Children's Stories: The Fairy Tale Adventures of Lily And Jilly Series - Book 1



The Magical World Buttershine

Lotu Tangaroa

Shakespir Edition

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© 2016 Lotu Tangaroa

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Chapter 1: The Butterfly

Chapter 2: The Magic Dust

Chapter 3: Darkershadow

Chapter 4: The Plan

Chapter 6: Meeting Acnepus

Chapter 7: Horriworld

Chapter 8: The Rainbow Crown

Chapter 9: Puzzle Time

Chapter 10: Victory



“I had a reason why I chose you girls. You two complete each other.”

This is a magical story about two little sisters, who appear in an amazing world and face insurmountable difficulties in order to reach their goal. They try hard and never give up. Despite the frightening experiences, the sisters maintain a good sense of humour and a positive attitude.

Chapter 1: The Butterfly

Once upon a time there was a house in the mountains, where two little sisters lived with their parents. The sisters’ names were Lily who was 6 years old and Jilly who was seven. They both had long red curly hair, big blue eyes and lots of freckles. They were smart and funny. The sisters liked to have fun around the house where only mountains and prairies were, with squirrels and rabbits running in the forests.


After eating their breakfast one morning, Lily and Jill y asked their parents:

“Mommy, daddy, can we go out and play?”

The weather was nice and sunny, so their parents said yes. Lily and Jilly went out and started to run towards the vast prairie, singing and jumping up and down. When they got tired, they lay on the fresh green grass to catch their breaths. The fresh green grass they would lay on was a distance from their home. Colorful flowers were blossoming around them, and the sun was shining brightly. The girls were happy. Just as they decided to get up and continue playing, a pink butterfly came and sat right on Jilly’s nose. Jilly started giggling.

“Hey, Lily, look here, look here,” she said.

“What is it, Jilly?” Lily asked.

“I’ve got a butterfly on my nose! And it’s huge!”

Lily came closer and looked. The butterfly was really sitting on Jilly’s nose. It was rather big, about the size of her head, with light pink and sparkling wings. Suddenly the butterfly flew upwards and started to speak.

“Hello Lily and Jilly,” she said.

The girls were astonished. They stood with mouths wide opened and didn’t know what to say.

“Lily, did you hear that? I thought birds and animals couldn’t speak like people,” Jilly whispered.

“Yes, and I thought insects couldn’t, either.” Lily whispered back.

“And fish also…”

“And snakes as well,” Lily added.

The butterfly was hanging mid-air, its sparkly wings shivering, and it was smiling at the astonished girls.

“I am Butterfly Princelda,” the butterfly said.

Lily opened her eyes wider and said:

“Wow! Look Jilly, she can really speak.”

“But how do you know that it’s a she, Lily? Maybe it’s a he?”

“I think she’s a she because her name is Princelda, like princess.” Lily piped up.

“But maybe it is like prince?” Jilly asked tentatively.

The butterfly smiled again and said:

“I am a Princess, Jilly, your sister is right.”

“But how can you speak?” Jilly asked.

“I live in an enchanted world, which you do not know. The only reason that I came to you is that we have a big problem in our world and need your help.” The butterfly said.

The sisters looked at each other in astonishment.

“Princelda, but how can we help?” Jilly asked.

“What kind of a problem do you have?” Lily added.

“Are you sure that we can help? I mean, how do you know that we can help you?” Jilly asked.

“Jilly, we can help, that’s not a problem,” Lily said impatiently, “I just want to know what the problem is.”

The butterfly sighed and said:

“I will tell you about the problem on the way. It’s a long story. If you can come with me, then let’s go. We don’t have much time.”

“But our parents don’t know… they will get worried,” Lily said.

“I will run now to the house and inform them,” Jilly said and turned to go, but Lily grabbed her arm:

“No, no, Jilly, don’t go. If you go and tell them, they will not believe you and will tell us to return home for… for… lunch.”

“Lily, mom and dad will worry! I won’t go anywhere without letting them know. Who knows, maybe we can’t solve the problem in an hour and be home for lunch, and they will worry.”

“Oh, Jilly…” Lily said.

“Don’t worry girls,” the butterfly said. “Your parents will not notice your absence.” With this, the butterfly sent a few pink sparkles with her wings towards the girls’ house.

“What was that?” Jilly asked.

“It’s magic. As soon as the sparkles reach your parents, the time will stop for them until you return.”

“Wow!” Lily exclaimed. But Jilly wasn’t convinced.

“I want to go and check if the sparkles really work.” She said.

“Please, Jilly, we don’t have much time,” the butterfly said, “and we really need your help. Please.”

“Ok,” looking towards the house, Jilly said.

Lily put her hands on her hips: “So, where do we go now?”

Chapter 2: The Magic Dust

Lily and Jilly went towards the forest, as the butterfly led them.

“My world is a very beautiful world… well, it was,” Princelda started to tell them, as they were walking towards the forest.

“What happened?” Lily asked impatiently.

“It was a beautiful world until our enemy invaded and turned it into an ugly one…”

“Who’s your enemy?” Jilly interrupted.

“Why did your enemy turn the beautiful world into an ugly world?” Lily sounded really angry.

“Girls, please don’t interrupt me. I need to tell the story of my world before we reach there,” Pincelda said calmly.

Both girls said, “OK”.

“So, we didn’t know that we had an enemy until it appeared. It was an evil witch, which came from another world, in order to take over our world.”

Lily started to say something, but Jilly put her finger to her lips, and Lily stopped.

“The powers of the evil witch turned our world into a dark and unpleasant place.” Princelda continued, sighing. “Our beautiful world, Buttershine, is now called Darkershadow, and my people are so unhappy. My palace is turned into Mrs. Acnepus’ home… my people are slaves for her…”

“Mrs. What?” Lily burst out the words, unable to hold inside.

“Oh… wow…” Jilly exclaimed, obviously overwhelmed by the whole lot of the extraordinary information.

“Mrs. Acnepus.” Princelda repeated. “She makes everybody call her Your Ugliness Mrs. Acnepus.”

“But why Acnepus?” Lily asked.

“Her face is covered in a lot of acnes full of pus.” The butterfly explained.

“Yuck!” The sisters shouted together.

“When I was a small child, my mother told me stories about her. Of course I never believed those stories, but now those stories have turned into reality, and I have to believe them,” Princelda said. They were already in the forest, and the sweet songs of the lovely birds accompanied them.

“Oh, you have got a mother…”Jilly said.

“Who’s she? Where is she now? Why can’t she help your world?” Lily asked.

“My mother is the queen of Buttershine. Her name is Sparkle.”

“Is she also a butterfly?” Lily asked.

“Yes, she is. But she is in prison now.” Princelda said sadly. “Acnepus has taken her crown and has imprisoned her in her ugly scary world.”

“Oh… how sad. And where is her scary world?” Jilly said sadly.

“We must set her free!” Lily exclaimed.

“Girls, please listen to the story till the end.” The butterfly asked. “She is the queen of Horriworld, a place which I don’t know. Have never been there, nor do I know where it is,” the butterfly continued, as the girls looked at her with big round eyes. They got deeper into the forest. The forest wasn’t too big, so Lily and Jilly assumed that they had reached the center of the forest. Princelda stopped, and the girls stopped too.

“The way gets a bit difficult from here,” Princelda said, looking around her.

“Why?” Jilly asked.

“I am not afraid of difficulties,” Lily said, excited at the idea of surmounting difficulties. “Uncle Bob always says that I’ve got the power.” She added proudly.

“Yes, and he also says that I’ve got some really visible brains.” Jilly said, obviously too proud of herself.

“Both of you are priceless, sweet girls.” Princelda said, smiling. “Now I must help you fly, as the way to Buttershine is through the sky.”

“Really? Are you serious?” The sisters shouted together, too excited at the thought of flying.

“Yes,” Princelda said calmly. She shook her wings, and some pink sparkle was emitted from her wings. “Eat that sparkle please, girls,” she said. Lily and Jilly looked at the pink sparkle, which was hanging mid-air, in a round shape, like a sweet cotton candy.

“Is this edible?” Jilly asked tentatively, as Lily was examining the small cloud of shiny pink dust.

“Of course!” Princelda said. “After you eat it, you will be able to fly!”

Lily grabbed some of the dust and put it into her mouth. Her face brightened and her eyes started to glow with happiness. “Oh, and it’s so tasty! It tastes like… like… Strawberries!”

Just as Lily swallowed and reached for more, Jilly tentatively took some and sniffed. Thinking that it smelled good enough, she put it into her mouth. At first she was chewing silently, as if waiting for something to happen, but then she started jumping up and down, shrieking and singing at the same time: “It’s so tasty! So tasty! It tastes like cotton candy!”

“Even better!” Lily added. “I personally have never eaten anything like this before. Definitely this is the most delicious stuff that I have eaten in my whole life!” She said, as she took the last particles of the dust and swallowed.

Princelda was smiling as the girls were enjoying the tasty sparkles. The girls were so astonished about the tasty sparkles, that they didn’t even notice that they were already in mid-air, above the ground. Finally Jilly looked down and gasped. At this, Lily also looked down: “Oh my God! We’re flying! The sparkles were really magical!”


As they flew upwards, they got higher than the trees. The end of the forest was seen, and their house on the hill, too. The sky was full of sunrays, and it was blue and clear.

“I think I need sunglasses now,” Lily said, giggling.

“We don’t have much time, girls, please follow me,” Princelda said. “We have to keep going.”

“Where do we go from here?” Jilly asked.

“There’s a hole somewhere here,” Princelda said, flying slowly and looking attentively at some spot in the middle of the air. “We must go through that hole.”

“What hole?” Jilly asked.

“I can’t see any hole here,” Lily added.

“It’s an invisible hole,” the butterfly said. “And it will open only when I spray my magical dust on it.” With this, she shook her wings, and pink sparkle shot like a lightning into the air. A nice round passageway was formed in the air with the sparkles.

“Wow!” the girls exclaimed.

“Please follow me. We must go through this passage before the sparkles fade.” Princelda said and hurried into the sparkly ring. The girls followed her.

Chapter 3: Darkershadow

It was a small round pink and sparkly passageway, which smelled like cotton candy. The three of them got through it in a few seconds and got out of it into another sky, which was gray and uninviting. The pink sparkly passageway disappeared.

“Below us is Buttershine,” Princelda whispered. She was a bit frightened and was looking around herself constantly.

“It’s so cold and sad here,” Jilly said.

“I wonder how it looks,” Lily said.

“Girls, there’s only one safe place that I know. I must take you there now, and tell you the rest of the story, so that you’ll know how you can help.” Slowly she flew downwards, motioning the girls to follow her. They descended and found themselves in a forest, with a small cave-like thing in front of them.

“Quick, get inside,” Princelda whispered and flew into the cave herself. The girls followed her. Inside the cave looked really dirty, and it smelled like moist.

“Yuck, Princelda, what place is this?” Lily asked, making a disgusted face. But Princelda was busy. She was shaking her wings again. The pink sparkly dust was emitted from her wings, which immediately covered the entrance of the cave.

“Now nobody will find this place. I’ve covered it with invisible sparkle.” Princelda said happily. Looking around, she saw the disgusting dark cave and the unhappy faces of the children. “Oh, I totally forgot,” Princelda said, and started to shake her wings again. The pink sparkle flew through the cave and in a blink of the eye the cave was totally changed. The grey and dirty walls turned clean and pink and were covered in blossoming pink roses. The darkness was gone, as there was a pleasant light inside the cave. There was a delicious mixed smell of strawberries and roses. There had appeared soft armchairs and cushions on the cave floor, as well as a comfortable table with all sorts of cakes, sweets, fruits, berries, ice-cream and juice on the inviting pink tablecloth.

“Wow!” The girls whispered.

“I can’t believe what I see!” Jilly exclaimed.

“I can’t believe what I smell!” Lily said: “And taste!” she added, as she grabbed a strawberry and ate it.

“I’m glad that you like our cave, girls,” Princelda said, smiling. This will be our home until we rescue my mother and Buttershine.

“This is a nice place to live in,” Jilly said, sinking into one of the armchairs.

Princelda smiled and said: “You may be tired and hungry. Sit down and help yourselves while I finish my story.”

The sisters were thankful to sit down on the soft armchairs and to eat all kinds of deliciousness. What else were they dreaming of after their long travel into the magical world?

“About a week ago I was in my secret room at our palace when Acnepus attacked Buttershine. I looked out of my window and saw how the sky got black, and our world became dark. Green and clingy rain started to drop from the sky.” Princelda said. “Obviously it was a magical potion, because the moment it got down on the ground, everything changed – the beautiful flowers and trees became wires and prickles, the people of my world lost their magical ability – Eyefire, it’s when they shoot with their eyes, and all the nice houses were destroyed and turned into small cave-like things.”

“Is this cave one of those?” Jilly asked, with wide-open eyes.

“Yes, it is, Jilly. This used to be a beautiful playground where I liked to play when I was little. My secret room also became a grey and sad place. After Acnepus destroyed our world from the sky, she descended, and I saw that she was riding a dragon.”

“Wow!” Lily said, as the strawberry was halfway to her mouth.

“I remembered from my mother’s stories that Acnepus had a dragon and snakes, and all kinds of scary animals in her world, Horriworld.” Princelda continued. “She invaded our palace. I was scared and hid in my secret room, which she never found.”

“How did you manage to hide from her?” Jilly sat upright, chewing a cake.

“My mother had put a spell on my secret room, so that no one could destroy it.”

“But how did your mother know the tales about her?” Jilly asked again.

“My mother told me that she had learned from her great-great-grandfather about the existence of Acnepus when she was a child. Centuries ago Acnepus and the king of Buttershine had a big war and the king won her. But there was always a chance that she could return, stronger than before. All she wants is to take Buttershine and to make our people her slaves.”

“Then what happened? What happened to your secret room?” Lily interrupted.

“My secret room remained secret. After about an hour I tiptoed out of the secret room to see what was happening.” Princelda said.

“What did you see?” Lily was impatient again.

“Everything was changed. The palace was a disgusting big old cave, with cobwebs and spiders everywhere. It was empty, besides a few Buttershine people, who had no power.” Taking a small cupcake, Princelda continued: “I was frustrated and devastated. I understood that she had defeated my mother. The only way to defeat my mother was to take her crown away from her. Obviously Acnepus took my mother’s crown away.”

“We must take it back! In that case, we will take the power from her!” Jilly exclaimed.

“When I see Acnepus, I will punch her in her face like this” Lily said, angrily punching her little fists into the air.


Night was approaching. Lily and Jilly were tired and sleepy. Princelda was also very tired. She suggested that they’d better have a rest during the night and take on business in the morning.

“When we wake up in the morning, we must make a plan on how to rescue my mother and defeat Acnepus. Only then we can make Buttershine the way it was before. And now goodnight, girls. Tomorrow we shall have a very busy and adventurous day.” Princelda said, as the girls went to sleep.

Chapter 4: The Plan

When the morning came, it was rainy and misty. There was lightning and thunder. The crushing sound of the rain was coming from the outside of the cave. The girls woke up and looked around. Even though their cave was warm and pleasant, they could tell it was cold and moist outside. The butterfly was calmly sitting on the edge of one of the armchairs.

“Good morning, girls,” she said. “Did you sleep well last night?”

“Yes,” the girls said together.

“It was so warm,” Jilly said.

“And the scent of the strawberries was so sweet and pleasant throughout the night!” Lily added.

Princelda smiled. “Have some breakfast, please. We must make up a plan for today. We don’t have much time.”

Lily and Jilly jumped to the table, where a new assortment of sweets and fruits was waiting for them.

“We’re ready! Let’s start making our plan!” Jilly said.

Princelda said: “In order to rescue my world, we must retrieve my mother’s crown and set her free. Only that way we can succeed.”

“I suggest that we travel to Acnepus’ world and search for the crown first.” Jilly said.

“And I suggest that we go and kill Acnepus first!” Lily said angrily. “I can’t wait to punch her in the face!”

“Calm down, Lily!” Jilly said. “We can’t go up to her like that. She will transform you into some sort of animal. She’s a witch. Did you forget that?”

“Jilly’s right, Lily. We must be patient. I know how you hate Acnepus. I share the same feelings. But we must be clever and patient. Jilly, we can’t go to Horriworld, as we don’t know the way.” Princelda sighed.

“But the queen and the crown are there, right?” Jilly asked.

“Yes, they’re there,” Princelda said.

“I have an idea!!!” Lily shouted so loudly, that Jilly jumped up.

“What is it Lily?”

“We must secretly follow Acnepus when she goes to Horriworld!” Lily’s eyes were huge and bright, full of excitement.

Princelda thought for a moment. “I guess that’s the only way we can find the way there. But how can we follow her?”

“I think Acnepus will not go to Horriworld in the near future,” Jilly said sadly.

“Why?” Lily asked.

“Because she has just defeated the queen and has got a new world. She will be busy with Buttershine instead.”

“You’re right, Jilly.” Princelda said. Everybody was silent. In the silence, the thunder and raindrops were not heard any more. Everywhere was silence.

“The rain has stopped. If the sun came out we could see a nice rainbow if we were in our world.” Lily said.

“My mother loves rainbows. Her crown is a nice small rainbow,” Princelda said.

“If only we could get the rainbow from the sky.” Jilly said.

Suddenly Princelda’s face expression changed. “Girls! I think I’ve found a solution!” She flew up and down with excitement, and her wings started shaking vigorously from happiness, resulting in a nice round pink sparkle cloud in the air. Lily and Jilly also got excited and started to jump up and down, too.

When they calmed down and sat into their armchairs, Princelda said: “We must get the rainbow from the sky and deceive Acnepus.”

“Oh, Princelda, how can we get the rainbow from there?” Lily asked, overexcited.

“We’ll go up and get it. And then I will magically shrink it… afterwards we will lie to Acnepus that we have got the real crown…”

“She will believe us and will…” Lily continued.

“And will turn us into some kind of animal.” Jilly finished the sentence, in a not-so-happy voice.

“No, Jilly, we must not just go up to her. She must not catch us.” Princelda said. “What I was saying was – she will be worried that we have got the real crown, and will go to Horriworld to check if the real crown is there or not. And that’s when we shall follow her.”

“But how will we manage to show her the rainbow and not be caught?” Jilly asked.

“Well, that’s something that we must think about.” Princelda said.

“Princelda, but the clouds are so dense and black. Aren’t they dangerous? What if lightning strikes us?” Jilly asked thoughtfully.

“The rain and the lightning have stopped, Jilly. What are you worrying about?” Lily said.

But Princelda was worried. She was silent. Then she said: “Jilly, I guess they may be dangerous for me. They may be magical, as Acnepus has put a spell on our world, and with the thunder and lightning it may have become really dangerous…” She stopped for a moment, and then continued: “When I was little, I hurt my wings while playing with fire. I remember that my mother called the Rainbow Master, who healed my wings. We must find him. I’m more than sure that we will need him.”

“Princelda, what’s a Rainbow Master?” Lily asked.

“How did he heal your wings?” Jilly asked.

“Girls, the Rainbow Master makes medicine from the rainbow and heals people when they are ill.” Princelda said.

“Oh, the doctor!” Lily and Jilly exclaimed together.


“In our world the Rainbow Master is called doctor.” Jilly explained to the butterfly. “But how exactly did he heal you?”

“I don’t remember, but I think he made a special medicine from the rainbow. I don’t remember what he did with the rainbow, even though my mother has told me. I only remember that he took some medicine from the top of the rainbow.”

“But where can we find him?” Lily asked.

“You stay here, girls. I will go to find him. I think he can give us good advice.” Princelda said and left the cave hurriedly.


Lily and Jilly sat lazily on the soft armchairs, and started to eat ice-cream. Several minutes passed.

“Do you think she will find him quickly?” Lily asked.

“I don’t know. I am afraid that she has encountered some danger. What if Acnepus has found her?”

“I think it would be better if we went with her,” Lily said. “We would protect her if something happened.”

“You never know, Lily. Maybe it will be better that we stay here and wait for her.”

“Jilly, let’s wait five more minutes and go out to find her.”

“Oh, Lily, we don’t know where to find her, how are we going to find her?” Jilly exclaimed.

“Jilly, are you going to sit in this cave forever? What if Princelda never returns? What are we going to do? I will definitely not stay here. I will go and try to find her.”

“Lily, what if she gets killed?”

“Then I’ll do what I’m here for – I will fight Acnepus, get the crown and set the queen free. Afterwards we shall go home.”

“Oh, Lily you are so brave…I hope we don’t have to do it alone, though.” Jilly said, sighing.

At that moment Princelda and a man entered the cave. The girls were so happy to see Princelda, that they jumped up and tried to hug the butterfly.

“Princelda, you came back!” Jilly was shouting.

“We are so happy to see you!” Lily was screaming.

Princelda looked at them with happy eyes and said: “I am also happy, girls. I have found the Rainbow Master!”

The sisters looked at the man, who was a short man with a bald head. He had a red hat on. Small wings were visible on his back.

“Hello, I am the Rainbow Master. My name is Medicol.” He said, smiling, and bowed.

“Hi, nice to meet you, Medicol. I’m Lily, and this is my sister, Jilly.”

“So nice, so nice…” Medicol said. His voice was soft and he seemed a bit shy.

“Girls, on the way here I told Medicol about our mission. Medicol, we need some advice.” Princelda said. “Please tell us what we need to know about the rainbow.”

“The clouds now are rather dense and fiery. Acnepus’ spell and the thunder turned the clouds into a very dangerous substance. I’m not sure about the girls, but it can have a bad impact on your wings, Princelda.”

“That’s what I am mostly afraid of.” Princelda said. “Medicol, when I was little, you cured my wings with some rainbow juice. Please tell us about it.”

Medicol sat down, took off his hat and said: “I don’t have much time; otherwise I would come with you. But Acnepus will start looking for me. He has turned me into one of her slaves.” Turning to Lily and Jilly, he continued: “I have a special potion, which, when mixed with the rainbow juice, heals burns.” He took a small glass container out of his pocket. “Please, use this potion carefully. I don’t have much left.” He handed it to Lily, who put it into the pocket of her jacket.

“How can we get the rainbow juice?” Jilly asked.

“Just get up to the rainbow, on top of it you’ll find the juice.”

“Thank you so much, Medicol,” Princelda said. “Are you going to the palace now?”

“Yes, as Acnepus is there and waiting for me. Good luck,” he said and left the cave.

Chapter 5: High in the Sky

Lily and Jilly were ready to eat a nice sparkly cloud of magical dust so Princelda shook her wings. As soon as they took a few mouthfuls of the sweet cotton candy-like sparkle, their feet cut off from the ground and they hang in mid-air. Avoiding the ceiling, Lily and Jilly giggled and maintained a good balance, while Princelda nodded and flew out of the cave. Lily and Jilly carefully followed her. Once they were outside the cave and in the forest, the magical pink sparkly curtains closed the cave entrance behind them, making the cave totally invisible. There was no one in the forest, but still, Princelda looked around worriedly every two seconds.

They took off together, and flew upwards, into the sky. The unpleasant gray sky was waiting for them. Even though the rain had stopped, everywhere was cloudy and cold, and it seemed like there was no sun in this world.

Princelda had told them that the real rainbow was higher in the sky, beyond the clouds, and that they had to fly a very long distance into the gray sky in order to get to the rainbow.


Once they were in the clouds, they noticed that the clouds were very dense, like cotton, and they gave some sort of burning sensation. Medicol was right.

“Ouch!” Jilly said, as she was flying through a particularly black and dense cloud. Lily wasn’t bothered by the unpleasant clouds: she was making waves with her hands and soaring through the clouds angrily.

When it started to seem to them that the black and gray vastness was never going to end, a few rays of sun reached them through the holes in the clouds.

“We are near!” Princelda shrieked. She was breathing heavily and shaking uncontrollably.

The girls didn’t say anything. They were tired and breathless, and were sparing the last drops of energy that had remained in their bodies.

At last they got out of the clouds and stopped in the bright sunshine. It nearly blinded them after the black and dark clouds that they were struggling in for about half an hour. But they were happy that at last they got out of them. Too tired to say or do anything, Lily sat down. Underneath them was a thick carpet of black and very dense clouds. Jilly sat down, too. She needed to catch her breath. The clouds continued to give the unpleasant burning sensation, but the sensation was less now compared to when they just started flying in the dark clouds beneath them.

Princelda was crying. “My wings… the clouds burnt them…” Princelda said through the tears. Lily and Jilly looked at her wings – the outer lines of the wings had turned into gray ashes. The wings were wrinkled and had lost sparkle.

“Oh, no!!” Jilly gasped. “Medicol was right.”

“Don’t worry, girls, we can get the rainbow juice and heal my wings. I will be all right. I can still fly slowly. But I’m not sure if I can do magic anymore.”

“Try to emit some magical sparkles, please Princelda,” Jilly asked her.

The butterfly tried, but stopped shortly: “Ouch! It hurts! We must get to the rainbow.”

Only then the girls noticed that a little far from them a colorful and bright rainbow was shining. It seemed close and easy to reach.

Lily tried to fly up, but she couldn’t.

“The magic has worn off Lily… you won’t be able to fly until you eat the magical sparkle again.” Princelda said sadly.

“Let’s go,” Lily said and started walking on the gray cloudy carpet towards the rainbow, and Jilly followed her with the butterfly after her.

Getting closer to the rainbow, they stopped.

“Now what?” Lily asked. The rainbow was very big. It resembled a big bridge. They were standing at the base of one of its ends. It was shining with seven bright colors.

They noticed that it was possible to climb up the rainbow with some difficulty. It was smooth, but the girls managed to climb up, with Princelda calmly sitting on Lily’s shoulder.


When they reached the top, it was so high that Jilly held Lily’s hand tighter and looked down into the vast blackness of clouds.

“Lily, be careful not to fall down,” Jilly warned Lily. Lily nodded and looked around. Right beside them, on the top of the rainbow, there was a small gap with a few drops of colorful water inside.

“Jilly, do you think this is the medicine?” Lily asked, examining the fluid. Jilly nodded. Lily lowered Princelda, so that she could also see it.

“Yes, girls, this is it! Lily, please add this to the potion that Medicol gave you. I must drink this now,” Princelda said.

Lily took out the glass container, which contained the potion, opened it, and saw that there was also a spoon there. Smiling, she transferred the rainbow juice into the container. The transparent potion became colorful at once. Princelda gulped down half of the fluid. “We must keep the rest for later. We still have to get down through the clouds.” She said.

After several seconds the sisters noticed that the wings started to shine again.

“It worked, girls, it worked!” Princelda said, shaking her wings, emitting pink sparkle, as Lily and Jilly clapped and hugged each other.

Making a small pink sparkling magical cotton candy, Princelda said: “Help yourselves, so that you will be able to fly again.”

The sisters ate the cotton candy again. Jilly and Princelda started flying down, but Lily stayed on top of the rainbow.

“Aren’t you coming, Lily?” Jilly asked, and she and Princelda stopped in the air.

“I’m coming, but I’d better not fly right now. I want to slide down the rainbow!” Saying this, she sat down and glided downwards; yelling and shouting from happiness, as she slid down the colorful rainbow.

“It’s so much fun! It’s so much fun!” she kept shouting.

Jilly looked at Lily, and took off towards the top of the rainbow. “I also want to slide down the rainbow!” She screamed. Sliding down the rainbow was so much fun, that the girls kept flying up the rainbow and sliding down towards the black cloudy carpet for a few minutes.

Even though Princelda was in a hurry, she didn’t interrupt the girls, as she knew how much trouble and difficulties were waiting for them during their mission.

Chapter 6: Meeting Acnepus

When Lily and Jilly joined Princelda, she was ready to do her magic to the rainbow. Shaking her wings vigorously for a couple of minutes, Princelda emitted a huge pink cloud of sparkling dust, which rotated around the rainbow, making it disappear inside the pink cloud. When the sparkle dissolved, they saw a beautiful small rainbow crown on the black cloud carpet. It was sparkling and shining.

The sisters were barely able to breathe – it was so magnificent.

“This is beautiful!” Jilly whispered.

“Oh,” Lily said, taking the crown and putting it on her head. “Do I look nice?”

“Yes!” Princelda said, as Lily giggled happily.

“You look like a princess, Lily!” Jilly said smiling.

“Now we have to get down with the crown. Jilly, you must hold the crown tightly, so that it won’t fall down and break to pieces. It is very fragile.” Princelda warned her.

Lily took it off and gave it to Jilly. She held it tightly with one hand, getting ready to descend through the clouds. “Lily, is the potion container safe?”

“Yes, Jilly, it’s in my pocket.”

“Let’s go !” Princelda said and they took off.

Flying down through the clouds wasn’t as difficult as flying up. The sisters were full of energy and enthusiasm. Soon they reached the ground, and Princelda drank the potion again. Her wings came to life. She emitted some sparkle around them. The entrance to their cave came into view. They quickly got in, and the invisibility curtains closed in again.

Jilly carefully put the rainbow crown onto the armchair, and the sisters attacked the table full of delicious cakes and fruits and didn’t stop until they got tired of eating.

“Ok, girls, now let’s think how we can get to Acnepus,” Princelda said, putting a small strawberry into her mouth. “Medicol said that she’s in the palace.”

“Too bad that she’s turned him into one of her slaves,” Jilly said sadly.

“Where did you find him, Princelda?” Lily asked.

“I found him in the palace. He lied to Acnepus about having to acquire a very important ingredient for her dark potions, and she let him go for a few minutes.” Princelda said.

“Now we must go to the palace,” Lily said.

“We must be careful.” Jilly said and took the crown from the armchair. “I will wrap the crown in a napkin, so that nobody will see it.” She carefully wrapped the crown in a napkin and held it with both hands. The three of them got out of the cave.


“I will show you the way, girls,” Princelda said and flew forward. The sisters followed her.

They went through the dark forest, where there were ugly dry crooked trees everywhere.

“This used to be a very beautiful and sunny forest,” Princelda said sadly.

“Don’t worry, we will bring Buttershine back to life again,” Lily said, her hands on her hips.

There were no people, animals or birds in the dead forest. There was silence everywhere.

When they reached the end of the forest, the view of Buttershine streets opened in front of them: the streets were almost empty and dirty, covered in slick green mud; a couple of people were slowly walking along the street.

Jilly noticed that the people here had small butterfly wings on their backs, like Medicol.

“Princelda, can your people fly?”

“No, they can’t. Those wings are just something like decoration, something they were born with.”

“Then why do they keep those useless wings?” Lily said impatiently.

“They are part of their bodies,” Princelda said. “Now, let’s go to the palace,” Princelda said. She was a bit nervous about going to the palace.

They went through a couple of streets and reached a big cave, which used to be the palace. On the upper part of the cave entrance, in big and ugly letters there was written: “HER UGLINESS MRS. ACNEPUS, THE NEW QUEEN OF DARKERSHADOW

Cobwebs and spiders were everywhere. Lily became very angry when she and Jilly read it. She took some green dirt from the ground and tossed it up towards the letters.

“Now what? Shall we enter?” She asked, wiping her hands off her jeans.

“Wait, Lily,” Jilly said. “We must be careful. Princelda, maybe you should stay here? Hide somewhere here and wait for us. If she sees you, we’ll be defeated.”

“Yes, Princelda, please hide here, otherwise she will get the three of us. One of us has to stay, and that is most probably you.” Lily said.

Princelda agreed. “Girls, please eat this dust, so that your flying ability won’t fade off quickly. Who knows when you will need to fly?” She created the magical cotton candy, and the girls eagerly ate it.

“Also, before you go, I will make a light for you to take with you because it is dark in there.” Princelda emitted sparkles from her wings, which formed a small ball. “This ball will light up when it’s dark.”

Lily took the ball, and Princelda hid inside one of the dry trees that was beside the big cave.


The girls entered the cave. It was big, and had passageways and compartments. It was dark and seemed to be empty. The magical ball lit up as soon as they stepped into one of the dark passageways. Getting deeper into the cave, they passed a few passageways and stopped in front of an entrance. Voices were heard from there.

“Your Ugliness Mrs. Acnepus, where should I put this cobweb?” A female voice was heard.

“Fasten it onto the ceiling, girl, I want my palace to look as nice as possible.” Acnepus said. Her voice was edgy, crooked and ugly.

Lily and Jilly looked at each other.

“Her voice is so disgusting,” Jilly whispered.

“She thinks cobwebs are nice,” Lily whispered back and made a face.

“Lily, I think we must enter and pretend to be her slaves.”

“Yes.” Lily agreed. She put the magical ball inside her blouse, and Jilly put the wrapped rainbow crown inside her blouse.

They entered. The cave room was covered in dust and smelled like rotten fish. It was rather big, with a few magical candles hanging in the air. There was a big table and a few chairs. A couple of Buttershine people were working in the room. Acnepus was sitting on a big throne, which was covered in cobwebs. She was a very ugly and skinny woman, with lots of acne on her face, her nose long and crooked, and her eyes red and evil. Her black hair was reaching her shoulders and spiders were crawling in her hair. On her head she had a black crown made of dead snakes. Her eyes fell on Lily and Jilly, and she got up immediately.

“Who are you?!” She shouted with her disgusting voice.

Lily came one step forward: “We want to work for you, Your ugliness Mrs. Acnepus.”

“Why?” Acnepus asked her, coming close and examining them with her red eyes. “Are you from Darkershadow? Where are you from?”

“From Darkershadow,” Lily said confidently.

“And where are your wings?” Acnepus asked, when she noticed that the girls didn’t have the decorative wings that the Buttershine people had.

Lily hesitated. Jilly stepped forward and said: “We have lost them in the battle.”

“What battle, girl?” Acnepus asked Jilly, her red eyes huge with interest.

“We were outside in the streets, when we saw that a couple of people were running away with the crown.”

“What crown, silly girl?” Acnepus shouted.

“The… the real crown. I mean, the rainbow crown.” Jilly said and looked at Lily, who was nodding. Lily continued:

“We thought that they were thieves and ran after them… Then we fought with them and got the crown. We decided to bring it back to you.”

Acnepus’ eyes widened from horror. She started to breathe loudly, and stream started to come out of her nostrils. Jilly stepped back. She didn’t know what Acnepus was going to do. What if she turned them into animals?

“Silly girls, show me the crown!” Acnepus ordered Jilly.

Jilly slowly reached inside her blouse and took the crown out of it. Acnepus looked at the shining rainbow crown. She grabbed it from Jilly’s hands, her eyes fiery with anger.

“This is it! This is the crown! But how did they managed to steal it! I must take it back now and put stronger guards on it.” She was very angry now.

Turning to her slaves inside the room, Acnepus ordered them: “Watch these girls, I have to go somewhere. I want them to be here when I return. Otherwise I will turn you into frogs.” While the slaves came towards Lily and Jilly, Acnepus went out of the cave room.

Chapter 7: Horriworld

To her happiness, Jilly saw that one of the slaves was Medicol. He pretended that he didn’t know the girls at all. Medicol and two other slaves came and took the sisters deeper into the room.

“I will guard them,” Medicol said to the other slaves, who nodded and went away.

When they were alone with Medicol, Jilly whispered: “Medicol, we must go now, in order to follow Acnepus.”

“I know. That’s why I made the other slaves go away,” Medicol whispered. “Now I will set you free, please be careful and do everything in your power to defeat Acnepus. I guess she’s going to turn me and the other slaves into frogs. So you girls are my only hope. I will take care so that the slaves won’t notice that you’re gone. When you get out of this cave, go through the passageway to the right. Somewhere there should be another cave – Acnepus’ dragon stables. Most probably she will ride her dragon to Horriworld. The palace has another exit, which is through the stables, so you’d better go there now so that you don’t lose her track. Good luck, girls.”

“Thanks, Medicol,” Lily and Jilly said and hurriedly left the cave.


Getting out of the cave, Lily and Jilly turned to the right and started walking along a narrow passageway. Lily took the light ball out again, and they quickened their pace. The passageway was empty and silent. Soon they heard noise from somewhere near and stopped.

“Listen, Lily,” Jilly whispered.

“What was that?” Lily whispered, too.

“Shh…” Jilly put her finger onto her lips.

The noise was coming from a cave that was right ahead of them.

“I think it’s the dragon.” Jilly whispered.

Without hesitation, Lily hid the light ball inside her jacket again and slowly approached the entrance of the cave.

“Lily, stop!” Jilly whispered, but it was too late – Lily was already inside the cave. Forcing herself, Jilly followed her.

They were in a cave, which looked like horse stables. The cave had big window holes, which were on the high ceiling. They hid behind something that resembled a door.

The noise belonged to a green big dragon, who was breathing fire and ashes. Acnepus was there, climbing onto the dragon and mumbling angrily: “I will show them who the real queen is! But at first I must check if the real crown is indeed gone. If it’s not, then the red-haired girls will be very sorry, because they will become red-haired ants!”

Jilly shivered at the thought. But the sisters didn’t have much time to think about ants, as Acnepus took off on her dragon and flew right out of the ceiling window.

“Jilly, let’s fly!” Lily said and flew into the air. Jilly followed her. Getting out of the ceiling window, the sisters flew, following the green dragon.


It was already evening, and the dark sky was even darker. After flying for a few minutes, Acnepus and her dragon started to descend into a lake. Lily and Jilly followed them, holding hands and trying to be as invisible as possible.

Landing on the lake, Acnepus shouted: “The gates to Horrifield, open to me!”

Big black metal gates immediately appeared on the black waters of the lake. The gates had a mouth, and a crooked and unpleasant voice screeched: “Password!”

“As if I am an intruder,” Acnepus barked at the gates. “Well, I can’t really blame the gates, can I? I have put passwords all around Horriworld, for better protection, hahaha” she started laughing.

“Wrong password,” the ugly screeching came again from the gates. “You have two more tries left.”

“Silly gates, I wasn’t saying the password, I was just talking! I guess I must change the settings – this is getting on my nerves.”

“Wrong password,” the gates said again, “You have only one try left.”

Acnepus was so angry, that she barely managed to stop talking and shouting, otherwise her access into her own world would be temporarily denied. Making a very angry face, her nostrils flaring with stream, she said: “Red scorpions.”

“Correct,” the gates said and opened. Acnepus flew her dragon into the gates and down underwater. The gates closed.

“Jilly, we must follow her.” Lily whispered.

“I know, but how can we breathe underwater?”

“I don’t know, but we can at least try!” With this, Lily approached the gates and said: “Open to me!”

Nothing happened.

“Lily, you must say it correctly! The gates to Horriworld, open to me!” Jilly said, and the crooked screech was heard again from the gates: “Password!”

Without hesitation, the sisters shouted together: “Red scorpions.”

The gates opened again, and the sisters entered. Taking a deep breath, they descended into the water. To their big surprise, they could easily breathe underwater, as it was magical.


Swimming swiftly, the saw the dragon ahead of them, with Acnepus on it. There were spiders and snakes everywhere, the watery place had several water plants and it was rather dark.

Acnepus reached a wall, knocked on it three times and waited. The sisters hid behind a plant and watched. A mouth appeared on the wall and said:

Riddle, riddle, scary riddle,

Here I will propose a riddle,

If you get the answer right,

I guess you will be all right.”

Acnepus smiled and said to herself: “I am such a genius! I can’t believe how nice the rhymes are. I can’t believe that I created those lines. I am so proud of myself.” Then she said to the wall: “Go ahead.”

The wall said:

When it flies, it moves its wings,

When it breathes, it makes wild fire,

No, not wild, wait till gets angry,

And that means that it is hungry.”

Acnepus listened and smiled again: “It is dragon!” She said, obviously too proud of herself and her creative abilities.

The wall slid aside, revealing a dark area, which looked like a city. It had narrow streets and cave-like structures. There was no water there. Dry and crooked trees were noticeable here and there. There were no people in the streets, but lots of scary insects and small animals were populating this world. Acnepus rode her dragon, followed by the sisters. Soon they reached a big cave. On it there was written with glowing blue letters: HER UGLINESS MRS ACNEPUS, THE QUEEN OF HORRIWORLD.


Acnepus flew in, dismounted the dragon and continued to go on foot, as the ceilings were not high anymore. Lily and Jilly followed her. They didn’t stop flying, as it was noiseless. The dragon didn’t even notice them, as it fell asleep the moment it hit the ground. Obviously it was very tired. Descending several flights of stairs, they reached the dungeons. Trying hard not be seen by Acnepus, Lily and Jilly slowly followed her into a chamber. There was a wooden case on the dirty floor. The sisters hid behind the wall and watched as Acnepus came up to the case and opened it. There was the real rainbow crown, shining brightly.

Seeing the place where the real crown was hidden, the sisters turned and flew back without hesitation. They had to reach Buttershine as fast as possible, otherwise Acnepus would see them. Quickly flying all the way back to the magical wall, the girls saw that it was still open and flew through it. When they reached the gates, they said the password and flew out of the lake. Quickly flying into the sky, they came back to Buttershine and even though it was already night, they were able to find Princelda in the tree, where they left her.

The girls were breathless, and their flying ability was starting to wear off.

They returned to their cozy cave, telling Princelda everything about that day, and after eating their nice supper, Princelda suggested to sleep, so that in the morning they could discuss everything with clear heads and to make their next plan.

Chapter 8: The Rainbow Crown

In the morning the girls woke up rather energized and excited. Princelda was already awake, sitting on the edge of the table.

During their delicious breakfast, Princelda said:

“Today is a big day, girls. I have made up a plan in my head. We’ll rescue my mother today and defeat Acnepus!”

“Yes!” Lily and Jilly shouted happily.

“So, here’s my plan: the three of us will go to Horriworld today, as you already know the way, right?” Princelda asked.

Lily and Jilly nodded.

“So, we shall get the crown quickly and go to find my mother. I think she’s also hidden somewhere in the palace.”

“Yes, I’m sure she is,” Lily said confidently.

“And when shall we go?” Jilly asked.

“After we finish our breakfast” Princelda said smiling. She was happy and excited, too.

When the girls finished eating, Princelda created magical pink cotton candy in the air, and the girls ate it, recovering their flying ability. The three of them got out of the cave and took off.

“We must be very careful,” Jilly said. “Most probably Acnepus has noticed that we’re gone and has turned poor Medicol and the other slaves into frogs.”

“We’ll defeat her and turn them back into people,” Lily said.

“Girls, if we’re going to the lake, we must take this direction,” Princelda said, and the girls followed her.

They reached the lake and looked around. There was nobody there.

“The gates to Horriworld, open to me!” Jilly said, and the black gates appeared. The unpleasant voice screeched: “Password!”

“Red Scorpions!” the three of them said together.

The gates opened, and they flew through them and down into the lake.

Swimming there, they reached the wall. Lily knocked on it three times, and the mouth appeared on the wall, saying:

Riddle, riddle, scary riddle,

Here I will propose a riddle,

If you get the answer right,

I guess you will be all right.”

“Go ahead”, Jilly said.

Beautiful is Ugly,

Happiness is Hell,

Scary is Fantastic,

This is where we dwell”.

Lily and Jilly looked at each other.

“But… but this is a different riddle,” Lily whispered, so that the wall wouldn’t consider it as the answer.

“Yes, it is different,” Jilly whispered.

“I guess Acnepus has made it so that it changes the riddle every time… otherwise the entrance to Horriworld would be easy.” Princelda concluded.

“Oh, what shall we do now?” Lily started to panic.

“Don’t worry, Lily, Princelda, we shall solve this riddle.” Jilly said, and closed her eyes, thinking hard.

“Jilly, the wall said beautiful is ugly… I think it’s about Acnepus.” Lily whispered.

“No, no, Lily, the wall also said something about dwelling somewhere.” Jilly said. “I think it’s about Horriworld.”

“I think you’re right, Jilly, let’s give it a try.” Princelda said.

“But we don’t know if the wall will give us a second chance or not…” Jilly hesitated.

“That’s the most correct answer, Jilly,” Lily said. “We won’t be able to find a better answer.”

Walking up to the wall, before Jilly could say anything, Lily said loudly: “It’s Horriworld!”

To their utmost happiness, the wall slid aside, revealing Horriworld in all its darkness.

Lily, Jilly and Princelda flew into Horriworld.

“Jilly, do you remember the way to the palace?” Lily asked, looking around.

“I guess so,” Jilly said. She flew forward, while Lily and Princelda followed her.


Soon they reached the big cave with the big glowing blue letters on it.

“Here it is,” Princelda said, and looked around. There were no people there, only snakes and spiders.

“Let’s enter,” Lily suggested and entered. Jilly and Princelda followed her. Inside the cave it was very dark. Lily got out her light ball. They reached the flights of the stairs and descended swiftly. The chamber was in front of them. But the door was locked.

“Oh, no,” Jilly said. “What shall we do now?”

“Princelda, can you magically open it?” Lily asked.

“I will try,” Princelda said and shook her wings. Magical dust covered the door. After it dissolved, the door was still locked. “It doesn’t work here.” Princelda said sadly. “This door is locked magically.”

Lily went up to the door and knocked on it.

“Stop, Lily, what are you doing? Are you expecting someone to just open the door and say you’re welcome?” Jilly said, but at that moment a mouth appeared on the door.

“Shh, Jilly, the door is going to say something!” Princelda said.

The door said:

If you want me to open up,

Drink the potion that’s on my side.

Beware though, fools, that if you drink,

You will be sad because you’ll shrink!”

And the mouth disappeared.

Lily looked down and saw a small container on the ground. She picked it up and examined it.

“So, we must drink a potion.” Jilly said thoughtfully.”Whoever drinks the potion, will become smaller.”

“I will drink it, girls,” Princelda said. “I am small anyways.”

The girls agreed. Lily gave the potion to Princelda, and she drank it. She became smaller and smaller, until she was nowhere to be seen.

“Oh, no! We’ve lost her!” Jilly exclaimed. The door to the chamber opened at once.

“Jilly, don’t worry, I’m all right. I will sit on Lily’s shoulder.” A tiny voice came from the air.

“Jilly, it is Princelda’s voice. Don’t worry, she’s all right,” Lily said and entered the chamber. Running right towards the wooden case, she opened it. The magnificent sparkling rainbow crown was there.

“Quickly, Lily, grab it!” Jilly said, looking around with frightened eyes. Lily grabbed the crown and hid it under her blouse.

The sisters ran out of the chamber.

Chapter 9: Puzzle Time

They flew up the stair flights and looked around. The light ball made it visible that there was a passageway going deeper into the cave.

“Where do we go now? Where is she hiding the queen?” Lily asked thoughtfully.

“Girls, let’s go through that passage.” Princelda’s voice was heard from Lily’s shoulder. “We don’t know anything at all starting from now, so we must just trust our instincts.”

“She’s right, Lily,” Jilly said. They started to fly through the passageway.

When they got deeper into the cave, they appeared in a round space, with two doors.

“Now what?” Jilly said.

Without saying a word, Lily knocked on one of them three times. The mouth appeared on the door and said:

If you desire me to open,

I will tell you something spoken,

I am hungry, mind it, fools,

I will let out my drools.”

“What does this mean?” Lily said.

“I really don’t want to get inside this door.” Jilly said. “I think that if we get inside, this door will eat us.”

She turned and went towards the other door. Without hesitation, Jilly knocked on it three times. The mouth appeared on the door and said:

Come in, come in, little fools,

And call me your master,

Where the network is in place,

You will die much faster.”

“Oh, Lily, what does this mean? Die much faster?” Jilly said.

“It said something about a network. I don’t understand.” Lily said.

“It said to call it a master.” Jilly said.

Without hesitation, Lily said: “Our master.”

To their surprise, the door opened and they went in. The door closed with a click behind them. The cave which they were in, was covered in a huge cobweb. The girls tried to put the light ball ahead of them to see the cave, and saw that the cobweb wasn’t covering the floor.

“We must lie on our bellies, Lily,” Jilly said. “I don’t even want to think what would happen to us if we didn’t have the light ball!”

They got down onto their bellies and started to crawl ahead. Lily looked up and saw a huge spider on the high ceiling. The spider was Lily’s size. Obviously it was asleep. Quickening her pace, and trying not to touch the cobweb, she reached the other end of the cave, followed by Jilly. There was a door there. The sisters crawled out of the room and stood up.


“At last we left that scary place,” Jilly said, shivering. They looked and saw that there was a door in front of them. Lily walked up to it and knocked three times. The mouth appeared and said:

If you came this far then you,

You were crawling on the ground,

Note that it’s not only you,

There’s something, too, huge and round.”

“Oh,” Lily whispered. “Do you have an idea what it is? I can’t solve this riddle.”

Jilly was silent. She was thinking.

“Lily, there’s something huge and round that can crawl on the ground like us… and its there, inside.”

“Crawling on the ground? It may be an ant…” Lily whispered. “Huge and round? Oh, it may be so fat and round, that it can’t walk, so it crawls.” She giggled. Princelda’s nervous laughter was also heard from Lily’s shoulder.

“Lily, I don’t think it’s the ant,” Jilly said, her face frightened and pale. “It’s snake! A huge snake!”

Just as it got to Lily, the door opened.

The sisters peeked into the cave and due to the light ball they saw a really big black snake lying down on the ground and it wasn’t moving.


“Lily, I am afraid to go in. How are we going to defeat the snake?” Jilly whispered, her eyes round with fear.

“I don’t know, Jilly. But we have to go in there. Only then we can rescue the queen.”

The sisters went in. The snake occupied the whole floor of the cave, leaving only tiny gaps on the ground, where a small foot could fit. Lily tried to fly, but obviously the flying power had faded. The sisters understood that they had to walk carefully, so that not to touch the snake.

“I hope that it’s asleep,” Jilly whispered.

“I hope that it’s dead.” Lily whispered back.

“Oh, Lily, we must be very careful,” Jilly whispered, just as Lily did the first step. Tiptoeing and making little jumps from gap to gap, she managed to get through the cave safely. Jilly did the exact same thing and reached her sister safely. At the end of the cave there was a door, which was half-open.

The sisters tiptoed out of the cave and took a deep breath of relief. In front of them there was a door again.

Lily knocked on it and the mouth appeared. It said:


Lily and Jilly looked at each other.

“If only the door gave us a hint. How on hell can I guess the password?” Lily said angrily. The door answered: “Wrong answer. You have two more tries left.”

The sisters got silent. They didn’t want to waste any more tries.

Finally Lily said: “Sparkle”.

“Wrong answer. You have only one more try left.”

It was crucial to guess the right answer. This was their last chance.

Without thinking, Jilly said: “Red scorpions.”

To their surprise, the door opened. Obviously lazy Acnepus hadn’t bothered to create a new password. Lily and Jilly entered and were astonished to see that a sparkling big butterfly was sitting on the ground.

Chapter 10: Victory

The butterfly was the size of a person, and it was pink and sparkling.

“Mommy!” Princelda’s voice was heard from Lily’s shoulder.

The butterfly looked at Lily and Jilly, who were standing there, not believing their eyes.

Finally Lily was able to speak: “Are you Sparkle? Are you the queen?”

The butterfly nodded. “Who are you?” she asked. Her voice was very beautiful, and it seemed that it was also sparkling.

“We are Lily and Jilly.” Lily said.

“We are sisters,” Jilly added.

“I thought I heard my daughter’s voice. Where is Princelda? And how did you manage to get here?” the queen asked.

“Mommy, I am here. You can’t see me, though. I am very tiny, because I have drunk a potion. We have come to rescue you.”

The queen’s face brightened when she heard her daughter’s voice again. But she sighed sadly: “Princelda, you can’t rescue me unless you find my crown.”

“We have found it, too.” Lily said happily and took out the rainbow crown. It was shining with seven colors and lit up the room. Lily put it on the queen’s head. Sparkle shook her wings.

Immediately everything changed. Seven colors burst out of the crown and spread all over the cave. Then they started to spread out into the passageways and throughout entire Horriworld. The dark and uninviting cave became a bright and shining palace. The spiders and snakes became happy people. Horriworld became a sunny world, full of happiness and beauty. The dry trees became beautiful blossoming trees and flower bushes.

Princelda became big again and shook her wings happily, resulting in a nice sparkling cotton candy, which the sisters ate immediately. The four of them flew out of the palace and headed towards Buttershine. Looking back, Jilly saw that on the palace there was written: “HER MAJESTY QUEEN SPARKLE, THE QUEEN OF SUNNYTOWN”.

On the way to Buttershine Princelda told her mother everything that had happened during those days.


When they reached Buttershine, it was still dark and unpleasant. The words on the ugly cave still represented Acnepus. Obviously the magic of the crown hadn’t reached there yet.

Flying into the big cave, the four of them headed right towards the throne room, where they found Acnepus sitting on the throne, with a few frogs around her.

Seeing the sisters, Acnepus got very angry, but then her eyes fell on Princelda and Sparkle with the crown on her head, and she became very frightened.

Before she could do any magic, Sparkle emitted several rainbow rays towards her, which tied her hands and feet.

“Oh, Your Majesty, Queen Sparkle, I apologize.” Acnepus stammered.

“Lily,” Sparkle said, “I guess this is a very convenient moment to carry out your wish.”

Smiling widely, Lily came up to Acnepus and punched her hard in the face with her fist. Satisfied and happy, she returned to her sister. Sparkle shook her wings, and seven bright colors of the rainbow shot out of her crown, blinding everyone around them.

When the bright light was gone, the cave had become a nice palace again, and the whole Buttershine world had become a sunny and a beautiful world, as it was before. The frogs had turned back into people, and one of them was Medicol, who kept thanking Lily and Jilly.

“And where is Acnepus?” Lily asked.

A beautiful woman approached them, wearing a pretty smile on her face, pink butterfly wings on her back, just like the people had in Buttershine. She said in a pleasant voice: “Please call me Kindie,” she said. “I want to be the kindest person in the world. I want to forget my dark and shameful past. I want to forget that once I was Acnepus.”

Lily and Jilly looked at her with wide-open eyes. Sparkle smiled kindly and said: “I know, Kindie, that’s why I didn’t kill you and thanks to these little sisters, I turned my world into Buttershine again.”

Princelda added: “Only Lily and Jilly could help me. I had a reason why I chose you, girls. Lily’s bravery and Jilly’s brains made it possible to complete this important mission. And, most importantly, you are very good sisters, you never fought during these days, which made it possible to stay on the same page and carry out our plans. You two complete each other. Thank you very much for helping me.”

Lily and Jilly smiled. “Thank you, too,” Jilly said. “This was the most rewarding experience in my life so far.”

“I will never forget the adventures that we had,” Lily added. “Thank you so much.”


After saying goodbye, Lily and Jilly flew up into the sky with Princelda. When they were high in the clouds, Princelda created the magical sparkling passageway, and the three of them got through it into the other world.

“Princelda, I will never forget you,” Jilly said.

“And the cotton candy,” Lily added.

“And the ability to fly,” Jilly added.

“And our cave full of deliciousness,” Lily added.

“And our armchairs,”

“And the most perfect feeling when sliding down the rainbow!”

Princelda was laughing. “Girls, I am so happy that you have so many beautiful memories to remember. And I will also remember you and your help.”

They descended into the forest and walked up towards the hill. The house was already near.

“Your parents haven’t noticed your absence, because I had stopped the time for them, remember?” Princelda said. The girls nodded. Princelda said goodbye and flew away.

Lily and Jilly ran up towards their home and entered.

“Lily, Jilly, you are just in time to have lunch,” their mother said smiling, and put pink sparkling cotton candy on the table.

The girls smiled and thought to themselves, “Nothing is impossible, if you set your mind to it.”

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Lily’s Birthday Wish

It was noisy in the house. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends were at Lily’s and Jilly’s house. It was Lily’s birthday. Everybody was having a fun time. The elders were chatting in the living-room, while the children were playing different games. Jilly was showing her cousins her drawings of Buttershine, and Lily was surrounded with her friends, looking at the brand new book that she had got as a birthday present from her grandparents. The book was about the North Pole and Eskimos. A small Eskimo boy in his furry coat was pictured with his husky dog on the cover of the book.

“Lily, where are you?” Jilly’s voice was heard from the other room.

“I’m here, in the kitchen,” Lily called, as she was looking through the pages of her book.

Entering, Jilly said: “Lily, mommy and daddy are calling you. I guess it’s time to blow your candles.”

Lily put the book aside and ran into the living-room, followed by her friends.

“Time to blow the candles!” Said their mother and brought a beautiful cake with seven candles on it. Lily came closer.

“Make a wish, honey,” everybody said.

Lily looked at the wall clock: it was 7:07 p.m. Closing her eyes, she thought: “I wish to travel to the North Pole and see Eskimos. On a sledge full of goodies and two good husky dogs pulling the sledge.” Then she opened her eyes and blew all the seven candles in one blow.

Everybody applauded. Mommy cut the cake, which was a strawberry cake with chocolate topping and it was very tasty, too.

In the evening, when the guests had already left. Lily and Jilly were in their bedroom and were looking at the gifts that Lily had received. There were a couple of dolls, a few books, two summer dresses and some stationary.

“I had a beautiful time, Jilly.” Lily said happily.

“Me, too,” Jilly said, changing into her pajamas.

Lily changed into her pajamas, too. When they already were in bed, Lily shouted: “Mom, dad, we’re in bed!”

Their parents came and kissed them goodnight. Then they turned off the light, closed the door and left.

“Goodnight, Lily,”

“Goodnight, Jilly.”


Lily woke up from the cold. She was shivering.

“What’s happening!” she heard Jilly’s voice next to her.

Lily opened her eyes and at first couldn’t understand what was going on. There were snowflakes and wind everywhere. Lily was half-asleep, but she could tell that she wasn’t dreaming because she was really cold and she clearly remembered that it was the middle of summer.

“What’s happening?!” She heard Jilly shouting next to her. Lily opened her eyes wider and looked around, trying to see anything through the snowstorm.

They were sitting in a big sledge, which was being pulled by two big white husky dogs. The sledge was moving very quickly. Cold wind and freezing snowflakes were blowing into their faces and making their long red hair fly. They were still in their pajamas.

“Lily, what’s happening?!” Jilly shouted again, and her voice was barely audible in the noise the wind made.

“I… I don’t know, Jilly,” Lily shouted back. “Are we dreaming?”

“Of course not, Lily! I’m shivering!” Jilly shouted.

The sisters were blue from cold. Suddenly Lily remembered.

“Jilly!” she shouted. “Yesterday I made a wish for my birthday!”

“So what, Lily?”

“I wished to travel to the North Pole and see Eskimos! But how can this happen in reality?”

“Oh, Lily!” Jilly shouted. “Why on earth would you make such a wish?”

“I saw it in my book and so I made a wish to travel there on a sledge with two husky dogs and all sorts of goodies in the sledge.” Lily shouted.

“Goodies? What goodies?” Jilly asked and looked around. The sledge was rather big and on the backside of the sledge there were boxes.

“Lily, look, there are boxes behind us!”

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Children's Stories: The Fairy Tale Adventures of Lily And Jilly Series - Book 1

THE ADVENTURES OF LILLY AND JILLY SERIES Once upon a time, there was a house in the mountains, where two little sisters lived with their parents. The sisters’ names were Lily who was 6 years old and Jilly who was seven. They both had long red curly hair, big blue eyes and lots of freckles. They were smart and funny. The sisters liked to have fun around the house where only mountains and prairies were, with squirrels and rabbits running in the forests. This is a series of magical stories about two little sisters, who appear in an amazing world and face insurmountable difficulties in order to fight evil and free the oppressed and enslaved magical creatures of these nether worlds.They are resourceful and never give up. Despite their heart numbing frightening experiences, the sisters maintain a good sense of humour and a positive attitude. Book 1 is where the heroines Lilly and Jilly are magically transported into the world of the butterflies to battle a super-evil witch. Join them in their adventure with the tiny butterfly princess by downloading your copy now. We know that you will be eager to continue to follow the super-hero sisters adventures once you have finished Book 1. So we are happy to give you (details inside the book ) for free Book 2: Jilly's Birthday Wish as our gift for supporting our indie author careers.

  • Author: Tenlavi Vakalalabure
  • Published: 2016-05-24 10:35:11
  • Words: 11969
Children's Stories: The Fairy Tale Adventures of Lily And Jilly Series - Book 1 Children's Stories: The Fairy Tale Adventures of Lily And Jilly Series - Book 1