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The water rushed beneath the bridge she stood on. It was a silent night except for the sound of rushing water over rocks. The moon hung over her, clouds treaded slowly across the moon. She looked up at the moon; it shined brightly providing light on the bridge she stood on. It was a beautiful night but she wasn’t there for sight-seeing. She checked her wristwatch; it was exactly midnight. She took a deep breath and slipped the watch off her wrist, slowly she placed it on the ground.

Suddenly the wind started roaring as if in protest of what she was about to do. She told herself quietly, she was not changing her mind. Despite the harsh wind whipping at her, she moved towards the rails, reaching it, she climbed over them. Now with nothing to protect her from the water below her, she grasped the rails and looked up at the sky as a tear slipped and fell into the water below.

“I’m sorry!”, she screamed as she released her grip on the rails.

“Don’t do it”, a voice came from the right. Frightened she quickly grasped the rails again. She looked towards the voice to find a man walking towards her. He was outside the rails too, he had one hand on the rails and the other was stretched towards her.

“Don’t do it” he repeated as he came to a stop. She wondered why this stranger was there. “It’s not your business”, she snapped at him.

“It is my business”, he stated.”

“ No it’s not; it’s mine, so just turn around and leave.”

“Your life is not yours to take”, he said.

“It is my life isn’t it?”

“Eunice, I have great plans for you. Taking your life will shut off those plans from materializing”. Her eyes widened. How did he know her name?

“I know your name Eunice, I knew you even when you were in your mother’s womb”, he replied to her unasked question.

“I’m not changing my mind”, she said stubbornly even though she knew who was standing in front of her. She looked towards the water again.

“Why do you even have to be here?”

“I care” he said quietly, through her stubbornness she could see he meant it.

“No he doesn’t care”, another voice said from the other side. It did not startle her for she was accustomed to it. She kept staring at the water. “Remember all that has happened and see if he cares for you” it said. She shook her head as she turned to her right.

“No, you don’t otherwise it wouldn’t have happened”. She saw the look that came to his face but she continued nonetheless.

“My parents believed in you but……….but couldn’t you have………you did not save them!” She ended screaming

“They believed in me and yes they were saved”

“No, you did not save them, you just allowed them to…”, she choked on the words she wanted to add.

“I saved them because they made me their Refuge and because they believed in me, they are in a better place with me now”.

“Really?” She asked in a quiet voice


“But you still allowed all those suffering and pain to befall me, I had been told you would make all pain and sorrows disappear but it was all a lie!”

The familiar voice she had grown up with spoke again. “You can end it all with a single jump. End all the pain, suffering in just a second. Just jump”.

“I gave your life to you with a purpose, not for you to end it”

“And all I have in my life is pain”

“My plans, Eunice, are of good and not evil”

“Well I don’t see it in my life”

“You won’t see it, because you don’t have me”

“Were you even with me at all?”

“Yes, I’m always with you even through your pain”.

“And yet you did nothing!”

“No, I couldn’t”

The familiar voice came back. “See it’s because you were worth nothing to him. Just end it all”

She looked down and realized her vision was hazy; she blinked to clear the tears blinding her.

“It was because I wasn’t worth it, right?”

“No, but because you didn’t let me in, I’ve been knocking on your heart waiting for you to let me in”

“You could have entered yourself”

“No, that’s what a thief does. I want you to accept me willingly”

“And then he takes over your will”. The familiar voice came back now sounding louder, “without caring about your needs”.

“What do you provide me with?” She asked the voice she had always listened to but never questioned.

“I will provide you with happiness and peace. All you need to do is jump, trust me”.

“Ending your life will not provide you with peace. I am Peace”, the man on the right said.

“What do you want me to do?” She said exasperatedly

“Let me in”

“You’ve never had my interest at heart so why should I?”

“When I died on the cross, you were the reason why, I died for you so you could be free. I gave my life for you because I love you. Taking your life is not the answer. In me is your answer, all you need to do is take my hand”. He stretched his hand toward her and she saw the hole in his hand.

She looked towards the water and back at the man. She knew what her heart had said but there was a battle raging in her mind.

And the voice was still there, telling her to take his offer. “Everything you dreamt of, I will give you. It’s simple, just jump”

Finally she turned towards the man on the right and looked down at this outstretched hand. Her heart and mind were made up.

She let go of the rails and moved towards his outstretched hand. Just as she nearly placed her hand in his, she felt something slam into her and the she was falling. And she was sure the water was ready to receive and drown her. That was until she felt hands grab hers and pull her back unto the bridge. Still overwhelmed, she hugged her savior.

“I told you, I’m always with you



  • Author: cask
  • Published: 2015-09-21 21:50:06
  • Words: 1070
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