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Can I Get Internet

Can I Get Internet

by Kennie Kayoz

Copyright 2016 Coyotes Publishing

Shakespir Edition

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No Ones

Gone on vacation for a week.

Got told the internet was slow when we got there.

Slow and non-existent are two different things.

It sucks when your life revolves around it.

Having a few hobbies you wanting to do but need the net.

That fucked up most of what I wanted to do.

No different for Crystal

They claimed it was out of there hands.
I wasn’t buying it.
Half of the resort had it.
Our half did not.

Something was up.

I had to put stuff on hold
That wasn’t sitting well.
Maybe No Ones
But there were…


Plenty Of Zeros

Not saying anyone treated us bad.

But certainly nothing to do.

They had things to do on site.

Turned out most aimed for young kids

We did a few things.

We did tie dye shirts

Seems to be a constant thing for us

Something to remember it by.

First two times I did it, did lots of red.

After washing red fades to pink.

Was in town when some asshat started to crack comments.

It was easy for him to do so, when he was standing behind a counter.

He was a zero.


Short Walk For Internet

After the first night, got told we can get the internet.

Had to do a short walk for it.

But it was only open from 8am to 10pm

Thought of something at 1030 your screwed

Set out a routine

When we first got up, went to check mail

Didn’t do much else

I wanted to write but figure it would all come out angry

So I tried to relax

Shit wasn’t easy to do.

Felt like everything got my back up.

Felt stressed out

Over everything.

Couldn’t get comfortable

Couldn’t sleep.

At times it almost felt more stressful.


Can I Get Internet

  • ISBN: 9781311381866
  • Author: Coyotes Publishing
  • Published: 2016-06-30 11:05:15
  • Words: 337
Can I Get Internet Can I Get Internet