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Cancer in Haiku

Cancer in Haiku

by Tommy Baggins

Shakespir Edition

copyright 2016 Tommy Baggins


I might be dying.

The spring flowers have never

been more beautiful.


I might be dying.

I’m going for a CAT scan.

Songbirds sing my dirge.


I might be dying.

Nothing could be more normal

or terrifying.


CAT scan came back clean.

I walk in the shade of trees,

happy just to breathe.


I’m still in trouble

but the worst has not happened.

Enjoy any win.


Who knocks on my door?

It is the Reaper who knocks.

“Oh, sorry. Wrong house.”


I feel more alive,

having seen the Reaper’s back.

It that at all odd?


Cancer is a fiend

that eats people from within.

Make it die in flame.


If cancer kills me

then destroy it with fire.

Cremate my remains.


Cancer is bullshit:

not horse shit or chicken shit

but Grade A bullshit.


All things considered,

I am doing rather well.

Rather well, indeed.


I have perfect peace.

I am frightened, angry, lost.

I have perfect peace.


A four-leaf clover.

If I believed in omens,

this one would be good.

Cancer in Haiku

I was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. Obviously, I wasn't thrilled. What follows is my unapologetic rant on the subject. For some godforsaken reason, I decided to rant in haiku. It's a bit odd but it sort of works. I wrote this handful of haikus (13 of them, if you wish to be exact) as a way of dealing with the stress of facing a potentially lethal condition. Much of my fear and anger is here along with a touch of dark humor and a surprising amount of joy. One heads-up: There's a touch of profanity in here. Given the subject, I thought that it was appropriate.

  • ISBN: 9781311473417
  • Author: Tommy Baggins
  • Published: 2016-05-09 03:50:07
  • Words: 183
Cancer in Haiku Cancer in Haiku