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Amelia Bert

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I am not artist, I am author, an angel intuitive, a person who likes to spent their time in a productive and fun way. I have dedicated many hours expanding my spiritual side and skills, learning, and writing about all those things I have learned. This book is not about sharing that knowledge; it is about helping you to expand as well in a productive and fun way. This is not any kind of book, it is a coloring book to enhance your spirituality, expand your spirit and welcome Divine energy into your life.

Meditation is a tool that helped me relax, get in touch with my spiritual side, connect with spirit as well as put my life in order. I have to admit it took me months to reach that calm state where I could easily let go of thought. Most of the time however, I couldn’t clear my mind and failed to meditate. It is true, meditation is such a valuable tool for all, but it is frustrating to relax those thoughts. This is when I decided to find an alternative method to relax my mind and this is when I tried coloring.

With coloring, you allow yourself to wonder. As you do you do not restrict thoughts but allow them to be realized and then released. As you do, your mind relaxes and succeeds peace, clarity and connection with spirit. This is because the more peaceful you are, the more you become a match to your higher self. I found that inspiration and guidance from my guides and angels came regularly while I was coloring. I was able to remove stress, negative energy and ease my mind. From my experience I know that we all need a time of peace so that we can cope with life in a productive and creative way. Whenever I was unable to concentrate on meditation, coloring help me achieve the same effect.

But coloring, and in particular this book has more benefits than just those mentioned above. Coloring goes beyond meditation to achieve spiritual connection and manifestation of our desires. Here’s how: As you color, you focus your attention on the picture in front of you. You spent 30 – 60 minutes even more, looking at that project, paying attention to every little detail. If you have studied the “law of attraction” at all, you know that everything that you observe is important. All you see, notice or think bring you similar events or circumstances to match that which you saw, noticed or thought. So why not spent those 60 minutes in fact using the law of attraction, to help you achieve a desire, a goal, an emotion? Every image that exists in this book, helps you to utilize the time you spent on each sketch productively, so you can attract a positive outcome in your life, as well as relax, connect with your higher self and find inner peace.

Let me explain how each sketch helps you. The coloring book you are reading right now, focuses on “Desires & Emotions”. Based upon the “Law of attraction” you create anything that you hold your attention into. As you shift your thoughts to positive, you bring positive experiences into your life. In this way desires are not too far too reach. As you think of them, as you hold positive attention towards them, the universe brings them to you in Divine Timing. The sketches in this book help you to create a desire or positive emotion, and keep your focus on it, for as long as you are drawing! In this way it helps you to manifest it rapidly into your life!

This book dedicates an information page on each desire or emotion providing an affirmation that you can repeat as you draw. Working with your desires and positive emotions is really constructive and this book helps you to do so effortlessly, creatively and in a fun way.

Clear your schedule as often as you can and allow time for healing, creativity and peace. Remember it is not a waste of time, but a productive and healthy time for to be a positive person. Bring those wishes, positivity and earthy frequencies in your life now. You deserve it!


28 different desires and emotions fill the pages of this book. As you color them, you invite them to manifest into your life. Put a “do not disturb me” sign outside the door and go on an uplifting journey.

The instructions of this book are simple. Clear your schedule put some relaxing music on if you want, sharpen your coloring pencils and read the information page on each sketch before you begin coloring.

Everyone has desires, we all want to achieve something in this life, either that is a specific outcome, or an emotion. The first step to manifest it is to acknowledge, and not suppress it. As you do, you become free from it, while you allow this desire out into the universe. Then if you hold a positive feeling or expectation on this desire, the universe understands your needs, and the frequency of those thoughts, meet you in real life. This is known as “the law of attraction”, the “law of giving and receiving” or simply “like attracts like”.

Some sketches represent the concept of a desire. I have tried to include the most common desires amongst us such as love, marriage, wealth, health and so on. If you have any of those desires, and you color the sketches, make yourself one with the sketches, like a vision board. Believe that this is you and that it has been given to you already. If you do not hold that particular desire that a sketch represents, you can shift it a desire that you do have, or simply enjoy coloring the contents for peace and relaxation.

The rest of the sketches, represent an emotion or a characteristic. Either if we want to experience that emotion in our life often, or gain that trait, these sketches help us to do so. As you color them, imagine as if that emotion or trait is there with you now. if it is an emotion you want to experience in that moment, as you color keep repeating the affirmation provided like a mantra and you will soon experience that same emotion.

Affirmations are phrases that are repeated in the present moment, as often as you can. As you repeat them, you make your subconscious believe they are true, so you release any blockages that might prevent yourself from them. As you believe them, and do not have any blockages, they magically appear in your way.

Now that you know the various benefits of this activity, you understand how the time you spent coloring is sacred; do not allow others to interrupt you. Think of it like meditation, you need peace to relax your thoughts and re-center your being.

Happy coloring!


This is the angel of manifestations. She helps you release your desires out into the world, so that they are return back to you.

By suppressing your desires, you cannot recognize them, and so they are encaged within you. You must accept what you want and recognize the emotion of joy that they will bring. In this way, you instruct the cosmos to bring them to you.

In this sketch, the angel of manifestations releases your desires out into the world, and they fly away like butterflies.

As you color this angel, think of all the desires and wishes that you have. Think of why you want them, how you and others will benefit. Then experience their joy as if they were there with you. Do not sabotage yourself by wondering how they will come, or that they seem impossible. The universe and this angel knows exactly how they will bring them to you, all you have to do is acknowledge your desires, trust that the universe will make them happen, and then let go.


All my desires have been manifested to me in the most perfect way, in the right time.


We all acknowledge the value of peace in our lives. Peace brings us freedom, ease, comfort, happiness and inner healing. We find all these as we make peace with all we are, all we do and all we have.

The following sketch represents scenery that brings out the feeling of peace. As you color it, imagine you are there, on this boat, on a sunny day, on the calm peaceful forest lake. Here no one will disturb or annoy you. You are so peaceful, relaxed. Let your thoughts wonder, make peace with who you are and with your current pathway, accept that all that you have gone through until this point only make you wiser and stronger and ready for the great things that lie ahead.


I am peaceful now.”


A place that we call “home”, is a place where we can be ourselves, free, happy. A place that we own, that we are comfortable in, that we love. A place that is suited for our personal needs, taste, and wants.

This place is yours now; you are coloring it at this moment, with the knowing that this house is in your life already. As you color let your imagination flow, how does it look like? How many rooms does it have? What special things exist inside?

If you already own a home, consider all the things that you will like to change or add so that it becomes more perfect for you. Believe that all of these have already taken place. This is your perfect home.


I own the house of my dreams.”


Luxury is a fun way of living. Imagine dining at expensive restaurants and treating yourself with nice things. But you deserve all of it!

How many times you wished you could travel the world? Why don’t you make time for it? Anything is possible if you let your desires be realized.

What is your first destination? Where will you want to go first? Why do you want to go there? Imagine if you could pack your bags right now, what would you put in your suitcase?

Money is no issue, time is no problem, the universe has your back on this.

In the following sketch you have plenty of wealth, you are already in your vacation, relaxing with great ocean views and the fancy cocktails! Aloha!


I am living a luxury life now.

I have the leisure of traveling anywhere in the world!


This sketch represents companionship, love, romance, the union of two people.

If you have the desire to get married, as you color imagine that you are walking down the aisle, the moment of your kiss after the ceremony. How does it feel? What emotions are you experiencing at this moment? What people do you see, tearing with happiness and clapping with excitement? Let the universe know your desire through those emotions.

If you are already married, consider all the happy moments with your loved one until now and know there are many more to come. Perhaps even envision a wedding vow renewal. There is always time for celebrating love and devotion.


I am one with my companion. We are in love, we are happy, we are blissful, we are complete.


Family is people who love you unconditionally, support you, and make you feel like home.

As you color this sketch imagine you are in the company of your family and you are experiencing the emotions of love, support, ease. Imagine that all of you get along and love each other, imagine that you have fun right at this moment with them.


I love my family and they love, support and accept me unconditionally.


If you desire to have children, as you color the sketch imagine that this family is your own. If you already have children, think of all their virtues, and then imagine them successful and happy. This is to help them gain good energy in their lives.


My children are happy, healthy and successful.


Deers are admired for their gentleness. This is a good quality to have in your life as it brings serenity and positive energy. As you color the picture, become one with the deers, and wish that you gain gentleness both in your character trait, and into your life.


I am kind, calm, gentle and my life is a representation of this as well.


What are the qualities that you look for in a friend? Loyalty, support, understanding, love, honesty? Fill the gap, and consider all those things you want in a true friends. Then color the sketch with the thought that these friends are in your life right now. Celebrate them, sing songs with them, make yourself one with the sketch.


Every day my circle of true friends expands. All of my friendships are meaningful and rewarding.


You need to make time for fun and play. It helps us let our guard down, relax, enjoy life and be happy. Fairies are masters in this area; they are always so playful and enjoy all that exists.

As you color the playful fairies, repeat the following affirmation to bring more playfulness into your life.


My life is filled with fun and joyful experiences.


Imagine a big celebration with your colleagues and loved ones and you are the center of all the festivities!

In the following sketch, they are all there for you. What is your biggest achievement? A promotion? A big raise? A great opportunity? A successful business? As you color your supporters feel proud for the great success in your life.



I am thriving in all I do. I am successful and prosperous.


Confidence helps us believe in ourselves and achieve great things in life. Without confidence we rely on others for support and guidance and we often feel lost and without a purpose.

As you color the following sketch, imagine that you are coloring a confident version of yourself.


I believe in my skills and abilities. I express my ideas and thoughts with confidence.


It is important to be connected with earth, as it helps us have energy, and centers us in our physical body. You connect with earth as you spent time outside. Gardening is one of those tasks that help us infuse with earthly power. As we do, we feel powerful, vibrant and full of energy.

As you color this sketch, imagine yourself close to earth. It is a good idea to color it while outside. Appreciate all the beauties that nature has all around.


I empower with earthy energy. I feel vibrant, healthy and full of energy.


Health, vitality, flexibility are the themes in this sketch. As you color it, see yourself as being healthy, and fit. How does it feel to be so full of healthy and energy?

Your body is your greatest ally, treat it with respect and love and it will reward you.


I am strong and healthy. I care for my body and I stay fit.


Wolves are bold animals. They do not hesitate to go after what they want. Do you have this trait?

If not, imagine that you do, what will you go after? What will you fight for? Remember, we cannot win unless we try.


I am confident, I am fearless, I am bold.


Strength, leadership and power are some of the characteristics of the lion. Undoubtedly it is considered as the “king of the animal kingdom”. If we have these qualities we become king and master of our own life.


I have the courage, strength and tenacity to follow-through on my dreams and face life with ease.


“Patience is virtue.” It is a blessing to have as you can handle all that life brings your way with ease. You are stronger to face others, to handle critical situations and you don’t make rush decisions. Patience is indeed a virtue and elephants have it plenty.


Every day I grow more patient with myself and others.


Loving all that we are is the first step in acquiring anything else we want in life. Self love of mind and body is vital to cope with our reality.

Stand in front of the mirror and praise yourself, give affectionate words, enjoy your reflection. Self-love is being proud of your achievements and appreciate your experiences. Be self-confident and trust your abilities.

Similar to the sketch, look at your reflection in the mirror and see the real you.


I am beautiful, special, powerful and very smart. I appreciate all that I am.


Twin flame is not a soul mate but our perfect mirrors. Twin flames came together out of the same beamed energy to form two separate souls. Twin flame is a reflection of you and together you grow and learn and expand. Most often we reincarnate with our twin flames with the purpose of being in each other’s’ lives either as lovers, relatives or friends, to offer lessons and strength to one another. If a twin flame is not with you in a lifetime, they guide you as a spirit guide from the non-physical.

This sketch represents the power of your other half and the deep link that you share. As you color, focus on connecting with their energy to experience their presence with you.


My twin flame is by my side now, supporting and loving me unconditionally.


You will be surprised how many lighted beings hear your prayers. The more you pray, meditate or ask for their assistance, the more of them surround you.

As an intuitive, I have asked how many light beings were with me in a day after my meditation routine. The response was “44”. It may surprise you but there are so many kind spirits and angels willing to help you at any time. All you have to do is call for them, and be willing to accept their help.

The following sketch is a representation of you and the many angels, ascended masters and spiritual elements that surround, you sending you love, healing and good energy.


I am always protected and guided.


You know how a chrysalis becomes a butterfly. It represents the ultimate metamorphosis that shows change and positive transformation. Similarly, like the butterfly, you change and you undergo changes so that you ultimately become the best version of yourselves.

If one resists change, then the caterpillar never becomes a butterfly. Dare to be yourself, to follow through your ideas and to be keen to change, so that you transform yourself and your life for the better.


Like the butterfly I evolve and change and prosper. Every day I am a better version of myself.


The following sketch is filled with spiritual elements of fairies, gnomes, goblins, unicorns and elves. These nonphysical beings represent the great connection with earth, as they are protects of nature and animals, but also they bring us inspiration and creativity.

Let your creative juices flow as you color the sketch and repeat the following affirmation.


Great ideas come to me easily. I am full of inspiration and creativity.


Intuition guides you to make the right choices in life. The more you listen and trust it, the more strong it becomes and the more you succeed in all you do.

Intuition is guidance and ideas coming from your Higher Self that wise and always right. Listen to it.

As I work with lighted beings, the more my intuition has enhanced. Now I give accurate readings to help others, get sudden inspiration that I always follow through, and I even cheat at card games! If I concentrate I know what to do to win a game! Sounds like fun isn’t it?

As you color the sketch see yourself as having enhanced intuition.

(Sketch model: Amelia Bert )


I trust my intuition and it always leads me to a success.


The bottom of the ocean is filled with so much beauty, wildlife and peace. Anyone with a state of mind so peaceful vibrates harmony and inner power. Mermaids and dolphins symbolize both these elements and as you color them, you attract those in your life as well.


My life is filled with harmony, my inner world is peaceful.

I hold great inner power to achieve all I desire.


We know that owls are a representation of knowledge and wisdom. Rather than intellectual wisdom, though, owls are associated with the wisdom of the soul.

We all have great inner wisdom as we are connected with all knowledge through our Higher Self. As we quiet our mind and connect with our inner world, we can easily extract these information. (More on how to do this, in the book “The guidebook to your inner power”)


All the answers I need are coming to me easily.


Imagine yourself riding on a horse. You feel free, powerful. As you ride a horse you feel as if you are free from your bindings and restrains. Similarly, the horse itself loves to run free.

We desire of being free. Free to love, free to be ourselves, free to speak our minds, free to do anything we like with our time.

The purpose of this sketch is to help you find that freedom within.


I treasure my freedom. I have freedom of speech, of choice, and freedom of mind in all I do.


Looking at an old couple walking hand in hand, enjoying their vacations always brings me joy at heart. Imagine being that couple many years from now; happy, fulfilled, blissful, enjoying life.


I fill fulfilled, happy and I enjoy my life every minute.


We are here to experience happiness. Feeling Joy and bliss is the natural state of our being. Children represent this form of inner joy because they are more connected with their higher self and not overshadowed by fear and worry. Let’s be a little more like them so that we enjoy this life because we deserve it.


I am happy. My life is filled with joy and pleasure. I enjoy every moment of the day. I am blessed.

[]Special thank you to:

- All of my dedicated followers, may we widen the light among all.

- My patient illustrator designer: Riska Maulinda [email protected]

– To my greatest supporter K.H


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Amelia Bert is a freelance author and online journalist. At twenty five, she discovered her intuitive side, and mastered the clairaudient and clairvoyant ability to connect with spirit. She chooses to solely communicate with lighted spirits such as Angels that guide and inspire her.

She works closely with the Angels, through her psychic abilities. She gathers wisdom and information in that way, and shares it through her books and meditations. She aims to help others make a connection with their higher consciousness and discover their life’s purpose.

Amelia has a degree in English language and literature. She spends her time writing, learning from the Angels, and painting. She lives with her fiancée and three cats and she plans to travel the world.

She wants to hear from you! Don’t be shy, connect with her here: [email protected]


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Coloring to Life: Desires & Emotions

IMPORTANT - KINDLE edition of this book is a coloring BOOK PREVIEW only and it is NOT intended for coloring within the device. It is a preview - its main intent is to show the designs that are available in the physical copy of the book. However, we've added a BONUS link at the end of the book which lets you download a high quality PDF VERSION with of 3 A4 illustrations ready for PRINTING. Coloring works as an anti-stress activity and it is one of the best alternatives to meditation as it achieves similar effects. It relaxes eases, enhances creativity and connects you with higher power, your higher spiritual self. This is not your usual coloring book; it provides you with 28 unique coloring sketches that present ultimate wishes and desirable emotions. As you color them, you invite their frequency to merge with your own, and ultimately manifest them into your life. Clear your schedule put a ‘do not disturb me” sign outside your door and some relaxing tunes on the radio, pick a sketch, and allow the desires to flow your way as you color the patterns. Inside you will find the following sketches: Manifestation Peace Home Luxury & Leisure Marriage Family Children Gentleness Friendship Playfulness Celebration Confidence Earthy connection Well being Boldness Strength Patience Self-love Twin flame Spiritual connection Metamorphosis Creativity Intuition Harmony & Inner Power Wisdom Freedom Longevity Happiness

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Coloring to Life: Desires & Emotions Coloring to Life: Desires & Emotions