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Careers in Library & Information Science

Library & Information Services Careers


Tanya Belmont

Lee Christopher Graves

Allinston L. Saulsberry

Hilary Kristen Taber

Library Careers

Table of Contents

Tanya Belmont Library Careers on the West Coast

Chapter 1 Librarian Mill Creek, Washington

Chapter 2 Youth Librarian Tigard, Oregon

Chapter 3 Librarian 1 San Diego Public Library

Chapter 4 Library Operations Manager Wilsonville, Oregon

Lee Christopher Graves Library Career Openings in the Field of Art Libraries and Museums

Chapter 5 Faculty Librarian Department of Interdisciplinary Arts

Chapter 6 Associate Curator University of California Berkeley

Chapter 7 Librarian Miami International University of Art & Design

Chapter 8 Curatorial Assistant Stanford University

Alliston L. Saulsberry Library Careers

Chapter 9 Reference Librarian Grand Canyon University

Chapter 10 Teen Librarian Library System & Services LLC

Chapter 11 Cataloguing Bibliographer EBSCO

Chapter 12 Oral Historian College William and Mary

Hilary Kristen Taber Careers in Children’s Literature

Chapter 13 Librarian Fort Lupton and High School Library

Chapter 14 Children’s Librarian Queen’s Library

Chapter 15 Youth Services Librarian

Chapter 16 Library Services Specialist

Library Careers on the West Coast

[]Tanya I. Belmont


The Pacific Northwest is beautiful; this has been my home for over 20 years. The trees, the mountains, the Pacific Ocean, the crisp winter air are all home to me. While I am well aware that being willing to move across the country significantly increases ones opportunities for library employment, my heart is in the Pacific Northwest. This is where I long to stay; therefore, I chose to limit my search for library opportunities mainly on the West Coast.

Another criterion for the job searches was mostly entry level positions. I found many supervisory opportunities and positions that required years of experience within library field. I kept thinking about the entry level librarian who is just becoming familiar with this multifaceted field of work. While I did attempt to maintain to these criterion, there were weeks where I could not find opportunities in the Pacific Northwest or entry level positions. I did have to branch out outside of my set parameters on those weeks. All of the positions listed require an MLIS degree.

Chapter 1

[]Full Time Librarian

Mill Creek, Washington

Mill Creek is seeking a Librarian that will provide basic library services to the general population and will provide programming and services for youth. This position starts at approximately $30 per hour. The position requires a flexible schedule, including work on the weekends. It entails public reference services, readers advisory, planning and coordinating children’s programming, and maintaining the library’s website.

[]Chapter 2

Part Time Youth Librarian

Tigard, Oregon

The Tigard Public Library seeks an enthusiastic & knowledgeable bilingual, Spanish-English, youth services librarian to join their team! This librarian will increase connection and support to Tigard’s Spanish-speaking families and youth through outreach, programming, reference work, and collection development.

This youth librarian will reach out to local schools in an effort to build collaborative relationships with them. He/she will also develop a variety of youth programs in collaboration with other library staff. No experience is required. This youth librarian would work 20 hours per week and earn $22.92 per hour with prorated health benefits.

Chapter 3

[]Full Time Librarian I

San Diego Public Library System

This is entry level Librarian I position with the San Diego County Library. They are seeking to hire several candidates. Their main focus is to hire candidates that are committed to customer service, youth services and diverse communities. They are also seeking a Librarian in their Collection Development Department to provide support for statistical analysis and contracts. This position does require at least one year of paraprofessional library experience. Unfortunately this position did not specify the compensation this librarian would receive.

[]Chapter 4

Full Time Library Operations Manager

Wilsonville, Oregon

The City of Wilsonville in Oregon is seeking a Library Operations manager. Wilsonville is about 30-40 minutes away from Portland, Oregon. The City is seeking a dynamic professional who can guide staff, identify and lead change in the library. The candidate will have a strong record of supervision, as well as familiarity with cataloging and technical services, merchandising and customer service. A candidate with experience motivating and coaching a staff is highly preferred. The candidate must have 5 years of progressively responsible experience, including at least one 1 year of supervisory or lead experience or any equivalent combination of education and experience. The job starts at 56,592 a year, $27.20/hr.

Library Career Openings in the Field of Art Libraries and Museums

[]Lee Christopher Graves


I have chosen the following job positions because I have an interest in archives, museums, and special collections. While some of these positions happen to be in libraries and require less than a Master’s degree, my reasoning is that sometimes one may need to get their “foot in the door”, so to speak, to build one’s resume in the field. Also, although not always common, a higher position could open up where one is employed, or the experience acquired can lead to other opportunities for employment.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Art, which may help to support the specialties in Art in some of these positions. I also have a strong interest in Arts and Aesthetics. This is why I chose job descriptions in the area of museums, with a specialty in the Arts. Preferring to stay in the West-Southwest or West Coast, one might have to acquire a position in a different place than they’d hoped, and exercise flexibility. I also have experience working in elementary through high school, as well as public libraries in such capacities as a clerk and associate respectively.

Chapter 5

[]Faculty Librarian

Department Of Interdisciplinary Arts

Olympia, WA

The Evergreen State College is recruiting for the position of Faculty Librarian within the Department of Interdisciplinary Arts Located in Olympia, WA.

Key responsibilities are collaborative research instruction and teaching across the curriculum; Collaborative work with staff and faculty in the library and academic computing that support teaching and learning using emerging technologies that assists with development and maintenance of technological tools within the library; Collaborative teaching in the full-time curriculum once every nine quarters; 15 – 20 hours per week reference desk duties, including some evening and weekend hours; Collection development and collection management in Rare Books, including artists’ books; 4-6 hours per week of both campus and library governance meetings.

Minimum Qualifications for the position are Master’s degree in information science, with an emphasis on visual art, performance, or media; Second master’s in fine arts, performance, media arts, or communications College-level teaching experience; Academic library reference/research service and collection development; Evidence of imagination, intellect, and resourcefulness in past initiatives, especially instructional programs.

Salary for this position is not listed.

Chapter 6

[]Associate Curator

University of California, Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley is recruiting for the position of BAMPFA Associate Curator (6127u) #21823 in the Department of Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley, CA. This position reports to the Director and Chief Curator.

Responsibilities: Supports an internationally recognized, dynamic, and active exhibition program, with an emphasis on pre-twentieth century western art; Writes and edits scholarly materials that appeal to the broad range of museum visitors; maintains ongoing, active professional relationships with artists, curators, and critics locally, nationally, and internationally; Regular engagement in programs, talks, symposia, and electronic media outside BAMPFA.

Salary for this position is not listed

^ ^

Chapter 7


Miami International University of Art & Design

Miami, Florida

Miami International University of Art & Design in Miami, FL is seeking a Librarian.

Responsibilities for this position are to ensure school library functions and services are appropriate and properly planned, implemented, and managed.  The Librarian assists the school community in use of the library materials and resources through appropriate and meaningful information literacy and instruction programs as well as reference and research support. The librarian assists the school community with use of academic support services and technology including tutoring, assessments, student portals, learning management systems, and others.    

This position reports to the Dean of Academic Affairs.

Requirement for this position are Master’s Degree in Library, Information Science, or related; from an ALA accredited school; at least one year experience working in a post-secondary institution library; previous experience delivering instruction preferred; knowledge of subjects taught by Art Institute system; knowledge of library and educational technologies.

Salary for this position was not listed.

Chapter 8

[]Curatorial Assistant

Stanford University

Palo Alto, California

Stanford University in Palo Alto California is seeking to fill a position in the School of Humanities and Sciences for a Curatorial Assistant. This position reports to the Chief Curator and Associate Director for Exhibitions & Collections.

The responsibilities for this positon are assisting in all aspects of the Associate Director’s daily responsibilities and projects, including providing administrative support, maintaining a calendar, and assisting in all aspects of collections and exhibitions development. The curatorial assistant will provide support for the organization of original and loan exhibitions; the maintenance and development of the permanent collection, including record keeping; and the management of departmental activities including research, programs, education, public affairs, and development.

Qualifications for this position are Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of one year of related experience or a combination of education and relevant experience. Advanced degree preferred. The applicant should have excellent interpersonal skills with a wide variety of people; strong written and oral communication skills; effectively manage multiple priorities; ability to work individually and as part of a team; project management skills, proficiency in MS Office software; experience in Visual Arts Experience desired; push and pull objects that weigh at least 10 pounds.

No salary was listed for this position.

Library Careers

[]Allinston L. Saulsberry


As a library assistant (LA), I’ve held positions at a public and academic library. The jobs chosen for this eBook assignment reflect professional positions that I’ve held as a library assistant. As an LA, I’ve mastered the skills of answering general reference questions that pertain to library services, assisting job seekers with employment, recommending books and programs, and answering general technical services questions. The reference librarian position (chapter 9) reflects this job within a university on an academic level. The skills that I have obtained as a reference assistant are transferable to the skills required for this position. While employed as a reference LA I also served as a Teen Services Coordinator/ Teen Volunteer Coordinator. In this position one is responsible for teen programming, outreach and teen literacy. Chapter 10 reflects this position as a librarian. The skills that I’ve learned as a teen coordinator are compatible to the job requirements listed.

The next chapters of my eBook, chapter 11 and 12, are a reflection of my current position as a copy cataloger on a grander scale. My official title is Technical Services Library Assistant and I am responsible for having knowledge of cataloging databases and processes, updating, cataloging, and organizing information materials within the library’s catalog as well as physical and digital collections. As a LA, I would be able to apply the basic cataloging concepts that I’ve learned and apply them to both positions.

On my journey of becoming a librarian, I have toyed with the idea of either having a career within the public library or academia. I have had the opportunity to be in a public library where I served as a reference assistant in putting together programs, partaking in outreach and watching the community grow due to the resources and opportunities that are made available in a public library. However, I’ve also had the prospect of working in an academic library. At this institution, I’ve enhanced my knowledge of being a librarian due to the resources made available such as: library conferences, webinars, staff development, professional development, etc. In addition, I am equipped with the background processes of how catalogers give access to information materials. This job assignment has allowed me to align my current skills to those of skills required in jobs that interest me. I look forward to finding careers that interest me in hopes of filling a position once my program is complete.

Chapter 9

[]Reference Librarian

Grand Canyon University

Job Requirements:

The full-time Reference Librarian will be responsible for providing assistance to face-to-face students as well as students enrolled online. Participate in informing the student body of the resources and programs available through the Grand Canyon University (GCU) library. Assist students over the phone with questions including, but not limited to research, data collecting, citation assistance, journal article locations, technical services questions, web-based instructions, etc. Collect and research data independently as well as with colleagues in the library or university to design webinars and curriculum for staff, faculty and students. Assist in circulation by aiding students and staff with book holds and InterLibrary Loans. Have the availability to work Sunday through Thursday from 3:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. While employed at GCU, each employee is required uphold the university’s Christian values and mission.


It is preferred that the candidates have an ALA-accredited MLS or equivalent. Possess basic math skills and the ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Have the ability to communicate verbally and non-verbally to groups, customers or employees of the organization.


The salary for this position was not indicated, however, if compared to a Librarian with the City of Phoenix Public Library, this position should range in salary from $42,000-$63,000

[]Chapter 10

Teen Librarian

Library System & Services, LLC

Simi Valley, CA

My issues paper is based off to the argument that the drop of teen attendee within the library is due to the lack of attention to teen programming and teen services within libraries. In contrast, I have found a job position on LinkIn for a Teen Services Librarian.


The Teen Librarian will act as a liaison between the library and its community of teens. The librarian will be responsible for planning, executing and evaluating programs, he or she will be in charge of outreach to schools and local organization that serve teens, coordinate with youth services in providing supervision of staff and volunteers, and preserve and maintain the Young Adult collection.


All applicants must have his or her MLIS/MLS from an accredited ALA library school. Possess knowledge about teens: their likes, teen literature, websites geared towards teens, etc. He or she must have a flexible schedule and be able to adapt to changes.

If you are interested please apply directly to the website as listed on the job posting.

The salary for the position was not listed, for more information regarding this job please visit the Library System & Service


The salary for the position was not listed, for more information regarding this job please visit the Library System & Services, LLC website.

[]Chapter 11

Cataloging Bibliographer


Contoocook, New Hampshire

Job Requirements:

The Cataloging Bibliographer will be responsible for cataloging materials at full level in the database. Materials cataloged may be in various mediums and are in compliance with the cataloging formats of the Library of Congress, Dewey Decimal, etc.


The Cataloger must have knowledge of how to use MARC, OCLC, RDA, AACR2, and have 2 years of experience cataloging. In addition, he or she must have their Bachelor’s Degree and a master’s in either Library or Information Science.


The salary for the position was not listed, for more information regarding this job please visit the EBSCO career site.

[]Chapter 12

Oral Historian

College William and Mary

Williamsburg, Virginia

Job Requirements:

The job category for the position this Special Collections/Archives. Job responsibilities include researching, conducting, maintaining and making the collections accessible to the public and library. The applicant must be able to tower with multiple departments to execute projects and any initiatives set forth by the Special Collections team. In addition, her or she must be willing to ravel and work weekends. During the interviewing process the interviewee will have to showcase their experience in the field.


The applicant must have his or her master’s degree with a specialization or interest in oral history, have knowledge of oral history, and e committed to working with a diverse community. Applicants can apply with little to one year of experience in the field. This is a full-time position, however, it states at the top that it is a two year appointment as it is grant funded.


As an Oral Historian with the College of William & Mary one will receive a yearly salary between $45,000-$50,000.

Library Careers in Children’s Literature

[]Hilary Kristen Taber


I have worked in children’s literature for over seven years now. It has been my pleasure to connect children with just the right book for them. I have chosen to highlight these positions because they match my enthusiasm for children’s literature. I would be happy to have any of these jobs, but I like the tone and enthusiasm of the first job the best. I see from all of these posts that to be able to at least speak in Spanish is important, so I am going to brush up on my skills. It’s never been easy for me to learn languages, but I will do my best. I do have years and years of reading children’s literature under my belt. I think I’ve read about 700 children’s books, but I do think that the more one can communicate well the better candidate you are to any job.

Chapter 13


Fort Lupton and High School Library

Lupton, Colorado

This position is for a job as a Children’s and Family Services Librarian in the Fort Lupton and High School Library. The main responsibilities of this job are bringing a passion for children’s literature to the community and to reach out to that community in the development of unique programs. The development of key literacy skills is also a focal point. A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree was required, preferably in education or liberal arts. Also, a Master’s Degree in Library Science (MLS or MLIS) from an ALA accredited institution is preferred. One to two years of library experience is required and a candidate that is bilingual is preferred, but not required. Reasonable physical dexterity is needed. Salary is $45,000 – $51,000 yearly.

[]Chapter 14

Children’s Librarian

Queens Library, New York

This position is for a Children’s Librarian in Queen’s Library, New York. The responsibilities include providing excellent customer service to the public, including children and parents. The librarian is responsible for developing a quality children’s collection, including print and digital materials. Event planning is required, such as story time and summer reading clubs. The candidate should be able to supervise hourly employees. A degree from an ALA accredited institution is required, an MLS or MLIS. The candidate must be able to work with a diverse population of children and eligible for a NYS library certification. Salary is not listed, but it is said to be excellent and includes benefits, defined benefit pension, 403B, deferred compensation, and more.

[]Chapter 15

Youth Services Librarian

This position is for a Youth Services Librarian in charge of collection development. This person is in charge of selecting material for the children’s and teen portion of the library. This includes non-print material. These materials will be primarily in English. However, if there is room in the budget, they can be in other languages. Responsibilities include evaluating the existing collection, recommending policy and procedure, development of maintenance activities, training the staff in the use of collection development and management tools. It is desirable if the candidate can also evaluate materials in Spanish. An M.A. in Library Science from an ALA accredited institution and three years of professional experience working in a library is required as well as one year in collection related work. Salary is not mentioned.

[]Chapter 16

Library Services Specialist

This position is for a Library Services Specialist. The candidate should be able to work with teachers and other staff members in planning personalized learning and growth. The candidate should be able to integrate digital information literacy, increase the use of digital content and information literacy. He or she should be able to increase staff competencies regarding information literacy. Also, the candidate should collaborate with staff to evaluate library programs. As the occasion arises the candidate should be able to advise on collection management, library inventory, print and non-print materials. A B.A. is required and a Master’s Degree as well. A minimum of three years as a Teacher-Librarian with experience in a K-12 setting is also required. Salary is not mentioned.


Careers in Library & Information Science

This book was a group project. Students researched LIS careers and entered their findings in this book.

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Careers in Library & Information Science Careers in Library & Information Science