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In the jungle kingdom of Gallupie, there lived a young monkey by the name of Capoole. He loved to swing on vines from tree to tree all throughout the kingdom. One day when Capoole was out swinging on some vines, he heard a soft roar followed by a cry for help, so he stopped at the next tree to listen for the sounds again. The sounds were undoubtedly coming from somewhere below but where?

“Roar! Help!” someone yelled from somewhere farther up from where Capoole sat. He grabbed a vine and started swinging toward the sound. As he swung, the sound got louder and louder.

“Roar! Help!”





Capoole was finally above the sound, and when he looked down, a sudden loud roar almost shook him off the ling. He quickly grabbed a limb so he could stay in the tree. Below him he could see a young tiger, but he wasn’t sure why the tiger might need help, so he yelled down, “Why do you need help?”

The tiger looked up at him and replied, “Because I’m sinking and I’m stuck in this gooshy sand stuff, and no matter how I try, I just can’t get out of it.”




Capoole climbed down lower to get a better look, and that was when he saw a sign by the trunk of the tree pointing away from where the tiger was sinking and stuck. He decided to ask the tiger, “What does that sign there say?”

The tiger looked over and read, “It says, ‘Quicksand,’ but it points over in that direction so I don’t see why it has anything to do with my sinking and being stuck here in this gooshy sand stuff.”

“Well, it appears, young tiger, that someone has turned that sign there, and you are, in fact, sinking and stuck in quicksand,” stated Capoole.

“Do you think you can help me get out of this gooshy sand stuff? I’d be forever your friend if you’d just help me. Please,” begged the young tiger.


“Don’t worry. I’ll help you just as soon as I figure out how, and whenever I do get you out, you don’t have to be my friend unless you really want to,” said Capoole as he looked around for something he could use to get the tiger out of the quicksand.

Capoole saw a vine and pulled it towards him as the tiger watched from below.

“What are you doing? You’re not leaving are you?” asked the worried tiger.

“I’m going to use this vine to get you out of there so just hold on a minute while I get in a good position to pull you out,” answered Capoole as he swung himself upside down and carefully slid down the vine. When he got near the end of the vine, he wrapped it around his legs and firmly gripped it with his left hand.

“Take my hand and I’ll get you out of there.”




The tiger reached for Capoole’s hand which was just barely within his reach. He grabbed Capoole’s hand, trying to get a good grip while Capoole gripped the tiger’s hand tightly.

“I really hope this works,” said the young tiger.

Holding the tiger’s hand, Capoole gently eased back up the vine while he slowly pulled the tiger out of the gooshy sand stuff below.

“When I get you out of the quicksand, I’m going to swing you over to the grass.”


The second he had him out of the quicksand, Capoole started swinging the tiger. When the tiger was over the grass, Capoole let him go, and the tiger landed safely in the grass.

“Thank you, Monkey, for saving me. My name is Pawson. What is your name?” said the grateful tiger.

“My name is Capoole, and you’re quite welcome, Pawson,” said Capoole as he swung himself onto the grass.




“Well, Capoole, now that you’ve saved my life, I’d like you to walk with me to my home so my family can meet you,” said Pawson as he shook Capoole’s hand.

“I’d be glad to meet your family, Pawson,” answered Capoole. Then both of them walked around the gooshy sand stuff, talking happily as they walked toward Pawson’s home.


“This is my home,’ said Pawson when they stood in front of the palace. “My parents will be pleased to meet my new friend who just saved my from that gooshy sand stuff.”

Pawson looked over to see Capoole‘s face which was one of amazement and hesitation.

“Just come with me. No need to worry. My parents will be eager to meet you. After all, you did save my life.”

Capoole followed Pawson into the palace, realizing now that Pawson was the prince of Gallupie, and Capoole had no clue how to act around the royal family.




They soon reached the end of the long hallway which opened up into a grand room, and then they continued to walk toward the far end of the room where two older tigers sat on their thrones. When Capoole and Pawson reached the thrones, the two tigers stood, and one said, “Pawson, why have you brought this monkey into our palace?”

Pawson answered, “Dad, Mon, this is my new friend, Capoole. He pulled me out of some gooshy quicksand that I was stuck in. He basically saved my life.”


The tigers looked at Capoole, and the same one spoke again. “Thank you, Capoole, for saving our son’s life. You will forever be welcome here in our home, and we will forever be grateful to you.”

Capoole smiled and said, “Pawson needed help, so I helped him. Now I have a new friend. That is all the thanks that I’ll ever need.”

Joslyn Potts has a graphic arts degree and works has worked as a graphic artist for newspapers. She lives in southern Ohio and loves to read. She also enjoys the Cincinnati Reds baseball team and often does drawings of the players. She collects monkeys, Reds memorabilia, and playing cards.

She enjoys ghost hunting and spending time with her nephew and niece.

Joslyn enjoys going to craft fairs and flea markets and has applied her arts degree to create crafts. She makes fabric baskets that require no sewing, and she uses colored pencils to design her own shirts and paints canvas adage paintings.


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Capoole's Quicksand Adventure

Pawson, a tiger, becomes stuck in quicksand. While swinging through the jungle, Capoole, a monkey, discovers Pawson. He is afraid to help a tiger, but Pawson assures Capoole he will not harm him. Capoole rescues Pawson. The two become friends, and Pawson takes Capoole to his home to introduce him to his parents, the king and queen.

  • Author: Joslyn Potts
  • Published: 2016-04-07 03:20:30
  • Words: 1195
Capoole's Quicksand Adventure Capoole's Quicksand Adventure