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Apparent, Spontaneous Inception

Many times due to total lack of solution while intensely involved in some apparent impossible nebulous-solving task or other cognitive perplexity, Me, my knowing controllable Intellect having arrived at a total cognitive impasse of solution. Under such circumstances, commonly credibly occurring some unique intellectual process involving apparent automatic inter intellectual exchange of communications between various intellects.



Chapter – 1. Cognitive Inception, Hypotheses.

Chapter – 2. Philosophical Surrogates.

Chapter – 3. Cognition, Hypotheses.

Chapter – 4. Cognitive Interplay.

Chapter – 5. Psychological Substitution.



Chapter – One

Cognitive Inception, Hypotheses

“Intellectual Inception” believed by me firstly unknowingly conceived within each our own uncontrollable intellectual regions, utilizing a process I call, “Inter Intellectual Exchange”, such intellectual regions herein paraphrased as uncontrollable “Primal Intellect”, a conjunctive manifested amalgam assembly of all other existing uncontrollable Intellectual Partners. All resultant intellectual renderings of clarity stemming from uncontrollable Primal Intellect’s such Partnership, intern automatically rendered to within our controllable reasoning Intellect, such unknowingly falsely appearing there as spontaneous in origin. It is my belief that to some degree or another all individuals within cross-sections of society, intuitively possessing potential degrees of such intellectual cognitive inter exchange interplay, however requiring a great deal of determined effort, address, consistency of personal resolve and incremental achieved growth over long periods in time. Inter Intellectual exchange interplay is believed capable of unmasking the unrecognized, the Philosophical, the Emotional, the Psychological and the likes within our daily lives, all existing in plain sight and in front of our very noses, but previously never seen, never recognized and otherwise never to be known. I believe that Inter Intellectual Exchange interplay, generally potentially extrapolative throughout all Human condition in clarifying our understanding of the world around us, proposing unimagined novel strategy understandings, and clarifying the perplexing fogs within our own daily lives.


How is it possible, we appear to spontaneously understand and know with intellectual clarity, things of clarity previously intellectually totally foreign to ourselves, normally only possible by method of information processing, such non existent here? Philosophically questioning the origins of our magical cognitive perceptions, such perceptions materializing out of no where, mysteriously present within our Controllable Intellects, “yours” and “mine, how can such be possible, cognitively understanding subject matters we plainly do not even understand as existing in the first place, and yet still intellectually arriving at never before experienced or otherwise previously known cognitive understandings, regardless and in spite of such apparent total knowledge absences. My philosophical questioning of our realities, those potential benefits or assaults mysteriously exacted upon our daily lives, are such realities rigid and unassailable and therefore to be passively endured? Realities we plainly do not understand, mysteriously exacted upon our sensibilities of selves, originating from intellectual places we know nothing about, however accepted without expectation or complaint. Passiveness, defiance, resistance or wishful thinking cannot be any component of such answer itself, as each of our own realities of life cannot exist within some non-existing theoretical virtual vacuum, and therefore our realities must occupy the real time spectrum of reality presently existing within each our own lives. However I have credibly found within my own life experiences, there can exist potential possibilities of intellectual driven modifications to each our own lives existing realities, modification involving a process I paraphrase label here as “Inter Intellectual Exchange”. The contents matters comprised within these writing, “Cognitive Inception” are those of my own personal exampled, Inter Intellectual Exchange intuitive interplay, as perceived and understood by me, synonymous as my controllable Intellect and additionally accompanied through by my contemplative philosophical insight perspectives.

Where’s springing such birthplaces of Intellectual Cognitive Inceptions, Emotions, Psychological manifestations, Philosophical insights and endless others of nebulous intellectual matters? Matters falsely appearing as materializing within our Controllable Intellect’s Cognitive Inceptions, however such representing a misdirection of true reality, as such materialized cognitive inceptions, truly the produce of and residing deeply within our individual uncontrollable and inaccessible intellectual regions of intellectual processes. Such intellectual insight inceptions appearing the collaborative intellectual spawn of numerous intellectual partnerships contained within our inaccessible intellectual embodiments of selves. These uncontrollable, unknowable Intellectual Assemblies of Partnership Intellects collectively paraphrased in these writings as, “Primal Intellect”. However Primal Intellect’s such hidden places and complex functional intricacies, not saliently relevant to the thrust of the matters dealt with herein these particular writings. Remaining solely relevant however our receptive intuitiveness interplay, our Controllable Intellect’s intellectual reasoning powers in conjunction with “Inter Intellectual Exchanges”. Such conjunctive intellectual interplay possible to various degrees throughout society, and especially enhanced by favorable inclinations of birth, and accompanied by further developing and honing throughout life practices. Awakening our intuitive susceptibility to cognitive exchange interplay requiring cognitively embracing two general intellectual genre understandings, firstly realizing that uncontrollable, “Primal Intellect” itself does in fact exists and secondly recognizing that by personally self attuning to Cognitive Exchange Interplay, existing the real possibility for improving each of our own lives, unmasking those nebulous matters of personal interest, including subduing or negating perceived dysfunctional disruptive influences mysteriously exacted upon our daily lives.


The subject matters within, “Cognitive Inception”, philosophical, emotional, practical and psychological residue manifestations stemming from my own intuitive and receptive conjunctive Inter Intellectual Exchange interplay. Resultant fruitful interplay understandings and strategies successfully employed by me, intern serving as valuable surrogates, either unmasking nebulous matters within my daily existence, or in tempering remediation control of “Primal Intellect’s” dysfunctional onslaught of mayhem exacted upon myself, during times without solace, times without choice, times without direction and times without solution.


Chapter – Two

Philosophical Surrogates

Amongst the endless spawn of Inter Intellectual Exchange interplay, Philosophical Surrogates uniquely capable of illuminating my passage through never before experienced fogs of endless inescapable abyss, as only philosophical wings capable of carrying me from nebulous flounder and into rebirth. My such philosophical surrogate allies, faithfully serving as philosophical and psychological surrogates during my drift through nebulous minefields of daily abyss, illuminating unknown possibilities, directing appropriate responses, deciphering the perplexing and proposing forwards movement strategies. My personal access to such virtual philosophical surrogates, very fortuitous indeed, as if not for such beacons of surrogacy, the successful escape from youthful conflagration, the reconstitution of my resultant broken body and my psychological redemption highly unlikely ever occurring.


My understandings of the virtual powers possessed within Intellectual Philosophy, as novel and original thought provoking ways in looking at and interpreting the world around our selves. Philosophy capable of unmasking those nebulous fogs within our perplexing darkest corners, perplexities existing in plain sight, but never previously before seen by ourselves, such somewhat similar to that road map of some place where we have never before been, this map revealing the existence of some available path to such place, such path never before seen nor even suspected as previously existing.


Enlightenment through Intellectual philosophical contemplation cannot provide the simplistic answers we directly seek, however philosophical insights can awaken our apprised understandings of the existence of previously unsuspected status quo matters, answers or possibilities. Our virtual theoretical understandings of such existing possibility existing, intern both enlightening and enabling ourselves to better understand and recognize those nebulous matters for our first times, unmasking or otherwise energizing each our own global enlightenments of our previously unrecognized and unknown. All such Intellectual Surrogates serving valiantly throughout my own life and with my deepest gratitude, as in absence stead, existing only rack, ruin, doom and the despair of lost possibilities.


Chapter – Three

Cognition, Hypotheses

My life experiences credibly suggesting within each our own embodiments of selves, “you” and “me”, existing an intellectual cognitive process capable of spawning novel strategies and unmasking the perplexing amongst endless others of nebulas matters, philosophies, perplexities, emotions, psychologies and personality corruption intrusion disorders amongst endless others of enlightenments, so on and so forth. The Intellectual Cognitive process itself which I name, “Inter Intellectual Exchange, such process believed comprised of a three party hierarchal symbiotic synergistic partnership comprised of a controllable reasoning intellect, paraphrased here by me as “Controllable Intellect”, a hosting “Physical Embodiment”, my physical biological body and an intellectual amalgam sub assembly of unknown and uncontrollable intellects, such sub assemblies of uncontrollable intellectual partners, here globally paraphrased as “Primal Intellect”. We our selves intellectually and physically the produce manifestation of this complex synergistic symbiotic partnership of three lesser embodiments, in essence when such synergistic partnerships assemblies are functioning somewhat normally as intended, the physical embodiment will supply a home and sustenance for both its assemblies of intellectual partners, and intern both intellectual assemblies of partners each faithfully executing their sacredly charged duties, synergistically intellectually defending the overall best interests of all partners involved in such symbiotic partnership, a classic example of symbiosis as intended.


My understandings in framing this three party Symbiotic Partnership within self, involving uncontrollable Primal Intellect, controllable Intellect, “Me”, and my Physical Embodiment. Primal Intellect appearing to act and function as a separate embodiment within “me”, in essence, Primal Intellect” is uncontrollable by me, but appearing having abilities to directly communicate with my controllable knowing Intellect, “me”, as within a type of symbiotic partnership of “Me”, however this symbiotic partnership also comprised of still another embodiment, my physical embodiment, all three embodiments, indivisible from “Me”, as in fact comprising, “Me”.


Primal Intellect possessing full knowledge and full access to all my controllable knowing and uncontrollable unknowing senses, including access to all of my intellectual knowledge contained within my controllable Knowing Intellect, “Me”. “Primal Intellect” having full access to “Me”, however “Me”, my controllable Intellect having absolutely no intellectually access or control over “Primal Intellect”. “Primal Intellect” will do and act as it pleases, and in any manor in which it pleases, but however subject to an important caveat, “Primal Intellect” will always act solely in my sole best Interests, that of “Me”. One of the tasks assigned to “Primal Intellect” is a processing of all information it having access to, including all information and knowledge contained within my other senses and within my controllable knowing Intellect “Me”.


“Primal Intellect” also appearing capable of processing all types of irrelevant and inconsequential information such as fragmented, incomplete and disconnected information. In essence “Primal Intellect” appearing capable of processing otherwise unusable clutter and meaningless fragments of information, even though my controllable knowing Intellect, “Me”, otherwise possessing no knowledge of a great deal of such scrambled, disconnected and fragmented information, as such disconnected, incomplete and fragmented information remaining totally irrelevant and useless to my controllable knowing Intellect, “Me”.


When “Primal Intellect”, as paraphrased here, functioning normally as intended Primal Intellect is fanatically sacredly bound to defend and promote all matters relating to the best interests of itself and of its symbiotic partners, processing recommendations, conclusions, inceptions of otherwise unknown nebulous matters, and also influencing, driving and projecting our psychological demeanors, our emotional demeanors and our philosophical intuitiveness. Primal Intellect’s just aforementioned influences over our personal demeanors and others of recommended projections, falsely appearing and falsely assumed, as spontaneously originating from within our controllable reasoning intellect itself, however in fact such jump to conclusion, generally an incorrect assumption of actual origin, as such truly else ware originated from within Primal Intellect’s mysterious Intellectual realms.


However there are times and circumstances when Primal Intellect shall not function as sacredly pledged, in the best interests of its symbiotic partnership. If and as result of such dysfunction of any portion of Primal Intellect, it can be possible and may even be advisable under such conditions of dysfunction, our attempting to limit or otherwise to circumvent Primal Intellect’s such dysfunctional exercise of control over our embodiments of our selves, keeping in mind, within such circumstance of Primal Intellectual dysfunction, category wise, two thirds of the existing symbiotic partnership still remaining intact. Even though Primal Intellect itself cannot be controlled, Primal Intellect’s dysfunctional impact upon its symbiotic partners, such reflected within our controllable knowing intellect, our selves, which to some extent can be limited if strategically understood.


During my own lifetime such virtual Inter intellectual exchanges with Primal Intellect, so many times employed by me as surrogacy of last option in unmasking matters without solution. My experiences suggesting, those solutions, ideas or remedies appearing as spontaneous from within our controllable thinking intellect, such false and misdirected as generally not possible, as spontaneous cognition can only be a result of some intellectual process of knowledge. Accomplishing such spontaneous solutions within our controllable thinking intellect with incomplete, missing and fragmented input information at best not believed possible, therefore it is reasonable in suggesting that such spontaneous solution or answers can only be a result of some unknown intellectual process itself. This question of process requiring its answering here, where is this birthplace of intellectual inception, understanding of selves, places within society, psychological and emotional matters, philosophical insight and those more rigid matters, genetically gifted at birth, example, demeanor, temper, personality and endless others of nebulous intellectual questions, however remembering, it is Primal Intellect that is solely well versed and capable of arriving at such inceptions, nebulous understandings and personal demeanors where and when input data knowledge is non-existent to Controllable Intellect.


Harnessing the power within Inter intellectual Exchange as a virtual surrogate is not based on my understandings of its complex intellectual processes. However instead my practical surrogacy use of Inter intellectual Exchange, always previously governed by the following simple strategy, understanding that Primal Intellect itself in fact exists, my openness in embracing all that Primal Intellect shall in its wisdom reveal to me and finally my realization that I can employ my “controllable” Intellect’s decision making power by utilizing inter intellectual exchanges, to limit, modify or otherwise deflect Primal Intellect’s free range over my intellectual life matters, if or when Primal Intellect shall dysfunction in its carrying out its sacred charged duties.


Chapter – Four

Cognitive Interplay

Examples throughout herein of Inter Intellectual Exchange successfully employed by me, along with several other exampled approaches, all very different from each other, however bettering illuminating the potential diversity of Inter Intellectual Exchange possibilities. Examples ranging from the strategy I intellectually employed, resolutely and determinedly utilizing my controllable Intellect in twinning Primal Intellect’s dysfunctional influencing my life, virtually replacing such with substitution lifestyle, far from perfect, nevertheless a successful substitution. Also demonstrations my keen receptiveness to this virtual interplay within and between herein expressions of Intellects in solving perplexities otherwise having no solution, and finally a medley series of philosophical opinion insights due Inter Intellectual Exchange interplay.


Spontaneous Solution

How can solutions to intractable puzzlements be achieved, intellectually unmasking our apprized understandings of insoluble, hidden and perplexing hobbling matters within lives, when the apparent relevant input information is totally absent? Many times experienced and employed by me throughout my life in solving impossible and difficult problems, or in acquiring novel ideas and solutions, especially when a great deal of the critical required input information appearing as unavailable, fragmented or totally missing. Such apparent spontaneous cognition utilizing Inter Intellectual Exchange, engaging “Primal Intellect’s” creative cognitive abilities by process of “Inter Intellectual Engagement”, still to this day, aw inspiringly spectacular and mesmerizing to me. The unfolding of this process, controllable “Intellect”, “Me”, must firstly formally and intensively mentally address any particular puzzlement at hand. If ultimately no solution or answer existing or forthcoming, nevertheless, controllable knowing “Intellect”, “Me”, having previously intellectually addressed this particular puzzlement without appropriate answer forth coming, controllable knowing “Intellect”, “Me” will then just completely forget about this unsolvable puzzlement, but credible and consistent experiences suggesting, completely forgetting about this particular puzzlement will not necessarily be the end of this matter.


Unknowingly by me, and without further contemplation or direction on my part by way of my controllable intellect, automatic intellect processes many times previously experienced as occurring. As result of my abandoning my just aforementioned previous puzzlement, Primal Intellect intern previously having recognized the existence of my unsolicited unsolvable puzzlement, “Primal Intellect” solely by itself and totally without my controllable intellectual’s knowledge, shall initiate it’s own information processing from within its own resource capabilities. When and if “Primal Intellect” successfully processes any meaningful possibility of solution, answer, or idea or meaningful possibility of solution, such intern then automatically projected for consideration by my controllable knowing “Intellect”, “Me”, as if by a bolt of lightening out of nowhere for “Me” to consider and evaluate if useful or not.


Therefore when I experience spontaneous new ideas and solutions appearing to just pop into my head from out of now where, I do not believe that these ideas and solutions are somehow spontaneous or magically created. My belief is that when these events of spontaneous cognitive solution appearing, these solutions are actually the produce of a great deal of information processing from within Primal Intellect’s partnership amalgam, solely utilizing fragmented, incomplete and disconnected fragments of information clutter, weather my controllable knowing “Intellect”, “Me” realizing this or not. However “Primal Intellect” can only recommend a solution, but remaining solely up to my controllable knowing “Intellect”, “Me”, evaluating, instituting or otherwise dealing with any such cognitive recommendation of solution.


It appears to me that my controllable Intellect is not genesis directly involved in the more nebulous intellectual matters within my daily life, emotional, psychological, temperament, personality, philosophical and endless others of such nebulous intellectual genre, such intellectual genre matters appearing solely within Primal intellect’s domain. Controllable Intellect is the Intellect that we, I or you daily employ understanding, interpreting and deciding all things we recognize as affecting our lives and the world around ourselves, however Controllable our Intellect remaining mostly unaware of matters and nuances exclusively within Primal Intellect’s domain and origin control.


Controllable Intellect cannot accomplish intellectual cognitive tasks if existing an absence of required impute processing knowledge information, however Primal Intellect itself is well versed in building and arriving at cognitive conclusion solely employing fragmented, missing and disassociated fragmental information. However only Controllable Intellect can make decisions, utilizing intellectual experiences and decision-making capacity, appropriately dealing with relevance and usefulness of matters related to recommendations forwarded from Primal Intellect’s partnership amalgums. In essence my two separate intellectual assemblies of symbiotic synergistic intellects, one assembly Intellectually Controllable and one assembly Intellectually Uncontrollable. Normally if such condition as normal can even exist within society, when both intellectual assemblies are functioning somewhat normally, “Primal Intellect” shall have full access to it itself and also full access to Controllable Intellect, but Controllable Intellect appearing as have no intellectual access to matters within Primal Intellect’s exclusive realm.


Chapter – Five

Psychological Substitution

In my case circumstances of youthful psychological wounding at youth, now in antiquities of lifetimes, many decades earlier during my second decade of youth, Primal Intellect is responding to matters, myself, my controllable decision capable Intellect then have little to no understandings, I am somehow mysteriously psychologically eviscerated from within full societal membership. During this conflagration in youth, I am completely psychologically eviscerated from within normal societal membership, as Primal Intellect then having suddenly become mysteriously dysfunctional, not appearing to function as sacredly pledged in the best interests of its symbiotic partners, myself. I did not understand at these earlier times in my life, the existence of Primal Intellect’s virtual sacred symbiotic pledge within its partnered relationship of intellects, as something having disrupted such sacred commitment, such intern eviscerating myself from full societal membership.


No peace no solution, excruciatingly brutally wounded, this spawn of some not understood mysterious psychological wounding cloaking my controllable intellect, psychologically severing me from full societal inclusion, disconnecting and eviscerating my societal cohesion. I drive hundreds of miles in no particular directions, no particular place, total exhaustion my only prize, and upon claiming such prize, returning exhausted to my lair and merciful sleep. My detached societal separation during these times, best appraised, myself standing alone on the moon and alone looking back at earth, desperately pining for some bridging of the vastness of unbridgeable chasm separating earth from moon. The genre matters expressed in this paragraph are more fully illuminated within Billy Oxkidd’s other writings, especially within Title, “Fall Down”.


Primal Intellect’s psychological dysfunctional evisceration of my societal membership, I am living and drifting aimlessly on the outer fringes of societal access and its fruits thereof, deeply pining my absence of societal cohesion, societal comradely and personal emotional interactions. Now driven by compelling needs, somehow circumventing and pacifying my societal ostracizing emotional brutality, recognizing that I cannot afford to linger without resolution, without purpose and without direction in my life or for certain to be irrevocably lost.


My societal cohesion fully destroyed, I am now in poor position, and for many understandably good reasons, unable re-establishing such societal cohesion between society and myself in general. I remain nomadic without home but with lair, as home comprised, not as domicile of roof and mortar, but viscerally encompassing a place where roots may exist and grow, a place where the heart is content, a place where the soul is enriched, and a place where emotional contentment may dwell, such home non existent to me.


Daily nomadically living within my societal vacuum desert on the outer fringes of society, absence of home, absence of societal cohesion, I remain deeply wounded, my life fragmented, acquaintanceship isolated, and societal root structures destroyed. Ultimately finding myself fully immersed within my new societal disconnect and resultant variant alcohol lifestyle, its intensity and potency remaining truly excessively extreme. However as times progressed I realized, I must somehow extricate my psychological daily existence from a existing status quo malaise that I remain trapped within. In such regards I begin to explore potential strategies for my self-defense. I then take my defensive decision, even though I realized that I would be attempting to influence matters I have absolutely no understandings and no control over, as Primal intellect could not be accessed or controlled by me, even so, I would attempt to somehow limit or otherwise interfere with Primal Intellect’s dysfunctional emotional psychological control over my controllable Intellect, my manifestation and perception of self.


Believing that the psychological mayhem within my life, directly originating from within Primal Intellect’s domain, I decide on a virtual process strategy of defiance, intellectually employing my controllable Intellect’s focused resolute discipline, ignoring Primal Intellect’s intrusions as far as practical or possible. In such regards I begin formulating some loose defensive protocol measures, slowly and stumblingly at first, I begin to create and exercise my very own paralleling societal structure version of normal society to surface my emotional and psychological needs, such fledgling paralleling lifestyle occupying the spectrum somewhere between where I hopelessly lingered and that of societal normal.


Apparently for reasons of Primal Intellect’s own understandings, Primal Intellect appearing to dishonor its sacred pledge, best interests of its symbiotic partners, or however perhaps indeed, due Primal Intellect’s nebulous mysterious workings, perhaps indeed Primal Intellect is indeed faithfully honoring its such sacred pledge, however unrecognized as complying with such sacred pledge, doing that which it better understood, required of it under the circumstances it faced at the time. However my bottom line during these times, I was defenselessly locked within a no man’s land, eviscerated from full societal membership inclusion, no way back, no matter how hard I would try. I could not get back and I could not stay where I was, if allowed to linger in such conditions I would be lost.


Defensively utilizing my Controllable Intellect’s decision-making power, employing intellectual decision and strategy, such intellectual strategy parameters inaccessible to Primal Intellectual involvement. Utilizing such decision making power, I devised my strategy of defense in this matter, I would limit to whatever extent possible, Primal Intellect’s influence on my daily life, and further more I would artificially create a defensive compromise, an alternate, but paralleling version of normal societal structure, my own paralleling version, existing somewhere between normal societal structure and my previous dysfunctional hobbling. This decision making of my controllable intellectual power, I create my own paralleling version of societal structure where I can live and essentially thrive, such structure a long way from perfect and emotionally deficient, however proving a good strategy where I could live, survive and eventually transition.


In my determined and resolute defiance of the psychological mayhem exacted by Primal Intellect upon my sensibilities, I resolutely employed my controllable intellectual powers in a virtual hobbling of Primal Intellects mischief, tolerating it, as I must, utilizing Inter Intellectual Exchange, such in reality only a virtually possibility, however the ensuing playing out of subtle probing and flirtatious subtleties, back and forth across each others shared intellectual boundaries, intern appearing to cross some virtual barriers of virtual and real. However by establishing my alternate paralleling lifestyle strategy, I would virtually isolate to whatever degree possible, Primal Intellect’s such psychological intrusions. By creating my own separate societal paralleling version, and thereby ignoring, but however still required helplessly tolerating without choice, Primal Intellect’s assault upon my sensibilities, I maintaining full and strong intellectual control over my controllable Intellect, maintaining full control over my responsibilities and full control over my life actions, but always still requiring to tolerate Primal Intellect’s eviscerating brutality of psychological assault.


This newly created societal paralleling lifestyle structure now serving my own particular needs very well, while that of societal normal remaining irrelevant, and no longer available to me. Within this defensive creation of my very own alternate paralleling societal surrogacy of societal normal, existing pale versions of those things I so deeply pined for and viscerally needing, social comradely, social interaction, social glamour, excitement and new possibilities of experiences, but most of all, the most allusive, a visceral emotional union with a like minded other. Amerced within my societal paralleling lifestyle, I am fanatic, all in, outside of making my living, insatiably perusing that which no longer existing for me. Daily and nightly pursuing that I so viscerally needing, distance no object, weather no object, storm and fog no object, day in and day out, year in and year out, decades coming and then passing, such ferocity, I am driven, however high and low, high or low, such destined sustaining me throughout all onslaught for twelve eviscerating years yet to come and then pass before my reintegration within societal normal again becoming possible.



Cognitive Inception

Where’s springing such birthplaces of Intellectual Cognitive Inceptions, Emotions, Psychological manifestations, Philosophical insights and endless others of nebulous intellectual matters? How is it possible, we appear to spontaneously understand and know with intellectual clarity, things of clarity previously intellectually totally foreign to ourselves, normally only possible by method of information processing, such non existent here? Philosophically questioning the origins of our magical cognitive perceptions, such perceptions materializing out of no where, mysteriously present within our Controllable Intellects, “yours” and “mine, how can such be possible, cognitively understanding subject matters we plainly do not even understand as existing in the first place, and yet still intellectually arriving at never before experienced or otherwise previously known cognitive understandings, regardless and in spite of such apparent total knowledge absences.

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