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Confusing Monologue

Confusing Monologue :

They’ve always told me: Behave!

They are correcting my faults by digging my grave

Killing me is their purpose, not save

I won’t get down, I’m brave

I drew million scars on my heart’s door

If one of them knocks it again, I won’t open it no more

I won’t fall in the same trap as I did before

Old mistakes will never be repeated

All the bad darkness must be defeated

Black souls, hurtful wounds… I’m fed up

Burning tears, hands are throttling me every time I wake up

Killing rays are penetrating my eyes

Loud voices are screaming to my empty mind: SURPRISE!

No personality, no spirit!

You mustn’t be that stupid!

You should be wise

You have dreams to realize

At the middle of your way

Between yes and no, you sway

You did no wrong

You just couldn’t be so strong

Your sadness won’t last so long

You need to smile

Even just for a while

and chase your dream even if is far a thousand mile.

Confusing Monologue

  • ISBN: 9781310892677
  • Author: Abir SoonVIP
  • Published: 2016-04-09 12:05:06
  • Words: 173
Confusing Monologue Confusing Monologue