Church Health: The Essential Personal and Organizational Facets


Church Health

The Essential Personal and Organizational Facets

Gary V Carter

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All Growth Requires Change

A Changed Church—Change People First

The Three Facets of Personal Life




The Ten Facets of Church Life

Foundation Facets

Facet 1: Vision—“I See”

Facet 2: Culture —“I Fit”

Facet 3: FormatIon—“I Walk”

MInistry Facets

Facet 4: WorshIp —“I Respond”

Facet 5: InstructIon —“I Grow”

Facet 6: FellowshIp —“I Connect”

Facet 7: EvangelIsm —“I Care”


Facet 8: Support —“I Serve”

Facet 9: Organization —“I Plan”

Facet 10: BuIldIng —“I Meet”

Church Life

The Process

The Programs

The Progress

Practical Plans

Open the Discussion

About the Author


In every area of life healthy things grow. Healthy churches grow. Therefore, as our church improves its health, it will gain the strength it needs to make a significant impact on our community.

Many people who associate with any church don’t stand tall. They show up on Sunday for some reason some of the time when other things don’t intervene. It will always be that way. However, the larger the crowd that gathers the larger the possibility that someone will decide to stand tall, raise their hand, step up and become the one God uses! That one person setting an example may inspire someone else to join together with them and become a force multiplier. All that is true only if at the core the church is led by the people who themselves stand tall with a certainty and unity of conviction and beliefs.


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Church Health: The Essential Personal and Organizational Facets

Church health is tricky. Much has been written on the subject but seldom do the resources zoom out far enough to see the whole picture. In this book you can read in an evening you will see from a wide angle the things many miss. This book doesn't cover the latest cool program or methodology; it stands back and speaks to the church and the lives of the people in it. When the balance is right the church flourishes. Help find the balance and perspective you may have been looking for.

  • ISBN: 9781370980826
  • Author: Gary V Carter
  • Published: 2017-08-25 00:20:19
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Church Health: The Essential Personal and Organizational Facets Church Health: The Essential Personal and Organizational Facets