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Cairo Qween's OXYGEN



I am only a scientist by birth and shaman in spirit. I make these claims from personal experience and knowing from personal study. These statements are not founded on any facts other than those afore stated. The FDA is not associated with this information nor does this qualify as a study of any sorts. This book is in fact, a story sharing actual personal accounts researched and information personally acquired. The fact is that Oxygen, in deed, is the most important resource to us as humans and touches every part of our lives every single second.


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I have been telling this story for years about my experience with the magical healing of Oxygen and I just happened to be speaking to Dr. Diane Moore Eubanks, J.D.S. and her husband, Dr. Willis Eubanks. This topic came up, in our back and forth and wow! I was so inspired to write this down and get it out of my head for someone else to consume. I just did it. I am not a person that likes to write long books. I think mainly because many people don't read the way they use to. I have to start writing again for blogs and this was a good jolt! Oxygen is a powerful and the most necessary AND valuable resource; it is a shame we don't have more focus on it for preventative healthcare. I would love to see people with severe ailments do an investigative study on Oxygen treatments. I am willing to bet that 98% of them will see healing results in a much greater time than any medication or rehabilitation.

This information is meant to enrich your awareness of not just Oxygen as a commodity, but also as a future business endeavor. Every day you step outside, you never once think that you will not be able to breathe, unless you are like me and every smoker that walks past you steals a second of your life away, murdering you slowly because of some permanent upper respiratory ailment you have, or maybe you just don’t like smoke. Whatever your why may be, we are headed ever more increasingly to a time where pollution will destroy our air quality once and for all. (You can tell I am anti-Tobacco). Having that in mind, what are solutions for a future without clean and accessible free air? Notice, I said FREE. Follow the pattern of all resources and if you are paying attention, you can see where this is headed.

In 2015, I was introduced to Higher Brain Living, maximizing the flow of Oxygen through the brain with light energy push in the right direction. This is, by far, the most impactful healing process with immediate impact and positive results. Higher Brain Living empowers people to free their mind from constraints of mental bondage. People literally walk away from mental ailments and issues that have affected their lives and held them back progressing in a positive manner. You hear all sorts of accounts from people with drug addiction, pain, weight issues, alcoholism and even survivors of trauma walking away after the very first session free from the disease they suffered from. Given that most disease is brought on by stress, it is no wonder that Oxygenation is such a relief of physical pain.

I was not a believer, until I saw it myself in waking life. People have this exotic breathing pathway, in the form of a SINE wave motion and into an infinite figure eight loop, repetitious rotation of flow until the practitioner has completed the full therapy. The subject takes in Oxygen through deep breathing and they begin to swim like a Dolphin in air. The body does this on its own without any other influence, it directs the air flow through the body to align it, commanding cells to work toward healing. This is combination of five different energy practices and of all that I have seen, the most amazing. It clicked instantly, it registered once I saw the aura of light beaming from each patient that did the demonstration not only radiate but the affected the energy of the entire room. My thought was, just imagine if only everyone could experience that at once. It is beautiful when you are there to see it. It is bewitching to view it via video. It does make you curious. One gentleman I saw literally looked like a bird ready to fly off the practitioners table. While it was amazing and mesmerizing, it had me almost envious that I wasn’t experiencing the freedom of free flowing Oxygen through my body that way. This is my preemptive push to the future with Oxygen and Oxygen products, as a most valuable business ventures. The medical industry will have nothing on the ultimate elixir of life, the all-natural fountain of youth, Oxygen. Part of the proceeds from this book will go to pay for my Higher-Brain Living Treatments. I will then write another book on my experiences from the elevation that I receive in life and in my health.


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It is simply amazing just how much we take the most important things in life for granted. I always laugh about how often we actually forget to breath. It is something that happens so naturally that we do not think about it until we have some major issue. The bad thing is that we really suffer more from not focusing our breathing. I was in my late 20’s when I had my first, second major asthma attack. It was a scary one because I was driving an SUV down a busy street with five passengers, one of which, was a friend’s, five-year-old girl. I dysfunctional-ly, had to pull the vehicle over, with assistance, of course – I mean, I stopped breathing (well it felt that way)… Everyone and the vehicle were fine, but I was laid out on the ground trying to catch my breath and a man came running out of a coffee shop to help with a paper bag filled with his coffee beans and voila! I could breathe!

Struggling to breath is such an eye opening experience because you never think about what happens if you cannot get Oxygen. Simple answer, you die. The entire body requires Oxygen to function and it is imperative that your brain receives consistent Oxygen. Your brain is the epicenter for all the messages that flow through your entire body to operate. It is like the BIOS in a computer, the starting point of all information.

It is much more important to breathe than most other functions in the body. The act of breathing is something we do on autopilot. Unconsciously, we are much like fish in water, not thinking about how much our surrounding is actually composed of our most sustainable life element.


TWOMY FIBROID DILEMA I use to make a joke that it would be funny if people actually prayed for the

things they need, like, ‘dear Lord, please make sure my airways are clear

to receive all the Oxygen, I need today to not only just be functional, but to

be healthy and receive all the information I need to be better today’. I found

myself with a second battle of Fibroid tumors and that time, it was really

bad. It went on for months and months. I had 9 doctors tell me that I had

Cervical Cancer and a 10th that finally said it was just Fibroid tumors. I had

five tumors, too small to operate on. (dear Lord, thanks for that second

option instead of fighting with the first)

If you don’t know what Fibroids are, look it up, but the best way for me to explain it is a gathering of tissue that feeds on the lining of the uterine walls. MedicineNet.com defines this as,

Uterine fibroids are benign tumors that originate in the uterus (womb). Although they are composed of the same smooth muscle fibers as the uterine wall (myometrium), they are much denser than normal myometrium. Uterine fibroid are usually round.”



After I found out I did not have cancer but Fibroids, I started to experiment with Yoga and wow! I had such a mind opening experience, I even believe I became hyper-intelligent. I may not be giving myself enough credit but I know for a fact that after doing Yoga every day for months, I became more in tune with everything internal, as well as external. Yoga breaths retrain your brain to breathe deeply. Most exercise require that you engage in deep breathing. Expanding your lungs and diaphragm to take in Oxygen is, in itself, an exercise. Try doing this for a full hour or two. You will be focused and you will also feel amazing. I am sharing by my personal experience, of course.

Meditations and visualizations from Kundalini took me into a space of controlled breathing. You are required to breathe deeply before you get into the space with your divine in most all meditation styles. That says something about accessing the brain. Honestly, I haven’t really practiced this in a while and I can honestly say that the difference is lack of focus and concentration and noticeably, I gained so much weight without practicing regularly. While in Yoga, Belly Dancing and doing deep meditations, I craved food less and my desires for food were solely natural, minus beef, that I will likely never give up. Now that I have not been doing this deep breathing, I have gained so much weight and I eat differently.



On the Periodic Table Oxygen is recognized by O2, a noun according to

Online Etymology Dictionary,

“Gaseous chemical element, 1790, from French O[* xygène, coined in 1777 by French chemist Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier (1743-1794), from Greek oxys "sharp, acid" (see acrid) + French -gène "something that produces. *] Oxygen concentrations are much higher in air, which is about 21 percent Oxygen, than in water, which is a tiny fraction of 1 percent Oxygen”

In 2009, I watched a documentary, “Blue Gold”, which was about depleting water around the globe and how companies have been pumping water out of the ground to sell it in bottles and distribute it in stores. Self-made oil tycoon, T. Boone Pickens, is interviewed and he mentions that he believes the next big gold rush is going to be Oxygen. I tend to agree with him. I started telling people ten years ago, that we would be selling the air. Everyone knows that space is the final frontier and the next big boom is in the air. Ironically, cyber company, Amazon requested zoned air space for flying delivery drones. I love to say I am not crazy, you just haven’t caught up yet. I am inclined to agree with Mr. Pickens, Oxygen will be its own industry in the future.

If I were in a space to invest, I would make investments in Oxygen Bars.

Oxygen is a fleeting resource as clean air becomes a bigger issue than ever before, bottled Oxygen has become a ‘THING’ now also. There are more people with COPD and alarming numbers of Chronic Bronchitis and

Environmental Asthma. -* If you are investing in commodities bet on Oxygen to be as high as Tech stocks. If I am smart, I will get on the invention side of the Oxygen boom, of the future, for my own product and become something like the next Google. You know the people who get it on the front end, as pioneers, seem to be the most memorable.



On February 18, 2015, Dr. Mehmet C. Oz is America’s trusted medical practitioner. Dr. Oz co-authored a blog in combination with Dr. Michael

Roizen, MD, entitled “Breath of Fresh Air”, where they instruct the reader to breathe deeply 10 times in the day and then again in the evening. They make the point that deep breathing improves health.

This is a direct quote on the benefits of Oxygen to the body and taking these deep breaths:

“When you breathe in, your lungs fill with Oxygen, nitrogen, and water vapor, along with a smidgen of argon.] _*Oxygen [*passes from your lungs into your blood and (via the heart) to all the tissues in your body.]_]

Sensors in your brain, the carotid artery, and the aorta detect your blood’s carbon dioxide and Oxygen levels, and adjust your breathing rate as needed. Without thinking about it, you breathe 17,000 to 23,000 times a day!”

Oxygen is like a magic pill for healing. The next time you have a headache or even a migraine, breathe deeply until your head feels better. Yes, I have been able to breathe away a headache in less than 30 minutes without any medication. I suffered from migraines for the bulk of my younger life. Oxygen is the true Elixir of Life. Honestly, I have had headaches so painful, I wanted to cut them out with a sharp blade. When I was in college, one of the jobs I had was working for a telemarketing company where I met a lady who clearly felt my pain and showed me a breathing trick (so I thought at the time). I was able to continue on working and it was a life changing moment. Living with pain, daily, for years and then relieving it instantly without medication – mind blowing for the first time. I can tell you that at this point I am ALL medication free for seven years straight. Not even aspirin. I literally just out thinking it and breathe it down.

English Astronomer, Cellist and Science Blogger, David Darling writes in the Encyclopedia of Science Online,

“Interestingly, the four principal biological elements are also the four most common chemically active elements in the universe, helium and neon being inert. In contrast, only Oxygen is highly abundant in both terrestrial organisms and the Earth’s crust.”

Everything on this planet requires water and even water needs Oxygen. Water is 2 parts Hydrogen and 1-part Oxygen with parts begin volume. Over 65% of the body is comprised of Oxygen. The sustainable life force is, in fact, Oxygen.

When a person drowns and stops breathing, what is it that revives them through resuscitation. Think, in religious text, mainly the Hebrew text, it states in Genesis that GOD breathed the Breath of Life into man and that action gave man life. I am even inclined to believe balding stems from a lack of Oxygen to the scalp and that is including the need for scalp massage to help aid circulation. That is just my belief.

Oxygen is the unifying element for every living thing on this plant it is the one thing we all need and have access to, currently, without regulation or interference, racism or boundaries. We even share Oxygen between multiple species. We do not see it unless it is cold and we cannot hear it unless the wind blows. This element of life is the most valuable resource to our living, an all-natural fountain of youth and the ultimate elixir of life, Oxygen!

Cairo Qween, The Author



America’s #1 Tech Socialite, Tech Adaptation Specialist and Author, is Cairo Qween. A 2000 Marketing Graduate from a private Florida college, Cairo Qween moved on to Atlanta, GA after working as an NCAA Sports Compliance Officer. Her vision has turned toward media and technology, for which she is currently writing a book entitled “The Makings of Stupid”. After nearly three years, Ms. Qween, as she is known to many of her associates, uses her platform to make technology palatable for everyday people, as the Tech Socialite, a Technology Adaptation Specialist.


December 2015, Qween was awarded for her mentorship and efforts in cyber promotion of 100 Black Men of Atlanta’s, 100 Scholars Robotics. April 2015, Qween was the recipient of an Award from Georgia State Senator Donzella James, for the production of, “A Taste of Technology” previously recorded before a live studio audience at the Microsoft Stores in Atlanta, GA. Qween host a show called, “Cairo Qween’s Taste of Technology”, in addition to recruiting Tech Startups that are seeking funding for new innovations and technology companies, she is a brand ambassador for companies like, Southern Barter Club, Cairo takes tech to heart.


She has written for Grind and TRU.Mag. She worked in the entertainment arena for over five years and now ventures back to write the Tech articles for DIgiLyfe, BlogNobbers and blogs other media platforms. Simply put, she gives a fresh face to the technology consumer base for everyday people, not exactly programmers and engineers, but tech novice or people that don’t know where to start in Tech. She is a lover of large crowds, she recently founded a Technology Chamber of Commerce.


October 13, 2014, she published her first book, “Powerful Words Authored by Cairo Qween”. December 2015 she released her personal testimony, “Oxygen” book number two, now being release in eBook for 2016. Learn more about the coming transitions in technology, on her current site http://atasteof.tech .


Cairo Qween's OXYGEN

This book is not written by a medical practitioner, Cairo Qween does however, give the direct punch with her personal account on the beautiful, life-saving use of the one resource we forsake daily. The one thing that we need more than anything on this planet is O2. Oxygen is our most important resource, the true elixir of life. Cairo Qween's Oxygen will definitely aide you in finding the all-natural fountain of youth. The world practices breathing in and exhaling out for exercise and many people have no idea why. Purchasing this book could very well be life changing for you. Command your body to live better now and feel better now. Enjoy this personal account of how Cairo lost weight and healed her body, directing the flow of Oxygen with her mind. All people who think this to be crazy can spend millions on medications and fight with hospital bills. Make your preemptive strike on health now and pay attention to the way your life changes for the better. Live long and prosper.

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Cairo Qween's OXYGEN Cairo Qween's OXYGEN