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Burdell's New Beginning

Burdell’s New Beginning

Copyright © 2016 by Jessica Burdell

All Rights Reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means – except in the case of brief quotations embodied in articles or reviews – without written permission from its publisher.

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Jessica “JayJay” Burdell


I stared aimlessly for what seemed like nearly hours to days to weeks down at my feet as thought after thought, memory after memory flashed endlessly like an old VHS tape through my felidae brain. I still kept constantly asking myself; both internally and externally, why her? Why did my one and only friend, mentor, and sort of earthly godmother figure have to be the very one to perish still so young and so very soon onto her next chosen life of whatever she possibly had locked in her head to be? From the very bottom up, all the way from my more than shitty stint in my aptly named “false brotherhood” of the Cherry Hill Uzis street gang, and before it, nearly each and every one the assaholic dicks in a majority of my entire adopted family turning against me and coming at me nearly every fucking chance in the book they could get, one special somebody had finally opened up the door for me. One special someone had finally opened my cubby blind eyes to see the light and made me fully realize that no matter how much I may have seemed unloved, kicked, beaten, and stabbed in the heart more than the many and countless times during my dreadful school year at Cradlerock Junior High and all the way into pure adulthood where I finally called it quits. That one someone was Leslie Lorraine Thompson. Now, it in turn was my own duty to pass on that great legacy carried on for the more than three weeks now since she was taken away, and once again continue to upload the natural and civilized animal code of peace, equality, and justice one step at a time and board by board under the support of a new comrade and literally more like the sister I never had young blood initiate of the Panthera crew, Lena Lorenzen. I listened serenely with a soft smile at the sweet and peaceful little puffs of O2 going in and out of the young Kangaroo’s nostrils as she slept in her usual Joey like way which was rather ironic; considering she had just fully turned the barely ripe age of eighteen yesterday in which Jenni, Sekhmet, and I performed our usual musical skit for her down at the lakefront last night. Apparently, the girl had surprisingly been more than a huge fan of classic artists like Prince and Mint Condition’s Stokely Williams herself as well and had full on requested strictly those exact numbers. It was now around 2:45 in the morning as I sat there fully reclined in my cozy little sectional in the left hand corner of our bedroom at my groovy little Shadow Wood Oaks apartment on the north side of Stevens Forest Road, and was just ever so slightly beginning to doze when right exactly on cue as usual, I heard her stomach sound off emptily as always around this exact same time, triggering the usual stifled giggle on my own end as she slowly sat up; startled at the sound. Her golden brown eyes met my cynical gaze ruefully and she smiled, embarrassed. “Hungry much, little sisty.” I chuckled as she rose slowly to her feet. “You know it, big Jessie.” She retorted sardonically with a grin. “Still got any decent leftovers from that Sushi Sono place around the corner?” “Only that nasty ass calamari and seaweed your aunts Donna and Taniel seem to oddly favor all too much.” “Hey, well, you know what they say.” She said, gingerly making her way to the fridge. “You American mountain cats shouldn’t at all knock anything until you indeed fully try it.” “Hey. What’d I tell you earlier about referring to me by that particular term?” I scolded with mock indignation. “With all the current chaos and all going on at the hands of our officials in the world today like feline AIDS and the plague of bygone, I no longer classify myself as an American citizen or species of this nation, and neither should you either, miss Aussie.” “It’s quite alright, sis.” Lena replied, gulping down nearly more than a whole mouthful of seaweed and sanguinely planting a seat next to me down at the kitchen table. “If anything, I identify even my own nationality and derision with you and only you, and all the rest of the many more than wonderful species of this congregation and movement that made it all more than possible for Kangas like me to be anywhere allowed in the midst of your enlightening presence. I love you so much, Cougar sis.” “I love you too, my little Joey.” At that very instant she almost immediately wrapped her massive muscular arms tightly around me in a damn near puma strong hug which made my very feline heart melt squarely into liquefied butter as my cell phone suddenly began going off the hook with instant notification of an urgent text.

Burdell's New Beginning

  • ISBN: 9781370262984
  • Author: Jessica Burdell
  • Published: 2016-08-05 19:35:08
  • Words: 895
Burdell's New Beginning Burdell's New Beginning