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Christmas with Cheeky Goblin


By Esinu Afele

Illustrated by Natalie Kacemi


Copyright 2015 Esinu Afele

All rights reserved.

Author: Esinu Afele

Illustrator: Natalie Kacemi

Front cover: Garry Vaux

This book is made to entertain and educate children.

No part of this book should be used in any way without written permission from the author, except in the case of brief excerpts used in critical articles and reviews.

ISBN 978-1-326-44307-8


Christmas with Cheeky Goblin

Mum peeking at her Christmas present

Fire in the kitchen

Granma shaking her thang


Author Biography

Cover illustrator Biography


This book is dedicated to

my friends,



all the Cheeky Goblins

out there.

A special thanks to

Jeannie Meekins

who supported me

and gave me invaluable advice and guidance.

She was a great mentor!


The Cheeky Goblin books are about a naughty goblin that constantly causes trouble!

We all know that our darling kids ALWAYS have clean, tidy rooms! We also know that our little cherubs are NEVER impolite and never burp! We know that our angels are always innocent! How can we be so certain? We know that, because are darling children have told us that Cheeky Goblin is guilty! Right, boys and girls?

This funny book is suitable for all children big or small.

Are you a Cheeky Goblin?


You know and I know that Christmas is ALWAYS a happy time of year. It’s the time of year when there is peace and harmony.


Christmas is NOT always a happy and peaceful time. Christmas is ONLY happy and peaceful when Cheeky Goblin is not around. He always finds ways to, let´s say, Spice Christmas up! He loves to swap great presents for rubbish ones. He loves playing tricks on everyone. He is very naughty.

Do you know what Cheeky Goblin did last year? He swapped everyone’s presents, burnt the turkey, put itching powder in Granddad’s underpants and poured dancing potion in Gran’s lemonade, causing her to jump on the table and shake her bottom doing the “Bottay” dance.

And that’s not all!

Where should I start? Have you got a minute? Let me tell you.

Is punching and arguing a must for boys at Christmas? Well it certainly was for Kwame and Yaw. This demonstration of “bruthery luv” was at times very LOUD!

“No, it’s my turn to watch ‘Yucky, Yucky Show’. You had the remote last week. GIMME it,” yelled Kwame.

“I did NOT. You did. And now you’re pretending not to have it. Where have you hidden it, you L-I-A-R? Liar, pants on fire.”

OUCH, ouch, my trousers are burning. Help!!!” screamed Kwame, leaping from foot to foot pretending that his trousers were on fire.


“I haven’t hidden it. You have. GIVE IT TO ME NOW!”

“I’m telling Mum.”

“Na, I’m telling Mum.”

“But, I said I’m telling Mum first.”

“I´m going to tell her first. Out of my way!”


Cheeky Goblin woke up!

“Oh, my Cheekiness!” he exclaimed peeking out from behind the huge Christmas tree, holding the remote control.

Cheeky Goblin was very naughty. He knew very well that the children watched television every morning. He knew that they would look for the remote control in its usual spot next to the cabinet. Cheeky Goblin knew that they would then argue about who had hidden the remote, because he knew that they argued about EVERYTHING.

He giggled as he remembered how he had snuck out earlier that morning and taken the remote and hidden it behind the tree.

He peeked through the Christmas tree branches. It was like a scene from a Tom and Jerry Cartoon. Yaw was desperately clutching on to the kitchen door knob, with the intention of talking to Mum first, whilst Kwame tugged frantically at Yaw´s baggy trousers, equally hoping to tell Mum first.


The sound of his trouser ripping was not to be overheard. Yaw`s hand slipped off the knob and the boys collapsed in a heap on the floor.

Exasperated, Mum exploded through the kitchen door.

“WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU THINK YOU`RE DOING? THIS IS DISGRACEFUL BEHAVIOUR! IT`S CHRISTMAS DAY! Your grandparents are trying to sleep upstairs and you`ve got nothing better to do than fight? Do you think your Aunty Peace will give you that special present if she knows you´ve been fighting AGAIN?” shrieked Mum, wiping remnants of the turkey gravy on her “I LOVE GHANA” apron.

Alas her objections and threats were all in vain. Yaw inspected his pre-Christmas Van Dino Jeans present and dropped his voice to a threatening tone, “You´ve ripped me Van Dino Jeans . . . You´ve had it!!!”

With that, he grabbed at Kwame´s Camp Mavis T-shirt, hoping to rip it.

Mum bent over the tangled fighting children. Their fists and legs flew in all directions.

“Hoooo, heeee,” laughed the Goblin happily. He loved causing trouble.

Just then, Mum let out the most frightening scream that you’ve ever heard.


The fighting boys parted long enough to see five long, thin, black hair extensions fall from Kwame’s fist and float down to the floor between them.


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Christmas with Cheeky Goblin

Christmas with Cheeky Goblin. What could be better than a peaceful Christmas day spent amongst those you love? Well, that´s probably the type of festive season you or I would cherish, but that´s what you or I would desire. Cheeky Goblin, however, is a different kettle-of-fish. He can only enjoy revelling in chaos created by himself; chaos which could include anything from putting itching powder down poor Grandad´s underpants to decorating the Christmas turkey with hair extensions. That´s just a snippet of Cheeky Goblin´s antics. This funny story is a must.

  • ISBN: 9781311828354
  • Author: esinu afele
  • Published: 2016-02-06 17:20:07
  • Words: 5396
Christmas with Cheeky Goblin Christmas with Cheeky Goblin