Brilliant Toys, Art and Life


Brilliant Toys, Art and Life

By Earnest Long

Copyright 2017 Earnest Long

Shakespir Edition

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Chapter 1, Introduction

Bored with the media, some people produce their own media. Really, it’s quite confusing that they would do this except being bored they’re also stressed and overusing their computers. They can as well do almost anything. Much of it would or could only have been done before by professionals. For example, hobbyists can write stories, do digital art, photo and video editing or music making. And they can do these better than they could do them in the past. This is with the previous technology. As well, it’s seems that some people realizing this have taken up the technology enthusiastically and without qualms for their hobbies. Also, they are posting their work online. At least, some people on their computers at home are producing creative work and posting it online. Yet, this is even if other people hardly ever use their computers at all. Or still other people, once they get their computers home and out the box but read about the downside, they put them away and don’t ever use them again.

This book is about people who find computers to be brilliant toys, want to produce creative work on them and to post their creative works online. They also find computers not only brilliant toys but think of them as being all of art and life. This is possibly though until they overuse them and find there is a big health downside. And then they might possibly think that they really should have paid more attention to things you read about this health downside in the press. Still, this book is about them. It is about them for better or worse, for right or wrong and for good and bad. The author hopes you enjoy this book.

Chapter 2, You Need Help

Here is advice similar to the advice some people get if they’re worried about their health using a computer. It, though, ignores the one fact that computers, pads and pencils are unhygienic. Or computers and things like these are bad for your health in other ways. But the advice giver just hopes that people learn and are able to put some of it into practice. Then, they can stop having so many problems with computers. It might not work terribly well for some people. And for some other people, it really can work very well indeed. Anyway, it is the kind of advice that they tell people. This kind of advice often focuses around how to record things and make notes. Examples are such as studying, a creative hobby or to help with personal problems. At home, people might use their computer only for fun and entertainment usually. But some people use it for health advice and other help it gives them with personal problems, goal setting and other worries.

People may have heard lots of health advice that can help them but they don’t do it. Possibly, you can quieten all the thoughts going around in your head. You can try doing something such as learning a few lines that might help you off by heart. As well, this will be once you have understood anything the lines refer to or you already know most of the details. Then, if you follow the suggestion to learn some things off by heart and use other memory aids, it then stands a chance that your memory will help you. An example is that you don’t have to keep notes about how to mop a floor or other cleaning tips. This is once you’ve done the cleaning for a few weeks putting these tips into practice. So, they don’t need to be a part of a new plan. This is sometimes only common sense. But at other times, people repeat things in plans that they should really know already. Perhaps, learn these as well off by heart if not completely word for word. This is similar to the sentences you do learn word for word.

An example of all of this is somebody in their 40s with problems caused by excessive computer use, watching TV too much and poor physical health. Below are some notes the Subject made ending with the two or three lines he thought of in the end. And he would remember these two or three lines off by heart for later. He might attempt to remember the rest by heart as well. This is even if you can’t remember all of longer passages word for word or your memory has faded a bit a day or two later. It still helps your memory to try to remember things off by heart. And you can come back to it again as well with some of the work done in learning it. Some other things you can learn word for word over a few days. That way, they will keep in your head for longer. You do this as looking at them again will reinforce your memory. The person like this described here had so many things all going around in his head for so long. But he had never made a good effort to learn about it. This was personal problems or interests he had looked up recently or it could be other things he might have wanted to learn. Other things he had learned about and made notes about, he hardly ever thought of again. This was even if they used to worry him. For example, he knew by now what exercises were right for him, he had obtained good cookery skills already and he had learned hobby software. Also, he knew what TV and radio shows he might like to see. And he knew as well what listings magazine he liked.

The following is in his own words.

Don’t have too much computer screen time or keying. Learn how to do any hobby I have on my computer so I can do it a bit more quickly and easily and do it just a bit and not all the time. Think about what I want to do before I do it and research it. Research is enjoyable in itself. And it can be recycled for social skills. Creative art on its own is not good social skills. If, for example, you are good at art and can run off quite a few paintings quickly, then do that. And don’t just write a story that takes you a month to write 2-5,000 words and you don’t think anyone would like to read or you’d find it embarrassing to say that you wrote it. Use speech recognition, sound recordings and other speech technology. And you can particularly do this if you don’t have family and friends that you see and speak to all the time. Or just don’t talk about your guilt trips. Nor talk about how one day you will be a famous artist or writer. This is so that interested members of the press or local historians or other people writing to boost your posterity can interview your older relatives if they live to a hundred and they are the ones who listened to you. As well, it is when you have used your computer word processor too much. So it is so they can tell them all about what you said of your juvenile work and your thoughts from the time that you spent alone in the spare room. This is when you can’t come down and talk now to the journalist.

Instead, you can perhaps put a movie on. Or you can read. Somebody else has done the work for you and it doesn’t affect you. Nor only read things that you’ve spent hundreds of hours on already writing, reading it back to yourself again, proofreading and editing it. This is other than now spending more time on it reading the same words you wrote again to see what you have been doing for so long that is still important to you when you’ve not done anything else remarkable or worthwhile. You might just have if you were a normal person another book called ‘life’ still to write or, at least, you really should have if you were not just in a bad way.

‘Try to do all you need to do to cook and clean. And go out for a walk and do some exercises’.

‘You can try always to do some goals and not do just zero of them’.

Really, you can have a well-stocked food cupboard and eat healthily out of it. A shop might sell low alcoholic lager nearby. And you can skip on some other sugary things. Also, you want to get to sleep before it gets too late. But you can still watch the late film. As well, you can listen to late-night phone-ins on the radio, chat, music or news shows. And you can listen to music late at night in the half-light of your living room or bedroom before finally turning in. Such things are memories made of. And you gain pleasure at the time unless you spend more than an hour or two doing it. So don’t see in the dawn except a few times in your life that you can remember but not repeat lots of times. This is over years when that would be bad for your health.

You can try doing some goals every day. Or do them for at least a bit each week. Possibly, do 10-15 hours a week of goals. This is enough for social skills. Or it is enough for a reasonably good mind. These goals could be reading, watching TV or listening to the radio. You can listen to music and then turn onto the talk radio stations. And the same is true of music videos and other TV. An hour or two a day of hobbies is enough. But think if anything is making you worried about using a computer or doing any hobbies. Then, solving these problems might really help you.

And when anything is making you worried about using a computer or doing any hobbies, you can just try to get to the root of what it is, solve it and not have the same problems again. Only you will know what the problems are with why a hobby or an interest is causing you an undue worry. Any solution will require reading and writing skills and other educational skills. These are things you probably last learned at school or college. And possibly, as well, it may now be a while ago now that you were at school or college and used these skills. Things you learned at school could though even help you today and this is with lots of things. Or things you learned after you were at school as a teenager could be helpful still. This is at college you might have learned more useful things. Or it could have been from published books you read and learned things or you had some training to do a job that might be useful or educational for your private life.

For example, an idea you might get from school or college or having done office work is that you can try to keep a variety of documents about a problem. They could be your own or others’ work, formal or informal, imaginative or boring, fiction or fact and so on. Documents people have are diaries, notes from books they’ve read, reading lists, essays about some aspect of the problem, pictures they’ve drawn about it, newspaper clippings or things they’ve copied and pasted from the Internet or web links or bookmarks to web pages. Also, you have TV shows and radio shows that are on now, catch up or on demand services, podcasts and videos.

There are plenty of other things you can do. Get an early night’s sleep. Also, you can avoid too much screen time that can affect your concentration and too much keying or talking the same. Also, do a variety of things. And you can take an interest in new things as well as old things. You can borrow things from books or the television or make up imaginative things of your own on your computer to talk about. Really, you can talk just as well about last night’s TV as you could a painting you have done. But you can try to talk better about anything you do in fact do.

As well, you could have a Smart TV and the latest laptop or you could have only the terrestrial channels. And you can still get your books from the Public library or you can still get your other reading matter at the newsagent. It all depends if you have been going to the library for a while already or you’ve already seen many of the old films on the terrestrial channels. If you have already consumed a lot of media from the outlets that you use already, then you might really ‘need’ different sources of more media. For example, you could get a Smart TV. Or you could get an Internet connection if you haven’t one already. Also, you can upgrade your TV package. You could even not bother upgrading or renewing your TV package. And you can go back to getting your reading from a newspaper and the Public library and watching less TV generally. This is if you are bored with ‘all the channels’ and so much TV and websites.

You can read about diet and exercise or about any health complaints if you have them or might get them in the future. This is as there might be health tips you don’t know. Or you need to lower your levels of ambition. This might be all you’d need that will help some people. Also, you could do a different exercise program if you are older or if you have a health condition. This is when age and health conditions affect exercise you can do. And you can read about health complaints and their consequences. This is to motivate you to be healthy. As well, other people’s active lifestyles can be an inspiration.

In short, these are some few lines given just below from all of the above to remember. Possibly, you could remember them off by heart and word for word. And you can say the sentences below at any time when needing motivation. An example is watching TV too long or not feeling like going out. Say these lines for motivation or inspiration or you can say them just to remind yourself of your goals or what it should be that you should actually be doing.

In one line,

‘You have to want to help yourself as nobody else can do it for you’.

‘Being active and following health advice will help you with your health and in all other ways’.

After that, you can say if you need it,

‘Cook, clean and do some exercise. Get to bed at night’.

‘It is motivating to hear health advice again’.

‘Any media is about people, joy, hope and love’.

‘Do a variety of hobbies and interests. Read the printed word and listen to old-fashioned radios as well as just TV’.

Going On For Years

The section of the book below explains why some people won’t use computers and some people still do. This is basic reasons that existed even before home PCs and Macs came out.

Society over the centuries or over millennia has the same stories. Children listen avidly. But a sad fact is that many adults don’t read a novel ever. And on TV, they watch only the soaps, make time for the news for half an hour a day or they watch sports that is usually only at the weekend. Yet, despite the wonderful world we live in some say, some people sadly only talk about the same things. This is repeatedly they talk about the same things to different people. As well, they are often quiet at home with their wives. They tell their children just what they learned themselves as children. And this is no matter how many thousands of hours they spend with them. They give their own offspring everything they had in their own childhood. This is as well almost word for word that they do and thing for thing.

The only possible exception is that toys change or computer technology changes. This is often a problem just because it really is different. It is if parents can’t for example cope with new technology or they have to have toys explained to them. This is in terms of ideas. Or they simply don’t use it themselves. So, they don’t know about it in a practical way to help their children. They don’t have the technology themselves because they did not do it as children and only teachers and schools saying children have to have computers is why they gave their own children computers.

Possibly, this is a negative sounding view. But it only sounds possibly a bit negative because of the amount of media coverage of new books and films. Yet, this is just because they can sell them when they can’t sell old things as well. And you don’t hear about people who don’t buy a lot of new media content or who only watch the television as that does not encourage people to buy novels and newspapers.

People like this who won’t buy a lot of novels and new media content say that they are happy. They say that they don’t want to read for good reasons. This is such as books are childish. Or they will say that people told them as teenagers what stories are really about.

As well, these people say that they never have a problem with their social skills with anyone they meet. Still, saying or not saying things to their wives can though be a bugbear. This is when they didn’t see it with their own parents that they didn’t always talk to each other. Perhaps, they spoke in front of their children for their children’s benefit. This was a kind of act they put on. It at least fooled them up until the time they married themselves. Then, their parents told them about being companions. And they said that they should provide for each other. Also, they said that you did not necessarily need to talk to your partner. People didn’t need to talk to their partners because they were their partners in life and so they had other things in common that meant they did not always need to talk to them.

They didn’t need either to talk all the time when there is nothing morally wrong or right in talking or not talking. And talking was not all there was in life that they were somehow mistaken about if they thought it was important to everyone or other things like that they heard about it. This is eventually what people might hear from their parents when they ask them about how they are supposed to talk to their wives. And it was when their parents told them that art, novels and the media were such trash and only bought and consumed by people with real problems with their social skills. This was for some unfortunate reason or people interested in art had personal hygiene problems.

Their parents explained to them as well what was wrong with all different types of art and writing that it really was trash and not something they were making up that it was trash. It seemed that they were saying that something had got into the culture at some point. And so much of it was really just about germs. Or they mainly wrote books for disabled people, drunkards and people wanting to take advantage of young women. Or possibly, they were their only readers. This is if artists and writers were any different being the producers of the works and possibly thought they had a different population who were reading them. So with this in mind, about half the population doesn’t actually ever read a new novel. And many people only ever read about the same dozen on average books that are all they have on their bookshelf. As well, this is for possibly 20 or even 40 years. It is perhaps a savoring thought when you hear so much about new writing, new films and new productions in the newspapers review pages and elsewhere in the media. This is of course if it is at all genuine what they’re saying. But it might not be. You can hope it isn’t and art really is the wonderful thing people at some time tell everybody, in fact, that it really is wonderful.

Health Advice, Just Make Notes

This is another explanation about how to make notes using your computer to help your health.

Eureka! It is frustrating to think of some solution to something and then forget what it was later. This is often only to be reminded of it when the same things go wrong again. And you have had to go unnecessarily through the same time-consuming problem solving process. Once you have the solution, you can move on to find more solutions. Forgetting solutions is why you don’t make progress that you should. Possibly, prioritize things you want solutions to. Every time you think of what to do, you think of words that say what your priorities are and why you have them.

Some people for something so important to them that daily life is for many people want unique ways of describing it or some secret to it they can know. This is the only way they can feel safe. When there is nobody like a clergyman, teacher, parent or relative they trust, they can develop ‘trust in themselves’ by feeling they have researched it. They are like students or scientists even without qualifications. And they have discovered it for themselves. A computer offers almost unlimited folders and files. Also, you have different file types, different ways of formatting documents, editing documents and different lengths of documents. There is customizable folder navigation and you can customize the appearance of what you see on the screen. You can choose your own folder and file names. As well, you can have economy of effort to a certain extent. You can by using features like copy and paste, other productivity tools and saving settings.

Often, some people after doing enough research might know in fact many of the solutions. This is quite soon. And it is as well if they don’t know them already. But they need to put it in their own words and give their own examples and references they understand better. Even simple solutions, if somebody might have just told you them, will make no sense to some people unless they have done some reading and writing of their own. This is to have that Eureka moment. And then, you know that you might after all now be able to do it. Before that, you couldn’t do it or couldn’t just listen to somebody who told you it.

Why do you need a Eureka moment?

Part of people’s problems is if they don’t have a good mind anyway. As well possibly, they might have a problem with words. Some people say this is just from previous computer use. But then as well a computer offers solutions to being disorganized or not properly being able to organize your notes. Handwriting on paper also has its downsides. Problems you might have as well don’t go away either if you just ignore them. That is unless you think blanking out problems and not thinking about them is the genuine solution you’ve discovered. So do it. That can be your thing. It might work if you just believe it will. Stanger things have happened in real life to fiction.

Computers and the Internet can help you with any problem.

Generally, for most solutions, it is helpful to remember what you have said already and not do it all over again. This is if already done almost the same. It is even if there is some redundancy that it might still be helpful to keep old documents. So read them again and perhaps think of something different. But words generally lead to lots of ways of saying the same things. As well, you have creative arts and other hobby software on your computer and not just note making software and word processors.

Going online gives some people the feeling they have almost unlimited choice. You have interactivity with computers such as you can share creative work, click on the ‘like’ button, bookmark websites, download and copy and paste from websites or the computer can make personalized choices for you. It feels like you are taking an active part in a technological revolution. This is no matter in your real and not cyber life how small a person you are.

Switching on the TV or radio or computer and being able to choose what you do in other ways is something people today have forgotten how good it would have felt to somebody in the past. Today, you have many more channels on TV than you ever used to have even a few short years ago. As well, TV is on late at night and on early in the morning. Also, you can have more than one book you are reading on an E Reader. And well-stocked Public libraries allow you to take out more books than they ever did in the past. As well, there are different types of books. And they are not all novels. You also have choices in how you spend your time. These could be such as going out in the garden, for a walk in the park or around the streets. You can go for a walk for the exercise, for the fresh air or it helps you to think through a problem in your head. Also, you can move to another room. This is when most people don’t just live in one room. You can do such as go and lie down in a bedroom or you can watch the TV in your living room or another room of your house. Or you can read in an armchair, at the dining room table, in bed or at the kitchen table. And you do not always have to read in the same room or sitting in the same chair. Nor do you have to do other things always the same. But today, people have choices about almost everything.

‘You have so much today that you shouldn’t just not do any of it or throw any of it away’.

People have so much today. So, it is a great shame that so many people are unhappy, alone or can’t budget on their money. Reading would help people’s social skills, their budgeting skills and make them friends. Nobody just has to watch TV or use a computer. And anyway, the TV is a lot better than it ever used to be. So why are people complaining? They might have no good reason to complain about the television at least. TV sets are bigger with better picture quality. There are more channels and more TV shows than ever. As well, you have TV on later in the evening and through the night.

Possibly, some people just take the proverbial. It is just that they never pick up and read an old-fashioned book. Nor do they ever listen to an old-fashioned radio. Don’t be like them. Buck the trend. You have all the information you need in the media to help you. And this is however oddly it might seem that you do have it here. By where else would you have it? Yet, you still do have it here. And it is not just in books that they tell you to read. In the media, you have help with goal setting and other common things. You have health advice online as well. This is such as about the TV or computers you also have it. You can also find out how to do hobbies or get software for doing your hobbies. And the Internet offers many more and almost unlimited when you think about it possibilities for anything that is the media, fact, opinion, video, pictures, graphics, photographs or the written word. You can also get lots of help with hobbies and interests. And you can get help with almost anything else online as well.

‘People have too much to do today. Yet, people today do too much that it is all too much’.

It is really all too much sometimes today for some people. You have so many TV channels just as one example that is often given. And you can have a laptop in your bedroom or that you can take anywhere. Also, you have computers in your home with Email, word processors and spreadsheets on them the same as work machines. And people as well can have art software, video-editing and photo-editing software on their computers. Or people can download any software they want online. Yet, today, people really could in spite of everything just read a book. And often today as well, people, just as you used to hear them complain in the past, still say that they’d like to do more reading. It is like years ago! This is when people used to say things like this. But even now, they are still saying it. Today, you can read online without even going to a bookshop or newsagent. Yet doing some reading and not just watching TV, video, or producing your own creative content could really be all the help that some people need. Yet they don’t do it!

So what’s the problem with not reading enough! It is for now a mystery of our times. That is until somebody comes up with an answer. Or it is something better you wanted than that people are just messing around seeing what software there is on their computers as you heard years ago with the first people using computers at home that some people today don’t think they have the answers yet. But then, that still might really be it! And it is no different today as it has always been. This is just as people finding a new toy to play with that they don’t want to do anything else. And this is even when they are adults and today they market computer games, toys and hobby software to adults as well.

How You Really Knew It All As a Teenager

Much has been written about connecting to your inner teenager. This book talks about things that you got from your teachers in your lessons or from other kids in the schoolyard or that your parents told you but that you later forgot. And then you began to worry. Possibly, you worried for years. Rain forests had to be cut down so you could read the newspaper and the carbon footprint of all the TV News shows that you watched would be enormous. As well, you were always looking for new things and spent thousands probably on the media when so much of it is free. All this money could have been a tidy sum in your bank account that now you won’t have. But you spent more money to try to reduce the anxiety that you had hoping that this might have long-term health, goal setting, social skills and relationship benefits. Maybe, it might really work. Alternatively, if you have forgotten what you did at school, then you need to go back and revise it. This is because often people really did tell you it all then. They told you so that you would be able to cope as an adult. Still, some people don’t realize that this means not feeling stressed, worried, and anxious today. This is when they are older adults. And it wasn’t just about them starting work, having their first relationships or leaving home. Instead, it is to help them throughout their lives. And that includes not feeling stressed. Possibly, feeling stressed is a sign that something has gone wrong. And this is particularly if you did not feel stressed at school.

One example of a stress is people who worry about the media. They want to be something in the media such as an artist, writer, actor, dancer, singer, musician, performer, scriptwriter or producer. Alternatively, they want to be a sports person or other celebrity. And this is because they have heard that art can change the world. But how many of them know how art has changed the world? Also, how many actually have a good knowledge of any creative arts to do them properly. It might not be what they think. For example, a work of art that changes the world does not necessary do it because it changes people’s opinions on social issues or political issues. But it changes how people see the world and the words and images they have in their heads in certain situations in their own real lives.

An example of this is an artist who changes how people look at something they might see every day. Edward Hopper changed how people looked at buildings. Buildings had a personality such as they could be ominous or lonely. The classic image people have of lighthouses comes from his work. And this is even if people often saw these types of pictures first on the covers of children’s novels. Other artists have changed how people look at a flower, a vase or a sleeping girl, an old person with lines on their face and many other things. But none of this might affect how people vote in an election. Yet it does have an effect on how people feel when they see these objects. What they generally feel is a sense of beauty. And this is something that they didn’t have before the artists showed people how to look in a new way.

Another example is what they say about famous sports personalities. They might be married to models today, pop stars or actresses. And they might model clothes, drive sports cars, be mentioned in gossip magazines in their own right and be regarded as some of the wealthiest young men in the country. This is in terms of just their weekly income and as well as the most eligible type of young men. Instead of all this, if it was different and the newspaper had stories about how they used to work as miners or in manual jobs before they became footballers, then you might imagine that could change many of people’s perceptions of sports personalities. As well, it might have changed many peoples’ thoughts about lots of things. This could be just because they were sports fans and supported a team. So this then, footballers being glamorous, might be what they have in mind when they watch. But also, sport is the common culture. And it affects how many people that wouldn’t necessarily call themselves sports fans think about sports or anything else you hear about anything.

Both these general examples are things that schoolchildren do not question that much. They might learn about it, for example, just as part of a history lesson. This could be on an exam syllabus, their teachers might just tell them it as an interesting fact or it could be a piece in a TV show. What they would think is that it was a historical fact. And it would not worry them that it had any deeper meaning other than it being history.

Perhaps, an adult who worries could just go back to being naïve like a child and not question things too much. This is when many things really don’t bear too much examination. People are just people. Science tells us what the capabilities of a human body and the human brain are. Academics have analyzed every other part of human endeavor as well. Still, people will try to do things that create the change that they want. This is even if any path people might take is as good as any other. At least, this is one theory. But not everyone shares it.

And some people instead do make value judgements about what change they want. Or change could happen more by chance. This is such as science making something possible. Or it could be because of where you live or the times that you live in. And it is how people take advantage of these changes to make money or get power for themselves, what personalities are involved, the decisions they make and any mistakes made along the way. Science as well has killed so many cherished ideals that people might have had beforehand. You can trace back any change. You can see all the people, ideas and technology that made it possible. And because people have analyzed it so much, there is no magic in it anymore. Chance is only chance and any luck is only luck. They have done such analysis in all fields. This is from science to history to social science and psychology. As well, politics has its own theory, as does everything else as well.

In fact, politics is one of the few areas that school might not have prepared people for. Teachers are not allowed to give their political opinion. And most people don’t form their own political opinions and can’t vote until they are 18 years old. Possibly then, this may be one of the reasons that people worry about politics. And they really did learn all their other lessons. People could now apply a bit better the general learning skills everyone has usually to start with and have now as well unless they forgot them or slipped through the educational net when a youth to find out about politics and any issues that concern them. This is such as keeping newspaper clippings, making notes, remembering facts and understanding ideas.

As well, people don’t always tell teenagers or young adults about what the limits of fiction are on television. But then, whilst people might not learn about how they make TV shows in school, they do learn how to write fiction and essays. Possibly then, they could revise this at least to see that what they are getting is a carefully crafted production. Writers do not know everything about the subject they are writing about and nor are they trying to tell you everything. There may be mistakes in it factually or the characters may not be exactly as they appear if it was real life. They could be really quite different. And writers might do this because there are rules to their art or because you can’t really do it any other way. There is a tradition that makes it art. And it is not real life. So what you’re getting is a small part of life that is art. Yet some people forget this and get high on it. Then, they don’t go to sleep and they don’t just switch their televisions or computers off to avoid too much screen radiation.

Really, television is very attractive. But the attraction wanes when viewers know that there are some limiting factors. This is in the commercial product that they are seeing. It is not all of life and everything. Other limiting factors are screen radiation, flashes from the screen such as when the scene changes, the size of the screen, how well the set renders color and other factors. Also, you have editorial decisions, limits imposed by cost and other limitations. When you realize that television has certain limitations or other creative arts do as well, then you don’t watch all the time. And the history of this is a lot that so many people heard at one time or another before they left school. So you are not so busy all the time on your television and your computer if you can remember your education a bit better than some other people can do it seems.

And this is as well when you realize that it is art and it doesn’t necessarily change politics. But every schoolchild that reads a newspaper can tell that except for the color supplements and the gossip columns, newspapers only really have politicians in them of one kind or another. And really, celebrities and artists do not ‘change the world’. Only later do people think that a singer or dancer has some political power. And this is often despite them saying nothing. When they do say anything political, people don’t buy their music. Or they say something they think is non-controversial and that everybody can agree on. Then, they might still go into hiding. And any celebrity that did talk about it had probably only been avidly reading the newspapers for a few months. This is when celebrities are private citizens and don’t know anything more than anyone else. They don’t unless they have a degree in political science. And they only meet other celebrities like them that are actors, singers and dancers. Politicians don’t give them their time to talk about politics seriously. And they don’t affect political decisions.

This is unless there is something celebrities are doing that is not getting on the front pages of newspapers and making the political news but is still the same if only talked about in the entertainment column. But then, what could that be? Perhaps write down the lyrics to some pop song like you are a teenager and they are your favorite pop group and you want to learn the lyrics off by heart. Then, you might discover it. Or you could analyze films to see if they had any political or social message. But people at university do this anyway. It takes particular academic skills to do it. Presumably then, politicians know what they’re doing. And the censor allows what they are doing.

If the censor allows it, other people are doing it already. And there is no good reason for you to do it. You might make a bit of money, you might get fame or it might improve your self-esteem to see your name on the front cover of a book or in the credits to a video. But mainly if they are actors, then the reason they actually become actors is to be in a community that would accept them. This is completely and fully and all the time. So this is the reason that they do it and it is not really to change the world. Other people also don’t try to change the world. Most books are derivative. And this is deliberately so. It is a financial risk to publish anything else. And anything that was original might sell nothing. As well, it is a long accepted theory in writing fiction that nothing is original anyway. They had done all the plots, ideas and literary techniques even millennia ago. It is also the same for visual arts. Many plays for example were first performed decades ago that are still being performed now. This is because they are at least safe and won’t have to be withdrawn because of some controversy. As well, they are still generally popular and people want to see them. And ‘the best artists are those that learned from the masters’ is a well-known saying in the art world.

When at school, people mainly just absorbed everything their teachers said like a sponge. And they didn’t criticize it or try to add to it. People almost have a type of sickness. This sickness is to want to make an original mark on the world. They can do this by using their computers to do creative arts. But they have only this sickness as the reason to want to do it. What they produce might never be any good. And they are likely to feel stressed doing it. This is without having a sense of community and help given to them. And if they are only trying to write a short story and really struggling, then they might remember that they didn’t have this problem at school. So they need to learn it again that might just be all they learned at school or they should forget about it. And anything they didn’t learn at school is beyond hope. Also, don’t watch television for 25, 30 hours, or more a week thinking you will be on it. You might do this when you can get the news or see lots of creative work. But really, if you thought you were a ‘nobody’, could you just pass on some of it. Instead, you could just clean your house, go out for a walk, or build your muscles. You will probably never be on the television or have anything to do with television unless you are already an actor or TV producer or scriptwriter and you are older than a teenager or not just out of university. Also, you could work in TV if you had technical behind-the-cameras skills. But you would not be asked to give any input into editorial decisions if you just had technical skills and not artistic skills. Everybody knows what sadly happens when people get a video camera and they leave a film of their girlfriend on their laptop. Don’t be like them! Instead, you can go back to a normal amount of TV watching, reading and getting entertainment. And you can do something else with the rest of your time.

As well, once you’ve written about the people that you used to know and situations that you were in that fulfils the basic criteria for writing that it is something that you know about, then you may be left with nothing you can write about. Perhaps, at this point, you might stop. Don’t write about politics either. This is when you are not qualified to write it. As well, you are already a writer for writing short stories. And political polemics or political writing you did might not get readers. And if it were, it would have different readers. As well, it is really reinventing the wheel when you know one way of writing already. And it may be hard to learn how to do it. This is when it can be a strain to learn both. As well, you might be bored when some other things you learn and some of the experiences are the same. For example, in both, you use a computer word processor, a printer and you need a publisher. Also, it is a waste of skill to learn how to write fiction and then to do other types of writing. This is if keeping up your skills in writing fiction by producing an occasional short story would then involve too much screen time. So don’t write about politics instead or non-fiction.

Learning how to write again can be stressful and a bit boring. This is if you are doing it because you became bored with the plots of novels. It is hard to learn how to write if you don’t also read and enjoy the reading you do when this reading is as well in the present. That is unless you know definitely that you’re just doing some writing to use up some spare time. This is when otherwise you would be bored when having so much spare time with nothing else to fill it. Nor are you just out of boredom trying to change the world. And that’s not a joke by the way! You really can’t anyway possibly for the sake of argument change the world when it is such a disadvantage being bored to getting good at anything in the creative arts. If you’re bored with the basic plots and other elements of fiction, then you are unlikely to be able to write your own novel that would be any good. You can’t write a good novel when having so little enthusiasm to do any of your own reading. This is just the same as any reading anybody would normally do and not even more as a writer might do you would expect. It is so important to anyone who writes to enjoy reading themselves just for the sake of it. As well, it is because they like to hear words in their heads and see words written down on the page. For the sake of your health as well, it is so important not to have so much screen time. As well, this is also keystrokes or touching paper. Also, people should not feel stressed, constantly feel only high or low and never completely normal, be up and down and out their seat all the time or have one intense inexplicable for them desire to succeed in some unusual way.

Man Stoops To Learn

Consider these three statements, A, B and C, and see if you think they are contradictory or what you do think of them. Afterwards, the article will discuss them.

Statement A

Many people today do not have the good minds they did when they left school and they were still teenagers. People go out drinking, they fall over and bash their heads, they try illegal drugs, they get physically sick that can affect their minds, they are poor for a time and go without food, water or heat and there are lots of other ways that people don’t have the good minds they did years ago.

Statement B

People want to be students to learn about the wonderful world we live in, to broaden their minds, to have the joy of having some facts in their heads, to talk in the student bar and to get good jobs. Other people would like to start living the web lifestyle they’ve heard so much about. Also, some people would like to read more and for people to know them as somebody that talks about art and literature. And some other people would like to take up a creative arts hobby and become an amateur artist of some kind.

Statement C

Man really does stoop to learn. Students often use computers and so do people in good jobs but computers have radiation. Overusing computers and not taking breaks or using them for several years can cause a reduction in white and gray matter in the brain. Also, television is audio-visual that means people remember an awful lot of it compared to reading or radio but that also has radiation. The human eye is not able to read naturally. It can’t follow a line going across the page without it causing some kind of brain damage. And it is worse for doing any writing as the hand makes small movements when writing that means writing is even worse than reading. Overusing one sense such as listening to the radio a lot can cause deafness. Nor can anyone hand write for very long or at least not for years and years. Nobody can do this when you will end up getting arthritis when you’re older or some other disease or illness. And nor can the voice speak for very long such as to make notes into a portable sound recorder or to use speech recognition. You can’t speak for that long as speaking too long can shorten your lifespan. A student at university has intensive lessons. They are unlikely to be able to keep it up if for example they had tried to in some way for the sake of argument for more than a year or two after they would have left university. And there is a similar principle to people trying to read more or do more even if they haven’t been students.

So there are a number of things to discuss. What if somebody fits statement A above but would like to be as in statement B? So long as somebody like that can still remember at least some of his education or revise it, he has not actually become illiterate since leaving school and can still read and he is capable of learning some things, then he still has some chance. They say that you only have one life and no other life than the one you do have. So you may as well try to read more and learn more if you want to.

The first thing you need to do if you want to change is to have something you know that can help you. Remember, that you have an education and so may be able to solve many of your problems yourself. You can do this by making notes, understanding figures and using your education in many ways. One way you can use your education is to start a short time management project.

On the top of the page, write the date. Underneath that, rule the page down the middle. On one side, you write the time and on the other side, you write the task that you’re doing. And do this for the next week. You might need a computer to help you analyze your data. Also, you need to use abbreviations for the tasks you do so you don’t handwrite too much. Use the shortest abbreviations possible as that helps. The ideal abbreviation would only be one letter. The abbreviation might be the first letter of the start of the word that describes the task. For example, C is cleaning and tidying up. T is watching television. Do this for the most frequently used words. When a word is less frequent, you might use two letters of the alphabet. Chatting to friends for example might be, Ch. After a week, analyze your data to see how long you’re spending on things.

Some of the answers you get might surprise you. For example, you might not know how much you watch television or how little you listen to the radio. Also, you might have thought that you did a hobby a lot but you only in fact do it for about an hour or two a week. As well, you might not have realized how long you spend sitting at your computer desk using a computer.

With this data, you can now attempt to change your time use. A good tip is to buy a listings magazine. A listings magazine will help you to listen to more radio if you don’t want to watch so much television. It is just that before you didn’t really know when the radio shows you wanted to hear were on. Also, you might watch less television if you look forward to just watching something more decent. As well, if you only do a hobby for an hour or two a week that you want to do more of, then every day you could try to do it for a bit more. And you really could just switch it all off, go into the kitchen and make yourself a snack and then come back and do nothing for at least half an hour to an hour. You are at least doing yourself no harm when you know that almost everything that you do to learn and improve your mind actually has a downside. Also, you could do something that was actually useful such as tidy up or go out for a walk for exercise.

You may have poor social skills to start with or a poor memory and a poor vocabulary. But you can improve all these quite rapidly. Try doing brain training games or word puzzles as these can really help. As well, go back to your school textbooks and revise them. This is also a way of accelerating your learning. You did it before to a high standard with the help of your teachers and so it is a good idea to do it again. Also, you can make notes and write essays like you learned how to do at school or college to help you understand any subject or topic that you read about. As well, you can use these study skills to help you make crib notes. And you can learn these crib notes off by heart. This is for when you meet people later and you want to appear to have a good mind and good social skills.

It sounds like as it is artificial it is cheating. But in fact, there is no noticeable difference. Or, in fact, it is what everyone learned in their own educations. This is when their teachers told them how they should do it. So there’s no difference to you doing it now. This is with your hobbies and interests rather than any school subject.

As well, you can make notes on the hobbies you’ve done such as what you’re doing with them now or what you’re trying to achieve that you can feed into a conversation. Another example is that you can read a passage from a book, make notes on it, and learn it. Then you can say that that is where you got to in the book and talk about it as well.

Computers are great for making notes like this. So try to use one. If you don’t use it all the time, it should be all right. A good tip is to have a printer and print things off you want to read instead of reading them from the screen. A printer is really the solution to so many computer problems. As well, you can have easy to remember goals.

One goal might be that you just look after your physical health. Then, you might think you will get good social skills anyway if you do that. At least, many women will find a good body attractive. This is even if you didn’t have good social skills anyway without feeling tired because you were obese or it is with other women having not wanted to talk to you. Indeed, some people have the goal of never getting bad social skills again to motivate them. However, it might be hard to tell if you’re going below a certain level if good social skills were your only goal. Instead, you could have a goal such as just to revise your schoolwork at least once a year. Other people say that prioritizing personal hygiene has really worked for them. This is in all sorts of ways it has worked for them including in improving their minds, giving them good social skills and making them attractive to woman. Too much screen radiation, touching things like paper and keyboards, handwriting or talking is bad for personal hygiene. Just do a bit every day! But then, you don’t have to do something all day. Or do something that will be useful with your time but that does not involve learning. This might be tidying up, fixing something around the house, doing exercise or anything else. Also, you can just rest. Rest is always good for you. Also, remember always that your mind can get worse for not reading anything. And be grateful for your education and that you can read. Your education is a great thing that can help you with your social skills, with your living skills, to help you enjoy yourself and understand and consume more media and it can help in so many other ways as well. Whatever you do, go for it! And don’t worry that you are not starting from exactly the same position as you did when you were a teenager. You can still have a lot of fun and enjoy using your mind. And you can as well make some notes along the way!

Quick Fixes for Goal Setting and Social Skills

Some people are always planning how to do more. They think that if they do more, they will then have more to say. This is to the people they know and care about and who care about them. But they worry that they never really have that good conversations with them anymore. And this is if they ever did or it has now been a long-term problem. So they keep struggling to watch more decent TV, to read and as well to possibly fit in a hobby on top of all that.

This section of the book is about two problems people have with goal setting and social skills. They are that they have a time-consuming hobby and that they watch all the TV and read all the books they like themselves but that their friends are not interested in. Conversely, they don’t watch the same TV or read the same books as their friends. Only by not spending so long on your hobby and not having to spend so long on goals will you have more time overall. This time could be spent on a new hobby, on studying, on doing other goals that are just for you, on an exercise or keep fit program or possibly, you could with the advice in this article just have enough time to do all you want to do without worrying anymore.

If you have a time-consuming hobby, then you can help yourself by spending less time on it. But you don’t have never to do it ever again. This is when you have now learned the skills or knack of how to do it. So you might not want to forget these skills. And even if you see it as a problem now, it probably has given you experiences you enjoyed and could keep on enjoying as well. A hobby is also some time to spend by yourself, a chance to be creative or something different to do with your time to TV and reading that can otherwise get a bit boring or depressing after a while.

Too much screen time can cause depression and affect concentration, so doing at least part of your hobby away from the computer or TV can help. So many hobbies are now on computers but you can still read about your hobby in paper books. As well, you can go to see places such as art galleries, still do art on paper or canvas sometimes, make notes on a portable sound recorder or on a paper notebook and spend time thinking about your hobby. Being better at your hobby by not spending so much time in front of a screen doing it, trying different ways of doing it and spending time thinking about and learning it before you go on a computer and produce your masterwork reduces the computer and other time a hobby will take up. This is to produce the same amount of work and it is to produce better work. So keep doing your hobby but spend less time on it.

There are many tips on how to spend less time on your hobby without much of a downside for anything and an upside in less time in front of the screen and fewer keystrokes. One tip already mentioned in not having too much screen time. Perhaps, you should remember or note down how much screen time you’ve had and other things you have been doing. You can do this in a time management diary or in a more conventional personal journal. A basic aim in your hobbies and your spare time generally is to keep your concentration better.

Another tip is to be better at whatever you do for a hobby or creative art, so you can produce work more quickly and easily. It will be better work anyway. This tip also means that you don’t worry about posting stuff online that is just too plain bad to get an appreciative audience. If you get critical comments and withdraw your work, then that is a waste of time. It is at least in reading the comments and the time it took to upload and take down.

As well, worry on its own will often waste time. You spend time just thinking about any worry. And you get nowhere fast with some task or hobby if worried about how you should be doing it. Worry is time consuming in other ways as well. When worried an online work is still in need of editing, you might spend all your spare time editing it. This is until you can post it again. As well, you don’t have time to read about what mistakes you might be making, to look at other people’s work other than your own or to have a normal life until you feel it is ready.

Editing stuff or spending too long producing work you have done that should be finished but is still not a good piece wastes really so much time. Don’t do it! Learn how to do your hobby properly before trying projects that are more ambitious or before posting stuff online. With just this one tip if nothing else, then you might not find your hobby too time consuming anymore. And you could get on with the rest of your life. This might be all the tips you’d need for hobbies. But there are more tips as well that will help.

If you are not always a good artist or writer and still need practice, then you can post only your best stuff. And you can avoid lots of time wasting and criticism if you don’t post not so good ones or dubious ones you are not completely happy with to start with. Who wants to read lots of mediocre stuff or see so much stuff by one writer or artist? People generally only appreciate the best stuff or that has something different to offer. This is to other pieces or other writers or artists.

Examples of making less effort are that you can write 2,000 word short stories and not ones over 5,000 words. People will read the shorter short story and enjoy it just as well if not better. You can also write 30-line poems and not epic poems. Or you could use art software you find faster than other art software. Some people find computer art software has tools that make it faster and more convenient to produce a painting than paper art. And they use these tools that save them a lot of time and effort to produce more paintings in a shorter time. Photographers might not bother editing photos that are not much good to start with. They can take fewer photos when ones they take might be better. This is when they click the shutter.

You can aim to spend one hour per day on your computer doing a creative hobby. That takes away problems of not taking breaks or being bored in your breaks. You don’t have so much going around in your head that you will want to work on it some more if you don’t spend more than an hour on your computer. There is a convenient point to take a break if you use your computer only an hour a day. This is helped by being good at your hobby or creative art, doing less ambitious projects or if you don’t post everything online.

Also, you can have quicker and easier social skills as well.

Think what other people have said to you and what their interests are. Then, you watch the same TV shows as them and talk about the shows to them. You can watch the same ones or ones on the same subject. An example is a particular cookery show they mention or cookery shows generally or you can learn to cook and talk about recipes you’ve made. Another example is when people like talking about the news. You can start reading a newspaper or watching the TV news even if you are not aware what newspaper they read or what news shows they like or you like different ones.

You can take an interest in what they watch themselves just because they are your friends. As well, you might find something interesting in a new subject because part of it is already an interest of yours. For example, if somebody reads about a particular period of history, then someone like that might want to see a movie set in the same historical period. As well, when somebody talks about something well that it sounds interesting, you can learn from them free how to talk about it well yourself. This is when they are your friends this is something you get free. Before, you might not have seen how anyone could have ever interested someone else in talking about a subject, but now you can see how you would do it. As well, you can talk about the subject or topics to your other friends. And you have this social skill just by the friends you keep and by paying a bit more attention to them.

When you talk about something others have also seen on TV or read in a book themselves the same, then you can talk for longer about it when you are with them. And that will fill up the time you are with them. So this is good social skills. And you don’t have to do so many goals to keep up the conversation in other things. This was when they were really showing you that they might not want to talk about the topics only you liked by having poor conversations about them. It is more economical in time doing goals and it gives you better social skills as well when both of you share the same interests and have seen the same things on the TV. As well, this is no matter how many goals you’d been able to do if you were talking about different things.

For the first principle to remember, it is that you don’t just work harder. But instead, you try to pick up all the tips you can about something. Nor do you have to ‘make time’ or ‘find time’ that you might never do without a plan. This is when they are probably already doing something with all your spare time unless you are resting. So, you can only ‘make time’ with tips like those in this book.

The tips are,

Spend less time on hobbies so they are less time consuming. You can do this by being better at them and learning how to do them more thoroughly. This is particularly before posting things online. As well, don’t post stuff online you think might not be very good. Also, you can try less ambitious projects. And you can check how much concentration you have by making notes of when you’ve been on your computer or in front of a screen.

For spending less time on social skills and having better social skills, you can try to read books and watch TV that people have mentioned themselves doing. You can also take up any hobby they mention that they do in a practical way themselves. This gives you more to say about these things they are interested in, you will talk for longer about things that took you less time to do or to watch and your friends will appreciate somebody that appears to have the same interests as them.

Also, just by doing the same things yourself, you do have the same genuine interests they do. You do because you are likely to find something interesting about them if you tried them out and because you have the pleasure of having talked about them. This is to different people you might have and the friendships or girlfriends you got when talking about it. Also, you have free lessons that you can’t get anywhere else in how to talk interestingly about them.

It is all of it bigger than any one part of it. You can have friends, good socials skills with your friends and other people you meet later, you do more goals, you can have better hobbies and you can worry less.

Chapter 3, Screen time

Computer addicts have particular concerns and worries that other people might not do who read self-help books and health tips online. One big worry computer addicts have is about things they hear about screen radiation. Screen radiation can cause poor sleep, poor concentration or possibly reduce the amount of white and gray matter in the brain. This book offers plenty of advice about screen radiation and what you might do to reduce it. As well, the book discusses such things as negative relationships and situations, physical health and mental wellbeing, stress and physical exercise, not overusing hands and advice about doing creative hobbies and arts and posting work online.

If you get a good night’s sleep, then everything else will follow. This is all other health or goal setting plans. The prime movers to getting a good night’s sleep and for everything else are not to have too much screen time, to not watch music videos all night long or other films of sexy girls and not to record a long diary at night.

The medical advice is 4 hours per day screen time. That is the only thing that will work for sleep. When not tired, then everything else will follow. Some people think that 4 hours is too much and you might make it 3 hours. As well, less of the computer and more TV might help. And it would help not to watch TV from a computer desk.

A time pressure on you is that you can’t really watch the evening film. You can’t when it might be over 2 hours long. It would mean that you couldn’t use your computer for anything at all if you were to watch. This is if you strictly kept to time limits. This is screen time limits in total. You have to add together both computer and TV time. Also, you really might want to use your computer for some things. Some people keenly want to use their computer for such as keeping diaries or doing creative arts. Diaries can help you in all kinds of ways. And a diary could even help with a computer addiction.

You can do this. Why not waste a bit of time on a portable sound recorder. Or you could waste time making snacks for yourself. Also, you might start reading a newspaper and keep newspaper clippings. This is particularly if you don’t really like the radio news that much. Or it could be you really did used to like newspapers in the past. And now you could go back to it.

Some people as a game punish themselves by not being able to watch a film or documentary in the evening if they’ve already used a computer or watched television a lot that day. It means that you spent too long on your computer and so you can’t enjoy yourself now when you would like to. And you tell yourself this that you’re punishing yourself to help you change your own behavior. This is even if you did it yourself and nobody else is punishing you but yourself.

If you are going to write a diary, you can practice your writing skills. This will mean your diary takes less time. Also, it is better at communicating the ideas you want to understand. It is really a win/win situation if you can learn how to write a bit better. Keeping a shorter diary or not spending so long on one because you’re quicker at it might save several hours a week. This is of screen time and time on your computer that is your goal not to spend as much.

Abandon a creative project that is not working out. It might be that it is not publishable. And this could be for a large number of reasons. When you have read enough books about how to do your creative art and about the publishing market, then you will feel a lot less stressed about your creative arts you do and about posting things online. And this will mean that you don’t go back and edit work feeling anxious that you got it wrong the first time. As well, you won’t start creative projects that you can’t publish and spend too much time on them. Alternatively, you might sketch out some ideas but not spend time putting down all the words and other things you would need to produce the finished work. And then, you spend even more time checking it for mistakes and editing it. This is when if it was just for fun to do it, then you don’t need all these other things. It might be that you had a creative idea but you can explore the idea without needing to do all the work to make it into a deliverable. Or to make it into something that is very near it. This is even though this may appear strange at first to some people that you would not completely finish something. It can still be fun to explore creative ideas without having to do too much hard work. As well, once you’ve explored one idea that you’re no longer interested in it, then another better more publishable idea might come to you. You can even try reading some more and see what comes to mind then. Doing some reading or things other than other creative arts projects might mean that new ideas come to you that are more publishable. And this could even be just after 15 minutes of listening to a radio show. It might just have brought back memories for you. And so it stirred a creative idea.

Try doing some more reading. And don’t just use a computer. This is even if you worry that you might become bored with books if you were to read them too much. There are ways out of this. You can go back and revise what you did at school or college. This is always good for you, your health, your mind, your general knowledge and your social skills. As well, you can go back and read books that you read in the past by pretending that you’re studying them seriously. This is even if they weren’t on serious subjects. Also, you could read novels and write essays on them. You could do this as if you were in class. And you can make other different readings for them. This can increase the amount of time and interest they take up. At least, you won’t be getting brain damage from your computer. And you might get brain damage from your computer for sure if you keep using it. Also, if you use your computer just a bit, it can actually help you to read more. As well, it can help you to do your creative hobbies better. This is on or off your computer. As well, it includes reading E Books on your computer. E Books can encourage an interest in reading generally. They do when you might only have old books on your bookshelf.

It might help you if you don’t just abandon the technology completely. It is though unless you really could do that and not just keep using it anymore. But you can’t try to abandon it and then go half-heartedly back to it. You have to either learn how to do it or not do it at all. And if you do learn the technology and about the advantages that it gives home users, then you might be able to do a lot with it in no time at all. As well, it can help you not become bored with paper books or radio shows. It can by things such as using a word processor to make notes or seeing progress in a healthy use of your computer or other healthy living plan. You might only be able to see progress if you have a spreadsheet. And if you just used it a bit, it could help you immensely in so many areas of your life. Also, a computer might be no different from a TV years ago. This is when people weren’t for the most part so worried.

You could write essays, make notes on things or do some creative project that might help you understand a worry you have or to understand a subject better your friends like to talk about. A computer can even help you use your computer less or even watch TV less. This is if you use it properly. It can even help you read more or listen to the radio more. And it can do this even when you didn’t do these before. Or it can be especially if you didn’t do them before. And so you find it difficult to start doing them today. But don’t write an essay every day. Instead, try to write less. This is such as one essay every week or two weeks. Then, that would be better. And the rest of the time, you can just watch normal television or your Smart TV. Also, do keep a diary. You can really make changes that will work. As well, you might not be able to do them any other way. Some people find a word processor greatly adds to the ability of their diary to help them. And other people might still keep their diary only on paper. This is particularly if they are very worried about what they are writing. And doing it on a computer would be an unnecessary stress. Yet if you feel that what you’re writing is not anything your friends wouldn’t know about or you should be ashamed of, then you might write it using a word processor. Examples of this might be that you write a diary about how to improve your life by doing more exercise, cooking for yourself and other things like that. But this is when you have nothing so dire to write about that is really so bad about your life. Yet you still want these health benefits and want to change your life.

Take breaks from the computer no matter what. And this includes even with a Smart television. You at least want a break from all the light radiation and flickering images. As well, over 2 hours in front of a television can reduce your concentration if it is in one sitting. And this is even if you allowed yourself longer per day in total to watch.

Don’t produce creative work that is not publishable. Or, at least, you don’t have to do anything that might be a grey area. Grey areas cause so much worry about publication. Reducing stress about things that you are doing on your computer or that you’re not just wasting your time if you decide not to publish something can greatly increase the pleasure you get from your computer. As well, it can mean you don’t poorly use it. It is OK to use a computer to do creative writing or art if desperately bored or feeling a bit down. And this is even if keen to have less screen time. Possibly, don’t do it if just normally bored. And do think how much you might like to do other things instead. For example, you might really like to do some reading or listen to the radio if you had thought of it.

Clean every day just for the sake of it. Also, it pleases guests. Or clean as often as possible even if you miss a day. This also uses up computer and television time.

Make notes on a portable sound recorder for your diary, goal setting and health tips, reviews of books and films you’ve seen, social skills tips and bits and pieces to remember. This will save time when you come to write some of these things up on your computer.

If something wakes you up in the middle of the night, try to go back to bed within an hour or two or as soon as it is possible. If you only need a couple more hours sleep, then you can get up at 6 AM and you don’t have to plan to get up at 8 or 9 AM that you couldn’t sleep for that long.

It is completely necessary to watch some TV. You might want to watch at least about 10 to 15 hours a week for the sake of good social skills. Also, the television is good to get facts, entertainment, drama, music shows, news and information.

Buy a Sunday newspaper for the free TV guide. This is cheaper than a branded listings magazine. It is as you get a newspaper as well and they are often about the same price. Also, if you were going to be a writer or artist, then you would want to read about culture in the color supplements. Also, you can do a newspaper clippings hobby. Possibly, though, you could still get a listings magazine during the week. Don’t be so pedantic that you say you will never do it. Having more than one listings magazine is more hygienic. This is whether it is one free with a newspaper or not.

Make a weekly TV and radio plan from the TV and radio listings magazine and keep it in plastic pockets and a ring binder. That is a good hygiene tip. But some people find it is too much handwriting. And they particularly think it is too much work to do. This is when it uses their hands regularly. They don’t want to do it if they were going to do it for more than a few months. Or if it didn’t hurt their hands, then they might see no reason not to do it for years. Another good hygiene tip is having more than one listings magazine. Also, you can use the electronic program guide sometimes rather than reading a newspaper TV page, free or branded listings magazine.

Spend some time reminiscing. You can read old books and magazines. And you can get a newspaper or buy magazines in a shop. You can read some of the articles about the past. As well, history books and other books are good for reminiscing. They might remind you of things you did when you were studying or things that you did when you were older. As well, you can reminisce such as when seeing historic buildings you pass by when you’re out. Also, you might remember relatives telling you things. And you might remember films and dramas or radio plays that are on again. Or you could read historical or classic novels now or remember ones you read in the past.

A word processor has editing features. That means less handwriting if, for example, you were to handwrite things still. Also, it means less time overall spent planning, making notes and other things. Using speech recognition means less handwriting. And this is just because you are not using your hands at all. You also have less screen time if you edit your notes properly and don’t lose or delete them.

Try a portable sound recorder diary. It will at least use up some time and mean you’re not on the computer. This is even if you don’t always get it right that you wouldn’t want to hear it again. It is not harmful to do. That is except talking too much can indeed sometimes be harmful. This is if you talked too long for years that it could shorten your life. But if you talk too little, then it could affect the muscles in your face. Or it could also affect how well you spoke. Practicing using speech recognition can vastly improve how effective it is, how little time it takes and how much screen time it takes. As well, you can use voice or sound recorders on your computer. You might do this to record a diary entry for one day that you do occasionally on your computer when not using your portable sound recorder. Also, you can use as well your portable sound recorder to make notes for it. This will give you a snapshot of what your life was like on one day. And this is even if it is not a regular thing. A regular thing might be too much screen time. As well, using your portable sound recorder for notes will mean you probably get it right first time. This is when you come to record it on your computer. And once it is on your computer, you can play it again any time you want. You don’t have to listen to it immediately. Or you don’t even have to listen to it in the next few days or a week or two. But you might like to play it again in a month’s time. Then, you could appreciate it possibly more. You could do once you have allowed some time to go past. For example, you might see that you had made progress at something or that something has now changed. This can be gratifying. If it was still on your portable sound recorder, you might have to delete it to make space. You can also get portable sound recorders that have downloadable files. But they still take a bit of time to download the files and, as well, you have to label them again to make them useful. That can take some time as well. Again, it at least uses up a bit of time having a portable sound recorder. And it can be a lot of fun. Talking a lot can build up the muscles in your face and have other benefits. Though, some people say you only have so many breaths in a lifetime. And then you die. It is really the old joke about the writer with no friends who has time to write. But this has just been updated a bit today with computers.

You can get bored with films, television and radio dramas just as much as you can get bored with the plots of novels. Really, they all have the same plots. But with television or radio, you can get picture and sound. So you can hear dialogue and hear tone of voice. Or you can see what people look like and see their body language. As well, you can see other things that are in the picture. You’d really don’t want to get bored with television or movies. So try doing some reading again. This is if you are going to get bored with them visually. You can’t really be bored with the plots of novels that much if you can still watch movies. So again, try reading some more novels. Or try reading some other books again that you might have forgotten a bit of. Also, you can try studying again when you might have forgotten things.

Spend some time each day just relaxing, doing nothing, looking out the window or sipping a hot drink in your armchair of your own home where you have your own kitchen and bathroom and living room and everything else you need to live.

Possibly, you can use the inker, other tool, the underlining or the bold button to analyze your diaries or notes on your computer and see how you can make them shorter. You can use these tools to highlight key words. This will help you to understand your diaries. As well, now, you might be able to keep them a bit shorter and they will take up much less screen and keying time. For example, somebody might realize that his diary was mainly about things in the same broad category. This might have been in almost all of it. And so now, somebody like that can avoid saying it again. He can do when he might have said a lot about it already. It could be that people talk about something more than they realize. Yet, they didn’t realize before they had used these tools. As well, you can read over your diaries again. Some people find that this is their only problem with writing overlong and boring diaries. It is just that you could see things a bit better if you had actually read what was in your diaries. You can now avoid saying so much more that you’ve really written about already. And this is even if you keep writing long diaries about other things.

As well, you can have a comfortable chair for watching television or for using your computer. This can reduce mixed feelings about your computer or television. And it can help you go to bed more easily at night. You will at least not stay awake because you feel stiff and cramped.

Taking up a cookery hobby is a tip offered by so many health writers online. It seems they say that eating decent cooked food can improve concentration. And it can improve your ability to do anything or enjoy anything. You might imagine that this could include using a computer. Or it could include trying to have less screen time. It is also good social skills to do cookery. This is when plenty of people like to talk about recipes. And it might help you be more creative if you are better nourished. Better physical health might be the secret of success that many writers and artists have. Good cooking can also help you to lose weight. Losing weight or doing exercise can make sitting at a computer desk more comfortable. And greater comfort can help your concentration. This is when using a computer or anything else.

As well, you can also improve your social skills by saving up conversation for people. This might mean seeing them less often. As well, you can see them for a shorter time. You can see them for less long if you make them a hot drink and a snack when they come. It might refresh them and mean that they are more ready to leave earlier. And you can do things together. For example, you can watch television or listen to music. And you don’t have to be talking the whole time. It is also good social skills to do things with people anyway. And it is not just for the sake of not having something to say. People don’t remember all somebody says. But they might think of things you do together affectionately. You could try doing something like that yourself. This is when it improves social skills for everyone.

They say that you’re too old to listen to music once you are no longer a teenager. However, don’t give up on any normal cultural activities such as music. They are often relevant to what is going on today and provide a different perspective on it. Music is always relevant culturally and in other ways just like any other culture is the same. And music can be relevant to people of any age. Also, it fills a gap somewhere in your mind. And so it stops your mind from atrophying. This is when you used to listen to it before. So there is a part of your brain that you used in the past to do it. If there is a particular part of the brain that uses computers or a particular part of the brain that is about particular computer software such as word processors, it has not been researched fully yet. But it might be one to look out for later.

Someone’s personal experience of keeping a diary and other notes was that he realized that his reason for poor sleep was too much screen time and nothing else. It seemed that if he had too much screen time, it was guaranteed he would not be able to sleep. Later, however, he changed his mind. And he thought that if he realized that he was too tired to do some things such as listen to pod casts, then he really should get some sleep.

It is unhealthy to use a computer and sit at your desk at night. This is when office workers work 9 to 5 only. They do because it was discovered to be unhealthy a long time ago to do office work at any other time of day or night. Also, knowing that office workers never work shifts must mean that it is very unhealthy indeed to use a computer late at night or into the early hours. Possibly, you can just say that you will do it tomorrow or you could use some other technique like that to help you. And this is when you will have better concentration tomorrow during the day. Also, tell yourself that the quiet of the night does not mean it is better to use your computer. It isn’t when science tells you that it is best to use it in the day. You will be able to do more in the day. And it won’t affect your health nearly as much.

Perhaps, just put the television on. This is if you find you’re using your computer at night. And you don’t have to feel bad about switching it on either. These is such as if the program lasts an hour or even two hours, it might then imply you planned to break your rule of going to bed earlier that makes you feel bad. But it is better to do that then use a computer late at night. This is when that is unhealthier. As well, if you really were tired, you would switch the television off anyway. And you would do so as well if you weren’t enjoying watching it. Also, if you can’t sleep, then there is nothing much wrong with watching the television. This is when you can’t sleep anyway.

Alternatively, you could switch the radio on that would be even better. It is because it’s less screen time. And you might enjoy listening to late-night talk radio shows or other radio shows on late at night. Perhaps, you hadn’t heard late night radio shows for a while. Or you might enjoy just listening to some tunes at night and not instead having to have a story or news. As well, this is when many Digital Air Band radio stations are on all night, but the TV has fewer that keep going all night.

Also, remember that it is just a physical effect of the radiation going into your body and into your brain. Electric and other rays are often the main health problem. This is if your hands are still all right and you haven’t used a keyboard too much. You might have poor sleep and other problems using a computer. Still, it is particularly poor for your health if you use a computer late at night and especially programs such as word processors and spreadsheets.

Somebody might want to relax by watching television after getting up in the morning. For example, they might like old episodes of detective shows that are on in the morning. Or it could be an action film on early in the day that is really an old film but they might quite like. In the morning, they might feel anxious because of bad dreams they had in their previous night’s sleep. And so they need to relax for this reason.

If you have a portable sound recorder, possibly think of things that are more imaginative to do with it than you might be doing now on it. You might not want to use a portable sound recorder for a diary if you had some other purpose for it. This is when the other purpose might be better. Possibly, you could use your portable sound recorder for making notes for creative projects, notes to help you pep up your social skills or you can keep reviews of books and films in it. As well, you can use it for goal setting. You can do this when you have files of some kind different from your personal journal. Talking can help strengthen the muscles in your face but talking too long for years can make you die young. You might choose to either talk to real people such as friends and family or a girlfriend that you know or you could talk to your computer or portable sound recorder. In reality, you would probably want to do both. And possibly, you could do a lot of dictation if you did not see real people much. Then, it would not be so bad. Still, you have to talk for some time each day to avoid atrophy of your voice box and face muscles. But you might not be able to use speech recognition as much as you might like because it is too much screen time. This is when you want to watch some TV and video as well. Also, you might want to use art or video-editing software. But for this, speech recognition can sometimes be inconvenient.

Possibly, it could reduce both the amount of dictation and the amount of screen time somebody did to try another creative art. This is even if this is counterintuitive. An example of this is if you are new to art and it didn’t take you long to draw a picture. As well, it may still satisfy your creative urges to draw even a small amount. It can be new and exciting to take up a different hobby. And even a small amount of a new hobby might be more exciting than an older hobby. As well, an older hobby might have involved lots of dictating to a word processor or note-making program. And all of this can be time consuming. As well, you might have more of a natural talent for art and so do it faster. And art might satisfy all your creative urges but in a much shorter time as well. It does if you find it more creative anyway because you’re more talented in it and like the medium better and for it just being new. Artists that were any good could find the tools on computer art software very easy to use. But the same person could struggle to use a word processor program. As well, people get more of a sense of achievement if their work is better.

When reading diaries again, you can copy and paste some things in your diary to different documents to make these things more convenient to read. You can make up headings such as for social skills, budgeting tips, comments about creative works of your own and so on. As well, you can copy and paste to completely separate documents or have one document with different headings and more text in the entire document. It depends on the person what they want to do exactly. For example, you might like particular tools of the software that a friend told you about or there is some other reason that you like them. Also, different brands of software may actually be better at doing certain things. So some people who have good software for different things may prefer to do different things.

It can be by chance what software you got or you may have read about it. Also, it can be what you can afford only. But generally, if you wanted to do a lot of something, then you would likely read about alternative software to do it. But probably if the document was going to be quite long, you might want it as a separate file. You can use page breaks in your document that mean you can print the title of chapters or sections conveniently. Still, it can be difficult to change the page numbering to start at page one for different sections. And so it may be more convenient if you just had one document only if you didn’t mind page numbers running consecutively all the way through. As well, having many documents is inconvenient as you get a flash when you open files. Also, it makes it harder to navigate your folders and files if you have too many documents. When you have only a few documents, you can see everything in your folders very easily. Otherwise, you might not. And this is particularly bad to have too many documents if you’re adding lots of new documents to a folder. Then it takes longer to see what documents you have. As well, this is particularly if you’re adding new documents all the time.

As well, you would talk about something that you did a lot of to other people. You would make friends with other people who did it quite probably if you wanted to talk about it. These might be other hobbyists. Other hobbyists would tell you if other software was better. As well, they might give you a few tips to help you. And this really might help you a lot if there was something you were stuck on that you couldn’t do.

A good way to know what you’ve got in your folders is if you have a good memory for what is in them even without switching on your computer. So you don’t have to switch your computer on to see what’s on it late at night and nor do you have loose paper in the bedroom, living room or dining room. As well, this saves possibly 10 or 15 minutes that some people use just to navigate folders and files and see what they’ve got on their computer. But they might not realize they take so long. Generally, playing memory games or making lists and remembering them off by heart of things can help you in this regard. As well, taking breaks a bit better and using your computer for less long can really help your concentration. And this alone can sometimes stop somebody being so mindless. But the best thing to do is have a combination of better concentration, list making, learning things off by heart and playing memory games. As well, you can learn more about your creative art in just a general sense.

And it would really help to have more of a life off your computer and more of a life generally. Then you won’t mindlessly surf your files and take at least 10 minutes to sometimes an hour a day that some people do unfortunately spend on it. A good test is if you know that you don’t worry about files you have on your computer. You might worry because you could have forgotten what ones you had on it. And you can remember what projects you’re working on and what you plan to do on them. This is without looking on your computer or referring to paper printouts or handwritten notes.

It would really help personal hygiene just to do one simple trick the book will now tell you about. Switch off the TV or your radio at night at the plug. This really does improve the hygiene of a room. It can though wear out your switches and plugs. This is even if only after quite a few years. Or, at least, it could if you were switching it on and off too often. So, perhaps, just switch it off at night. This has the maximum benefits as it is the longest uninterrupted time that your TV is likely to be on standby without watching it. And don’t switch it off at all during the day even though you might feel it would have additional benefits. This is because you might get an injury if you switch it on and off too often. And this is particularly if you have boxes and other things in the way of your television. Possibly, move any boxes out of the way of your plugs or in front of the television. And if it is inconvenient to turn your television off still, then just leave it on. But you might move things there during the day and so you don’t want to be in the habit of switching it on and off. You could pull a muscle or fall down doing it. So only, do it if you’re completely happy, there’s plenty of space around the television and you don’t have a bad back to lean down. You really don’t want to get an injury that would mean you had real problems when before you only had a personal hygiene problem that you were doing the tiniest thing about it that might help you with it. But to switch off your TV at night that might be a full 8 to 12 hours before you put it on again might still be helpful. And this is particularly if you have no boxes or other obstructions in the way.

Clock radios research has shown are particularly unhygienic and as well, they can be putting radiation into your pillow all day long. But then switching off your clock radio creates similar problems to your TV already mentioned. As well, there might be additional problems in resetting the clock or retuning. But then it has the same problems as televisions as well. Also, picking up your clock radio from a low down bedside cabinet can hurt your back. And if it means you’re holding it close to your heart, that is also bad for health. It is bad for health because of the electric current that can affect your heart. You might pick it up and change channels if you were trying to listen to more of decent radio or listening to talk and not just music radio. Then, you might often change the channels. As well, there is a lot of choice of stations if you were to see yourself as a purveyor of talk, news, entertainment, drama and music. And this is if you don’t just have one radio station that you saw an advert for, liked and kept listening to like some people do. It’s not fair really! You’re being punished for something that is really nothing except that you want more choice. And this is even if someone who listens to just one radio station that they like appreciates it because they have had this one choice if nothing else. They at least have a choice of one radio station that they like. Possibly, it would be fairer if you just realized that you could switch it off. This is for any reason that you want including just for the health benefits of it. As well, this is when no one is asking you to be a purveyor of music or anything else. It can be hard to know what to do. Just put on something that you might like for a while without changing it. Or you can put your radio up on a shelf or windowsill that’s more convenient. This is so you can change it without having to stand too near it when you do so. Alternatively, you can just not try to listen to that much radio. And that might quite naturally mean that you don’t have so many problems like these. As well, you might be able to get some furniture that is more suitable for your television or radio.

You want space to put things on and put things away. More storage space is also more hygienic. It is by not having loose things around on tables or not having boxes and shoes under beds. Having more storage or less stuff in your apartment or house will also make things easier to find that can reduce a lot of stress. Some people feel they’re being silly to worry about things on top of each other or having to drag boxes out to get things. But some people genuinely have this as a major source of stress. And it can make people much more contented and happy if they just remove this one source of stress. They don’t have the frustration, dirt and obstruction that can be changed. So it is no longer there causing them problems.

When using a portable sound recorder, put the microphone that is on the end of a wire and connected to the MIC socket nearer your mouth. This is so the microphone is near your mouth but the body of a portable sound recorder is as far away as possible. It is like this when the small carbon hard drive in portable sound recorders is carcinogenic and can cause throat cancer. Still, you want the microphone near your mouth to increase the volume for playback. The body of the portable sound recorder should at least be at arm’s length.

You can buy portable sound recorders that are downloadable or not downloadable. Downloadable means that you can transfer files from your portable sound recorder that are sound recordings of yourself speaking on to your computer. This might help you use your computer less for screen time. Examples of files you can keep on your portable sound recorder are that you can have a folder for reviews or a folder for creative ideas. You can also have a folder for a normal diary. A disadvantage is that you need a normal computer to play them back. So you have screen time if you play them back. But you might not be able to afford a portable sound recorder and nor even a non-downloadable one. Instead, you can concentrate on reducing the digitalization of your life. This might have a better chance of success in the short run or the long run. Your portable sound recorder can be connected to your computer. And so it encourages computer use, more screen radiation and generally using your computer more. Perhaps, pass on it. As well, when you feel a bit better from not having so much electric current near you and worries about carcinogens, you might not miss it and not want to go back to it.

Another good tip is that you can take your E Reader into the garden. This is when it is not always possible to take a laptop. It isn’t because of the batteries running out, damp surfaces or lack of big enough surfaces. Other people can’t see the covers of the books if it’s on an E Reader. It’s upsetting if people are going to be nosey. And digital books avoid this problem. Also, it means that you can keep up with the web lifestyle but not always be sitting in front of a big laptop. As well, it is something different to do in the garden.

You can read any books that might help you with your creative art such as business books for posting stuff online. And you might find this distracts you from too much computer time and you have some old textbooks you can get out a box. When you are more relaxed such as you have been doing some reading, then you feel better about posting things online that you are confident are a publishable standard. As well, you can read books about the history of the creative art you’re doing or any other books that helps you do it better. Just read something and don’t just do your own work. Some people find it helps them to set a task that they will read however many books about their creative art before they do any more of it. But other people don’t find this helpful and want to do a bit of each. Possibly, you really do need to read stuff about the creative art you’re doing if you worry that your work does not have artistic merit. This is regardless of any attempts at making your work groundbreaking or modern. It cannot be any good if you lack basic skills that you’re supposed to have. As well, you might just try reading a newspaper and not watching television or using your computer. It will save time and stress posting things online if stuff you do is a good standard. As well, it will save worries such as if you think your work is unique when it can’t be. And it will save many other such worries some people have heard about like that also.

Really, if you have some good books to read about your creative art or good self-help books about worries, then you really should make some time to read them. And just don’t be so keen to do your creative art when you might really have a lot of reading you could be doing instead. As well, you can revise your school and college work that might help you with your creative art or your general knowledge and social skills more generally. As well, you really might have loads of books you could be reading.

When somebody finds that they able to sleep better, work better and do their hobby better, then they might get a better girlfriend that is not problematic. Nobody wants worries about disease or that their girlfriend is a drug addict or anything like that. Really, you need to avoid negative people and situations. And these can be both at once seeing somebody who has her own problems. Instead, when you are all right again, somebody might just walk in the door. As well, it might help you to save money if for a bit you didn’t have a girlfriend. Possibly, tell your girlfriend that you’ll see her again sometime. And don’t tell her that you never want to see her again. This means if you want you can usually still go back to her. And this is as well if in the intervening time you have not been able to do any more exercise, improve your appearance, get better social skills or get another girlfriend.

Cook in the early evening so you have more concentration for reading or doing other hobbies other than just switching the television on or using your computer.

When you do creative art, you use your own experiences to help you in producing creative works. But once you have used up all the experiences that you have ever had already, you may then not be able to do creative arts again the same. Really, you have nothing to do by way of creating new work. And this is regardless of how many of some skills you have learned. Possibly, it’s time to take a break and do something else. You will not be able to write about sex and relationships by researching it in a textbook. This is when much of what you read gives you nothing to say creatively. And there would be no good reason to repeat it either. There wouldn’t be when you know that you have just recently seen it online yourself. And so other people can read it online or see it online themselves as well.

You can drink a bit more water that is healthy by taking a drinking flask when you go out for a walk. Or you can do anything now to pay more attention to your health having sat at a computer for so long.

If you are not through with using your computer yet, it probably really does help to have keyboard wipes and use them occasionally. This is if you don’t use them every day when they might be toxic. But you can use them occasionally. Somebody might not have washed their hands after using the bathroom and then touched a keyboard or they can really be quite unhygienic generally.

Also, you can wipe your pens with a damp cloth and dry them with a paper towel. You can also be more hygienic around forms and other paperwork. Really, unless you were desperate to change something about your life, you don’t need forms at home. As well, you can hold paper properly. And you can use abbreviations that are less handwriting, less long handwriting and less touching of paper. As well, move everything off your table once you’ve finished using it and clean underneath your computer keyboard. You hold paper at the edges. And you spend the least time as possible holding it in any way that you are holding it. As well, you can spend the least time as possible holding a pen. And you can keep paper steady without putting your whole hand over it. And you can write anything you want to write on a piece of paper quickly. Remember things and don’t write them down always immediately. Instead, write some things together. And don’t do things like keep running totals after every item.

In fact, don’t do any paperwork. It is unhygienic unavoidably. And this is particularly when you might have quite a few notes, forms and pieces of paper build up after only a few days’ work. You might have forms you designed yourself on a word processor to help you keep to a diet and exercise plan or some other plan. And if you were to do this, then you probably really would need to look at these papers several times or write on them several times. This is to use the information on them. As well, you might have to look at things you filled in the previous day when germs have had a chance to build up.

Records cause anxiety for other reasons and not just worries about personal hygiene. This is except if it would cause less anxiety if you knew that you were keeping to something like a diet and exercise plan that it was actually motivating. You might do some notes just for those things that are essential. And the other things you can forget. Forms and paper notebooks won’t work to help your health in other ways if unhygienic. A possible solution is to use a hardback notebook that is wipe-clean. But any time you use paper, it might still be unhygienic a bit.

Don’t have all lights on in a room. And don’t have a big central light on in your room going for a long time as that is unhygienic.

Check so as not to run out of fresh shirts, pajamas or towels. And check early in the day so you can get the laundry done.

Possibly, you could do the cleaning at different times so you don’t miss the start of TV and radio shows. Or you might do the cleaning whilst shows are on if it helps you to do it. But then, you might miss a bit of the show. It really can be exhausting to clean and you need to make time to do it somehow.

You will kill yourself if you don’t get good enough sleep.

If you really have been talking a lot and using your computer a lot, then that is probably bad for personal hygiene.

You need to get some sleep at an earthly hour. If you don’t, you will likely die young. If you’re not tired and you sleep better, then everything else will fall into place.

Also, you mustn’t forget to eat, clean, cook and do no exercise.

As well, you must be motivated to read when TV is so much easier and it is really a better technology. It is a better technology because it gives you pictures and sound as well as just words. You can be motivated by saying to yourself that reading will improve your health. As well, you can say to yourself that you need to keep up some kind of reading skills that would be helpful to you just to be able to work and function in society. Also, you can try listening to the radio if you didn’t do so before. This is also healthier than TV. You can’t give up TV completely as TV is audio-visual whereas reading and radio use only one sense that can be bad for your health if you do overuse just that one sense. But don’t watch too much TV now as not being able to watch it later could cause problems when you’re older. And you can’t really watch it anymore. Then when you’re retired or you don’t have a job, it could be a real problem with deafness and blindness or occupying your time and your social skills.

Remind yourself any way you can. If you can’t remember it without a reminder, then you might really need some kind of a reminder. This may only be temporarily until it becomes habitual or you learn how to do it properly and so you do it normally in your daily routine. Reminders could be on paper, computer, or a combination of the two. Also, you can put up a wall chart or a reminder on a door. And you can keep a diary or chart to see progress. This can also be a reminder. Sometimes you can use it directly as a reminder and other times, it means you are more motivated. This is seeing that you have not done enough yet or it could be some other motivation that you get from keeping records.

Ultimately, if it is unhygienic keeping all these paper and computer reminders and progress charts, you will then just have to have some kind of document or documents that don’t have this bother. It could be that you just have one document of health advice. And you can refer to this at any time you want to. This might contain all the health advice you’ve been given. Then, you can read it again. And you can keep this health advice or other important documents in a hygienic binder or you can use some other hygienic arrangement. You can do this so you are able to read it again at least sometimes when you need to. And you can forget about everything else you used to do that had germs on it. Also, it was really just a problem. Nor was it just going to go away. You could only stop and nothing else. Or you had to make major changes that were going to work. One suggestion given here was to keep health advice in a hygienic binder. But there might be more suggestions you could make for more things. This is when computers are a complicated subject as is keeping any kind of records for anything or keeping figures for anything on a spreadsheet. It seems that some people don’t realise just how complicated it can be. But then, the dear reader might realise if they have problems with it already. You can take a whole degree courses in information technology, ideas around communication skills and in the creative arts. Still, they sell home computers and you might assume some people manage OK with them. Possibly, the reader could with just a little help as well. And nor might they need so much help that there would be no point to doing it at all for just a hobby or only for use in the home. Only the reader can decide if they continue with it.

Chapter 4, Easy Writing

Many people have heard of the advantages and disadvantages of computer word processors to authors. But it can still seem confusing as to whether you would want one or not. Also, some people who already have a word processor at home find their attempts to write are too time-consuming, they get increased girth sitting at a computer desk and it takes so long that they can’t have a normal life and do normal things so that their social skills and their relationships have been affected. Also, they might get health worries using a computer.

The tips explained in the body of this chapter are,

Don’t watch the text going along the screen as you type it in. Instead, you can touch type it in, use speech recognition or transcription software. Also, you can either handwrite out your short story or make notes using a portable sound recorder. Or you could not write it out in full when handwriting it and then touch-type it. You can use a portable sound recorder to make notes or use a portable sound recorder with transcription software to put these notes more directly on to a word processor page. Making notes using a portable sound recorder is better for your concentration sometimes and uses your hands less than handwriting or typing. As well, it takes less time.

To use a sound recording on your portable sound recorder as a transcription file to make into typed up notes, you just speak into your portable sound recorder. This is what your story, book or other manuscript is. Then, you transfer this special sound recording file to your computer. And the computer software will make it into text in a word processor file on your computer. This can save half the screen time against dictation using speech recognition straight to a word processor file. However, you have to keep up speaking clearly and well or otherwise you might get pages and pages of incomprehensible text. Still, you have the original sound file as sound to help you edit it. Using any of these methods outlined above which were to touch type, to use speech recognition or to use a transcription software can improve your concentration and mean less screen time. You can as well make notes that are just on your portable sound recorder and not formatted as a transcription file. These can also save both on handwriting and computer screen time.

If you’re going to use a computer a lot, then you need to watch less television. You can listen to the radio or read. Alternatively, you could just do nothing. Or you could tidy up, go out for a walk or cook a meal. Learn study skills so that you have some facts in your head and you don’t have to constantly be reading things or watching them on television. This gives you more time for writing and writing doesn’t affect your social skills. When you are handwriting a short story, you can have the radio on for company. But don’t have the television on for company. As well, you can just rest in your breaks and do nothing.

Also, when using a word processor, you can try to make it as similar to writing on a paper page as possible. Try only to use the default settings that you see when you open your word processor. Or make the smallest number of adjustments to your settings that use the smallest number of mouse clicks. You want to create the impression that it is like paper and you are just writing a heading, underlining it and then starting to write the body text. You may even use the underlining feature of your computer word processor software if this helps you to do this. You can do this instead of any other feature such as increasing the size of the text or making it bold. Or use whatever features seem best and easiest to you. But spending a few minutes before you start writing on your document is distracting and bad for your concentration. As well, you can use the Ctrl + End keys to go to the end of the text. This is without having to scroll if you have already written some text. Scrolling is bad for your concentration.

Use a printer to proofread and edit your text. This is after you’ve made any major corrections on the screen. Using a printer saves on screen time.

Also, make a note of what the grammar checker tells you about the mistakes you’ve made. Then, learn these corrections and don’t make them again. This will save time when using a grammar checker again. As well, you might read books on how to write or on the novel. You can do this if you have not had lessons at school or college for some time. This will improve your writing but as well, it will increase your speed that you write.

Here the article will describe briefly the advantages and disadvantages to using a computer for readers who don’t already know. As well, the article will look at alternative technologies such as paper and pens and typewriters. This is even if some of these technologies are now defunct as it helps to explain the current technology.

Handwriting has the advantage that everyone can do it having learned it at school. In fact, going from a paper page to a word processor page on the screen can be quite a culture shock for some people. And some people don’t ever get over it. Sometimes they abandon their computers. And sometimes they feel bad that they should be able to use them properly but can’t and then keep using them for years getting worse and worse. This can have a detrimental effect on their lifestyle, their relationships and even they can become a type of addict called a computer addict.

The disadvantages of handwriting are that you can’t change text after you’ve written it. The only way that you could change text was to write in the word above the line that could become messy and untidy and make the whole MS hard to read. Alternatively, you could rewrite a section at the end of the last page. But that could be tiresome when reading it again and having to go to the end and look it up. Generally, if you wanted to do many corrections, you would have to write the whole text out again. Also, handwriting is more of an effort to read. And other people might not be able to read your handwriting and have to ask you what things say. This is annoying for both parties. And often, it means that they genuinely can’t read your text properly. Nor can they get any real enjoyment or pleasure from it. Also, publishers will want a typed copy. Handwriting can affect concentration. This is because the body doesn’t find it natural to write and instead finds it a strain.

Typewriters are older technology. But the article will consider them because it says something about the technology that came afterwards. The main advantage of a typewriter was that it could produce a typed copy. But it was difficult to type like this when even small typing errors were hard to correct and could make the text untidy. And any major mistakes meant that you tore up the sheet of typewriter paper and threw it into a wastepaper basket. Then, the writer would start again putting a new sheet into his typewriter. As well, you had carriage returns. Carriage returns where when you had to push back the top of the typewriter so you could type a new line onto your page. These carriage returns could hurt the upper body and give you heart flutters. Also, you could only have one copy with a typewriter unless you used carbon paper. Carbon paper was fiddly and could cause more heart flutters more quickly. Another alternative was to have the whole work photocopied by going to a shop that did it. But it could often cost a sizable amount of an average income for the week to have it photocopied. And the shop often did not know what you were talking about when you said you were novelist who wanted to do it. They might say that they only did photocopying for local businesses of boring business documents. And they could lose your MS or be rude to you.

You needed more than one copy if you were not going to send your only copy to a publisher. Sometimes publishers could lose your only copy. As well, it might take several months to get your MS back with a rejection letter. And the whole process until you had sent you manuscript to all possible publishers that might publish it could take two or three years. Really, it was too long. This was even if people told you that writing a manuscript on a typewriter might take six months of your time. But you were often less prepared to spend another two or three years going backwards and forwards to publishers waiting for manuscripts to be returned. As well, it could be frustrating if you felt you had something to say about what was happening today. It seemed too slow to try to change the world like this. And even if it was not trying to make any political or social points, then your manuscript could be out of date by the time it might be published.

Word processors have the advantage that you can edit text and you can print. Also, you have more formatting options such as using different typefaces and you have automatic headers, footers and page numbers. You can print the final document once you’ve finished it or print chapters to proofread and edit as you go along. Nor do you have carriage returns or fiddly carbon paper like typewriters. And nor do you only have one copy of a document.

A disadvantage of word processors is that they have radiation. And so you really do need a printer if you’re going to use one. This is just to save on too much screen time. But printers can cost money. You also needed to buy ribbons and typewriting paper for typewriters. Still, printing can be a very big expense with computers as well. And it is not what everyone expects or plans for when they get their computer home and take it out the box. Another way of looking at this is that printing gives you an advantage with just a small downside of cost. In fact, it is such a big advantage against proofreading and editing from the screen for writers so that they can write more easily and productively, that any writer should definitely have a printer and use it. It can save hours of screen time and sitting at your desk. As well, you will be able to concentrate better when writing and be able to write for longer each day.

Screen radiation can affect your concentration and can have detrimental short and long-term effects on your health. It can cause eyesight damage and even reduce the amount of brain matter. As well, like a typewriter, sitting at a computer desk is airless. And if you’re going to use a computer, then you need a proper office desk and chair for reasons of your health. You can still get various unpleasant body conditions and wear your joints out from sitting at a computer desk. This is the same as for typewriters. Computer keyboards however are not so hard on the hands compared to typewriters. As well, the computer keyboard can be lower down than a typewriter keyboard and so there’s more air above the desk.

In the past when using a typewriter, people used to touch type more than they do now. Perhaps, this should really come back in. It is unhealthy to watch the text go along on the screen as you type it. As well, it is slower to think as you type. And so you will need more screen time to produce your MS like this. Also, it affects your concentration watching the text go along the screen like this. And this is even if the radiation didn’t also affect your concentration. But then, handwriting can also as well affect your concentration if you do a lot of it. But it is doubly bad if you handwrite and then type it up looking at the screen.

The best alternative out of these is to touch type from a handwritten manuscript and be a competent typist. Also, speech recognition will insert a line at a time and so doesn’t have this problem of watching text go along the screen. And some people find it just as fast as typing. It uses your voice that some people want to avoid using too much when that is bad for your health to use it too much. But if you don’t use your voice so much anyway, then it can be healthier than typing. Also, it is better for your hands than typing is. Yet another solution is to make notes on a portable sound recorder.

If you follow all the tips in this chapter, then you will be able to concentrate better on your writing. Also, you will be able to produce better writing and do it quickly and easily. And you will still have the concentration to do other things.

Chapter 5, Possible answers

Years ago, they said that somebody had already found out the secret to everything. This is all that the press talks about and what people go on their computers to try to find out. Or it is even to give other people the truth that they think they know.

This is what economists argue about the meaning of life: there is nothing to do but enjoy it all. They say there is nothing to take in life seriously except surviving. And the purpose of life is to have fun. Consumer goods only satisfy people’s needs to have fun and nobody is trying to do anything more serious usually in anything they sell a private individual.

An example of this is computers. A person trying to change the world on their computers is obviously not a consumer good. Yet, factories provide for every need when people doing anything need some kind of manufactured product. And people using computers that aren’t using them to change the world and aren’t using them to watch porn are actually using them correctly for anything. So where does that leave us people ask. It would leave many things to do probably many people wouldn’t want to do. It seems that some people are obsessed with the news without knowing anything about economics or consumerism. Some products are different types of products. But computers are marketed as a consumer product. And so there should be no mistake about it.

Possibly, the press is talking about misuse when they talk about trying to change the world with a laptop in your bedroom. Alternatively, the expression ‘sharing your work online’ as if as a hobby is confusing when many people going online see these offerings as being normal media products. They are no different from TV dramas, movies, TV sit-coms or 24-hour news stations or news feeds. Yet, in a mixed economy, private individuals own media outlets and so what would be the difference some ask anyway.

It is just that perhaps not everybody can change the world and selling computers as consumer products is the only moneymaking model that makes sense. People can go online to use social media, to look up health and other advice, to consume media such as movies, the normal television they would watch but online, online newspapers and digital books, magazines, photography and video. As well, you can use your computer a bit like paper but better and use it as a pocket calculator but better as well. You can also do hobbies but the line is blurred when it comes to posting it online. Hobbies are things like creative writing and art. And particularly, the line is blurred when it comes to photography and video making.

Lots of other philosophers, historians, politicians and technologists and science fiction writers and other writers have proposed how the world works.

For example, many psychologists have talked about stress. Stress is the reason that often people in important jobs don’t get things done or people under them don’t do their jobs effectively. They say that you work through other people but if these people are not up to the job, then you will never succeed in any ambitious projects. This could be projects intended to help poor people rise above the poverty line, the sick to become healthy and useful citizens or for people not to live their whole lives in constant fear of unemployment or illness. It is not that they don’t have the office space, the computers or anything else, it is just that people can’t do anything sometimes if stressed and under pressure. And some psychologists, social scientists and medical doctors have proposed solutions to these problems.

As well, political philosophers have also looked at people’s fears. This includes people in authority such as Plato and Aristotle who over 2,000 years ago wrote about the principles of ruling people lower down the social hierarchy, the education of future leaders, the training of artists and ideas around administering justice. These books are available for anyone to read who wants to go to a library, bookshop or online bookstore and get them. This is just as any book or other media product is other than somebody’s own ones.

Yet, commonly, you hear most people are only interested in sensationalism. But now, people are in fact going back to reading books. This is perhaps having got a hefty dose of the sensationalist media online. It seems to have inoculated some people against worry and lethargy. This is when as well nothing else could have it seems. That is except the ability to click on links to get news and gossip. A joke is computer keyboards gave them the germs they needed. Possibly, though, this is only a joke and has no truth in it.

People stopped using their computers because of health concerns, not having time for anything else but hobbies, worries about concentration, people calling them computer bores and them having poor social skills. But you can now order paper books online. At least this is for the time being. And bricks and mortar bookshops as well as Public libraries are still open. It might just be that something about the technology is so crass if you use it a lot. This is because of screen radiation and sitting at an office desk in your own home. Anyone using a computer a lot or using it properly really could work out how to change the world. But they don’t want to change the world when there is a health downside and you get poor ‘concentration’. Today, as well, you have Smart televisions, E Books are just like normal books and movie websites are popular. So, you could just get entertainment and it would be like watching the TV as you’ve always done or like reading paper books as you always have. There need not be so much emphasis or hobbies today again when before computers not many people did any at all anyway. And nor does there need to so much emphasis on looking up health advice online when computers cause ill health themselves.

Everybody was really it seems usually managing completely well and all right before. This is without computer spreadsheets and word processors. Also, there was nobody to publish a short story. And they could only write it anyway on 3 or 4 sheets of paper before it became unmanageable. Nor could they correct mistakes. Typewriters had fiddly carbon paper and carriage returns that gave them heart flutters before they had even finished typing their first novel. Artists had only toxic paints to use for centuries. And most artists were poor anyway. Also, you could only be a photographer if you had enough money for a darkroom. And you could only be a video maker probably if you worked for somebody else. As well, they made physical film from toxic chemicals. Television cameras used enormous amounts of electrical power. All of these toxins and electricity caused cancer. And video editing was fiddly and hard on your hands long before keyboards.

Now with so-called hobby software, you can do art, writing and video making or photography a lot safer than the old methods. But where is it all going to go? The software is easy for anyone to learn. And many people learn how to use it in a weekend or even just in an afternoon. The professional stuff has many adjustments you have to make. But it is not really that much better than things sold only as hobby software or things sold only to schools and colleges.

Something has to change some people are saying. And for the moment, a health downside or a lack of time puts people off. Or the market will now change. People once again might not be able just to post things online but need an agent and publisher. Or they might have to fill in a form online to meet some kind of criteria. Another possibility is the regulator might get involved in other ways.

For example, the regulator might ask that people keep proper records of financial transactions that would mean people would really have to be businessmen to keep to extensive business regulations. Also, if they had to pay taxes as a business, then that would put many people off. This is unless they can persuade thousands of other people to let them sell their media products for them to be able to make enough money. This is to pay their taxes and everything else. Alternatively, stricter censorship laws or laws on the sales of goods might put many people off. An example of stricter censorship laws is if you needed a lawyer to tell you what was legal or not or there was a real fear of you going to prison. And stricter laws on the sale of goods might mean things such as a book you write having to meet criteria such as following a particular grammar and not just any basic standard of English people learned at school. Or they could be any numbers of laws made that people would possibly have had enough of if they had to read about them all. Or legal compliance might be something that some people would find difficult without the money to pay for advice. They might need the help of a lawyer, a bookkeeper, an accountant and other people as well as professionally trained media specialists.

Are you a businessman or a media entrepreneur or are you possibly just a hobbyist still at heart? Or even, you might have had too much time on your hands and so you got out your old school textbooks and wrote a short story, painted a picture or you knew how to make a video. And possibly, as well, you ignored all health advice you’ve heard about computers. This might have been because people say things like ‘they don’t think there is a problem with them’. And you believed them. Or you could have used a computer because you found it relaxing to be creative when you are worried about not having a job. But now you perhaps after so many years using a computer might be genuinely worried. This is if it’s not too late for your health that you should have stopped already.

And people only really learned all the features they needed and all the buttons to press just at about the time their health became bad. But then, some features help you to use a computer faster and with less keying. And people could get even better at these with practice. But it still involved just a bit too much screen time, keying and sitting at a desk. Also, you’re never going to work again if you become ill. You could use your computer really remarkably faster, better and more easily than you ever did before. And this as well was when you might not have realized how serious your health was getting. Or you thought your computer could now even help you with your poor health. That might have been some fault in your thinking of your own making. Also, you might not have had good enough concentration or enough of a good mind to make the decisions you needed to well enough. Or with poor concentration, you could not really manage your computer properly at all. This is when you needed to manage it a lot better than you did to avoid health problems. Yet, this is often just if your doctor had not when you asked for medical advice told you to stop using your computer altogether. You could as well if it wasn’t making you so ill have been creative, occupied some time usefully and enjoyed your computer as a gift for entertainment and doing hobbies. But then, you might not have taken enough breaks, typed well enough or not used the assistive technologies at least sometimes where the fault really lay.

Also, perhaps, some people just don’t realize until they become sick and need help themselves how hard it will be to manage. And they don’t realize they will be in pain or their life effectively over when still not that old. Until it happens to them, they didn’t really think people their age got ill and died. Or some other wrong thinking like this meant they didn’t take it seriously enough. Or they thought there was some way round it that meant they could keep using their computers. This was if they just used their computer better. Or it is some other guilt trip. That is until people actually become ill and just want help with the pain. Also, it is until they can’t do chores around the house. Then, possibly, people can’t feel any mental anguish, want to change the world or be an artist.

The End

Brilliant Toys, Art and Life

Computers are wonderful gift to anyone or a wonderful thing to buy for you. But some people can't cope when they get them home and out the box and switch them on. They do creative arts on them and post their work online. Yet there is some addictive quality to it and people can take sometimes years to get used to their computers. It is just perhaps an enormous culture shock to have so much power readily available. And this is if the power they have is only to do their hobbies better, to look up interests they might have and to share their work online. This book is about all the people who struggled to cope, the types of tips that they used to help themselves and their trials and tribulations. Sometimes they railed against what seemed impossible and sometimes they thought it really was possible. Either way, it was falling down. Read this book to see what people were like who may now be dying out but who used their computers on their dining room tables, on their breakfast tables, in their bedrooms and their spare rooms. And they might really be as well all the people you hear about in press reports about changing the world with a laptop in your bedroom. Or they might not be. The reader can decide.

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Brilliant Toys, Art and Life Brilliant Toys, Art and Life