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Cheeps the Chick! Cheeps Solves the Mystery: Short Stories, Games, Jokes, and Mo


Cheeps Solves the Mystery

By Arnie Lightning

Arnie Lightning Books


Shakespir Edition

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Table of Contents


Cheeps Solves the Farm Mystery

Funny Jokes for Kids

Maze Puzzles

Maze Solutions

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About the Author


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[] Cheeps Solves the Farm Mystery

It was another warm and sunny morning on the farm and Cheeps was ready to go exploring the world with Chuck, Tweety, and Peter. Well not the entire world, just the farm. He didn’t want another encounter with hungry fox.

“What are we doing today Cheeps?” asked his baby sister Tweety.

“Please no more crazy ideas, Cheeps,” said Chuck.

“I was thinking about some skating lessons,” he smiled while the others stared at him with eyes wide open. “Just kidding! Today we’ll go to the barn to visit our friends. It seems they need our help.”

“Our help? How can we help the cows, the donkeys, and the goats?” asked Peter.

“We’ll see when we get there,” said Cheeps.

Cheeps, Tweety, and Chuck got on Peter’s back and headed towards the barn. They enjoyed the ride. They saw the rabbits hopping around and the ducks swimming in the pond. Soon they arrived at the barn. Chloe the cow was waiting for them at the entrance.

“I’m so glad you came,” said Chloe.

“No problem, but what is so urgent?” asked Cheeps.

“Our food has been disappearing lately!” exclaimed Dennis the donkey.

“Disappearing? How is that possible?” asked Tweety.

“We don’t know. Each time the farmer fills our trays, the food slowly disappears,” said Gilbert the goat.

“That is so strange!” exclaimed Cheeps.

“We don’t have any issues with our food at the west side of the farm,” said Peter.

“Don’t worry friends, we’ll solve this mystery,” said Cheeps with excitement. “We’ll be back tomorrow.”

Cheeps and the others went back to the west side of the farm. All the way home Cheeps remained quiet and thoughtful.

“What is going on Cheeps?” asked Tweety. “Why are you so quiet?”

“I’m thinking about the food disappearing. What a mystery. This has never happened before”, he said.

“Maybe the barn is haunted,” said Chuck.

“Or maybe one of the animals is eating all the food and nobody has noticed it,” said Peter. “Some of them have a few extra pounds.”

“There are no ghosts and none of them are eating too much,” said Cheeps. “This is a case for the one and only, Cheeps the Farm Detective.”

The next morning Cheeps decided to solve the mystery. He was wearing his detective outfit. He packed a flashlight and a magnifying glass. The headed with the others to the east side of the farm.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” asked Chuck.

“Of course I am,” said Cheeps “What are you afraid of? I’ve told you there are no ghosts in the barn.”

Peter walked quickly carrying his friends on his back. When they got there, Chloe, Dennis, and Gilbert were out the barn.

“Hi friends, here we are,” said Cheeps.

“Soon it will be time to eat,” said Dennis “I hope you can solve the mystery. We are so hungry!”

“Here comes the farmer,” said Chloe “You better hide. You are not supposed to be in this side of the farm.”

Cheeps, Tweety, Chuck, and Peter hid behind the barn. The farmer was carrying two buckets filled with food for the animals. As soon as the farmer left, Cheeps and the other walked inside the barn. Suddenly a loud noise was heard. It sounded like a bell.

“What is that noise?” asked Tweety.

The animals went out but they didn’t see anything strange.

“We don’t know. Every day at exactly at the same time, that sound is heard and when we go out to find out what is it, it just stops,” said Gilbert.

“Forget about the bell. The food is gone again!” exclaimed Cheeps.

“I told you, this place is haunted!” exclaimed Chuck.

“It’s not haunted Chuck. I’m sure this has something to do with that sound,” said Cheeps.

The next day, Cheeps and the others were back in the barn, but this time Cheeps had a better plan.

“We’ll hide inside the barn, just behind the hay stacks. When the bell sounds, you all go out as you do every day. We’ll find out what is going on.”

Cheeps hid behind some hay stacks. Tweety and Chuck hid behind a door. Peter was too big to hide so he stayed behind the barn. The farmer came in and filled the trays with food.

“One, two, three…here it comes,” whispered Cheeps.

The bell sounded and the animals went out as Cheeps told them. Suddenly, Cheeps saw a bunch of creatures grabbing the food and running away.

“Tweety, close the door!” he shouted.

Tweety and Chuck pushed the door as hard as they could. The creatures were trapped.

“Chloe, Dennis, Gilbert, come in please,” said Cheeps “This is why your food disappears.”

“Raccoons? I can’t believe it!”

“One of the raccoons rings the bell to distract you, and then the other ones grab the food and run,” said Cheeps.

“What do you have to say to this?” asked Dennis to the raccoons.

“We are really sorry. We have had some trouble finding food lately, that’s why we decided to come and take yours,” said the raccoon.

“Shame on you,” said Gilbert. “You don’t have to steal our food. I’m sure everybody on the farm will be glad to share it with you. All you have to do is ask.”

“Really?” asked the raccoon.

“Really. Tomorrow when the farmer leaves, you can come and we can have dinner together,” said Chloe.

“Thank you. You guys are such good animals.”

“Well, our job here is done,” said Cheeps. “We have to go back. I’m glad we solved the mystery. No more food disappearing on the east side of the farm,” he smiled.

“Thank you so much for your help. Do you want to come tomorrow for dinner?” asked Chloe.

“Why not? After all, I think I like these furry creatures!”


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[] Funny Jokes for Kids

Q: Why did the rooster run away?
A: He was a chicken!

Q: What do cows do for fun?
A: They go to the mooovies!

Q: Where do bad pigs go?
A: They get sent to the pen!

Q: What do you call a bunch of chickens playing hide-n-seek?
A: Fowl play!

Q: What do you give a sick pig?
A: Oinkment!

Q: Why did the chicken cross the playground?
A: He wanted to get to the other slide!

Q: What do pigs drive?
A: Pig-up trucks!

Q: What do you get when you cross a cow with a flock of ducks?
A: Milk and quackers!

Q: What do chickens serve at a birthday party?
A: Coop-cakes!

[] Maze Puzzles

Can you find your way through the maze?

Can you find your way through the maze?

Can you find your way through the maze?

Can you find your way through the maze?

[] Maze Solutions

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[] About the Author

Arnie Lightning is a dreamer. He believes that everyone should dream big and not be afraid to take chances to make their dreams come true. Arnie enjoys writing, reading, doodling, and traveling. In his free time, he likes to play video games and run. Arnie lives in Mississippi where he graduated from The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, MS.

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Cheeps the Chick! Cheeps Solves the Mystery: Short Stories, Games, Jokes, and Mo

Cheeps Solves the Mystery! Follow the adventures of Cheeps the Chick! There is a mystery on the farm. The food in the barn is mysteriously disappearing each day. One clue is that there is a bell sound before it disappears. Cheeps is on the case. Will he find out what is causing the food to disappear? This is an excellent storybook for early readers, reading aloud at home, and as a bedtime story. -1,000+ words -Perfect for a bedtime story for kids -Excellent for early and beginner readers -Includes games and puzzles -Big and cute illustrations for early and younger readers This book is great for quick bedtime story or to be read aloud with friends and family! Fun for the entire family! Kids and children can practice their reading skills or have a parent read it aloud. This special story includes lessons and morals about about caring and love. Story & Activity List: -Your Gift -Cheeps Solves the Farm Mystery -Funny Jokes for Kids -Maze Puzzles -Maze Solutions Best-Selling Children's Book Author, Arnie Lightning Arnie Lightning is a best-selling children's book author with a straightforward goal. He wants his work to create a positive impact in the lives of others through children's books. Learning morals, lessons, and good character can start at a young age. Arnie's books reflect this. By providing a comfortable and entertaining environment, learning can be a fun activity! Scroll up and click 'buy' to spend some quality time with your child!

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Cheeps the Chick! Cheeps Solves the Mystery: Short Stories, Games, Jokes, and Mo Cheeps the Chick! Cheeps Solves the Mystery: Short Stories, Games, Jokes, and Mo