle he hear a loud strange sound coming from somewhere in the barn. Pop looked up to the sky and saw a dark cloud emerge from the trees surrounding the farm. Corny and Baka ran to the cornfield and stared from afar as they saw how the crow grappled Pop and flew inside the barn. “Grandpa!!” Corny screamed desperately running out towards the barn, but getting pulled back into the field by Ricky and Baka. “Let me go, they have my grandfather!” Said Corny sobbing. “No, you’ll get killed. They already have him.” Carmen replied trying to calm him down. “It’s my fault.” Corny cried as he kneeled on the floor. “We have to get help.” Corny was determined to recue Pop from the barn even if he had to take on a whole murder of crows by himself.

“Everyone!” Screamed Corny as they got into the village. Other Crops came out of their huts wondering why he was making so much noise. “Calm down boy, you’ll lead King Crow and his allies right too us.” Said Mrs. Pumpkin as she came out of her home, “The crows have taken Pop, I need to rescue him, please those willing to help grab your swords and join me in this rescue.” The crops of the village stared and laughed at Corny as they yelled that there was no way they would leave the comfort of the fields to help just one corn swab. Corny angry climbed into the village water tower and explained what had happened. “The crows already have my grandfather, how long before they find us and raid our small village and eat us all? We need to fight against the crows and end their tyranny over the farm so we can be the prosperous farm we used to be.” The crops laughed and threw seeds Corny knocking him down from the tower making fall down on a mud puddle. Humiliated Corny laid on the mud sobbing as everyone made fun of him. As he saw his friend humiliated by the others Ricky went to help him off the puddle of mud and angrily said. “You are all cowards. So far in the stories I’ve heard the Corn swabs were the most valiant crops during the war, and you guys owe the remaining corn swabs your lives because their ancestors risked more than ours to ensure we survived over those who died.” Baka and Carmen helped carry Corny to his house.

Because of Ricky’s plan to sneak out of the village and go into the barn they had given proof to King Crow’s murder that there were still fresh vegetables in the fields. Pop was taken directly into King Crow’s quarters and thrown right before him. “Pop Cornswab…” King Crow coughed as he climbed down from his swing. “You’re still alive.” Said Pop looking at King Crow as he approached him. “It’s been nearly 6 years since our battle in the cornfields, and I still remember how you gave me this scar!” King Crow walked in front of a beam of moon ling that came in through a hole in the ceiling of the barn revealing a horrible looking scar that ranged from his right eye down towards his beak. “I waited years to find you or any of your relatives.” Said King Crow as he smelled Pop from from stem to stem. “You smell stale, on the verge to be rotten, I know exactly what to do with you now.” King Crow approached an old oven and asked some of his guards to open the rusty door. “Put him inside.” He said as he flew over to his swing. The crows grabbed Pop and threw him inside the dusty oven closing the door shut. “Bring me coal; I’m in the mood for popcorn.” He said followed by an evil laugh. “HAHAHA!” He coughed as he laughed, while Pop looked through the oven bars thinking to himself; I hope Corny and the others are okay.

Beyond the barn, Corny, Baka Ricky and Carmen tried to come up with a plan to recue Pop. They have never been inside the barn so they didn’t know what to expect. Pop never talked about the inside of the barn in his stories, the only thing he always said was that the vegetables taken into the barn never came back. “We need someone that has been inside and out of the barn.” Said Carmen “But who?” replied Ricky. After a moment of silence Baka got up from the chair he was sitting on “I will be right back guys, I have an idea.” “Wait! Where are you going?” Said Carmen “Trust me; I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Baka ran outside as he remembered all of those grains of rice that arrived at the village after the war seeking shelter. He rushed towards a rusty can just a few feet away from the village and asked the rice keeper Mr. Phil Plantain if he could have a word with one of the rice grains. Mr. Phil refused to let Baka to talk to any of the rice grains but as Baka was about to leave a rice grain by the name of Lauren came out and asked what he needed. Baka explained to Lauren how Pop was taken by a murder of crows and he and small group of vegetables planned a rescue mission but they needed someone with insight on the lay out of the barn. Lauren agreed to help him but she explained that she would not be going with them on the journey to the barn. Baka carried Lauren towards Corny’s house and introduced her to the others. Pleased with feeling useful Lauren told them all she knew about the barn and wished them luck because the road ahead of them was not an easy one.

The sun sat upon the farm as Corny, Ricky, Carmen and Baka made their way through the cornfields. They gathered swords and shields to defend themselves against King Crow and his murder and everything or everyone that stood in their way. The night gave them cover as they sneaked inside the barn undetected. It was utterly quiet and deserted, but they could feel something watching them. “How are we going to get up there?” asked Baka. “We’ll climb up to that table over there and then we’ll throw a line to the floor above us.” Replied Corny. “And if we get attacked?” asked Carmen. “We attack back. Lauren taught us how to use these swords and shields, so we should be fine sing them. Just remember to aim for the wings this will keep the crows grounded for us to take them down.” Said Corny. “Yeah! If you’re too afraid you can just run and hide.” Said Ricky getting a bit too excited about his new found skills. “I mean you guys are good, but my skills are out of this farm. I can take on a whole murder of crows by myself.” He starts to bluff as he pulled his sword out and started to swing it around just like they do in samurai movies. Ricky swung his sword and jumped back and forth until he suddenly hit something. Corny, Carmen and Baka stared afraid at what they were seeing. Ricky looked up as he felt feathers along his back, a giant turkey the size of an award winning pumpkin stood behind him and between the silence and the aggressive stare by the turkey all he heard was “Gobble, gobble.” “Don’t move, he won’t be able to see you.” Said Baka nervously to Ricky, but he didn’t listen and made a run for it. “RUN!” he yelled as he ran pass Corny and Carmen leaving the group behind. Amazed by the size of the 4 foot tall turkey weighing about 6 pounds Corny ran under it and told the others to split up, the turkey chased after Corny as he ran looking for a way to take down the huge poultry. “What’s the plan Baka yelled taking the turkey’s attention away from Corny and bringing it right towards himself. The turkey ran savagely towards Baka who ran away as fast as his legs would allow him. Corny under pressure looked for something to take out the vicious turkey or at least stop him long enough for them to get into safety. He spots a big bucket sitting on top of the table they planned on climbing and then he sees Ricky climbing up to safety. “Ricky! The bucket, when I run under the table knock it down on the turkey.” Assuming the turkey didn’t understand Corny gave away their plan, he stopped chasing Baka and looked at the table where Ricky got ready to take him down. The Turkey jumped and flapped his wings gaining altitude and landing on top of the table, looking straight at Ricky the turkey said “Gobble, gobble.” “Please don’t eat me.” Ricky cried as the turkey approached him slowly. Ricky kneeled down ready to be eaten, but Carmen came to his rescue. Carmen rushed towards the turkey jumping on his back and pulling on the feathers behind his neck. The turkey flinched giving Ricky enough time to jump off the table; as Carmen kept pulling on the turkey’s feathers “Get off the turkey Carmen!” Yelled Baka as he, Corny, and Ricky came swinging in a rope, Carmen Jumped off as Corny, Ricky and Baka crashed into the turkey making him break through a window flying out of the barn. Ricky landed on the table while he heard the turkey say “Gobble, gobble!!!” “I think that guy has a major speech issue. I mean for a big mean bird I expected him to say something tougher.” They had a victory laugh.

At the top of the barn King Crow heard the window break and in between the silence that followed he heard the laughter. He climbed down from his swing and said “Marty, Edward, go down there and check what’s going on. If you find anyone, bring them to me.” Pop sighted in dismay, because between those laughs he could hear his grandsons’. “You know these people.” Said King Crow approaching the oven. “They are just kids. They don’t know what they are doing.” “They just took out my turkey. I don’t know if you have noticed, but it’s hard to come by them nowadays.” Pop stood silent, as two other crows came in through the window. “Ha! Finally! It looks like your luck has run out, Pop Cornswab. It’s time to become a beautiful, delicious Pop Corn.” He laughed hysterically at the irony behind his joke as his crows threw the pieces of coal under the grill of the old furnace. “We’ll wait until our visitors join us. That way I won’t have to waste precious coal on one stale old cornswab.” Pop swallowed as King Crow climbed back to his swing and waited for Marty and Edward to bring their unexpected guesses; and the night was just getting started.

Corny and his friends climbed a rope up to the second floor of the barn still far away from reaching the attic where King Crow resided. They stop by an old stack of hay and take a break, they had come a long way and grew up so much in very little time; they wasn’t the kids they once were. “What if we are too late…?” asked Carmen “We aren’t too late.” Said Corny. “Pop will come out of this barn with us. We will all come out of the barn together, and we will bring an end to the crows once and for all.” Corny continued with his head held high. “We won’t run or hide anymore. This time we fight. If we took down a turkey we can take down a crow.” “What about two crows?” Said Baka nervously “You know what I mean.” Said Corny. “No! Seriously, two Crows.” He pointed. Marty and Edward rushed at them knocking their weapons far from their reach and landing before them. “King Crow would like you to join us.” “Why should we do that?” “Because if you don’t, Pop won’t make it pass tonight.” Said Marty. Corny and the other looked at each other and with no other option Corny climbed on top of the crows and flew out the window towards the attic. Carmen Ricky and Baka stayed behind as part of Corny’s request. Marty and Edward didn’t argue and agree that Marty would stay to keep an eye on the while Corny and Edward flew away. Edward left Corny close King Crow’s swing and took off. Corny saw Pop inside the oven. “Pop!” Corny Yelled running towards the oven “Stop right there little Cornswab.” Said King Crow. Corny came to a complete stop and turned around to face the direction the strange voice came from. “Here I am thinking there were no fresh vegetables out there in the fields, and it turns out that I was wrong.” “There are more of us out there than there is of you! Let my grandfather go and we won’t be force to take you down.” King Crow laughed at Corny’s threat. “Do you really think I would believe that? You and your little friends can’t defeat me.” He climbed down his swing towards Corny, immediately walking around him in circles sniffing his body. Corny took a deep breath and stood there brave and strong looking King Crow in the eye. “You have a lot courage little Cornswab, it’s a shame you have to die.” “Corny! Run!” Pop screamed at the top of his lungs, Corny opened his eyes wide as he ran away from King Crow grasps. Angry King Crow flew up and let out a horrible chirp calling out to his murder. Corny ran towards the oven without looking back, pulling desperately on the door handle trying to get his grandfather out of the oven. He could hear wings flapping as he tried to pull the door open. Time slowed down as Corny looked behind him and saw a swarm of crows entering the barn through every accessible aperture they could find. Ready to lose all hope he grabbed his grandfathers’ hand tightly “I’m sorry Pop, I’m sorry we left the village. I’m sorry we left the cornfields. I’m sorry we’re going to end this way.” “I love you Corny, and nothing makes me happier than knowing you went down fighting rather than cowering in the cornfields like I did for so many years.” They hugged each other through the bars as the crows came and surrounded them. “Tonight we feast my brother’s and sister’s. After so many years of waiting, they have finally come to us. Search no further for a delicious treat, for we will feast on what made this farm the greatest asset of our raid years ago. I give you Corn swabs!” King Crow gave an inspiring speech to his followers as they ignited the coal placed under the furnace. “As a special treat we won’t pick through tasteless corn, but savior the flavor of the salty nectar of popcorn!” His followers chirps in happiness; licking their beaks to the though of their supper. It had bee years since the crows had enjoyed a meal like such and their wait had finally come to an end. “No matter what happens, Corny, know that I am not mad at you for sneaking out of the fields. I’m proud. I’m proud that you did what I didn’t have the courage to do.” Pop said as he was being taken out of the oven. “Pop please don’t say that, we will be okay!” Corny cried. “It’s time!” They opened the furnace and pulled Pop in front of it. “Six Years ago, this Cornswab gave me this scar, and it’s time I gave him a scar of his own. But not a scar like he gave me, that would be too generous of me, I will give him a scar that will end him and feed us!” King Crow said proudly as he pushed Pop inside the furnace. “Pop! Noooo!!!” Corny screamed desperately as King Crow closed the oven shut. They could hear his screaming over the popping sound. Corny fell to his knees facing the floor as they grabbed him and brought him close to the oven. The popping grew lauder as Corny looked inside through the glass. All of a sudden they hear a loud bang on the hatchet leading into the attic. The celebration stopped, the chirping turned into silence as they all stared at the hatchet breaking open. The turkey came in blasting through the murder knocking them out of the way, stopping in front of the furnace. Baka, Carmen and Ricky jumped off the turkey and rushed towards Corny “Don’t let them regroup big guy” said Ricky “Gobble, gobble!” answered the turkey. The crows rampaged out of the attic leaving King Crow without a murder to command Corny angrily took Baka’s sword and rammed into King Crow. King Crow tried to take off but Corny lashed himself into him and grabbed on tightly, piercing his sword through King Crow’s left wing making his flight unstable. The come plummeting toward the attics floor and get up swiftly. King Crow used his sharp claws against Corny, while he used his sword to defend himself against them. Baka, Carmen and Ricky tried to open the furnace to try and safe Pop before it was too late, but they struggled to get it open. King Crow tacked Corny against the wall and approached him slowly “Do you think you can defeat me? I am King Crow, the ruler of this farm, the taker of crops! You are just a little cornswab playing pretend.” “I might just be a little conrnswab, but size doesn’t matter in war. What matters is numbers and your murder left you for dead.” Angry King Crow swung his claws at Corny ripping off his armor. “Do you have any last words?” Corny said nothing, he got up and looked straight at King Crow’s eyes as he pulled his claw back one more time closing his eyes “Get him!” Corny hears someone yell, when he opened his eyes he sees Lauren and a handful of grains of rice mounting King Crow and making him slam into the floor. King Crow tried to make a run for it and flew out the window, but was instantly brought down by the rice grains. “Lauren, I thought you didn’t want a part in this.” “After you guys left the village, I realized that will is more important than strength. You inspired me, so I gathered as many rice grains as I could and set out to help you. We would have made it here earlier, but being small doesn’t really help with distance.” She laughed “You came just in time.” Corny looked up to the furnace and saw that the door was finally opened and ran towards it as fast as he could. Baka, Carmen and Ricky stood by the door with sadness in their eyes as Corny approached the furnace. “I’m sorry Corny.” Said Carmen with her head down. Ricky and Baka stood there in silence as Corny entered the furnace looking in thought the pieces of popcorn uncontrollably for Pop; but there wasn’t a sign of him. Corny Kneeled down crying. Ricky came inside the furnace and padded Corny on the shoulder and sitting beside him. “I can’t begin to tell you how sorry I am. None of this would have happened if I wouldn’t have left the village. I wish it would have been me instead.” A tear ran down Ricky’s face as Corny wrapped his arms around him and hugged him. “Pop wasn’t mad at us. He was proud that we were brave enough to leave the fields. You can’t assume all the blame for what happened, because we were part of it too.” Corny and Ricky sat in silence as Carmen and Baka joined them. “Let’s go guys, we don’t have anything else to do here.” Said Corny in a low tone. As they walked out of the furnace they heard a noise inside and stopped. Corny looked back and saw something moving along the pieces of popcorn left behind, he walked back inside and took one last look and as he was ready to walk out he heard coughing. “Grandpa!?” He said as a piece of popcorn ruse up from the other and turned to face him. A beam of sunlight came in through the window shinning right at the furnace. “You said we were going to leave the barn together. I didn’t want to let you down.” Corny ran to hug his grandfather tightly “ouch, ouch, don’t hug me too tight, I’m twice as fragile now.” Pop said with a smirk. Ricky, Carmen and Baka rushed in side the furnace to join Corny and Pop in a group hug. “Let’s go home.” Said Pop. As they walked out of the barn they saw the other vegetables walk out of the cornfields. The sun raised up high that morning as the crows have finally been vanished from the barn and the vegetables could once again set foot into the farm and live happily for ever.


Corny Cornswab: King Crow's Revenge.

  • ISBN: 9781311716354
  • Author: Jonathan Garcia
  • Published: 2015-11-13 18:40:07
  • Words: 5332
Corny Cornswab: King Crow's Revenge. Corny Cornswab: King Crow's Revenge.