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Claudia's Visit To Miniature Land

Claudia’s Visit To Miniature Land


Mario V. Farina

Copyright 2016 Mario V. Farina

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Claudia’s Visit To Miniature Land


“Henry, you stupid fool, how could you have made such an asinine, mindless, half-witted mistake!”


It was Professor Clifford T. Kozlov, Head of the Astrophysics Department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute speaking. This was not his normal manner of expression. Normally, he was soft-spoken and would have limited his derogatory adjectives to the single word, thoughtless.


Henry Ashwood was one part of a two-member student team led by Professor Kozlov in the study of miniaturization. The second member of the team was Claudia Wentworth who had been miniaturized late that morning and could not, at present, be contacted.


The professor had delivered a speech in a large lecture hall that very day. Part of his talk had included the following:


“[_ People don’t realize that most of outer space is empty. It’s not merely 99.9% empty! The number of 9's following the decimal point is on the order of about 30. By the same token, the amount of empty space in the human body is approximately the same.” _]


We think our bodies are solid because if I pound my fist on the desk, like this, it will hurt.” As he spoke these words, he performed the action he had described.


The reason we look and feel solid is because of the magnetic fields exerted by the atoms in our bodies. If all of the solid material in a person’s body were all in one place, its size would be invisible and could not even be seen with a high-powered microscope.”


He paused, awaiting the reaction from students. He was not disappointed. There were amazed looks on the faces of the students.


What he did not tell the students was that his team was planning on miniaturizing Claudia after class. Over a period of several months, the team had been performing experiments involving small objects and animals, then bringing them back to full size. The team had built a make-shift booth large enough for a single person. There was a wooden platform inside. Objects were placed on it then a ray from an [_ anti- magnetization gun ] was trained on the object. The object in the booth was reduced in size according to the percent of miniaturization dialed on the control panel outside the booth. To bring the object back to full size, the same ray would be aimed on the object and a minus percent of reduction would be applied. The object would return to its original size non-the-worse for the experience. The professor had dubbed the state of miniaturization as being in _Miniature Land.


Professor Kozlov had told the members of the team that the object of the experiments was to determine whether solid objects could be transmitted from place to place by a process similar to faxing. Experiments completed to the present with small objects and animals had been successful. Now it was time to do an experiment with a human. Claudia had volunteered to be miniaturized first. She had signed a stack of releases to ensure that the school would not be sued if something went wrong.


Now it appeared to Professor Kozlov that something had gone wrong!


“I trusted you!” the professor yelled. “Didn’t you know I’d wanted to be present when you ran the experiment.” He and Henry were in the lab near the booth that had carried Claudia Wentworth to Miniature Land.


“Yes, but I knew you were busy and wanted to show you how much I could do on my own!”


“How many 9’s did I tell you to use following the decimal point?


“You said, a few, sir, but . . .”


“What did you think that meant?”


“Seven or eight!”


“Didn’t you realize that many 9s would make her invisible?”


“Math is not my best subject, Professor.”


“How many did you use?”


“I don’t know, sir! but . . .”


“Did you write it down in your documentation?


“No sir.”


“See if you can reach her on her cell phone. I’ll listen on the speaker phone.” Professor Kozlov was still angry but was not showing it as much as he had.


“Claudie, is that you? Henry asked.”


“Yes, Henry. I’m glad you’ve called. This is weird. How long have I been this way?”


“About an hour and a half. What is like, Claudie? What do you see? How big are you.


“I’m in another world. I don’t like it here. Can’t wait to be beamed back. I’m on the platform in the booth, but it looks different. It’s light brown and soft-looking. There’s no horizon, no sky. All I see is the same brown stuff in every direction I look. It’s like I was on a dessert except there’s no sand. I don’t know how big I am. I have nothing to compare myself with. I can see my hands and feet. The cell phone looks normal size. I wish I was back in the lab now? It’s too creepy here. I’ve had enough!”


“Claudia, this is Professor Kozlov. We’ll get you back as soon as we can. Are you comfortable? Is it too hot or too cold? Can you breathe well?”


“Yes, Professor. I’m comfortable. I could use some water. Next time, we should bring a bottle. I feel hungry for salt. Maybe some potato chips would be good next time. I’m ready to come back. I don’t like it being this way! The sooner I get back the better I’ll like it?”

“OK, Claudia, we’ll hang up now. Don’t move from where you are. I’ll get back to you soon.”


They hung up. Henry attempted to speak, “Professor, I . . .”


“Do me a favor, Henry, don’t talk,” the professor interrupted. “I need to think!”


“Professor, I . . .,” Henry tried again.


“Henry! Shut up! I can’t do nonsense conversation with you now. I’ve got to find a way to save that girl.”


Henry did not respond. He drew one of the straight chairs in the room closer to the booth and sat in it. He glanced at his watch.


“Vacuum cleaner!” exclaimed Professor Kozlov. We’ll vacuum her up!”


“No, sir, no sir! We can’t put Claudie in a vacuum bag!”


“You’re right,” mumbled the professor. “Try not to interrupt me. I need to think! Claudia’s life is in the balance.”


“Can I tell you something, Professor?”


“No, not now. There’ll be time after I figure out a way to get Claudia back. Stop bothering me!”


“Claudie is . . .”


“Didn’t you hear me, idiot!” “Shut up!” Professor shouted. “Not another word!”


Henry glanced at his watch again and stood up near the door of the booth. Several seconds passed slowly. Suddenly, a pretty young woman materialized in the booth as if by magic. Henry opened the booth’s door and held out both arms helping the girl as she staggered toward him.”


They hugged. “I’m so glad to be back, Claudia exclaimed. It was awful in there.”


Professor Kozlov’s mouth opened and closed but no words came out. Finally, he stuttered, “W-hat’s going on?”


“Professor, I was trying to tell you,” Henry said. “Claudie and I put an automatic D-Magnetization Ray inside the booth with a timer. She was going to be in Miniature Land for only two hours. I wrote the software and tested it. I knew exactly what time she was coming back.”


“Why didn’t you tell me all this, Henry,” the professor raged.


“You were always real busy, Professor,” Henry explained. “Besides, you had given me full control over the project, don’t you recall? I wouldn’t risk Claudie’s life with dumbness! She and I had agreed on everything and everything worked exactly as planned!”


The lab became silent for several minutes while the professor’s faced turned from an angry red to an embarrassed green.


“Here’s what we’re gong to do tomorrow,” he said quietly. “Claudia, you’ll run the program. Henry you’ll be the visitor to Miniature Land. I’ll be here with Claudia while you’re away. I will decide how long you’ll be away!”


Claudia's Visit To Miniature Land

  • ISBN: 9781370030828
  • Author: Mario V. Farina
  • Published: 2016-08-02 07:25:06
  • Words: 1408
Claudia's Visit To Miniature Land Claudia's Visit To Miniature Land