Closets - A Play

Closets – A Play

Persephone Litchfield

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Act 1: Scene 1

Act 1: Scene 2

Act 1: Scene 3

Act 1: Scene 4

Act 1: Scene 5

Act 1: Scene 6

Act 1: Scene 7

Act 1: Scene 8

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Act 2: Scene 1

Act 2: Scene 2

Act 2: Scene 3

Act 2: Scene 4

Act 2: Scene 5

Act 2: Scene 6

Act 2: Scene 7

Act 2: Scene 8

Act 2: Scene 9

Act 2: Scene 10

Act 2: Scene 11

Act 2: Scene 12


A play


*Indicates lead

[_*Amy. _]Tod’s wife, mother to Hadley, *Harold, and Holly. (Mid 30s-40s)

_*Tod. _ Amy's husband. Father to Hadley, *Harold, and Holly.  (Mid 30s-40s)

[_Harold. _]Son of Amy and Tod. (8)

[_*Holly. _] Daughter of Amy and Tod. (16)

[_Patrick. _]Rogers husband. (Mid 30s-40s)

[_*Kandi. _]Amy’s co-worker. (Late 20s, Early 30s)

[_*Jeremy. _]Holly’s boyfriend.  (17)

[_Jenny. _]Holly’s best friend. Joe’s girlfriend. (16)

[_Joe. _]Holly’s friend. Jenny’s boyfriend.  (17)

[_*Caitlin. _]Amy’s sister. Lilian’s. (Early 30s)

[_Lilian. _]Caitlin’s wife. Harold’s teacher. (Early 30s)

[_Roger. _]Patrick’s husband.  (Mid 30s-40s)



For Kamal, Aristotle, Soulo, David, Cleak, Kaila, Chloe, Sidni and Tariq for helping me build a world inside my own.


For Midori Budd, Mariel Williams, Megha Patri, Melinda VanMensel,  Marlee Roberts and Zijin Huang for being supportive.

For Kelly Komlen and Ms. Mckaig for being an inspiration.

Scene 1


_Amy walks by, holding a duffel bag and exits, followed by, Tod walking to work with Patrick beside him. Holly and Jeremy cross holding hands, and Holly crosses back over with a backpack, walking Harold to school. _



The Jamison’s home, Kansas City, KS. 2014

Tod and his wife, Amy sit in the living room of their house. Nothing appears to be shabby, but the room seems very lived in. Tod is reading a magazine and Amy is looking at the floor thinking.


Amy: Tod?

Tod: Hm?

Amy: Tod, are you alright?

Tod: Mmhm.

Amy: Tod, you-are you sure?

Tod: Mmhm

Amy: Tod, please. You haven’t spoken to me in days, you’ve stared at that damn magazine for 45 minutes without turning the page.

Tod: I’m reading.

Amy: Reading? What could possibly be on that same goddamn page that you could stare at it for 45 minutes?

Tod: Amy.

Amy: What?!

Tod: Calm down.


Harold enters

Amy: [_(attempting to gain composure) _]Harold! How are you?

Harold: I would like to watch the TV.

Tod:  What’s stopping you?

Harold: (to Tod) Please leave.

Tod: What?

Harold: I don’t want you in here when I watch TV

Tod: Amy…

Amy stays quiet, shifting her feet

Tod: Amy, tell him to turn on the damn TV

Harold: Mom…

Amy: Harold, now is not the time for this…


Harold: MOM!

Amy: Please, both of you…


Amy: Harold, please turn on the TV

Harold: Not until he leaves


Harold is firm in his decision

Tod: I need to go get work done anyway, I’ll see you later, Amy.

Tod grabs his briefcase and marches out the door, slamming it. He exits.

Holly enters

Holly: Where’s dad going?

Amy throws her face into her hands


Scene 2


Patrick’s apartment. Classy and modern. Essentially the opposite of the Jamisons’ home.

Patrick is sitting in a chair when Tod knocks

Patrick answers the door

Patrick: Tod? What are you-

Tod: I needed to get away from her.

Patrick: Amy?

Tod: She wouldn’t tell the goddamn kid to turn on the TV.

Patrick: You’re upset your son didn’t turn [_on _]the TV?

Tod: It’s…Harold refuses to do anything with me in the room.

Patrick: Tod…

Tod: He doesn’t want me in his life.

Patrick and Tod both just look at each other. Patrick takes Tod’s hand.

Patrick: He will.

Tod: You sure about that.

Patrick: Yeah, pretty sure.

They get really close. It appears as though they might kiss. A Patrick’s phone goes off.

Tod: Who’s it from?

Patrick: No one important.

Tod: Patrick, who’s it from?

Patrick: Roger (pause) it’s from Roger.

Tod: What does that asshole want?

Patrick: He’s not an asshole Tod, he’s my husband.

Tod: Patrick, you-you promised you were done with him

Patrick: I am, Tod, I really am. But I haven’t started the divorce process yet. It’s complicated, Tod, I should’ve told you I’m still legally his husband upfront but I thought you knew.

Tod: Are you living with him?

Patrick: Not here.

Tod: Not here?

Patrick: He moved out of this apartment.

Tod: Okay, and you don’t love him anymore?

Patrick: Of course, not, Tod, I’m with you now.

Tod looks at Patrick, contemplating if he believes him or not.

Patrick: Tod-

Patrick gets closer to Tod, they are extremely close. Tod begins to fall into Patrick’s gaze, you can see him soften up. Tod pulls away.

Tod: How do I know?

Patrick: Know what?

Tod: That you don’t still love him?

Patrick: Tod. Trust me.

Tod: I-

Patrick kisses Tod. They pull apart and look at each other. Tod has lost his hostile demeanor. Patrick doesn’t break eye contact with Tod. Tod leans back into Patrick. They kiss again.


Scene 3


Holly and Harold’s room. It looks divided. Holly sits on her mattress and Harold is sitting on the floor across the room.

Holly: Harold?

Harold: Yeah?

Holly: What was Dad yelling about?

Harold: He wanted me to turn on the TV.

Holly: He wanted you to turn [_on _]TV?

Harold: Yeah, I wanted to watch TV so I told him to leave.

Holly: Why did he have to leave?

Harold: I don’t want to be around him.

Holly is noticeably confused, but nods in agreement, attempting to make him feel safe.

Holly: Okay.

Harold: I’m just scared that things won’t be good. And that nothing is going to be okay, since he is mean.

Holly: Everything is going to be fine, Harold. He’s just moody.

Harold: You promise?

Holly: Cross my heart.

There is a long pause, Harold is struggling with something, and wants to say something?

Harold: [_(mumbling) _]Do you and Jeremy love each other?

Holly: I can’t hear you Harold.

Harold: Do you and Jeremy love each other?

Holly is obviously bothered by the question

Holly: Where in the hell did that come from?

Harold: I was just wondering.

Holly looks at the floor, avoiding eye contact

Holly: That’s a really complicated question.

Harold: So you don’t love Jeremy?

Holly: I didn’t say that!

Harold: Then you do!

Holly: That’s not what I’m saying…

Harold: Why don’t you know? He’s your boyfriend.

Holly: Harold, what the hell?! What is your fucking problem?

Harold: That’s a bad word.

Holly: And you’re a bad kid!

Holly and Harold silently stare at each other. Holly is livid and angry, and Harold is confused and hurt. Harold fights to say something, and can’t seem to say anything. He is obviously intimidated.

Harold: Okay…

Harold heads for the door, with a look of disdain. Holly realizes she hurt him deeply

Holly: Harold I didn’t mean that.

Harold: Yeah, you did.

Harold exits

Holly: Harold wait!

Holly slams her face into a pillow in frustration. She pulls out her phone, and it rings, and eventually goes to voicemail.


Holly: Jeremy, I don’t know what the hell to do.



Scene 4


Amy’s in her room, which is small and minimal. Amy is pacing, packing a duffel bag with lingerie, heels, and makeup and a few other things. She is distressed.


Amy: [_(on the phone) _] I'm sorry I'm running late, I'm trying my best to get there on time but there's so much- yes sir, I understand, but there was no way to prevent this today. Sir please listen to me-Sir! ( [_pause, listening to the man on the phone) _]Yes, I’ll be there in 20 minutes max. [_(Calling to Harold) _]C’mon Harold. Get in the car, I’ll be right down.

Harold: [_(from offstage) _]Where are we going?

Amy: Work, you’ve got to come with me today.

Harold: [_(from offstage) _]Why?!

Amy: Because your sister is leaving soon, and your fathers’ at work.

Harold: I don’t want to go.

Amy: I’m sorry Harold, but you have to. Car. Now.

Harold: Okay.

Amy grabs her bag, takes a deep breath, and quickly exits. Amy and Holly speak from offstage

Amy: Bye Holly! Have fun with Aunt Caitlin!

Holly: Will do!

Holly quietly and carefully enters Amy’s room, looking under her mattress, and in her nightstand drawer, finding a small amount of cash, nervously handles it, and eventually closes the nightstand drawer, and exits the stage.


The scene changes into a dressing room, women crowd it in heavy makeup, lingerie, and housecoats. Amy takes Harold to a mirror “Karma” is seen on the top of it. Amy begins to get ready.

Harold: Why are all the girls not dressed?

Amy: (hesitantly) They are dressed, they’re going swimming.

Harold: Where?

Amy: In a pool.

Harold: Where’s the pool?

Amy is rapidly trying to think, and is stumped by the question. A girl with the mirror next to Amy’s, who is packing up and getting ready to leave. She sees her struggle, and immediately pipes in.

Kandi: It’s downstairs, it’s for women only, it’s super boring, I just got out. I can hang out with you while your mom goes down.

Amy is stunned by the kindness of the girl, and immediately mouths “Thank you” to Kandi, and heads out into the club.

Kandi: I’m Kandi, nice to meet ya, kid.

Harold: Your name is Candy?

Kandi: Yeah, we all got our weird stuff. What’s yours?

Harold: Harold.

Kandi: Sweet name. What do you like to do?

Harold: I have a sweet name? Your name is Candy! (giggles)

Kandi: I guess you’re right! (laughs with Harold) What do you like to do, again?

Harold: I like to play games.

Kandi: Sick! What games?

Harold: Beyblades and Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh.

Kandi: Beyblades?

Harold: [_(excitedly) _]Yeah! They’re little tops and you put them in the launcher and you launch them into the Beystadium and then spin and you can battle them! I have 4 different attack ones and 2 balance ones!

Kandi: You know a lot about Beyblades.

Harold: Yeah, I do! I have the books too!

Kandi: There are books?

Harold: Yeah. They help you play good.

Kandi: Awesome! You said you like Pokemon? I loved Pokemon!

Harold: I love Pokemon. I have so many cards.

Kandi: How many?

Harold: I have 340 Pokemon cards, but I have a lot of doubles.

Kandi: Yeah, I can see where you’d end up with a lot of doubles.

Harold: Do you watch the show?

Kandi: Of course!

Harold: Me too! I like Ash and Misty but I don’t like Brock anymore.

Kandi: Brock gets pretty annoying.

Harold pulls out his Pokemon cards from his backpack.

Harold: You wanna see my cards?!

Kandi: Of course!

Harold and Kandi look at his cards.

_Lights fade out _


Scene 5


Holly, Jeremy, Jenny, and Joe sit around a table, seemingly at a restaurant. They are all laughing and enjoying themselves.

Joe: So Jenny had to run to the post office and get the letter out of the postbox before it sent!

Light laughter from the table

Jenny: Where’s Harold going tonight, Hol?

Holly: My mom took him to work with her.

Joe: Isn’t your mom a domestic engineer?

Jeremy: What the hell is a domestic engineer, Joseph.

Joe: It’s fancy talk for housewife.

Jenny: “fancy talk”? Joe, where the hell did you come up with that?

Light laughter from the table

Joe: I found it on the internet. But seriously, Holly. I thought your mom didn’t have a job.

Holly: I thought so too, but I guess she has one. I don’t know.

Joe: Maybe she’s a hooker.

Jenny: Joe, would you stop.

Jeremy: That would mean she took Harold with her to go hook up with a weird bald guy in his 50s.

Holly: That’s oddly specific.

Jenny: It’s what he does on the weekends.

Jeremy: ([_sarcastically) _]Ha-ha, you guys.

Holly: She probably works at a Wal-mart or something, to make ends meet.

Joe: That sounds depressing.

Jeremy: Yes, because working in a Wal-mart is so much worse than being a hooker.

Joe: It doesn’t pay as well.

Holly: And you would know, how?

Joe: Common sense.

Jenny: [_(Changing the subject) _]Anyways, congratulations on the basketball game win, you two.

Holly: 56 to 24, it was awesome.

Joe: (Jokingly arrogant) Well what can I say, I’m amazing.

Jenny: (rolls her eyes and kisses Joe’s cheek)

Jeremy: Well, now I feel neglected.

Holly looks down, avoiding eye contact with Jeremy. There is an awkward pause.

Holly: (changing the subject) Speaking of Harold, he got in a huge fight with my dad this afternoon.

Jenny: What happened?

Holly: He didn’t tell me everything, but Dad was pissed that Harold wouldn’t turn on the TV.

Joe: Your dad was upset he didn’t turn [_on _]the TV?

Holly: That’s what I said! But I guess he was mad because Harold refuses to do anything with my dad in the room.

Jeremy: Damn. That’s harsh.

Jenny: Yeah, that’s fucked up. Have they been fighting a lot lately?

Holly: No, not really, I guess. They don’t interact much, Dad’s always at work.

Joe: Holly, your Dad’s a teacher, he shouldn’t be at work that late.

Holly: He probably just likes grading papers in the classroom, rather than at home.

Jenny, Joe, and Jeremy can all tell something is up, but don’t want to upset Holly. There is an awkward pause.

Jeremy: ([_puts his arm around Holly) _]You’re probably right.

Jenny: [_(internally disagrees) _]Yeah, that sounds reasonable.

Holly: Thanks, guys.

Jeremy: Holly, can I talk to you? Outside?

Holly: Yeah? Sure I guess.

Jeremy: We’ll be right back, guys.

Jenny: Alrighty.

Joe: Don’t die.

The lights on the table dim, and Jeremy and Holly are standing under the light on the side of the stage.

Holly: Is everything okay?

Jeremy: Yeah of course, I’m just worried about you.

Holly: Worried about me? What the hell Jeremy, I’m fine.

Jeremy: You sure?

Holly: Of course I’m sure, why wouldn’t I be.

Jeremy: You just seem a little distant lately, and I wanted to make sure you were alright, and your voice mail was kinda concerning.

Holly: I was just frustrated at Harold, that’s all, everything’s okay. I swear.

Jeremy: [_(unconvinced) _]Okay, Holly. If you’re sure.

Holly: I’m sure.

They get closer, and it seems they might kiss. Holly pulls away.

Holly: No.

Jeremy: No?

Holly: Not here, not right now, okay?

Jeremy: Did I do something wrong? I thought that was the right moment-

Holly : Just…not right now, okay? Please just trust me, it's not you. There's nothing wrong, jus- just not right now.

Jeremy: Sure, I get it.

Holly: Good.

Jeremy: Yeah

Holly looks at her feet, and Jeremy looks at her. They meet gazes and Holly looks back down. She is obviously conflicted.

Jeremy: Holly, I love you.

Holly stares at him, in shock.

Holly: Um…

Jeremy looks at her, waiting. Holly puts her hands behind her back and crosses her fingers.

Holly:[_ _]Yeah…I love you too


Scene 6


The dressing room of the strip club. Kandi and Harold are still looking at Harold’s Pokemon cards. Amy is dressed, and packing up her bag to leave.

Amy: Harold, are you ready to leave?

Harold: No! I’m having fun!

Amy: We have to go.

Kandi: It’s okay, kid, I come here a lot. We can hang out another time.

Harold: You promise?

Kandi: Most def. Pinkie promise.

They interlock pinkies, and Harold hugs Kandi really tight.

Harold: Bye Candy!

Kandi: Bye Harold!

Amy walks offstage with Harold, and Harold is smiling. Kandi looks at them leaving and smiles.

Lights fade and the stage is now a living room similar to the Jamisons’, but with less people.

Amy knocks on the door. Caitlin answers.

Caitlin: Hey Amy. Hi there, Harold.

Amy: I’m here to pick up Hadley and Holly.

Caitlin: Holly?

Amy: Yes [(worried and suspicious) _]She was _supposed to be with you tonight.

Caitlin: [_(Covering for her) _]Oh, yeah! Holly! She was exhausted, so I dropped her off at your house, so she could get some peace and quiet.

Amy: Oh. Okay.

Caitlin: Hadley’s asleep. Why don’t you sit down for a moment.

Amy: I really should be getting home.-

Caitlin: Amy, you need to take a break for a moment.

Amy reluctantly sits down, on one of Caitlin’s chairs.

Caitlin: How was work?

Amy: It was fine, I suppose.

Caitlin: Where do you work again, Amy?

Amy: [_(flustered) _]Uh…

Harold: She works at a pool!

Caitlin: A pool?

Amy: Yep, a pool, I work at a pool.

Harold: I met a friend there! Her name is Candy! It’s a women’s only pool, so she let me play with her while Mom went swimming.

Caitlin: Is that so!

Harold: Yep! We played Pokemon and talked about Beyblades and-

Caitlin: Harold, how about you go in the family room. I recorded some TV for you.

Harold: Pokemon?!

Caitlin: Indeed.

Harold excitedly runs offstage

Caitlin: Were you going to tell me you worked at a strip club?

Amy: Harold told you?

Caitlin: I was suspicious when Holly called me to watch Hadley. Did you forget you had a 2 year old, Amy?

Amy: No, I just-

Caitlin: And you took Harold with you? What in the hell were you thinking.

Amy: I didn’t want him to stay alone with you.

Caitlin: What?!

Amy: Well, you’re a—you know, and I don’t want him to be afraid that girls aren’t interested in him because he’s a boy.

Caitlin: You took your son to a strip club, so that he wouldn’t know that I’m a lesbian?!

Amy: You know how I feel about the homosexual lifestyle, Caitlin.

Caitlin: Lifestyle? Amy, if we’re going to shame others for their [_(air quotes) _]“sins”, how would your church like it if they knew you worked at a strip club?

Amy: It’s not as bad.

Caitlin laughs and shrugs off Amy’s anger and homophobia.

Caitlin: Amy, how much have you been drinking?

Amy: Are you saying I’m drinking because I don’t support your…stuff?

Caitlin: No, Amy, I’m asking because you forgot about your 2 year old daughter…and brought your 8 year old son to a strip club.

Amy: I have my reasons, I’m not drinking.

Caitlin: Your reasons? Amy, I’m asking because I care about you.

Amy: I’m not drinking.

Caitlin: And what would Harold say about that, if I asked.

Amy looks down at her shoes, embarrassed.

Caitlin: Exactly. I love you, Amy. Whether you like it or not, I’m still your sister, and I care about you.

Amy: I’m fine. I’m doing fine, Caitlin.

Caitlin: And what does Tod think about all this?

Amy : He- [_(pause) _]He doesn’t know.

Caitlin: [_(un-phased) _]And why is that?

Amy: Can you not be my fucking therapist right now?!

Caitlin: Where does he think all this extra money comes from?

Amy: I told him I work at a call center.

Caitlin: A call center?

Amy: You know, a customer service call center.

Caitlin: How much does he think call centers workers make?!

Amy: I-I don’t know.

Caitlin: You need to communicate with him, Amy.

Amy: I can’t. He’s barely at home.

Caitlin: Where is he?

Amy: At work.

Caitlin: He’s in a high school at 2 in the morning?

Amy: Yes, he grades tests.

Caitlin knows Tod and Amy are lying, but doesn’t address the issue, as she doesn’t think it’s a huge problem for Amy at the moment, and investigating  her may cause more harm than good. She drops the issue.

Caitlin: Well, it is late. You might as well take Hadley and Harold home.

Amy: Thank you for watching them.

Caitlin: Anytime.

Amy begins to head out the door.

Caitlin: Oh, and Amy. [_Please _]be safe.

Caitlin watches them leave, bothered by the conversation, and concerned for Amy.

Lights Fade Out

Scene 7


Patrick’s apartment. Patrick is asleep in the bed. Tod is sitting on the edge of the bed. Deep in thought.

The room is dimly lit. Shoes and shirts are seen on the floor, indicating they had sex.


Tod takes out his phone, and begins to type.

Tod : “Amy, I will be home tonight. Please do not wait up, I'll be in soon. It's late. I had to.” Fuck. Shit uh- “I had so many papers to grade, I wish I could've been home sooner.”


Tod looks at Patrick. He looks conflicted. He begins to button his shirt, and put on his shoes. He grabs his briefcase, and fills it with the notebooks he brought, to make the briefcase seem heavy. He reaches to get his shoe, and he sees a wedding photo.

Tod: [_(to Patrick, still asleep) _]I bet you really loved him. You probably would’ve given up the world for him then, eh? Things change so fast. One minute you’re crying, watching a beautiful girl in a dress come down the aisle and ten years later you see the same fucking girl and you feel [_nothing. _]Another two years, and you see the same girl and you feel angry. Angry you married her. Angry you could be so stupid to marry someone you didn’t love.

Tod’s anger dies down into sadness, and he looks down at the picture of Roger and Patrick. He begins to tear up.

Tod: But I did love her. I loved her with everything in me. And now? Now I-I hate her. I see her and I feel like a failure. I spend my days with a woman I hate. And Harold knows that. I can tell. He’s so protective of her. I don’t even love my own fucking kid. What in hell is wrong with me? And I’ll never see that fucking girl in that dress and feel happy again. I’ve wasted my life on a life not worth anything.

In a fit of rage and anger, Tod throws the picture of Patrick and Roger on the ground and storms out of the room.

Patrick wakes up, looks around for Tod, and sees the picture frame. He gets up to look at it. He picks it up.

Patrick: Shit.

Lights blackout on Patrick. The room switches into the Jamison’s living room. It is empty, and quiet. Tod enters, looking frustrated and upset. He immediately begins taking every photo album off the living room shelves, laying them out on the floor. He sits down, flipping through them.

Tod: Wedding vows? She kept these? (reading from the album) “Amy, with all my love, I take you to be my wife. I will love you through good and the bad, through joy and the sorrow. I will trust in you completely. Together we will face all of life’s experiences and share one another’s dreams and goals. I promise I will be your equal partner in a loving, honest relationship, for as long as we both shall live.”

Tod stares at this for several seconds. Then flipping the page.

Tod: (Speaking seemingly at the photos) I hate you, Amy. I hate you. I hate you. I hate your fucking kids. I hate our house. I hate these vows. And these pictures.

Tod begins tearing the photos in half, becoming increasingly more angry.

Tod: I hate your dress. I hate the chairs, and the flowers.

Tosses the album across the room, picking up a photo album reading “Holly” on the front

Tod: I hate this hospital.

Holly enters the room, silently, watching her father rip apart her baby photos

Tod: I hate the baby showers, and the stupid animal toys. I hate the pink everywhere. I hate the rattles, and the pacifiers, and the high chairs. I hate our fucking kid, Amy.

Holly covers her mouth with her hand, silently sobbing as she watches her father destroy her photos.

Tod: (Throws another destroyed album across the room and picks up Harold’s baby book) I hate the blue rooms, Amy. I hate the little baseballs. I hate the baby bottles. I hate the medical fees. I hate the Pokemon cards. I hate him more than I hate you Amy.

Tod turns to throw the album across the room, and see Holly standing there.

Tod: Holly I-I didn’t mean it. I’m just angry, and I-I didn’t mean any of that.

Holly looks at him, and then at the torn pictures of her and her family all across the floor. She fights to meet his gaze. Until after an intense pause. She looks him in the eye.

Holly: [_(fighting back tears) _]Yeah, you did.

Holly exits

Tod: Holly wait-

Tod looks at the floor, and the mess he has created. He cleans it up, in hope Amy won’t see it. He comes across the picture of his wife in her wedding dress, and begins to cry. He runs his fingers over the pieces of the picture several times. He puts the torn picture in his briefcase.


Scene 8


Outside. Holly is walking to meet Jeremy. She is visibly distressed after seeing what her father did. She looks around to find Jeremy, but he is not outside yet.


Holly: (She pulls out her phone and calls him) Hey babe, I’m on South 55th Street. I’m near your house. Yeah. I’m almost there, can you see me?

Holly walks near the other side of the stage. Jeremy is there.

Holly: Jeremy.

Holly walks up to him, and without a thought kisses him.

Jeremy: Holly!

Holly: Yeah?

Jeremy: Who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend.

They laugh

Holly: She’s long fucking gone.

Jeremy: No, but seriously, Hol. What happened?

Holly: Dad tore up my baby pictures.

Jeremy: What?

Holly: I found him in the living room earlier, he had torn up almost all of Mom and his wedding pictures. I saw him rip up mine and Harold’s, going off about how much he hated us. He saw me, and he went off about how he didn’t mean it. But I’m not stupid. I know he meant it. He’s always felt that way about Harold and me. He never loved Mom either did he?

Jeremy: Holly he probably-

Holly: It’s always about him, isn’t it? Work, and work and work. He never stops to think about Mom or about Harold, or about Me. He never gave a fuck about us. NEVER. And maybe I was a fool to trust him, to believe he loved us in the first place. To ever-

Jeremy: Holly, please-

Holly : -think that he would want us. Why would he have married Mom in the first place, huh? Did he marry her so he could have some piece of ass to love him when nobody else would? Why the fuck is he still here if he hates us so much? Why doesn't he go move out and marry some other girl, with other kids? Because he obviously-

Jeremy kisses Holly. And she visibly calms down.

Jeremy: I need you to calm down, Holly.

Holly: I like you.

Jeremy: I like too, Holly, Obviously.

Holly: No,[_ _]I [_like _] you.

Jeremy: I know Holly, we already talked about this.

Holly: Jeremy. I just-I don’t know what to do.

Jeremy: I know.

The lights fade, and it turns into Jeremy’s bedroom. Holly sits on top of his bed, and Jeremy sits next to her.

Holly: I don’t understand him, I don’t get why he doesn’t love us. I don’t understand why he’s still here. Are we not enough for him, Jeremy? Why aren’t we enough? Is it because I get C’s in his class. Or I’m dating a basketball player instead of a history buff? Is it because Mom doesn’t have a job, or because Harold doesn’t play sports? Why can’t we be enough for him?

Jeremy: It’s not you, Holly. It’s not you, or your mom, or Harold, or Hadley. It’s all him. When people leave, it means they’re done, okay? Done with everything, done with their wife, their kids. He said he hated you, and that’s a shitty thing to say, but he hasn’t left Holly. It isn’t over until it’s over. He could’ve said it and not meant it. That happens, people get angry, and upset. They say things they don’t mean. I don’t think he could ever hate you, Hol. [_(Jeremy smiles) _]You’re kinda hard to hate.

They giggle a little

Jeremy: I promise you, if he hasn’t left yet. He’s not done. He doesn’t hate you. He’s just having a hard time right now, okay?

Holly: You sure?

Jeremy: Positive.

They look at each other, and Holly eases up. Visibly losing her edge.

Holly: Jeremy?

Jeremy: Hm?

Holly: I-uh. I really like you.

Jeremy: Uh, okay?

Holly: And I want to prove to you that I’m not a prude.

Jeremy: I never thought you were, Holly.

Holly: My family goes to-

Jeremy: I know, what church they go to Holly.

Holly: And they—we have a reputation for being a—well, a stick in the mud.

Jeremy: I think I’d call it more than a stick in the mud, Hol. They’re not good people there. I’ve met your family, and I really don’t know why you go there. I don’t comprehend how your family can be so idiotic as to-

Holly: Uh…

Jeremy: Shit, sorry I didn’t mean it like that. That church is just…

Holly: I know. That wasn’t my point.

Jeremy : My bad- continue on.

They laugh

Holly: We’ve been dating for a while and-I uh-um. I think-. Uh…

Jeremy sees where she is going and moves closer to her.

Jeremy: You got this.

Holly: Sorry, I’m being stupid and awkward.

Jeremy: You’re fine, Holly. Spit it out.

Holly: I think we should fuck.

Holly immediately realizes how blunt that was and gets embarrassed. Jeremy laughs.

Jeremy: That was…blunt.

Holly: I mean-uh. I mean we should take things to the next level. And stuff, ya know? Like, I don’t know.

Jeremy: You do know. You want to fuck.

Holly blushes a bit. Jeremy laughs at Holly’s embarrassed nature, and Holly seems flustered.

Holly: I’m sorry, I shouldn’t of said that. That was weird. Like, really weird. Like what the fuck was I thinking weird.

Jeremy: I think you’re just fine.

Their faces get closes, and Jeremy kisses her. Holly leans back.


Scene 9


Caitlin and Lilian’s living room. They sit, sipping tea and coffee, talking to each other.


Caitlin: I just don’t understand how she is so oblivious to her husband’s lies…

Lilian: You must understand, dear that people will only see what they’re ready to believe.

Caitlin: He’s destroying their marriage!

Lilian: Caity, she’s secretly working at a strip club. It’s both of their bad choices that’s going to ruin them, and you don’t even know what Tod is doing that he’s covering up. It could be nothing.

Caitlin: …and the kids, Jesus, Lilian, she took her son to a strip club, for God’s sake. She forgot she had a fucking two year old. It’s gotten. Out. Of. Control.

Lilian: I don’t know what I can do for you, Caity. She made a mistake, but she hasn’t proven herself an unfit parent. Harold is just fine. He told you he made a friend!

Caitlin: With a stripper!

Lilian: Still. He has been afraid to speak to strangers since he was 4. That’s huge for him…and Holly seems okay, she’s living her life just fine.

Caitlin: And how do we know that?! I covered for her, she was supposed to be here. Who knows where she could’ve gone!

Lilian: I trust her, she’s a smart girl. She wouldn’t do anything crazy.

Caitlin: How do you know?

Lilian: Because she knew to bring Hadley here. She brought her phone with her. She updated twitter on where she was.

Caitlin: You follow her on twitter? You have a twitter?

Lilian: I’m allowed to have the cool new shit people use now…and of course I follow her, Caity. She’s my niece too.

Caitlin: You’re such a nerd sometimes, you know that.

They laugh

Caitlin: Where was she though?

Lilian: She went out to a restaurant with her friends.

Caitlin: That’s it?

Lilian: That’s all it says.

Caitlin: What exactly did it say?

Lilian: My god, my love, you are so nosy!

Caitlin: I believe I asked a question.

They laugh

Lilian: (reading off her phone) “Out with the Bae and some friends. Exciting night out.”

Caitlin: The bae?

Lilian: It basically means boyfriend, or someone significant…and I don’t think she’s one of us, so…

Caitlin: Holly has a boyfriend?!

Lilian: As far as I can tell, yes.

Caitlin: She’s growing up, my god.

Lilian: Feel better?

Caitlin: Much, thank you, love.

Lilian: It’s my job.

They kiss

Caitlin: How is Harold doing in school, by the way?

Lilian: He’s getting better in his work, but he refuses to socialize. It frustrating as hell. He refuses to speak to anyone other than me. He won’t work with anyone.

Caitlin: Christ, why?

Lilian: I don’t know, he’s just asocial, I guess.

Caitlin: Then why would he have made friends with the stripper?

Lilian: Caitlin, calm down. Breathe. He’s fine. He’s doing well in school. He isn’t your responsibility.

Caitlin: I didn’t say he was, but with Amy being so unstable lately, I don’t trust her judgments with Harold.

Lilian: Amy is trustworthy enough to make sure he gets to class, and gets home as well. And even when she isn’t, Holly is there to help him. I promise, Caitlin. Everything is going to be okay. Relax.

Caitlin: Okay okay. I’m relaxed it’s fine.

Lilian and Caitlin curl up on the couch together. They turn on the news and all of a sudden, their faces drop.

A news reporter’s voice is heard.

News Reporter: A car crash occurred tonight, with a drunk driver. The driver crashed into a street light on Metropolitan Avenue with 2 children aged 8 and 2 in the backseat. It appears that everyone in the accident is alive, with only a few injuries. As far as we know at the time, none of which are fatal.

Lilian: That’s Amy’s car…

Caitlin: Holy shit.

Lilian: I’m sure they will be fine, the news said they were. Wait, Amy was just over here! Caitlin did she have a drink while she was over?

_Lights Fade Out. _


Scene 10


Jeremy’s room. Holly and Jeremy have obviously had sex. They are in Jeremy’s bed, both sitting up.

Holly: Holy shit.

Jeremy: Yeah. Holy shit.

It is awkward. The teenagers seem awkward and don’t know what to say.

Holly: What do we do now?

They awkwardly laugh. Jeremy looks at her, and gets closer to Holly. Holly looks down and giggles. Jeremy kisses her. She kisses him back.

They break apart, laughing.

Holly: I don’t know what to say after your-uh-dick was-

Jeremy: Yeah.

They laugh. Holly gets out of the bed, and Jeremy follows her. Holly is embarrassed and awkward.

Jeremy: You aren’t leaving yet, are you?

Holly: I mean-I guess? I’m not sure if I’m ready to go home after-

Jeremy: Let’s not talk about your dad right now. Stay calm.

Holly: Calm.

The moment is quiet. She looks at him. He takes her shoulders.

Jeremy: I love you, Holly Jamison.

Holly: I-

Holly is so overwhelmed with emotion. She kisses Jeremy, more passionately then we’ve seen them kiss before.

Holly: I-uh-yeah-same. Cool.

They kiss again. Everything is tense. Holly’s phone rings.

Jeremy: Holly, your phone.

Between kisses.

Holly: Ignore it.

Jeremy is concerned, but doesn’t object to her kissing him

Jeremy: It could be your dad.

Holly: Fuck him.

Holly keeps kissing him, Jeremy can tell something’s wrong. He breaks the kiss.

Jeremy: Holly, enough.

Holly: What do you mean?

Jeremy: You can’t hide from him.

Holly: I’m not hiding, I’m taking a break from him.

Jeremy: Holly…

Holly: Let me run away for a while. Let me be free of him. Just another couple hours. I promise.

Jeremy: Okay, Holly. A couple hours.

Holly: I mean if you don’t want-

Jeremy: Oh I want to.

_They kiss again. Holly is more intense than she was before, obviously angry at her father, and using Jeremy as her way out. Jeremy attempts to calm Holly down. _

Jeremy: Holly.

Holly: Mhmm?

Jeremy: I wanna show you something.

Holly: Okay?

Jeremy pulls out a piece of paper.

Holly: You kept this? Jeremy, I gave this to you in 7th grade!

Jeremy: Of course I kept it. Not everyday you get a note from a girl you like.

Holly: (Holly laughs) “Dear Jeremy, you’re really cute and stuff. Jenny says we would be cute together.”

Jeremy: 2 years. It took me two years to ask you out after that note.

Holly: Why’d you wait so long?

Jeremy: I’m not sure. A waste of two years if you ask me.

Holly is blushing and smiling uncontrollably.

Holly: Jeremy, you’re so-

She stares down at the note and runs her fingers over the note.

Holly: I love you, Jeremy.

They stand close. They hug and Holly begins to cry. She hugs him tighter. They look at each other for a while. Jeremy kisses her. Holly is still crying, he wipes the tears off her cheeks.

Holly: I’m sorry. I’m being such a dork, I don’t typically cry at this type of shit. I’m being stupid, I’m sorry.

Jeremy: You’re fine Holly. It’s fine.

They kiss, Jeremy leads her back to the bed. She leans back, they continue to kiss.

Holly’s phone rings again, yet they continue to kiss. It does not get answered.


Scene 11


Lilian and Tod are in a school classroom, Lilian is behind the desk.


Lilian: Thank you for coming in, Mr. Jamison.

Tod: Sure. Is everything okay?

Lilian: Well, not entirely. You see, Harold has been drawing some, well, inappropriate drawings in class.

Tod: Inappropriate, how?

Lilian hands him the drawing, a woman in lingerie.

Lilian: He drew this for our project on what our parents do. He told us his mother works at a pool, and I’m just concerned about what he’s being exposed to at home.

Tod: Mrs. Stevens this can’t be Harold’s drawing. He’s never seen this stuff, Amy works at a call center.

Lilian: I see, this just seems to be a red flag I can’t ignore. I know your family is struggling, with Amy’s incident the other night, and now this. My job requires me to make sure I’m doing my best to keep my students safe. I’m worried about Harold’s exposure to sex and alcohol, he’s only 8. He shouldn’t know about this, nor should he be sharing these images with the class.

Tod: I understand your concern, Mrs. Stevens, but I assure my home is very safe. We don’t have alcohol in our home, and Harold isn’t exposed to any sexual imagery. Our TV is heavily monitored.

Lilian: I’m sorry, but after Amy’s DUI, I have trouble believing-

Tod: What DUI? Amy never got a DUI. Amy doesn’t even drink!

Lilian: Mr. Jamison, it was on the news on Wednesday night. Amy was in a car accident while driving home from Caitlin and I’s home. They took a breathalyzer test, she was drunk.

Tod: You gave her alcohol, and then let her drive home?

Lilian: She didn’t drink anything while she was there, I can assure you of that. She was there only for about 20 minutes to pick up Hadley and take Harold home.

Tod: The kids were in the car?

Lilian: Yes. How did you not know about this?

Tod: I haven’t been home.

Lilian: May I ask where you’ve been?

Tod: At work.

Lilian: And you work, where, again?

Tod: Turner High School. I’m a teacher.

Lilian: That’s not very likely, Mr. Jamison. You couldn’t be working at the high school that late.

Tod: (getting defensive) Well I was!

Lilian: Mr. Jamison I highly-

Tod: If you’re going to call me into your office to talk about my kid, then talk about my fucking kid. I’m not your problem, Lilian.

Lilian: Mr. Jamison, I think you need to-

Tod: Good day, Mrs. Stevens.[_(Expecting a response) _]…I said good day!

Tod exits, angrily

The scene shifts to Amy and Tod’s bedroom. He begins emptying out all of Amy’s things. Looking through her drawers. He finds a drawer full of lingerie, heels, makeup, and other products of the sort.

Tod: Amy, why?



Scene 12


The lights open onto Tod, he is now in the living room. However, only a small portion of the stage is lit, and only a small bit of the living room is on stage.

Tod has a piece of paper, and he writes on a coffee table, shakily.

Tod: My dear family, I could not be the father I wanted to be, and I apologize for that. I could never have been enough for you. I made mistake after mistake. I must pay for my sins. I can not express my love for you, that I will one day regain.

The lights dim (but are still lit) over Tod. In another portion of the stage, Amy is standing in the dressing room of the strip club, the the other girls are animate, but essentially stop moving when she speaks.

Amy: I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. I have a DUI, I don’t have a license, my family hates me. My sister doesn’t trust me as a mother, and I’ve failed Harold. I showed him this world.


Once again, the lights dim on Amy, but still light her area. On another area of the stage, Harold stands next to Kandi.

Harold: All the other boys are chasing all the girls around, and they want to date them one day. Dad says I’m supposed to like all these girls, but I don’t understand that. I’m scared of being different from all the other boys. Everyone else already thinks I’m weird.

The lights dim on Harold, and Holly is shown in the bathroom of her home, holding a pregnancy test, crying.

Holly: I never thought this would happen, I was just trying to have fun. I love him, how could this happen when I love him. It was such a perfect night. I’m too young to be a mom. I can’t do this. I can’t do this at all.

The lights are fully lit on all the Jamisons in their areas. They speak, finishing each others sentences.

Tod: I’m sorry that I will never be a good-

Holly : -parent to a baby! I'm afraid, how can I ever-

Harold : -make friends when I'm not like anybody else! Nobody will ever-

Tod : -truly understand the pain I feel, to do this. I hope that the world will not-

Amy : -think I'm a bad person. I'm doing all I can to make ends meet. I'm so embarrassed-

Holly : -to have done this. I feel like a slut. Like an-

Harold: alien who doesn’t fit in with anybody else. All the-

Tod : -guys at work love their wives so much. Why can't I-

Amy : -have a stable marriage. Why is Tod such an asshole?! He never thinks to-

Harold : -Ask how I am! It's always about the bills or dad's job! What about-

Holly : -my future! My education! My boyfriend! How can I live-

Tod : -when I can never be truly happy. I know that-

Harold : -they love me, but maybe I just want to be understood. To feel-

Amy : -like people care about me, for a change! How am I going-

Holly : -to afford to take care of it! I'm a teenager. I'm not old enough to-

Amy : -sit around and do nothing while my husband does all the work! But how am I supposed to-

Harold : -fit in, when I don't play sports or like girls. I just-

Tod : -feel like this is the best way to tell-

Holly : -Jeremy that I'm pregnant with his child. He'd never-

Amy : -understand why I have to do this. He's not smart enough to-

Harold : -get into anything! I'm just some dumb kid-

Holly : -who's pregnant with another kid! I just feel-

Amy : -Afraid-

Harold : -Alone-

Holly : -Ashamed-

Amy : -Embarrassed-

Holly : -Worried-

Harold : -Scared-

Amy : -Overwhelmed-

Holly : -Humiliated-

Everything comes to a halt. Tod takes a deep breath.

Tod : -Free.

The lights go out. There is a flash of light and a gunshot

End of Act 1.

Scene 1


Caitlin and Amy’s living room. Amy, Caitlin and Lilian sit on the couches.

Caitlin: How are you feeling, Amy?

Amy is closed off and isolated.

Caitlin: Amy? Talk to us.

Lilian: We understand that this is hard to work through. You can’t do this alone, Amy. We’re here for you.

Amy: I’m fine.

Caitlin: Your husband committed suicide 2 days ago. You’re not fine.

Amy: I know when my husband committed suicide, Caitlin.

Lilian: It’s okay to not be okay right now, Amy.

Amy: But I am okay! Why do I have to care that he’s dead. Why do I have to be hurt? Huh? Am I supposed to be crippled with grief? Am I supposed to constantly think about how I’ll never see him again? About how I would’ve been able to stop him if I wasn’t working? About how it could be my fault?

Lilian: Amy, it’s not your fault.

Amy: How do you know?

Caitlin: Suicide is a personal decision. He was most likely overwhelmed. It’s nobody’s fault. You can’t blame yourself for this.

Amy: What if I had been a better wife?

Lilian: Don’t spend your time in the what-ifs. You can’t change the past. You can only change how it impacts your future.

Amy is sunken in grief. She has let go of her facade of fearlessness. She begins to cry.

Amy: I just wished I loved him.

Caitlin: But you don’t, and you never did. You weren’t in love with him, Amy.

Lilian: Don’t let yourself romanticize him just because he’s dead. Two days ago, he was making you unhappy. Just because he’s dead doesn’t mean he’s a better person.

Amy nods, still crying. She hugs Caitlin, and gets up.

Amy: I don’t want to go home yet, can I sleep in your bedroom?

Caitlin: Of course you can, Amy. Whatever we can do to help.

Amy exits.

Caitlin: I’m worried about her, Lil.

Lilian: I know, me too. These things-they happen.

Caitlin: It’s hard to see her like this.

Lilian: I know.

Caitlin looks at Lilian, looking for comfort.

Lilian: I know.

They kiss.

Caitlin: The kids they-

Lilian: They’ll be okay, Caity. Holly is at home with Harold and Hadley.

Caitlin: They don’t have a dad.

Lilian: (Emotionally bothered) They didn’t have one to begin with.

Caitlin: What are we going to do, Lilian? I don’t know what to do.

Lilian: We’re going to help in whatever way we can. We’re going to be okay, and so are they.

Caitlin: You promise?

Lilian: Cross my heart.

They kiss.

Lights fade out.

Scene 2


Holly and Jeremy are in Harold’s room. Holly and Jeremy are sitting on her bed. Holly is struggling to tell Jeremy something.

Holly: I love you, Jeremy. So much. And I just-

Jeremy: I love you too, Hol. Calm down. What’s wrong?

Holly: I didn’t mean for this to happen. I never thought it’d happen to me. I thought everything would be okay, I was happy, it was one of the best nights of my life. I fucked it up, just like everything else. I fuck everything up, Jeremy, and I’m afraid to tell you because you’re the best person I’ve ever met and I’m afraid to lose you.

Jeremy looks at Holly, concerned. Holly looks down at the floor.

Jeremy: Holly, look at me.

Holly looks up at Jeremy

Jeremy: Nothing you could ever do would make me stop loving you. I’m here for the long haul, Holly. I’m not going anywhere.

Holly starts crying.

Holly: Jeremy-I. J-Jeremy. I-

Holly pulls out the pregnancy test

Holly: I’m s-so sorry. It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t of-

Jeremy without a thought kisses her.

Jeremy: I’m not leaving. Especially not now. Holly, I love you. This-this is fucking scary, I get it. But you’re not going to go through it alone. I’m here for you, I love you.

Holly begins to cry more

Holly: You don’t hate me?

Jeremy: Of course I don’t hate you, Holly. This is not just you. This is us. I’m just as responsible for this as you are.

Holly: I thought you were going to leave. That’s typically what happens.

Jeremy: Yeah? Typical is boring as fuck.

Holly laughs.

Holly: I just-I feel so trapped.

Jeremy: Yeah?

Holly: I mean, all of this feels like it’s happening at once. Dad just-he killed himself and I-

Jeremy: It’s not your fault, Holly.

Holly: You heard me that night, the awful things I said about him. Maybe if I hadn’t-

Jeremy: Holly Jamison. No. It is not your fault.

Holly : I'm just- (she pauses) afraid.

Jeremy: I know, babe. I know.

Holly: Everything is crashing down around me, and I feel like I’m being smothered by all this-this shit that I can’t control.

Jeremy: I know.

Holly: What next, Jeremy? I feel like the world is kicking me while I’m down. I’m afraid. I’m terrified, Jeremy. I-I don’t know what to do anymore.

Jeremy: Then we’ll figure it out. We’ll call it an adventure.

They giggle

Holly: Is there something wrong with me?

Jeremy: Yeah. But it’s the same thing that’s wrong with all of us.

They kiss.

Jeremy: What do you want to do with this baby, Hol?

Holly: I-I don’t know.

Jeremy: You have options, okay? And I’ll support you no matter what you choose.

Holly: I-I don’t think I could get rid of the baby. I’m not ready for that.

Jeremy: Okay.

Holly: But to be honest, I don’t feel like I’m ready for any of this.

Jeremy: That’s okay too.

Holly: I’m not ready to be a mom.

Jeremy: It’s okay, Holly.

Holly: Is it?! Because I don’t feel like it is.

Jeremy: It-It will be.

Holly: You promise?

Jeremy: Cross my heart.

They kiss.

Jeremy: We got this.

_Lights fade out. _

Scene 3


Harold and Kandi are sitting in the dressing room of the strip club. Harold is looking at Pokemon cards. He is deep in thought.

Kandi: What are you thinking about, Kiddo.

Harold: My dad.

Kandi: Your dad? What’s he up to.

Harold: (nonchalant) He shot himself.

Kandi freezes, in horror. Completely in shock.

Kandi: I’m sorry, what?

Harold: What?

Kandi: Your dad-your dad shot himself?

Harold: Yeah.

Kandi: When?!

Harold: Last week.

Kandi: You okay, kiddo?!

Harold: Yeah. It makes sense.

Kandi: It-it makes sense?

Harold: He wasn’t happy.

Kandi: Oh?

Harold: He wasn’t happy, and he was tired of not being happy.

Kandi: Harold-you’re really calm about this.

Harold: We weren’t friends.

Kandi : You weren't- Ok.

Kandi understands that Harold is confused on the subject of death, and decides to leave it alone.

Harold: [_(pulls out Pokemon cards) _]This one is my favorite.

Kandi: Oh yeah?

Harold: Yeah!

Kandi: My favorite is this one.

Harold: I like Squirtle too.

Kandi: He’s pretty cool, I think.

Harold: Mmmhmm!

Amy enters.

Amy begins to get ready to leave. Kandi stands up.

Kandi: I’ll be right back, I need to ask your mom something.

Harold: Ok…

Harold goes back to looking at his cards, and Kandi approaches Amy.

Kandi: Hey, can I talk to you.

Amy is obviously distracted, and speaks while getting ready.

Amy: Mhmm.

Kandi: Harold, uh-he told me something that kinda. Well-bothered me.

Amy: (barely paying attention) What’d he say?

Kandi: He told me-Amy he told me your husband killed himself.

Amy drops her hairbrush. She is humiliated.

Amy: Why did he tell you that?

Kandi: I asked what was on his mind. Amy-are you sure you should be working? It’s okay if you need to take a break?

Amy: I’ve got everything under control, Kandi. Thank you for your concern.

Kandi: I don’t think its-

Amy is still not paying attention to Kandi, and what she’s saying.

Kandi: Hey! LISTEN TO ME! I’m trying to help.

Amy: I’ve spoken to you twice. I don’t need your help.

Kandi: Well, I’m giving it to you.

Amy doesn’t listen. Kandi grabs her shoulder so that they are looking eye to eye.

Kandi: Listen to me. I know you think you’re fine, but you’re not okay. And I know you don’t know me well, but I listen to Harold talk about you all the time. I watch him after work almost every day. You owe me this. You are so convinced that you’re okay, and that everything’s okay, that you won’t acknowledge anything. You came in looking so dead, so hurt and beaten up. You don’t want to admit that he’s gone, I get it. I really do, Amy, but you have to. If you keep sitting in denial like this, things will get worse and worse and they’ll never get better, and I know you don’t believe me, but I need you to try…because I fucking adore your kid, I never want him to see a world where people don’t know how to deal with their own problems. Okay? Woman up.

Amy and Kandi stare at each other. There is a tension in the air.

They kiss.

Amy: Kandi…

Kandi: Please. I need you to try. For Harold. He deserves the world.

Amy: We just-

Kandi: Yeah, and I’m not sure if I regret it or not, so let’s not mention it until I can figure it out.

Amy grabs her things and starts to leave.

Kandi: Amy, remember what I said.

Kandi leans down to speak to Harold.

Kandi: I love you kiddo, you’re a strong one. Be brave, okay? I’ll see ya tomorrow.

Harold hugs Kandi. Harold and Amy begin to leave. Amy looks back at Kandi and then forward again.

Amy: Holy shit.



Scene 4


Patrick’s apartment. He is sitting in a chair, like we’ve seen him previously when Tod was there. There is a knock at the door.

Patrick: Coming!

Patrick opens the door and sees Holly and Jeremy.

Holly: Hi, Uh-I’m Holly. I’m Tod’s daughter. This is my boyfriend, and uh-I just wanted to talk to you.

Patrick: What the hell are you doing here?

Holly: I-I need to talk to you. I just want answers.

Patrick: How did you find me?

Holly: I found my dad’s journal, and your name was there and so I found you I just thought that maybe you had some answers as to why-

Patrick: I’m going to have to ask you to leave.

Holly : But I- Look. I know you were sleeping with my dad, if that's what you're worried about.

Patrick: Get out of my apartment.

Jeremy: Listen buddy, her dad killed himself, and we’re pretty sure you were a reason why. So you can get over yourself and answer her goddamn questions?

Patrick realizes they have dirt on him, and succumbs to their questioning.

Patrick: Fine. What do you want to know?

Holly: How long?

Patrick: What do you mean?

Holly: You know what I mean.

Patrick: [_(takes deep breath) _]8 months.

Holly: 8 months?!

Jeremy puts his hand on Holly to help calm her down.

Holly takes a deep breath and shakes off her feeling of hurt from Patrick’s affair.

Holly: Did you love him?

Patrick: Watch it, little girl.

Holly: I’m asking an honest question.

Patrick : I-yes. No. I- I'm not sure.

Holly: You’re not sure?!

Patrick: Yeah.

Holly: You slept with him for [_8 months, _]and you don’t know?! Who the hell do you think you are? Huh?

Jeremy: Holly…

Holly: You and your fancy apartment and your fancy car and your money and your job and you-

Patrick: Is that all you wanted.

Holly’s emotions overtake her

Holly: He’s dead. He’s dead because he killed himself. He shot himself in the living room, and you didn’t even love him?! Do you even care that he’s dead?

Patrick: I-

Holly: You didn’t love him, but you had sex with him for 8 months?! You didn’t bother to come to the funeral. You drove him so guilty that he shot himself and you don’t care, do you? You’ll just move on to someone else.

Patrick: Don’t you dare speak to me like that in my own house.

Holly: I’ll speak to you however the hell I want to.

Jeremy puts his arm around Holly, they head for the door.

Patrick: Don’t come back.

Holly: Fuck you.

They exit. Jeremy is comforting Holly.



Scene 5


Jenny and Jeremy and Joe are in Jeremy’s room, talking. Everyone is very serious.


Jeremy: I’m just worried about her, I mean-

Joe: With the pregnancy?

Jeremy : Yeah, I guess…I mean- I can handle that. I love her, and I can deal with that. It just everything in her life right now.

Jenny: We understand.

Jeremy : It's not just the pregnancy, it's also her dad's suicide and nobody should have to deal with all that- ya know?

Joe: Right. Is she physically feeling okay?

Jeremy: As far as she’s told me, yeah. No morning sickness yet. But I’m not sure she would let me know if she was feeling ill. She’s really worried lately, and I think she’s afraid of worrying me.

Jenny: That makes sense. Do you want me to talk to her about it?

Jeremy: Could you?

Jenny: Yeah, totally.

Jeremy: Thank you so much.

Joe: What about you? You okay, man?

Jeremy : Yeah, I'm fine. I'm a little worried about the pregnancy but other than that I'm just- concerned, I guess?

Joe: Cool, cool.

Jenny: I think we should do something as a group, like a movie or something. Get everyone’s minds off everything.

Joe: That’s a great idea, babe.

They kiss.

Jeremy: Really, you guys?

Joe: Like you and Holly aren’t any better.

Jeremy: We don’t kiss in the middle of a group conversations…

Joe and Jenny just look at Jeremy.

Jeremy: Okay fine, Jesus, you two are annoying.

Jenny: We try. (Smiles)

They laugh

Jeremy: How’s Kenny?

Joe: He’s fine, he’s off driving around with his girlfriend.

Jenny: He got a girlfriend? Kenny got a girlfriend?!

Jeremy: Disappointed, Jenny?

Jenny: (sarcastically) Ha. Ha.

Joe: Yeah, some girl that goes to college with him.

Jeremy: Does he pay her to date him?

Joe: [_(sarcastically) _]Yes, Jeremy. He’s dating a hooker. If you want I’m sure he’ll hook you up with a discount.

Jeremy: Thanks, I’ll let your mother know.

Jenny: Seriously, you two?

The boys laugh, and Jenny rolls her eyes.

Lights fade out.

Scene 6


Holly, Amy and Harold are sitting around a table, drinking out of mugs (coffee, tea, etc). They are spending time together.

Amy: Work is going really well, I’m going to take up some more hours, so that we can keep the house.

Harold: Am I still going with you?

Amy : Well- sometimes. I arranged for Kandi to babysit when she isn't working.

Harold: Why do you have to swim so much.

Holly: Swim?

Harold: Yeah! She works at a pool!

Holly: What? I thought you worked at a call center.

Amy: New job, Holly.

There is a silence. Holly clenches her fists. Preparing to speak.

Holly: I need to tell you guys something. But I need you to promise to listen to me first.

Amy: Sure, Holly. Is everything alright?

Holly : Well. The night before dad shot himself, I had- a bit of a moment of weakness.

Amy: A moment of weakness?

Holly : Yeah, I- um. I-. I- uh. I just.

Harold: Spit it out, Holly. You’re annoying when you do that.

Holly: I fucked Jeremy.

Amy: Language, Holly.

Holly : I slept with- Wait, are you even listening to me?

Amy: Yes, I am Holly. Were you expecting me to be excited?

Holly: No I just wasn’t expecting you to be this-

Amy: Calm? Yeah, Holly. I’m calm. I’ll be real calm when you explain to me what in hell you were thinking?

Holly: I was scared, and upset. I wanted him to be close to me.

Amy: You are sixteen years old, Holly. Fourteen. You aren’t ready for sex. You’re not even legally old enough to have sex!You’re a child.

Holly: No mom, I’m not. I take care of Hadley all the time, I take care of Harold when you’re out drinking. I balance school, and pom, and my friends, and life. And I take care of your kids. I think I’m responsible enough to have a kid of my own.

Amy: What?! What the hell do you mean a kid of your own?

Holly: I-I’m pregnant, Mom.

Amy : You're PREGNANT? Holly, you are sixteen, Holly! Please- please tell me you're kidding.

Holly: No, I’m pregnant, Mom. I know you’re upset but-

Amy: Upset?! Upset? Damn right, I’m upset. I’m hurt. I’m disappointed. I’m ashamed. How could you do this to us?

Holly: There is no us. There is a me. There is a you. There is a Harold. We aren’t a team. That’s not how this works.

Harold is in the middle of the two arguing.

Amy: We are a family.

Holly: Are we? Do families not speak to each other for weeks on end? Do families ignore each other? Do families hate each other?

Amy: I don’t hate you, Holly…

Holly: Well Dad did…

Amy: Dad’s dead…

Holly: And maybe that’s your fault!

Amy: Don’t. You. Dare!

Holly: If you would’ve been honest, and loved him, maybe I would have a fucking da…!

Harold: Holly, calm down.

Amy: And you were such a loving, amazing daughter, weren’t you? Huh?

Holly is obviously hurt, and uses the most hurtful thing she can say

Holly: If you hadn’t been such a shitty wife, maybe he wouldn’t of had to fuck somebody else.

Amy stops, and stares at Holly. Realizes what she means, and is so hurt by Holly’s insult, she slaps Holly and exits.

Harold: (jaw-dropped in surprisement) You shouldn’t of said that.

Holly: I don’t regret it.

On one side of the stage, Holly is sitting in a chair, on the opposite, Amy is sitting in a chair. They are both facing center stage, but they cannot see each other. A therapist sits in a chair center stage

Amy: I don’t know what I did wrong, I raised her the best that I could. I don’t understand why she has gone down this path. Is it because of my secrets? I have no idea who she is anymore.

Holly: And she thinks she’s the boss of me, if she wanted to be my boss, and this amazing fucking mother, maybe she should’ve started when dad was alive.

Amy: I tried to be there for her, I tried to help her. She was always so independent. I thought that was a good thing. I thought she would grow up in a good way, and she’d listen and ask for help.

Holly: And she’s determined to come in and help me all the time, I’m fine. I don’t need her.

Amy: I want her to listen to me.

Holly: She never cares about what I say!

Amy: I want her to not be afraid.

Holly: She hit me!

Amy: I want her to respect me.

Holly: She’s a bitch!

Amy: I just want her to love me.

Holly: I want her to give me the freedom I deserve.

Amy: She keeps breaking my trust.

Holly: I need her to let me be me.

Amy: She always makes poor decisions.

The speak simultaneously

Holly: I want to love her like that, but I don’t think I can anymore.

Amy: I want to love her like that, but I don’t think I can anymore.

Holly: She doesn’t understand I’m doing what’s best.

Amy: She doesn’t understand I’m doing what’s best.

Holly: I just don’t know what to do.

Amy: I just don’t know what to do.

Holly: I want to be a good mother. I’m afraid I’ll mess up.

Amy: I want to be a good mother. I’m afraid I’ll mess up.

Holly: Maybe it’s too late to learn to love her.

Amy: Maybe it’s too late to learn to love her.


Scene 7


Patrick’s apartment. Patrick is sitting on his bed, looking through his phone. He is tense and sad.


Patrick: (typing) Hey babe. No. Hello, Mr. Jamison. No. Hi Tod. I don't think dead people get text messages, but it's worth a shot. I- I miss you, Tod. Your daughter came to see me, some girl she's grown up to be. I forgot you had her, her boyfriend is so crazy about her. You'd like him. Part of me wishes we could've stayed together long enough to have kids together. Holly asked me if I loved you, Tod. I'm not sure what to say. I don't want to love you. I want to hate you, Tod. I don't want to love someone who can't love me anymore. Tod, I miss you. God, I miss you. Send.

There is a knock at the door. Patrick is oblivious. He is still staring at his phone.

Roger enters.

Roger: Patrick?

He startles Patrick, and Patrick is shocked to see him.

Patrick: Oh! Hello.

Roger : Patrick- What's going on?

Patrick: What do you mean?

Roger: Why did we split up? Why haven’t you gone to work? Why don’t answer your phone?

Patrick: My boyfriend died.

Roger: Your boyfriend died?!

Patrick: Yes.

Roger: Boyfriend-

Patrick: Boyfriend.

Roger : I- Patrick I can't believe you.

Patrick: I’m sorry but I-

Roger: No, Patrick. No. No excuses. Nothing. You fucking cheated on me. You don’t get to make excuses. We were taking a break, Patrick. A break. I didn’t think we were getting divorced.

Patrick: We don’t have to.

Roger: Are you fucking serious?! I’m getting a lawyer as soon as I leave here, I’m not going to stay married to a cheater, Patrick.

Patrick: Roger listen I-

Roger: No, I’m not going to listen. I listened when you told me that you needed some time, I listened when you told me you loved me. I listened when you told me to trust you. I’m done listening.

Patrick: It’s not that I didn’t love you. I just wanted his love too.

Roger: You don’t get both! That’s not how marriage works! You don’t get bored of me and secretly grab another man.

Patrick: Well I don’t get both now.

Roger: You get neither.

Patrick: My boyfriend died, give me a break.

Roger: What the fuck, Patrick? You want me to give you “a break?” We were on a break and you took advantage of it. [_(Scoffs) _]“A break.” Do you not understand that you cheated on me?

Patrick: No I understand, I just think you should have some sympathy.

Roger: I’m supposed to feel bad because the man you cheated on me with died? Karma’s a bitch, Patrick.

Patrick: That’s so inconsiderate.

Roger: And cheating isn’t? I’m mad at a man who can’t perceive anger, and you cheated on me. Perspective, Patrick.

Patrick: Roger-

Roger: Don’t Roger me. I will never forgive you.

Patrick: No! Please! Listen!

Roger: My lawyer will be in touch, Patrick. Best wishes…actually, no, fuck you!

Roger exits.

Patrick plummets onto the bed, and falls apart.


Scene 8


Jenny and Holly are sitting in Holly’s room, on her bed, talking

Jenny : -And so Joe and I snuck in, and none of the theater staff caught us.

Holly: That sounds fun.

Jenny: It was! And Joe and I made out during the credits.

Holly: Cool.

Jenny: And then he proposed.

Holly: [_(Obviously distracted) _]Exciting.

Jenny: Holly?

Holly: [_(Still distracted) _]Mmhmm.

Jenny: Holly!

Holly: [_(Actually paying attention now) _]What? Yeah?

Jenny: What’s going on?

Holly: (Confused) What do you mean?

Jenny : Holly- what's wrong.

Holly: Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine.

Jenny: [_(In disbelief) _]Oh?

Holly: Yes, Jenny. I’m fine.

Jenny: Your dad killed himself-

Holly: [_(Sarcastically) _]Because I totally didn’t know that…

Jenny: I’m not saying you didn’t know, I’m saying you’re not handling it.

Holly: I’m handling it fine, Jen.

Jenny: Holly, stop shutting me out.

Holly: I’m not shutting you out…!

Jenny: It’s been a month, and you haven’t told me about the pregnancy.

Holly: What the hell?! How did you know about that?!

Jenny: Holly, Jeremy has been worried about you, we talk to him a lot.

Holly: He told you?

Jenny: He had to. But that’s not the point, Hol. What’s going on with you!

Holly: I’m just scared, okay?

Jenny: About what?

Holly: Everything!

Jenny: Start with one thing, Holly. Take it slow.

Holly : I miss my dad, and I know he didn't like me, but I miss him. I want to see him again, I want to talk to him. He didn't leave me any answers, he didn't tell us why. I feel so in the dark. I feel like he just- abandoned me… [_(pauses, looks around) _] and I feel like a shitty person for being angry at him. I keep screaming at him, and I know he can't hear me but I'm just- I feel so betrayed and pissed and I- I don't know.

Jenny: I get it.

Holly: Do you? Or are you just saying that to shut me up?

Jenny: I’m saying that to bring you comfort.

Holly: Well I don’t feel very comforted…

Jenny: I understand.

Awkward pause. Holly is tense.

Jenny: How’s the pregnancy?

Holly : Uh- it's okay. It's really stressful, and I'm not ready and everything sucks, but the baby is fine, which is good I guess.

Jenny: You guess?

Holly: Please don’t chase it.

Jenny: Are you keeping it?

Holly: Yes.

Jenny: Are you happy with that?

Holly: I don’t know.

Jenny: Have you thought about asking your mom to let you live with Jeremy?

This is something Holly hasn’t thought of

Holly: Wait…I can do that?

Jenny: Yeah, if your mom agreed.

Holly: You think she would?

Jenny: It’s worth a shot. Is she home?

Holly: I’m not going to ask her right now!

Jenny: Maybe you should call Jeremy first.

Holly: Maybe I should.

Holly pulls out her phone.

Holly: Jeremy? I have an idea.


Scene 9


Harold is in Amy’s room, he is looking in the mirror, he is wearing a dress and high heels

Harold: This looks awesome!

Harold continues to look in the mirror and he is happy. He seems joyful as he moves, watching the dress swaying.

Amy enters and stops in her tracks, and watches Harold for a moment, clearly upset.

Amy: What – the – fuck.

Harold: Mom! I-

Amy: What the fucking hell, Harold.

Harold: I was just trying on your dress.

Amy: What were you thinking?

Harold: It makes me happy, Mom! I like it, I like having it on!

Amy: Take that off, this instant, Harold Jamison.

Harold: But Mom!

Amy: No buts, Harold.

Harold: What? Why?

Amy: God made you a boy.

Harold: I didn’t say I was a girl.

Amy: Well, you’re acting like one.

Harold: Why is that a bad thing.

Amy: Because you’re a boy.

Harold: I didn’t say I was a boy.

Amy stands completely still

Amy: What the hell do you mean by that?

Harold: I don’t know if I’m a boy.

Amy: Of course, you’re a boy Harold. You were born a boy.

Harold: That doesn’t mean I am one internally!

Amy: Harold, stop that devil’s speak right now.

Harold: It’s not devil’s speak, Mom! It’s who I am.

Amy: It’s against God, Harold.

Harold: Prove it!

Amy: Deuteronomy 22:5. “A woman shall not wear a man’s garment, nor shall a man put on a woman’s cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God.” You’re being sinful, Harold. And you need to take that off.

Harold looks defeated.

Amy: Change out of that, and go to your room, Harold.

Amy storms out. Harold drops and sits on the floor. Voices are heard from offstage. Overlapping, but they are all audible and understandable.

Caitlin: You are who you are, Harold. It’s okay to be you, no matter what anyone says.

Holly: I love you, Harold. You do you.

Kandi: You’re you, kiddo. And that’ll always be cool by me.

Lilian: People aren’t boys or girls, Harold. People are people.

Caitlin: You don’t have to pick a side.

Kandi: Some people aren’t either, and that’s sweet too.

Holly: Don’t change you for somebody else

Lilian: If it’s important, God still loves you.

Caitlin: I love you Harold-

Holly: I love you so much Harold-

Kandi: I love ya, kiddo.-

Lilian: I love you, Harold.

Holly: No matter who you are.

Lilian: Where you are.

Kandi: What you say.

Caitlin: Who you love.

Holly: No matter what happens.

Caitlin: Who leaves

Lilian: What anyone says

All: I love you, Harold.

Harold begins to cry, holding one of his Mom’s dresses in his hands, clutching it to his chest.

Harold: I love you too.

Harold smiles, continues to cry and buries his face in the dress, still sitting Indian-style center stage.


Scene 10


Caitlin is sitting in her living room. There is a knock at the door. Caitlin answers it, and Amy storms in, livid.

Caitlin: Amy, hi? I didn’t know-

Amy: What the fuck did you tell my kid?

Caitlin: What?

Amy: You and your lesbian shit, what did you tell Harold?

Caitlin: Amy, breathe. Calm down please.

Amy: Calm down?! Oh hell, Caitlin, I swear.

Caitlin: Would you like to sit down?

Amy: No. I don’t want to sit down, Caitlin, I want you to explain whatever the fuck you told Harold.

Caitlin: Can you be more specific?

Amy: I walked into my room the other day, and you know what he was doing?

Caitlin: [_(dryly) _]What, Amy…? What was Harold doing?

Amy: He had on a dress. A fucking dress! And my heels.

Caitlin smiles to herself

Amy: What are you smiling about, Caitlin. Does this go with your whole gay agenda?

Caitlin laughs

Caitlin: My gay agenda?

Amy: Yes, your gay agenda.

Caitlin: Amy, why are you blaming me for Harold’s clothing choices?

Amy: It’s not a clothing choice, it isn’t biblical! It’s a sin, Caitlin!

Caitlin: A sin?

Amy: Yes, a sin!

Caitlin: Where do you work, Amy?

Amy: There’s nothing about strippers in the Bible.

Caitlin: Mhmm-

Amy: Don’t start with me, Caitlin.

Caitlin: Galatians 3:28.

Amy: I beg your pardon?

Caitlin: “There is neither Jew, nor Greek, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Harold is fine.

Amy: Caitlin, you don’t believe in God.

Caitlin: But you do, so I figured it was relevant.

Amy is stood completely frozen.

Amy: I-

Caitlin: Yeah.

Amy: It’s still wrong.

Caitlin: Is it?

Amy: Yes!

Caitlin: How so?

Amy: There are other bible verses.

Caitlin: They contradict each other, yes?

Amy: Caitlin, what did you say to my son?

Lilian Enters, answering Amy’s question

Lilian: What needed to be said. Hello, Amy, by the way.

Amy: What exact words did you say?!

Amy is becoming more and more upset each moment

Caitlin: I told him we would love him no matter what.

Amy: And what else?

Caitlin: To be who he is, not who you want him to be.

Lilian begins to sneak around to Amy’s bag as she rants

Amy: What I want him to be?! What the fuck, Caitlin! Are you trying to make my own son hate me? I’m trying to raise him in the way of the Lord, and you’re trying to push him further and further into sin!

Lilian continues to look through Amy’s bag as she speaks, and pulls out a half empty Vodka bottle. She lifts it so Caitlin can see, and they let Amy continue to talk, as Lilian picks up her phone.

Amy: I’m raising him right, Caitlin. And you can’t stand that, can you? You can’t stand that he might be normal. I bet you supported Holly getting pregnant too, didn’t you?! Caitlin? Answer me!

Caitlin: I understand you’re upset-

Amy: Damn right, I’m upset!

Caitlin: I need you to breathe, and listen to me. You need to think about your actions as well. The Bible also disagrees with drunkenness. Lilian and I were talking, and we want to help you.

Amy: What do you mean? I don’t need help, Caitlin.

Lilian re-enters, she is off the phone.

Lilian: We got a room at a rehab center about an hour from here, they can help you there.

Amy: What the fuck, Caitlin?! What were you thinking? No! I don’t need help! I’m fine!

Caitlin: Amy, if you don’t go, I’m going to have to call social services, because it’s not safe for you to be taking care of 3 kids, one being pregnant, with all this drinking. I’m sorry, Amy.

Amy: Caitlin, you wouldn’t.

Lilian: We have to, Amy. I wish it didn’t have to be this way, but unfortunately, it is. I called Holly, I’m going to drive you to the center tonight, and Caitlin is going to pick up the kids.

Amy: I can’t go, I don’t have my things!

Caitlin: Holly brought a bag of your clothes over on Tuesday.

Amy: She knew?!

Lillian: She’s the one who told us that there was a problem.

Amy is sobbing

Amy: Please don’t take me away from my kids. Caitlin, please.

Lilian: Amy, we have to do this or your kids could be taken from you.

Amy: No, please. Please don’t do this. Please.

Caitlin: This is for the better, Amy. I need you to trust me. It’s all going to be fine.

Caitlin grabs Amy’s bags and they start to exit.

Lights Fade Out.

Scene 11

Amy’s rehab center room, she is sitting on the hospital bed, Kandi enters.


Amy: Kandi! Uh-Hi! How did you-

Kandi: I asked Harold’s aunt.

Amy: My sister?

Kandi: Right, sorry, yeah. Your sister.

Amy : What are you doing here? I mean, I'm not upset about it. But, uh- why are you here?

Kandi: Well, remember how I told you I didn’t know if I regretted kissing you or not.

Amy: That was 2 months ago.

Kandi: It was a memorable kiss.

Amy: I guess the question is did you-

Kandi kisses Amy.

Amy: I guess I’ll take that as a no.

Kandi: It was an absolutely not.

They kiss again.

Amy: Kandi, I-

Kandi: Katherine.

Amy: What?

Kandi: My name is Katherine.

Amy: Katherine.

Kandi: Amy.

They giggle

Amy: I like it. It’s so beautiful. It’s so-

Amy kisses Kandi

Amy: You’re so-

They kiss again.

Kandi: Amy, can I ask you a question?

Amy: Of course, Katherine.

Kandi: How much did you drink to get in here?

Amy: Huh?

Kandi: Amy, how much did you drink the night you came in here.

Amy is obviously bothered by the question.

Amy: Can we just go back to kissing?

Kandi: We are not in high school, Amy. Be an adult. What happened?

Amy: I’d rather not say.

Kandi: Amy…

Amy: Half a bottle of Vodka and a glass of wine.

Kandi: A bottle?

Amy: Half of a bottle.

Kandi: …Okay. Well, thank you for being honest.

Amy: …yeah.

Kandi: When you get better and get discharged do you want to maybe, kinda, possibly go out sometime?

Amy: Yeah. Yeah I would love that.

Kandi: Good.

Amy: Good.

They laugh, everything is quiet for a moment. They kiss.

Lights fade out

Scene 12

People walk across the stage, indicating time passing. Harold (known as Haley) walks across in high heels, passing Kandi and Amy, holding hands. He joins them and walks together. Holly and Jeremy walk past, Holly with a baby in her arms. Caitlin and Lilian walk past, holding hands. Harold walks by again with Amy, visibly older. Holly and Jeremy walk by, pushing a stroller now.


The lights raise up on separate areas of the stage, center remaining completely unlit. In one corner of the stage, we see Kandi, Amy and Harold.


Kandi: Haley we have to go, hurry!

Harold: I’m coming, I promise just hold on one second.

Kandi: (to Amy) You have a pretty great daughter you know.

Amy: Well, we could see the oldest one if she’d come home from Caitlin’s. She hasn’t been home in months!

Kandi: Don’t stress it. Haley and Hadley are here, and that’s good. It’s all beautiful. It’s a mess, but it’s a beautiful mess.

Amy: I love you, Katherine.

Kandi: I love you, too.

They kiss.

Amy: Haley, if you don’t get your butt in this room in 5 seconds, we’re leaving without you.

Harold: I’m coming, I promise! Just five more minutes! I’m putting the finishing touches on my makeup!

Kandi: 5! 4! 3!-

Harold enters

Amy: C’mon kid, we have a movie to catch.

Kandi: Onward!

They all laugh.


The lights rise on another corner of the stage. Holly and Jeremy are sitting on a couch, holding their new baby.

Holly: We make a pretty cute baby, y’know.

Jeremy: Indeed we do.

Holly: Kinda sucks he’ll never meet his grandfather.

Jeremy: I know, Hol. I know.

Holly: He’s going to be so smart when he grows up. He’ll be so wise, and educated. He’ll learn from our mistakes, Jeremy.

Jeremy: He’ll learn from us, and we’ll learn from him.

Holly: We can give him a home he’ll want to come home to.

Jeremy: We can hang banners.

Holly: “Welcome Home Toree”

They laugh

Holly: Do you regret him?

Jeremy: Do I regret having Toree?

Holly: Yeah.

Jeremy: Not for a moment. It’s hard, and it’s frustrating, and it’s scary. But I love Toree. And I love you. And I don’t regret this. I regret nothing.

Holly: God, I love you.

Jeremy: Good to know.

Holly: I put it back, y’know.

Jeremy: Put what back?

Holly: The money I took from my mom.

Jeremy: When?

Holly : Last year, it- it was for condoms, just in case and I feel bad that I don't buy them because then you wouldn't of-

Jeremy: Holly, this is our life. It’s what things are now. You can’t change the past. Don’t think about the past if it makes you resent the future.

Holly: I love you.

Jeremy: I love you too, Hol.

They kiss.


They lights light up on center. Tod stands there.

Tod: Happy endings are bullshit. They always have been. I read Harold and Holly “Cinderella” so many times, and those kinds of stories always end with “And they lived happily ever after” and that’s bullshit. Cinderella probably spent the rest of her life feeling like she’s out of place living in royalty. Sleeping Beauty spent her life in fear of falling asleep. It’s all bullshit. But it’s not about having a happy ending, because life isn’t made up of happy endings. It’s made out of moments. And moments that are complete and utter shit, and moments that make you feel alive. It isn’t about the last page of your story, it’s about the pages in between. The moments. The kisses. The conversations. I spent my entire life looking for this happy ending, and it took a gunshot to the temple to realize that life is as equally fucked up as we are. And that’s okay.

Lights rise on Harold, Kandi, and Amy

Tod : Just because the Amy and her girlfriend are happy together, doesn't mean she doesn't miss me, or feel guilty, or question the integrity of her fucking bullshit career- What? I mean is she's still got problems with alcohol. Harold, or Haley, or whatever the fuck they go by these days is still gonna get harassed at school for being an asexual transgender kid. Life is bullshit. It doesn't fix itself all the time.

Lights rise on Holly and Jeremy

Tod: And Holly? She just turned 17 and she has a baby. That’s bullshit. But that’s life. And another part of life is learning to deal with the bullshit. And I’m proud of them. All of them. Sometimes is takes a death to help people learn how to live. Aristotle once said “Suffering becomes beautiful when anyone who bears great calamities with cheerfulness, not through insensibility, but through greatness of mind” And I think that’s pretty damn accurate. Pain and hurt suck. Obviously, but when people fight and smile through all that. That’s brilliance and beauty. I will never learn how the world works, but I am proud of my family who stayed. And maybe they won’t ever learn it either. But at least they’re enjoying their time.

All the stage lights are up

Kandi: I feel loved.

Amy: Understood.

Harold: Accepted.

Jeremy: Proud.

Holly: Safe.

The lights fade on the areas, and Holly and Harold join in the middle.


In the dark two voices are heard.

Harold: You promise everything is going to be okay?

Holly: Cross my heart.

End of Act 2.

End of Play.

Closets - A Play

The Jamison household is full of secrets and lies, as Amy explores hidden career choices, and Tod, her husband seeing other people. There lives begin to grumble as they continue to look for a way to fix their broken family.

  • ISBN: 9781370522125
  • Author: Faith Litchfield
  • Published: 2017-01-25 06:20:30
  • Words: 15685
Closets - A Play Closets - A Play