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Comes Back Around

Comes Back Around

There are brief seconds I spent starring perplexedly to the ceiling of my mobbed small bedroom, just before I turn off the side-lamp and curled up inside the thick duvet. Everything has gone inevitably quiet, as cliché as its sounds, the only thing that I could hear is the ticking sound of the mere clock on the wall.

I breathed in the air and tried my best to close my eyes, but I kept on failing for seconds. I could honestly said that I was not ready to bed , I was not in my favorite pajamas moreover I was still with the clothes I wore today. Thus, I wouldn’t be able to sleep. There are 2 more hours left to end the day, there are 2 more hours left for me to say, “Friday, I’m in love”. I did not believe that I was yet being so tacky to this feeling, I’ve been wondering why was this happening.

I curled up to the other side of the bed, trying to get rid of the recurring feeling and thought. Still for a brief second, I did not closing my eyes. My mind was racing to the thing that happened today. Just then it set to pause when I heard my cell phone was ringing. I abruptly unlocked my self from my own thought, and I raced in to the reality. I got up from bed and reached to my phone on the drawer, with such excitement roaring up from my veins, I did not see who’s number was calling hence I answered it right away.


“Hey” , He muttered. From the sound of his , I could barely imagined that he was smiling.

“Oh its you” and I was smiling, followed by this drum roll in the chest as I heard him chuckled.

“ I was wondering… well, no I just wanted to say goodnight, Claire”

“Oh great, good night to you too..” , I knew I was beyond retarded to say that, I should just start the conversation or say something else instead.

“Yeah, and um… I had fun today, honestly. We should do those things again sometime soon” he muttered in excitement.

“ Same here! And yes, we sureeee need to do the same thing again!”

“Okay so…. Goody night to you” . I cannot comprehend how sweet his voice could be.

“Yeah… goody night to you too”

Then he hung up. I swore to god I was the most awkward creature on earth, and I did not believe that such thing would happen. Such thing that would able to make me blush for couples of times, such thing that troubled me to sleep which turned up to be something that slightly get me to sleep, instead of counting the hopping sheep.

I’m in love. I have finally, in love.

“So tell me about her”

I stood still, looking straight to her convincing eyes and chose to not mouth a word. I slid to the kitchen corner and made a regular black coffee for two which happen to be our first thing to drink in the morning.

“Common aunt, there’s nothing to say.. I mean I did not know her that much”

“But you liked her don’t you?”

Sighed. How could this lady knows me inside and out? Though what she had guessed was not clearly acceptable, I could not resist all the thing she said. Now all I’m doing is nodding my head as If I agree to what she had spoken.

“Ahhh… I knew it. I just knew it since the very first time she entered the house. She’s lovely”

Sighed. Twice. She grinned fondly with her delicate dimples. These recent days, I could feel that she was so happy with her life and all in between. She’s happy because I got accepted in Berkeley, She’s happy cause she’s not alone anymore, She’s happy cause she’s now busied with old friends reunion.


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Comes Back Around

  • Author: Erwin Saputra
  • Published: 2016-05-17 16:20:06
  • Words: 2920
Comes Back Around Comes Back Around