Changing How Small Businesses Think About HR


Changing How Small Businesses

Think About HR

Changing H^^o^^w Small Businesses

Think About HR

Growing a small business can be both immensely rewarding and

incredibly complex. As your team grows, payroll, healthcare, and government paperwork pile up. In large corporations, entire HR divisions with enterprise tools handle these responsibilities.

But for entrepreneurs, it’s a different story.

They are barely keeping their heads above water with these HR

intricacies instead of doing what they do best: building their business, empowering their teams, and strengthening company culture.

Whoever thought taking care of your team could be so complex?

Big or small, all teams deserve the best. Justworks saw the

opportunity to help growing companies. We level the playing field with:

Seamless payments and


High-quality and


Simple HR tools and


affordable benefits compliance coverage


Our simple, all-in-one platform takes care of all your benefits,

payments, and HR. With Justworks, entrepreneurs have the resources to work fearlessly.

I built Justworks after I discovered just how overwhelming the admin of running a business can

be. I’d realized that most entrepreneurs struggle to navigate the same regulations, high-priced healthcare, and piles of tax forms that I had.

We’re in the business of helping entrepreneurs succeed. And we can only do that in one way: with

transparency, integrity, and simplicity in mind.

So we’ve built our platform from the ground up. With our model, we employ businesses with

accessible, affordable benefits; seamless payroll; and frictionless compliance. ”

Isaac Oates, Justworks CEO and Founder

Our Values

We’re united by shared goals and shared motivations at Justworks.

These are best summed up in our company values, which are reflected in our product and in our team.

Compassion. As a growing company ourselves, we understand what

it’s like to run a business. Sometimes the nights are long and the work is hard. We’re here to make sure your employee operations are running smoothly and to help you throughout.

Openness. We believe in radical transparency. This means we will

never charge hidden fees and we will always be upfront about what we can and cannot do. If we’re not a good fit for you, we’ll help you understand who might be.

Grit. They say when the going gets tough, the tough get going. We

are a team of hardworking individuals who are building the best product out there to help your business succeed. We are here to do the hard work.

Integrity. Without trust, there is no partnership. And without

integrity, there is no trust. We will always be open with you about changes and charges. You can always reach out to us with questions and concerns, or simply to chat about your business needs.


Simplicity. Payroll, benefits, and compliance aren’t known for their

simplicity. But we’ve made it our mission to streamline and simplify these traditionally complicated parts of running a business. This means an easy-to-use product for you and your employees.

Our Model

A PEO is Better for Small Businesses. Period.

What is a PEO?

As a PEO, we offer great healthcare at affordable rates. We also shield

you from compliance and paperwork.

We do this by offering customers a “strength in numbers” advantage.

By grouping companies together under the one employer identification number (EIN), we give them the same affordable healthcare rates large corporations enjoy.

Grouping companies together also allows us to assume compliance

and paperwork for our customers. Workers’ comp, state and federal tax filings, new hire reporting…. all of it.

We keep you compliant, so you don’t need to worry about whether

you’re meeting the new regulations set forth in the ACA or how to handle your state and federal taxes.

Offer High-Quality Benefits At Affordable Costs

Whether you’re 5 or 80 people, there’s no reason you should pay

more for benefits. We believe in leveling the playing field and getting large company benefits for companies of every size.

We partner directly with benefit providers to help you offer the

employee benefits you want at better rates. Your employees enroll and manage their benefits online, in one place.

Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance. Choose plans from Aetna and




Commuter Benefits, FSAs and More. offer commuter benefits, HSAs,

FSAs, disability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, life insurance, accidental death & disability insurance and more: help your team feel safe and taken care of.

New York City Perks. We’ve partnered with New York Health and

Racquet Club and Citi Bike to bring health and wellness perks to your team.

Make Payroll Simple and Automated

Pay anyone, anytime, via direct deposit. We’ll manage all the filings.

Automatic, Direct-Deposit Payroll. Your full-time and part-time

salaried employees will get paid automatically, every time.

No Cost for any Additional Payment. No Joke. Our monthly fee

includes all payroll and any individual payments you’d like to make, including contractor and vendor payments.

Pay Vendors and Contractors. Pay all your US-based contractors and

vendors from one place. Just invite them to set up an account, and immediately send your payment.

Reimburse Your Employees, or Give Them a Bonus. Make one-o

payments whenever you want – at no additional cost.

Pay Hourly Employees. Just fill out simple timecards and we’ll take

care of the payroll. We’ll file the W2s at the end of the year too.

Our Xero, Quickbooks, and Quickbooks Online Integrations Make

Life Easier. Set up your mappings once, then easily sync all your payments.

Reports to Keep You on Top of Things. Slice and dice your payment

or employee information. Our reports will help you always understand what’s going on in your business.

Manage Your Team with Our HR Tools

Justworks makes supervising your team easy. Manage time off, keep

track of employee info, and safely store your docs – all within the platform.


Manage Time Off. Create vacation and sick-leave policies, track

accruals, approve employee time off requests, and set your company’s holiday calendar. Ditch the spreadsheet, this is organized and compliant.

Store Your Company Documents in One Safe Place. Store employee

documents (like performance reviews or stock option grants) in a secure place that’s available to the right people. Your employees will also have access to their important docs, like W-2s.

Divide and Conquer with Permissions. Give the right members of your

team access to different functionalities within Justworks. Your accountant can make expense reimbursements, your head of HR can approve time o requests, your COO can elect benefits.

A Calendar to Keep Everything on Track. The company calendar gives

you a bird’s eye view of what’s happening: PTO, birthdays, anniversaries, and pay dates. Already have a calendar you love to use? No problem. Just sync ours with yours.

Stay Worry Free About Compliance.

You didn’t start your business to file paperwork, but someone still has to do

it. As a PEO, Justworks manages compliance with all your local, state, and federal regulations. Think of us as your shield against all the government complexity.

Lean on Us to Take Care of All Your Compliance. We Do It All. We’re

compliance experts across every state. No matter where you take your business, we’ll make sure that you’re staying compliant.

Payroll Tax Filing. We take care of your payroll tax filing under our

EIN. At the end of the year, we will also file all your W2s and send a copy to your employees.

1099 and Filings. We will prepare and file all of your 1099s. We’ll even

track down your contracts and make sure they get a copy in the mail.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance. We’ll help you secure the

necessary workers’ compensation policy based on your state regulations and we’ll set them up for you, where applicable. Every year, we will administer policies and renew as needed.


State and Federal Unemployment Insurance. We’ll set up and

administer your state unemployment insurance policy in states, where applicable. We’ll also make sure your business stays up to date on state and federal rates, which change on an almost yearly basis.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance. Employment Practices

Liability Insurance protects your business against claims of discrimination (age, sex, race, disability, etc.), wrongful termination, harassment, and any other work-related issues. Justworks’ policy has you covered.

ACA Compliance. If your business has over 50 employees, we’ll file the

appropriate documentation to show you’re compliant with the ACA. If you have part-time employees, we’ll help determine whether you need to be compliant with the ACA.

And Much, Much More. What else could there possibly be? A lot,

actually! We also take care of new hire reporting, COBRA management for Aetna, statutory disability insurance, I-9s, posting requirements, wage theft prevention notices and wage garnishments.

Onboarding to Justworks

Once you’ve decided you want to use Justworks, we’ll get you up and

running immediately.

Onboarding to Justworks is simple and automated. Should you need

them, our onboarding team will help you through the process and answer any questions for you or your employees.

It’s Especially Easy for Your Employees. Invite your employees, and

it takes them five minutes to join your team on Justworks. They’ll do everything online, from entering direct deposit details to picking health insurance plans.

Workers’ Compensation, Done Online. To set up your workers’

compensation policy, we’re going to need some data about your company. Don’t worry though, you won’t need to fax us any forms. Everything is online.

Selecting Benefits. If your business has over 50 employees, we’ll file

the appropriate documentation to show you’re compliant with the ACA. If you have part-time employees, we’ll help determine whether you need to be compliant with the ACA.


Everything you need to take care of your


Using Justworks frees entrepreneurs to focus on achieving their

mission. We give small businesses the resources teams need to work fearlessly: automated payroll, top-notch benefits, compliance coverage, and simple HR tools.

Using Justworks also gives customers a “strength-in-numbers”

advantage when taking care of their teams. By pooling together customers, we increase buying power with access to high-quality healthcare. We also offer dental, vision, pre-tax commuter benefits,

401(k), life insurance, and numerous other benefits and perks.

Interested in learning more? Give us a ring at (888) 534-1711, online at

justworks.com, or email us at [email protected]

Changing How Small Businesses Think About HR

Growing and gaining publicity for your small business can be very tough. But if you do it properly it can also be extremely rewarding. Many things must get done for the company to stay on track such as payroll, health care, and government paperwork. For a small business without a human resources department this can be a bit tricky. Justworks was created specifically to handle businesses large and small with their management needs.

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Changing How Small Businesses Think About HR Changing How Small Businesses Think About HR