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Card Carrying Ace of Spades

Card Carrying Ace of Spades

Copyright © 2016 by Jenni Gisselbrecht Hyena

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Hyaenidae NationTM

Jennifer “Wholesome” Jasiri Gisselbrecht

I sat snarling at the idiot, head fucked ursadae plaguing nearly every damn news station on the fucking tube with so called, “bulletin board updates” on a current riot/protest situation a brewing currently down in Nikki’s former town and police agency of Charlotte, NC where yet another innocent, young, and equally smart fellow spotted hyena of more than many beautiful sons and daughters; in which he raised deep and sincerely with all his big and golden heart, was gunned down by yet another tribe of savage jungle apes who popped him nearly eight times in the upper torso and head just simply for reading a book in his car, while each and every one his family’s screams were burned painfully and deeply like a flaming tumor in my brain from the Youtube video by TheAdviseShow’s Phillip I had watched early; as they watched him bleed his very last right before their tear streaming eyes. I’d tried so goddamn hard to do just about any and all I could to help them each and every way a normal animal activist possibly could nearly more than an entirety of the whole previous day before. Facebook posts, Twitter hashtags, petitions. Every and all I reached out my paw and at least attempted to offer parts in turned to shit, and in turn seemed to reward me with absolutely nothing with turmoil, stress, and heartache just as equally the same as all the brothers and sisters felt deeply in their hearts, minds, and voices the very day it first happened to them. “What the fuck?” Nikki sighed heavily, shaking her head fully in condolence along with Donna to my right. “The same goons up there I worked with for nearly twenty fucking years at that very same department in Vice and Narcotics, and now they go and do some shit like this that’s just highly way more fucked up beyond belief than damn Red Pand at the goddamn source awards. Fuck, what is this world coming to?” “Worse than a fucking war zone.” Donna responded, glumly with her feet and knees drawn closely like a ball up to her round cheetah stomach and chest. “And to think, I finally had this place on the very tip of my claw. A perfect utopia just like everyone wanted. Where you can do any and all you wanted, be what you wanted to be, and so on and so forth and now it’s becoming just as shady and damn near equally as radioactive as buttfuck Chernobyl. It’s definitely these buffoons we somehow call “Law Enforcement” that we need to pay a little small time visit to next and put in their all-time place before we focus back on our secondary main task at hand, down?” “Always like a quarter pound, my nigga.” I agreed, putting her there. “Nikki, go ahead and tell Chiefy Putnam down there he better have the mother fuckin National Guard with him. We’re on the next Palmetto down to his place in one hour, if he’s lucky.”

Card Carrying Ace of Spades

We as hyenas, one of the many more prominent species of both our original homeland of Africa and our so called, "Promised Land" of here in America are damn finally sick and tired of the quote unquote, "Dominant"'s insipid bullshit. We will no longer sit up here and be squashed like cockroaches beneath the feet of the ignorant, slaughtered like cattle of a fresh kill. Because if it's one true thing that king said, it's "Free at last, free at last, thank god almighty we're gonna be free at last!"

  • ISBN: 9781370289431
  • Author: Jenni Gisselbrecht Hyena
  • Published: 2016-09-22 19:20:08
  • Words: 565
Card Carrying Ace of Spades Card Carrying Ace of Spades