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Table of Contents


Quixon the Reindeer

Love is Better than Christmas Presents

Timmy Learns to Appreciate Christmas

Gingey the Gingerbread Man

Gingey Helps Santa

Christmas Jokes

About the Author


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[] Quixon the Reindeer

All the reindeer near the North Pole could fly. They always loved to fly around, doing tricks for Santa and wanting Santa to notice them. After all, the original eight reindeer would one day need to pass the torch, and they wanted to be the next ones to guide his sleigh.

At least, all the reindeer could fly except for one. His name was Quixon, and he could not fly. He didn’t know why he was unable to fly. According to reindeer lore, Santa’s magic extended all the way across the North Pole, giving the animals that inhabited it special powers. Since only the reindeer lived there, they inherited the ability to fly. However, Quixon could only run fast. He was able to dash across the North Pole and back in just a few seconds, but he did not have the ability to fly around. Because of this, many of the reindeer taunted him. Thankfully, Quixon could run away from his enemies, but he felt sad because of it. He couldn’t count the number of times he tried flying. He would jump off ledges and even into the water, thinking he would fly, but each time he fell like a stone. Quixon even tried asking Santa to give him magic powers, yet he still could not fly.

On one Christmas Eve, the wind was blowing at a speed that was unheard of at the North Pole. All throughout the place, hardly anyone could move, since the wind seem to be blowing in all directions towards the pole. Many reindeer ran as fast as they could, but they could barely move. Quixon, however, could resist the wind, and found himself running around with ease.

It was almost time for Santa to leave so he could deliver presents to all the boys and girls, but the reindeer could not take off because of the wind. Even Santa’s magic could not stop the wind. Santa felt as though he’d have to delay Christmas until the wind subsided. When all hope seemed lost, however, he saw Quixon running around.

“Quixon!” Santa shouted at the reindeer. Quixon turned around and saw Santa struggling to walk towards him. “Would you help guide the sleigh?”

“But I can’t fly,” Quixon replied.

Santa shook his head. “But you can run, and that’s what’s most important. If you can run fast, you can help pull our slay off the ground, and the other reindeer can lift it up. With your feet, you can get us through the sky until the wind stops.”

Quixon agreed, but he hoped he didn’t disappoint Santa. Soon, Quixon led the sleigh, and his heart began to beat. The elves stood around, making sure the sleigh was ready for takeoff.

As Santa sat in the sleigh, Quixon began running as fast as possible. He was able to cut through the wind, and soon he felt the sleigh going upwards. Although he couldn’t fly, he knew he was in good hands. He continued to run in the air, almost as though he was swimming, and soon the sleigh broke free of the wind.

Thanks to Quixon, Santa was able to deliver presents in half the time. He became the newest reindeer, his speed a valuable companion to the reindeers’ flying. For Quixon, he now wouldn’t have it any other way!

[] Love is Better than Christmas Presents

Melanie had a schoolyard crush. His name was Mark, who appeared to be interested as well. Both were ten, but they knew that they had legitimate feelings for each other, but they didn’t know how to express it. It was approaching Christmas, so both thought that they could buy gifts for each other to show how much they cared.

Melanie knew that Mark loved his Alpha Box 20. While it was an older video game system, Mark still played it all the time. However, Mark needed a new controller. His buttons were sticky and didn’t work half the time, and it couldn’t hold a charge to save its life. Despite it being old, controllers were a bit pricy.

Meanwhile, Mark knew that Melanie loved her tablet. She’d play games on it, chat with friends, and would take constant pictures with it. However, Melanie was a bit of a klutz. She dropped it many times, and it had a few cracks and scratches to prove it. While it still worked like a charm, Mark was afraid that her next drop could be her last. He wanted to buy her a tough protective case for it, but the quality ones cost a bit.

Mark decided that he would sell his Alpha Box 20 to get her a present. He could always ask for a new console. His parents were poor, and it may take him a few years for them to save up to buy one, but he cared more about Melanie than his games. He went to a pawn shop, asking how much the man would give him for his console. The owner offered him just enough money to buy the case, which was around fifty dollars. He went to the other store across the street and bought the protective case for Melanie. It was scratch proof, drop proof, and even waterproof! She’ll love this he thought.

Melanie, meanwhile, arrived at the pawn shop a few minutes after Mark left. She offered the owner her battered tablet. The owner offered fifty dollars, which was about how much she needed for a new controller. She accepted, feeling a bit down that she no longer had her tablet. But her crush on Mark was more important.

Come Christmastime, the two of them met each other at the city park. Both had their presents in their hands, and they were ready to show their affection. Blushing, Melanie handed Mark her gift, and Mark handed her his. Mark tore into his present first, and he saw that he had a new controller. Melanie opened hers, seeing the protective case that was under it.

“But I sold my console to give you that!” Mark declared.

“I sold my tablet to buy you a controller!” Melanie replied.

Normally, both would be disappointed that they received gifts that were now useless. But as they stared into each other’s eyes, they realized that they were willing to give up their possessions to please the other. Mark grabbed Melanie’s hand, and they skipped across the sidewalk in happiness.

[] Timmy Learns to Appreciate Christmas

Little Timmy was tired of his parents. They seemed to care more about his brother, Nick, than him. Ever since he was born, Nick drew attention away from Timmy, who used to be the only child. Timmy also felt like his parents were planning on telling Santa to give him less for Christmas this year. He was approaching nine, and although his parents believed that he was too old to believe in Santa, Timmy still believed he existed.

One day, he overheard his parents talking. Timmy asked for the newest console, the iBox 4. Instead of that, however, his parents were planning on giving him games for his old iBox 3. He heard his parents talking about buying him games that he wasn’t even interested in, and it made him furious. Instead of talking to his parents, however, Timmy had a plan.

“I’ll just move in with Santa Claus!” he said to himself. Santa lived far away, and although it would be a long struggle, perhaps he could find his way to the North Pole. Santa would give him everything he wanted, and besides that, he needed someone he called his son. With just Mrs. Claus there, he probably became a bit lonely.

A few nights before Christmas, Timmy grabbed a trusted compass, some clean underwear, some snacks from the kitchen, and a few juice bottles as well. He snuck out of his house and began his journey.

It was a surprisingly warm night for December. Cool, sure, but Timmy didn’t need to wear his coat just yet. As he walked, he looked at his compass, turning until it pointed north. All he had to do was just go north for a little while, and then he would make it to the North Pole. It may take a few days, but he could do it.

While he walked, the temperature began dropping at an alarming rate. Timmy put on his coat, but as he did, it still continued plummeting. Soon, he saw snow falling, and it became a blizzard. Timmy almost wanted to turn back, but he knew that it shouldn’t be far now. All he had to do was make it to the North Pole. He felt the cold through his thick jacket, but he knew he would prevail.

However, Timmy soon became too cold, and he almost felt like passing out. As he did, he heard the sound of sleigh bells. That’s when he lost consciousness.

When he came to, he was in his bed. It seemed like it was all a dream. Timmy suddenly felt glad to be back home, and he was glad that he was able to try escaping only in his dreams. He got up and turned on the lights so he could go to the bathroom, and that’s when he saw a letter. It was a piece of parchment that had ink written in fancy cursive. Timmy grabbed it and began to read.

You only have one family. Be thankful for what you have, and accept that things do change. You have a great life, and there’s no way you’re going to make it to the North Pole. I saved you from the storm, and I want you to hug your family and tell them you love them.

P.S. You’ll get that iBox 4.


[] Gingey the Gingerbread Man

Amanda looked in her oven, watching her cookies bake. She only learned how to bake this year, and already, her parents considered her to be a baking genius. She decided that she was going to bake Santa the best gingerbread man possible. It covered the entire baking sheet, and it was about as big as a small child. As the microwave timer went off, she opened up the oven and put on her mitt, taking the sheet out. Now she needed to decorate this giant gingerbread man. Amanda made it clothes from icing, added a few giant gumdrop buttons, and drew a smiley face on it. Soon, her gingerbread man was completed, and it looked at her with a giant smile.

That Christmas Eve, Amanda laid the plate with the gingerbread man on it, wondering how Santa would enjoy it. She knew he needed plenty of fuel for his sleigh ride, so she made sure to add plenty of milk to give him the boost. Her parents always complained that they were getting old and their bones felt frail, and a man as old as Santa needed plenty of calcium. She went away from the tree and went to bed.

As she did, something happened. Maybe it was because there was some magic in her cooking, or maybe it was because her gingerbread man was about the size of a person, but her gingerbread man came to life. He rose from his plate and looked around. He remembered hearing his baker say that she was going to give the cookie to Santa, and suddenly, he grew afraid. He didn’t want to be eaten, especially since he just now got the energy to move. His cookie shoes hit the floor, and he began walking towards the door. However, the gingerbread man had no fingers, just mitten-like hands, so it was difficult to open the door. He tried looking for an escape, and that’s when he heard the sound of something coming down the fireplace. The gingerbread man, cowering in fear, ran under the sofa.

Santa came down the chimney, and he began placing presents under the tree. That’s when he noticed that he had a tall glass of milk waiting for him, but no cookie. Curious, he looked around, and that’s when he noticed a foot sticking from the bottom of the couch. Santa went up to it and began moving, and that’s when the gingerbread man came out. Looking at Santa in fear, he began to speak.

“Don’t eat me!” the gingerbread man begged.

Instead of looking at him with hunger, Santa looked at the gingerbread man with curiosity. “I knew little Amanda could cook, but I didn’t know she could cook this good, to make something come alive. Here, little fellow, how about you join me at the North Pole? You can live with me, Mrs. Claus, and even the elves.”

The gingerbread man’s dotted eyes grew wide, and he followed Santa outside as his sleigh came down.

“By the way, what do you want to be called?” Santa asked.

“How about Gingey?” the gingerbread asked.

With that, Santa had a new companion. As Gingey rode on his sleigh, he knew he was at home.

[] Gingey Helps Santa

Gingey was Santa’s newest addition to the North Pole. A gingerbread man come to life, Santa agreed that he should live in the North Pole. However, Gingey soon noticed that he wasn’t sure where he belonged in the grand scheme of things.

Gingey didn’t seem to have much use. He had no fingers, so he could not help the elves with putting together toys. He volunteered to help the reindeer in the pens, but Gingey soon realized that reindeer had a craving for gingerbread. They nipped at him and tried taking a bite. After that, Gingey tried delivering presents with Santa, but because he had to hold presents with both of his hands, he sometimes ended up dropping them.

So after all that, Gingey sat down and pondered what he should do. He wanted to help Santa, after all. He brought him in, and Gingey didn’t want to live around for free. Gingey wanted to be Santa’s right-hand gingerbread man, and not be a freeloader. Granted, Gingey did not need food or water, but he felt like he was nothing more than a space taker.

One night, Gingey decided that he was nothing more than a burden to Santa. He stepped out of Santa’s home and began walking around the North Pole, thinking about what purpose he served. He was baked into this world for a reason, after all, and he was going to find it. He moved across the snow, feeling his body harden a bit. He already wanted a milk bath to soften his skin. Gingey decided that it wasn’t worth leaving the North Pole. Turning back, he decided to return to Santa’s home. Gingey went through the back door, where Santa’s sleigh lied. Upon looking at it, he noticed that there was something wrong with the reins. They seemed a bit torn, and a reindeer could break free and mess up the sleigh. Since it was approaching Christmas Eve, Gingey went into Santa’s room and told him about the sleigh. Curious, Santa went outside to examine it. As he soon realized, Santa’s sleigh was indeed damaged in the reins. However, Santa and the elves didn’t catch it. It was a tear that was barely noticeable, but according to Santa, it posed serious danger.

Santa soon replaced the reins, and that’s when Gingey noticed that the sleigh needed a bit of grease in the runners, or else they would give Santa a bumpy landing. Gingey kept noticing flaws in Santa’s sleigh, which the elves soon fixed.

Santa went up to Gingey when his sleigh was all repaired. “I know you’ve felt a bit misplaced lately, but you notice things in my sleigh that even I can’t see. I think you’ll be great as my sleigh-checker come every Christmas Eve.”

With that, Gingey became Santa’s trusted gingerbread man when it came to checking his sleigh for problems. Gingey was glad that he found his purpose. He realized that all gingerbread men were baked for a reason, and his was to make sure Santa had a safe trip.

~ ~ ~


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[] Christmas Jokes

Q: Why does Santa go down the chimney?

A: Because it soots him!

Q: What do snowmen like most about going to school?

A: Snow and tell!

Q: What’s Santa called when he takes a rest while delivering presents?

A: Santa Pause!

Q: When is a good time for Santa to visit?

A: Anytime!

Q: What songs do Santa’s elves sing to him when he comes home freezing on Christmas night?

A: Freeze a jolly good fellow!

Q: Why couldn’t the skeleton go to the Christmas Party?

A: He had no body to go with!

Q: How did the chickens dance at the Christmas party?

A: Chick to chick!

Q: Who delivers presents to baby sharks at Christmas?

A: Santa Jaws!

Q: Why is a cat on a beach like Christmas?

A: Because they both have sandy claws!

Q: Why did Rudolph wear sunglasses at the beach?

A: He didn’t want to be recognized!

Q: What do snowmen eat for breakfast?

A: Snowflakes!

Q: What did they call Santa after he lost his pants?

A: Saint Knickerless!

Q: What nationality is Santa Claus?

A: North Polish!

Q: What can Santa give away and still keep?

A: A cold!

Q: How do sheep in Mexico say Merry Christmas?

A: Fleece Navidad!

Q: Where does Frosty the Snowman keep his money?

A: In the snowbank!

Q: Why is it so cold at Christmas?

A: Because it’s in Decembrrr!

Q: What is Tarzan’s favorite Christmas song?

A: Jungle bells!

Q: What’s Scrooge’s favorite Christmas game?

A: Mean-opoly!

Q: How does Santa Claus take pictures?

A: With his North Pole-aroid!

Q: What did Mrs. Claus say to Santa as they were looking out the window?

A: Looks like rain dear (reindeer)!

Q: Which reindeer has the worst manners?

A: Rude-olph!

Q: What does Santa call that reindeer with no eyes?

A: No-eyed-deer!

Q: What was the hairdresser’s favorite Christmas song?

A: Oh Comb All Ye Faithful!

Q: Who delivers cat Christmas presents?

A: Santa Claws!

Q: What is red then white and red then white?

A: Santa rolling down a snowy hill!

[] About the Author

Arnie Lightning is a dreamer. He believes that everyone should dream big and not be afraid to take chances to make their dreams come true. Arnie enjoys writing, reading, doodling, and traveling. In his free time, he likes to play video games and run. Arnie lives in Mississippi where he graduated from The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, MS.

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Christmas Stories: Cute Christmas Stories for Kids Ages 4-8 Christmas Stories: Cute Christmas Stories for Kids Ages 4-8