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Cores That Make Me a Workout Freak


A mirror is one of those stuffs one can’t do without in this era we’re living. I wonder if am the only of my kind, but, being a “growing” bodybuilder, am gonna admit I have developed that habit of peeking at every shiny reflective items that I comes across, and do a review if am getting it. Whenever am passing by that tinted car of my “Favorite” neighbor with my vest or tight T-shirt on am always like, Damn! Is this Really how I look in the real sense or this stuff is making fun out of me… Anyway, my mind is always in conflict with my thoughts and since they have never settled their gripe, I just decided to give them space and let them settle it on their own.

Being an African, I have to proudly say I really love my body to an extent that am always doing that one thing to please it: Working Out. Yeah… A gym freak they say. Though it will be a topic of next time, us Africans although it’s such that we’re so lazy at time, we’re truly blessed with great bodies but most, particularly in our country believe that being chubby, and men having ‘big tummies symbolizes wealthy. Am neither a Nutritionist nor a trainer, but as that one freak in the gym, I think some of such people are lazy. However, I have realized that lot of people in my area often start working out so as to lose/gain but unfortunately many get exhausted along the way and never get to the finishing Line even when it’s dimly visible to their eyes. As such, sometimes the individuals are to blame and at time not to. This being being my first consistent year as an athletic bodybuilder, I know and believe that there’re some things individuals ought to know and make good use of if they want to be Successful in the gym.

As I stated earlier, am neither an instructor nor a Nutritionist, thus am stating this this out of experience and from what I have come to discover. I started working out in September 2016 and 2017, though it’s not yet over, I have to acknowledge have been a successful period to me “gymnastically”. In my current residence I don’t have so many friends to brag of but the few I have got are always like, “man, what are you doing nowadays”. My answer is one and is always one, “working out is my world now..” But, how do I normally get it? No coach; No modern equipment; and no Supplements! But, …am achieving it! But,..How? Anyway, it’s very simple and am proud to say, I does it basic. Being my first Gym piece, I have decided to just share of my core drivers. Yeah… those chief drivers which drive me to work out from Day 1 of the week and even during my Rest day (Sunday).

p<>{color:#000;}. Passion. Yeah, Being passionate of it. Each and every one has got that one thing which he/she loves doing. That one thing you think you can’t do without and if denied it, you just feel like you have been deprived one of your vitals like breath. In my life now, working out has become part of my life and I believe one of the things I can’t put up with now is interruption of my working out hours. If one really want to be successful in the gym, develop that passion and make it your basic necessity. Like it, do it, and Love it more. Let that love of it be driving you from your Bedroom to that room you use as your gym. Be it that shed at the edge of your compound, or the Platinum Fitness center in your City, let that passion drive you to it. Treat it like that car or that sonsy girl in you hood you’re passionate of taking for a ride. Sure! That’s it that kicks me out of my bed and let me kick my gym door with much enthusiasm!..

p<>{color:#000;}. Real you. Yes! Be real you when in that room. Actually this is what drives me most and I work out like a real maniac. In fact, the real truth is that no many like the way I does it but I normally tells them, “it’s working real good for me.. am not competing.” As always, I just turn a blind eye to their utterances and never get to think if they’ll smirk afterwards. Being Real you in the gym always assist big as you’ll be able to come up with your own routine of working out, of which u will be much more consistent than following stranger’s one. Moreover, being Real you assist one learn his/her mistakes and idyllically you’ll go to the deepest depth to rectify them. Being used to that kind of life am alone most of the time, am always on the look out of How many are doing it across the globe and if I notices am doing it wrong, I try out the global way till I feel the intended muscle is hit. For instance, being real Me, I have been able to distinguish which works best between the squat at 90 and the squat all the way down. Be Real you in that room.

p<>{color:#000;}. Test your Limits.. Actually I guess this is what many fear, I being amongst, and what pulled me down down down few weeks ago. I feared squats!.. That’s true, I never did squats till July-August this year when I started squatting with a plain bar. But, let me assure you, squats is one of the sweetest exercises such that I don’t let a day pass by when am in the gym without doing at least 3sets. Last weekend, I just uploaded my new target for this month on my Instagram page {Does it natural} of which I will work “drastically” to accomplish. I wanna test my limits as much I can, and I close the 2017 chapter with a “Yes I made it”. You too, test your limits and don’t let fear draw you back.

p<>{color:#000;}. Feel it. Oh yeah! Feel that muscle straining… give it and let it take but don’t exceed it. In the gym, let me put it according to my own personality, there’s nothing like doing it bad as long you are feeling certain muscle corresponding. Cos I know I may sound in sane to some but the fact still remains, I can feel my own power being used in 90 degree squat. I can also feel my calves and my thigh muscles being involved too. Does it mean am doing it wrong? Do it till you feel that muscle is being hit to the spot. ‘Enjoy that feeling of Biceps as if they gonna burst while doing curls standing or with preacher. Do it and doing and do it, as long you’re feeling it in that muscle.

p<>{color:#000;}. Know your Goal. Do you know working out is just like any other business which aims at successful goals? What’s your objective in the gym? Are you going due to peer pressure or to show off your new Adidas as some does… what do you really want to achieve? Well, for my case, I have my goal and am working for it day and night. If your aim is to lose and be fit, burn a lot and if it’s to gain, lift a lot and more. Clear your mind and know why you are in that spacious room…know your goal and go for your objectives to help you reach to your goal.

p<>{color:#000;}. Endurance & patience. Hhhmm..endure and be patient bros. Muscles can’t grow overnight I guarantee you that. Abs you won’t get them by doing sit ups or bicycle crunches in a day or even a week! Patience, endure and Persist. Do it more without losing hope. Keep your spirit high without looking back. Unfortunately, this is one of the core drivers which many don’t put into action yet is one which brings it all out. Why do you think Dwayne Johnson is how he is? Endure that pain while you’re squatting or benching or even when doing cardio! Endure that pain as in this life of Ours, No pain No gain. I love chest, legs and abs exercises very much and that’s why I normally do them at a daily basis. Not that am strong enough to no longer feel it as many say for being in the gym 2-3hrs, I just endure the pain of it and patiently wait for that big chest, big legs and patterned abs am after. You too, learn to endure and have patience and the outcomes will present themselves.

p<>{color:#000;}. Gym starts in the kitchen. [_ Pizzas daily or eggs daily?? That one I don’t know, but what I know is that working out starts in that small kitchen in your bachelor’s quarter or in your mom’s kitchen. Yeah, I know am a freak and that’s why I have to say it broadly, don’t expect abs if you’re always with a Box of Pizza and all that yum yummy shit after gym. All that seems “shit” to you is what freaks like I, if there’re any, rely on. You think beans and peas are for that class of people… Hell yeah. They might look cheap and disgusting but a freak like I knows well that’s a highly nutritious and muscle building meal for a complete work out session. Still am gonna state it again, am not a nutritionist or an instructor but as per now I know what is good for my workout. Make use of your Kitchen my dear. _]

Fortunately in the gym there are many “Instructors” but depending on individual persona and you clearly know what have taken you there, you’ll always know what to go for. Newbies in every situation are always like a 2 day old pup or kitten whose eyes have not fully opened. I have seen many quit gym after being taken through by some calling themselves “instructors” but seriously speaking, who is to blame here… the one telling you to lift an 80kg of weight with them on your beginner-days or the one heeding the request and joins but fails to go back there for a couple of months?

Stay Strong, stay fit and Make gym your best companion for healthy living. Much bless.

Cores That Make Me a Workout Freak

Staying healthy and fit is a dream of every sane soul. it's a goal which many have set in their lives but unfortunately not all are able to touch the finish line. But Why do many feel gloomy when they are almost beating it? Well,...in this piece, i have tried putting down some of the basics you need to exercise if you want to get there. Unfortunately am neither a Nutritionist nor a Trainer, thus am sharing this out of experience after seeing many start working out but quit in the middle of it and leave me still kicking it hard. What actually make me to that, now dubbed, "Gym freak"?? what makes me workout from Day 1 and even during my Resting day??

  • ISBN: 9781370439614
  • Author: Michael Jeey, Jr
  • Published: 2017-10-04 10:45:14
  • Words: 1736
Cores That Make Me a Workout Freak Cores That Make Me a Workout Freak