Castle Of Dreams



The beginning --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 02

The lucky ones --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12

The new family -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 28

The journey ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 38

The welcoming -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 44

The mission: Candy-clown town ---------------------------------------------------------- 64

The mission: The Cloud town and the riddle maze ----------------------------------- 83

Saving the Kingdom ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 98

The beginning

Deep into the clouds, above the places where no man has ever put his feed, a castle was rising out of the mess of colors, out or the silent charcoal curtain that sunset was. It was built on a big dark, gray cliff, flying into the clouds. From distance, it looked like a small, magical island abandoned into the sea of wishes, into a deep sea of clouds made from dreams. The castle laid like an old man of the slope, the moonlight shone on his jagged, tumble down face. Greenery clung in the antiquated shade dividers like a straggly beard. The icy sodden air wrapped around him was swallowing the circular towers and making them glisten with ice in the crystal cold air, as their ragged outlines were blending into the deep fluffy clouds. Its beauty and darkness was beyond human creation, even beyond human’s imagination. There were several cherry threes surrounding the castle like incredible armed forces shielding their fortress. Their defensively covered trunks connected noticeable all around the castle, into the air, protectively. Their extraordinary branches made out of hard iron watched and guarded the passage and the castle as it was a small child who needed protection.

If you look at the castle from the distance you would probably think that it is more ancient than any bone left into the soil, like it was a forgotten figure from another time, another dimension. Like it was a toy of the Ancient Gods, who moved somewhere else and forgot their favorite toy here. And the clouds made a decision and promise that they will keep the castle save until the Gods return, so they surrounded him and protected him from everything else!

That night, when the stars were kissing the darkness of the sky, decorating it like the most exquisite jewels, when the dark colors of the night were painting the pinky, shy clouds into more luxury, vivid, dark blue colors, a sudden, inexplicable light burst out of the major tower of the castle, interrupting the peaceful harmony that was ruling.


The inside of the castle was beyond explicable. In the main tower, two people were sitting inside what looked like the most ancient, magnificent and magical room in the world! This main circle tower had a spiraling stairs. And if you were intruder, there was no way that you were going to pass them. They were spreading and spreading, and you were going up, and trying to climb them, but they were keeping you in circle until you realized that they were endless, and that there was no way that you were going to get to the chambers, so eventually, you would give up. That’s because these chambers were the chambers of the main wizard. In one occasion, the wizard through laugh said to his friend:

“Oh my dear, if this endless fort of stone, built on blood and bone, could talk, you’d beg for deafness. If you could only hear the whispers of the ages, the tales that they have to tell you about the lives lost and deaths of agony no-one should ever feel, you will go mad! You will go mad even if you hear the echo that is around the staircases of the twisted rock. Such a great amount to say and no ears willing to listen, no spirit willing to feel the torment that exists in.”

His friend then just smiled and said: “Yes, indeed. I get your point.”

Today, in that same chamber, two people were standing and discussing. The atmosphere and their conversation looked relaxed, but the tension among them, the uncertainty was so deep, so profound, that if it was visible for the naked eye, probably you would be able to cut it with a knife.

The chamber in which they were standing was beyond magnificent. The ceiling of the room was very high, like the ones from the 19th century, when high ceilings were dominating. The whole ceiling was covered with amazing symbols, interesting decorations and even more stunning designs. They were incredible, so magical, so unique, and so divine. If you looked closely at them you would notice that they were ‘breathing’, they were moving and glowing. The entire ceiling was ivory white and the symbols, pictures, decorations and designs were golden and moving. In the middle of the chamber, right in the center there was a tree, a breathtaking golden tree whose branches were spilling over the circular ceiling, blending in with it, and becoming one. In the middle of the trunk of the tree there was a hole, and in it, there was a crystal. The crystal was glowing, like the whole power that was controlling that place and giving life to the entire ceiling was coming from that crystal precisely.

In front of the tree, there was one small, high book table, made from oak. Around 20 centimeters above this book table, there was a golden magical book flying, just floating in the air! Almost every walls of the chamber (except for one) were made from endless old, mahogany bookshelves. They were filling the air with magic, with something that made the old chamber feel like home. Their scent had unique formula: dust and wisdom, paper and creativity, ink and emotion. On closer investigation the books were ordered by substance and afterward, arranged inside of their classes. The leather spines were lined so perfectly, that you will have no heart to take some book out of there, because you wouldn’t want to mess up their perfection! So much beauty, so much stories, so much wisdom, in only one place, how wouldn’t it be magical?

In the middle of the room, right in front of the small book table, and the magical book that contained all the wisdom in the world, were standing two figures. They were moving so slowly, so easily, like they were floating. One of them was a man: He was very old, probably in his seventies or eighties. His hair was very long, up to his waist, just like his beard. Both his hair and beard were white as milk. He was wearing some kind of dark, blue cloak, so long that it was dragging after him when he was walking. The cloak was made from some rough material, fireproofed, and waterproofed. It had a hood too, which the wizard used very often. He looked so old with her on! In his old shaggy, wrinkled hands covered with freckles he was holding one big magical stick. On the top of this stick there was a stone / crystal similar to the one in the tree. The grip of his magical stick was very long and straight, and at the end it was going spiral. Inside the spiral was lying the crystal. The wizard had its stick for ages, and he was the only one who was able to hold it.

Next to the wizard stood Alena, his dear friend. She was more amazing than anyone! She was always wearing tight, long dresses, with corsets, and big, light blue cloak. Both her clothes and her cloak were always matching and were in light, spring, pastel colors, often decorated with flower designs made from precious stones and crystals. Her hair was similar to the Disney Princesses’, it was long, curly and Scandinavian white. She was always wearing gorgeous, breathtaking, crystal jewelry in it. Her skin was pale, white like the snow, her eyes were blue like the ocean, and her lips were red like an autumn apple. Around her neck she was always wearing small, striking necklace made from white gold and sapphire. She had a matching earrings too. Her hands were soft like silk, her walk was smooth like gazelle’s. On her left hand she had a magical ring in which all her powers were concentrated. No one knew how old she was, nor in what year she was born, but she always looked like she had twenty-five years. She was the wizard’s best friend, the one who knew all his secrets. And tonight, when the sky was so vivid, she and the wizard were in the secret room, discussing the problem that keep them awake for the past few decades:

“I know that this is very dangerous, but we need to try. December is in front of us, and only tonight is the night when the planets are favorable and the moon is full.” – said the beautiful witch.

“I know Alena, I believe in the power of our stone too. I believe in our school, in every one of us, I just, I am too old for this job, I can’t live forever. In the last few years, we didn’t have any success.” – said the old wizard.

“Yes, I know how disappointed you were, I know how much you believed that we will find the next generation of the witches and wizards, the ones that will continue our destiny and help us open this school and recover our land, free our people and continue our tradition, I know all of that. I know that the last few years we had no success, and that the power of our stones are vanishing with every failure, but we need, we must continue trying. Only those who try eventually succeed, and I, I just have a good feeling about this year.” – said the gorgeous Alena.

“But you can’t be sure about anything. Every year per the past two decades we were preparing ourselves for the next generation, for the children that will continue our tradition, for the children that will help us recover from our brother’s old curse, and help us destroy it and recover our land, and release our people. We were preparing and waiting for our children for too long, and every year, on the same day, we were sending invitations. Some of them came out empty, there wasn’t any wizards or witches ready for that year. And that was okay. But what broke my heart mostly, were the years when we found some children, and they were having the predispositions for becoming the next generations of wizards, but they didn’t make it through the training. They failed, or were defeated by my brother’s evil army or crazy spells.” – The wizard exhaled heavily. There was pain in his chest, and every time he thought about this, his heart was breaking all over again into thousands of pieces. He continued talking:

“Do you have any idea how I felt when I had to make everything they have been through look like a dream? Do you have any idea how much it hurt me to watch us fail over and over again?” – Now, his eyes were full with tears, they looked like two shiny lakes.

“Do you have any idea how my heart breaks into thousands of pieces when I go out and see our beautiful castle so dark, so shaggy, and so old? When I see those heavy clouds covering what once was our beautiful land, when I see our people, our friends down there frozen, with eyes looking up at us, waiting for our help, waiting for our saviors?” – continued the wizard.

“I know that we need leaders, but what if we fail this time too?” – He asked Alena gently. It looked more like he was talking to himself rather than to her. He took one of the chairs and moved to the only window that was in the chamber.

Alena got closer to him, she put her hand on his shoulder and whispered him: “My dear brother, I know how difficult this is for you. I have been with you all these years, I know the pain, I have felt it too. Since our older brother betrayed us, and put a curst on us, everything is going to hell, everything is so bad that my heart is bleeding. It breaks my heart too to see our people down there frozen in time, begging us for help. And that is precisely why we need to fight, why we must fight. We must be strong, we must be fearless, because I know that somewhere out there, there is a group of children waiting for our call.” –said Alena. She pointed to sky and she said:

“These kids, our kids are just looking into the stars, maybe even right now, and they know that they don’t belong there. They know that they have big destiny to fulfill and that their lives will get better.” – said Alena. She knew and deeply believed into their destiny. Her heart was breaking into hundreds of pieces when she was looking at her brother and seeing him so desperate, so hopeless. She decided to cheer him up.

The beautiful Alena started singing and dancing around the big, old chamber:

I know, I know, deep inside my heart,

That out there, there are boys and girls,

Who are funny, crazy, interesting and smart,

Waiting to be found,

Wishing and dreaming about,

The day when they will be crowned.

I know, I know, I know,

We tried with Susie, and Ana, Vivien and Joe,

We tried and let our hopes grow,

And we felt down like a January’s snow,

And our hearts broke,

And our souls crushed,

And our hopes were smashed,

And crashed, and crashed and crashed!

I know, I know, I know,

All of that I know.

But do you know, what else I feel, what else I know,

I know that this year,

Before the first snow,

We will have our wizards and witches,

And together with them,

We will repair our beautiful, old bridges,

And finally our Kingdom will glow,

Everything will become alright again,

Before this year’s first snow!!!”

The happy witch was dancing, and singing and she was imitating every word that came out of her mouth. She was waving her hands, and spreading golden dust all over the place! Some of the golden, magical dust felt on few of the books and they became alive, and had tinny little legs and arms. On their covers they got beautiful green eyes, small pointy nose and lips colorful like lollipops. They started dancing and singing together with the happy witch. She even made tiny little hats for them, and they were adorable. The witch together with the playful, joyful books made a gorgeous, lovely show for the wizard, and all of them were singing the same song: “I know, I know, I know.”

The old wizard couldn’t help himself, he started smiling again. His sister’s song was contagious, so he started singing it too. Alena was happy to see her brother laughing again. She had seen him unhappy for long time, and she wanted to make this year’s invitation successful. She knew that this was their last chance to succeed and release their Kingdom from the awful spell. She had heart full of hope, and every word that she was singing was filled with positive energy, driven by that hope in her heart.

The old wizard stand up from his chair. He moved and started dancing together with his sister:

Our world is definitely not well,

My evil brother put us under a spell!

Once, we were happy creatures, who enjoyed the sun,

But for decades now, here, there is no smile, there is no fun!

Few decades ago, we were fighting in the stormy night,

And my brother played dirty so I lost the fight!

The evil took over his heart,

And he lost his human, good part!

He decided to punish me be throwing a curse,

And for things to be worse,

He decided to throw it on my creatures and let me watch them suffer!

Now, our fairies, and witches and wizards as well,

All of them are going through hell!

Now, our werewolves, and goblins and gnomes,

All of them are trapped into their homes!

Frozen like statues, they can’t move,

Nor eat, nor learn, nor improve!

The time has stopped for all my crowds,

As they were captured inside the frozen clouds!

For years I am trying to break the curse,

But my attempts are not successful,

A contrary, it only gets worse.

The curse will only break and my brother will only die,

If I find the right witches and wizards,

With pure hearts and no lie.

Only if we find the chosen,

We will release our creatures frozen!” – sang the old wizard Elrick. He was preparing the stone and adding few things on the tree’s branches in order to prepare it to release the invitations. When he was singing the last line of his song, the stone turned green, and when he finished his last stanza, he told his sister:

“Alena, everything is done, I hope we will succeed this time!”

“We will brother, you will see!” – screamed Alena.

Few seconds later, everything was finished and number two was graved into the crystal! With smile on her face Alena throw herself into her brother’s arms, and she hugged him so tight.

“Hey, you will kill me before I meet our children!” – He started joking.

“We did it, we did it, we did it!” – screamed Alena. Happiness was painted all over her face, it was increasing her beauty if that was even possible.

“Hey, don’t get your hopes up already, there is a long thorny way in front of our heroes! They will have to finish the training, and that is not an easy task! They will have to pass all the test and trials!” – said the old wizard. He was worried. But his sister cheered him up again:

“Don’t worry, this time, I will be their guide! And we will win this war by any means!” – said Alena. She was genuinely happy and her heart at that moment was working on hope, not blood. She was determent to make this kids the chosen ones.

The black raven that was standing on the window heard everything and he flew away.

The lucky ones

December was especially hard for kids in orphanages. Winter was the season connecting families together, and December was the month when every kid was the happiest. In December the nature was painting everything in gorgeous white, and only hearts of the foster kids were remaining gray. Kiera and David were one of the many orphans living inside the small house on the Alfred Street. The house in which they were living was old, gray, and dusty and it looked like a loaf of bread taken out of the oven too soon. The house’s roof was old, sagged, his ceramides looked like kid’s first tooth, and you were feeling like it was going to collapse every second on your head! In this small, uncomfortable orphanage were living around thirty kids.

The woman who was leading this place and was responsible for the well-being of the orphans was Miss Fusty who was a woman in her late middle ages. Miss Fusty was nothing at all like your friendly, good aunt, or your goodhearted, dear granny. A contrary, it was that type of woman who existed only in fairytales, because that much evilness was too much for the real world. Unfortunately for the orphans, that type of evil do existed in the real world, and it was precisely Miss Fusty! The kids from the orphanage invented a song about Miss Fusty:

Miss Fusty is evil and mean,

And nothing under her roof is clean!

Her house is dusty and cold,

Nothing in here is working, everything is so old!

She has big teeth and even bigger scary eyes,

She is not tolerating the truth,

She is living in the world of lies!

Miss Fusty is actually Miss Dusty,

So old, and evil and grumpy,

That makes all our lives feel so bumpy!

Let me give you one advice,

Never believe her when she is acting so nice!

In her home we only eat rice,

Because she never let us have pizza, not even one slice!

She is always prepared to scream and yell and fight,

She even makes us work every night!

She is a pure evil, that is not supposed to be true,

Be careful around her, she might even catch you!

In the place where her heart should be, there is only ice,

That’s why her love has a price!

If you bring her every day a lot of money,

You will be allowed to have your own toy bunny!

She doesn’t care where you get those money,

Nor if you stole it, borrowed it or get them by acting funny!

Every kid needs to sell 20 boxes of cookies or bring her 100$ every day,

Or she will make your days bad, miserable, and gray!

All she cares about is her tinny Siamese cat,

She didn’t care if we have fever, cold or if our clothes are wet!

We are responsible for cleaning the toilets, the house and making dinner

That’s why it is not possible for any of us to get more skinner!

Fruits and vegetables and healthy food are not on her menu,

And if you ask for them, then may God defend you!

Miss Fusty is the devil himself in a woman skin, acting so nice,

But she still served us every night that awful, disgusting brown rice!

This song was written by one kid who got great writing skills, and loved school, but Miss Fusty was really bad so she forced him to work and go to school during the day, and he was studying only at night. Soon after he wrote this poem, he was adopted by awesome people and he left this poem as his ‘legacy’ to the next generation doomed to live under Miss Fusty’s care.

Kiera was one beautiful, smart, joyful girl who loved the world from the bottom of her heart. She was brought and left on the door of Miss Fusty when she was a baby, and no one knew nothing about her parents. The only home that she ever knew was Miss Fusty’s home, and maybe that’s why she was able to smile all the time, because she never knew for something better, and therefore, she couldn’t see in how awful conditions they were living.

Kiera was eight years old, and she had the purest heart. She loved dancing, and singing and cooking. Each night she was doing the dishes until midnight, and each morning she was going early to school. She was first grade. After school, Kiera was going straight home, taking the cookies that other older kids were doing, and loading them into the small, old ‘car’. Her car was actually an old rectangular bucket, who had holes, in which Miss Fusty added two iron sticks and four wheels. Anyway, Kiera loved that car, and every day after school she was loading it with boxes of cookies and she was going in her neighborhood and selling cookies. Because she was so small and adorable, many people were pitying her, so they were buying from her and she had regular customers. She was working all day, and at the evening, when she was returning home, she was washing the dishes in order to ‘earn’ her portion of rice. Many nights, when she was finishing her work, there was no rice left for her and she was going to bed hungry. December had come, and there was a lot of snow. Inside the house the heating system was broken so it was colder than outside. Little Kiera woke up all happy, she was hoping that she and the other kids will go outside, build a snowman, and play with the snow, but when she got downstairs, she found Miss Fusty with few more than the usual packs of cookies in her hands, waiting for her. She didn’t even left Kiera to have breakfast, she loaded the boxes of cookies in Kiera’s ‘car’ and said that she needed to sell all of those cookies. Miss Fusty was hoping that when people saw the small poor girl in front of their door, in poor, old and baggy clothes they will pity her and buy more cookies. So evil was she!

Little Kiera took her car and went outside! Icy, cold snow licked Kiera’s face and crawled under her poor tinny clothes, spreading over her skin like a soft juicy gossip among high school girls. With purple lips tinged with blue and tenderly jabbering teeth she wrapped her thin coat around her more tightly. The boor girl was freezing to death, but she knew that she had to sell all those cookies if she want to get dinner. Step by step, her poor, tinny legs were fighting with the angry snow, who was trying to swallow her. Her eyes were shining like a two small diamonds, but the blizzard was so strong that they were closing. She went on the first door and ring the bell.

“Cookies, sweet chocolate cookies. You can buy them and enjoy them with tea in front of a warm fireplace!” – described Kiera. Her dream was precisely that, a big, stone fireplace and enormous fluffy bed. She wanted to have them for her and her brothers and sisters in the orphanage, to feel warm and cozy. That’s how she imagined the heaven. Her tinny little hands were frizzing, so she was rubbing them one from another in order to warm them. She heard footsteps. Someone was coming. A woman in her fifties opened the door. When she saw Kiera crouched in front of her doorstep, she started crying! Her eyes were full with tears.

“Oh you poor child! Oh you poor little angel! You must be freezing! Please, please my dear, come inside! Let me make you a hot chocolate.” – She said.

“ No, no, no. No need Madam, I am here to offer you cookies.” – said Kiera. “Let me tell you which flavors we have, of course if you want to buy some, but I promise you, they are very delicious, I have tried them only once, but all my clients are happy, and that’s how I know that they are tasty.”- Kiera explained.

“I will buy them all dear child, I believe you. Please, I beg you, come inside and let me give you money for them.” – said the woman. Kiera was afraid to get inside, she didn’t want to make the old lady’s mat wet, so she was standing on the door.

“What is wrong my dear?” – asked the old lady when she saw that Kiera was not getting inside. “I, I don’t want to make your mat dirty.” – said Kiera shyly. “My boots are wet, and dirty.” “Well then, get them off and come in. I will buy all of your cookies so you can sit in front of the fire place and get warm while I find my wallet.” – said the old lady. “Tell me child, are you hungry, because I was just about to have my breakfast, and if you are hungry we can have it together. I am sure that those cookies are delicious with some warm milk and hot chocolate.” – The old lady was getting inside the kitchen. Kiera took her boots off and she entered the room. She didn’t have any socks on her legs, and they were ice purple from cold.

“I haven’t Madam, I needed to work. You know, I woke up a little bit late.” – said Kiera. She was reviewing the place, it was so big, and beautiful, and cozy.

She entered the room where the old lady was searching her wallet. Then, when the lady heard that Kiera was inside, she turned to see her, and she noticed that th poor girl didn’t have any socks on her. Her eyes were filled with tears again. She wasn’t counting the money any more. Instead of 120$ she gave the girl 150$ and said:

“Here are 30$ more, please ask your parents to buy you some socks and warm clothes. They are all I have. Now, I will give you the boots and socks I bought for my granddaughter, so you will have something to warm you up while you get home.”

“But, but that is too much! I can’t take it, there are more money than I deserve, and I don’t want you to be left with nothing” – said Kiera. She had a worried look on her face.

The old lady laughed and said: “Don’t worry about me my dear child, I will be fine, I am more than fine! I will take my pension in five days, and I have what to eat now, right? Look how much cookies did I get for those two tinny little papers.” – With these words, the old lady was trying to cheer Kiera up, and make her laugh. And she did managed to put a smile on Kiera’s face. The girl was happy with the answer. Then the old lady and Kiera went into the living room, where Kiera left the cookies on the coffee table. The old lady brought some warm milk and chocolate, she opened one of the boxes, and filled Kiera’s plate with them.

“Eat my dear, you will not grow up if you don’t eat.” With hungry eyes, Kiera started eating. She and the old Lady were sitting in front of the fireplace and eating cookies and drinking milk. Kiera was really happy. She thought: “This is even better than building a snowman! I wonder if this is how having a parents feels like.” – This thought broke her heart and her expression changed. The old lady saw that and asked her: “What is wrong my child, did I said something wrong and got you upset?”

“No, no, no, no way sweet Madam, it wasn’t you, nor anything you said. In fact, everything you did is amazing and awesome and great! I just, I just thought that this is maybe how having parents feel like. I never got to know my parents, you know, and you are so nice. Please don’t be mad at me!” – Suddenly screamed Kiera.

“Mad? Why would I be mad at you, my dear child? You didn’t do or say anything wrong!”

“It’s just, when I say something like this in front of Miss Fusty, she gets really mad, and she says some not nice words, and I think it is because I hurt her feelings. She is like my mother, you know.” – said Kiera. She grabbed another cookie.

“Well, I am not mad at all. Come, my dear, finish that cookie and then I will get you upstairs and give you some new clothes.” Kiera was happy again, and joy and laugh again were painted on her small, pointy face.

Just like she said, the old lady took Kiera upstairs after she had finished her cookie, and she opened her old closet. There were thousands of toys, and clothes inside. Kiera stayed with open mouth.

“Wawww! That is a lot of clothes and toys” – she said.

“Yes my dear,” – said the old lady through laugh, “you see I have grandchildren approximately two or three years older than you! The boy is called Antreas, and the girl Kate. But you see, they and my daughter moved to Europe, and that is very far from here. I have seen them only on pictures.” – said the old lady. She had a sad expression on her face, and when Kiera saw that she took her hand. The old lady smiled and continued: “The next summer, they will come here and visit me, my daughter said that she even reserved the tickets, and then I will give them everything. But you see, they were supposed to come two years ago, but their father got sick and they couldn’t come, so everything I have bought for them then will be small for them now. That’s why, my dear child, try all these clothes, and we will bag what you want and load on your car.” Kiera was more than happy. She saw all the toys, but she felt in love with only one teddy bear. The teddy bear was so cute and adorable, it was light brown and had soft, fur! It had a big, sweet pink bow around his neck, and a small sweet bracelet. It looked so adorable! The old lady saw how Kiera was looking at the teddy, so she took it and give it to her.

“Here, you can have it.” – She said with gentle, soft voice.

“But I can’t, it is for your grandchildren, no one is ever too old for a cute teddy.” – She said. “Don’t worry, I will buy them a new one. I want you to have this.” – The old lady put the teddy in Kiera’s arms. Kiera took it and she took the only small heart-shaped barrette out of her hear and put it on teddy’s hair. The old lady looked at her indignantly.

“This is the only thing I have from my parents. They brought me in a blanket and the only thing I had was this small barrette. I kept it for all these years, and I am giving it to this teddy, together with my pinky promise that I will protect him and take care of him” – Kiera’s voice was very serious, and she sounded very mature. The old lady got tears in her arms, and she hugged Kiera: “Oh, my little, poor girl!” Then, they both together went over the clothes and they found two beautiful dresses, one coat, three blouses and one pair of nice boots. Kiera was shining with happiness. The old lady took the clothes, put them into two other bags and loaded them in Kiera’s ‘car’. Then they hugged each other and Kiera went home.

The weather was awful again, but Kiera was so happy that she barely noticed them. She had new clothes, and she was planning to share them with other kids in the orphanage. But when she got home, there was a hell waiting for her! Miss Fusty was unhappy with other kid’s sales and she was yelling. When she saw Kiera she got closer and she said:

“Well, well, well, what do we have here? What are those bags? Did you also not managed to sell the cookies because if you haven’t I swear I will lock you all in the basement and let the mice eat your ears!” – Miss Fusty got close to the car, and she grabbed the bags and all the clothes felt down.

“Well, well, well, look who decided to go shopping with money who aren’t theirs! Who do you think you are young lady? What have you done with my money, what?” – Miss Fusty started shaking the young girl. Kiera started crying. She put her hands in the new coat and she took the money. With tearful voice Kiera started talking:

“I didn’t take your money Miss Fusty, I am never taking your money Miss Fusty, I will never do that to you! Here they are.” – The eyes of Miss Frosty were shinning when she saw the money! She grabbed them instantly, and screamed:

“Give me that! And where did you get those clothes? Did you stole them, because if the cops come to my door I will let them take you away to jail! Do those clothes have those modern devices that beep when you try to steal them?” – Miss Fusty started checking the clothes one by one. The teddy felt down on the ground, and Kiera instantly put him in the ‘car’ to protect him from getting dirty. The old Miss Fusty didn’t saw that, so she put the bags on the car, and covered the teddy, and she took the clothes. Kiera started talking:

“I didn’t stole them, the lady who bought all of my cookies gave them to me. She bought them for her grandchildren who live in Europe and when she saw me like this she gave them to me, I will share them with my friends. She even gave me more money so you could buy me some socks.” – said Kiera.

“She gave you clothes and extra money you say ha?” – said Miss Fusty, her eyes were shining from evilness! “Then my dear, we can make a lot of money! These clothes I will sell, they are brand new!”

“But, she gave them to me…”

“And I am taking them from you now!” She grabbed the clothes, and continued “quick, get that coat and boots off before they get any dirtier, we can make a lot of money from them, I don’t want your dirty, small rat hands to make them dirty!”

“No!” – screamed Kiera, “I don’t want to, they are mine”

“Yours, girl nothing in the world is yours nor it will ever be! Now get off that coat and give it to me!” – Miss Fusty was furious and deep darkness and anger were glowing in her eyes. She grabbed Kiera and tried to take her coat off.

“Let me go! It is mine, they gave it to me!”

“No, you let it go, I will sell it and get money! Get your dirty hands of it!”

Both Miss Fusty and Kiera were holding the coat tight, and at the end it tore. Miss Fusty was more than angry, she started yelling and screaming and she was furious. She was about to hit little Kiera when David intervened:

“Back off you crazy, old witch! The little girl brought you the money, she gave all her clothes to you, and now you are punishing her? You are one crazy, old witch! All of us hate you! We wish you to disappear, you are not taking care of us, you are destroying us, and when those inspectors come here again I will tell them everything!” – screamed David. He was standing in front of Kiera and he was trying to protect her. She was crying behind him. Miss Fusty slapped David so hard that his head distort!

“You little brat! You will not disobey me, nor will you talk to me like that! Never! She wants that coat, fine, it is hers, but that will be the last thing that she will ever wear! You are both punished! I will lock you now in the basement that will teach you some lesson! You want to be a hero? You will be a hero, you will a hero if you survive the night with the rats!” – screamed the old Miss Fusty.

“No, let him go, he is not guilty of anything! I did this, I am sorry, Miss Fusty, please don’t send him to the basement!” – Screamed little Kiera.

But the old Miss Fusty was determined to make an example of them, so no other kid will ever try to disobey her. She forced them both, David and Kiera, together with Kiera’s car to get inside the basement and she locked them there. The basement was filthy and dirty. There was one old bed in on the left wall and thousands of boxes around the floor. There was also one small window right next to the old bed. Kiera saw how dark it was inside, and that the only light that was coming was from the small window above the old bed. She knew that it will be dark soon and there will be no light in there. She started crying and apologizing to David:

“I am so sorry, I didn’t want to get you into this mess! I am really sorry, I shouldn’t be bad too, I should have left Miss Fusty have the coat, I was selfish! She knows what is best for us, and I just made her mad! I am really a bad girl and I deserve to be punished, but you don’t, you really don’t deserve this! I am really sorry David!”


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Castle Of Dreams

"Castle of dreams", The book is about four girls/boys who come from different families, and one night they all get the same 'invitation' and mysterious visit by a woman who promises their parents to take their children in another 'private' school and teach them there. The parents agree and so the journey of the four kids and their dog begin. They will travel by train, see some amazing staff, get caught doing some messes, and become friends. The school they will visit will be magical, with special and magical elements, creatures, literary sci-fi. The book also has some mysterious vibe that will keep the kid's expectations high. this book will bring the children into another fantasy world, with places from their dreams.

  • Author: Adam Mortimer
  • Published: 2015-10-01 21:50:06
  • Words: 29985
Castle Of Dreams Castle Of Dreams