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Bridging The Gap

Conversations With Spirit


Council of Light, Army of Angels, Saints & Guides


Kimberly M. Quezada

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Kimberly M. Quezada

Edmonton, Alberta







This book would not be possible without the love and support of so many. I have wonderful friends and family that have been at my side during my long, emotional and thrilling journey. To Sharon,Pat, Leanne, Colton…thank you for urging me forward and all of your wonderful compliments that have fueled me into these realms. Your belief has spurred mine. Even in moments of doubt that what I was doing was even making a difference, there was always an email or a text or a visit confirming that Bridging the Gap is an important message and one that needs to continue. You have my heart.


To my Spiritual Council of Light and my Army of Angels…what can I say? This was my page one; my beginning and it has grown immensly. I start with your words because they were the first for me. I have grown and will continue to grow as I continue sharing messages from the other side that only show we return to Love.


And to Simon and Paul. How can I translate into words what this connection is or why you two have been so entangled with my spirit and my human existance without me even asking for it? You have always been relentless in your encouragement and your love. How could I ever reciprocate? The only thing I can think to do is pay it forward and to openly share messages from Spirit…to Bridge the Gap. So let’s bridge it.






The messages that you are about to read in Bridging the Gap have changed my life. Literally. The information is so powerful and has changed the way I relate to myself, my life, and to Spirit. It has opened my heart and mind and introduced me to possibilities that I had thought were only available to a few people with special psychic gifts.


I first met Kimberly Quezada a number of years ago in meditation class, during my own quest for spiritual understanding and growth. She is one of those rare people that when I first met her there was an instant connection. Since then, that connection has grown and I am grateful that she has become a trusted advisor and friend, who keeps it real and will always tell it like it is from a place of love. No censoring. No judgment.


Kimberly has a beautiful gift of connecting with the Divine. Bridging the Gap is a collection of channels where she leads you on a journey of discovery, taking you into the unseen and seemingly mysterious world of Spirit, Angels, and Spirit Guides. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have coffee and a chat with Spirit; to ask questions and receive guidance from the Divine? To ask Spirit how they view Earth and life from their new perspective? To receive reassurance and hope about the future of humanity and advice on how to handle life’s biggest lessons? You will find all of that here…and so much more.


Messages from her Spiritual Council of Light provide reassurance, hope and support; while conversations with her sweet and loving Spirit Guide, Simon, are deep and thought provoking. With her Spirit friend, Paul, she brings the worlds of Spirit and human closer together by chatting about the topics of today’s challenging world in a candid, truthful and humorous way that makes you feel like you are sitting with friends.


It is my hope that Bridging the Gap will inspire you, as it has me, to ask your own questions, to open your heart to Spirit, and as Kimberly’s Spirit buddy, Paul, says “to pick up the phone” and connect in your own way to yourself and to Spirit. This is where there is magic and everything is possible.










Have you ever found a personal diary from when you were in junior high school and started reading it but by the end feeling completely mortified and a little amused that this was how you wrote, felt, and were to the world at that time? This collection of channelings and conversations was that for me. Cringe worthy yet so sentimental.


I am an automatic writer and intuitive. I’ve been labeled weird and misunderstood for a long time. I never really new why until I heard a voice, one night, asking me to pick up a pen and put it to paper. After that night, I knew. I knew why I was weird or that I was strange or that I was one of those sheep colored black. I wrote the words of ghosts.


It didn’t start as ghosts. I was introduced to a ‘Spiritual Council of Light’. They would come in as the atmosphere around me would shift. They were unconditional love and They would come around daily to assist me in practicing and honing my new ‘gift’. I graduated myself from pen and paper (too much time) to keyboards on laptops or desktop computers as my Council continuously taught me that the Universe was forever expanding, that I wasn’t alone and that They were there to support my human experience as much as I would allow Them to. They told me I was a writer and this is how I would communicate. This hasn’t changed. Then I was introduced to an army of thousands; my Army of Angels. To distinguish the two…one was more tough love where the other was always soft. Tough love…that was my Council who then introduced me to my Spirit Guide, Kroptec. She was around for a changing of the guard so I could get to know my Spirit Guide, Simon. I have never looked back.


After a few months of being a ‘scribe’ for Angels and Councils, Masters and ETs…the real ghosts came in the form of what a person might label a ‘celebrity’. One day, not even knowing who this guy was, a man named Paul Walker shows up at my desk while I’m at work; the single biggest WTF moment of my life. But that’s a story for another book.


I did the yoga, I did the meditation, I read the books, wrote the fiction and I shuffled the cards but until I actually transcribed words and feelings from Benevolent Beings…I really didn’t understand what spirituality was. I equated it to religion but…it wasn’t that. It was bigger. So, what is Bridging the Gap? It’s bringing Earth and Heaven together the only way I know how to.


With words.


The conversations are from the very beginning of my journey until July 2017. This book has no table of contents. It is for the reader to flip through or to read my journey as it happens. I have realized that practice does make perfect in regards to channeling. I’m still not perfect. I still let my monkey brain get in there sometimes but I have noticed a marked difference in my earlier channelings to the latest. This book is my long road that I have chosen to share with all of you.


I have a blog but these channelings will no longer be available there after this book is published. This will not be the only book. If you go to the blog, you will know why. If you would like to read the other beautiful Spirits I have channeled, head on over to www.irishyogini.wix.com/authorpage and check it out. For now, I have corrected and formatted these words while leaving the obvious growth, I feel I have accomplished throughout the years, within the pages. The dates are listed. Welcome to my junior high school diary. While there are no crushes…although Simon comes close for a lot of people…there is still lots of love. Please take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Not everyone is going to agree on spirituality; of writings from ETs, ghosts or angels but sharing is educating and that is what I am committed to do.


And So It Is,




My Spirituality


October 3, 2012


The topic of Spirituality or Religion is uncomfortable for some people to discuss but in my meditations yesterday I got the massage to share so that’s what I am doing. You do not argue with voices. I have not been a practicing Catholic for a long time and coming from a heavy Catholic upbringing I’m going against the natural flow. However, I came across a prayer yesterday that I have forgotten but that was impressed upon me again. In the past couple of months I have found strength from different spiritual beings; one being the Goddess Brigid who I have called upon in the event of my niece’s birth, Brigid being the Patroness of midwifery among other things. I have also been calling upon St. Francis of Assisi, Patron Saint of animals and the environment. With the loss of my furry baby Zoey, I needed his energy to get through the worst of it. I am also a big supporter of mother earth and call upon St. Francis to help her in her time of rebirth. The prayer that I came across, while thinking of my Zoster Toaster, was Channel of Your Peace. Wow! What an amazing touching message for all. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, or Jew. The message remains the same. Peace, Love, Hope, Comfort; things that, as part of this earth, we need to adopt and practice. I am not perfect. I was born in a human body and have many faults of my own that I work at every day but I can say, as a mother of two sensitive and loving children, I try my best to show positive qualities to everyone that cross my path on a daily basis. My family is not a religious family. We are spiritual. I do make a point of praying with my children before they sleep. A prayer that was taught to me by one of my yoga instructors, Paul


I am calling forth from the great flame of life within my heart

Hundreds of thousands of rhythmic waves of Divine love

Making my body young and healthy

More beautiful peaceful and harmonious in my physical, mental and spirit sites of life

As events of this world and my world confront me each day


My spiritual path in this life, so far, has allowed me to use many tools from different religions. I meditate with both Buddhist and Hindu mantras, I pray with Tibetan prayer beads, I call upon the energies of the Ascended Maters and use the energies of nature as Wiccans do. It has all made me who I am today. I am of the belief that I am the Universe and the Universe is within me. In my meditation group yesterday, my friend and “guru” Zenna told us we have a trinity within ourselves; the ego, the body and the soul. This parallels the meaning of yoga; the bringing together of the mind, body and spirit. These are my beliefs. I don’t need to look outward for my peace, I need to look within and when I am at peace with myself I can share it with those around me. Zenna has also told us if something doesn’t resonate with you then listen, acknowledge that you heard it, then let it pass. If you resonate with knowledge shared, accept it.


I felt lost at times trying to find a religion that I could feel I belonged to but I don’t belong to just one. I belong to many because the root of them is a beautiful thing. It is at that root where I choose to be. Humanity would like to think that we are separate from each other but we are not. We are individual puzzle pieces connected together to reveal a majestic piece of art.


I give thanks to St. Francis for reminding me of those quiet moments in a church when people sang his prayer and the effect of those words on a heart. I give thanks to him for giving me peace about Zoey.




Love and Light




Individuality…Where Did It Go?


March 19, 2013


I was sitting quietly in meditation today, trying to just be, when those damn voices went off. Every time they come, I usually just let them pass like clouds but this was different. This wasn’t the monkey mind that jumps from place to place but an actual thought that was planted and begged for discussion so I thought I would indulge it. Now, it really is a personal topic and may be just ramblings on my part but I thought I would share anyway. You have been warned.


What ever happened to individuality? It seems society has become insistent on mimicking those around them, especially who we consider as being better than or having more than us. Why? The fingerprints on our fingers tell us that we are all unique. We have our own paths in this life but for some reason the paths next to us seem a lot better. I don’t believe this to be true.


Why do we put pressure on ourselves to conform to a way of life that is good for one person but is not such a great fit for us? It makes this life a struggle for another person’s destiny is not our own. I would like to see this mould that everyone talks about. I keep picturing this huge machine that a person steps into one way and comes out the other side looking like the one before. Picture a human race where a woman looked like one person and a man looked like another, for example, Barbie and Ken. (Ridiculous I know but you have been warned). The conversation I have in my head is hilarious.


“Oh Kimberly, you’ve married a wonderful man. He looks and acts just like mine.”

I nervously laugh back, “Yeah, I guess he does. How great.” Inside I’m actually saying, “Oh shit what have I done?”


Not that there’s anything wrong with Ken. My point being where is the beauty in that? I’ve always walked around people watching and am amazed at the differences in the various people that walk past me. The differences are what make us beautiful as human beings. There is no reason for constantly apologizing for being ourselves. Different people have different mental, physical, and emotional make ups. It’s what makes us who we are. Some may not resonate with us and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean that they’re worse or better.


Is there a fear of being our true selves just in case we’re squashed down and told you’re stupid, that’s ridiculous, you don’t know what you’re talking about… when we should all be celebrated for having different opinions and having different experiences. That, to me, is part of the joy of learning. Yes there’s school but there’s also a lot learned just by having a conversations with someone waiting for the bus or waiting in line at the grocery store.


Our beauty is in our differences. We are perfectly imperfect. Love You and cover your mirror in kisses. I’ve said these things before. My belief is that when the practice of acceptance, respect, love and honor is shared, especially with ourselves, this world will glow from within.


Ever have a really bad day? Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you still say “I love you” or do you tell yourself something like “I’m so pathetic.” The image reflected back would change dramatically if you stood there, looked yourself in the eye and told yourself that You love You. I am who I am and it is greatness. Easier said than done, I know this.


This is not to give permission to people to become assholes. Again, acceptance, respect, love and honor. We were not born to tear each other apart, ridicule or abuse. We are here to be us. Simple.


Stay on your own true path for you are your own person. High five yourself, and those around you, for being awesome. Walk around this world putting your best foot forward and smile because your beauty is in your differences.


These are only my personal opinions. If they resonate with you your welcome. Pass it on.



I Love You Always,





What Is Wrong


December 17, 2013


Today is one of those days that I have way too much time to think. I carry on with my job but at this point I could do my job with my eyes closed so when a monotonous task comes along, my mind wanders and wonders. Here I am again with the wonderings. Of course, they are only my own. What I write about is a personal and touchy subject so I have warned you & if you’re easily offended, please close it down.


I was listening in on a conversation today; the way I quietly eavesdrop on talks is quite impressive really. It was about the idea of what is wrong. Not ‘how are you feeling? is everything okay?’ but the idea behind the word. By definition, it is an unjust, dishonest, or immoral action. Sure. Sounds about right. I don’t argue the definition. What I was thinking was; who is the one to make the rules on what IS wrong.


From the time we come into this world we are taught how to do things; talk, play, read, write, listen. The basic tasks are a learning curve that we experience. We relied on our parents, our families, our friends and teachers to show us what is good and to be kind to each other; to treat others with respect and to share. What they felt was morally right, was passed down to us so we knew what was the right thing to do and what was so definitely wrong to do.


Then we grow. We have experiences; we cultivate street sense and a little bit of smarts. We go see our parents for Sunday supper and tell them stories of the laughs we had that week but one day they don’t laugh with us. They maybe frown and say ‘well that was wrong of you’ when your experience tells you that it was absolutely right. Confusion sets in.


Whose to judge? Isn’t it our responsibility to listen to ourselves, our gut, to tell us what is wrong or right? You would think that if something made you feel very bad it would be wrong to do. I find it’s completely different from one individual to the next and that there are personal reasons for that. I don’t write this to assume another’s position. I write this as a curious topic for me.


If society claims one thing and I live by their rules but feel something is not right, is it my responsibility to act on it? Do I stand up for what I believe and be rebellious; consequently, with my rebellious attitude, I am looked down upon by another just because my wrong and their wrong are different. I fully admit my guilt of making my own judgments about individuals and calling them out on behaviors that I believe to be wrong but are so obviously right for them. Why wouldn’t they do the same toward me?


There are many factors that play a role in this. Let’s briefly touch on a couple; politics and religion. Again, these are touchy and sensitive issues but you have been warned.


I respect religion. I was raised in a heavy Catholic family and went to Catholic schools. As I have written before, I meditate with both Buddhist and Hindu mantras, I pray with Tibetan prayer beads, I call upon the energies of the Ascended Masters and use the energies of nature as Wiccans do. It has all made me who I am today. I am of the belief that I am the Universe and the Universe is within me. I just cannot believe that a man, with a beard, in some clouds, has created us in his perfect image and we are sent down to earth but warned that if we do not follow his laws and we come back to him, after our time is done, that he will not let us sit at his right hand if we’ve done wrong. It’s not acceptable to me that our whole lives are scrutinized so closely by this benevolent being. In my mind, we are sent here to make mistakes, to learn how to better ourselves and to live in peace and mutual respect with each other.


I don’t believe in a judgment day. With all the tyrants that have led countries and broken nations, I cannot believe that these individuals were sent down to some world of fire and brimstone, having their arses poked once in a while as a punishment for what wrong they have done.


As these individuals ran their countries I don’t think they, even for a second, thought they were doing wrong. I think their egos, addicted to power and prestige, were insisting their actions were right; that they were making the world a better place for their persecution of innocence and beautiful human spirits, that, by being allowed to live would have made this world even more wonderful then it is. But these persecuted individuals, by no guilt of their own have been silenced because their religion, color, gender, or political views were claimed to be wrong.


I live my life in a way that I try very hard to look on both sides. I try to find justification for both sides of the coin but, in truth, I want them to pay. I want to believe that they will get what is coming to them. This is really not up to me or anyone else. In fact we all pay. We all lose something of ourselves witnessing the wrongful actions of others.


We seem to be led, as a flock, down paths that were built for us whether it was ours to walk or not. Are we so brainwashed by the powers that be and/or society that we’ve forgotten our own morality because how we live is based on another’s? Have we given enough thought to what WE are about, as individuals, to know our own truth and what is wrong to us?


Wars, inequality (socially and economically), children picking through garbage for a ‘decent’ meal, animals humiliated and abused because they are a ‘lesser form of life’. This is wrong and we watch it happening every single day but most of us do nothing about it. Are we in the wrong and what’s our punishment? We all suffer for the wrong done to others and we all pay the consequences. Maybe not directly but our hearts bleed, our eyes cry, our spirits hurt. Or, we become so blind because we don’t want to see it anymore that arrogance sets in. This is wrong.


So what is right?


For starters, believing in the power of good and decency. Realizing that for every personal action there is a personal consequence, good or bad. Looking at your neighbor without judgment but maybe with a little more patience and understanding. Planting your feet in another’s shoes and walking a little ways to realize that this person, who seems to have everything, maybe dying a little everyday inside. We don’t know what others’ go through in a day but showing a little compassion in the face of another’s torment would go a long way.


I have done wrong in my life sometimes without even knowing it. I’m no angel and I’ll be the first to admit it. The night has a funny way of making a person lay there and think back on the day and feel guilt over something they feel they have done wrong. Maybe it truly was or maybe it was pressed upon them by outside influences. Either way, the next day is a clean canvas. There are opportunities to do right in the world whatever that may be. If an action has allowed the heart to grow just a little in size and put the curve to a smile then, to me, there was no wrong done.


If I am wrong to write something that has provoked conversation then I accept responsibility but if this has made just one person stop and take a moment to contemplate, without personal morals or judgments getting in the way, then I thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings.


I Love You Always,





Channeled Message from my Spiritual Council of Light


April 20, 2015



And so we begin.


We come forth to bring much assurance to you, Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the light, that all is well and all is playing out as it is supposed to. There has been much confusion about where the world is supposed to be, how things can be fixed, how people can get along and how there can be peace in your world as it seems that every day there is more and more news about political strife and infighting as well as war and more threats from those that wish to control the masses, having humanity believe that this is a lost cause. It is not. It is what is meant to be and how this is to play out. We, those that reside behind the veil and watch with great anticipation, know that all is not lost. The time for war has passed. The time for more violence has passed and the reason for this is because those that are willing to break the karmic wheel of war have won. There is no more need for war but the residual effects of past karma from these lands must be played out. The old must crumble to make way for the beautiful new that will emerge because it has to. The time for playground fights has come to an end and the bullies have grown up and are now playing on the same teams.


There were potentials, many years ago, that humanity would not get this far in their evolution but the power of love and the Divine is strong and when so many of those have stood up and said no, the world and the earth listened. Humanity is tired of the fighting and wishes for peace and any wishes that are made from loving hearts will always win out. There will be much change in the political futures of those in power now. There will be governments whose only wish is for the people of your lands to have their say, for equality among the sexes and for equal rights for all. Congratulations to those that have decided to read our words because you, Dearest Hearts, have been the ones who have gotten this ball rolling. We wish for you to know that what is in your media will start to change. It has already. The rules of those that have made the masses conform are not holding power any longer. Have you seen, Dearest Hearts, how the image of a woman has changed? How women are standing up for natural beauty and putting photos up of how they are, naturally, and how beautiful they are in doing this? Have you seen, Dearest Hearts, the love between the same sex, being shared and valued for what it is, a beautiful love? Have you seen, Dearest Hearts, the balance of law and order being shifted as the people will not put up with more unfair and unjust violence against their youth because they are a different color or race? This is all changing and it is because those that wish for change are saying no. ‘No more. This will not do. How can we continue to live like this?’ And by these words and actions, slowly but surely, this is bringing about change.


We have heard prayers for change and they are being answered and we must ask you to continue to look at yourselves, within your own hearts and to notice the beautiful and good in yourselves that you are uncovering is having a ripple effect that is spreading out into the world. We have witnessed the small acts of paying it foreword, even buying lunch for a stranger or wishing someone a good day is making a difference. Countless times, we have witnessed people going about their daily lives and a certain person will be in the foulest of moods because they feel as if nothing is going right and then another person will offer them a smile and a small greeting and the perception has changed and the foul mood has been lifted, if only for a little while. Small acts of kindness spread like a spark in a dry wood. These are the things that initiate good feelings in one’s being and, in turn, have it ripple out to those that need to feel the good energy of these acts.


We wish for the people of earth to find a cause; a cause which will make others think and contribute. We do not wish for a cause of resistance, war, violence, or pitting one person against another. It is causes like feeding the homeless, handing out flowers just because. It is causes like raising monetary funds for those that have nothing, namely animals and your dearest Mother Earth. It is getting together as adults to show the youth there are more important things than substance abuse and risky behaviors that will only lead to more darkness in your world. It is the youth that will change this world and we wish for those of you now, who are around children or young adults, to be the example and live with integrity. Practice as you preach only if the preaching is from the highest of intention. These are the things we are witnessing and we celebrate their effects and wish this to spread. The youth need the support and not the criticism.


It is not in the accumulation of things that this world will continue to turn but in the generosity of hearts and spirit that will raise the vibration of this earth so much that it will be a beacon of light to the rest of the Universe. Generous hearts are led by love and as people watch as the generosity flows, they can’t help but contribute to it. There are choices on your planet that people make every day but the taking and taking is turning into generous giving of thyself and acceptance is the outcome. Some will read this message and not resonate with it at all and that is okay. It is our hope that one will read this and it will get them thinking that yes, I can buy a coffee for the person behind me and yes, I can offer to walk my ill neighbor’s dog and yes, I can put a couple of items from my grocery bag into the bin for the various food banks of your world. It does not have to always be about money but it can be little moments of your time that can make a big impact as well.


Yes, I can read to my child instead of watching television. Yes, I can help my neighbor mow their grass because they cannot get to it. Yes, we can go to the park for the afternoon and take some time to be in nature instead of fighting to get our chores done.


It is in these acts that minds can be quieted and the good feelings can creep in. It is coming spring in these parts and there is something to be said about your saying, stop and smell the roses. Stop and offer a smile. Stop and hold a door open or stop and walk through the park if only to connect to something bigger than yourself for a moment.


Thank you to those that read our message and realize what a big difference you are making in the smallest of ways. Thank you for your time and thank you for your love. Thank you for realizing that you are your own leader and that you are the example the world has been waiting for. Love is Father sky and Mother earth and humanity is the conduit in the middle of all that can receive it and spread it like a spark in a dry forest and the ripple from a pebble in a pool. The Universe works as a whole and humanity is always connected to this and once realized, can make this world the very thing it was meant to be…peace. In love and light we leave you. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Spiritual Council of Light.



Channeled Message from the Army of Angels


May 3 ‘15



And so we begin. 


As you entered this world as infants, you were never alone and it was easier, as a child, to know this. You saw us around you, being so young and innocent, because nothing of this world had touched you yet. We wish for this to be the way of it again. We wish for those dear souls on earth to be able to feel their spirit guides and angels and know that these Benevolent and Divine Beings are working for the soul purpose of You. Did you realize how many of us, from the spiritual worlds, are with you at all times, in love, to watch over you? We offer our protection, our truth, our love, our light. We offer you our guidance and communications. We offer you heaven on earth and to assist you in being the co-creator of your existence here. We urge you to be that child again and know that we are around to be called upon in all times and not just in those times of need. We are here when you afraid of love. We are here when you are afraid of yourselves because we are within and around you and we understand and support all that your spirit must go through on this earth. Some of you know this and some of you have an inkling of this. some of you think that which you see out of the corner of your eye is a figment of your imagination or a ghost story but we must tell you that this is not so. We point you in the right direction at all times. It is only up to you to see the signs. Do you feel the beating of your heart and the feeling in the pit of your belly when something does not feel right? Do you feel the loving warmth of relief and trust when things go exactly as planned? Your spiritual teams and angelic teams are never far behind and we must tell you that you are more than capable of speaking to us at all times and we hear every single word.


On the day you chose to come to this earth you understood that it was a world of free will and choice and although we came with you and stayed close beside you at all times, it was your choice to stop seeing us there. With the rules of your world, you forgot that you have help from the heavens and that you are actually Creators and Masters yourself. You now thought, as you got older and started in school, that you answered to those around you and lost yourself in another’s opinions and another’s thoughts and feelings. You’ve forgotten yourself. You’ve forgotten your spirit and those of the unseen that came with you to help you along your way. And then, one day, when you were old enough to realize that something was missing, you felt incredibly alone with no one to turn to. We now urge you to turn to us. Trust in what you were born with; your innate ability to connect with the God inside and the power that holds for you. You have been taught for a long time that you must rely on others around you to live your lives but it is not so. You must reconnect with that which is you. This is the first step in self-fulfillment; to love oneself and to connect with that which is Divine. It does not happen with a blessing or an acknowledgement from some other individual to tell you that you are ready to connect with a higher power. You’ve had that ability since the day you arrived on earth and it is time, Dearest Hearts, that you take back that power and know of us again. We are here and we urge you to recognize That which we are and take our hands and offer of guidance to pull you back to your self-mastery and self-love. It is in this way, when you start seeing yourself as love and beauty, that you can then be the example for the world. When you ask us in, be aware of the little ways that we will make ourselves known. Synchronicity in numbers, songs, sparkles of light, voices in your head that do no talk down to you but tell you how much you’re loved. We are one, you and I. We are one. You have the whole of the universe within you. You, Dearest Human Being, have your spirit, your ancestors, your spiritual guides, and your angels. You, Dearest Human Being, have God within. Source and Creator of all has made you in his/her image. You are of the heavens and as a child would, you, the reader, must realize this in yourself. It is a powerful time to be able to connect with us and there is no formality in it. It just is. It is as simple as a flowing river and as simple as a breeze on your face. It is as simple as watching the clouds roll by and gazing up at the stars in your night sky and knowing that you are a part of something so much grander than what you live in this moment. You are living many lives simultaneously. You are living your past, your present, and your futures all at once and for every moment you live we are with you. We are your courage and we are your health. We are your assurance that your spirit goes on when you are finished here and leave for the next. We are your companions, every single step of the way, and we never tire of carrying you when you are exhausted with your earthly existence and cannot move another step. We wish to be that for you always and in every way. You can never ask us enough for help. With every single star that you gaze upon, that is how many times we wish for you to call on our energies for every time we are able to help you see the light of God within yourself, there is another star added to the universe with your name on it as an award for how far you have come. Be aware that there is so much more to this than what meets the eye. Be aware that you are so much more than what you believe yourself to be. Be aware of your eternal flame, the flame that lights your heart. For some, it has dimmed but we are here to fan the flame to make it spread to the corners of your earth. We are here. We are with you. You are never alone and all is as it should be. We are love and we are light and we eagerly await the day when you realize that you are the same. It is in this love and light that we leave you. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Army of Angels



Channeled Message from my Spiritual Council of Light


May 8 ‘15



And so we begin.


Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the light, We are the Spiritual High Council of Light here to communicate with you at this time. And so it is the time where those who are interested in such things will take the time to read our message and ponder the meaning, why it is written, is it true, is it false? Why you are so drawn to messages from an unseen energy? Will it tell you the future? Will it tell you that everything will be okay? We are here to tell you, with all the love of the Universe, that things are playing out on your beautiful planet as they are supposed to. So why do you fear?


Do you fear change?


Yes, change, in its very definition, is very unsettling and scary because change brings the unknown. What if the unknown was better than what was? What if change appeared to be bad at first but opened so many beautiful paths that one didn’t realize what they were so nervous about to begin with? There is one constant in the Universe. It is change. Things begin, things end, things continue, things transform. People come and people go but, Dearest Hearts, the energy never dies. Energy is shifting; it is changing and with this, it is either disruptive or welcomed but always puts things back into a place of Divinity and Benevolence. Your Mother Earth has been shifting and changing. Everything on your beautiful earth is always changing. Your earth must shift and in those shifts there is destruction, there is power, there is loss but in this loss there is the breath of something new; a phoenix out of the ashes you may dare to say.


Do you fear loss?


Do you fear death?


These are both examples of immense change and yet, they seem to be the biggest unknown to all; the biggest fear. We, Dearest Hearts, are here to tell you that death is an illusion. There is no death. Death is a transition, a graduation, a celebration. Death, as you would call it, is simply change to us. Change from one form to another. Change from one place to another. There is no ending in death for it is a great beginning. Your belief will be your truth. But what do you believe? Do you judge?


Do you fear judgement for your beliefs?


How were you raised? What were you told? What did someone else tell you was right? What did someone else tell you was wrong? How did this sit with you and if information did not sit well with you, did you speak up or did you stay quiet because you feared what others would think of you? Know yourself. Know your truth. Your beautiful human life is based on what YOU, the individual, resonates with. You were raised by well-meaning family. They taught you what they believed to be truth. Then there was a time where you chose your own path. Did you fear it or did you courageously walk it? Did you walk the walk and did you talk the talk or was your life surrounded in secrecy and fear? Why did you fear? You are created in the image of the one true Source. There is no judgement there, only acceptance and love. We, behind the veil, do not look at a checklist and check off what you did right and what you did wrong. We welcome you with open arms and celebrate all that was you for you are You; an individual that was put on earth to live a life so full and so blessed. All that you are and all that you do is Divinely guided and never judged.


So what do you fear?


There is nothing to fear. Fear is stifling. It is binding. It holds a soul back from integrity and greatness. It bends to the will of others when the will of You is what will bring abundance and prosperity in all ways and in all things. You, Dearest Brothers and Sisters, are energy. You are change. What is good today may not be good tomorrow. It is all for a purpose. You have a purpose. Let go and let flow. Be that which you feel. Be in touch with that which you call emotion. Be That; the I Am. Simply be. Be the example of ease and grace. Be the example of love and light. Be that which God has created in his/her image. Be the universe, be the stars. Be the sun. Be the heavens. This Universe, including your Earth and those that dwell on Her, were never meant to be stagnant. Everything is in constant motion. Do not fight it but flow with it.


You, Dearest Human and Child of Source, are here for a purpose. It is when you realize this purpose that you will walk with chin held high, knowing that you have a mission to be the example and to live your highest truth. When you recognize this within yourself, there will be nothing left to fear and everything to gain. You will recognize your greatness in all things. You will recognize that you have everything at your feet and you will be the one true example that leads others to find their courage and their strength when they look in the mirror.


Do you fear your reflection?


Do you fear what is staring back at you?


What is staring back at you, as you watch yourself in the mirror, is beauty and light. It is your differences that make you unique and radiant. When you take the time to look at yourself, with no judgement and no fear at what looks back at you, our Dearest Brothers and Sisters, you have transformed into everything you were born to be and in this, you transform and grow with your Earth. You have let go of your biggest obstacle and accepted all that you are and you are ready to bravely go as the warrior you are here to be and fight for the light of all to spread; to raise the vibration of your world. Change is constant; change is the one constant in this Universe. The Universe is within each and every one of you and so you will transform with it and become what you wish to see in others. Let go, let flow. Let go, let God. Let go and see love. Let go, release fear and reclaim…You.


Fear not.


And so we leave you in light and love. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Spiritual Council of Light



Channeled Message from Source


May 18, 2015





I should tell you guys that I was channeling a message from my Spiritual Council of Light and all of a sudden it got very quiet and this immense and emotional energy came in. I knew at once that I needed to step aside as much as possible and let them speak. So, I let them speak….



I step in at a time when no one expects Me to. I step in when those that read the message need to hear Me and feel My presence, and yet, never ask for Me; always assuming that moment to be in prayer. Have you forgotten who I am? Have you forgotten that I am everywhere and in everything for the sole purpose which is You? I do not need protocol. I do not need permission. I do not need a perfect time or place. All I need is You.


Have you forgotten we are one? Have you forgotten that we are not separate entities but the same? Have you forgotten that My house is not in structures of worship but within you? Have you forgotten that I Am as You Are? Shall I remind you? As a father needs to remind his children of the love that is forever and could never end? Then I shall. As your Father I shall remind you…I am here.


I am in everything. I am in the steps you take, I am in the weeds you pull. I am in the bird that chirps its morning call and I am in the cricket that says good night. I am in the sun that beats down and I am in the moon that watches the night. I am in the stars that you wish upon as they fall and I am in the wish that you call. I Am That I Am and I Am that is You. I have created you from that which is Me so why do you forget me for I Am You. I am large enough to hold the Universe in my hand yet I am small enough to live within your heart. I am your mother and I am your father. I am your friend and I am your foe. And yet, you have forgotten Me.


I hear your every thought and I hear your every word. I feel your every happiness and I feel your every sadness. I know of your guilt and I know of your confusions. I know of your “right” and I know of your “wrong”. I did not give these to you so that you could harbor a belief that I would judge them. I gave you these things for you to learn and grow from lessons that only you could learn. But through it all, through everything that you have been through why have you not called? Why have you not called my name? Are you too proud? Do you not believe that I, your Father, would not come immediately because I was not called during worship?


Call upon Me as you go about your day to day. Call upon Me as you walk upon your earth needing direction. Call upon Me to hold you close as you face your fears; as you face your life. Call upon Me at a moment’s notice. I will be there. You are my child. I will be there. I have created You. not because I felt the earth needed one more body. I created you because I felt the earth needed one more body; a Somebody. I do not make hasty decisions. We have worked together over millennia to get you where you are today. Together, we have created your life. But I have not left you alone. I am with you, all around, waiting for you to feel my presence and understand that I am on your side. No matter what’s been done. I am on Your side.


I do not judge. I do not punish. I do not seek revenge. I am your Father and My Love for you is unconditional. I am the Creator of all and as such I have created You in that image. You are everything to Me and You are Everything. You are that which I am. You are My child and as such you are God.


Do not forget Me for if this has come to pass, You have forgotten Yourself. Do not forget Yourself. Look within and what will you find? That which is Your Divinity. That which is Me. You were born for a higher purpose than what you assume. Look within, find Me and together we will create You.


I have not forgotten You. You are my child. I have not forgotten You. I wrap you in the love of My angels. I wrap you in the love of Me. I wrap you in the love of a Master, your Brother, who is here to show you your mastery and in this, unveil the You which is Me; The Creator.


Let us find each other in the day to day of life. Let us find each other without pretense. Let us find each other in the place where we meet when you are unaware for I greet you every day in your heart.


No, you have not forgotten me. Welcome home. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.





The Titles You Wear – Army of Angels


June 13, 2015


Dearest Hearts, this is your Army of Angels here to communicate with you at this time. We do not wish to give a long communication as we know that our scribe is very busy with her children and it is hard for her to take a moment to deliver our message at this time. So, we will be short.


Who are you? What do you call yourselves? We are always curious about those titles in which you call yourselves, that you have even passed on to those in the realms of the Universe so that you can have some sort of connection with them by name. We are also curious if you like the titles that you have assumed. There are job titles. There are personal titles. There are titles that make you bigger. There are titles that make you appear smaller. Have you, Dearest Hearts, ever looked at what you have decided to call yourselves and wonder why? Why is there a code of stature? We, in the angelic realms, find this perplexing as you are all equal in the eyes of Source. Do you title yourself so you feel bigger or does someone title you to have your position lower than theirs? Do you often see yourself by that which you are called? To us though, you must understand, there is no hierarchy. There was never supposed to be but it has come about, on your world, where there has to be so everyone is in their specific place and that is where they must be for this life. We will let you in on a little secret in which we laugh with love because most of you don’t know the truth. You, Dearest Child of Source, can be anyone you want to be at any time in all ways. There is nothing stopping you from being who you are; who you truly are. In all honesty, you have the grandest title that someone could ever have. You are You. Did you realize that title grants you anything you desire if you could only realize the potential of that phrase? You are You. You are beautiful and You are divine. You are magic and You are love. You are the Universe. The Universe dwells within each and every single one of you as the Creator energy. There is no title that could honor that as well as the title that is You. Dearest Hearts, we do understand that humans put names to everything to understand the way life works but one day, this will not have to be. Do not limit yourself by titles. This is the old and there is much new that is waiting to appear when you undo the ties of limited consciousness to welcome in the limitless consciousness. We could not be any clearer. You are a manager, a supervisor, a president or a royalty already. It is already within You. Did you know this, Dearest Ones? We, on the other side of the veil, consider You one of us and we do not use titles. We are one and it is in this oneness that we welcome the one and only You. Be present in yourself. Consider that which you are made of for you are made of stars, and infinite possibility. This is not limiting. You, Dearest Child of Source, are eternal. How could you ever fit that on a business card? We honor you as the human You are and the spirit You have been for lifetimes before this one. We honor your very existence on this planet as You. We could not be more honored to work on Your behalf. So, if we, the angels, can think so highly of You, how could You not. Do not limit yourself by a title for you are You. And so we leave You in the light and love of the creator and we honor that which is You. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Army of Angels



New You – Spiritual Council of Light


June 19, 2015



Yes, and so we begin.


Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the Light. We, the Spiritual Council of Light, are here to communicate with you at this time. We are here to fill your spirits; your beings with the love of the Universe as well as the love of Source for which you all have within you at all times as the Creator energies; as the energies of self-mastery, as the energies of Self.


Dearest Hearts, you now live in a time of awakening, where there is nothing to fear anymore. The old has dropped or is dropping away to reveal the new and glowing You. So what does this mean? It means that your world has shifted to rise up to meet the energies of love and that which is finished in your life is disappearing. There are two ways to look at this; with fear or with courage. We prefer the latter. We see many dear souls who go into fear, wondering what is happening and why so much is falling away from their lives at this time. It can be confusing as relationships that were once wonderful seem so difficult; jobs that you have worked so hard for have now lost their fulfillment. Activities have also changed and you wonder what is happening. It is exciting, for the new you is emerging and leaving what no longer serves you to the side so you may concentrate on what fills you.


You were not put on this beautiful planet to fit in with the “normalcy” of a certain way of life. You were born to this planet to make Your way of life. It used to be that a person would simply do what was the status quo but we would like you all to know that you are all the status quo. There is no normal in the way you think. It is the new normal and it all begins with You, Dearest Hearts.


We urge you not to fear what is falling apart, rather, look at what it has revealed to you. Has there been new opportunities presenting themselves to you that you had never even thought of? Have there been new people in your life that have stepped in and connected with you as if you have known each other before? Has there been new ways of feeling about situations; a sense that you are waiting for the other shoe to drop? There is no other shoe. There is simply new and it is time to accept it and grasp it with your two hands to welcome everything into your brand new life.


How, you may ask, do you know your life is changing for the better when all you see around yourself is remnants of the past clinging and laying all around you? Dearest Hearts, it is with love that we tell you to look in the mirror. You are the ones that are the living proof rising up as magic and as miracles. You now have that Midas touch if you only believed that your new Self is capable of it. Do not think yourself so small because you feel as if everything that you ever were is gone. No, for what is being left behind is a Master and a Manifestor. You all have the gift of prosperity and abundance when you are able to let go of that which no longer serves you to accept the new that is awaiting you. It is already here and is simply in front of you as your reflection in the mirror. It is only You, Dearest Brothers and Sisters, who choose to believe that you are not capable of these things when that is not so.


It is time to take a breath and step into the life that you have been dreaming about for so long. It is time, as you like to say, to take that bull by its horns. It is time to understand that you have all the power of the Universe within you. You are a co-creator of your existence. You are that piece of the Creator that can manifest the life you want at any time you want it. It is only you that stands in your way. We are here to tell you it does not have to be that hard because you have your Spiritual Teams just waiting to bring it all to you as you decide to put in the work to achieve the prosperity and abundance that is already yours.


It is the time on this planet that the souls who dwell here have it within them to be That which they have always thought to elude them because they don’t believe they are worthy or special enough. We, in the higher realms, wait with baited breath as, one by one, you realize just how powerful you all really are and what you can do with the power of Love will astonish not only us but you as well. We repeat, as you break away from the old ideas and beliefs, you welcome that which has already been sparked within you; your creations. You are a Manifestor, you are a Master. You are the Inventor and you are the Magician. You are the Creator and you are the Miracle that you have been waiting for so long to see outside of you. It has never been outside of you. How could it ever when it has already been birthed within? It will emerge as no one is to be left behind. It is easier, Dearest Hearts, when you willingly come along for the ride for it is your ride. Let go of that which no longer serves you with appropriateness and love. Understand who you really are and welcome the changes that you see. Ask us for our guidance and assistance at all times. Ask us to show you the appropriate path to take at a moment’s notice and we will show you in ways that you will always understand.


These are changing times. They are fraught with energies of the Universe which, at times, can be chaotic and heavy. We understand that as you go through life it can be hard enough to just get through the day. Dearest Hearts, at the end of it, when you can sigh out the day and know that whatever is happening is happening for your highest purpose, that moment you close your eyes to join us behind the veil, you have just starting accepting and putting into motion the change and the new you. And so we leave you now in Love and Light. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Spiritual Council of Light



Channeled Message from the Ancestors


June 25, 2015



And so we begin with an introduction to who we are. We are The Ancestors through time and space. Some of us have lived where you are, others have not but we come in the energy of oneness with Spirit to communicate with you today. It is a big energy that we present to our scribe at this time. It feels different. She is not used to the vast feeling that is created in her heart and in her mind in this moment. This is on purpose. It is on purpose because we come in an energy that is universal for we are universal and we dwell through all of space and come to each and every single one of you that read this because we are family. We are you. We have spent eternity together in this oneness and we stood by your side as you decided to be birthed to Gaia in all her Benevolence to fight for her; to be the lightworker, to be the warrior that she needed to raise her vibrations and to ascend. And when you did, we applauded you. We applauded your adventurous spirit and we applauded your love; your love of humanity and your love of Mother Earth because your love was so big that you would dedicate yourself to her and her inhabitants’ wellbeing. We, your ancestry; your family, honor you and your imprint that you have made in your life here.


You do not see what we see. You struggle. You feel like it is a never ending circle of an everyday that is never changing. You get up and you go to a job to make the funds to pay for your life. You eat your meals and you do the things you feel you are supposed to do, never realizing it is in the little things that make the differences in the everyday. The little things are what is making the difference. No, you do not see what we see but if you did you would know how important you are to this world. We see the love you have for your partners, for you children, for you friendships. We see the small offers of kindness like a smile, a hug, a handshake or a shared laugh. We see the work you put into your homes, the food you feed yourself or your family. We see the difference you make with your pets, the way you take them under your wing and guide them through their life with a loving hand and a pat at times. Have you seen the way your animals look at you; with wonder and excitement that you’re with them and that you take care of them? It is in the little things. It is in the way you celebrate the occasions, young or old, you celebrate the milestones of this life. We have celebrated with you. We are with you through it all and some of you know this but some of you don’t. We would like you to know, we see it all and we are honored by what we see.


You came to this world, this lifetime, to make a difference. No matter how big, no matter how small, it doesn’t matter because you’re doing it. Do you feel us? Do you know that we have never left you? You miss us but we have never left. We are within you. We are around you. We look down on you and we look up to you. We hold you when you grieve for us and we celebrate you when you can smile at a memory. Don’t block us with grief but allow us through with love. For lifetimes we have been together. We have created realities and worlds together. How could we ever be apart for more than a second? It’s not possible. No matter where you live, how you live, what time you choose to live in, we are there. We are there. You must realize that our energy has not died. Only our physicality has but we are still here. Even those that you think you don’t know, you know us. We’ve known each other through space and time and we will meet again. Feel us and call to us. We are here to help and now that you know we have never gone far we are even closer than you realize.


We are your ancestors. We have lived many lifetimes together and we will live many more. We can see you in all ways and at all times and you are beautiful to us. Your lives our beautiful to us because you continue to live in spite of everything that happens. You stumble but then you remember that life must continue and you get on with it but you are never alone as you do. We, your family, are here to make it easier for you; we are the push. we are here to help you carry your loads if you would only say our name; call to us and know that we have not gone far for we are close enough to hug you in your most trying moments. We are close enough to take your hand and help you back on your feet. We have not gone nor have we let you come to this existence on your own. It is time to remember, deep in your soul, your family. A parent never leaves a child, no matter what the relationship. A child never leaves a parent, no matter what the relationship. We, your family; your ancestors, have stories to play out for very specific reasons and when the stories come to a close we do not vanish nor do we want to because bonds of Universal Love cannot be broken. No.


We are your Ancestors. We are your family and, with love, we have let you go and in this same love you will come back and we will be reunited in our beginnings. Our past, our present, and our futures are all playing out throughout time. There is no ending and there is no beginning. There is only a circle and we are there, together, in all ways and in all forms. We walk with you to every destination and we welcome you home when the time comes to continue what could never end. Call to us and we will be there for we already are. Dry your tears of mourning because we have come full circle and we all exist in the middle of it; together.


We honor your life as lessons unfolding. We honor your existence as warriors of the Light. We honor your decision to come to this place and time but have not separated. We are never separated for we are you in your many facets of being. We are you and you are us and we are one and we come together at all times in life. We cannot state it any clearer. We love you. Call to us, even if a universal ancestry seems too big for you to comprehend, and we will come in ways that you will understand and, in doing so, you will know that we have never left. We are family and it is in the familial love that we stay. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


The Ancestors



Channeled message from my Spiritual Council of Light


July 12, 2015



And so we begin


Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the Light. We, the Spiritual Council of Light, are here to communicate with you at this time and we hope that our presence in this moment has found you at peace and in love with where you are at this time in your lives. Where you are in your life at this time is where you chose to be. Dearest Hearts, do you wish for change? Do you regret where you are and what life has brought to you at this point of your existence? This is not for punishment. It is a lesson that you are required to move through to get to the other side and to bring more of that life that you seem to be missing.


You see, Dearest Loves, we do not bring you things that you cannot handle. The Universe does not provide things to you that you cannot handle. The Universe works for your highest purpose always. This is the way of it but we see, many times, people tend to get buried in the dark of it. They look at things from the same perspective that they were taught since they were small. Dearest Hearts, all of these things were taught to you in an old energy. It is the new. We are in a time of new. New earth is here and the old ways of solving problems or coming out of presumably bad situations will not work anymore. This is the time for a new approach and it all starts with the person looking into the mirror.


Your life is the result of You; your thoughts, your feelings, your mind, your heart and your soul. If there have been hurts, if there have been wounds, if there have been stresses and if these are not healed, they will manifest in whatever way your human self decides to reflect them. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself how you feel about the one staring back at you. Are they scared about what is lurking around the corner in the guise of a new day? Why are you afraid? Are you afraid of the same thing or are you afraid to step out of your comfort zone to make the necessary changes that are required to turn it all around.


As we look into the hearts of our human brothers and sisters we see fear but there is no need to fear. There is no such thing as failure. There is no such thing as judgments. There is only wisdom and knowledge gained which allows a better understanding about how your world works and how to tweak plans so as to have the courage to start again.


We speak easily. We speak as though we do not understand how hard and discouraging a human existence can be. We are aware how we sound to those who struggle. We are here to tell you that we do understand. We understand that it takes an extreme amount of strength and courage to see what is behind the proverbial curtain; what is waiting for you after so many challenges and hardships. We understand that it would be the last thing that you would like to receive, that being challenges, when life has not gone your way for so long.


Look at the person in the mirror. This is your answer. It is one of the most challenging things to do but it starts with that person. Love that person. Forgive that person. Love what they have gone through and have come out of. Love that they are here on this earth and living this existence that was created just for them. Love that they are working so hard to have their head above water. Love that they are who they are and that they are not aware of how much they are needed and wanted by their families, by their communities, by all of those people that they come face to face with on a daily basis.


Talk to this person. Talk to the person who is looking back at you. Tell them how you feel. Tell them how you struggle. Ask them if they feel the same way. And then, after you have had a personal conversation with the one in the mirror, tell them it will all be okay. Tell them you have nothing to fear. Tell them how important they are. Thank them for their existence and what they mean to this planet. Thank them for all that they do so you hear yourself thanking You for all that You do. Tell them the three hardest words to tell oneself. Tell them “I love you”. We ask you to start telling yourself how great your truly are. How powerful and how truly magnificent you are. We want you to begin to hear your words of love with your own ears and we want you to see how fast things begin to change for you for the better.


Dearest Hearts, your world is your creation. Did you know this? What you think, what you feel, what you see is all your creation and it is created on the basis of how you perceive Self. You may find it easy to blame, to choose another to find fault with for creating the situation you appear to be in now. Others that live within your circle of life act as a mirror. What you don’t like about another is something that you do not like about yourself. Be patient with yourself and you will find patience with others. Love yourself and you will begin to find the love of another person. Once you find the strength to change the perceptions that you have for yourself, your world will change with your perceptions and your world will begin to become a little lighter, a little easier, a little more let go and let flow.


It starts with you. You can keep trying to fix things in the old ways; impatience, fear, anger, blame, judgment. This is your choice and we do not condemn you for this for it is your life; your existence. We are here to only give you a big hint as to how to turn lives around. With love, with acceptance, with knowing that you are safe and you are never alone. This starts with the person in the mirror and they desperately need to hear you say it. It is better if you say these things out loud. Would you like to know why? It is in this way that your body and your reflection can hear you. You want to hear You when you have nothing but good things to say to yourself instead of the judgments and anger for what you are experiencing. Watch your body react to your love. Watch your life react to your love. You will be amazed at the opportunities that present themselves to better your life and your environment. All because you had the courage and the love to turn it all around with You. Congratulations on coming to this earth of duality and to live it. There are struggles and there are hardships. It doesn’t have to be so hard because you are Masters. You are Gods and Goddesses. You Are That You Are.


It is with the greatest love of Source that we share this message today. It is a new time. It is a new earth. The old earth is gone and as Mother Earth ascends to a higher vibration, she is taking you with her. Go with her in love. Go with her in peace and watch how easy it becomes to flow with whatever lessons or challenges these times bring. It is up to you. And so we leave you now in love and light. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Spiritual Council of Light



Channeled message from Archangel Michael


July 19, 2015



And so we begin.


Dearest Hearts, this is the energy of Archangel Michael here to communicate with you at this time. It is with great love and understanding that we share this channel because we see, from our perspective, many who are tired of this seemingly same old Groundhog Day without feeling that anything is changing for the better after how much work they put into their creative endeavors and their lives at this time. We are here to remind you that it is with your thoughts that you shape the world around you. As we recognize the work that many of humanity have done on bettering their lives, we also see the hand being held out, immediately, for some sort of payment for a job well done. When this payment fails to appear, frustrations and irritations begin to settle in, only to block the flow of magic that the Universe is sending to you.


We feel that there are a few that look to others’ lives and compare and become jealous and envious of how easy their abundance flows to them never really understanding or seeing that those who are prosperous have their difficulties as well. It is time, Dearest Hearts, to practice the love that is known as patience and understanding. It is time, Dearest Hearts, to practice the love that is compassion and forgiveness and it is time, Dearest Hearts, to practice it on oneself before sharing it with others. It is the lack of patience and compassion with oneself that throws the blocks up so that the manifestations of one’s desires cannot flow.


Things will come, as they always do, when you practice appropriateness and divine timing. It is the time, when you lack patience with your future prosperity, that it is time to count your blessings in the now moment. When you understand how blessed and prosperous you are now, it is that much easier for the loving and divine of the future to flow to you, making your tomorrows realities, today.


You, Dearest Sons and Daughters of Source Creator of All, are deserving of all miracles. You are deserving of wishes coming true. Know, Dearest Hearts, that they are all yours once you open your hearts to the blessings of now and when you stop looking to others to compare lives with. Know that you are just as blessed as your neighbor’s are. It may not be manifesting in the same ways. He may have much money in the bank but he may have also lost his only son, suddenly, as you stare across the fence looking at his riches with your own son standing right beside you.


You cannot begin to compare lives because prosperity comes in many different ways. So, as you stare at your neighbor’s many fineries, he stares at you as you spend time with your son and envies your riches in the form of your child. Please Dearest Hearts, it is the time where concentrating your energies on your own lives and working on loving your own existence that Heaven can easily give you more of what you desire for the highest purpose of all involved. Do not look outside of your own lives for fulfilment for these things are only temporary. Look within your hearts and at the blessings that surround yourselves every single day and when you begin to say thank you for that which you already have, you will begin to make room for more love and fulfilment to make its way to you. And it is in the energy of this love that we leave you. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Archangel Michael



Channeled Message from Brother Jesus


August 1, 2015


I have not come as a celebrity. I have not come as a savior. I have not come as what you perceive me to be. I have come as your bother. I have never been anything but. I have come as a friend. I have come as a teacher. I have come as a piece of Source that you believe has given you another chance. I have asked to come in as my scribe sits and channels the energy of her Council of Light. I have asked to come because I have been here as a piece of the One Source that everyone can relate to. I have come as a man, as a brother, and as a friend to offer peace and comfort in these times of ups and downs. My dearest scribe has asked why I have not come before and it is because I do not wish to start controversy. Those that live on this earth at this time are very protective of their perception of me and I wish no judgement to befall the one that chooses to give of herself to offer the messages from heaven that she has been asked to share. So, as she and I meet and we sit together, I would like to offer a short message of comfort to those that need it at this time.

I come in peace. I come with compassion for all of those people that struggle in these times. I come to offer a message of love and of upliftment because there are questions and concerns for those that have lived and now who are gone. My scribe is not comfortable with this topic of conversation and this is why I offer myself and have stepped in. There are those that need to receive what I offer to give. 

What can I say to a broken heart? What can I say to those that stand and stare into the face of grief? What can I say that will soothe the hearts that feel such pain and sorrow? What can I say that would even be listened to in the moment of loss? For I understand for I have been there. I have been where you are and in the thick of the moment of loss, whether it be life change or death, would you believe that there is a purpose to it all? Would you believe if I told you it was not all in vain but to bring a higher understanding and reasoning to those that believe they were left behind? It is difficult to grasp the harder lessons of this world; the whys and the hows. It is hard for me to ask you, my brothers and sisters, to trust when the heart hurts so very deeply. 

Would you believe, if I told you, that those who have been loved and who have been lost are still here, surrounding you? Would you believe that even through my death I have chosen to still be of service to you, my dearest brothers and sisters, and come to you in all times and in all ways even if you cannot see or hear me. Birth is a beginning; a beginning to live a life on earth. Death is also a beginning. It is a return to the beginning; the start, where your soul began and will continue as what you choose to be.

It is about belief. It is about trust. It is about finding meaning in the smallest of things, in the people that surround you and the way you decide to live. It is in the legacy you choose to leave for others and the imprint that you have left behind. It has not all been in vain. Life is not a waste. It is never for nothing. Everything that you do has an effect so great that it is felt in all things and in all ways. You are one with all things in the here and now and you are one with all things in the beyond. There is nothing that is not a part of your existence for everything exists as one.

Can you think of death as something bigger than just an ending? Can you think of it as a graduation? Can you think of it as experience that will bring you closer to yourself? You are family and those that are left behind need to know that you are not left alone even though the emotion of loneliness can be so prevalent when there is a loss of any kind.

I cannot bring them back. I cannot bring back that which has changed because change is constant but as you perceive a loss there is always something birthed. I come to those in this time of change. I come to those in the time of crossing a bridge. I come to those who wish for the courage to go forth without the comfort of what was, into something new. I come to hold your hand as family, not of someone so unattainable that I can only be prayed to from afar, for when you say your prayers and ask me for assistance I am right beside you with my hand on your shoulder or kneeling at your feet asking you to feel the love of me to soothe the hurt in you.

Did I exist? Yes, of course I did. I came here as a human being to live a human life while being an example of the Creative Source here on earth. You, brothers and sisters, have come here to do the exact same thing. I say to you, have your moments of grief, have your moments of sorrow but at the end of it, when there is a light, know that there is purpose for all things and in all ways and know that you and those that have come and gone before you, are a part of that purpose and you always will be. Celebrate that which is gone and be well knowing that you are a living example of what they tried to achieve and carry on. You are how your loved ones will live on. There is a great reunion when the time comes for you to leave this place but, until the day comes where you will all begin again, live on in Love. Live on in Light. I am your brother. I am Jesus and it is with these words that I leave you. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.



Message from the Army of Angels


August 7, 2015



This is the Army of Angels coming forth to share a short message at this time. It is with great love that we communicate with you and share our words with those who choose to read them. It has been a heavy time. As things are shifting in your realities, so is the energy shifting from within. This is not easy and we look at you; at all of you with awe and admiration. When you decided to live this life you knew, even before you got here, that it would be difficult. It was not easy to leave the comforts of heaven to come to a place where you would forget yourself; where you would be separated from yourself and have to learn how to be You in such a heavy existence such as earth. It takes a warrior’s heart and a warrior’s soul to be able to live in this existence and as we watch all of you live and learn we are amazed at you. We celebrate all that you are and all that you think you are not. We honor your choice to become separate from us but, at the same time, know that we are there. This life is not for everyone. This awakening is not for everyone. It is hard to come home to your spirit while living on the earthly plane and it is hard to share your experience with another human being and not be understood or be doubted for how you feel about your deeper knowledge that there is something more. We are stupefied at how you can walk around in your life and separate yourself from that which is the Creative Source; not understanding that Source has never been separated from you but dwells within. How do you do it? We are in awe. We are in awe of how you go about your day-to-day never fully understanding the power and the light that is within you that you have not discovered. We are in awe of your choice to never fully understand that you are of the stars but dim your light because you believe that others are more worthy. They are not more worthy. There has never been such a feeling of separation until the human beings, before your time, started this and now you return, only to have to face what you really are; part of the one true Source, the Love of Source and the carrier of a universal flame that, once realized, could light the hearts of those around you in such brilliance that it would blind those that do not wish to see. We are in awe of you. And then, as we wait in the proverbial wings, to assume that we will never be called upon, you begin to feel us. You begin to understand that there is someone or something that is helping you. You start to sense that there is something more to your life and you speak. You open your eyes and hold out your hand in the darkness of the night; when you worry or you stress about what is to come and you take a breath and you say ‘please help’. It is a joyous phrase; one that we have been waiting for years, maybe millennia, to hear. This life has not been easy. Yes, it has had its joys. It’s had its big events but it has not been easy and as you sit in your place of unease, there is always a place to turn. Turn within and find us there. We are thrilled when we hear ‘please help’ because it is at that moment, even through the feelings of upheaval or questions, that you realize something is there. It is us. It is your family. It is the Universe that you have carried with you in your heart and in your soul and this is the spark. This is the spark that will light the flame of a torch that will lead you out of darkness and onto the path of your awakening. We take your hand as you allow us to and sometimes you may let go but we still enfold you and encircle you with us. We are you. You have outgrown that which was. You have expanded into something so great that you no longer fit in what you were told to wear, that being devised by someone other than yourself. As you grow, we are joyous for as you expand the more you are able to hold and what you hold is Truth. What you hold is our light and as we travel together and spread it, without worry or fear of judgement, there will be one that ask you, ‘What have you done? What is your secret? Why do you shine? How do you do it?’


You wonder how can angels be in awe? How can angels be amazed? We tell you, Dearest Hearts, it is because we’ve never been human. It is a specialty we have never accomplished. Do not take your existence as anything but heroic. Do not take your existence as anything but powerful. You have the blessing of free will. You have the blessing of choice. You have the power to create your life through these things. You have paths before you that will take you into the unknown and you bravely go where we choose not to and we watch with a thrill as you do it. You make your life your own and you walk in the Light of the new you. You are aware that there is so much more to you than just a simple body and you break free of that idea and start to live for you and your Truth. We honor you. We are humbled to be of service to someone so great. We congratulate you and your decision to be here at this time. Your time here is precious. Your time here is so short. We were there the day you were born and you saw us then. We will be there at the time you decide to return home; we will be there with you and we will ask, ‘How was it? How are you?’ and you will say, ‘It was fast. It was hard. It was painful but it was beautiful. It was full and there was never a dull moment.’ Then we will ask ‘Was it worth it?’ and you will say ‘Definitely.’


“Will you go back?” We will ask. “For we need you, warrior.”

“Yes.” You will say. “Please, take my hand and lead the way.”


And so it is.


Army of Angels



Message from the Spiritual Council of Light


August 18, 2015



And so we begin.


Dearest Hearts; Brothers and Sisters in Light. We are the Spiritual High Council here to communicate with you at this time. We are not here to do a long channel but we wish to communicate a short message concerning what everyone knows about and some want to understand more; this being dreams.


When you lay your head down at night and prepare for a rest, this is a sacred time for it is not a time to rest as you might think but a time for exploration and of healing. Your physical body is resting but your soul comes back, if only for a little bit, to be with us. You travel into worlds of your creation and this is important Dearest Hearts for it is in these worlds that you do your most prophetic work.


Some say they do not dream. We would like to clarify that you actually do, you only don’t recall where you have been. We have found that sometimes, the work that you do in your dream state, is so intense that the information is better to stay in your subconscious than come out in your memory. This is changing though. As times on your beautiful Earth change, so is the way you dream and what you dream about. It is time, Dearest Hearts, to remember the worlds of your dreams, the symbols, the places and the feelings because this is telling you what it is time to clear and what is best to keep. Everything in your dreams means something personal to you. You are clearing. You are making a mends with past lives and you are clearing old karma; that which you could never possibly clear or complete in your waking realities. But now there is coming a time where the two (or more) realities will begin to parallel. It is time for you to understand who you were and who you are and what you are meant to do for your highest purpose now, in this life.


This information is being told to you through your dreams. We ask you to invite us in; to work with you in your dream state so that you can put two and two together and remember the messages and direction that your Higher Self gives you. There are good dreams and there are bad dreams. The night terrors are past lives or past karma that are being cleared in ways that you understand. You are always in control though, Dearest Brothers and Sisters, even though it does not feel like it in these dreamy nightmares. If scenes that play out in your night are too much or too intense, please call on us or your personal spiritual teams to lessen the energy to a point in which you can work with these visions. 


We are here to tell you that the dream state will become more real for as you rest your physical vessel, your soul is still living. Your dreams come to you from our side of the veil and this is where you are as you sleep. With practice, you will be able to control where or who you are and what you can see. You can travel as you like but this only comes to those who have done the work and you are all working through your lives through your dreams; all of you work through these realms whether you realize it or not.


Dreaming is very important. Do not discredit anything you see in your sleep for it all has meaning. That which you remember, you are meant to remember so when you wake, jot scenes or symbols down. It may not make sense right away but it will come together as an epiphany of sorts to lead you to your highest path of existence. We offer you our help and our love as you dream. Call upon your Guides, your Angels and your Masters. We shall be beside you, surrounding you as you lay your head down and we will take your soul, in our love, to our side where we may work together for You. There is nothing to fear for you are protected. We will see you in your travels for they are Divinely guided missions for the highest purpose; that which is You. It is not a coincidence that you dream for you are family and family must always stay connected and a great connection of ours is through Spirit; that which You are. And so we leave you in light and love. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Spiritual Council of Light



The Peace of the Unknown-Army of Angels


August 28, 2015


Dearest and beautiful hearts, this is the Army of Angels here to connect with you at this time and we feel the need to come and share this week’s message because there are those that will read it and know that we have been very close and very involved in these important times because of the signs that we have been showing you. We have been in your skies. Have you seen us? Have you noticed the sparkles out of the corner of your eye when you look up at the wispy clouds and see the wings that you assume we have? We are very close indeed. We come as a supportive energy at this time because this is what is required in these weeks of energetic clearings and upliftments. As you are well aware, it is the time of the full moon and it is a super moon. This is a powerful time to clean and clear and of healing from within. The full moon tells of endings before new things can begin. Even in the littlest ways, this energy works with your existence and there are many people that are feeling it very heavily since the beginning of the week and are asking themselves “how much longer is this going to last?”


We can honestly tell you that the decision is yours. Have you acknowledged how you are feeling? Have you been honest with yourself about what it is in your life that you are finished with or do you wish to continue to hang on, by your fingernails, as the Universe tries to work with you to bring in all of your greatest and biggest manifestations. These cannot surface when change is uncomfortable for you. This is what we are seeing and we gently remind you that it is up to you how long these energies last within and around you. Things are happening around you in the form of relationships, careers, places and feelings that sometimes have you pulling out your hair. When will you acknowledge your true feelings, Dearest Hearts, instead of only your frustrations? When will you understand that you write your story, you do not simply sit back and read it. When will you realize that what you experience is your own even though you have many other souls around you; living around you, speaking around you, working around you. You have often heard that others are a mirror to what is happening within your person that you are hanging on to. Dearest Hearts, now is the time to stop defining what or who is happening to you. It is time to acknowledge these things as what they are and withdraw any attachment to these feelings. Name your feelings without a reason as to why you are feeling them. Name your thoughts without needing reasons why you are thinking them. It is okay to have an experience, never having to put your finger on why you’re experiencing it. You’ve experienced and let that which you have lived flow and rise within your beings to help you grow and learn and then it is only a matter of letting it go. This is the full moon and you have a blessed opportunity with this event before the month of September to do just that.


Life is a roller-coaster of why’s. Why is this happening? Why did they do that? Why can’t I…? Why has this…? Be okay with the why’s. Be okay with not knowing why and be at peace with the space that it leaves for living; living without explanation because you are the explanation of your life. You dream so big and you are most deserving of them coming true but please understand that your dreams and your wishes do not rely on other events to manifest. It is time to let go of the assumption that you can only get your dream come true when you understand how it is to come about and who the players are that are to be involved. Yes, circumstances must line up for Divine timing to take place, but you do not need to rely on any group or soul individual to manifest your desires. Please Dearest Hearts, let go of your ideas about how things need to happen for the outcomes that you perceive only hinder the bigger picture that is waiting to be unveiled. Be okay with not knowing. Be okay with not understanding. Be okay with stating “I don’t know why”. This is the most honest thing that you could ever do for yourself and in this honesty there is the opportunity for Universal potential to fill the space that you used to fill with hurt, blame, question, impatience or unworthiness. Be okay with the pause to take time for your daydreams before the work begins. Be okay with the quiet of not knowing so the most surprising miracles have the chance to bloom all around you. When you take the blinders off from excuses or blame, a whole new world opens up that will take your breath away and you will easily begin to relax and have fun with the idea of letting go and letting it flow because everything that flows is towards you, Dearest Hearts. Take the box that shelters you from possibility and hand it over to us. This box is made out of material that is should have’s and could have’s. These are only others’ perceptions of how you must live. These are not your own.


When people around you ask, “Why didn’t you?” be confident in your answer, “I don’t know but I’m okay with that.” If you are unsure about your roller-coaster life please do not act as if you are. You will not be chastised or judged for your lack of knowledge or understanding. When you can admit you do not know how to let go or if you can admit that you do not understand, this leaves you open so that we may fill you with a greater knowledge of ‘anything is possible’. In doing so, you may gently take your fingernail grip and let go and allow the change that you long for to unfold for the highest purpose of your evolution. Allow the Universe to work in your favor because that’s what it’s here to do. The phases of the moon, the sun’s position in your sky, the way your stars are placed; all of these things work for you. Let them bring up, within you, that which you fight so hard to control, blame, or know about. Be okay with the mysteries of the Universe for the Universe is within you and it is sometimes hard enough to understand the intricacies of You without complicating it with everything that is outside of You. Look past the obvious to what is beyond and there will be You. Look past the obvious and browse through the mystery and there will be us. Look past the obvious and gaze into the Creator that is you. The only thing that is carved in stone is assumptions and the stone is chipping away to reveal its hidden miracle of the gift of manifestation because chipping away at assumption leaves the sparkle of Truth; the Truth that you are traveling towards in the presence of your ‘I don’t knows’. Be well knowing you are loved beyond measure for there is no measurement of love that is infinity. You cannot hold a stick to the amount of support we, behind your veil, have for you. You are well protected in all of your individual journeys. Do not fear change. Let go of your ledge and hold on to us. Trust that the unseen sees all and we work for only your most highest of purposes and potentials. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Army of Angels



Spiritual Council of Light – September Energies


August 31, 2015



And so we begin.


As we come to you now, we come in great anticipation for events that are to unfold on your planet in the coming weeks. This is not a prediction but the way of things that will soon be showing a rebirth, as such, that cannot be ignored. We are the Spiritual High Council here to communicate with you at this time although there are many Galactic and Spiritual beings here and we come as a oneness to deliver this message for things are unfolding, bringing great transformation. Those who are ready to move forward will and those who are not will as well although the ride may be a little bumpier.


September, in your time, is coming and with it the energies of transformation and enlightenment. There is a remembering that has already begun to take place and humanity exists in every part of this. The turning point was your year of 2012. You passed this marker and we celebrated. 2013 was a year of regrouping and of rest and 2014 was the beginning of a great shift. You may have been going through tumultuous times and you may have been going through confusing times. People, places and things have fallen away leaving you confused, hurt, angry, or stunned. This, Dearest Hearts, was what needed to happen because in the falling away of the old, it has resurfaced the new. The new You had to emerge for you to work with the energies that have been coming to your planet for the chance to enter your Divine path of truth, of remembering who you truly are and to align with the Light of the Universe. Dearest Brothers and Sisters, if this information resonates with you, you have figured out that you are here to be warriors of the light; a lightworker if you will. You are here to lead the way towards a new earth, that is already present, and what you are awakening to now. This is the first wave of awakening. Everyone on this planet will be coming along on this magical and masterful journey. Some will come more willingly. Others will come by being dragged. The choice is yours. We urge you to open yourself up to something new and spectacular. We urge you to drop your perceptions of what should be and turn that perception into what could be. All that is happening on your planet is for the highest purpose for Mother Earth and Humanity at this time. You passed a marker. You did not destroy yourselves, as it was prophesied. No, you realized, even without knowing, that there was a better way to be and so you passed the marker and we couldn’t celebrate you more. This has already begun in your month of August 2015. This wave will last until your lunar eclipse of September 2015 which is a pivotal point in the first wave of awakening.


Please Dearest Hearts, when you hear of an awakening let go of your preconceived ideas that there is to be a ‘big bang’ as such. This is not how it works. There is subtleness; there is a clearer picture of who you are and how things are meant to work. This is a different path for everyone. An awakening is not the same from one person to the next. One dear soul will receive the greatest a-ha moment they have ever had while others will experience the most peace they have ever felt. Some will feel as if the floor has come out from under them and some will feel lifted in the energy of the One True Source. It is different for every soul because you made a choice, before you even got to this planet, about how your awakening would unfold. There is time for as we have said, everyone will ascend. This is the choice humanity made in 2012 and it will not change. You will change Dearest Brothers and Sisters. You have changed, it’s only when you realize how much you have grown that you will realize all of this is very very real.


It is time to awaken from your dark nights. It is time to come out of that which you call the dark night of the soul because the darkness is gone. It cannot continue in such a brilliance as You. Those who have realized a bigger picture, those who have cracked an eye open from their spiritual slumber, those who have felt an eagerness that something is arriving will now feel that September brings with it much to move into. Trust your hearts. Trust your soul’s urgings. You are not wrong for you are intuitive beings that have just turned off your morning alarm and will awaken, in the blink of an eye, to a whole new way of being.


For some, the process now begins. Do not fall into fear. Do not despair for what you have lost. Do not panic. This is easier said than done and it is truly easy for us to say these words because we see the outcome for every single one of you for your soul dances with ours as you travel back in your nighttime visions. You are family; you are of the stars. You planned for these times for millennia. You have prepared to come here at this time to be part of a great awakening and you are blessed to receive it. So if you begin to feel lost, if you begin to feel lonely, if you begin to feel as if nothing is going right. If you feel exhausted, if you feel that your body is different and it takes you out of your comfort zone, do not crumble for what is leaving uncovers a diamond for you are a star brought to earth at a time where She needs your light. Change is constant and it brings one out of their comfort zone. Step out of your comfort and see what unfolds. It is truly a miracle; you are a miracle in a miraculous time and we will hold you in our ever protective and loving light until you realize this is true; until you realize your Divine truth and potential.


We wish for you, dearest hearts, to work with these incoming energies as best you can. Compassion, love, sharing, breathing, going into oneself with prayer or mediation, music, journaling, writing. Use these energies to discover you and as others discover themselves show understanding for others will not be discovering these things the same way you do and at times this can be a struggle in relationships of all kinds. Breathe and understand that even though it can be frustrating you are all working towards the same goal. To bring this planet and her inhabitants to a higher dimension of living and of being. You are warriors. Know this and be well with this. Look to those who are here to guide you but also look within yourself to know what is good for you and transform in your Higher Truth and your Highest Purpose for it will be understood in the weeks to come.


We do not transmit this message and then leave you on your own to discover this for yourselves. You have so much help; your Ancestors, your Guides, your Galactic Brethren, you Angels, your Higher Self and the One Source; the One Creator that resides in you and in everything. Simply ask and you will receive. You are not alone. You have much help from the cosmos and we watch from below, from above, from beside and from within for we are all one with you and we are humbled to be of service to such a being as yourself as you uncover You. And so we leave you in Light and Love. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Spiritual Council of Light



Spiritual Council of Light – You Are a Master


September 4, 2015



And so we begin.


This is the Spiritual High Council here to communicate with you at this time and we are joined by the energies of the Ascended Masters to share with you, today, the idea and concept of your mastery. We are curious why it is still an idea to you? Do you not believe yourselves to be worthy of such an honor? Do you believe yourselves unable to call yourselves a Master because you do not do magic tricks or do not have thousands of followers bowing at your feet in reverence? Who told you, that to be a Master, you needed to become a celebrity or worshipped. You, Dearest Hearts, have been living on this earth for thousands of years. You, Dearest Hearts, have been here hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes. You have learned so much every time you decided to live a human existence and every single time you have come here, you have kept your experiences within your being to draw from it the knowledge that was absorbed. Is that not the road to mastery? Living a human existence and taking with you all that you have learned to shape who you will become in the next? You are Masters. Did you know this, Dearest Souls? You are all Masters. It is time to be comfortable with that. The time of learning how to be spiritual, the time for learning to be love is over for you are all of That in this now moment. You are Masters. Uncover That. Remember That. We support humanity in this endeavor and will continue to do so until you are fully aware of the Master within and are comfortable living in this way.


A Master has learned their purpose. A Master has learned of their highest truth. A Master has learned their power and a Master has learned their love. A Master has learned to live in the light of their Mastery without apologizing for it or keeping it hidden. You are already a Master and yet you keep it hidden believing that you are not worthy. Who said you were not worthy of your Mastery?


You were blessed, as a Master, the day you were born. You remembered it then, when you first opened your eyes. You lived it as a child; living with no inhibitions and nothing to fear for the world was yours to discover. It was yours to walk upon and to create. You were one with this earth. So who was the one that took your Mastery away, in the form of confidence, and told you ‘no’. And when did you begin to take that ‘no’ as truth and deny what you felt and knew to be You.


Yes, you have lived through years of old energy. You survived the old paradigm where you were constantly being a student. You followed teachings because of family, culture, country or personal belief. But Dearest Hearts, when you came to this earth for this life, you were born into a new energy; a new paradigm where you’ve experienced everything in all forms for the soul purpose to work as a Master in your own right. You have, within you, universal and earthly knowledge that was gained from all existences and cultivated for this one life expression; this experience of the now. You were born to New Earth to live as that part of the One True Source that is You; the co-creator…the Master.


Uncover it.


It is time. There is nothing to fear for you have conquered fear too many times to count. Do not shy away from it because you have hidden away in the shadows too many times to count. Do not give your power away for you have been robbed of it too many times to count. The student phase for humanity is over for it is no longer the time to live under the thumb of someone else’s ideas or teachings but to lead by your own personal truth for personal truth comes from the fundamental law of love.


Live it.


Find your strength in the easiness of blessing. Find your love in the easiness of compassion. Find your ministry in the art of listening. Look at another, not in competition but in a mutual understanding of your shared leadership. Look to others, not as better or more knowledgeable but with additional intention and purpose to be shared. Walk in the sun as a spotlight on your being so that others may look to you as an example to pull that which They are out of their old and forgotten souls so they may walk with a higher purpose as well. Live with integrity of that which you believe which stems from compassion, kindness, and love and watch it connect like a thread to those that walk past to pull them from their illusion into their reality of light.


Respect that which you live on a daily basis. Do not shelve that which is hard to look at. There is much on your planet that is hard to look at but you are a Master. You are here to look at the tough stuff and bless it, sending your good intentions its way in the knowledge that even in the smallest of forms, the grandest of intentions can make the biggest of impacts. You are here to live the tough stuff to stop the cycles. You are here to live the tough stuff to change perspective. You are here to live the tough stuff to usher in a memory that there is a better way to live and that is the reason that humanity is here. It does not have to be tough any longer for you are all Masters and you chose to be here to usher in an era of peace, cooperation and co-creation of a new world.


This is nothing to strive for, for how can you strive for something you already are. This is not a status symbol of being someone so important that you need followers but a humility and humbleness in realizing that you have the ability to be the Co-Creator of your world and what an amazing gift that is to receive. This is not to hover over others, preaching about your beliefs but to sit, Spirit to Spirit, in the equanimity and oneness of the Devine to share, invite and live in peace and honor of each other’s existence.


The times of another laying their hands on you and giving you a blessing of graduation is over. You’ve graduated. You have been blessed by Source. Bless yourselves for in doing so, you take back your personal power and show humanity how it is to live in that strength. You are the Divine face of Mother Father God. You are the benevolent human expression of the Creator. Believe it. Live it for it is your Truth. It is why you are here.


Master Jesus reminds you he is only an example of what you can achieve. He has worked miracles but you are a miracle. Your life is a miracle and so that which you are you can achieve; that which you are you have accomplished. Live it. Live the miracle that you are as an expression of your Mastery. You call him the son of God. When will you remember you are also a child of God? You are a child of God. Your lineage is of the One Source. All paths lead back to Source. All are equal. All are blessed. All are masterful.


Be compassionate in your leadership. Be forgiving, be gentle, be strong, have confidence. Walk upon this earth as you did as a child. Be the blessing and bless. Be the reminder of cooperation and co-creation. We come in the light of the Devine to gently remind you of You. You were handed your papers of Mastery before you came. You are not here to strive for teachings but to honor the teacher within. You are not here to be led. You are here to lead. All of you are to lead for all are One. And so we leave you in light and love. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Spiritual Council of Light



The Future – Army of Angels


September 16, 2015



The future is yours to create. Why would you rely on anyone else to tell you what it is?


Dearest Hearts, this is the Army of Angels here to communicate with you at this time. As our scribe has been busy communicating with her Council, we will now step in and communicate our perspective on the future. Humanity cannot wait for the future. There are large question marks on everyone’s minds and, as a child at Christmas, this future cannot wait to be revealed. Dearest Hearts, you go to your psychics, your intuitives, and your counselors in hopes that you will get information on what will happen, who will love you or what career you will get. You get caught up on outcomes that you wish for yourselves without realizing that things could turn out much different and sometimes much “better” than what you could ever believe to be true. Those that council you could give you any prediction and they could be right but did you know, Dearest Ones, that once you leave the reader, the channeler, the intuitive, that the future is in your hands? You make your future. You are the writer of your story. No one could tell you where you are going to be because the ultimate decision is up to you. Dearest Hearts, it is time to release your blocks and your assumptions of what is going to happen for this hinders beautiful futures to be laid out. What is wrong with surprise? What is wrong with waiting until choice presents itself? What is wrong with the unknown? The unknown makes people nervous. The unknown makes people question. It is good to question. Question everything. Questioning brings people to a place of choice; of feeling what is the best thing to do and where is the best place to go, and that which comes into your life is best to keep or to let go.


You have multiple branches laid out on your tree but they are not fixed. New shoots pop up from any and every direction. When you move towards one way, there are many new growths that could take place. Yes, you can be counseled by your readers on which path is the better one for you but the outcome can never be fully realized because the little paths along that main road cannot be perceived by someone that is not walking the same way you are. The fork in the road is yours and yours alone. You may take the hands of individuals for a time. You may walk with those that walk parallel with you for a little bit but offshoots of your tree reveal other tempting paths that take you to the unexpected. Take the unexpected. Listen to your heart and know, for yourself, what could be down that dirt road that no one ever takes. It’s exciting. The unknown is nothing to be feared for it’s all yours to discover.


There is no right or wrong path to walk. Source Creator never presents a path for you that you are unable to take. The futures that are laid out for you are made specifically for you at the time when you are ready to take them. If you ignore new paths are you to be judged for staying in your comfort zone? Absolutely not because at the end of your comfort zone, when you are ready to let go of your map and listen to your heart, those dirt roads will be presented again in bigger and more beautiful ways because you have conquered fear and are ready to explore new and wonderful opportunities. How could any mystic or “seer” ever see those small paths that lead you to something only you are presented with? They cannot for the road to the future; your tree of life, can only be shaped and molded by You. You know, at every turn, where you are to go. This is not to say that at times, these roadways can be confusing and cross others who make things, in your eyes, more difficult. Source Creator does not cross your path with anything that you are unable to handle. You are strong. You are capable. You are more than ready. Why do you not see that in yourselves? Your life is in your hands. You are the co-creator of your existence. No psychic can see past the now moment for future moments are for You to take. We do not discredit those that nudge you in a direction that they see you in. Of course not. Those that see futures were sent to you for a very specific reason. They were put on your path to give you a direction of your fork in the road but once you take that advice and lead yourself down that fork, the dirt path is your choice and there are many. There are wild cards in life; things that are not expected to occur. These wild cards are a gift from the Universe that can either change outcome or be ignored and have things stay the same. Wild cards are given out freely at all times. We urge you to look at these cards with grace, compassion and maybe even a little humor. It is in the light-heartedness of the wild cards that they can either make or break but it is up to you. These are personal choices that you are given that shape your world and your future. Will you ride the wave? Will you let go and let flow? Or will you put up your fists, ready for a fight and create the blocks to a future that is a surprise but is presented in a way that you are ready to take on.


We wish for you to be okay with the surprises in life. We wish for you to call to us when you need help. We will give you the tools or the people that will help put you on your path to your futures but they can only help so much until you are ready to peek behind the curtain and take the roads less traveled or take that wild card and put it up your sleeve. You are the creator of your life. To rely on another to tell you what to do or where to go hinders progress for it is your choice that opens doors. It is your choice that paves the way to your future. Suggestion, help, prediction is in the now. Your future is in the distance only to appear when you have personally written it. As it has been said, you are the writer of your existence. You are not the reader. You are the Creator. You are the Master. You are powerful enough to create your world. Have fun with it. Be a child with it. Grow with it. Do not fear it. Do not fear outcome for the outcome is what you create. Nothing that is created or suggested for the highest good of all involved can ever be ‘bad’. Bravery is key and you all have it for you are all warriors. You are all angels. You have chosen to live this human existence with all its ‘mistakes’ and ‘pitfalls’. Open your heart. Open your mind. Open your imagination to ‘anything is possible’ for this is where you will find your futures. Ask for help and individuals will be presented to you to guide you and comfort you. They will be presented to you to listen to your fears, your hopes, and your dreams. They will lead you to where you are needed most but it is ultimately up to you to take the steps to get there. There is comfort in knowledge. We understand that. We offer you our comfort in the dark of your fears and insecurities to light the way to trust and belief; the trust and belief that lies within all of you at all times. You can and you will. You can and you will. You can and you will. There is the obvious and there is possibility. There is also obvious possibility. Be okay with not knowing because this is trust. Trust that the universe has laid out your path knowing that you are who you are and you are meant to go and can handle anything you are presented with. Let go of the need to know all. This is not possible because for every outcome, there is a new path just being created in your proverbial futures that you are ready to take only because you decided through choice. Source Creator has blessed you with freewill and choice. It is yours to use. It is yours in Love and it is yours in Compassion. It is yours to live for the highest outcome of all involved. You are powerful enough to create your now existence without fear of what could be around the corner. Now live it. And so we leave you in Love and Light. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Army of Angels



Your Harvest – Archangel Michael


September 21, 2015


Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the Light. This is the energy of Archangel Michael here to communicate with you at this time. There are a lot of questions about what is happening around you at this time of the harvest moon and of your solstice. There is much assumption that there will be this big bang of events that happen throughout your worlds. You are safe. You have the protection of Heaven all around you at all times. There is nothing to fear. There is propaganda and there is truth. It is the time where spinning in conspiracy and propaganda is over. It is time to discover what holds true to every individual soul for that is what this harvest moon will bring to you. It is a time of bringing in the harvest for the northern hemisphere. It is time to reap the benefits of what has been sowed. In the last few months, what is it that you have put out there that you can reap from. The old adage of you reap what you sow holds very true. What part of yourselves have you put out to the world that was not your highest truth and what have you gotten back from that? On the other hand, what part of your heart have you put out to the world and what have you gotten back from that? This is a time to gain and gather all that you have started and bring it to completion. The fall is not an especially good time to plant new seeds for they will struggle to grow. It is a wonderful time to cultivate the outcomes of that which you have started in the spring. What have you cultivated over the months? Has it been experiences? Has it been new people? Has it been new ideas, beliefs, or teachings that you are now able to put into practice? It is all blessed. All of that which is now ready to harvest is all blessed by Heaven and it is personal for everyone. One’s crop may be much smaller than another. It is not the amount but the quality. It has never been about how much but how useful it is. Do not look back and discredit all that you have done or said. Do not look back with regret or sorrow. Look back at everything you have experienced as just that; the experience of unfolding more about yourself than what you have previously known. The layers of You are peeling away at a rapid pace. Every time one falls away you may be sensitive but you are well protected and loved as you unfold more about yourself that has been hidden, even from you. There is much that you are gaining by sowing your seeds and letting them grow. What bursts from the ground is always a miracle. Birth is always a miracle and so are you. There is always a cycle, whether it happens physically, emotionally, spiritually or otherwise. There is birth, life, death, rebirth. You see it in your seasons and your seasons are a reflection of You. You are reflected in Mother Earth in all ways. As much as she sustains you, your collective energy reflects in her. So when you hear about what could happen at any time, whether it is a new moon or a full moon or what planets are positioned in your galaxy and at what point, at the center of all of that is You. If you allow fear and conspiracy to take hold it will manifest. If you take the energy of all that surrounds you with the highest of understanding and a calm heart, and internalize it and allow it to work for your highest purpose, for your highest love, this is what will shine from you to the world around you and this is what will be returned to you. Do not fear the great events of the universe. Be content with what is. No one can say what will be for what will be changes with every breath and with every heartbeat of you. What you reap from your harvest will either be love or fear. It is your choice. You get what you make. Dearest Hearts, sow your seeds of love. Sow your seeds of confidence. This is what facilitates the blessed changes that this lunar eclipse brings.


I surround you with the highest of protection. I shield you from that which you fear. Believe that I am with you; protecting you and loving you so that you may move forward in love and your true self. Know that I and the whole of Heaven work with you as you bring in your harvest. We hold your baskets and we assist you in unloading all the gifts that you have found beneath the ground. Look beneath the surface of all that you have thought you to be and realize all that you have become. We validate your existence and all that entails. I will pull you from the pit of fear. I will surround you so that you may have the confidence to move forward in all that you have become. You are sensitive souls as your layers come off but, with my offered assistance, you will not absorb what will hinder progress. I offer that to you. Stand in the energy that this Universe provides to you at this time. It is Heaven’s gift to you. There is a transition coming which you are all quite prepared for. You would not have chosen to incarnate here if you were not. This is personal for every person for the gardens that you have planted have been by your choosing. Now is the time to share the rewards. Share your gardens with each other and gain the new ideas, thoughts and revelations. Take that which your soul craves and use it to grow and expand. All of you have gifts that you have uncovered or are starting to realize. It is time to share them and take, from all spaces, that which feeds you. Dearest Brothers and Sisters, you are all blessed with so much. The cornucopia of prosperity is yours. Take from it what you will. Take from it what is yours. It is given freely. Give thanks for that which you have and watch how this unleashes the flow of more from heaven. You are loved and well taken care of and the fruits of your labors are beginning to be revealed. Don’t doubt the amount but believe and trust in the substance of all that is You and all that you are reaping and uncovering. It is blessed. You are blessed. And so I leave you in Light and Love. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Archangel Michael



Your Emotions – Spiritual Council of Light


September 29, 2015



And so we begin.


Yes Dearest Hearts, this is the energies of the Spiritual Council of Light here to communicate with you at this time and in the aftermath of your full moon, there is a sense of emotional rawness that is being felt collectively and we watch as you try to ignore this part of you that is being brought to the surface, to be acknowledged and set free. But as you, Dearest Hearts, ignore that part of you that is emotion, it does not go away. Dearest Brothers and Sisters, as one panics at being buried alive, so do the emotions that you insist on burying and they beg to be released, felt and acknowledged. This moon has been working to bring to light that which has been buried in your darkness. To keep it in the dark any longer would only cause more personal grief as anything that is being ignored only grows to try and gain your attention in ways that are desperate and all-consuming.


Your emotions were given freely by Source Creator. This is part of your free will; to be able to feel things and decide if they are good or if they are bad. If that, which you feel, is wrong or if it is right. Dearest Bright Hearts, emotions are never wrong or right, good or bad. They just are and yet you wish to categorize them and have them fit in a certain box and you label them just so without acknowledging their presence or their purpose. Emotions were not given to you to be able to hang on to judgements or anger; nor were they given to use as weapons of abuse. They were given to make you unique and present on this earth with heart and soul. The blessing of emotion is the blessing of feeling within and yet, the ones you term good are fleeting and the ones you term bad are hung onto like the past that you drag behind you, assuming you will need it again one day.


Yes, you have been hurt, let down, angered and saddened and yet, have you forgotten that you have also been happy, joyful, supported and loved. Is it easier to hang onto the emotion of anger? Did you realize, Dearest Hearts, that this is taking more energy to live with when it could be so simple to love and forgive? In doing so, did you know that from your place of abduction, of your choice to stay locked up by your sensitive and bruised ego, that the chance to move beyond into a space of eternity and light will struggle to show itself? This is the light at the end of your tunnel yet your tunnel is long and the light is a figment of imagination.


Your imagination is the Creative Source within You that dwells in all. This is not used to keep you in the dark but light that piece of you that is your heart to love; to love in all ways and in all things. It is your gift and it is your freedom from your self-imposed sentence. Doesn’t it sound beautiful to live freely instead of locking yourself away in a box labeled ‘emotion’? Humanity is a tornado of thought and feeling and you pride yourselves on being swept up in its dramatic winds when the eye of the storm is all inviting and calm. The eye of the storm is the heart where you reside with Source Creator and that Presence is waving its white flag to get your attention and come back to peace.


Emotions ride high when growth is inevitable. There is shift and there is change which can be different and can cause fear and misunderstanding. You may feel like you’ve been left behind or neglected when you are actually given the same blessing as all to flow with the changes instead of fighting them. The ego will jump in and repair the wall around you that has been shaken and cracked by the earthquake of change; to keep your love and light bottled up. What if you leave the wall shaken and cracked? Allow yourself to be vulnerable and allow the sensitive to be touched by light to sooth it and heal it. Uncork yourself from your glass captivity for as you look out through the clear glass, you see endless possibility where the light shines. Allow yourself to feel freedom. Let yourself feel the free emotions that allow you to share yourself with the world, free of judgement and free of assumption. This is love. This is Earth. This is Now. Outside of your box, your wall, your glass bottle, there is only freedom to be You; that part of the Divine that has been given so generously and is waiting for you to acknowledge, accept, and Be.


There is no right or wrong way to feel. There is no judgement. There is only choice. Your sensitivity can either have you shrink away in fear or tentatively take that first step in exploration of imagination and creation. All of it is for You. What is your choice? And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Spiritual Council of Light



You Are Enough – Army of Angels


October 7, 2015



And so we begin.


This is the Army of Angels here to communicate with you at this time. We are aware that much has been happening on very personal levels within and around each of you. There have been experiences of happiness and of joy and there have been experiences of loneliness and hurts. The human being in you has been living a wide range of emotion over the last few months and now, Dearest Hearts, we urge you to rest your hearts. This is a period of integration. Your month of October is here to help you take in everything that you have experienced and lived over your year and/or years and really take the time to settle it within yourselves and be proud of what you have accomplished.


But, you say, I feel as if I have not accomplished anything. I feel as if this whole year, I’ve only experienced and lived the same life. Did you Dearest Hearts? We, from our perspective, see something quite different. No two days have been exactly the same. No two days have offered exactly the same people, the same work, the same daily life, the same dreams. We are sure, that in many aspects, the general idea of your daily existence has been similar. This is your limited perception of your life. You are so much grander than what you experience in your daily life and your month of October is where every single one of your daily experiences, be in unconscious or conscious thought, comes together to initiate the beauty of what you have become. You are not what you were. You are now what you are.


We see, from our perspective, how your hearts and your minds have expanded; how even the shortest of conversations or interactions with another has changed some form of thought or idea about how things could be. All of your days have come together in one body which is yours and you sit there and say, I’m still the same. We beg to differ.


You’re beautiful in every way and yet you criticize yourselves for the extra five or ten pounds you’ve gained or lost. You’re beautiful in every way and yet you scrutinize your behavior or another’s in an attempt to make yourselves feel less than or more than. You’re beautiful in every way and yet you scrutinize yourselves for all you haven’t done and should have done. You are perfect in every way and yet you scrutinize yourselves for not doing enough.


You are enough Dearest Hearts. Everything that you have faced, challenged, lived, accomplished, procrastinated over or ignored does not matter in the bigger picture of You for You are enough and everything that you have lived is now integrating within you so you can begin to live your True Authentic Self. Everything about you, the “good” and the “bad” is enough and it’s beautiful. Source Creator has made you in His/Her image and resides within you. This Energy is in everything and everything is All. This is You. Your assumptions about what you lack create separation from that which is Love; That which is Source Creator. So, after a busy year, it is time to take the opportunity of your new season to integrate every experience that is You. Come within and reintroduce yourselves to the new and expansive You.


You have done nothing? No, you have done everything. You have done everything that has been yours to experience. You do not walk the same path as another. You walk individual paths and they all lead to You; the Source Creator within.


Let go of the expectation that you put on yourselves or another. You have exceeded all expectation because you’ve lived the miracle of another day. Be at peace with the knowledge that we, your angels, have seen how much you have done and we are honored to say that it was enough. Your experiences make you You and you, Dearest Hearts, are enough. Sit back and let this flow within and around you so that you may start living, fully, in a heart centered and loving way. And so we leave you now in love and light. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Army of Angels



The Sun Will Rise – Brother Jesus


October 16, 2015


I have been called Master by many. I have been called Lord of All. My scribe addresses me as Brother and I accept them all. Again, I must tell you, that I do not come as a celebrity. I come as family and as you perceive me is how I perceive you because this is how it works. It is a oneness, an energy of love. There have been many that have called out to me in urgent prayer for guidance and help but through the fear of the situation or the stress of the day, feel as if they have been forgotten. You are never forgotten for you are family. Did you think, Dear Brothers and Sisters, that I would ever think of you as family? Would it give you peace to know that I do not come as a hero but as a helping hand to guide you and pull you out of your state of unease and emotional discomfort? When you call my name and you cry your tears, Dearest Family please be aware that I dry them. I am with you in all things. When I hear you I am immediately at your side asking you how can I help? You are so very important to me and to the Heavens. You have not lost your place in line, assuming someone else is more worthy than you to have my love. This is not so. There is no line. Heaven is for all. I am for all who ask for me and of me. There is no need to beg for when you beg you cannot feel that I am holding you in my arms and calming you in every way. Know this and be at peace with my presence because when you see my face, it is when I hold your hands. Much has been happening in your world and you question why this is playing out as it is. Why, if you have come so far, is there still much terror and anger in those places of unrest, including in those hearts that may be your neighbors’ or friends’. Before the dawn there is the dark of night. The sun will rise with the faith and trust of who you have become. Don’t look away from what scares you but view it with the eyes of Heaven that you were born with. Send love to those that need it. Send your prayers and your light to the situations that you see before you. Believe that it will work and because of your efforts the sun will begin to rise. The sun is the almighty Creator within you and it rises within you as you view your world with Compassion, Grace and Love. It is vital, in these times, that you allow yourself the peace that comes with acceptance and compassion for another’s path. Your paths, as you have heard many times before, are all different for your exploration of life is yours and yours alone. So when you peak out from under your covers at the coming morning, leave the judgements in the night and wake with an open heart. View your world as it is and know the truth of who you are and what you can contribute to bring about peace and understanding. This does not mean you must condone the actions of others but there is a greater purpose in the collective than what may be presented to you on your televisions and this is very difficult to see. Belief in oneself is where Heaven lives and it shines through your being as you walk your highest life’s purpose. The discovery of your truth will uncover the truth of all. I walked as an example of the Creator and to you. Have you taken from my example yet? Have you had the realization that you were born of Source and so you can do the same? Take the example of my life and live yours in the highest of forms for when you live in the highest of love you attract love and the lives, yours and those around you, begin to change for the better. This world needs Masters, that which you are. Teachers burdened with ego create slavery. Teachers glowing with love create freedom. There is always choice and it is yours. It is a gift given without judgement of that which you choose for this is your freedom as it was mine. I knew of my future, of what I was here to do and accomplish. Your futures are for you to carve out and experience through the choices that you decide to make. Do not question what feels good because you feel as if you are not worthy. I tell you now that the good feelings come from a place within your heart that shows you how worthy you are. Do not settle for anything other than what you are so deserving of and that is All; Everything. That is the prosperity of love and that, which is taken in love, is received with light and radiated to the life of all. One’s good fortune is for all. You have heard this message many times before and I feel, as you read these words, a sense of a song on your radio that is constantly repeating itself. You would like to hear a new tune, one that speaks of the future. Why is there a continuous repeat of the same lyrics? I will tell you now it has yet to be listened to. I cannot tell you what the future holds for an individual. That is yours to create. The future for the world looks bright but part of that depends on how you choose to use your Mastery and how you choose to live your life. So, as the sun rises on a new day and you leave the dark of night, how will you view the world? Will you turn your eyes away from the bad, only to be aware of the good? Life is a blending of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ as perceived by humanity. Life is a blend of light and shadow. To ignore the shadow is ignoring part of the whole; the whole that is the creation of Source. Acknowledge the dark. It has purpose and once the night has passed, the morning will come in beautiful shades of light and love that you have created for yourself and the world around you. I leave you in light and love. I leave you as family. I leave you in the highest regard as you walk this earth as I did. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Brother Jesus



You Are Tired – Spiritual Council of Light


November 13, 2015



And so we begin.


Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the Light, we are the Spiritual Council of Light here to communicate with you at this time. We understand that this world is exhausting to look at. We understand that you have done so much work in your personal beings and yet you have trouble noticing any difference it is making in the grand scheme of things. We see that this is frustrating and we see that this has more than a few people asking, what’s the point? We see that there are individuals that are trying to keep a positive outlook on things and trying to use the laws of attraction and manifestation to create bountiful prosperity in their lives and yet, it does not appear as it should or it does not appear as they think it should and the frustration sets in. This is in all areas of life; financial, professional, personal. It doesn’t simply have to do with money all the time but most of it does for you live in a world that lives and dies by pieces of paper and coin. This is frustrating. We see that when you started on your path of being more aware, of how you act with people, of how you live, of being conscious of those less fortunate than you and giving a part of yourself to try and be helpful, you thought that you would make great strides in your life and your growth and yet all you see are more doors to walk through, more clearing of past karma or issues. You thought that the road would be clear as soon as you began to love more and show more compassion and yet, when you get up in the morning you still continue to do the same job, to live in the same house, to eat the same food, to pay the same bills and to you, the days seem to run into each other as they always do with no personal change, only more of the same that you are trying to rise above from. This is exhausting and we feel your frustration and your desire for escape. We feel your anxiety and your tiredness as you bang your head against the door to freedom that you feel is locked. It is not locked. It is open. You merely have to pull on it to allow yourself passage. You simply cannot see the handle. Your acts of love, of compassion, of trying to live for the highest good of all have not gone unnoticed. We are pleased that we see so many of you turning over a new leaf; bettering your lives as much as you can and helping others that struggle. We praise your efforts in these areas and you are not simply a hamster running in its wheel towards nothing.


Oh, Dearest Brothers and Sisters, if you could only see what we see. If you could only witness what we do you would see the amount of positive change that you are making, not only for yourselves but for the whole of humanity. Your ripple is spreading. Do not despair and do not begrudge anything that is happening. You may think you continue to live a ground-hog day, as our scribe would put it, and yet you are not. No two days are the same. No two people are the same as they were the day before. Your efforts of change are making a difference the only thing that is hindering the progress is this assumption that there is some big personal payoff. There is personal payoff for changing ones view of the world and yet, you expect a pay for performance and you expect to see it in a certain way. When a person is only showing love and compassion so they may reap the rewards in ways that will pad wallets or homes, this is for the wrong reason. When a person shows love and compassion to pad hearts, this is where the benefits will be seen. When there is compassion shown without judgement, a light will break the shadow. When the attitude of ‘what’s in it for me?’ is left behind and replaced with an attitude of ‘how may I be of service.’ there will be personal change. There is prosperity in all forms just waiting to be absorbed by everyone that needs it yet you hold the umbrella of ‘my way or no way’. It is overwhelming to see how much more could be given to you once you lay down your umbrella and look up to see what the Universe is offering. There is so much for everyone for everyone is equal in what they deserve.


As many stars you see in your heavens is how much prosperity there is for every single human being. But, Dearest Hearts, do you see the differences in the stars. There are some large, some small, some medium, some tiny. These are how blessings are presented to you but you feel as if you only work to have the biggest stars. This is not how all ‘payoffs’ present themselves. There are those among you who shine with only the ‘smallest’ reward. There are those that shine with a simple thank you. There are those that shine with a surprise of coffee in the morning and shine even brighter with a muffin as well. They shine because those that gift them these things can barely provide a coffee for themselves but they say thank you to that person that shines, for the love they have shown without expectation because it has made a big impact in their life. These are the payoffs. The acts of pay it forward, the acts good will toward men, the acts of giving with no assumption of receiving. This is what will make the biggest impact for if everyone gave with no expectation it would spread as the flame of love. Yes, there is always the hope of a better existence. There is always the wish of something more. There is always the curiosity that the grass is always greener on the other side. Is this your saying? Begin to water the grass in which you live on in this moment. What you wish for will never come to pass without respecting the blessings of the moment. Padded hearts will never happen without realizing hearts are full in the now.


Count your many blessings and even if you feel you have none, bless someone else with that which you feel you lack. Gift your heart because unconditional love does not expect returns. Unconditional love is a circle of giving and accepting without the need for control and or judgement toward those that you give to. Release expectation and be ready to receive surprises but be open to how they present themselves. The big packages under your Christmas trees do not always reveal the splendor that the tiny packages do. This is your human way of thinking. This is what you tell your children when they wish for the biggest gift when the smallest are surprisingly wonderful. There is no big, there is no small, there is only love. Love is all and comes in every size. You are tired. How can you give any more of yourself than you already have? Have you given though? Why do you still bang your head against a door that is unlocked and open? Change the way you look at your actions. Are they for you or are they for all? How may you be of service? We do not ask these questions to irritate or frustrate you. There is a simple twist of perception that is nearly upon humanity. You are on your way to understanding how it works. Let go of your expectation of how giving is supposed to go and give freely. There you will find the handle to the door you cannot open. There you will find that it opens with ease. There you will find your surprise; something that you were never expecting. Be excited with the surprises that love brings. Pad your heart with these and share them freely. Then you will have your rewards. And so we leave you in love and light. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Spiritual Council of Light



Shared Personal Channel from my Army of Angels


November 16, 2015


Author’s note: I have decided to share this personal channel for those that would like to read it. I channel for myself often and sometimes the messages are difficult to hear. This is one of those times but I felt compelled to publish it. I feel as difficult as it is to receive, it’s harder to share but I think that in these times it’s an important message but one that will be difficult to put into action in these days of uncertainty and worry. For those that read it…Thank You. Namaste.


Yes Dearest Heart. This is your Army of Angels here to contact you today to put your mind at ease as world events create havoc with your heart. It is not surprising that the Paris attacks are taking precedence over the Middle Eastern discord in your media. It is because it is closer to home than the Middle East but this is not to say that it is more important for the world, at this time, is transitioning and there are those on your earth who feel it and are acting out in ways that are not of the light. Unfortunately, Dearest Heart, there will be more of the same. There will be more of the same until humanity understands that the time for the fighting and bullying is over. This will not happen until each individual on your earth has taken responsibility for their actions without blaming or using others as a scapegoat. You put it in your card reading that people have used Source Creator as a scapegoat and this is correct. How could God let this happen? This is only in interpretation of one situation and not the whole. Paris is a part of a puzzle that is the whole of the world. Those that have done this have infiltrated and crossed borders. They are not only of the Middle East but they are everywhere now and can cause destruction in all places. The terror in the Middle East will not stay in the Middle East. It is spreading and it is being fueled by people’s fear and extreme exhaustion of such situations. It may sound trite to you that we ask humanity to stay in the light, to stay in the love. This is tough love. The more you give attention to situations the more real they become. The more energy you give to the fear the further it will spread.


How could we get the message out to all of humanity to turn off your media and be in one’s heart? The first step to any healing is to go within. Mother Earth is only a reflection of the whole of those who live on and within Her. She hurts and yet She continues to live the best way She knows how. She is nurtured by the energy of those who are awakened and who honor Her with their love. This is how She is surviving. Gaia goes within and you feel Her shake as She tries to brush off that destruction that was done to Her and Her children that reside with Her. As a human writhes and moans when they are in pain, so does Gaia only Hers is on a planetary level where Her writhing and moaning in pain is felt globally. She does not do this out of hurt for She begins to heal herself as soon as pain is inflicted on Her. She goes within. This is what humanity must do as well. This is the first step in healing. Only when you can find the love in your heart for yourself can you send out the prayers and love for the world. This is not a selfish act, to go within, for the more you learn to respect and love yourself, the more it spreads as energy and, like a magnet, attracts the same.


You will not be allowed to destroy yourself for you have passed that time already but there are still residual energies that need to be cleared away and clearing they are. As with all clearing, the old must be cleaned before the new can emerge. This is happening on your planet as we speak. Those that act out in violence and terror are only holding on by the end of their old ropes and so the actions of these dark energies seem to be getting bigger as their hold on their so called control is weaker. To continue to send them energy through your fearful thoughts and your conspiracy chatter is simply fueling what will end. If we were to give advice to those that would like it, it would be to simply send them love. ‘How could we do such a thing’ you ask? ‘They have taken countless lives so how are they deserving of such love?’ Dearest Heart, they have never received love. How can someone, who has never received love, act in loving ways? They are receiving threats of returned violence, fear and panic. This does not show them love but shows that dark is winning and the dark has the power. When you send them your love, it breaks open the darkened heart to shine light where it has never experienced it before. This is hard. This is not an easy task but it is the way of a Master.


You and your world send much love and prayers to the victims, which they need, to know that they did not live a life here on earth in vain. What would happen if you and your world sent love to those who commit the crimes? How would it raise the vibration of these areas in which they dwell. And if one person began to send these humans love, would it spread? If one person asked one person to help them send love and prayer to the ones that are doing the hurting would it begin to lift the shroud of fear that hangs over them? This is not to say you are on your knees and praising their actions. This does not have to be a marathon of prayer. This is a simple act of seeing in your mind the person, the person that has not received any true love and telling them they are loved. To forgive someone does not mean you must have them in your life or to condone what they have done. It is the act of forgiveness that releases you from the fear and sadness that you harbor from the acts of another. Source Creator has created all in His/Her image. They are loved. Be the Master that you so wish to be and love those that hurt and destroy. These dark acts cannot be met with more dark acts. These dark acts must be met with love. It is not condoning the acts but loving the person who is so misguided and buried under suppression. We do not say that the love should only be shown to those of terror but to all of those who humanity judges as being in the wrong. If humanity could be played a home movie of the children before they were terrorists, bullies or abusers, would they still be looked upon as evil? The terrorists and abusers were children once too. Most of them were caught up in cycles of abuse. It is all they know. Pray and send love to the child that became the man/woman. Pray for the child that did not know, as they played in their gardens or their bedrooms, who rode their bikes or played with their pets, that they would one day pick up a gun or a bomb or make a fist and use it to create fear. Pray and love the child that once was, who was so badly abused themselves that they know no other way to live. Does this make sense? You do not have to picture the man/woman but you may picture the child because the child still exists within and is acting out in such ways that it is causing global fear. There is enough judgement. They have been judged enough to last them lifetimes. They have not been loved.


Yes, pray for those that have been affected. Pray for their families and their loss of life and limb. What will stop it, though, is prayer and love for ALL. We have said this many times. Love for all is what will bring earth to a place of peace and we will continue to repeat that it starts within. It starts within for the world is one and when you start to heal and love your own heart and show yourself true love and acceptance it will then be easier to love the world and even those that know no different. Your power is in your hearts. Your power is in your spirit. It is not with guns and bombs. This is not strength. This is weakness. We know of no other way to put this. We understand that you have been reeling from world events and last week, when the attacks on Paris occurred, you didn’t know why you felt so off balance and exhausted. And then you read your news and now know why. This is a collective energy. It was not just felt in the Middle East. It was not only felt in Europe. It was felt worldwide and it has left humanity raw and beaten down. We cannot argue this. We understand that this channel, for a lot of people if you wish to share it, may be taken the wrong way but sometimes tough love is needed even if it is fought. The way out of terror and into a peaceful existence is love. We understand that this sounds like a broken record and so easy for us to say for we live in the heavens and live in love. This is a hard lesson for humanity to learn but it must be learned. Just as the Pleiadians went through their own struggles, so are you. Look at them now. You are on the same course but it takes effort and a big change in perception to be able to do this. Think about it. Sit on this for a while. Chew on it. These are your expressions, no? We leave you now in light and love. And so it is and so it was and so it will be. 


Army of Angels



The World is a Stage and so is Your Life – Army of Angels


November 24, 2015



And so we begin.


Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the Light. This is the Army of Angels coming to speak with you today. Yes, we have been waiting on the sidelines as the Spiritual Council of Light finishes and as we enter to communicate through our scribe, she feels the shift and is ready to relay our messages to you. This is how she channels us. She allows our energy to wrap her in warmth assuring that all is well and safe and through these words that she is writing, we wish to infuse them with these energies as well so you, the reader, know that you are safe and that all is playing out as it is supposed to. When you go to a play or performance and you get your program, you open it up and see the contents of the acts of the show you are about to watch. You anticipate the scenes that will come and play out before your eyes. Unfortunately, you wish for a program for the show that is playing out on your planet as well, in hopes that you can prepare yourself for what lies ahead. There is no program because the show plays out how you intend it too. How you see the world is how it will play out and the various actors on your stage will move to your direction. You are an actor in a show, you are a character of a story, and you are the director of a play. You are all your creation that is playing out and, as a collective, this is playing out on your world's stage. Release your attachment about how life shall appear. What happened to the child- like surprises that you couldn't wait to open and reveal? Now, as you are older, you wish to know what will play out so the surprises don't appear and catch you off guard. You must plan, you must prepare, and you must rehearse. Dearest Hearts, this life is not rehearsed. You do not wake already prepared for the possibilities of the day. Nor is life a re-enactment. This is to say, those that wish to re-enact the past are creating the same situations to play out in your moment of now and on into the future. Wouldn’t you like a new show? Wouldn’t you like to see a performance as it shows on opening night? This is the excitement. Life does not have to be watched in fear of what’s next. Do not fear what’s next. Do not fear what has happened. Regret cannot change past actions. Regret cannot release you into your life of now. Regret only ties you to a past that can be forgotten. Release what was to step onto the stage of now. You cannot live in the now with a past that haunts you yet the past is not the haunter. The ghosts of the past do not wish to linger. They wish to be released to where they were meant to reside. Let them go as a memory; as a lesson that you have already learned the answer to and which has made you the wiser. The character you played is not the same character that you are playing now. As the performers grow with every act, so do you. Begin to accept what is without the guilt of what was or the anxiety of what could be. As you have heard before, your thoughts, fears, wishes, desires and wants all manifest for you. Think of your greatest Self and this is what will be. Think of your greatest potential and this is what will be. You are your greatest potential. Did you realize this Dearest Hearts? You are your greatest potential so dust this off as a trophy that has been sitting on the shelf, never cleaned from the dust of the past that lingers on its surface. Dust off the past so that the light of the future may shine upon it as you carry it to the place of now. The potential of your show is deserving of all reward. You are deserving of all reward and we will continue to convince you of this even if you choose not to hear it.


Why do we continue to ask you to release? Why do we continue to ask you to live in your now? It is because this is where growth lives. You cannot grow while still underground. You cannot grow by refusing to see the light. The light is all around you Dearest Hearts. It is there for you to feel on your face and it is there to warm you from the chill of your anxiety. Do not allow the acts of others to impede your growth into light. You are light. You are made of the stars and your brilliance can be seen as such for a being that looks through their ‘telescopes’. Do not let the dark of night steal your brilliance for your shell is cracking and revealing what you truly are and this is brilliance. Do not hide behind the curtain of your stage. Play the part that you are meant to play and do it with bravery as the warrior you are. The audience around you would not be there if they didn’t want to witness your creative works. The audience around you would not be there if they didn’t want you to reveal the life you want to play. Yes, there are critics. There are those that will tell you that you are not playing your part right and they will attempt to direct you in different ways. Do you not do this as well? Do you not try to direct others to play as you would see them play? And so this happens to you. It is a reflection. The stage is yours and as actors audition to play a part in your life, allow them the chance and let go, with love, those that cannot play fair or play with kindness or compassion towards you. You will do the same once you release those moments that have already played out and are ready to enter a cleared stage where anything goes. It is a new day. It is a new performance. You are not acting on the same stage that you were born to. There has been a shift. Those that are in the audience view this world with new eyes. Do not let the perception of others play a part in your life. Live it with love for all. Live it with love for all that watch you. Live as if there is a spotlight on your heart that shines out to the crowd on the streets and invites them in for as they take their seats and watch you as you play your grandest role, the light of you will spread and you will be a leader and an example to those that need one. As you admire your celebrities in your media there are those that consider you the same. The children of this world watch you, Dearest Brothers and Sisters. You are their role model and what they aspire to be. Just as you dream of a celebrity life, the children around you dream of an adult life that you are now displaying. What will you show to them? A performance of bravery, chivalry; the greatest love story that they have ever witnessed? Or will it be a performance of drama, heartache and ghostly terror that will keep them awake at night as it does you? These are your choices. What will you share?


Although some of your reruns can be fun to view and some of your futuristic films can be fun to dream, the performance of now is the most captivating because it is a performance of what is; of truth. Make it so without pretense. Make it so without dust. Make it so. And so we leave you in love and light. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Army of Angels



Be as a Child – Spiritual Council of Light


December 11, 2015



And so we begin.


Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the Light, as always it is a great honor to share our space with you at this time and to communicate our energies to you, as well. In your time of the holidays, it is assumed that the child in you will come out. This is so although, for some, the holidays can feel like work. For some, the holidays could pass without even so much as an ornament strung up and that would be okay. For others, this time is a sacred time of joy and love. For some, this is a time of surprise and anticipation. These someones are the little ones that coexist with you. They are your children and their anticipation of your season of Christmas is something of an example to carry with you throughout the year. The pressure one feels about perfecting the holidays is a reflection of the pressure there is for someone to live their life. There is an outside pressure that exists to create perfection in all things. Dearest Hearts, when there is pressure to be perfect does it not ignore the one who is trying to be perfect? To rise to the occasion of someone else’s expectation ignores That which is in you which is personal self-expression. It is time to look at what you are doing and why you are doing it. Where is your joy with the life you are creating? Are you creating your existence on your earth out of obligation or are you creating your existence on your earth because you are living You. Look to the children as an example. What happens with the little ones around this time? Yes, there is greed, there is want, and there is desire. As we use the children as an example we wish for you, the reader, to look past the surface of how the children live at this time. Do they not make wishes? Do they not look to the sky to see a man ride the stars on his sleigh? Do they not get excited as they sit on a Santa’s lap and speak their grandest desires because they believe in magic? Look how they sleep on the evening before the dawn; before they wake to their dreams coming true. The children have expressions of wonderment and awe. Of trust and belief that they are well taken care of by a man who lives within their mind’s eye as one who makes dreams come true.


Yes, this is not all children for not all children celebrate these holidays, nor are all children so fortunate to have a gift on Christmas. But this example is not only for your Christmas. This example of your children is for every day. As adults mourn, fear, use anger and judgement, is it not the children that remain ever so hopeful that there are better days ahead? Is it not the children that after a sleep with empty tummies can still smile and play with laughter even through their hardships? There is joy because life, even if it has touched them with harsh circumstance, has not been allowed to diminish their spark. Look to the children as your example of life. They continue because they love. They continue because they make their own perfect life as much as they can. It is when that life gets heavy and they must grow up quickly, that it starts to diminish that spark of innocence but what does that? It is the example of looking outward for fulfillment and perfection that diminishes this spark. We have said it before and we will say it again, another person’s perfect is not yours. Another person’s perfection is not to diminish yours. You are you and your beauty contributes to this world in so many ways. You are the example of your life and the children that you watch, with envy, living so freely even under the direst of circumstances, only reflect that child within you that is being ignored and is crying to be released from their captivity. This is your joy. This is your easiness of life. This is your soul expression. Look within and free this.


We enjoy viewing your celebrations on this earth. We enjoy seeing the happiness and the love that it creates between human and human. Why must it last such a short time when there are so many days in your year that are well deserving of your joy? The pictures of your media portray something that might be for you, yes, but it is not You. We understand that we speak of your media very much but we must insist that whatever you, Dearest Hearts, see is not a portrayal of what IS. Make your celebrations personal and invite others to share in what is Your reflection of Your life. Then, when invited, share in Another’s reflection or Their life and it is only when this is done that there can be an understanding and acceptance of the beauty and exquisiteness of uniqueness and diversity. Celebrate this for this is your holiday of Christmas. Your children understand this and as they invite another child to play they ask questions, they are introduced to different paths, lifestyles, beliefs that they will or will not understand but they accept this and they continue to build friendships based on all levels; acceptance, knowledge, understanding and trust.


When does this stop? When do the children begin to adopt the behaviors of judgement and ridicule? Look to those who are raising them. Look to the environments in which they are living. This is your answer. As the children of your world are wonderful examples of simplicity of life, so can they be examples of how the world is living in these times. Where is the need for change? Where is the need for hard truths to be viewed and realized? Where is the need for the hard questions to be asked and answered and who will be the ones to do this? You, Dearest Hearts. It is not only the children that will be the change but it will be You as well. Once you realize and once you accept that there must be a different way to live, you will be done surviving and you will be the leaders in change for the highest good of all. Take the blinders off and play like a child would. Take the blinders off and create like a child would. Take the blinders off and view the world as a child would during your time of Christmas. You will see differently and with this new sight, create your life as a personal reflection of the joy and love that a child brings to this world the moment they take their first breath. Be like a child would for this is your soul speaking to you in divine and benevolent ways. How else could it get your attention in ways that would make you believe in the magic of life on earth? And so we leave you now in love and light. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Spiritual Council of Light.



Goddess Brigid and the Divine Feminine – Balance


December 28, 2015



And so we begin.


We are the energies of the Goddess Brigid and the Divine Feminine here to communicate with those that need our love in these times of upheaval and unrest in your world. We do not wish to linger on the unpleasant times of Mother Earth at this moment for it is not about what is happening or continuing. Rather, it is more about the outcome and of why. When Atlantis fell, there were those that escaped and continued their work across this globe. Now, the time of Atlantis re-emerges. Not as a society of technology and invention but a time of magic, alchemy, love and creation. It is a balance. This is a great lesson for humanity at this time. There are those that enfold themselves in the energy of technology, relying on it heavily to live their daily existence, forgetting themselves in the process. This will not continue for it is destructive to the minds and hearts of humanity. There are those who are bringing technology and compassion together and this is the balance. It is about finding ways to use the gifts of invention and innovation to create a higher way of being and living for the entirety of this planet; to help those in need and to create systems that will bring food, sanitation, education and peace to all of this world. Not only to those who can afford it. There is no separation. All are one and it is the time to reach out to those who are less fortunate and to find a way to bring prosperity to all corners of this globe in an honorable and loving way.


For one to have everything and another to have nothing brings immeasurable imbalance which continues the cycle of the have’s and have nots. As much as those try, hearts and spirits will not be forced down any longer. They are rising. All life on this earth will be brought into balance. The weakened will rise and the mighty will fall. The mighty have become adorned by false impressions of what is. These pedestals will be cut down for those that wish for nothing but more for themselves at the expense of those suffering, including this planet.


It is not all bad for there are many that are aware that a world run on consumption, marketing, and subliminal messaging of fear is not the way of it anymore for in the light, that peeks through the warn and tattered cloak which is trying to hide the damage it has caused, is getting brighter. The black cloak is fading for the fabric of fear is beginning to tear from the increasing bravery and integrity of those who it tries to hide. There is balance coming. As in spring, after the darkness of winter, the windows shall open and doors shall unlock to let in the light of a new day; a new season of rebirth, letting the old be warmed by the sun and renewed. There is balance coming.


Who will lead humanity into the spring of balance? All who have realized equality. All who have realized that all has not been forgotten. Those who have started to speak will be heard. Those who have not been seen will show themselves. Those who have been hidden will be revealed and these people are You. You that read these words know there is something more and see with eyes that have awakened to the dawn of a new day. You are That which has been called to Divine action and Universal grace. You are the pillars of light that will rise. You are the beacon of hope that will light the way in the early dawn of an existence that has not yet been realized but is awaking now. There is no fear in this for the wishes of peace have been granted and the seeds have been planted in the fall to begin their bloom in the spring of earth. Those same seeds, which are planted in the lighted ones, have begun to crack open and as the flutter in a heart of anticipation is felt, the seed has begun to open in the hearts of those who can see, trust and believe that change and peace are here now.


The hard questions will be answered; the truth of winter will be revealed and the love that is humanity will blossom. It is balance. It is the balance of the twins; the flames of the masculine and the feminine. It is a time of reunion for they have been separated for far too long. The flames of the twins, the souls of the male and female will begin to find each other and connect in ways that can only bring harmony to all souls involved. All souls meaning everyone and with this we now leave you in love and light. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Goddess Brigid and the Divine Feminine




Goals and Desires – Archangel Ariel


January 8, 2016



Thank you, Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the Light, for taking the time to feel my energies as I communicate with you at this time. I am Archangel Ariel here to share my impressions with you this day as you start your new year on your beautiful planet. This is your year of 2016 and as much as you believe that it will be the same, this is not correct for you have come into a time of great transitions; where all of your hopes and dreams can be manifested easily and all that you have worked towards will begin to come into the light as yours to live and breathe. You have dreams and goals that have not turned into what you believe you should have received but if you look back, Dearest Hearts, have your dreams and goals not peeked at you through different circumstances wishing to come to fruition but because of hesitations or comforts, have not been able to come forth in the full realization of what you wish for? Those desires that attract you; that fill your heart with fresh energy cannot come to you as you hold onto what you know and are comfortable with. 2016, Dearest Ones, is about stepping out of your comfort zone and being creative in manifesting that which you desire. It is a time of introspection and looking within your hearts, with courage, to understand and decipher which dreams you really want to come true and which ones you have lost interest in. The old desires that you think you want may no longer fit you and your life circumstances any longer. It is time to let these goals go because in the recesses of your hearts you have been thinking of something brand new that is bigger than what you have ever dared to dream before and these wishes, in the deep waters of your heart, are those that wish to come to the surface and surround your life with magic. 2016 is a magical time but it is you, Dear Ones, that must believe in the magic of your creation powers to make the dreams come true.


There are those that ask and hold out their hands, hopeful that it will simply appear, without realizing that there is work to be done first before any of those gifts can be given. If it is a new relationship that you are hoping for, what is your relationship with yourself and it is only when you can be honest with yourself and love yourself that those new relationships, that you long for, will appear. The souls of those individuals that you want to meet are in your heart. They were put there before you came into this life and will be on your life path when you understand that it is the journey with yourSelf that you must make peace with first. Do you wish to create more financial wealth? Then my Dearest Hearts, what is your relationship with money? Do you fear the money that you don’t have, always finding financial matters stressful when payments are due? Or, are you okay with money and are satisfied with the dollar amount you have and are able to use those funds in the most highest and responsible way. Do you wish for more money to obtain more things or do you wish for more money to be able to assist those around you and yourself to find what fills you with love, happiness and blessings. Do you wish for a new career? How is your relationship with the one that you have/had. Do you go into work with a positive foot forward, understanding that whatever you must face, within your day, you will do it with and open mind and compassionate heart? Or, do you go into your work with a resentful and complacent nature and are only coming into work because you must; because it is your duty? These are the things that I point out to you as examples because when you look at the deeper reasons as to why you want what you dream, it makes you realize the blessings that you already have and start to be grateful for what you have now. Being grateful only allows more to flow towards you. It opens your spirit for an increase in blessings from the Universe because you begin to realize, even if you have little, that you are worthy of what little you have and are ready for more. Count your blessings Dearest Hearts. Do not block the incoming blessings by resenting what you have and where you are now. This will only keep you in that energy, unable to move forward because you are stuck by the fear and complacency that this is what you will ever have.


You are deserving of every star. You are deserving of every blessing. You are deserving of prosperity in every single way. You are deserving of choice. You are deserving of your free will and this will hinder or increase your manifestation abilities depending on the attitude you adopt.


“But Archangel Ariel, I have been positive and remained hopeful and it hasn’t happened yet. I have asked for Divine help and I have yet to see my dreams come true.”


Yes, Dearest Ones, we have heard your prayers and we understand your urgency but this is also a block. You have asked, yes, but have you given your goals and dreams entirely to us? Have you allowed us the opportunity to pour the blessings onto you? Please Dearest Ones, don’t chase your dreams for that is believing that they will never appear. As a lion chases its prey, the prey will run. As a lion waits patiently for its prey; seeing it grazing and coming closer, the lion receives it with only a pounce. Do not chase out of desperation for your dreams will run. Yes, there is preparation, there is request, there is vision but there is also trust; trust in the divinity of your Universe that your prayers have been heard and we, your angels, have been allowed to work with you to manifest your desires in the timing that is right for you. What is that saying that you have? Let go, let God? Is that not the one? I am well aware that not everyone likes the term God so if this is the case, let go and let Love. I must tell you though, these are one in the same for Love and God, Love and Creation comes from the same Source and this Source wants nothing better for you than to have everything your beings desire and more.


Please, Dearest Hearts, when you pray and when you request your secret desires, do not be scared to also ask for something better. It is in the surprises that your guides and angels can work their best magic. We love to lead you to bigger things and watch your amazement and joy as you uncover your gifts like a child at their birthday party. Leave a little room for play. Leave a little room for surprise. Leave a little room for bigger. Leave a little room for something unexpected. Don’t limit your dreams and goals for you are deserving of that and more. So leave a little room for us to play with your dreams; manipulating and molding them into something that only Heaven can provide and trust that we, in the angelic realms, can provide it when allowed to do so.


I will work with you as much as you work for You. With every effort or willingness for change, I will increase it tenfold. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone this year and create a whole new world for you; whether that be your external or internal world, it doesn’t matter. Look within and see what you find. Look within and see what you want. Look around and love what you see and count every little thing as a true blessing. This shall open you up to receive and that is all we, your angels, want to give. And so I leave you now in love and light. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Archangel Ariel



Spiritual Council of Light – Words


January 28, 2016


We are the Spiritual Council of Light here to communicate with all of you at this time in the hope that we may set a stage for a brighter day for all who read these words. As you read our messages, please understand that they carry a vibration of love and healing in areas that you may need it the most. Did you know, Dearest Hearts, that your words, whether written or spoken, carry the same? It is energy. It is not the words so much as the intent behind them. The vibrations of compassion, kindness and love travel much further than those of hate, judgement and anger yet, these words of fear and negativity seem to travel the furthest as they are what is seen and taken hold of on your planet as truth. This changes today for there is a healing that is taking place beginning with those that take our message to heart and begin thinking before speaking. How often, Dearest Hearts, do you react to situations before acting from a place of truth? Words spoken or words read enter your mind before travelling to the heart. There is quick thinking that takes place leading to assumption. It is more prevalent in the written, as you use your emails and text messages as a shield from truth. Those behind the screen are behind the screen for a reason. It seems as though it is braver for a person to message how they feel instead of speak it face to face and heart to heart. It is not braver, it is cowardly. How is it, Dearest Hearts, that words of frustration and even of love can only be said to a screen than to a face? What would happen when someone would speak their feelings heart to heart? Would this then bring an understanding and an openness to communicate from a higher place than of thought; of mind? Yes. To open communication of all kinds, it is time to do away with quick reaction and denial and come heart to heart. Yes, Dearest, even in your news stories does this have to be. Maybe, after reading a news story, you may not be able to travel to the far off country to see for yourselves; to feel for yourselves, but you live in such diverse countries. Would it not, then, be easy to reach out to one in your communities and ask about that which you’ve heard or read to one that has lived it? And in this sense, when words of frustration and anger are projected into emails or your text messages, would it not be prudent to reach out and ask those with such messages to meet to get to the heart of the matter in the flesh than dwell in the vibration of angry and often misunderstood words. The time of reaction is over. It is harder to react when using an opportunity to pause, take a breath and move forward with that best foot. What if, Dear Ones, you were to make that first move? Would it surprise you to know that the gratitude from the party of which you address would be astounding? Would it please you to know, that given the opportunity, a person from a country who has lived in parts of the world, in which your media covers the truth, would be happy to speak with you in the energy of honesty? Given the chance, words when used properly, can open doorways of communication that will invite understanding, higher wisdom and let bygones be bygones. True, even when faced with an individual who cannot see your side of things, it’s frustrating. When speaking heart to heart, the emotions may be there but they are layered in honest communications, allowing the burden of argument less of a load to carry. When you reach out to another as a leader of integrity and compassion, this spreads. Perhaps not immediately but there is a new chapter of respect that is reached and anyone can see that the one who would rather speak face to face and heart to heart is not one to be avoided or frightened of. Words hold vibrations. It is time to be open to using the love of a dictionary instead of the blame and judgement of one. People’s vision has increased. It has widened in a way that would show the inner heart of someone. Intuition has grown throughout this world. This is communication through heart. It can even be reached past your screens and into your minds and fingers as you type. When one pauses and reflects on the words that were just written or spoken, they can then be felt with the soul and the intuition is better able to answer. Reaching out to the flesh for an understanding of the mind is at the heart of this. Feel. Feel the vibration behind the words. If it is fear, be the courage. If it is anger, be the love. If it is judgement, be the compassion and if it is lies, be the truth. It really starts from within and it is a choice. No one is okay with what is being left unsaid. Speak it all from a standpoint of please, show me your truth. It is the time of communication. It is time for those heart to hearts. And so we leave you in love and light. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Spiritual Council of Light



Your Proof – Spiritual Council of Light


February 28, 2016



And so we begin.


This is the Spiritual Council of Light here to communicate with you at this time and although we come to you in an existence of love, to trust our existence is more difficult to do. These are times requiring validation as those who have done much work in Spirit are getting tired and need some sort of Divine proof to continue traveling the path that they have chosen. It is a human’s objective to find something ‘real’ that they can hold on to as an excuse to continue a Divine Duty. It is in the need of this constant push for proof that the trust is lost. The validation that one requires lies in one’s heart. It can be felt but can you touch it? Can you see it? Time and again the struggle to continue comes from negating the now and to know of the future. We are in your future and we are in your past but we live in your now where humanity fails to look. We have a presence that is only tangible when the moment of now is lived. You have chosen to live in a world of duality where now struggles against a past and a future. It is a battle in which the now appears to be losing. The duality between truth and lie is a war between the heart and the mind. This internal fight must come to peace before harmony can reside. In harmony is where we dwell.


We are on the other side of you wars; your internal wars of investigation which requires one to look outside of themselves for what would create their happiness. We speak in the ear of all souls with no barrier. It is only silenced by the mind that says there is no such thing. As you tune into the wars of the mind you tune out. May we suggest it is time to travel from the mind into your heart? Would it ache when you finally arrive there? Would you feel the walls of your heart crack in a painful opening as it welcomes you home? The sensations that one feels when coming home to the heart can be frightening; experiencing emotions that are so new. It can be a very good reason, says the mind, to come back to the mind and keep the heart closed so as not experience emotions that are necessary to love; to love oneSelf. To gain the relationship with the soul; that part of you in which Spirit resides, your heart is the key to unlock your sight and the rules are only yours. A little is not enough. A little only scratches the surface of your potential as a visionary in Spirit. You were not born to earth to only scratch the surface of who you truly are. You are born to this earth to crack open and shake the very foundation of what you are now to become, the new you; the new human.


This is frightening for it has never been this way before. The old is ancient and is dying. You, our beautiful brothers and sisters, are not to die with it for you are life. You are love. We will not negate our existence but will state that we live within and around you. You speak with us every day but these conversations are behind closed doors; closed doors of the heart that feels and thinks on a should and shouldn’t basis. These are not feelings of the heart but of the mind; the ego that is losing its hold only to become a team member instead of running your show. We reside in the Universe around you and within. You, dear brothers and sisters, are not merely skin and bones but are of stars and suns and moons; not only of your galaxy but of all. You call those, that have passed on but revisit, ghosts. They are not ghosts but are energy. They have only gone back to their natural state of being. The spirit of a human is alive and exists with us in an energy that cannot be proven to one that fears to see. There are not only a select few with the gift of sight. You are all born with the gift of sight; of oneness. It is only that you see with the eyes of a human and not with the Eye of Horus that begs to be liberated. This eye is the eye of all, of one, of Source. It only requires your permission to do so. We are not your ghosts nor are those that you have loved and said goodbye to.


The proof is in the pudding as your saying describes. The soft and the indulgent. The proof does not lie in the rigid and fixed. It is the imagination. It is the dreams and the potential. See the what ifs that are around you. In the what ifs is your proof; your validation that you crave. Potential and what ifs cannot be measured but they are there. Your thoughts create your reality but thought in your human way includes your should’s and should not’s. Create you reality on the potential of what could be. Whatever shape or form this comes in, in your life. When you constantly look for proof of Spirit, you are then deciding you need proof of love. Love is all around you but you hold that key to open that lock. Don’t keep your heart caged in wire. Your heart is to be explored and shared. Once explored, your eyes open to an existence that a curtain hides; the curtain you have drawn and only you can open. No one can tell you how to do this. There are examples, of course. Words written in your texts of how one can open the heavy veil but ones way of opening is not necessarily for all. It is time to dive deep into the abyss of your high heart. The ego will tell you that you need its light to illuminate the way and keep you safe. Leave the light off and go in blind for in doing so you leave yourself open to all. Unclothe your being, coming as only you and know you will be wrapped in us and guided by a higher knowledge of all there is. We welcome you to see us in all our truth as you open to your own. Our truth is but yours and we wish to share it with you, heart to heart, face to face and light to light. And so we leave you in love and light. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Spiritual Council of Light



Introduction to Simon, My Spirit Guide


April 4, 2016


I’ve been communicating with Simon for a long time; since my spiritual journey began but I thought it was time, since I was speaking with some cool energies and people, that I would introduce him. How does he appear to me? He appears as a human male. He stands about 5’11” and he’s got a light olive complexion like he’s been in the sun. He has short dark brown hair and he wears clothes that I would recognize, mostly T-shirt and casual pants. He says he comes in this way so there’s a knowing and a recognition. As long as we’ve been communicating and until recently, he’s been more in the background with channels and readings. Now he’s often in the forefront. So, today, I introduce you guys to Simon, my spirit buddy.


K: Hi Simon.


S: How are you Sweetheart?


K: I’m good. So, I thought I’d publish some sort of introduction of you if that’s okay?


S: Yes. I’ve actually been looking forward to this. Our secret’s out.


K: What secret?


S: The spirit guide human relationship is about to be exposed…from your point of view.


K: Well, I think that people need to see it from my perspective because it could possibly give a good indication of how I work. I mean, when I channel, you’re not really directly involved but kind of linger back.


S: Yes. Spiritual body guard.


K: Why?


S: Because these aren’t conversations that are through me but through you. You’ve experienced many who wish to converse through you and you have developed relationships with some of these people. These are not my relationships for my relationship with you is much deeper.


K: Does everyone have guides?


S: Yes. More than one changing at different times but there is always one constant.


K: You are my constant? (By the way, I already know he is. This is just for readers.)


S: Yes.


K: Are you part of the Council of Light in any way?


S: No. They are of the Galactics. I am of past human experience.


K: And angels?


S: Yes. They are guardians too but in regards to us, I am a constant…shadow, if you could put it that way. Now, this is personal for you. A relationship with a guide is personal from person to person; human to human.


K: Is it always past family members?


S: No. Sometimes they are from the life a person is living now but it could also be a relationship developed lifetimes ago and not always earth-bound lifetimes.


K: This is really big and by that I mean far reaching; maybe even a little far-fetched to people.


S: It’s true. Not everyone connects with their guides.


K: Do you wish more people would?


S: It’s better being involved than waiting on the sidelines.


K: And do you know everything about the one you’re guiding? Like what will happen?


S: Yes but there is choice so what I see could very well change depending on the choices you make. (He says later, as I type our conversation out, that guides are able to see potentials and can be a compass which manifests as a gut feeling; communication with the Higher Self.) In general though, I’ve not seen a complete 180 in your case. You take suggestion well.



I’m laughing.



K: Liar.


S: (smiles) You can be stubborn and a little hard of hearing.


K: Are those the times I grasp?


S: Yes.


K: How can one start to get to know their guide(s)?


S: It’s simple really.


K: To who? You?


S: There is a lot of trust involved. There’s throwing caution to the wind and allowing the mind and heart some freedom. The illogical can make sense when allowed.


K: Just for the readers, have we lived a life together on earth? (Again, I know this already but choose to share with all of you fine people.)


S: Not since Wales. Your last was in the Middle East. I have not physically been with you for two.


K: Sometimes I can grasp this kind of information and sometimes it’s overwhelming.


S: Many people living the human experience need to know about how their previous lives were, how many and so forth. What’s important is the life that is chosen now.


K: So is a guide with a person in all of their existences?


S: Yes and no. Depending on the existence there may be a different constant where another simply steps in from time to time. It is about star lineage. There are constant familial energies or spiritual fractals; same origins but different lives. It’s about experiences. (Another of my guides, Kroptec, comes and goes but is with me in another life as a constant.)


K: Is everyone living, let’s say, on earth, living a parallel existence on another earth?


S: Interesting question. I believe some heads just exploded. And to answer this, no. Some remain only in Spirit, not wishing to live any planetary existence. You must understand, the spirit goes on but does not always choose to split and live on in some form. Some wish to remain whole and be of service in an omnipresent way.


K: I hear you. It’s more a knowing. Like, I know and feel what you’re saying and showing but the language I struggle with.


S: Yes.


K: Can people speak with their guides?


S: Of course. It is like food for us. We are spoken to and it becomes our strength. When we are acknowledged, we have the power to help on a totally new level and when a person can interact with their guides and have faith in these communications in whatever way they present themselves, it can make a life that much easier; smoother perhaps?


K: I find that when I get in a mood and I don’t want to do this Spiritual Work, because I have been able to do these kinds of communications, Spirit knocks louder. It’s harder to ignore.


S: Yes. Knowledge cannot be forgotten. Learned cannot be unlearned.


K: You’ve come into some channels with me. The ones I haven’t shared. Why the ones I haven’t shared?


S: These are conversations that are private. You’ve made friendships and continue relationships with some in Spirit and those are the conversations I wish to join because they are lessons and learning opportunities for you and no one else.


K: So, once contact is made with a spirit, is it always lasting?


S: It is whatever you, for example, intend. If a relationship is not what is sought, that supposed soul won’t come again unless asked.


K: My connections seem to be made by…like if I read something or watch something. Sometimes hearing something will trigger a spirit to come. Is it always this way for everyone?


S: When you leave the porch light on, it’s like a welcome sign. I believe this is what you’ve done. Some ask for a spirit to come forth and some simply allow.


K: Which way is better?


S: There is no better. There only is. It’s whatever works.


K: Some would suggest that by leaving the porch light on, those who are evil or bad would bully themselves in.


S: Mmm hmmm. (Rubs his chin) Yes. People do get those ideas. It is all based in fear. If you maintain control of your own heart and maintain strong boundaries, you’re fine. But if you allow fear to control your communications, your vibration is lower and so attracts lower energies. There is always protection around. It is simply that sometimes people don’t believe there is.


K: So pretty much, spiritually speaking, your thoughts create your reality.


S: It’s a simple way to say it but I would agree with you there.


K: Was I always supposed to start speaking with Angels and Beings of different universal origins first?


S: Truth?


K: Always.


S: The people you’ve spoken to recently that have lived on earth have only been given the opportunity after you gave up your fear of being haunted. For some, ghosts are ghosts and ghosts don’t always have the best intentions. Again, it’s about being braver and stronger than your fear. (He says ghosts because it’s a human belief. We all like our ghost stories now and then. It really is just fears of the unknown.)


K: Some days it’s harder than others.


S: Yes.


K: Do you miss the human thing?


S: Yes and no. Earth is the biggest learning library in regards to cultivating experiences and density knowledge. I am enjoying my indefinite summer vacation though.


K: So you could say I’m the warrior that has balls enough to be here now and you…not so much.


S: (winking and smiling) My my. Touché. Yes. Those who have made the choice to be on earth right now are the bravest of the brave? (confirming a saying I’ve heard and tell myself often.) It takes a special someone and when I watch with the eyes of Spirit, the humans now are unbelievable in terms of what they are willing to go through for the sake of humanity. It is with the utmost respect that I see and feel it and would never trade this spot for the world for it is somewhat nail biting what humanity has accomplished and what they could accomplish if they could be witness to our view.


K: Are we headed in the right direction?


S: Although there is still much to accomplish, you are headed in an outstanding direction. All is not lost.


K: What do you think about the election in the States?


S: Are we not naming names?


K: No.


S: He is playing his part very well. There is no need to worry about outcome. Foundations must be shaken a little for growth.


K: Understood. So again, it’s about trust.


S: The States will not destroy themselves. If anything, it is a wakeup call. You could say you have gone through an election somewhat similar in both your province and country. Change of this magnitude takes time but change for the better is the outcome. Patience is what lacks.


K: Yes. I struggle with that myself.


S: Yes.


K: Does everyone?


S: Some more than others. Impatience comes from the knowledge and understanding that something wonderful, different and better is on the horizon and it is desired faster than how it can be manifested. Feelings of frustration occur and this blocks progress.


K: I feel like a broken record when I say to people let go let flow.


S: They are the words of the moment but true.


K: How does a person actually do it?


S: What does Uriel tell you? Everything is as it needs to be at the moment. Take moment by moment instead of jumping so far ahead. Sometimes, one cannot make the jump and they are left hanging on the edge of a cliff. Living in the moment allows all that is important and required, to come into alignment for synchronistic purposes. Eternity has no time line. Humans do. Enjoy the process and patience will follow.


K: Is there anything else you would like to say to introduce yourself?


S: Where one goes the other goes but to those that question, I only guide. I do not step in.


K: Would you say guides protect, in a way?


S: One always protects those they love. It is not a protection based on violence. It is a protection of a heart and a spirit but it is easier to do when we, in spirit, are acknowledged. Belief plays a heavy role in what Spirit can and can’t do. We can do a lot but we are limited unless asked. I do wish to say that as guides, we love to hear your voices. That goes without saying. We love conversations. We love those one on one chats and we love to offer assistance. Being a wallflower, of sorts, is okay but as with any relationship, it takes nurturing. Unfortunately a lot of this nurturing has to start with a person first because Spirit gives continuously. There is no end to Sprit’s love and generosity. We are infinite.


K: I can’t even remember when we first started talking. I want to say about three years ago but you would probably say forever.


S: I would.


K: Okay Simon, It’s been awesome. Signing off now.


S: Yes. See you always. We’ll speak soon.


K: Always. Bye.


S: Bye.



Your Earth – Spiritual Council of Light


April 18, 2016



And so we begin.


These are the energies of the Spiritual Council of Light here to communicate with you at this time. What shifts and changes are occurring in your world are the miracles you have been hoping for, for so long but your disbelief has them lingering on the fishing line that you have been casting. Trust is not an easy thing to achieve but once taken into your grasp, can accommodate wishes, of all nature, to come true. The belief in the ability of one’s heart and soul is the absolute recipe for making life happen as you wish. This is difficult for as the influx of energies have bombarded this earth so has the doubt that has lived within you for years that has come to the surface to be resurrected. This is a meeting in the middle of the heavens and the earth. This is where the clash resides, like a lightning bolt which strikes when the elements are ripe for a reaction. What has been resurrected cannot be buried again. This is the lightning bolt for as it clears the static of the surrounding atmosphere, so does it clear the static of what hides within one’s being, that waits beyond to have a clear way forward. For when you are cracked it is ample opportunity to be cleansed. For when you are cracked it is ample opportunity to be cleared. For when you are cracked is it an opportunity to come out of the noise and into the silence after that first strike. A storm’s fury can only match those who create it. The elements must be just so to create those winds but the winds will calm when the lightning strikes. This is not a time to be fearful of the storms. No, for the storm is an opportunity to let that which is no longer working, be blown away. Will you be caught up in the winds, refusing to let go; like a plastic bag taken by the air and whisked in any direction the air chooses? Or, will you be steadfast in you footing, walking towards a sun filled sky while the winds take all that is not you in another direction. Do not be scared of the storm.


With wind brings change. With wind brings direction. As a weathervane shows the way the wind blows, so it shows the direction that earth will go. Look to your compass. Look to your weathervanes and see which direction you are to travel in now. Earth will give you her signs as do the elements. It is only having the courage to listen and travel in that direction that personal miracles will come to fruition. Mother will not steer you wrong. Mother will show you exactly where to be. She will use the obvious and she will use the subtle. She will lead by example and she will reflect all that you are. There is a personal piece of earth for all who dwell within her folds. Mothers give advice. Mothers give freely for her children to grow and prosper. Mothers will go without for her children to go with. It is the time in which your mother speaks. Connect with her. Connect with her elements and find the answers to your deepest questions. It does not have to be symbolic. Once you have connected, there is recognition and Earth may talk freely and you will understand. You have created a day for her and now that day approaches. Embrace your Mother; embrace your Earth for on this day she speaks and she will speak in only ways that she requires for you to hear her. There is much to see. There is much to know. There is much to experience and as a human mother directs her children, so does Earth.


You have not been cracked to bleed. You have been cracked to shed. There is no loss of life in renewal. There is only the addition of life. You are a part of your world; your Earth. She has not shifted and cracked to cause pain. She has not cracked and shifted to create fear. She has cracked and shifted to shed what no longer fits…as are you. Earth is no longer the same. Earth has now had the opportunity to be a voice. This is a direct reflection of humanity for, over time, those who have lost their voice to another have found the strength and courage to speak. Earth has been a catalyst in this but she, too, needs to speak. She is being blown clean and clear so that the new day can bring forth a future that has been on the horizon for millennia. Now is the time. You have chosen to be here at this time to work with her and support her in her cause which is now yours. Your fears, anxiety, judgements and anger only prolong your inevitable. It will no longer prolong hers for it is time that the winds blow and your Earth walks in the direction she is meant to. This is in the direction of what she always was; benevolence, divinity. All that God has intended for her and all that she ever was happens now. Did you know Dearest Hearts, that the same goes for you? It is time to unearth your Benevolence. It is time you unearth your Divinity. You have never been anything less. You have been cracked open by lightning to be renewed and in this renewal, to remember who you truly are. We have said such things before but, it is in this week that you honor the one that started it all. Earth is well on her way and carries you with her. Allow her to usher you into a new time; a new place. Allow her to stretch her legs in this new time. Allow her to stretch herself in these new energies. Do not fear her power but understand that even Mothers need a chance to stretch. You have been given the Earth to explore as she has explored each and every one of you. Allow the intimacy of this Mother/Child relationship but know that your Mother is never one to fear. There is purpose to her growth as there is purpose to yours. You are not restricted in yours. She is not restricted in hers. Earth’s growth is only on a tremendous scale. It is the events in which you feel her move, in which you feel her birth another aspect of herself that you fear the outcome. Storms do not last. The lightning strikes will become sun beams and a new day emerges as a new infant, full of potential and possibility. As layers peel away to reveal the new it is sensitive. There is recovery. Be sweet with yourself and as you expect time to be sweet with yourself, allow your Mother to have the same. There is recovery. You will recover. Earth, Gaia, will not destroy what she has so lovingly built. She will only add to it in new and miraculous ways. You will as well. Allow yourself the freedom of that. The seagull, after the rains, flies on the currents of a soft breeze in glee and washes itself in the sunny afterglow. Allow this for yourself. You are well deserving as is the world in which you live.


It is the time to be one with your Earth and all who live with her. This is not to say you must like everyone or everything about Her but it is the time to love everyone and everything about Her. Love is what softens the anxiety that a storm blows in. Dearest Hearts, when safe to do so, stand out in the wind, embrace the rains. Take with you only the adventure and the courage of your soul and allow your Earth to shower you clean. Allow her to whisper in your ears and smile at her words. Take the opportunity to experience her elemental power for only a moment; to connect with her in this way as one. Share the experience of being cleansed. Allow her to clean you as she cleanses herself. Experience her power and her bravery as she uses her own to become her own and take that as an example for your life. She is your Mother. She leads by example. You are here to experience your world. She is it. And so we leave you now in love and light. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Spiritual Council of Light



Conversations with Spirit Guide Simon – Conflict and Belief


June 9, 2016



My Spirit Guide Simon shares his ideas on conflict and belief. He became pretty insistent when showing up that’s why he asked if he was being too pushy. He knows I’ll answer. He was just teasing me a little today because he knows I’ll tease him right back.



S: Hello Kimberly. Too pushy?


K: You’re not as pushy as someone was but it’s okay. I’m always listening.


S: (acts as if he’s looking back at another person) He heard you.


K: I have no doubt but I love you guys anyway. How’s things?


S: As before and as always, things are good. There have been some challenges on your end though.


K: I’m assuming that would be on purpose, for ‘growth’?


S: (shrugs) Some would be but some are also for another’s. Sometimes, an individual’s reaction towards another is so they learn and grow and you, for example, would provide that for them. This is why conflict, in any way shape or form, is not something to hold on to. It’s about seeing the perspectives of each individual, honoring that and moving on. It’s hard though; extremely difficult for many. Some avoid conflict while others love it for superiority purposes. It depends on the person.


K: And yet it continues.


S: Of course it continues. Earth is a place of duality. Earth is a place to see sides and angles of all situations and to choose which path one will walk. There is shadow and there is light. It (Earth) is the place where there is the most to learn from.


K: I’m sure there are other places that would provide the same sort of lessons that people choose to learn.


S: There are but not as, how do I put this…as you have heard the saying, the bravest of the brave and the strongest of the strong come here to live their lives because it is an intense experience. It may not feel like that to some for some feel they have it easy in their lives; that their luck never runs out but if they went back into various lifetimes, they would understand that it wasn’t all easy and maybe they chose to have a little bit of a break. I’m giving extreme examples. Your day to day living gives challenges but they are easily overcome once one is aware that one is provided with the necessary tools to come out on top. Not everyone sees it this way but every single person is given the tools to live in a place of such polarity and duality. When understood, this makes it easier. Some understand this early in life while some go through their whole earthly existence, struggling with this understanding and wondering why life is so tough. It’s connecting with one’s tool of strength that is the key.


K: I understand the resistance to being peaceful and understanding when you’re in the middle of a personal storm, no matter how big or small though.


S: Yes, overcoming the egoic sense of power and the blame game is not an easy thing to do.


K: Would you say taking responsibility for any part one plays in any sort of scenario involving conflict would go a long way into possibly solving arguments, even with yourself?


S: Taking responsibility, even in acknowledging that words said in a moment of anger were inappropriate, would be extremely helpful. Paul has explained reactions to you and you have heard him speak of these in another’s channel. This is also key because when there is pause in conflict, it allows the mind and heart to work in sync. It allows for detachment and letting go so the emotion is less. It allows for full control of one’s senses so tempers don’t become out of control. In the moment, this is hard, especially when one feels they’re being attacked in any way. In the moment of a storm, it is okay to make the time to take shelter.


K: So when a person says, ‘I can’t talk to you right now…’


S: What’s wrong with giving yourself pause so you can come back level headed and can think more clearly without taking action that you would regret? I don’t say you specifically. I keep it very general.


K: I know.


S: Yes. I get that sometimes it’s difficult for you to find the words when I have you feel things instead of hearing.


K: Well, when you’re speaking with me there’s not a lot of words but like, this knowing what you’re going to say before you say it.


S: Yes. This is the relationships with Spirit, with Guides, with All because there is a relationship present already and has been for eons of time. For example, when you know a person so well and you are able to know what they are going to say before they say it and you speak the same phrase at the same time or I was just thinking that. This is the same with Spirit but bigger and broader.


K: So let’s talk about that. Some people don’t think they’re in touch or communicating with Spirit because they can’t hear or they can’t see but it takes all forms it seems. I know for me it’s all forms. I use all senses.


S: Yes and if a person would understand that we can communicate in many many ways, they would drop their doubt and begin to believe. It’s the expectation and comparing to another that puts the breaks on communication.


K: Some are better than others though.


S: Not better. It is equal. It’s only letting go of what one wants to hear that makes the information less useful; less honest. Communicating those words back to someone, that you know will not sit well, is not easy. You only want to tell another what they want to hear as well but communicating with Spirit, that knows an individual so intimately, cannot be watered down. It is not you, for example, that they wish to talk to. When a person visits another, that can bring forth a message from our side from someone that they miss or are curious about, they want to hear from Spirit. Not the human they can see.


K: But if someone is a skeptic, any sort of message that is given won’t get through anyway.


S: Yes, but it is still relaying a message no matter who’s on the receiving end. Spirit comes in love. We never have bad intent. Our intention is to raise a person to a higher state of awareness and a higher way of living. Sometimes the tough love that comes along with that is hard to hear. Let’s take you as an example.


K: Please don’t.


S: When we speak and I talk of things that you don’t want to hear, do you shut me off? (gives me a wicked smile)


K: Simon, if I’m not feeling 100%, that lower vibration tells me I’m being criticized which I know is not true because it’s not criticism but when someone’s having a bad day, any sort of observation or helpful assistance from Spirit would be taken that way. It’s like…when a parent offers a difference of opinion to a teenager and the teen thinks they already know everything, parental help is the last thing they want to deal with.


S: This is very true. But when you’re in a good place, do we not have engaging conversation that is two way?


K: Yes because I’m in a place where I want to hear what you have to say. That goes with any of my ‘Spirit Friends/Family’


S: Same with two people. Conflict happens when one is in a lower vibration or both but when the people are in good moods, life is good, the conversation is engaging and helpful. They are more open to different viewpoints…perspectives if you will.


K: I would have to agree.


S: (laughs quietly) You must be feeling good today.


K: Ha ha. Very funny.


S: I can be.


K: Yes you can. Let’s talk belief.


S: It is very personal but also tainted for many.


K: Why?


S: Because, when brought up, unless given wings to fly and explore, your beliefs, typically, are not your own but what you’re taught. It’s a generation thing is it not?


K: So how does one drop it? That learned belief? Because if someone has been guided along a certain path by life, and when I say life I say things and people in life like culture for example, there’s a lot of guilt trying to become an individual.


S: And the fear of using wings for the first time is what blocks finding personal truth.


K: How freeing is that? When one finds personal truth?


S: You tell me.


K: It’s scary to become your own person. It’s scary to assert boundaries.


S: Yes. It’s scary to lose that life that you lived for something completely new but it’s also very empowering. It doesn’t mean, once you understand your personal beliefs, that you aren’t willing to see or hear another’s. It’s only that a person understands what it means to be authentic. Five years ago, this was rare. (example of time) Things are changing.


K: What about believing in what can’t be seen?


S: By who?


K: By anybody. Let’s take Spirit for example. It’s not tangible. Really. So, for some, belief is not easy.


S: Then neither is trust.


K: No. I guess not. It seems like those words can be interchangeable sometimes.


S: Yes. Unable to trust in something blocks belief. Fear must be overcome first and when I mean fear I mean…for example, to believe one can succeed in their heart’s desire one must get over the fear of ridicule, criticism and the need for attention. To believe in your own Self and to trust that what you put out into the world, makes the world a better place is the first step. The strong of heart and mind will accomplish anything because they trust and believe in themselves first and foremost. The other individuals are a second thought. It is the belief that one is already a great and wonderful being without the need for approval from another. This is a giant leap forward in trust and belief so then the True essence of that person can be unveiled and that anything is possible prevails.


K: When you lived on earth, did you struggle with it? The belief and trust in yourself?


S: There were times where I followed the norm. There were times where I was my own person. There were times where I was a leader and there were times where I was a follower. All are important experiences in the human existence. All are important in the evolution of souls. It is balance in experience and it is choice.


K: What about your last life?


S: My last life I was dreamer. I was an artist. My head was in the clouds and my feet had to be on the ground. I was a free thinker. I had many people who enjoyed listening to my ideas but I also had many that thought I was ridiculous. I didn’t care because I enjoyed expression; I enjoyed having it appear as something tangible in life.


K: Did you believe in Spirit?


S: (chuckles) No. I did not wish to appear insane.


K: So you believed that it was a bad thing? Spiritual stuff?


S: I was too wrapped up in my ways of thought I didn’t care to think of anything bigger.



By the way, Simon was a playwright and as I tell you this he wants me to add that he was a very poor playwright, financially speaking. He was pivotal in the creation of the character James in Where Are Your Words.



S: I did enjoy stepping into that role. Would you call it director?


K: Maybe, if it were the movies.


S: Hhhhmmm. Possibly coach?


K: Definitely a coach and not just with books either.


S: It’s something I’m passionate about.


K: Coaching?


S: Guiding. As with all guides it is who we are and have always been. Even if, for a time, we may have lived a life or two.


K: or a hundred or more.


S: (grins) Sounds about right. So, belief is not contingent on what another person believes or thinks. True belief and true trust is only contingent on the individual and the acceptance of that individual for all that they are. You cannot believe in something….otherworldly or proven, without having complete belief, faith and trust within You. Again, I only state this generally as this information is for all that read these words when you type them.


K: Thank you. I think that’s pretty simple but…


S: Very hard to achieve sometimes. Especially when one is having a bad day. Duality but balance. It is the state of the Earth at this time. It’s a process and it doesn’t happen quickly.


K: Do you miss it?


S: Yes. I do but I’m very content and happy with where I am at the moment but the moment can change at any time.


K: Do you want it to change?


S: Not at this time.


K: Good because you are appreciated big time as my Guide!


S: I’m aware.


K: So proper.


S: Sentiments cannot be truly experienced on paper.


K: Sometimes they can be.


S: Yes. When one writes from the heart the reader is easily able to pick up on the emotion of the writer. Same with paints, same with music. Emotion…pure emotion in action, is creation.


K: Thought creates too?


S: Yes. Of course but remember the mind and the brain are not the same. The mind is…the mind is an extension of the heart. As you can see in your chakras, it is all connected. One is an extension of another.


K: That was an awesome visual.


S: I try.


K: Anything else on conflict or belief?


S: No. Unless there are questions after, because I speak with you at this time, I don’t have anything to add. Do you?


K: I don’t think so. The conflict thing, from your perspective, was cool. Thanks for that. I needed it.


S: Which is why we spoke of it. Conflict exists. There is reason behind it but there is also the potential for healing and growth behind it as well. Uncovering those things can take some thought and effort. Overthinking is not thought. Thought, when done with love, overcomes. Thinking is a hamster in a wheel. It usually happens at night and sleep becomes elusive. (laughs as I get his analogy)


K: Thank you Simon. Love you.


S: Love you back. Have a great day.


K: You too.


S: Well, it’s all the same here.


K: Bye.


S: Until next time.



I love that every time he goes from human form to energy (it’s the only way I can describe it) he bows a little.



Conversations with John the Baptist


June 24, 2016



[_This was unbelievable to me. He was such a strong presence. He went up the back of my head, almost like sneaking into my mind. It was this powerful push/pull at the base of my skull. He filled my heart with such love, acceptance and assurance. He was funny. He was very kind. John is amazing. His energy is enormous. Even as I finish publishing this he is still with me and, literally, within…joined with me? My ears have been ringing all day. I don’t have enough words to express how this affected me physically and emotionally. Have you ever felt completely accepted and you could never do anything wrong? Have you ever felt completely safe? This is just a little bit of how I felt. He has big brown eyes. He has curly dark brown hair. There’s no beard but there’s some scruffy going on. John’s complexion isn’t dark. It’s a lighter brown, like Mediterranean? He’s very handsome. He’s not short. Maybe a little taller than me. 5’11”? He comes to me with a maroon colored robe with a blue ‘sash’ (I guess) around his waist. The robe is short sleeved. He stands. John speaks very directly. There’s no beating around the proverbial bush. I don’t know how else to introduce him. Like I said…words escape me. _]


J: Are you able?


K: I am. This is a very serendipitous moment for me. I wrote your image, of what I thought you were, into one of my books…


J: And for that I am honored.


K: Thank you. I wasn’t sure how that was taken by, well, you or Jesus or whoever.


J: Dearest, you have not slandered. You have enlightened. You have made people think. Isn’t that what you meant to do with the message in your writing? It was a pleasure and very entertaining to be used in that way.


K: Wow. Okay, I have to calm down here.(my heart is beating so fast)


J: Yes. You’ve been quite anxious since I have shown you that I was near, as many can be, because I can appear very large to some and quite insignificant to others. Yours is strong. (connection)


K: When I was going down that trail of bread crumbs you left for me, that I assume was synchronicity, I happened upon a documentary that I listened to a little bit and it said the date on some sort of box that was supposed to be your birthday and when they said it and I looked at the calendar on my clock, I nearly had a heart attack. I couldn’t believe, as I was hearing the video, that it mentioned June 24 and it was actually June 24. So thank you for that validation of your presence. I appreciate that.


J: My validation to you was not to prove that I am with you but for you to gain the trust in yourself that all is how it appears and it is not something to keep hidden but explored and expressed. Take it from me. (he chuckles a little) I have experience in that.


K: Were you born on June 24?


J: I followed a different calendar than you do now. On your calendar it is June 24. I would tell you it was June 15.


K: So specific. 


J: Yes. The timing of my birth is not significant. It is only significant to those who want to compare me to Christ. It is a timeline that can be followed but I do not give much thought to the day I was born into my life as John. It is my life that I lived as John the Baptist that I wish to discuss.


K: Okay. I get that. I think humans get so hung up on dates and times and when and where but there’s substance between the beginning and the end that’s disregarded sometimes. We tend to celebrate the dates that are important but all the other days of the year are just another day on the calendar. Would you say that every day on the calendar is just as important as the holidays?


J: If life is not lived every moment of every day than it is just a forgotten existence. Every day is worth living. Every day is worthy of appreciation because it is a day in which you live your purpose. So yes. To answer your question, holidays and feasts can bring people together in happiness but it is the day to day that cannot be ignored. There are miracles in every day. There is reason to celebrate every minute because you’re here, the earth is blessed with your existence and the people around you would not be the same without your presence. That, in itself, is a cause for celebration.


K: Thank you for that. For many people, the day to day is a snore.


J: Because they are asleep.


K: Tongue in cheek?


J: A little bit.


K: I have to be honest and tell you that I do, like, five minutes of quick reading for these interviews and yours was longer because I couldn’t find anything that wouldn’t be biased from Religion that I could get to know you from. I even heard that your story and your purpose have changed in the bible from being a somebody to being just the guy that baptized Jesus. Thoughts?


J: The mystery of me; who I was and what I stood for, can be found but it cannot be found by those simply looking in books or computers. The information on me is buried and there are only a select few who have access to that. I am not a mystery. I give my words freely but my life mirrored Jeshua’s in a way and it was seen as a threat. We will get into that later but there is much that has been documented about me which is true. It is just for private eyes. (raises his eyebrows up and down mysteriously)


K: You have a very dry sense of humor. I love it.


J: Yes. I enjoy humor. I enjoy to keep my communications and teachings light. Love is light. It is not meant to be heavy. If there is a heaviness in one’s heart while listening, the message will be lost. If teachings and conversations are kept light with a little laughter and a lot of comfort, more of that information will soak inso to speak. It is important to find the love and humor in all situations. Lives were not meant to be a burden. This is a lesson that many are learning.


K: I found, through what I did look at, that it seemed like you were engaged in a popularity contest with Jeshua.(I use Jeshua because he did)


All I hear is laughing and when I asked this question earlier in the day when I was getting a feel for this talk, I just got laughter and no answer so I’m asking it again now.


K: Why do you laugh when I ask that?


J: There is no competition between brothers or likeminded souls. We had the same goal but went about it different ways. Did that mean we competed for attention? For students? For people we could manipulate and gain the most numbers? Absolutely not. It was different paths to the same home. It was different paths to God. Yes, Jeshua had his purpose. He was the son of God. He was the light of the covenant. I was the Baptist, or so they called me. You could say I paved the way for Him. I knew him and just by being in his presence, one was aware of the Mastery in him. It was a privilege and an honor to know him as a friend. You would see this in your colleagues; those you get along with and maintain friendships while you are working at your jobs. We did not compete. It was only written as this to show who was boss but neither Jeshua or myself initialized this type of rumor.


K: So you knew him? Were you related?


J: Yes. We were cousins.


K: Did you ever hang out?


J: Hang out? Interesting. We crossed paths. We shared meals. We spoke. We shared messages… 



[_John shows me a scene where they are speaking with a group of people together. _]



J: But, we did not travel together. Amicably, we went our separate ways. Jeshua was more soft spoken than I was. I enjoyed stirring the pot. My teachings were more controversial for those times. I did not mince words. I was honest with what I saw, what I felt and I shared these. Many people at that time resonated with what I said. So much so that in bled into politics. I became a threat. Anyone that speaks the truth from their hearts can be seen as a threat. It happens to this day because truth isn’t always easy to hear to those who live their personal lies; for those who live in the space of ego. This isn’t to say that ego are lies but it can twist the truth so it sounds better.


K: And what was the truth?


J: (He shows me and image of Bob Marley) That all are worthy of the love of God. All are powerful. All are God’s children. The pyramid of power can come down. In the accordance or God’s law, there is no room for inequality for love is equal.


K: Would you say that your teachings were more…I don’t know. Like, if I were to go to a Baptist church versus a Catholic church you can tell that the energy is different. Were you more of a louder voice? A louder preacher?


J: (smiles) I never shouted. I shouted in the face of oppression when I saw it. I lived in a time of danger, of always looking over a shoulder to see who was listening. The soldiers held the power, the kings even more so. There was stature. When I saw it in action, I reacted. I could not see my people abused in these ways and I did my best to fight it and to have people rise up and acknowledge that they were just as powerful as a soldier with a blade to a throat.


K: Yeah. I see it. I can see why Jeshua and yourself had followers. Almost like they were one with you. That there was no better or less than. That you and another were on equal footing. It’s a completely different picture than the one I read about.


J: It often is.


K: Do you think Christianity would look completely different if you had lived?


J: Interesting question and one that I have trouble answering because I lived what I was meant to live. Jeshua lived what he was meant to live. Would it be different if I had survived and Jeshua did not? It would only be different in the way that I would only continue his message on his behalf. My life was symbolic as a wayshower. His life was symbolic of a Savior. I can see no other purpose for our existence then this. Everything that has happened since my death was for a great purpose. I leant myself to that purpose. It was enough.


K: So what we live, even the day to day, is enough.


J: Yes. To think otherwise is to think one must continuously strive. As one is, is enough. One is created in the likeness of God the Father. Is that not enough?


K: You have a point. 


J: Yes.


K: I hear the phrase perfectly imperfect. What do you think of that?


J: When looked through the eyes of Spirit; of God, one is perfectly perfect. There is no judgment and to say one is imperfect even perfectly is implying that there is something wrong. Perfectly perfect.


K: See, I laugh a little only because you’re feeding me huge a-ha’s that I never thought of before. You are a teacher.


J: Hhhhmmm. (Sighs and smiles. He’s content with that ‘title’)


K: How old were you when you died?


J: Again, specific dates on a calendar or do you wish to age me.


K: I was just curious.


J: I was thirty two.


K: I can’t help but think I’m older than you are.


J: (low laugh) I completed much in my short life.


K: Are you competing with me? Insinuating? (I’m winking at him)


J: You compete with me. We have accomplished much, you and I, just in different ways. A child can accomplish more than you or I at the time of human death because of the purpose in a very early death. Do you understand?


K: I’m getting that it’s not only what we learn but through our learning what we then teach others, knowingly or unknowingly.


J: Very good.


K: Were the bones they found in Bulgaria yours?


J: Yes. They were mine.


K: And the rest of you?


He shows me a map and concentrates on Eastern Europe and Turkey then stops.


K: For real?


J: (he’s laughing at my reaction) I was not dismembered. It was only my bones.


K: Well, I’m glad you can have a sense of humor about it.


J: I have left my physical vessel long ago. What is done with it is out of my hands. Nor do I wish to think of it for it has nothing to do with me.


K: What would you say about the people that bow down to your remains?


J: It gives them peace. It gives them a sense of truth in miracles. It allows them to sustain their faith in God. It allows them to keep their belief in that which they follow.


K: You mean Religion?


J: Yes. Religion.


K: Thoughts?


J: It has served its purpose but it changes quickly now. Any Religion must keep up with the times and the revelations that this Universe is much bigger than the knowledge they pass down. It takes time. It will not be abolished. It will not be torn down. Instead, there will be a greater understanding which will lead to great acceptance of all.


K: Is that what you taught?


J: Yes. Partly.


K: Sorry. I haven’t read the bible so I’m not exactly sure what your message was.


J: My teachings were not documented word for word. But it was right in saying that I was a wayshower for Jeshua. I knew the embodiment of the God energy was coming. My message was to spread that announcement. I was the warm up to the exercise. I was the appetizer to your main meal. I was the eve of the celebration. I was still important. My message remained my truth but I was a preview to the main show and I was honored with having that place in your history. Again, I did not compete. It was not a leadership race. It was not an election process. There was no winner. It was a tie.


K: There are questions as to why Jeshua was even baptized because he was born ‘sinless’?



I hear whispers of the word ‘blessings’.



J: It was for the benefit of us both. It was an exchange of the energy of love between us as children of God. I dislike the word Baptism. One does not need to be prepared for a judgment day. There is no need to be indoctrinated into a club for all are welcome back into the folds of Source for it is the beginning and we all return to the beginning equally and with equal celebration. One does not require anointing to be welcomed home. To become awakened, one does not need another to place their hands on them to wake up. It is with all. One does not hold the power over another to give permission. All life has permission to wake up. It is You that gives You permission. This is Sovereignty. A human being is not Sovereign to anyone else but Self. When one has found love for Self it is then it can be shared; given, and in this way there is peace. Love Thyself and bring peace to the world as a whole. There is nothing more to achieve than this.


K: To some, it would sound very selfish and…I guess egoic? To hear about loving yourself.


J: It is in vanity that one would do this for in vanity one is never good enough or worthy. True Love for Self is acceptance and peace in the whole being without having to strive for more.


K: Do you and Jeshua hang out now?


J: There is that word again. Yes, we do visit from time to time. We enjoy each other’s company. It is nice for teachers, prophets if you will, to continue to bounce ideas off of each other. Is that the phrase? I believe it is.


K: (I’m giggling a little.) Yes. That’s the phrase. You showed me Bob Marley. I’m going to get in such crap for this but I’m going to ask the question. I’ve been hearing his music a lot more lately, for some reason, and I have heard people call him a prophet. Now I’m just going to put it out there…Was Bob Marley an incarnation of you?


J: Yes.


K: Holy shit. I can’t believe I just I just asked that and you answered yes. It’s going to be a little daunting for me to share this. I don’t know why. I just know that he has a very special place in a lot of people’s hearts and many of those people probably don’t understand or are unwilling to understand or believe in that.


J: Incarnation?


K: Yes.


J: Hhhhmmm. Yes. It is one of those boxed up and put away topics of conversation that can stir debates. Yes. I did come back.


K: Are you here now?


J: No. There is no need for me to continue my message on earth at this time for it is there, imprinted through time and in different lives. I have no need to go back to that plane of existence. I am quite happy where I am. We were very similar in ways. We liked to…stir the pot. I enjoy that phrase.


K: Obviously. What do you think of your portrayal in the Bible?


J: (shrugs) It was not my story. It was not meant to be my story. I had my part to play in the evolvement of its pages, through different perspectives of those that knew Jeshua but I was not a main character.


K: Do you wish…that would probably be the wrong word but do you wish people knew more about your ministry? What you hoped to achieve and what you hoped people would take away from your teachings?


J: No. And so it was. And so it is.


K: Nice. I use that…well, not me. Those I channel use that at the end of their messages.


J: And it fits.


K: Let’s talk death. Was your head really served on a silver platter?


J: (laughs lowly) It was not silver.


K: Oh God.


J: I lived in barbaric times. In poor times. In ruthless times. It was nothing for someone to be murdered. Stoning was seen. Heads being severed, bodies on crosses. It was to elicit fear and a sense of control. It was the times.


K: Did the king, at that time, I think it was Herod, really secretly appreciate what you had to say?


J: Yes, but it conflicted with the power that he assumed he had. He grew nervous with my following. He felt I was gaining more than he was capable of. He did not wish to have me killed. It was a conspiracy. I did not approve of his marriage. I did not approve of the way he acquired his new bride. It was unfaithful. I said so. I preached this. She was humiliated and so she found any way to end my life. I was imprisoned by Herod. He did not plan to kill me until it was requested. I was aware of the plans. Did I fear it? No. I made peace with my fate very quickly because I believed in where I was going.


K: Was there outrage?


J: Yes. Let’s leave it at that because it has happened and it is done.


K: Your father was a priest?


J: Yes.


K: Was he upset with the path you chose? Did he hope you would follow suit?


J: No. I chose to wander and deliver my teachings. I did not like the confines of a building. I didn’t think it was necessary to share God in a structured way. I had my father’s blessings. He knew I had a larger purpose and he approved. I did not live in a way that asked for approval. I respected where I came from but I knew it wasn’t where I would end up.


K: When you travelled were you welcomed or ignored?


J: People would be curious. My teachings usually began with a few people and then more would join. It is how groups are formed. Curiosity then engagement.


K: Did the people you spoke to always resonate with what you spoke of?


J: Yes. Like attracts like. There were those, that disagreed, that would speak my name to soldiers or those in power. Hate attracts hate. I had many years of speaking. Had I not been graced with the knowledge of God’s word, I could have been killed sooner. It wasn’t my time. When it was my time it was.


K: When you talk to me about it and show me the images, I just see like a friendly gathering. Almost like storytelling.


J: Yes. Keep things light, have a sense of humor. Teach what you know. Although, I did have passion and I spoke loudly of the things I didn’t agree with.


K: Like marriages.


J: (grins) Like marriages. Maybe I should have kept my nose out of things that were not my business.


K: Maybe, but was that really you John?


J: Not at all. I was not a stage performer. I was a truth teller…my truth.


K: What do you think of the saying we are all sheep?


J: I can see why it is said. I can see the parallels of it but it is coming to an end. Unless you want to remain a sheep. That is a personal choice.


K: Would you say you were trying to empower people to find their inner wolf?


J: What other animals do you have in mind?


K: I’m just thinking of the clichés.


J: I understand. Humanity is very powerful but to harness that it is what I said earlier. Sovereignty to Thyself for Self is the embodiment of All That Is, All That Was and All That Will Ever Be. Love Thyself for in doing so you allow the Love of God. It is in the act of Love that this world will continue and it will. The surface has been shaken but what does it reveal? Take the time to find it. Let go of the rubble that has fallen for it has played its part. Allow it to be cleared away and discover what lies beneath. There lies the miracles you have been praying for. They are there, just underneath the surface. They are there.


K: Thank you John.


J: I will take my leave but I’m sure it won’t be the only time we speak. I have enjoyed this. Thank you for speaking with me. I appreciate your honesty. Thank you.


K: I have enjoyed this. Thank you. I feel so honored. Thank you so much. Please come back.


J: I am a breath away.


K: That’s my line.


J: It is. It is a good line. I love you. Good night.


K: Good night.




Conversations with Simon – Time and Salvation


September 22, 2016



Simon’s in the house. Just began chatting on various things and bantering back and forth which we tend to do. Hope it makes sense to you guys.



S: You call like I’m not even around.


K: I know you’re around but I also know that there are some others around and right now, since you’ve been…should I tell them breathing down my neck?


S: (chuckles) You could say that I’m only trying to be the first of many but I think, today, you will only have me seeing as how you are hard at work on other ventures lately. Congratulations. You’ve found some inspiration.


K: Somewhat and I hope it lasts. I tell ya. This whole time thing…it’s not enough.


S: As you are aware, this whole time thing is of humanity’s making and is only an idea. You have all the time you need to do all that you need to do. It’s only that a person feels that they answer to others and not to themselves that creates the anxieties of time constraints, when really, there are none. It is a made up concept used to rule the world as they say.


K: How would we get out of time then? If we’re here, I mean, there’s a clock running. Which by the way I’m noticing more and more numerical synchronicities that way.


S: As this world is run by time it is not about escaping it but working with it to one’s own advantage. The excuse of time is that you do not have enough when, in actuality, you have quite a bit but are procrastinating or bored and the task at hand is a mountain or a bore. Is there some truth to that?


K: Are you calling me out?


S: Not only you. Attention is fleeting. The attention span now than what it used to be, through various times, has gotten shorter. The technology today has made people’s minds eager to get on to the next thing or waiting around for the next thing when the next thing is in the moment. There is no next thing until the moment of now is acknowledged.


K: You, my dear sir, are speaking riddly.


S: Riddly? Is that a word or your word?


K: Mine.


S: (laughs) You do have your own language from time to time. You always have. It makes for great discussion.


K: Do you see a lot of people with time on their hands but use procrastination as an excuse for no time?


S: I do and I’m not sure if that (statement) will be followed by your readers but I do understand that.


K: Do you think part of boredom comes from no enthusiasm for what needs to be done?


S: I can understand the lack of enthusiasm for menial chores. In my own personal opinion, I would say lack of enthusiasm creates procrastination. This society and many others are so wound up that the menial tasks seem…underwhelming and yes, Sweetheart, I am being gentle with my words. I would hate to offend.


K: People’s offenses aren’t driven by someone outside of them. Offense, so I think, is when a personal chord has been played.


S: Ah, like the strings of guitar that is not tuned.


K: Something like that.


S: Hhhmmm. Okay. I can’t argue with that nor would I as everyone has their own point of view.


K: Maybe I shouldn’t share this one. Our conversations can play out a little confusing.


S: To who? This is our relationship. People who are curious will read it and those who think nothing of it will simply discard it. Still, what’s not good about a chat over a cup of coffee?



I’m drinking the coffee. He’s not having anything.



K: I think the best conversations happen in a moment of comfort and ease.


S: Hhhmm. I may pull back now. You’re beginning to sound like me. (grins) I’d rather not say mimicking because that would be teasing.


K: Or…(I’m putting on somewhat of an accent but I can’t come close to his) in jest.


S: You do put a smile on my face. So time.


K: Time. How does Spirit live, especially after a life here, with no time?


S: Well, in my case…(Rubbing his chin. He looks unshaven today. Usually he’s clean cut) it took a while for me to accustom to life back here. I actually created time for a little bit, just so I had a reference…something that I was able to recognize. It got old very quickly. With no time there is freedom. I find, when I take a look into those that call upon me, that they are tied to whatever form of clock they hold. Now it is not only a clock but a meeting, an email, a duty.


K: People worry that things won’t get done.


S: Everything will get done. The more one worries about what needs to get done the more that will not get done. Do you understand that steps must be taken one at a time? There is no rushing for rushing will not complete. It will only remain in a different way. You do not pay some of a bill and leave the remaining sum because you are in a hurry.


K: Well some maybe do.


S: This is true but this is not due to time. This is due to constraint. Maybe another example?


K: Yes.


S: No one leaves the dishes half done. No one leaves the dishwasher half empty.


K: Depends on who you talk to. I hate drying.


S: I am aware of how you dislike drying the dishes. Some things never change.


K: Ha ha. (sarcasm) So if we’re constantly in a hurry and a slave to time, time being the next thing, that which needs to be accomplished in the moment is only accomplished half fast. Is that the short answer?


S: Sure. And again, you are speaking to me. There are those with the personality that all things must get done in this moment or the moment is lost. Again, another extreme.


K: Where’s the middle ground?


S: As a metaphor, when one takes a breath.


K: Taking time for you, you being general.


S: Taking time for you. Everything will get done, time or no time, but one’s spirit does not run on time. Taking the time to connect to You (winks) You being general, is refreshing and boredom and procrastination will be less.


K: What about a busy parent who works all day and is on their feet until the family is in bed? Time plays a role in trying to get the day done. Especially when kids are involved and there’s responsibilities that can’t be ignored.


S: As an example, you Kimberly, take time before you retire to concentrate on You. Do you not?


K: Yes. It’s important.


S: And as you do these things, connecting with You, do you think of time?


K: No.


S: It’s very important to let it pass when connecting with You. It is in those connections that time does not exist. People lead very busy lives with much on their plate. It’s astounding sometimes. It really is. There are moments that wait for those busy minds though. Before one sleeps or, in the morning, before one leaves for the day. When everyone else sleeps, there is time to connect and take a moment to prepare. One will find the days go much smoother and there’s not such a sense of rushing around.


K: You’re a pretty laid back guy though, Simon.


S: (smiles and looks at his hands) I am.


K: Can you honestly say that you were that way the last time you were here?


S: Is this how it will work today. I use you as an example and you use me?


K: Fair’s fair.


S: The only deadlines or responsibilities were personal. The only clock I followed was my own. I felt the need to finish, immediately, things that could wait. I was one of those everything needs to be accomplished in this moment and no other type men. It frustrated many. But you see, as I pressured myself, I lost my creative mind for a time. This is when I took time out and came back (to his reality). I did not sit and breathe; meditate or any of these practices.



He shows me ocean and cliffs.



S: I went for walks. Yes, do see. I will show you.





S: It has changed. It never used to be so big (Reference to cities) but it has been a long time.


K: That is super cool. Thanks for showing.


S: It is not the exact area but it is close as there were no photos taken when I was there but it is close. So there, people know the beginnings of my last time there.


K: That is so COOL!


S: Hhhmmm. What does Paul call them? Trollers?


K: Something like that.


S: I see them emerging. (laughing)


K: Are you saying you’re some sort of celebrity now?


S: (makes himself more comfortable) God I hope not. Not in the way you state it. Good Lord.


K: Is this a privacy thing?


S: For you, yes.


K: Aw. My own little spiritual body guard.


S: I am but one of many. (bows his head a little)


K: (laughing) So chivalrous. Well Captain Smith wasn’t so private.


S: There was no need.


K: I want to ask why but I have a feeling it would be for nothing.


S: It would. He didn’t feel the need to hide anything. (shrugs) He’s not one to hide much and says it like it is.


K: I got that feeling. What if we brought up Salvation today?


S: (rubs his hands together) This is a very touchy subject for many.


K: But it’s just us talking.


S: I doubt that.


K: Okay. I agree. I will probably share this…


S: (interrupts) Salvation is simply an idea put forth by human beings that they require rescuing or needing to be saved from something bad that they have done.


K: I hear a tone.


S: I’ve no tone. I’m simply stating an answer to a question that was posed to me.


K: Okay.


S: Salvation requires an intervention by someone or something. One could also imply that salvation must be delivered by a higher authority.


K: Let’s look at just the word and not what’s behind the word. Salvation. I get the feeling of a sense of freedom.


S: Yes but who, Dearest Heart, put you in jail?


K: Good one.


S: When looking to an outward source for freedom, it will never come. When constantly trying to behave oneself in the eyes of someone or something more powerful, the bar that is assumed to be there will never be met, only raised. There is no freedom in this.


K: No.


S: To live your existence, hoping that someday, someone will come to your rescue will only prolong what challenges you have ultimately decided to go through in this life. To many, it may sound cliché because it is said over and over again. Salvation doesn’t come with confession to another. Salvation does not happen while constantly doing good based on another’s needs or wishes. Your freedoms; your salvation begins with You.


K: But to many people, the idea of salvation brings a lot of comfort…


S: Because they feel they need to be forgiven. It is the whole idea of judgement and needing an outside source to forgive your life when, ultimately, it was You who chose to experience life in the way it has played out. So then, one might pose the thought, when will you forgive yourself and when will you find salvation within. How empowering would that be, to find the salvation within. It would be finding that power, that you hold another to, in yourself. Yes, I will answer before you even begin, that we can then look at all the bad in the world and assume that they will never find salvation due to actions that have been taken and atrocities that have been committed. This is, again, judgement and is reliant on forgiveness. It is not condoning action. It is not giving one’s power over to the action but releasing it in understanding. Of course, this is very difficult to do when one looks at their television screens and sees hell in a handbasket as the devil himself skips along happily.


K: Huh. That’s a lot to think about.


S: It is. I will give you a moment to collect your thoughts.


K: Nice image by the way. A kid in a devil costume trick-or-treating.


S: Thank you.


K: It’s just another one of these ideas that has been around for so long that it’s hard for someone to think that they don’t need some sort of forgiveness from someone or salvation.


S: I understand that. It has been a very very long time. Even when I lived as a human, it was there and quite heavily. It was a burden; a weight and to think differently, like many do today, it could be quite detrimental to one’s health.


K: In other words, persecution or death.


S: Yes. I was only trying to sugar coat. Probably not the best idea seeing as how I’m here as a guide and not a baker.


K: Funny.


S: I try.


K: Does it have to be a religious thing? The whole idea about salvation?


S: (Sits back and groans but not in an upset way. More like a thinking way.) When one considers the word, it does have religious ideas attached to it but there are many other words that even those who are not religious use. You even said yourself that it has a feeling of freedom attached to it; forgiveness, another.


K: Yes.


S: When a child has done something wrong…do you grant that child salvation?


K: But I don’t think it has everything to do with wrong or right. It can also, to me, mean life circumstance.


S: (grins) Ah. The bigger picture.


K: Well, you see the kids on the news or whatever and they’re picking their meals out of dumpsters, barely clothed. To me, they could use some salvation; some saving.


S: You are implying, then, that they are below or that they are weak but are they not the same Spirit? Are we all not from the I Am that is the power within? Just because they chose a different experience? Saving, fine. I understand where this comes from. But watching that, does one not turn away because it is too difficult to watch? If one cannot physically be there to offer this child nourishment, do you turn away thinking they will be saved by another? What this child and so many need is compassionate action, support and love. In doing these supportive things, those, in harsh environments or circumstances, will then find that they are not less than. They are of equal stature to all and this is where it begins to shift. These stories do not always have bad endings. Many great philosophers, speakers, inventors, gurus and so forth have come from humble beginnings but found it within themselves to come out of that and share that which they have lived with others, to spread their own salvation and to spread their own sense of freedom and forgiveness to the world. This is the domino effect of compassionate action. They have realized their worth as a Spirit and have changed their own circumstances using That which is within. Do you think me heartless?


K: No. There’s just so many ways to consider this topic and so many ways to defend points of views. I think I just opened a can of worms.


S: It’s only thought that you have opened. Nothing more.


K: When you lived, would you have liked to be saved from your circumstances?


S: (chuckles) A few more pennies in the pocket wouldn’t have hurt. But…I believe I could have used salvation from my own mind.


K: How so?


S: I was a slave to creating.


K: But you enjoyed it.


S: Yes, but I didn’t need to become a recluse to enjoy the art of creation. I did hide in the pages I wrote and I did hide behind those that played them out.


K: Interesting. I don’t think that’s a very bad thing.


S: Ignoring life to live fantasy doesn’t work. There has to be balance. One does not have to destroy another.


K: Did you find it when you died?


S: Did I find salvation from my mind?


K: Yeah.


S: I consider the sense of peace more accurate than salvation. When I speak of needing salvation from my mind, I am only putting myself back to what I was which was a human man. Getting here, it was quite different.


K: I hear that a lot.


S: (smiles) Yes. You do.


K: Thank you. And thank you for going to those who have been introduced to you.


S: They are addicted to my accent. (Joking) I hear accents are one of these things that people get hung up on.


K: I guess so. It’s different right. People like different.


S: Different is good but wanting different while not thanking what is…


K: Is a conversation for another day.


S: It is. I will leave you to your day.


K: Uh….We’re pretty attached at the hip.


S: At the heart. Take care, Sweetheart. I will speak with you soon.


K: Bye.


S: Bye.



Conversations with Saint Peter


September 30, 2016



[_Oh boy. Where to start. He came as energy. I literally felt him under my skin. My hands were burning when he was with me and were red and puffy. I felt like I wanted to…almost like escape from my physical body. My crown was open and there was this huge portal-like energy that was kept open until we were done. His energy was subtle but intense and I know that’s very contradictory but it’s all I can think of to explain what this one felt like. Although I did get his image I felt him a lot more than saw. He looked like an older man. He had shorter hair than this portrait but it’s a similar image. Sometimes I had trouble following what he was saying because I felt a little disoriented and disconnected by him. Not in a bad way. I’ve never experienced an LSD or opium trip but maybe that would be an example? I enjoyed his company and his energy very much but I can only imagine what a person would feel like when astral travelling or something. Like their Spirit wanted to join SPIRIT and be with them in that way if only for a little bit. He came to me as a dove and as a fish. Makes sense. That was my validation around me that told me this subtle intense energy was Saint Peter. There was a tough love about him but underneath it all, so sweet. So so sweet and gentle and as I speak about him, I’m getting goosebumps on goosebumps. I now introduce Saint Peter. _]




K: Good morning. How are you Sir?


P: I am quite well. Thank you for asking. It’s always nice to be asked these things. How are you?


K: I’m tired today. I think there’s something in the air or water. Many people are just feeling lethargic lately.


P: Things like that are to be expected when there is change in the air.


K: We were talking about this earlier, I think, because I’m not a big fan of the word change. I know it happens but I like the word evolvement a lot better.


P: Ah. Well then. Evolvement. To evolve is not always an easy task. People tend to take hold of what’s comfortable never realizing that there is comfort in the new as well but this will be realized. There’s no rushing these things. You can’t rush these things.


K: Are we talking about spiritual stuff or life stuff.


P: Life is spirit whether one realizes it or not.


K: I have a feeling I’m going to get…you feel kind of stubborn. Kind of like you have your own thoughts and while you’ll listen to mine, you won’t be swayed?


P: I do have my own ideas on evolvement. But I do speak in such a way that it invites ideas.


K: Are you a philosopher type Spirit then?


P: Now a little more so than before.


K: First things first, the painting depicts you with keys. Are you the gatekeeper to those pearly gates that will open for the best of the best?


P: Have you not understood, through all your practices, that everyone is the best of the best for they all begin here? (where he is)


K: I am aware even though there are criticisms and judgments that fly in the face of that but yes, I am aware.


P: I do not hold the gates to some sort of glorified kingdom. If people would like to hold me to that, it is their choice. For me, I would enjoy the thought of a nice big party than a judgement call but (shrugs) to each their own I suppose.


K: Are there big pearly gates? That’s gotta be a long day for you if you’re going down the lists of names and allowing people to pass; those that believe they have to answer to you first.


P: Not unless someone requires them, there are no pearly gates. There’s a lot of light though. Much light.


K: Because we are rejoining the light?


P: How can you rejoin something that you already are?


K: Okay, so maybe discovering the truth of our light; of our existence and how we lived.


P: Yes. Okay. That is a good way to think of it.


K: I hear heaven is a thought. I think it was Archangel Michael that said it was a thought and not an exact place.


P: It is a place just not in the way a human would think it to be. It is what a person believes it to be. That may coincide with thought, of course. You think of something and it happens or you go there (the thought). Thought is a way of travel, if you will. If one believes there will be nothing after death, then those thoughts will create that.


K: So is that the same thing on earth. Thought creates reality?


P: It is but it (Earth) also has a lot of fingers in the pot; many cooks in the kitchen. Not everyone has the same thought so creating a reality can be somewhat more difficult. This is changing though. There is ease coming.


K: But, if someone passes away and believes that they will be taken to the gates first, will you be there and just wave them through, telling them don’t worry about it or are you the guy that controls the room with the screen that does the life review?


P: I don’t control anything but I suppose if I were to have a job it would be placing those life reviews on the screen. That being said, not everyone who comes back will want to do the life review right away. It’s not the key to get back home. It is done when it is felt that it is the moment to do so. Still, if someone is thought to be bad and sees that on their screens, they will not be turned away. Where else would they go? Nowhere but to God’s love. There is no refusal. I guess it would be the perfect job for me; being the man who shows the reviews but…there are others that accompany people in those situations.


K: Would you say guides or angels or even family that they have known?


P: Of course. You may not remember them at first but you will. You will.


K: You were an apostle of Jesus. Disciple? Not sure of the difference.


P: Yes.


K: Apparently you were one of the first picked? You with your brother? Did you know that was going to happen? Did you even hear of the man and that he was looking for some buddies to join him or did he just walk by, see you and invite you out of the blue?


P: (chuckles) You speak of Jeshua as if he was building some sort of club. I enjoy your candidness. I am also aware that you have great respect for him and that he works closely with you from time to time.


K: Yes.


P: (nods) Very well. I was a fisherman. These stories are true. We were hard at the job, of bringing in the nets and a man simply appears. I could see that he was special. If you had been there, you would look into the face of this man and know that he was God. There was no denying that. It was something you couldn’t object to. It did not happen right away. Of course, there was a period of getting to know one another but I wanted to know him. He was magnetic.


K: What do you think he saw in you that would create some interest?


P: I believe he saw, that under my rough exterior, was a man of faith. There was a man of hope and intellect. I was a man of loyalty and I believe he saw, in me, that we thought very much alike.


K: Did he ever appear to you as a leader that would be commanding?


P: Absolutely not. We followed him and spread his teachings but not once did he have to demand. It was our choice. There was always a choice. In the group of us, to be honest, I was the more outspoken demanding one. Jeshua would teach and I would order.


K: How did that go with the others? Was there favoritism?


P: Of course there would be jealousies. This one got more time with Jeshua, this one had private meetings and so on and so forth. But that was between the men and women. It was never an idea that Jeshua was treating one better than the other. We had specific callings with him. We were each individuals and depending on that personal relationship with ourselves and Jeshua, there would be more time spent with some than others but it was never a popularity issue. We were loved equally and guided based on individualism. Nothing more nothing less.


K: I read that you were a bit of a jerk. I’m just going to lay it out there because I feel you wouldn’t mind.


P: (smiles) A jerk? Hhhmmm. Before I met Jeshua or during?


K: Let’s start with before.


P: Yes. You see, the man I was lived by his hands; by his work. I fished. It was grueling. We didn’t have the conveniences of technology that you have today. It was laborious. I had resentments. I was of no class. I felt I was nothing. This showed in my daily interactions. I believe that Jeshua saw more than what I did and I believe that is why he chose me as his friend; as his scholar. I had passion but what good is passion when used in anger and irritation? I was very vocal. I did not shy away from such things so in being that, Jeshua could see in me that I could be vocal about much grander things than fish.


K: Did you have a family to support?


P: I did. Yes, they too accompanied me. I did not abandon them. There were times I traveled on my own but as Jeshua was an example and teacher for me, I then took that and gave it back to my family, my friends and the people that were around us. Light begets light. Love begets love. It is a pay it forward situation. I believe my wife relieved when she saw the change in me.


K: So, it was due to hard work with little pay off that you…I guess resentful? At least that’s what I’m feeling.


P: Deserve better? Does that not happen to this day? People feel they deserve better than what they have without acknowledging that which they have. Those feelings are not new. They are millennia old.


K: Speaking of favoritism, I didn’t realize this happened because, let’s face it, I never read the bible or anything but you were one of three that witnessed the transfiguration of Jesus. Is this true?


P: Yes. The first time.


K: Why don’t you think he allowed the others?


P: The others witnessed many other miracles. This was simply ours to view.


K: Do you think he needed to calm some doubt in you?


P: That is a very good question. Isn’t it at our lowest points in life that the doubt creeps in? There were times where I doubted what I was doing or was it even worth it. Who would follow such a humble man? Yes, I believe he felt that in me. I cannot speak for the others but we also had future…we had parts that needed to be played out and in those scenarios, there could be no doubt allowed.


K: Would you say you were closest to Jesus?


P: We had a special relationship. I suppose he enjoyed the challenge that I could be. It took much to tame me.


K: So did you need the shock value? (about seeing the transfiguration)


P: (laughing) Certainly it was a shocking sight to see nothing of the human man but the glory of all that he was and that existed through eternity. That one hundred percent light, that could make a mere man explode, shone before me through physicality. I couldn’t understand it all but I knew, then, that this man would change the course of time.


K: You’re showing me brighter than an angel.


P: Brighter than a star. I never understood though, that what I was gifted; the sight in which I was shown, that this dwelled in me too. Your bible speaks of following Jeshua. Could we not have been a brethren? Equals? Only to be taught that, although more difficult for us, we too could appear as divine?


K: When we get here (Earth), aren’t we blindfolded to that by illusion and we have to work at remembering?


P: Yes and I believe that’s what he was here to do. He needed assistance in that but to assist in that message; we needed to be shown what it truly was.


K: Did you find it within you?


P: It was a turning point for me.


K: You were born Simon and Jesus renamed you?


P: I was renamed because of my rebirth. That which was darkness was buried and that which was light, birthed. A new man was given a new name. I guess you could call it a graduation as such. For me, it was a new start.


K: But you still held on to your ways? Talking out of turn or talking about things you didn’t know much about or…I’m kind of seeing a bit of a bully.


P: Yes. I could be. I could be a challenge but, at the same time, I was heard. I began to learn that there are gentler ways of being heard than being loud and demanding. This was the example of Jeshua. This is what he taught me, among other things.


K: Let’s talk Judas Iscariot.


P: Let’s. It’s unfair, the portrait he was painted as.


K: Was he weak?


P: No. If anything, he was the strongest for what he had to do.


K: I know we had little talks about this here and there but was Jesus blindsided? By the betrayal? Were you?


P: I was not blindsided. I was aware there were things happening. As I have told you, it is incredulous to believe that Jeshua, the son of God, would never know what was coming. He did and he planned. Judas did not know what was coming but he was told, by Jeshua, that part he was to play. I was told my part. All had a role to play in Jeshua’s fall. He was painted as a traitor, yet when the soldiers took Jeshua away there was an exchange of knowing between Judas and Jeshua. To be told to betray a brother and take on the punishment for that, it takes a very strong man.


K: Because in the bible, it was said that Jesus knew who the traitor would be but it gave no indication that they may have discussed and worked together on such a thing.


P: Jeshua was a willing participant in all events leading up to and during his fall. You struggle with what I admit to you but to know of your life path, there are things one can do to prepare, if you will. And prepare those around you. We were fully prepared. Did we know exactly what was to happen? Not all of it. Were we prepared to carry out the instructions given to us by our lord? No. These things were horrific to think of. We loved him and to treat him otherwise was an abhorrent reality that we needed to face. We were given instructions by Jeshua and therefore, carried them out. I did not believe that I would be able to. His instructions for me, I refused. When it happened, I didn’t even realize I was doing it.


K: Are you speaking of the denial?


P: Yes. How could I deny such a man? But, without thinking, I did and when I realized it, I felt such shame. I felt that I was weak; that my loyalty was demolished by fear of what would happen to me if I admitted that I knew him.


K: I see you weeping.


P: Oh yes. I was very angry with myself and I felt like a failure. I begged for forgiveness from God. I did not realize that I needed none of that. It was after, when Jeshua came to me, that I realized the purpose of my denial. It was to save me so that I may continue Jeshua’s work. That I could be a catalyst in continuing what was started.


K: Did you start the Catholic Church?


P: It was not a place of worship that I began. My ministry was that of Jeshua’s and I did not require a temple to share this.


K: Good enough for me.


P: Yes. There is quite a lot of animosity towards religion, in general. Humanity has rearranged it for their own benefit. It is changing. You can see it changing. It won’t be abolished but will be a platform that it was always meant to be. This is what I shared, the power within. People are exploring this but their love of our Lord will only bring awareness of compassion and oneness to a practice that is stuck in archaic and competitive; judgement based belief. You struggle with that word. I understand. But it is changing rapidly.


K: Do you think that there could ever just be one religion?


P: No. Not at this time but with the various ways of worship there are, I see a cooperation instead of a competition and the cooperation is based in love and not differences.


K: The rooster. It called three times. Was that Jesus’ prophecy? That before the rooster called you would have denied him? Why do I feel that this rooster is a symbol for something?


P: Yes. It is of the resurrection. It is of the light in the dark. It was the symbol for all that happened that day and all that would happen after. It was a symbol for a new day.


K: You heard, from the women, that Jesus had ‘risen’ and you went to the tomb to see. Why didn’t you tell anyone?


P: I was not the first to know. I was the first to see. The word spread quite swiftly. I was to meet him and that is where I went. I waited where I was instructed and met Jeshua.


K: Did you think it was a vision?


P: No because I had seen him in his glory at the transfiguration. I knew how he would appear. I was not scared. I was relieved.


K: There’s so much that I want to ask because it is said that he didn’t really die so how could he have risen. There’s just so much controversy involved.


P: I understand. It’s one of those hot button issues. To put it simply, it was only how he presented himself at that time because he could only present in that fashion. It was to give full validation to the work I was to do and carry on in his name.


K: Did you ever see him again after that meeting?


P: Yes. He came to me many times. In the physical? No. I had my meetings with him in the ethereal; in my dream states.


K: Are his visits what kept you going? I mean, you were up against a lot and you were controversial.


P: (grins) I was. What keeps you going? Do you not get visits by those in realms, that are not yours, that encourage you?


K: I do. Always.


P: Then it is similar. One cannot go backwards after understanding and experiencing things that are unexplained but exist outside of this blinder called illusion. When in the midst of this understanding, it is part of ones path to explore this and share it. Those not ready, will have no use for it. Your term is wayshower; a lightworker, a keeper of the light. It is your job to shine that light because it is impossible not to when given even the smallest amount of truth and truth always makes sense.


K: I heard that those in spirit don’t need to be prayed to. When people are about to transition and they pray to you, is that not cool with you?


P: Pray to seems to have the connotation that one bows down to me but I require none of that. I will assist in those ways, of course but it is assistance. Praying to have things done for yourself is only negating the fact that you are of the light. That your consciousness is that of God’s; of Jeshua’s and you are a powerful manifestor. I will assist in peace of heart. I will assist in peace of mind. I cannot do things for another. I cannot make the transition from their earthly world to the next. I can, however, hold them as they do so.


K: I guess that was part of Jesus’ ongoing message that, yes, we are powerful and whatever he could do, we can.


P: In short, yes. It was not his only message to this world but in that sense, yes. When realizing that you are the Creator, it then gifts one peace in all ways that anything can be done and although difficult, at times, with the purest of intentions, creation can happen at any time and at any place of one’s choosing.


K: Manipulating matter?


P: A wizard’s trick. (winks) But is oh so possible.


K: Do you think we will ever have that?


P: Some already do. This world must come to a place of peace, compassion and love before it is realized with all.


K: Do you feel that you did everything you were meant to do in your life as Peter?


P: It was a great life. I realized much of my potential as a man that was conscious of the spirit within me. I was aware of the great change I could bring with my message. Not everyone was comfortable with my message for it was Jeshua’s. People feared the power of his words. People feared any sort of uprising when others spoke his words. A man or woman in a position of power does not want their people finding their power within. Those in power feared what would happen if they all of a sudden lost that power never realizing that it was all the same.


K: Do you think if people realized that earlier, we would be in a very different place right now?


P: Of course but it’s a journey. The path of humanity has always been a journey because Earth is a place of duality and change. There will always be dark in the light and light in the dark so the path will sometimes be burdensome. Things, in those times, were brutal. People were bloody and brutal thinking that mortal men were simply flesh and bone to assault. Jeshua began a movement that was dearly needed at that time. His appearance on the Earth was in accordance with God’s intervention. There have been many moments in history where there was intervention to turn the world on its axis and….almost begin again. I lived in those times and being a part of new beginnings; a new era was scary but also extremely important. When I understood the gravity of what I was a part of, it only solidified, for me, where humanity was to end up. People think it’s taking too much time. That humanity should be in a peaceful existence now. When you feel where you stand now, as a race, you would then understand that change is happening more rapidly than you would think and it will continue to evolve in dramatic ways.


K: Would you offer, then, that people need to start working with this understanding? That change is happening more rapidly and if we want peace to come more quickly, we can then look at how we live and to be an example of Jesus’ teachings?


P: All Masters, who have walked this earth, have very specific teachings. All of which can be learned and integrated into everyday life. To live by their example will only expedite that which is already here but needs nurturing to grow.


K: You were showing me, earlier today, that you loved technology. When channeling, I use technology to either write direct translations or let Spirit work through my physical body. Now, that being said, I have heard that the output of electrical….garbage could alter those energies so they don’t come as strong. I guess electronics frig with vibration and frequency? Thoughts?


P: To a point but how do you use your technology and what is your intention behind it? And, dare I put out there, that Spirit is much more higher in vibration and frequencies than your computers or your electronics so we may interfere with that which you work on. If one’s intent is to fully experience spirit then spirit will allow that. I would like to say override but we do not override. We merely work with. Science and Spirit will come together eventually. It is fascinating to me how quickly this is happening as well. Distortion can be mended when the one working with spirit requests help with the differences in frequencies and allows Spirit to meld fully, without fear, so the message will not be muddled. You feel this, now, as you translate my words. It is because I have integrated with your physicality. It is jumpy. It is vibration. It is different to feel such things. There is an allowance by both of us, in the spirit realms and by those of the earthly realms which is cooperation.


K: How do you feel about channeling?


P: It is not new. It has been done for years and years; since time began on your planet. It’s only that it has been given many names. The essence is the same. It’s creation from something that is not seen but felt. It is the beauty within that connects and reaches out to be tangible. There is so much to learn about oneself and All That Is when given the opportunity to tune in as they say.


K: You were a follower of John the Baptist.


P: Yes.


K: Why did you become a follower of Jesus then?


P: John handed the torch to the one that was prophesized. (chuckles) John and I were very similar and so did not always see eye to eye on things. We were similar in our willingness to speak, to share and to, sometimes, overstep. Jeshua was…he was something that would complement what I needed that I didn’t know I did until I felt it. I felt what I needed when he found it within me. I guess you would say food for the soul.


K: I want to touch on your death.



I just hear laughter.



K: For real??? Crucified upside down?


P: Yes.


K: Only because you felt you weren’t worthy to die like Jesus did?


P: Yes.


K: So it’s true.


P: I understand that you would find it hard to believe that I would want such a thing. It was a statement for me.


K: What were you trying to prove?


P: At the time, I was being subservient to my God.


K: But…Sorry. I just can’t understand because Jesus thought of you as a brother. Why you would choose to die in such a way is really confusing to me. Especially because when you think of an inverted cross you think evil or something.


P: These are not the ideas of benevolence but of fear. The cross has turned into a symbol because of the one that was attached to it. When I lived, it was only a means to die. The symbolism was never there. I did not want to die in the exact manner because I respected all that which He was and what He taught to uplift those of this world. I only continued in his footsteps. I did not wear his shoes. He laid the path and I was to follow it. In my mind, to die in the same way…those were not my shoes.



The picture he shows me I can understand and I can also feel what he means which I can’t really put on paper.



K: Were you scared of your human death?


P: No. I looked forward to what came next. I wanted to go home. I knew my time was done and I just wanted to go home. I did all that I could do as a man. You could say that I had hit a wall and nothing that I would say or do would continue my work. I had further work to do here, in these realms, as a spirit, which would go further than if I had lived to be a very old man. Those called home, seemingly before their time is up, are meant for a far greater purpose here. (in spirit) They have more to do that carries more weight than if they were to stay. For those of you who have lost a loved one prematurely, you may assume, it is only because of their grander purpose as omnipresent than that of a human.


K: Or, would it also be possible that they needed to be born differently to accomplish bigger things as a different person than to stay in that lifetime that they left?


P: I could not disagree. Because of these new times, new enlightened beings are choosing to come now to have more of an effect in new positions than they would have had if they had stayed as they were.


K: Have you been back?


P: Yes. I have been back as a pope.


K: So sort of coming back to something that you started?


P: I found that what I had started was on a divergent path and I wanted to influence that in a way that it would be more congruent to what it was meant to be.


K: Did that work?


P: In some ways. Of course, there are many cooks in the kitchen.


K: Are you here now or are you influencing anything now in regards to the Catholic Church?


P: I am.



He shows me Pope Francis.



P: He is my example. I work with him a great deal. He is not of me as I do not dwell in human form now. We work together in different ways. He is the example of what I wished for. He is the compassion that Christ emulated. Yes, there are Earthly influences that he must weigh and balance but he is the change that is required to bring back what had only begun.


K: Wow. I agree. He’s very cool and so open to how this world has evolved. I think that he realizes that all of Christianity, not just Catholicism, but all if it has some catching up to do.


P: Yes. Like I said, it will not be abolished. There is integration of the old and new so there becomes a balance. He must be the one that will, ultimately, bring what’s been kept secret to the light and have people understand the history as to why and to regain the trust. He has been transparent and honest. This will help.


K: I agree. Is there anything else you would like to add today?


P: I only wish to add my thanks and gratefulness for this opportunity to speak and to share. I wish to continue to work with those who call upon me for their peace. I am always there to call in the time of transition but I assure you, those who transition are only welcomed. The gates remain open.


K: Have you thrown away the keys?


P: I was not given any.


K: No big key ring?


P: If there was a key it would be only one. But it would rust with no use because it is not required.


K: I’m sure that will put some peoples’ minds at ease.


P: Yes. I have presented to you as the dove. I only wish to bring comfort in transition. Not judgement. There is enough of that while one lives. I couldn’t add to that.


K: Thank you. I really really appreciate that you came in.


P: Good talk. I always love a good talk. Take care, Kimberly. I have enjoyed this time with you. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity. Thank you for all your work.


K: Thank you Peter. That means a lot.


P: Good Bye.


Bows a little and is gone.



Conversations with Mother Mary


December 23, 2016



How do I introduce this one? I’m not sure. Have you ever felt such a love in your heart that it literally spilled open and you could do nothing but cry and not of sorrow but of something that you couldn’t explain? Ever feel like you were brought to your knees because the person you were with seemed so amazing that you couldn’t help but do that? Yeah. That’s pretty much all I can do to describe this one. The last few questions did a number on me and I’m glad I was by myself because if anyone saw me they’d probably assume I heard some terrible news or something. I was in bed when I did this one and when I closed it up she stayed with me the night. My dreams were pretty lucid and when it was my usual 2:30am wake up call, I laid there still feeling her. She said she would linger. I’m humbled that she has. Each one of these conversations are a completely different experience and an experience that I always take with me. I will re-read this one over and over again and when I do, I know she’ll show up and she reminds me that as you, the reader, experience her words, you will experience her. She says she has left her imprint here. This is my conversation with Mother Mary.



M: Hello my sweet girl. Thank you for welcoming me into your home and into your presence.


K: Now that I’m actually sitting down with you, I’m not really sure how to start this. I’m kind of nervous actually because every time you come really close, I get all emotional and weepy.


M: Why, my Kimberly, do you fear the power that is you because you only feel what you are for you and I are the same.


K: Because feeling these ways…this unconditional acceptance…there’s this lack of worthiness or deserving of such a feeling in the heart. Because being here and living this life sometimes feels like it’s tainted and I understand that it’s not and I understand that I am deserving of sitting with you and having you here with me but at the same time…who am I?


M: My lady, you are Kimberly and you are worthy and you are well aware of this. It is only that you feel the contrast and conflict of this world in which you reside because there is duality in emotion. I come in love and it is my love and your love that you will feel. Let’s relax because it will be easier for both of us when you do.


K: I like how you did that. It’s all me. I know.


M: I will come as you. There is no hierarchy here. (She removes her head cover.)


K: You’ve been on my mind for a little bit now.


M: Yes. I am aware. My son has come to you as well. His presence walks beside you quite often as does mine but I have come tonight because I feel that I am needed. Am I needed?


K: Needed and wanted but to figure out what to ask you is…how do I ask you questions?


M: You ask but I feel this is not a talk about facts. I do not feel as if you are out to question me on how I lived.


K: It’s been done.


M: It has but not by you.


K: There are many stories, channels, beliefs about who you are and who you were to this world. People are very passionate about you and how you’ve been such an inspiration and a prominent figure and leader in their life. For me to ask questions that would question their deepest love for you is not what I’m out to do.


M: I am aware that people hold much value in who I was as the mother of Jeshua. I am that and I am more. I am not what doctrine dictates me to be. I am more.


K: Did you know you were more when you lived that life?


M: No. I did not. Like you and many others, I struggled with the concept of worthiness. Even after I learned of my purpose, I still struggled with knowing that I was deserving of such a purpose.


K: Did you fear your purpose? At any point through everything, did you fear what you were bringing to this world and what you ultimately would watch losing.


M: When looking at the big picture without stepping into the moments, it was overwhelming. I feared for his safety when those knew of his divinity and purpose. I feared that he would be found out as a child and taken from me. They were unfounded for very little of the public around me knew of my son’s purpose at such a young age. Only the wise ones, the priests, the holy men knew of the prophesied son of God. They were the ones that I was safe around and whom I could talk freely to when the load became much to bear as it did sometimes.


K: What were you like. There are pictures painted of you so meek and mild and humble and holy which you are but before the craziness of the birth and life of your son, what were you like?


M: I enjoyed laughter. I enjoyed play. The time in which I lived was a cruel and barbaric time and when you could play and laugh freely, it meant so much. When you didn’t have to look to the ground but look to the sky and feel the love from above, it was a blessing. I felt very free in my heart and in my spirit. Yes, I was a servant of God and I took that very seriously but I felt, in my heart, that loving God wasn’t an act of solemn deliverance and piety. I felt, when I connected to my God, light and happiness within me.


K: As it should be.


M: As it always is. Man is the judge and jury. My God was not. This was not a common idea through the land. There were many strict ways in which to praise God and I abided by these. It was in my personal and quiet communes with God that I felt this freedom. It was when I was watched by others around me that I did not feel this same freedom. There was protocol. So, to say that I was meek and mild and humble…yes. I would agree but this is what was seen on the outside looking in for when I walked along the roads and felt I was blessed even with the meagre life that I lived, this is when I found true happiness and love for my God.


K: When Jeshua was conceived…


M: Yes.


K: I don’t really want to get into all that. I mean, if people want to look and research, it’s out there.


M: Yes.


K: Were you scared?


M: When I found I was with child I feared what that meant for me and I resented that I would have to endure more pain and suffering than what was already done to me. I cried tears of sorrow and frustration. I was not the only woman to be put in such a position. As I have said, those times were dark. There was a moment in which I was sick with grief and sick with child that I prayed to God to save me from this. It was in this moment that I found peace. Even so small, my son granted me peace. I received, in my heart, the message that this was not such a child that would burden me but uplift me. This was a child of God as I was. This was the son of God and everything was Divinely planned. I felt, in my chest and in my womb, the warmth and stirrings of something that I could not define and through my tears I smiled. I placed my hand on my child and watched the space around me change. I wasn’t alone in my fear and uncertainty. On the contrary, I was quite well, safe and guarded for I held within me a child of God and one that would change the world in which I lived. The realization was instant for a knowing was planted within me like the son that I would deliver. There wasn’t another time that I questioned God’s plan for me or the child that I was to deliver.


K: Tell me about Joseph.


M: We knew of each other. I was quite fond of him and he of me. He worshipped as I did. He was soft and gentle. He was understanding and kind. He did not understand the violent ways of man.


K: Did he offer to be your husband right away?


M: No. He was unsure as I was. He later told me that through his confusion over the decision to love me as his own, he was granted a deep feeling of peace when he thought of the dark of the situation. As I stumbled before taking the hand of God’s trust, so did he. It wasn’t long after that we were married. Marriage then is much different as it is now. These things are arranged. It was arranged. Knowing each other before helped. I believe there was a purpose to our friendship, as little as it was in the beginning. It only grew. It solidified when the belief of the true reason that our son was conceived, was understood.


K: So you knew when you were pregnant that this was no ordinary child you were bringing into this world.


M: I knew. When you touch the face of God in your most darkest hour, you know the questions that you ask will always be answered. I questioned why. Why me? It was because He chose me to birth a Master. Of course, it’s simple for me to say that now. In that place and time, I had to trust in the love and the messages that I was given. This is hard. Some would call it imagination. Some would call it dreams. I would call it Divine intervention. (smiles) Divine guidance.


K: What did you feel when he was born?


M: As all young women feel when they have their child, it’s a mix of emotion. It’s elation, it’s worry, it’s protection, it’s questioning whether I will do right by him. I wanted to live for him. As I held him, I was blessed by him.


K: Did you worry for his future or were you scared for what his future was?


M: I did not know of the end result. I only knew of the direction in which he was to take and I, as his mother, would lead him there and then follow him. As with any child, there are things that he knew that he would not share with me and I believe it to be because he did not want to burden me with what he carried which was humanity and their freedom.


K: Were you a strict mother?


M: (laughing) Do you think that just because I knew his position in this world that I would allow him to run circles around me? No. I mothered him. He was still my son and he still needed nurturing and guidance.


K: What was Jeshua like as a child?


M: (pauses to think) Curious, playful, always exploring; finding interactions between people fascinating to watch. He was a quick study but never finished learning. He was inquisitive at a very young age. He would always be off exploring one thing or another. I would turn away for a minute and he would be off with someone, somewhere while my heart beat so fast out of fear that he may have been taken. Children, especially in the street, could be taken very quickly. I guess you could say that I did a lot of hovering and he didn’t always appreciate that. When at home, I was tolerant of his exploration. He had talent to create and build. He wanted to be involved in the process of life as well as be. I would watch other children and notice how scattered they all were; needing to be chased and scolded. My son was always present with himself and very centered. My lady, Kimberly, his temperament was very much something you could relate to. He was very much an old soul. At times, it was as if he didn’t belong with me for when you looked at him, he gave off such an energy and a presence about him that even if he wanted to be by himself, people would be pulled towards him to even just sit with him and watch him as he played or read or watched his world around him.


K: When did you know it was time to let him go? When did you know it was time to follow him instead of lead him or mold him as a parent?


M: At twelve it was obvious that he needed more than what I could give him and so, I began to loosen my hold. It was difficult for me. I was protective even though I was assured in my prayers and my talks with God that he would come back to me.


K: Would you say that you came to this world as a Master? As an enlightened soul because you practiced and knew of God as something other than One that would only condemn or judge?


M: I felt nothing of that for when I communed with God, I felt accepted. If I faulted myself for some wrong doing that I thought I had done, I would pray to my God and there would be only feelings and a presence of peace. It was never a feeling that I was forgiven because I was never judged by my actions. It was only me that did that to myself and I was always given the freedom to continue that or let myself free from those burdensome thoughts.


K: Did you ever turn to your son for guidance?


M: He would offer himself freely to me. I hung on his every word. I praised him for his guidance. He would say to me that I offered him just as much love that he could for me. He never thought that he could do more for me. Quite the opposite. He always felt that I could do so much for him.


K: You are his mother.


M: (smiles) Yes.


K: How’s your relationship now?


M: It is…he is my son.



I’m getting all weepy again. This woman feels like their continued relationship hung the moon and lit the stars.



K: Wow.


M: It is a very adequate description and one that many mothers feel for their children. Your heart breaks for them when theirs breaks. One feels as if she could give anything for their child to smile and live every day in perfect happiness. But, we are only human as well. There is no such thing as too much love for your child but we must fill our own hearts and spirits first so that we can give that love to those we have given life to.


K: Do you still mother him? Mother Jeshua?


M: (I just hear quiet laughing) It was a role I played while on earth. I step back into the role of his mother from time to time but there is a respect for the parts we played and an admiration for both parts.


K: What do you think of this time of year? The day says it’s the day you gave birth to your boy although, and I have spoken with Jeshua about this, I feel a very Virgo energy when he’s with me.


M: Yes. This time of year is sacred and special for many and there is a date needed to celebrate the beginning of a life that would change time. I enjoy it. I enjoy the peace of it. I enjoy the serenity of all hearts at this time. When you look deeper than the rushing around, the busyness, the sadness, the wishes for more, there is something within all hearts at this time of year that remembers Christ. They remember not just the man but the energy of him and they emulate that in even the smallest of ways. This is what is celebrated; that for a day or a few days or weeks, the time of year brings out Jeshua’s spirit in so many and there is more peace. You can see the light it spreads in your world. Yes, not everyone celebrates the birth of Christ. Not everyone celebrates the season and yet…what is beneath it all is what spreads. The spark of what he stood for…it is in the air. For those who find the season difficult I would say to you, look beyond what is in front of you. Look beyond. Look above. It is not this busyness that takes over that is important. It is knowing that the sky you look up into is where you began. It is not only the birth of Christ that needs to be celebrated for all of humanity comes from the same Source and it would be beneficial for all to celebrate the birth of You.


K: Are you referring to the Christ Consciousness that is being birthed on this Earth.


M: My lady, it is already here. So many have absorbed this into their being. I am only reminding them of what they already know and are ready to live by. Humanity lives on in my son’s name. Humanity lives on in my God’s name. God is in everything. It is connected to all. Humans are not only connected to humans. If God is in everything and everything is God then the connection to all is obvious. It is a tangible feeling and the phrase that you use…Christ Consciousness, is only this.


K: How can I add anything to that? I just feel like there could be nothing more to say after that.


M: There is much to say.


K: Were you here to help Jeshua unite the world or bring peace to a world that was so dark and still is, in some respects.


M: There is light in the dark. There is dark in the light. This is the duality that you are born to. It is maintaining that equilibrium and practicing such things while realizing that yes, nothing is perfect and yet everything is. My energy is one of healing, of love and acceptance. It is no different than Jeshua’s or even your neighbors. It is all here for the taking. I simply make my presence known to people that need a gentle nudge. That my love is their love and I am but a symbol of that which is already here.


K: I can’t agree that you would classify yourself as a symbol because the fact that you’re with me and flowing all around me and making me all weepy…that’s not just symbolic. That’s your energy; that’s you.


M: I would have people call upon me to understand that they are here to emulate what they feel I am. What did Jeshua say? That all I can do so can you? It is the same with me. I come to support that effort and I come to support the effort of all mothers and fathers who do their daily best to parent their children in this world and to encourage them to be the very best they can be in all ways. A mother’s heart breaks because their child comes from them and so they are able to feel all that the child feels. I support this because it isn’t very easy and it’s not easy for others, sometimes even fathers, to understand.


K: How do you feel about the Divine Feminine energy that is beginning to wake up on this planet?


M: Oh…(there’s excitement here) Time does not exist and yet…it could not come at a better time.


K: Do you think that some of the feminists out there are kind of overdoing it because of years of being ‘kept down’ or whatever they feel?


M: They are the ones that have a passion that goes far far back to when men could use their voices and not women. They are the voice of men who loved and honored their women and have come back as the Divine Feminine to bring balance back. Sometimes you feel it is overdone and yet, after years and years of silence, does it not give way to some needing to be more vocal than others?


K: So, is it like those that create these movements are the speakers for a lot of women that chose not to speak. They are ready for change but they don’t have the ability to speak up?


M: Yes. They are the ones that have chosen to be here for the voice of so many that, because of circumstance or country, cannot. It is not because they are the strongest for all women are strong. It is because they have been birthed in the circumstance that will allow them to be a voice of freedom for all.


K: I never really thought of it that way.


M: One rarely does because the outspoken sometimes seem to go a little overboard…no?


K: Sometimes.


M: It’s only they have humanity to speak for.


K: Very true.


M: So allow them their voice and allow it to be heard and allow the energy of those words to spread so that those who feel they can’t, still feel like they have a say.


K: And I think that can go for any cause.


M: Yes. There will be the action takers and there will be the ones that will simply be. It is not that they do not want to have their say. Their say is their presence and their energy on this earth. It is not less than what another does. In some ways, it is stronger.


K: Gives another meaning to the strong silent type.


M: (smiles) Very much.


K: Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. What is your fondest memory of the night that you gave birth to Jeshua?



Crap. I’m crying again.



M: I kissed his tiny lips and I told him welcome.


K: Did he have a loud cry or a grunt cry?


M: (laughs) He cried to let everyone know he had arrived.


K: What did you feel you were the most blessed with as being Jeshua’s mother?


M: I brought him here. I saw him leave and I was everywhere in the space between. Every day he was my joy. Every day I was blessed by him; by God.


K: They day he [_died, _]what was the one thing that stood out to you that was surprising?


M: The anger. The hate. For those days there was so much of that coming to the surface that you could smell and taste it. I couldn’t understand why it was directed so much toward my son. It seemed very fast. It was coming to the surface so he could take it and free the people of it. I do not harbor any resentment for I cannot but it was a difficult day. After the crowds had cleared and he was put in my arms, as a man, I needed to clean him of it and I did. I washed him as I washed him when I birthed him. I wrapped him as I wrapped him after he was born. Do not cry My Lady. It is the circle of life.


K: It’s just very difficult to watch.


M: Yes. But it is okay. Now it is okay. I cried many tears. I allowed myself to be cleansed of the pain of what I witnessed. I knew that I would see him again when I rose to heaven. This was my gift and we are together here.


K: Did you see him at all when you lived your life out on earth?


M: No. I did not wish to lose him again. I understood, after much time and much prayer, what had to be for it was guided by the hand of God. It was not easy. Any mother that loses a child…it is not easy and it is not something I wished to relive. I understood that I would see him again and I hold him close to me this day.


K: When you heard his tomb was empty what was your reaction?


M: I got up. You see, My Lady Kimberly, my grief was such that I was left immobile. When I heard that it was done…I rose as well.


K: And Mary Magdalene?


M: Jeshua had many talks with her. There are things that only lovers can share. She was given strength in many ways that I wasn’t prepared for. She needed to leave and I honored that. I knew she carried with her, the knowledge of her own path and her own preparation for what was to come for her. I gave her my love and assisted her with what I could. I hold her, to this day, as well.


K: Do you have any messages for those that read your words?


M: I only wish those that keep His Spirit close…I only wish to thank them. I wish to say thank you for keeping me alive in your hearts at this time. My love is infinite and is for all. I wish to say thank you for inviting me into your homes as you celebrate the life of my son and the sacrifice that we all made at those times. Looking on you all, I feel much gratitude for being allowed to celebrate with you, the birth of this new era. I wish to tell you that all Masters have changed the course of this earth and will continue to do so for you are all so capable of it. I tell you now, you are all capable of it. You were all born in the image of God and so are a miracle and in the energy of his benevolence are a creator. I support this as your mother and I love you in this as your mother.


K: Thank you. Thank you for your strength. I can’t believe, after everything that you have shown me and allowed me to feel from you…I can’t believe your strength. Thank you so much. Sorry I had a hard time holding it together for this one. I just liked that you are so close and having you stand back wouldn’t make this translate the same way.


M: I understand and you couldn’t keep me away. This is wonderful. Please share me. Thank you for your wonderful heart. I am honored to be present in that space with you always.


K: Thank you. Merry Christmas Mary.


M: Merry Christmas Lady Kimberly. I will linger but the words will end.


K: Linger away. As long as you want.


M: And so it is.



She’s a great hugger. She just doesn’t let go.




Conversations with Simon – Relationships (more human to human)


December 28, 2016



Simon’s in the house and we’re talking relationships. I think there is a lot more to say about this subject because it’s pretty broad but we’ll leave it like this for now.



K: Hello Simon.


S: (grins and places an ankle over a knee while leaning his face into his pointer finger and thumb) Hello Sweetheart. How are you?


K: I’m really good.


S: I thought I could simply sneak around while going unnoticed today. Seems that’s not the case.


K: Seems it is not. What’s new?


S: Everything.


K: How were the holidays for you?


S: If you’re asking if I celebrated, well, every day I celebrate. I’ve been busy I’ve been called upon which is excellent.


K: By who? By people here or everywhere.


S: Those that have been introduced to me, through you, have called my name. More out of curiosity than anything. For a simple chat which I quite enjoy. (leans forward) What’s today then?


K: I thought we could continue that talk about relationships but I’d like to do human to human because you and Paul covered the…I guess I should say touched on relationships with Spirit but I kind of want to know about human to human now. They can be really great and they can be really frustrating and I’m wondering if it’s all supposed to be.


S: The frustration doesn’t have to be. When one meets frustration with frustration without taking the time to understand or speak without judgement or verdict, there is no frustration that needs to continue. Relationships are a playground of learning interaction, socialization, emotional needs and wants. It doesn’t just happen while children grow and play. It happens with adults as well. The learning is continuous because relationships evolve and they change and they end. Everyone is different so in meeting a new person, there is more learning and there is more growth because that is what the relationship is there to provide. Now, one does not have to continue a relationship based on learning about something. There is also a resonance of energy. If the energy of a person doesn’t resonate with someone, the simple realization that there will be no continuation of any sort of relationship is somewhat of a lesson for those people because it can be easily left. It doesn’t mean that the people haven’t affected or touched a person in some way for humans are all connected. It’s just that silver thread that holds humanity together is a little thinner than if you were to start a relationship that…floats your boat as you would say?


K: Yes. That is a saying of mine. Possibly even more than me.


S: Some would say that these silver threads of connection can be…difficult to understand. Someone passing another on the street won’t affect someone as much as another who they witness in trouble. Or if they witness someone in the grocery store doing something that is abhorrent to them, they will always have that memory of something that they would never do.


K: Okay.


S: Everything is part of a relationship no matter how small. This is why it is important to look at someone through the eyes of God for everyone is created in that image. If one doesn’t like the word God then to look at another with the eyes of compassion and understanding would be the same thing. The journey of a human is interaction. It is a big part of this journey for one does not live a human life in solitary.


K: True.


S: Although, at times, I believe some would love that.


K: I agree. What is the irritation?


S: It can be the ego. It can also be a situation where an annoyance with someone is simply seeing that in themselves and reacting to that when, in fact, if one were to send love to that part of themselves that they see in another that creates the irritation, it would fade quite quickly.


K: Sometimes, in those moments, it’s really hard to send love to someone who is irritating the crap out of you.


S: Yes. It is. Take the relationship between parent and child. As the child grows and discovers his or her Self they don’t necessarily become or live the same way as the parent. For the parent, this can be very frustrating but why? What did the parent not experience or not allow themselves to experience that which the child experiences? This is only an opportunity to then allow the parent to learn from the child. It is a give and take and in this there can be a balance that is maintained. One of mutual respect. This isn’t always with parent and child. This can be for siblings and friends as well. If one sees another going down a path that creates irritation for them, this can simply be about envy or an opportunity to step out of their comfort zone to try something similar. These relationships simply reflect that which is missed, wanted, or coming into their own lives soon. I feel that I have explained it as much as I can with words. The image can be quite confusing as I am showing opposite and parallel paths as well as energetic cords.


K: Yeah. It’s pretty messy.


S: Shall we clean it up then?


K: Is this about cord cutting?


S: Relationships, at times, don’t work no matter how connected or tangled they become. Then yes, it is about cord cutting but at the same time, the cord is never fully severed for the imprint of that person will always reside with the one that is cutting them away. It does not mean that they hold on to a thread of hope that the person will turn good or give them what they need. It is only that the memory of them will be there for as long as it takes for them to move along. You can see this happen in romantic relationships and family relationships. It seems friendships, at times, can be easier to move away from for…sometimes a friendship is seasonal.


K: I agree. The deeper the connection; the thicker the rope, it’s a lot harder to cut it completely away.


S: And there is nothing wrong or right about that. It simply is. Relationships are. It’s only they include emotions, vulnerability, being able to discern what is best for you and what is best for another without anger or frustration. Relationships contain reaction and some contain fear. These are very complex and yet they are very simple. Human ego and contrast is also at play. It is making peace with all of these things and understanding that every single human interaction contains even the most minute piece of all.


K: That’s a lot.


S: It is.


K: I want to get into the whole twin flame thing because some feel like they need to meet their twin flame to be complete or they’ve met their twin flame and are so in love. What’s your thought on this twin flame thing. There’s this assumption that it’s romantic. But it’s not always romantic and is there only one?


S: (smiles and rubs his bottom lip) It is a romantic notion to think that there would be one person in the whole world or universe that would be attracted to you and you would live out your days in complete love and affection. I would hate to let anyone down.


K: I know.


S: Yes. In the amount of lives one lives in this universe there is more than one twin. I don’t want to get into that too much as it would only confuse people. I would like to talk about that relationship so people are aware that it isn’t always roses and chocolate. It isn’t always romantic. It can be anyone. Let us define the term twin.


K: Okay.


S: Twin is multiple of one. It is a direct split, an identical.


K: Yes.


S: So, if one is looking for their twin and we speak of soul; of spirit, they must then be prepared to know and love them because in essence, they are looking for them.


K: Okay.


S: If one is not completely in love with themselves and can actually look at themselves with complete affection and admiration and not in a way that is vain or superficial but in a real, deep, affection for every bit of oneself…then they would be ready to join with that in which you term twin flame and be happy about it.


K: And if they can’t look at themselves in that way?


S: Then calling in their twin flame would only show what they dislike or are concerned with and about themselves and it would only be hurtful for the twins only mirror each other. If one is concerned with only finding their twin flame; their true love, then one must ask themselves have they found true love with Self? Calling in a twin flame will happen if this experience is required in the life they are living but more times than not, one is left scratching their heads wondering where their happiness is and the twin will split.


K: Is it only contingent on loving Self. Being in love with all parts of Self?


S: It is a major part of this. Lifestyle is also part of it. Maybe this twin you called in is living the life you neglected to live because it wasn’t what you wanted to experience. You still would not want to experience it so how will that work? That can be part of it.


K: Do some find their twins and it works?


S: Of course. It is usually with the old souls that this happens because there have been thousands of lives to live and experience every part of your soul’s journey and so one would then be ready to experience themselves in this way. Again, it is not 100%. Things shift and change. It could happen at any time; at any incarnation if this is what you have chosen to experience for better or for worse. The twin flame union can shake a person to their core but can also repair and lift up. Again, the decision to unite in these ways is purely on those souls involved. It is one of those situations where…be careful what you wish for because you may want to turn and run.


K: Same thing with Soul Mates?


S: No. (shakes head) This is quite lovely. These relationships have the give and take, the healing, the love, the missing piece. These relationships flow, even through circumstance where one would think a relationship like this would fail. They rarely do because they are complimentary. Again, this can be lovers, friends, family. If one is searching for a romantic partner that would be a peaceful union then Soul Mates can be far more comfortable.


K: Okay. So, here’s something that I’ve been thinking about.


S: Hhhmmm.


K: Get comfortable.


S: I’m quite comfortable.


K: Can twin flames unite on a spirit/human level?


S: Yes. It happens quite often and is much better


K: In what way?


S: One side of this union is detached and is unconditional love. There are no chains. There are no rules as one would define the word. There is only admiration and love.


K: But to dive into that as a human…I would think that would create feelings of loneliness on some level because in any relationship, there is this element of physicality that means a lot here.


S: Yes. For the human side of it, it can be frustrating. It can also be full of doubt. This is normal. Those who wish to meet their twin flame in Spirit can simply ask to be introduced. There may be opportunities to work together in these ways for the betterment of the world in which one lives. It would be akin to a Spirit Guide Relationship only it could be felt in much deeper ways. For instance, some Spirit Guide relationships are felt outside of a person because they communicate in these ways.


K: Kind of like over the phone or via FaceTime or something on some weird Spiritual level.


S: Exactly…I guess. A twin flam Guide relationship will be felt from within the core of a person. It will be part of them so intimately that it will feel as if one is working with Them because it comes from within and is felt like warmth or fire in the heart and throughout the body. Any guide can be felt but this is a much more profound experience. Do you understand, Kimberly, the phrase we finish each other’s sentences?


K: Yes.


S: It is not completing each other’s sentences but having the same voice as they speak. This is where the doubt can come in for if you feel you are channeling or sending messages from your twin Guide, it may feel like you are only speaking when in fact, this Spirit has connected with you as one and you are channeling them, you only channel in sync. Together. As two become one.


K: Wow. That is so cool. So it would just be felt…like the ultimate…feel good feeling.


S: Yes. I understand that words will not do in this situation and we have done the best that we can.


K: Yes. And Soul Mates as Guides to a human?


S: Soul Groups. Soul Families. Soul Mates. Yes. Very much. As you experience this when you channel me.


K: Ha. I know. I’m just making you say it out loud.


S: And I have.


K: But we don’t always agree.


S: No.


K: Would you say my views are limited compared to yours.


S: (grins and chuckles) And how would you have me answer that?


K: Truthfully.


S: I have a much broader view and that is why I am in the position of being a guide.


K: How’s your twin?


S: Very well.


K: Have you met them or do you meet up with them?


S: I do. It is quite often. It is daily in your terms.


K: Ah. Cool. Anything else on person to person relationships.


S: It would be wise for those searching, to simply put the request out there and let it come. If continually searching for something one believes will make them whole than it is not that outside relationship or person that will feed that. To become whole takes accepting what is. What you feel you lack within is what you will attract. Feeling whole and complete when you are with You only brings forth that in any relationship that you desire. To think that one is not complete without a lover or a best friend or an animal companion…it is something to look at and ask why? Why does that spot feel like you need to fill it with something that is not of you? If there is emptiness, sit with this and ask the very poignant question of why. Are you seeking adventure? Are you seeking to learn a new skill, are you seeking to be well and good as you are by yourself? Can you be your own best friend without relying on that from someone else? If there is something you feel you lack, can you fill that void with something that is of you?


K: I totally get that. There is no one person that can complete another accept Self even though that’s a very romantic notion.


S: It is. And to say that to someone would be a grand compliment.


K: It could be true on some levels though. Like, how have I lived without you or where have you been all my life.


S: (laughing) Yes. And on some levels, relationships feel as if they have given closure or met some need but this is in the moment. It takes work to make the moment last. Relationships are not meant to be a struggle but they are also not to be ignored. There is meeting in the middle of how much give and how much take is experienced. It’s a choice on what to feed a relationship or starve it of. These will either cut away at the energetic cords or they will simply grow in strength. There is effort here. Even in the seemingly easiest relationships the effort is seen in communication, reaction, emotion and thought. Kindness and mutual respect. For those that have chosen to know you, show them you are aware of this effort and reciprocate if this is indeed a relationship that you would want in your life.


K: That’s pretty cut and dry and really, something that we already know.


S: But sometimes lacks practice.


K: Agreed. Anything else on relationships that you would like to add?


S: I believe this is a good start. I will leave it here. (gently pats knees to stand) You have a busy evening this evening. I will leave you now.


K: Well, you don’t really leave me.


S: This is true. I feel this is more of an expression for one is surrounded by Soul Mates, Guides and Twins at all times. This, however, is a discussion for another time. Have a good evening, Sweetheart.


K: You too Simon. Thanks.


S: I’ll try to be a little more quiet the next time I arrive. Only to be a fly on the wall.


K: Doubtful. Your presence is always felt.


S: As it should be. Good night.


K: Good night.




Conversations with Simon – Face of Spirit, Solo Missions, Women’s March


January 23, 2017



Always good to see a friend. Simon’s here…



K: Hey Simon.


S: (Smiles. He’s got a great smile.) How are you Sweetheart?


K: You are a breath of fresh air for me today.


S: Am I? Why is that?


K: It’s nice to connect with someone that you know really well. What’s up?


S: I’ve only decided to come in as any absence makes the heart grow fonder but as well…there is no such thing as absence is there… (leans forward and clasps his hands between his legs) It’s only when someone is in the midst of attaching themselves to this illusion called the human existence that there is a feeling that one is alone when, in actuality, there are many that surround one at such times.


K: When a person feels the most alone…is that when they are the least alone?


S: Yes. When a person requires more support from my side…there is a larger group but then, Sweetheart, is it really a group for people need to see Spirit as individuals when it really is a collective in all forms.


K: So, if I’m talking to someone in Spirit form, are they attached to some sort of a collective?


S: Yes, because you are not only getting information from the one that you speak to but you are getting the message from one that lives multiple lives all at once while speaking to you. To believe that you are only pulling from one source is accurate to a point for when one addresses a singular person, you are receiving that person as a multidimensional being and not only one. There is nothing singular here. There is a collective. There is no separation. It is only that human beings think in these singular ways. But, it would be wise to expand on that. It would be wise to begin to understand that yes, one is speaking with their mother or their father or the grandmother or their grandfather but you are also communing with so much more. It is only that they wear the face of the one you love but they are all so much more.


K: Is that what happens when a person communes with their Higher Self? That they commune, as well, with all aspects and lives that we are living simultaneously but it’s only that we maybe can’t or have trouble thinking in those terms?


S: Yes. It is not wrong. There is no right or wrong. It is just simply looking at these Spirits as multiplied existentially for they are here now and they are now experiencing and living the many facets of their being that they have returned to.


K: Do some people remember their lives and, because of that, can think in those broader terms?


S: Yes. Those who are willing to step outside of themselves…it comes from somewhere whether they know it or not. At some level, they are in touch with various aspects of themselves and connect to that to live out their lives on earth with a broader understanding of who they innately are.


K: That’s really big. It’s pretty huge to wrap my head around it because when I speak with Spirit it’s like this phone call or text message from that one face. I think I’d shit my pants if they came looking like a hundred-head monster or something.


S: (Laughs) It would be more than a hundred but there is no need to come in with all the faces. There needs to be only one because when connecting with these individuals, they will only come in the form that their family or friends will recognize because they wish to remain connected to you as that person they have lived as. Some will always be connected to this earth and what they have done and what they have experienced. Then, this allows for them to continuously be connected to those individuals that were a part of that experience. Even in the slightest amount, all faces that have touched an individual’s heart have left their imprint there and they will come as the one that has loved them the most.


K: I want to talk about the collective on Earth.


S: (sits back and rubs his forehead) Yes. I feel this will be one of those deep conversations that not everyone will understand.


K: Well, do they really have to? I mean, that’s why you come in right? To make it easier for people to get a glimpse of understanding?


S: You think? You believe that I give some sort of understanding?


K: I’m assuming you do.


S: Then you would assume right. I don’t mean to sound pompous but even the difficult things can be explained in a way that it would make it easier for some to grasp even if there isn’t a full understanding of a topic…there is some.


K: And that’s a start.


S: It is.


K: People feeling or absorbing the collective energy and working that out for the collective?


S: Hhhmmm. As transformers?


K: Is that what it is?


S: Do they realize they are doing it?


K: I don’t think so.


S: Many don’t.


K: So, is there such a thing or is it just another level of clearing for an individual? Like, when a person is having a really great week but they just feel depressed or angry or tired and they don’t know why because everything in their personal lives seems to be really good. What is that?


S: It is a lack of grounding to the earth’s core.


K: It has to be more than that.


S: If one was here with the intention of holding the light for those that have no clue…they lack the capability of grounding it back into this planet. If you are holding onto all of that, whether you know you are or not, and your emotions seem to be a little out of control, you lack the stability in your feet to connect to the ground on which you walk upon. The earth is here to take this residual energy from you. Why must a person hold onto the suffering of others when they are only to take it and give it to earth to be cleansed?


K: But I thought those that were here to cleanse these energies could just cleanse them themselves?


S: Then that is simply believing that one is here to do this job on their own with no help from the Divine and as you are aware…you are not. You are also not here to hold the negative and dark emotions within you to save the world. You are not to save the world using your own Spirit. You will kill yourself in the process. You are to release all that you collect to Earth; to us. Has it not been said, Sweetheart, that one is not alone to do this work on a solo mission?


K: It has been said.


S: Yes. I understand what you mean. I understand not everyone is aware that they are the ones to hold the light, to anchor the light and to clear the dark.


K: Exactly. So, I was just curious for those that didn’t know why, when they’re life is going really good, that they feel glum all the time. People may be diagnosed with depression and things like that when they are really here as part of a collective that is here to anchor and clear.


S: Yes. But…these people who are here to do this work…it is all of you. You ask if there is a group or a certain club that is only that of the lightworker. This has been the notion for many. All of humanity is here to anchor the light. Most are not aware of this nor do they want to know this. All are to ascend in the same way. Some will choose not to but all are here to have the choice. There is not, nor has there ever been, one specific group to hold and to anchor for the whole world. Every human being does this in his or her own personal way.


K: It’s another personal way is it?


S: It is. The story unfolds for everyone personally, for the choices and the decisions they make influence this greatly.


K: Well what about the people that know they’re here to be this…cleanser but just can’t get in touch with it.


S: They look outside of themselves. It is not outside of themselves. Let me ask you, My Love, if a human being is made of the matter of the universe, why would a human being think that they would have to look outside when it is already contained within?


K: Good one.


S: It is. I believe it to be a fair question.


K: Maybe because some people figure to attain something is to reach outside of themselves.


S: (smiles) Good girl. It is the word, is it not, that makes one believe to attain something is to reach outside of themselves.


K: But to attain peace isn’t outside of themselves. It’s within.


S: Ah, it is that. Is it not true, for some, to attain peace within that they are waiting for the peace of the world to happen first when, in actuality, if one was to be peaceful within first, it would then light that within another?


K: As some sort of example?


S: Yes.


K: I get that but then people look at the one that has found peace within and label them a hippy or empathetic or just doesn’t give a shit.


S: Because they have yet to find that themselves and it is something that appears useless and trivial but those they judge as being hippies or empathetic are actually the ones that are the most centered and the most grounded and the most willing to feel life and be alive in this storm of a world.


K: Do you think people are feeling it more because there have been more shakeups?


S: There have not been more shakeups. There has only been an easier way of hearing about them. There have always been shakeups. (He shows with his hands) There may be a slight increase in some years and a slight decrease in others but it’s steady and it’s constant. There are more people that are left feeling lost, alone, clumsy, unable to relate, angry, shocked because they are constantly looking for peace outside of them and when this does not happen, they cannot find peace with deconstruction that is only needed to rebuild. And as I say these words, there are those that are frustrated now. There is a lack of understanding because this world is taken too personally. How could it not? This is your home. But, it is your home and so what is it that is being contributed? Is it your personal chaos or is it your personal love? It is hard to love when viewing the devastation. It is hard to anchor love when looking at the chaos. But…it is possible.


K: Someone out there is asking you to tell them how.


S: (grins) Yes. There is no recipe that will yield the same results from one to another and yet this is what is requested. The understanding that one is not to live this alone is a very large theme that is neglected. Even those who know they are out here to save the world feel as if they are on this solo mission when that, simply, is not the case. People believe that they are here to save the earth. The earth is saved. Nothing will happen to Her for She is aware of the state of Her being and She is using the universe to heal that. Is that not a clue for those wondering what they need to do? It would be to invite us in. It would be to find like-minded souls and connect. This will happen anyway. It will happen faster when you intend it. The Earth looks to Herself, all that She possesses and all that She is made up of. She goes within. She grounds Herself to Her core. This is the example. It is not pointless to reach out to attain but the results will be magnified when coming inward and grounding to the existence that you chose which is a human on Earth.


K: Obviously when you feel a little spacey or clumsy or tired or irritated or whatever, some of that isn’t connecting to you as a human being that walks on Earth.


S: Yes. Not obvious to everyone.


K: No. But isn’t it part of an absorption of other people’s stuff as well?


S: It is. Again, one is not here as only an individual. They are also here as part of a collective. Everything and everyone is connected. To look at your television and wish hate to another that has drawn arms is only wishing hate upon oneself as well. It is something, is it not, to look upon one with love…even if it is tough love under any circumstance? This only comes from an individual who has found peace and love with all of them…all parts of them so they can express that to all parts of humanity. Trying to do this while lacking self-love is not using your Creator Self in the most proficient ways. You find this hard to translate because sometimes the truth of these types of issues is difficult to hear.


K: Yes and on some level, you can be very good at the tough love yourself.


S: (laughs) I cannot be a romantic all of the time. That would be fantasy and although I do enjoy a little fantasy and romance from time to time, I have also been given the great gift as a Guide. Life, Sweetheart, is not always fantasy and romance. If it were, it would be a too easy to use it as an escape and escape is not the name of the game.


K: You used it to escape.


S: I did. And now what can I do with that? I can share that.


K: Still, a little fantasy, daydream and romance are always good.


S: Yes. When a heart flutters it is only telling you that you are alive. Allow this but it is not a tool to wish away things that you would rather not see or deal with.


K: In other news…


S: Ah. What’s the news?


K: There have been women’s marches going on all over the world. Something to be worried about?


S: It is only they are being upfront with what they will not endure and what they will.


K: Isn’t being guarded and vocal like that just…attracting that?


S: You have a man that has been put into the position of power because of power. Because he says he can. Because he says he is the only one. Because he was given a silver spoon. There are those that have agreed to it. There are those that have not. Those that have not were blindsided believing that something like this could never happen in such a great country. It is out of shock and surprise that they do this for they feel they need their voices heard which they are. Time, I’m afraid, is thought to go backwards. This will not happen but it is one of those instances where, ‘just in case it starts to, we now draw the line in the sand’. Women have worked extremely hard to maintain their dignity, their respect, their equality, their position in this world as the bringers of life. Some men believe that is all when, in fact, the world has been built on the backs of the feminine. It is only the masculine have been the ones to walk on said backs. The women will not have this happen again.


K: Is there, then, a fear that this will happen? Is that why they march?


S: I feel there is a fear that it will be an idea. This man you speak of, like many, this new president of your United States…he has said things to cause a reaction. He has got his wish. He realized there is work to do and yes, he believes that, in some instances, it will be on the backs of the feminine. This will not be allowed to happen for the feminine rises to bring balance back to a masculine world.


K: I get it. I see the pictures you’re showing me.


S: Humanity sees it as an unravel. It is not.


K: So these threads that women hold…?


S: Are much longer and much thicker than what they are believed to be.


K: Is he listening?


S: When you have groups of Divinity from all over this world, stand in solidarity for one thing and that is respect and that is self-worth and that is nurturing and love, he will listen. It’s not only the women though for the women march for all of those that have lacked these things in their lives. The women march with men, with races that are not their own. It is not only a women’s march but a march for all of those who wish for fairness and for equality. The women have only taken charge as all mothers do. They have taken all into their fold and even if they don’t realize it or not, they march for all.


K: Will it stay relatively peaceful?


S: Yes.


K: Good.


S: It is good. I urge those that read these words, if they are still with us, this is not the time to look for a battle. Would it be surprising to those, that hold the signs, that there will be no battle for the intention has been set.


K: The intention for what?


S: Peace.


K: Ah. Isn’t this one of those things where these marches were kind of reaching outside of themselves to attain some sort of goal or be heard?


S: What they march for has been attained. It is now time to put it into practice.


K: Good one.


S: I try.


K: Anything else on…I don’t even know what we’ve talked about.


S: Stay connected. The whole idea is to stay connected. If one is witnessing chaos, come in to settle it. Come in to make peace with the emotions this evokes. Give it to Earth. Give it to me. I will take it from you.


K: I know you will and if that’s not a romantic thing to say…it’s like two dozen roses.


S: Sometimes a foot rub is all that is needed after a long walk; a long march.


K: And the roses?


S: Hhhmmm. Roses are not always available but touch certainly is.


K: Touché.


S: I will leave you to your day.


K: Okey doke. Would you like me to share?



Stops in the middle of standing.



S: Those who will want the reading will read. Others may not be ready for the feelings it creates. Either way, the choice is yours.


K: Sometimes a yes or no would be just fine, Simon.


S: It would, wouldn’t it? (straightens) I’ve a lot of ointment to collect for those massages.



I’m laughing.



K: Too much information.


S: (winks) Until later.


K: Bye.




Mary Magdalene – A Love Note


February 16, 2017



This is my love note to you. This arrives to you on the light of God. These words are to ensure that you feel them in your heart and take them with you wherever you go. You are loved. How simple can this be and yet, how profound can this be. Is it too much to think that you are not alone but are surrounded by love in all ways and at all times? Those of you who feel so alone, has it ever occurred to you that there is no such thing? You are loved. Open your eyes to what is truth; the truth that stirs That in your heart which you cannot explain. That which resides in your being that sparks when you know that you are an important part of this love for this love could not continue without your existence and all that you do in your world. You are loved. You are an important piece of the puzzle that is earth. Your very existence means everything to me and to all. But you must believe this for yourself for if there is no belief how could you possibly trust that which I feel; that which we all feel. Just because you cannot see what is around you, what holds you, does not mean it fails to exist. When we touch your life, do you not feel it in your being as your heart grows substantially, bringing tears to your eyes because for one brief moment you feel this love? There are many that surround you; that wait for you to see with your heart, all that is available to you because we exist as one. We exist as you. We fill you with our love so that you can spread it among your earth to those that you know or don’t because it is in everything. It is tangible when you understand that the unseen can be touched. It is tangible when you toss away your logic and you learn to decipher with you heart. This is where we reside. This is where we choose to live because it is the only part of you that allows it. When it aches, it opens. When it aches, take that as your sign that you are to open and allow us to expand that part of you that is everything; that is shared by all and spread by few. I lived among you for many years. I have lived this human life where love is one of the hardest things to accomplish. There are circumstances which play with one’s mind and with one’s spirit that tests it and sometimes breaks it. I have been mocked, cursed, lied about. But it has not broken me for as I looked above these instances, like a sun that breaks the cloud, I saw love. I was blessed. I was blessed to be loved in the human form by one that loved all in that way and together, with as many stars that shine, we love together and we hold each and every one of you in that same way; all encompassing, never restricted. It is you that places the restrictions on how love should be…needs to be when love is the least restrictive emotion because it is all. It breaks and penetrates on every level until that is all there is left. It is what forgives. It is a teacher. It is that foundation that life is built on. It is that blanket that tucks you in as you sleep and the morning sky that greets you as you wake. It is the day, it is the night. How could you be alone when you are surrounded with all there is? We understand that you are to learn of true love, in all circumstances that are presented to you and this is difficult to say the least. True love, in the eyes of a human, has romantic connotations that are truth in certain situations but even in the most undesirable states of being, of life, there is also love. It is That which shines a light on the fear and the dark that creeps in at certain times in a person’s life and, it waits, as if to pounce, to light up the blackness and tell you to take it’s hand. There are hands all around. We only need to be invited to break the barrier and to fill you with That which brings tears to your eyes and relief in your beings because at that moment you realize that you are not alone and never were. Time is not important. Whether you realize true love at ten or if it doesn’t make an appearance until you are ready to transition from this world to the next, it does not matter. It is in that moment that you realize that you have always been part of the whole that you begin to heal, whether it be here or in the heavens. Love is eternal and it heals in all ways and in every way; everywhere. This is my love letter to you. This is what you must read along with your hearts full of chocolates and with your roses and candies. This is your icing on the cake in which you partake every day without realizing that you never needed the cake. You are never lost for we guide you. You are never lost for you are always found. This is my promise. Whatever your thoughts on me, whatever you believe me to be does not matter for I am love, as are you and we are matched and I will hold your hand and guide you as you need me. In every person there is feeling. In every person there is emotion. In every person there is a spark of recognition that love has never ceased to exist in this life. Even in the darkest of hearts there is a spark that cannot be ignored when the time comes to step onto our side of this veil. You have separated yourself due to your circumstances but it was only a moment and now, when you are ready, we assist you to remember that spark that can light the fire of your being and change everything. We wait in anticipation for that moment that you choose to change everything only by recognizing the love that flows within and around you and which are the remnants of your spirit that you leave with every step you take. Your footprints leave that piece of you that is your love. As you walk you leave a trail in which others follow and absorb and these individuals will meet you. You will come together as souls will now do. In those footsteps that you leave as a map to your heart, the twins will reunite on every level. You are being followed for as you find the love within you, you then attract the love of those that are meant to be. In doing so, you attract us. Love is family. We are your family. We are one. And so I leave you in this love. It can never be broken for it is; it is all there is. And so it is and so it was and so it will be.


Mary Magdalene



Conversations with Simon – Surrender, Lessons vs. Experience


February 20, 2017



S: Hhhmm. So much is happening today. I am a little surprised to see you working when, what is it that your husband has requested? That you relax?


K: Is there such a thing? Really? Relaxing?


S: There is. Yet, with you, it’s a foreign concept. None-the-less, it’s nice to touch base and share. How is your day going?


K: Well, you’re here so you should be seeing that it’s going just fine.


S: I do see. As you are aware, there are many that are with you today. Trying to discern who steps forward has been a challenge today as there is a full house. Is this intended to be a post?


K: I was going to try and post something today. Only because there was a subject on my mind that I thought could make a good topic of discussion.


S: I see. Very well. What’s on your mind? As if I didn’t know.


K: I wanted to talk about Surrender. We were having light chats about it a few days ago but I thought I’d go deeper today but I have no idea what the words I wanted to compare were. I can’t remember at all.


S: Well, surrender…there is not another word that can parallel surrender. Surrender is surrender.


K: I was also thinking that we could talk about the differences between lessons and experiences. I think it was Erik…I heard from his translator, Kim, that he doesn’t like it when she translates the word lesson and he would rather use the word experience. I mean, I can feel a tangible difference in the words as I speak them but what do you think?


S: Would you have me define the words?


K: I don’t think I need a definition. I think just the subtle difference according to Spirit. One seems attached to ego for some reason. Maybe it’s not even ego. There’s something else.


S: A lesson, Sweetheart, indicates that the outcome would be good or bad when there is no good or bad there just is. Experience is living; living without attaching to an outcome of good or bad but removing yourself from either or and allowing it to be just as it is; an experience.


K: Okay.


S: When a spirit chooses to incarnate to earth, they decided to live the human experience. These are not human lessons although it has been said the Earth is the biggest learning library. This isn’t a library of right or wrong but to integrate all things as an experience. These experiences are based on choice. There is no right or wrong choice. There is free will in choice but to attach a definition to an outcome would negate the experience all together. One can make a choice and the outcome could show up as something that was not expected and either makes a person feel very good or very bad. This is the ego and what was expected from ego. To detach from this and simply understand the experience of something or someone without defining it as good or bad is key. Yes, this earth is of duality in nature. Humans must define outcome as good or bad or right or wrong when in reality it is neither.


K: But then doesn’t that give permission to people to disregard consequence?


S: Consequence as a reaction?


K: For a person to live their life thinking that they can just do anything, even if it would harm another, because nothing is good or bad and just is…wouldn’t it just give them permission to use anger or use frustration or use fear?


S: This is conditioning from years of living in survival as you and Paul have talked about. There is consciousness and consciousness is a piece of the One God. It is a piece of the light which is the Universe.


K: So, when choosing an experience would you say to let your conscious be your guide?


S: It would be something if that was put into practice wouldn’t it. For many, decisions from the human collective are based solely on reaction and not feel. To feel before making a decision is using the heart; the heart centered consciousness that was introduced by Jeshua. This is Christ consciousness and it is based on compassion and love. The heart…yes, it is used to circulate and keep the body alive. It is also what keeps feeling alive. To feel is to experience. To attach is to form a lesson plan. People’s minds can be very calculated. They make their tables and their lists and have everything in perfect alignment and order without feeling for the experience beneath it all. This is not wrong nor is it right. It is just how they choose to experience the life they have chosen to live. In these cases, there lacks spontaneity or creativity and stifles feel. It stifles emotion.


K: So when I translate Spirit and I feel like it’s a lesson, it would be better to use experience and try to support that change in perception of what life is really here to teach through?


S: Yes.


K: If understanding that life is moments of experience and not lessons, would people then realize…maybe a little more the idea of consciousness and feel rather than believing in a wrong or right outcome?


S: To base a moment on outcome is deciding to remain at arm’s length of life because outcome would dictate how the experience would go. It’s predicting a future when the future has not been created but will be created with manifesting a certain outcome. Does that make sense?


K: So deciding on an experience based solely on potential outcome and not on living an authentic experience will manifest said outcome and may be more disappointing?


S: For some, outcome is based and shoulds and should nots. This shuts down creativity and potential miracles.


K: So out of all this comes…pretty much the idea of remaining detached and see what happens?


S: Yes.


K: Try not to go into a situation dreaming up potential outcomes because that shapes the experience into something you may or may not want to happen and then a person could really miss the bigger picture of the experience because it creates limitation?


S: (grins) My my, with age comes wisdom.


K: Not wisdom. More like feeling what you’re not saying.


S: Precisely.


K: You’ve always kind of used riddles and stuff. I’m getting used to it.


S: Language is limiting as you have heard.


K: Yes. I’ve heard that a lot.


S: Language of the heart is quite different.


K: Agreed. Anything else on lesson and experience.


S: I feel that is enough for now. As with all these conversations, these topics are expanded on. This is only the opening chapter. I feel the beginning requires some thought and some grasping. It is not only us that talk these definitions out. It is the reader that must take what we speak and make it understandable for them.


K: Yeah. That’s true.


S: Good.


K: Okay. Surrender. I wish I could remember the other word that I wanted to compare it to. It’s very human.


S: And what is it that you wish to discuss?


K: Is it giving up?


S: There is no giving up in surrender. On the contrary, it is trust and belief that there is much that one is not aware of that works for their benefit and works to make their dreams come true. Surrendering means detaching to an outcome of your personal ego. It is being okay with whatever presents itself, if it presents itself and understanding that the desire that is presented is one that is for the highest and best good no matter what it looks like. It is allowing everything to unfold and flowing with this. It is taking the hands off the wheel and allowing unconditional love to take over. Trying to create or manifest a certain outcome is based on desire. Surrendering one’s dreams and wishes to a higher power is also understanding and allowing for anything to happen and being at peace with the outcomes that only we, Spirit and/or Angels, Guides, Masters and Galactic Family could ever assist one in achieving. People believe they need this or that but it is not based on need. It is based on want. Needs are often misconstrued by ego. Ego’s needs are wants in disguise. It is best to use discernment in desire. Ask the questions of why and what for. Is it really for the best and not just best for me but for all those around me? Surrendering allows us to step in and work for what you may not realize is actually the highest and best for all.


K: There is a practice of law of attraction where people try to attract dreams come true with the power of Now and living what they want until they actually have it. It’s like mentally believing you are already what you want until it comes. Is there surrender in that?


S: Normally there is no surrender in that. It is working very hard to bring forth desires that are more based in lack than in abundance. It is a good practice when used appropriately. When things do not appear as they are trying their hardest to attract, it can cause feelings of increased lack or neglecting the blessings of the now for what could be. When attempting to manifest dreams and desires, the living in that dream life negates the blessings of the now. The key to manifesting prosperity is acknowledging the prosperity of the now. Trying to manifest more while feeling lack for what is will only block for this sometimes becomes an addiction to fill this hole of lack when really, what’s lacking is an attitude of complete gratitude for the now. Manifesting and alchemy is not something to control or work so hard at achieving. It is a practice that flows with ease. This is very misunderstood. This is where surrender takes place. Acknowledging that one does not work alone and that there are energies that surround them that work for them and through them is extremely important. It is also important to acknowledge the beautiful blessings of the now without feeling frustration for what the now lacks for the now does not lack anything but acknowledgment.


K: So constantly striving to manifest a future is actually creating a block in obtaining it?


S: Do you daydream?


K: I do.


S: Do you often neglect what is for daydreams of what could be?


K: Sometimes.


S: What if your daydreams were of what you are creating now and building on that instead of daydreaming of things that could potentially happen ten years from now?


K: Keeping the daydreams in the now?


S: As they manifest in the now moment.


K: Huh. How important are daydreams?


S: Very important. Daydreaming awakens your third eye; your clairvoyance. It opens telepathic abilities.


K: But I don’t think it’s wrong to daydream about the future.


S: No. There is no wrong. It is fixating on a future that you only wish to control that puts up the blocks. Intense daydreaming about a future one wishes to create brings about frustration that the desired outcome is not manifesting according to dates on a calendar. Allow your dreams but allow love to work through you to make them come true in all ways and not only the one way in which you would like to see it happen. Surrender to all potential.


K: So take your hands off the steering wheel of the minivan that you desire to be a Ferrari.


S: Do you like fast cars?


K: Not really. I think they are the face of something that a guy is lacking but wishes were bigger. That’s all I’m saying.


S: Interesting. A show of pride…is that what you consider it. The car I mean?


K: Yes.


S: Hhhmmm.


K: So surrendering is more of an allowance. It’s not giving up but giving, whatever it is that you’re struggling with, to That which can work through you to create abundance that isn’t expected but could be just as awesome as what a person is trying to control and create?


S: Yes.


K: Submission?


S: And what war are you fighting?


K: What war would a person be fighting if they were submitting.


S: There is not a loss in surrender. There is peace. There is no sadness in surrender. There is only peace. There is no disappointment in surrender. There is only peace. There is trust and belief. There is peace of heart and peace of mind. There is a lightening of the load for when one is fully surrendering the body, the heart and the mind are now lighter. There is no burden. There is nothing dragged along. There is faith. When one travels with baggage they trust that their bags will arrive at their future destination when they get there. This is surrender. Trusting that all is provided for when one is at their destination. Some arrive at a destination and find out that their baggage has been lost or sent to a different city than the one that they have arrived at. Understanding that corrections will be made and things will turn out while having empty hands in the Now is surrender. Do you see, love?


K: I see. There’s an allowance for sure when surrender is involved.


S: And there is no limitation in regards to time. Time. Again we come back to time. Surrendering also allows surrender to divine timing and not the timing of your clocks or your calendars. Divine timing. A human being is divine. They are not restricted to man mad dates and numbers and schedules. Understanding that humans are divine and benevolent can then allow that mentality that divine timing is creation and creation happens at the precise moment that free will and choice of all souls involved has come together at the precise moment to create. A human being does not live on this planet alone. You are all connected by love and so the Divine is love and has its own timing. Surrender and trust in this. It is not human timing. It is divine.


K: Got it.


S: It is a big subject but as before…these topics will continue with all conversations.


K: Thanks Simon.


S: Now, Sweetheart, it is time to relax.


K: Yes.


S: I will be back to see you later.


K: I know. Thanks.


S: See you soon Sweetheart.


K: Bye Simon.



Conversations with Spirit Guide Simon-Shared Personal Channel (Heaven, Source, Imagination)


March 9, 2017



I wanted to keep this channel personal but I’ve decided to share it. There’s lots of a-ha’s here for me so I’d like to offer them to you.



S: Hhhmm. Good. How are you Sweetheart?


K: I’m okay. And you?


S: Very well. Thank you. Such…I don’t believe turmoil would fit in this case but it has been quite a heavy couple of days for you.


K: Sure has.


S: As you are aware, everything is as it needs to be at the moment? What you are feeling is what you pick up from others.



A co-worker passed away so the week has been tough. Lots of questions and assumptions.



S: It is not a comfortable place to be in but as a human being who transforms energetic patterns, it is required.


K: It’s pretty tiring but I feel okay. I really do. A little worn out but not like I usually do when there’s lots of dense energy to clear away. I think I’ve had some help with these things.


S: You have. (Clasps his hands between his knees as he sits forward and kind of bounces them up and down.) You received a book and you wish to discuss it with me.


K: Yeah. It raised some questions. I hope I can remember. It wasn’t doubt that it stirred up but…maybe a little hesitancy but as I’ve been sitting with it I’ve been able to feel and distinguish more. Doing conversations, though, has been a little harder. I think that has to do with all the surrounding influences though.


S: It is a big part of it. This book has been given to you as an introduction.


K: I kind of figured as such.


S: And the more you sit with these thoughts and the more they integrate and become your own, the more you will be comfortable with the idea of oneness.


K: I kind of get that. So, let’s start with the first question then.


S: Alright.


K: Where does this heaven exist? Because as I was reading this book (The Camino by Shirley McLean) and I got this thought that it could be outside of you but it could also be inside of you.


S: Why does it need to be either or?


K: I don’t know. The linear thing I guess.


S: Yes. So, take that idea of this place that you call heaven and shape it so that it, too, is included in the idea of oneness. Oneness isn’t just a state of being with other humans, plant life or animal life. Oneness is all. (He takes his hands and does a rounding movement in the air.) There is this mentality that to be one, it is strictly being one with the environment around you. But Source has not separated you from this galaxy, from the Universe, from him/her. Whatever you like to call it. You come from Source, you are always, then, a part of Source. You chose to feel separation but you are not separate. Are you following?


K: Yes.


S: So as you walk your Earth and live your lives…the saying Heaven on Earth is a very good one and it doesn’t have to be in the world’s most beautiful places. In fact, it is not. Heaven is where you are. Heaven is where every individual is. It is simply that they have decided to forget. It is simply that a human being has chosen separation but when acknowledged that you are and will ever be one with All That Is at the same time as being one with your Earth…this changes you. You begin to see more. You begin to feel more. You begin to open up to things that cannot be explained and yet…they can.


K: So as much as heaven is something that we believe is outside of ourselves, do we also carry that with us? We hear about the DNA changing or healing/repairing into a more crystalline structure. Is this part of heaven? Does it reside there?


S: It is in your make up. Yes.


K: So if you tap into that, can you connect with it?


S: It is not necessary to tap into what is.


K: Clearly we have to shift and connect somehow.


S: What if it was simply acknowledging that you carry it with you?


K: Okay…


S: Believing that heaven is something to be tapped into or gained from is remaining separate from that. It resides as part of you. Accept it as you would blindly accept how an organ works on your behalf and you trust that it does the work it is required to do. When you acknowledge the presence of a person in your life, the relationship builds and works extremely well. If you ignore someone in your life but you are constantly in their presence, the working relationship is non-existent. This is the same with your body; your whole body including that which resides in you that people believe is fantasy. When you acknowledge your physical body and speak to it there is a better working relationship that sees improved health, improved energy and improved self-love. This is the same as acknowledging heaven within. Kryon would simply call it God inside.


K: So this whole God Inside concept can be called the Heaven Inside?


S: Yes for that is what It is.


K: We still carry around the picture in our minds that God is in this human form. Whatever religion they all have those Gods that are in human form and this sits in our minds as someone to meet or bow down to. I can understand that. It brings comfort. But if you’re saying…and Kryon says, the God Inside it may appear to be a little on the ego side to be bowing down to yourself.


S: And are you in ego when you honor yourself in the morning and bow to your image as you say Namaste?


K: No. I’m taking a moment to acknowledge me like I would anyone else during the day.


S: And so it is.


K: It’s that simple?


S: It is and yet is more.


K: So when I switch dimensions because to me, it’s a dimensional shift (death), and I call on Source Creator, what will come?


S: What you believe will come. How you thought will come and it is only to bring you comfort for when you come home and you get accustomed to what Is…Truly Is, you will understand that there is no need for form or formality because you understand what is.


K: Okay. I can kind of get that. When I think of Source I think of just this huge ball of streaming light; brighter than anything I can imagine and it touches everything and if it needs to be called on or talked to, it will bring a piece of that to you and if you need it to be a form of someone It will do that. I kind of see like a pool of water, like a shimmery light with a voice. That’s a human thing. I don’t think the shimmery diamond like water would actually talk but who knows…I guess it could.


S: Kimberly, you will not require form. For your mind and your heart has made peace with your level of understanding which will only grow. It is why you have the questions. Because you are open to receiving the answers even if you don’t quite understand them.


K: Still got the human brain.


S: Yes.


K: But I don’t want this to come off as a conversation where I’m trying to change people’s minds. This is a personal channel for me but if someone can take something from it…awesome.


S: I agree. It is important to speak openly about such things for there are many questions but people feel afraid of offense to ask them. It is important, from my feelings and perspectives, that the more questions are asked and the more understanding that can be gained…there will be a reconnect of remembrance for many. It is important to ask the questions that no one wants to ask out of concern for their religious or cultural relationships with God.


K: We’ve touched on it before and I know you were never a religious man when alive but what were your feelings on God?


S: I was far removed from the idea of a God. In terms of Spirituality, it wasn’t. There was church on Sundays and there was prayer. My church was my writing. My religion was my creations. I breathed life into other lives that I wished to see. I had no mind or heart for anything else.


K: Did that cause friction?


S: It did. I grew reclusive.


K: Did you ever wonder about what was out there?


S: At times, I would stare off and think that there must be more because I wanted there to be more. My existence in my last life was very…restrictive and I required freedom. I did that for my own peace of mind. I wrote what I fantasized, what I dreamed, what I ultimately thought was love. To go back to a place where it lived in all ways was very daunting to me. I must say (sits back and smiles while rubbing his bottom lip) it gave me a satisfying pleasure to realize that I was kind of correct in my thoughts and that what I left was very restrictive.


K: I went through bouts of homesickness when I really decided to walk this path and many people do go through that; kind of like feeling out of place and needing to get back to this home.


S: Yes.


K: Would that have been as intense if I had acknowledged that I carried that with me and that I could connect to that any time I wanted.


S: Yes but you wouldn’t have been able to do that if you hadn’t been open to being open with what was happening around you. You didn’t allow energy or bumps or sounds frighten you. You were open to learning about such things. You detached from the wrong of it to the very truth of it that energy, in all forms, exists.


K: And that’s when you came in.


S: It was our time. I couldn’t appear to you before you were ready. Kroptec is a softer energy. She came in first. She’s very childlike. That is what you needed. It was in introduction before the real work began.


K: No kidding.






S: Do you regret the journey?


K: In the moody times I do. Just being honest.


S: Hhhmmm. In the times of integration yes…it can be hard.


K: Is John the Scot real?


S: (sneaky grin) Am I not real?


K: Come on. I’m not saying she’s full of shit. It’s totally opposite than that. Okay, better question…was he just a dream?


S: No. He is not just a dream. He is very real as you or I. The relationship between them is very strong and they are strong in mind, in heart…in attitude even. It is a perfect match.


K: For millennia.


S: (nods) Yes.


K: So Shirley was asking John, at some point, if she was making him up and he said yes which got me thinking am I making all of this up. And it wasn’t a doubt. It was more of a…one of those moments where I went into slight panic thinking that, after all that I’ve shared of Spirit and the conversations, that I was making it up…


S: You were thinking.


K: Yeah.


S: You were thinking.


K: You’re repeating yourself.


S: Then, My Heart, what were you feeling? Who came to your rescue of thought?



I’m quiet as I get what he’s saying.



K: I don’t think he came to my rescue.


S: No. You did not need saving.


K: So what is it then?


S: As above so below. As heaven is. As it is.


K: Then, if we’re paralleling this stuff, Spirit (whoever it is) is part of me but is also something outside of me because it is the oneness and part of Source.



Feeling very emotional in my whole heart/chest. Don’t know why.



S: You create these conversations because those who come in are now one with you. It is not to remain separate but to acknowledge them as part of you as any relationship is. Those who have come in, you have known even if you are not aware. There are faces of your media that were once a childhood friend. There are teachers who used to be lovers, there are captains of your ships. There are family. They have known you in some way so they remain a part of you in all ways. They simply come as they appear in their last life that they would be recognized. There is a divine purpose for everything. You create these conversations from within but you are also sensing and living them outside of you for they are both. It is not to disregard them as mere imagination.


K: Then on levels that we can only imagine, they still exist. They do exist.


S: Yes. Is this actually a concern of yours?


K: Not really. Just wanted your take on it. You are my guide, Simon.


S: I am.


K: What is imagination? Is it make-believe or are the pictures that are in your mind or are the faces and individuals that you see in your mind actually there and/or happening?


S: It is a dimensional state of reality.


K: Written books. Do they exist in a dimensional reality? Does an author create actually living worlds in other times or places?


S: For a time. This is creation.


K: But they don’t exist for eternity.


S: No. This is your creation. When you are done living that life, you take it with you as an integration of sorts but it is yours.


K: Can you re-create that when you transition and go back to Heaven.


S: Yes. Of course. All of you can be recreated…re-visited. It’s only there is no real need to do that because what has been and what is done is understood that it is finished and it is on to the next or the new.


K: But you never forget the gist of these creations?


S: No. Never. Could Source ever forget the creation that is you?


K: No but we continue.


S: It doesn’t matter. You created lives. A writer creates worlds that cannot be so easily forgotten. Those lives or those worlds may be held in you, personally, but they are never forgotten.


K: Do people just want to connect with all that they have ever been just to remember?


S: Yes. It is a time of adventure; to know where one has been or what has been done.



He’s showing me walking into a room with a bunch of movies playing on screens and there are a lot of screens.



S: You are not simple watching though. You are also experiencing them. Whatever part you play or have played or will play, you can experience it as…energy. As Spirit.


K: So much. I think my brain is on overload but I like it.


S: I know you do. You are very inquisitive when it comes to these things.


K: How was it for you? When you left Earth? Did you want to take your time or did you want to see everything all at once?


S: (chuckles) I took my time. Had to.


K: Ah. Why?


S: The circumstances surrounding my death were as such that I needed…therapy. It is not something I wish to speak of as an announcement but you are aware.


K: Yep. I respect that.


S: It is not an understood or comfortable subject for most.


K: No. It’s not. Lots of questions about that for sure.


S: Yes.


K: But you’re good now.


S: Very much so.


K: So could a vivid imagination be psychic awareness?


S: At times it can yes. Clairvoyant people usually have a very very strong imagination. One who is not aware of metaphysical or spiritual things will not have a clue that what they’re tapping into is their own intuition that is far reaching. It reaches very great lengths.


K: And dreams? Is imagination like dreams but the people’s faces you put there are actually people that you’ve known but to recognize them they look like someone from this life?



My heart just did a flip. He’s excited.



S: Yes.


K: Then the situations that you dream about, sometimes, are actually happening or have happened but to be comfortable with it, it’s someone else’s face? Could they have been that person in another life? The people you dream about that you don’t know but recognize because they’re wearing a mask of someone who you know now?


S: In some cases there are dreams in which you are experiencing other lifetimes or joining one that is happening at the same time as yours is now. This is, again, for those with an open third eye and crown. Dreams are a way to let go of the day. Those dreams in which one wakes tired or they feel as if they cannot recall the dream but remember it was very vivid…that is more than likely travel. Symbols of dreams are metaphors. The heart will never lie. You can decipher the symbolic meanings but if you remember your dream…the overall theme of it, take heart of how it made you feel. This will be your signal to let you know where you’ve been.


K: Would Guides…let’s just say Spirit, do they normally come into dreams? Does that happen a lot?


S: It is the easiest way for us to be with you as there is nothing blocking the way. There is no fear or proper thought. It is your spirit that travels and as such, is only love. It is the part of you that understands oneness. It is the part of you that comes back. It is the part of you that never remains separate from your family. There are times, in this human journey, where you do need to reconnect to those who watch you from afar, or so they say. In your sleep state, this is a very real opportunity for you to do this. You spoke of being homesick. You spoke of wanting to come back. These wishes are fulfilled and so these feeling are able to pass quickly even if, at times, they return.


K: Got it.


S: I feel this conversation has brought up much to ponder. I will give you a moment or two to collect your thoughts. Your mind is going in many directions. (laughs) You are good at that.


K: I know I am. I think about all these things but then can’t find the words to express them or ask about them.


S: Because you’ve made it so large that it’s difficult to find the individual thoughts.


K: I was looking at Da Vinci’s art last night…


S: Marvelous.


K: I was amazed at how…sometimes an artist or an inventor seems to have one style. Some of his (Da Vinci’s) paintings looked like they were done by someone else. His inventions as well and then he could paint all this renaissance stuff, go to inventing stuff then you see the cadavers and the dissection drawings of those. My thoughts jumble up so badly that I can’t separate them and he seems to be very…can take any path at the same time and have it very distinct.


S: He channeled. He knew he did. He channeled various Spirits and was able to create using their attributes. He was a clear channel.


K: But not many people would think that. I mean, he’s still the guy with the pencil in his hands. He’s still painting…


S: As you are the one with the keyboard. As you are the one with the pen. As you are the one with the recorder…dear Kimberly, do you not see the similarities? And yet, you question if it is only you. That you are making it up. That it is merely your overactive imagination.



Seriously the realization just hit me in the gut like a bag of bricks.



S: Is this one of those moments where it all comes together for you?


K: It’s definitely a holy shit moment for sure.


S: Creation exists and it is infinite just as the spirit is. Just because we no longer have a physical vessel does not mean we cannot join with one. It is very simple to do.


K: Wow. You just totally blew my mind.


S: You’ve always known this. It is just a reminder for you. I shall leave it there now. Ponder this.


K: That’s all I’ll be able to do today.


S: (grins) At least I’m memorable.


K: You are that. Unforgettable.


S: Shall we dance later?



Playing Nat King Cole’s version.



K: Thanks for playing that song. Now it’ll be in my head all day.


S: Later it is. Until then.


K: Love you Simon. Have a good one.


S: My heart is yours. Bye now.


K: Bye.




Conversations with Archangel Lucifer


March 24, 2017



If you read the title and decided that I’m now channeling evil then Buh-Bye and God Bless You. This is an angel. This is not evil. We nick-named him, however, he is from Source as we all are. I found this conversation challenging just because of the assumptions placed upon this Benevolent Being but decided, with a full heart, to post it because that’s what I do. I share. He came to me as a male (obviously). His energy was subtle at first but then the more we chatted the more my face got hot and flushed and my hands got swollen and red. I also had this intense feeling of…like when you’re going to go on one of those cool and super-fast amusement park rides and you’re all queasy with excitement. It got so intense that I had to take a break. He showed himself in human form but normally, with angels, I only see a face with a light body. He has black long hair, a strong chin and a narrow nose. He looks almost like a painting from the 1700s. Of course that was for my benefit. Anyway, here’s my conversation with the angel, Lucifer.


K: Oh boy.


L: Hhhmmm…it makes you uncomfortable to channel a being such as I am, does it not?


K: It does. Only because of the assumptions and the perceptions of who you are.


L: There are a lot of…ideas about who I am. Most of which are based on the belief that there is a place that I rule over that is the worst nightmare ever dreamed.


K: Is there?


L: If it is something that you wish to create for yourself than there is. I do not reside there. I reside in the dimensions of love.


K: Are you a fallen angel?


L: Angels do not fall. We soar.


K: So you are angelic energy? Because your presence is very angelic.


L: I am. Why is it that you have concerns of this…worry. I feel you worry but why?


K: I don’t know. I think that there are many that worship you and commit acts for you with the basic thought that you are the prince of darkness, right? That you are the opposite end of this whole love and light picture and allow horror to take place by those who wish to commit those acts.


L: I have been the example of what you would call the dark of the duality of this earth. Why I have been chosen as that, it does not matter. Even so, here we are.


K: Yep. Here we are and I think I’ll risk it. I could create a huge rumor mill that I’m really from the dark side.


L: Isn’t that the nature of humanity? To have it all, complete, in one package called the human? That you were born with the dualistic nature and so and thus, live in those ways?


K: It is. But I don’t believe something or someone is all bad or all good. I mean, we come to live this whole earthly life to experience it all. I don’t think that it’s so cut and dry like that.


L: And why not?


K: Because there’s always that yin yang about it. If we weren’t here to experience and live the dualistic nature of this world…we wouldn’t be here.


L: Quite so.


K: How much do you loath or how much do you enjoy the perceptions that are made about you?


L: It is neither or. I have not attached myself to a human definition of evil. Humans have done that to me. Never for me. I cannot, as an angel of God, relate to such an experience. I know only of love. I know of duality. I assist in those who experience both. I do not take sides. I am.


K: Your name means bringing light however, you are thought of as darker than dark? Why do you think that there was such a drastic misinterpretation of an angel?


L: (smiles) It is because humans need a face for the dark. Something to recognize and stay away from. Something to elicit feelings of fear that are perpetuated by those that require rules to live by. Good vs. bad, right vs. wrong.


K: So, in angel terms, who would be your…good?


L: You mean who would I battle for control of a world if it weren’t God?


K: Yeah. Who’s your nemesis if you were a comic book villain?


L: (I hear laughter) Well I suppose it would be Michael. He is portrayed as one that protects and shields as it needs to be.


K: So what if someone called on you as anyone would any archangel?


L: They would need to get rid of the idea that I control some sort of underworld of fire and understand that if you dug deep enough, you would see the false assumptions in that.


K: Lucifer and Satan? Interchangeable?


L: I have both identities regarding people’s worst fears.


K: Interesting. There are many rulers of the underworld stories; one being Hades and another being Anubis. By the way, I have no idea of these stories. Are you the Christian version of these stories?


L: I am much more for I do not only oversee the dead and the buried but I am the darkness in the darkest corners of the soul. I do not only rule this but I am this. According to many, I am hate revived and they fear my return. There is no return of this for it is an aspect of the existence on earth. Humanity was born of the One True Source as am I. Coming to a place such as Earth, they receive the gift of both. It is a gift because it affords the blessing of free will and choice does it not?


K: I suppose so.


L: Yes. People need something to compare to. If there is this than there is that. There is a requirement that something cannot just exist as the essence of pure love but must be stained with something to be labeled evil or bad. Take heart that when one finds their true essence on their path in this world, they will know truth. They will know that dark and light is a creation of their own human nature and they will make peace with that. When peace is made there are awakenings.


K: So if I make peace with this thing called ego, there will automatically be some level of awareness of Truth or…I really dislike the word enlightenment.


L: Yes. It doesn’t quite do the meaning justice.


K: I just feel like it’s some sort of level of existence to attain to but there are so many levels and if a person is continuously striving for something…sometimes I just feel like while being so busy trying to attain some state of awareness, a person may be forgetting the whole purpose and isn’t there different levels of it anyway?


L: Of attainment?


K: Of enlightenment.


L: Yes. There are.


K: So me thinking that there are those that think it’s just one thing to grasp…


L: It is not correct nor is it incorrect. It is the personal way people view such things and in these respects it is honored.


K: What if…and I’m not saying that I even have a slight clue about the whole of it, but instead of the idea of striving and simply just allowing it to unfold while being mindful of cause and effect… could it open up that space even more.


L: It would.


K: Are the ideas of good and evil personal or come from an outside source?


L: Such as what?


K: Literature, others’ beliefs? Do people really look at their own value system and know their own feelings of good and bad?


L: In the beginning and sometimes throughout life, it is what a person is taught or told. They believe me as Satan and so they will carry that with them through life. They will distort an angelic image that suits their thought of what evil is. Through life experience, these ideas may shift and change. It is up to the individual. If the belief of me is a measuring stick as to how much good a person can do with their life than so it be. Mind you, I believe the good, when measured up to an energy such as hell, lacks compassion and is fairly robotic.


K: Ah, do as your told and not how you feel?


L: Somewhat. Although I cannot agree with the whole of that statement, I am okay with it.


K: Why?


L: Because sometimes they are one in the same.


K: Being told and feeling?


L: Because if one does not know their truth, than feeling and doing can be based on living through what you are told. There is a saying on earth about brain washing.


K: Yes.


L: When one does not have control over their own thoughts, the feelings will reciprocate.


K: Ah. How does one get out of that kind of cycle?


L: It is a personal choice.


K: So vague.


L: (chuckles) It is an easy choice when one begins to experience new things. Books are a very good introduction to this. When a reader only reads one kind of book but then is given the gift of a completely different genre and reads it because it was a gift…there is a feeling that something has been missed and the education or the enlightenment is rapidly sought after and more is read. It only takes one of those moments in spiritual purpose as well. People have been given one book. There are many versions of this book. But there are also other books as well. It only takes one to leave a trail of breadcrumbs in a completely new direction. Those crumbs can lead to the path of discovery and enlightenment. It is the choice of the reader, is it not, to take the trail.


K: Kind of like a road less traveled.


L: Precisely. What discoveries there are when the road less traveled is finally walked. It is untouched and meant only for those who are willing to trek off the beaten path and discover.


K: Interesting. I see where you’re going. I hope it comes off in translation.


L: For those who wish it…it will.


K: I want to talk about belief of the afterlife after dedicating oneself to God out of fear of…well, yourself.


L: I do not object with what you say for it is so.


K: Cool. If they fear, on their dying breath, that they have done nothing but horrible things or that they have sinned, will they create that hell for themselves? And will they necessarily arrive to that destination?


L: They are only guided by light.


K: So when does the whole fire and brimstone take place.


L: When they have experienced nothing but hate and dissolution and have only had darkness and participated in darkness will there be an awareness of that. It lasts only momentarily for when you come home, you are embraced by heaven and loved beyond your darkness. You are rebirthed into light.


K: So your beliefs direct what you experience in death but there’s like a recovery and according to the human definition of time, it doesn’t last long?


L: Correct.


K: Will you introduce yourself?


L: (grins) Yes.


K: And will there be a big slap on the forehead of a-has?


L: Sometimes.



I feel like he’s pretty amused by my questions but I can’t help it. I come from a place that I grew up with all these definitions and I feel like I’m not even close to the reality of what death and transition could be. I say could because I won’t even try to define it.



L: Your definition can only be what you’ve experienced and what you’ve been taught. Many cultures have their own definitions. I am simply a part of that.


K: Did you agree to that? On some level did you tell God, It’s okay. I’ll do it. (Be the bad guy)


L: You speak as if I chose to be the face of darkness. I did not create that illusion. It was humanity that did that for me. I did not give permission for that.


K: Permission…hhhmmm. Permission might have an attachment of judgment.


L: And, as you are quite aware, I am incapable of that for it is.


K: People have a really hard time with it is.


L: Yes for it does not always agree with their personal it is.


K: So how do we steer away from the judgements?


L: With compassion and an ability to understand the personal choice of another human being.


K: Kind of hard to do when you’re labeling behaviors as good or bad.


L: Yes. And this is part of the journey back to love. Back to God.


K: Do you watch what is done in your name, with these various dark arts and religions, and feel any sort of abhorrence or…


L: It keeps things interesting doesn’t it?


K: I guess so.


L: No. I do not feel these things for I know that I am not those beliefs. They were created to keep individuals in some sort of line of goodness and wellbeing while disregarding the duality of a human being. It is a beautiful thing…this duality when understood and aware of. Cause and effect is a beautiful thing when aware of and lived by. This is not about saint or sinner. Those are definitions created by humans. I am not human.


K: Nope. You’re definitely one of those angels. When I speak to you it’s just…like calm and…and so it is. It is what it is marinated in loving…and I can’t even call it forgiveness because…I feel like we need to define forgiveness and practice it on ourselves because the Universe and God loves us so much. I think we place a lot of that on ourselves.


L: Yes. It’s a lot of pressure.


K: But it guides us to live by a code of what you might call compassion.


L: There is no code of conduct when it comes to compassion and love because it is. There are no rules to it because it is the rule. It is life. It cannot be disregarded because at some point in one’s existence they have lived and experienced that and are, if only for a time. Choice guides this but there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the love of God. It is. It is everything. To define it in worlds could never do it justice. It is not simple for humanity for they are guided by labels and rules. This is the duality.


K: Wow.


L: Yes.


K: Simply put but, holy, hard to abide by.


L: Yes.


K: Do you see your name being used for those purposes forever?


L: No. That which are assumed secretive cannot be kept in the dark forever. As my name is Light Bringer so I shall.


K: That just gave me goosebumps.


L: Because it is the ultimate truth. It is the path to which a spirit is led home.


K: Thank you for that.


L: It is but my only pleasure to speak of these things. There is doubt. There are stories that are dictated by those who believe to know. Knowledge isn’t only based on one idea but based on a collective. This is the connection of all. This is the One Source that permeates the souls of humanity for all are one and all stem from the One.


K: The little cartoons with the angel on one shoulder and the devil on another…


L: What a way to look at duality but this is it. This is free will. This is the duality of that. It is a choice. Which will you listen to? Will you listen to the heart or will you listen to the head or is it that they must meet together as one?


K: Good point. Never really thought of it like that.


L: The human being is a complex puzzle easily solved. It is why Spirit can only describe it using metaphors because each description changes depending on the person who is being thought of.


K: Ah. So the metaphor can encompass more of what a human being is actually like because there’s more that identifies that…in some way?


L: I understand your meaning and yes. Metaphors allow flow.


K: Interesting. Because I think using a metaphor allows more people to be able to be or imagine themselves as such instead of a comparison.


L: Yes.


K: Very cool.


L: Are you now a little more at ease with the discussion?


K: I am. I mean, I lost my belief in a hell a long time ago. Sometimes I think we create that for ourselves either knowingly or unknowingly.


L: Yes. Cause and effect.


K: I can kind of see…better, I guess, how it works or just is.


L: (smiles) Do not limit yourself according to the thoughts, the desires, the shoulds and coulds of another. For it is you and you alone that will discern what’s true for you and this is how the journey will unfold.


K: Yeah. Honor people’s choices…because they know only what they know?


L: Yes and some know only that I am of evil; that I am a prince of darkness. I do not identify with that for I am aware of who I am; of what I have always been and that is an angel of God. I need nothing more than that and when those, who are curious or ready to leave behind the fear of another, I will be there.


K: Daemons taking on angel form? I will go deeper into this with a chat I’m doing with Spirit but thoughts?


L: There is a need to be aware of darker energies that exist in your dimensions. This is not to fear them but understand the balance of light and dark. In simple terms, your light will outweigh the darkest night. The flame of a candle will light up the darkest space and illuminate what is true. Do not be afraid to burn your flame in the darkest of nights for it will light the way and illuminate all that you fear. They are simply shadows. When shining your light you awaken discernment and then it is up to you to decide if you will engage in shadow or continue to burn your flame that will never cease. You are of the light. This will never be extinguished for it will not be allowed to do so.


K: The hopeless?


L: Need to be told of their divinity and supported in such things.


K: Yes.


L: They need to be reminded of whence they’ve come and will return to.


K: Guidance from all sides. The seen and the unseen.


L: Very well, yes.


K: Are those kinds of ideas perpetuating the belief of the lands in which you rule? This hell?


L: Yes. It’s very interesting where the mind goes. I find it fascinating…human nature.


K: Do you know how it will all end?


L: There is no end nor beginning. All will return back to where it started…so to speak. There is change and there is transition but YOU will remain. You are Light. You are the Universe. You are God. And so it is.


K: And so it is.


L: Thank you dear Kimberly for answering my call. I can be insistent. Thank you for your time.


K: Thanks for stopping by. It’s been enlightening.


L: Revelations can be that.


K: Revelations carries such weight to it. It can be the cause of becoming breathless.


L: Are you breathless?


K: I have been for a few days. I’m having trouble catching my breath sometimes.


L: There has been lots of experience and truth for you. It is time to integrate such things. Relax with it. Struggling blocks the breath. Be ease.


K: Thanks Lucifer.


L: Be well. And so it is.



Conversations with Jesus


April 7, 2017



I call him Jesus because I was raised that way. I know it can be Yeshua or Jeshua or Joshua but it’s easier for me to call him Jesus. I don’t think it matters though. He’s The Man either way. The Man. Love this guy and all he stands for. I don’t speak with him in a religious way. I speak with him like he’s my brother. I respect him and all that he is to this world but I like to think that when I feel him in my heart that he comes just the same as he would for anyone because we all deserve a relationship with him regardless of what that looks like. Here is my conversation with my brother, Jesus.



J: Yes. We’ve been waiting some time to do this. How are you?


K: I’m okay. This is long overdue. Your mom came at Christmas time. I was expecting you but she was…one of the sweetest energies. You feel a bit the same way.


J: Do I. (more a statement)


K: More than angelic.


J: Thank you. It’s love. Only love.


K: You have been channeled many many times and I think…no wait…and I feel that’s why I’ve been hesitant in putting up a conversation. I think there’s been a lot of repetition because people need proof of channels to be the same to ensure that’s it is you that’s coming through. I guess comparing with other people?


J: Yes. There is a lot of comparison when channeling me for those who do need to get it just right in case of disagreements or judgements from others. They fail to realize that I will come through personally to each and every one that cares to sit with me for a bit. I realize that you are not interested in putting my message on repeat; that you wish to know different or…other things of my life or me. This is fair. For everyone has personal questions in regards to me as a God figure or a Master. They also fail to realize that I was only an example of them for all Are.


K: Yeah. I’ve always felt that you were that…the highest example of a human being, I guess. I don’t know if that made sense. But I thought that who you are and who you were was only something that we, as humans today, could obtain. How are we doing?


J: (smiling) It is a work in progress but progress there is. It’s only that so much is experienced that is labelled as unjust or wrong. It is the smallest acts of kindness, of compassion and of grace that are ignored for the seemingly bigger acts of atrocity on your planet. I cannot argue that these are hard to ignore but the basis of why these are happening is extremely important and what comes out of these situations. It is felt that there is no relief for in the moments of quiet, something it brewing and the dark strikes again. I understand that. It is hard. It is heartbreaking. There is progress.


K: Yeah. There’s a lot of things on this planet that are very frustrating, from politics to violence. It can be too much sometimes and I’m guilty of it too where….


J: There is no guilt.


K: Well, it can be so much that I can’t look at it anymore.


J: Why is there a need to study and live in the darkness of the planet? It is not all consuming but humanity makes it so. There is a need, now, to radiate the light and to come out of the dark. Only when this happens will the grace of love be seen and practiced. Does this make sense?


K: It does. I think that everything can be overwhelming and for those of us that are big empaths or feel so much, I think we can get buried in that pain or those perceptions thinking that it’s our own stuff when really, it’s the global effect that we seem to be absorbing.


J: Yes. The thoughts that one is not worthy enough or that they are not doing enough or that they live in a make believe world that doesn’t make sense…this can stem from the global community. There is cleansing that needs to occur on a personal level and a global level.


K: I feel like there’s always something to cleanse away or protect from. It’s pretty irritating actually.


J: I feel your irritation. You feel as if you need to be complete by now but as you become complete in one way, you grow into another…level would be the best word for it and so that is yet another experience to be honored, loved, lived and yes…there will be clearing and cleansing of all that arises at that stage and so up the ladder one goes.


K: Is it really a ladder?


J: No. It is just the way people see it. It’s the human experience. It’s maturity.


K: As a human man living on this planet and during a time where life wasn’t pretty…did you have frustration? There’s this image that people hold of you that you didn’t feel those fear based feelings but I have trouble believing that because you were born to this earth and however realized you were or are…I’m sure on some sort of level, things affected you.


J: I retreated.


K: Ah.


J: There were times, as you are aware, that I retreated by myself. These were the times that I recollected myself, my energy, my love. When spreading oneself to others, one must take the time regroup. I was no different. That was the time I took, for me, to pray, to meditate, to have those conversations with Source that would…in your words assure me of my sanity; to remind me that I was not crazy.


K: I thought it was only me.


J: No. There were times that the thoughts of man, that the actions of men were so…overwhelming that I, myself, stepped back and regrouped. One has to. One cannot continuously give and not give to oneself and this goes for everyone. When one feels the need to retreat, give them that space and honor that choice for them. It has nothing to do with another. People need that time for rest. This is not only spiritual. This is very personal. This is what your sick days are for. This is what your vacations are for. This is retreat. It would be a good idea, in those times of stepping back, that one turns off their media, social or otherwise, and keeps company with Them. This is where creativity can come in to work out thoughts and feelings in a constructive way and not destructive. When tired, and wailing or moaning to anyone that will listen or acting out in destructive ways…it is a clear sign that one needs a time out as all children will eventually need.


K: Yeah. I see that a lot. The temper tantrums from being tired and overworked.


J: Yes.


K: So you felt that you could also do that?


J: Well, I had a good idea when to pause and so I was not prone to moments of outrage. Anger, although I knew what it was, I did not want to relate to or act out in those ways. Solitude was best for me and it is best for all those that feel the need to take a break.


K: Okay. You gave permission for that. People are going to start taking sick days now as those mental health days.


J: And what is wrong with a mental health day?


K: I think some people feel guilty or that their being selfish for taking those for themselves. Being lazy or something. I don’t know. I get into that.


J: If your physical body and your heart are not working well together and the mind is running thoughts of a depressed and sad nature, it is time to take a mental health day. People fail to realize that taking care of the Self is of utmost importance. When Self is taken care of, there is peace which can be extended to all. There are acts of kindness and not resentments. There is easy laughter and not forced to hide what is really felt. Do you see?


K: Yeah. I see.


J: Yes.


K: I’ve always had a question on my mind and I think I’ll ask it now.


J: I know.


K: The day of the crucifixion…


J: Yes.


K: Were you scared?



(feeling emotional and holding back tears)



J: Would it allow you a sense of my humanity to say yes, I was scared.


K: Is scared the right word?


J: When faced with the possibility of pain or death…it would be dishonest of me to state otherwise.


K: But you knew what was to happen. You knew that you were going to be on a cross and tortured or what have you.


J: Kimberly, it was not my own fear or pain or torture that I was feeling. It was humanity’s at that time. I was only to clear it by the actions put upon me.


K: And you accepted that?


J: Yes. I accepted my place in this world as Yeshua and what that meant. I chose that life and I honored it.


K: So everything that you were feeling was based on a collective energy and not personal. Not even a little bit?


J: It would be hard for you to understand that such pain and suffering would be because of what I was feeling and absorbing from the outside world but in your own way, can you not identify with that?


K: Yes.


J: For all the suffering that is going on today, can you not state that you have trouble watching or reading of it because of the way it affects you. Others’ deeds…others’ choice to bear the load of suffering as I had…does it not sit in your heart as an ache of despair at times when you cannot feel anything but?


K: Yes.


J: And so, and thus, can you not understand that I, under such circumstance as a crucifixion, could bear that load as well?


K: How does a man ever consent to playing that part?


J: Because you cannot destroy a piece of God. I had the innate and the spiritual understanding that I could not be destroyed. This is still a lesson that humanity is going through. They will not be destroyed.


K: To be able to endure and continue to love and hold compassion for all of those who spit or yell or lash out or abuse you…it takes a special someone. How could we emulate that?


J: The idea that it must happen today or this moment is a pressure that not everyone can handle. It is a pressure that is put upon oneself personally. There are those that give great acts of kindness and compassion which is important. That is the role those people play. But it is the everyday and the every way that counts just as much.


K: I think people judge themselves for not being good enough or because they fail at living a life as your example. I think that it’s a standard that people hold unto themselves and if it’s not…lived, I guess, they feel they’ve failed.


J: Yes. But they have not. Every act of compassion that one gives is celebrated because this is the ripple. My crucifixion was on a grand scale. It had to be. There is not one overwhelmingly big moment that one must go through to save the world. It is in the everyday.


K: So getting up in the morning and intending to be helpful, loving, kind all that stuff makes a difference even if we can’t see the effects of that.


J: To look for the effects of that is looking for validation and reward. It is to give of thyself without implication or reward. When one is looking for reward or payback, it is not living purely out of the heart. It is living with ego. It is good to receive after giving so much but to expect it is to block it and allow displeasure and resentment. To just be and to just live is to allow the universe to give back to the giver. It does not have to be returned by those you give so much to. It is on a Universal and Global level that this love will be returned. People think one way, so much, that it becomes delusional. Think bigger. Think on a grander scale because for every act of life, God gives back.


K: I want to talk about Karma since you brought that up. Does it play a role anymore?


J: For those that need the Karma, it will be. For those that have made peace with the giving and receiving of the Divine, there is no need for Karma based thoughts.


K: So it’s personal.


J: Yes. It can be. Those who don’t understand why life has handed them what it has, and yet they are willing to understand and accept all that they are or have been in this Universe but no longer feel the need to live by that…they can begin again. This is not to disregard what they have experienced. To understand where their Spirit is and why their Spirit is now, it would be a good step to know of other lives and to take that as a whole experience (bringing his hands together) and learn of the parallels to be able to free oneself of that personal imprisonment. When one can understand that it is the whole of their soul’s lives that make up the experiences of today, it can be acknowledged and released and result in that clean slate that everyone speaks of. Other lifetimes are not lived to be disregarded but respected as such.


K: But how do we know what we’ve been and what we’ve done to accept our place in that and move on?


J: The details are not as important as the feelings.


K: Okay.


J: Feel the experience of now and ask why, how long, what’s the purpose and allow those answers to come as experiences. Do not fear what unfolds. Allow and accept and move on.


K: Kind of like emotions. Allow them their voice but move on from it.


J: Yes. Never disregard emotions. You are here to live as emotional beings. It is about attachment and for some, it is easier to attach to the darker ones because they can feel oppressive and heavy. The good…well, they can be too good to be true.


K: For those who are living some sort of personal hell and need to examine that…they need help and to call upon the Universe or God or Angels…it can be a load of crap.


J: All those entities that you mention exist on your planet as a fellow human being. To call for help from an angel or a piece of God as another human is not weakness. It is cumulative strength. For those that one calls into their lives for assistance, is a relationship that has been written in the stars to strengthen the power of God on earth.


K: Do you think that people are looking for only their Soul families or their Twin Flames to ask for help when the most helpful person could be the one standing next to them?


J: Yes. To look for the idea of a person that you’ve been told is a perfect match is disregarding the angel that stands next to you and could offer you the most assistance. In some cases, the Soul Mate or the Soul Family is disregarded because they don’t present themselves as what you would picture would be the best for you based on descriptions on your internet or in your Spiritual books.


K: That is pretty eye opening.


J: It is because it is not expected.


K: The connection of humanity with each other…how big is that really and does this connection really exist like a huge web?


J: To disregard this web of entanglement is to disregard the connection of the whole. When it is understood that all is connected, only then will awakenings happen and the connection with all dimensions will be realized.


K: So to fully awaken, a person has to awaken to the understanding that no matter how awful or how atrocious things can look on this planet, it is all connected. Cause and effect as well.


J: Sacred Geometry. As beautiful as the shapes can be, the patterns can be difficult and intricate to replicate but they exist and are.


K: I always think of the infinity pattern when I think of relationships on earth. Like they all feed into each other. Even half a world away. That butterfly effect.


J: As difficult as it can be to understand, it is so. You, yourself said that it can be difficult to watch the confusion and the torment on your earth and so it can be easier to look away. Does this not…even a world away…does this not pull on the string that is your attachment to it?


K: We are all connected.


J: As I blessed the world bearing the torture of it, so can you bless the world seeing the torture of it.



These words weigh very heavily in my chest. They are so right. I can’t even explain the huge realization of them.



K: In that way, we are Masters?


J: Yes. Mastery of the Self begins this way. If one is feeling tortured, saddened, alone, unworthy…you must acknowledge this and bless this in your own heart, mind and soul to be able to spread this outwardly. Fill your own cup so that it runneth over (smiles) to be able to pour into another’s.


K: You make it sound so easy.


J: Yes. I do. The world of duality is not an easy existence but it exists. This is the proverbial war that rages in ones being and outwardly. This is where peace will be resurrected.


K: There will always be duality because that’s earth. Do we pick sides or do we resign ourselves to the fact that we live as both.


J: What is wrong with living in both? What is wrong with choice? It is a great gift. It creates magic. It creates outcome. It manifests. It is how it’s used that is the great experience. What is to be gained? What is to be given? This is choice.


K: Did you feel you had choice?


J: Yes. I had choice and I knew of consequence and outcome. I had choice to follow through. What I was blessed with was God’s love; unconditional love and understanding of the human condition. I was to be an example of what could be. I was to be a teacher of what could be vs. what was. I took it upon myself to spread what I could but also learn what I could to share that. I was a scholar and I was a teacher. It is one that is willing to both learn and educate that will have the greatest understanding of this world and those who dwell on it.


K: Interesting. So it was never done for you. You didn’t, one day, have this great epiphany and wash your hands of everything. It was continuous.


J: Every experience that I encountered, every person that came to me…I learned so much. I learned why experience happens and I took that into my own heart as a Universal lesson of existence. I had the ability to do this. Not everyone can do this but all have the ability to do this as I was an example of this.


K: How do we get to the point where we can see the higher wisdom of circumstance?


J: Make peace with judgement. Make peace with your fears. Make peace with your vulnerabilities. Make peace with peace.


K: Make peace with peace. Sometimes I feel that when there’s peace, the other shoe is about to drop.


J: And so you make it so.


K: So there doesn’t always have to be the other shoe?


J: Peace is not justifying chaos. Peace is the undercurrent of chaos. When chaos dissipates, expect that peace will remain. Don’t anticipate another storm.


K: And when another storm is inevitable?


J: Get your umbrella. Get your arc. Ride the waves. There is peace beneath the waves. In the depths of personal chaos resides peace. Know this and it will come in the rainbows.


K: Thank you. You are extremely healing. But there’s also that ego saying that the love in the heart that you give isn’t supposed to be there. Like a why me?


J: Why you?


K: Why me?


J: Creation…all life is the living embodiment of Source; of God, of the Universe. That is why you.


K: When you said, my God my God, why have you forsaken me was that your feelings/voice or the collective’s?


J: (smiles) The collective’s through me for I felt very much abandoned and forsaken but I was only a channel of humanity.


K: Do you think humanity still feels that much pain?


J: It seems that way doesn’t it? But no. Acknowledge the peace underneath the chaos. Know it is there and exemplify that. Be the example of that as I was; as I am.


K: Thank you. I love you. I love you a lot.


J: My love is yours. And so it is. I am with you always. I am a part of you always. Know this and take me with you. Take me in the back pocket of your jeans as it were. Like a photo. It is not the face of me that you hold. It is the love. I wish you much in life. Call upon me always and I will be there.


K: Thank you Brother Jesus. I feel much better.


J: Until we speak again. Take care.


K: Bye.



Conversations with Spirit Guide Simon – Intuition


April 10, 2017



Here’s Simon. I don’t know what I’d do without him. I met him, I feel, later than what I could have if I hadn’t ignored the signs that he was always around. So, I think in saying that, if you could invite your own Guides to introduce themselves in a way that you would be able to understand and not brush off so easily, I feel like it could be very helpful in this adventure called life.



K: Simon, Simon, Simon. Where have you been all my life?


S: Always here Sweetheart. Always here. How are you?


K: I’m getting healthier by the second. How are you?


S: Very fine. So, I am being introduced to your Youth tonight am I? (Channel first posted on a Youth web page that I started)


K: Well, I haven’t had a channel up there in a while and I thought that I should maybe pay a little attention to them since I couldn’t get a card reading up. Although, heavy topics are kind of shied away from at the moment just because my ears are still plugged and I have to go more by feel today.


S: I see nothing wrong with your ears but as you wish. We shall tread lightly. I believe there are those, as I have been whispering in your ears…(smiles) which are fine, who wish to indulge in the topic of intuition.


K: That’s a good one. The earlier people start using it the better because then you’re not in your late 30s wondering what the hell is going on and thinking that I’m going slightly bonkers.


S: Were those your thoughts?


K: Yes. And assuming it (intuition) to take shape in one way when it was obviously happening in another wasn’t expected nor was it accepted.


S: Very well. The sooner the better.


K: In your words and not the standard spiritual text book, what is intuition?


S: It is an awareness, perhaps a feeling of something profound around you that is trying to communicate with you on levels that are only now being measured.


K: Sounds about right.


S: It is a deep knowing of truth.


K: Does it include discernment?


S: It does.


K: So how do we know when we’re using it?


S: Things seem to flow better. Answers to questions come without more questions. There is a quiet understanding; a peace. There is a moment where everything makes sense because everything is lined up and one can see this line up in somewhat of a futuristic state of events.


K: Is it fortune telling?


S: It is not used to assume the distant future; only the synchronicities of the now.


K: How do you know you’re trying to see too far into the future or predict?


S: Things get a little hazy. There’s not a finite ending because there can’t be. It’s harder to see and feel. The future has not been created yet so it cannot be read. Only potentials can be laid out and these can change.


K: Why?


S: Because of the free will of humanity. Choice. Change is constant and is built on choice. No one can predict the choices of another. Even in the smallest of circles because one could make a choice but would take a different turn on their path and be met with places or people that would alter that.


K: Yeah. I get that.


S: Yes. Even those who have predicted the future before your year of 2012 have needed to make changes in their ways because the world has decided an alternate route. This path is one of the light. The youth of today will bring Her there.


K: How do we know when we aren’t using our intuition?


S: There is a feeling of hesitancy. Of not being sure. Of not feeling safe. There is a feeling of apprehension. When one is ignoring their intuition, it can make a person quite ill sometimes. This hesitancy is your truth detector. It is your ability to use discernment and for some, it can be quite strong. When contemplating whether to go left or right, feel it with your innate; your body. It will direct you towards the highest and best path. When turning the corner in a neighborhood you are not familiar with, it is the natural instinct to be aware of your surroundings. Trust this.


K: So it has a lot to do with trust.


S: People are always taught to question, even their own hearts. They are taught that they can’t make decisions, needing someone of authority to do it for them. They are taught to disregard their own feelings or their own truth for someone else’s and it is not necessarily the best path to walk. Intuition is about using your own personal strengths and your own sense of personal awareness of the environment and people around you. It will not create fearful feelings in your gut. It will bring ease and peace and knowing that all is well because you have done what is best for you.


K: So, the breath will be easier and not so shallow. Can we ever rectify not listening to our sixth sense?


S: Of course. It is a choice you must make to be aware of what your heart and your mind are telling you and to trust that.


K: How can we make our intuition stronger?


S: There are certain energies in the crystals one keeps on them but they require intention. This is using the energy of the earth and keeps one grounded as they use their physical bodies as a tool of deep knowledge. The sages, wise men, medicine women and mystics were all very grounded to Mother Earth while using their intuition to connect with the realms in which we live; the dimensions we call home.


K: Anything else?


S: Stillness. Calm the running mind. Centre yourself to receive messages from the higher aspect that is you. It is very important to maintain a sense of stillness to maintain awareness. When one’s life is so busy that they cannot contain a thought or a feeling for very long, one needs to re-connect with one’s ability to be still.


K: Can we use our intuition as a means of safety?


S: How so?


K: Like coming into contact with someone you don’t know or answering the door to a stranger and getting this feeling in the pit of your stomach that you need to end a conversation or you need to move away quickly.


S: Yes. One may also hear or see, in their mind’s eye, that something is not right and it would be a good idea to respect these feelings or internal messages because they are there to keep you safe. It is not about staying in a place of fear but respecting your ability to sense when things are right and safe and when they are not. It is the Spidey Sense, if I remember correctly you talked about that in reading recently.


K: I did. What are some physical sensations that your intuition is working?


S: Hhhmmm. Shall we describe yours?


K: You mean put me on the spot? You have never done that before.


S: I have.


K: Okay. Maybe you have.


S: When you feel as if your hair is being played with or when you feel as if a finger has gone down the back of your neck…


K: Well now you’re just sounding creepy.


S: (smiles) When you have a heavy pressure in your ears.


K: Oh yeah.


S: The shivers on a part of your body.


K: Mmmhhhmm.


S: The stroke on your cheek.


K: Yep.


S: The heart that beats fast or slow or the breath that is shallow or deep. These are all things that your body uses to facilitate the state of awareness that is your intuition.


K: Do your Spirit Guides or Angels contribute to the intuition because sometimes it’s you (Simon) that takes me by the elbow or that crosses my arms over my chest in some sort of protective stance. I can’t explain it. I just know that I’m not deliberately moving into that position sometimes.


S: There are many around an individual that will give a person the signs of awareness that they can choose to pay attention to or choose to think of as a slight breeze when there is none to feel. These people make excuses to brush off their inner knowing as coincidence.


K: So what if someone is looking at everything as a sign from their Spiritual friends/family or some sort of intuitive knowledge.


S: It is somewhat of a frantic search that makes one obsessed?


K: Kind of.


S: Know that intuition is not there to send someone into a tornado of detective work looking for clues as to whether their intuition is working or not. It would be in a person’s best interest to relax with the feelings that surround them at all times and get to know them like you would get to know a friend or an extension of one’s physical body.


K: So could intuition be an extension of the physical?


S: Yes, because it does use the innate. You have your five senses. There is a reason intuition it called the sixth.


K: Ah. It’s all very clear now.


S: Is it?


K: Oh I get muddled and confused too, Simon.


S: (grins) Yes. And you also ask for a rescue.


K: I invite a rescue. I don’t demand.


S: And are you rescued, Sweetheart?


K: Sometimes I’m just given a nudge in the right direction. I think angels come in the form of individuals or a lyric or a picture or a quote.


S: Little hints along the journey of life.


K: Could this be intuition too?


S: Synchronistic events are based on using ones sixth sense. It’s only that it can be difficult to trust the message when it is presented.


K: Does everything mean something or is that just becoming that detective that looks for clues in everything?


S: There is meaning in everything and meaning in nothing. This is where discernment plays its part.


K: Ah. And that physical sense of is this for me or is this something completely different or run for the hills.


S: Something like that.


K: Can you rely too much on intuition or does it grow.


S: It grows.


K: And we all have it?


S: Yes. It is not something that is meant for one and not the other. It’s only that not everyone decides to use it thinking it evil or witchcraft when really, it’s using the connection of the heart and mind.


K: But not all intuitive awareness is based in sorcery.


S: Not at all. It is a sense but with all senses, you must use it for it to strengthen.


K: Maybe even acknowledge that it’s happening and working?


S: Yes.


K: Maybe even say hi to Spirit that’s tutoring you in the art of intuition?


S: We love that you do.


K: I know it. Anything else on intuition?


S: Hhhmmm. Let’s keep it short and sweet.


K: Okay. Sounds good. Thanks Simon. I love you.


S: (grins) I love you too, Sweetheart. Take care. We’ll speak again soon.


K: Thanks. Bye.


S: Goodbye.



Conversations with Spirit Guide Simon – Being Useful, Emptiness, Dark Night of the Soul and a Little Bit on Heaven


May 29, 2017



S: How are you, Sweetheart? It has been a while where it is only you and me. Are things better now?


K: Things are going okay. How are you?


S: I feel…as if I’m being useful. Even those…here…require to be useful at times; even if it’s only to assist in small ways.


K: I think same goes for people over here. I think if we don’t feel as if we’re being useful we can get kind of lethargic or whatever the case may be.


S: A little unheard perhaps.


K: A little ignored.


S: Maybe.


K: Is that really because we’re not feeling as if we’re useful?


S: Useful to someone? Yes. That would create a certain amount of doubt as to what purpose is; when you don’t feel useful. (gets more comfortable in his chair)


K: What are the degrees of usefulness?


S: There are many. Humanity has the great desire to be bold and big and loud. There is also the subtle in which one spends time in the company of another without words…this is, too, being useful.


K: As?


S: As sharing a moment so both parties feel included. You are well aware of these things. Even a chat between friends before retiring for the night is feeling useful on both parts.


K: So is useful really the term than? Maybe included.


S: Included in another’s life to be impactful in whatever way that is put forth.


K: Interesting.


S: You feel me and yet you are unsure how to translate what it is you feel.


K: Very good Simon. I have to agree. (translation is difficult because he’s using a lot of emotion and feeling) I find the act of being useful is also the same as keeping busy because if there’s a moment where you don’t have anything to do, one might get bored.


S: (smiles) Hhhmmm. Yes. (clears throat) People get rather…uptight in the silence of nothing. When nothing happens they believe life has stalled when it is, in fact, only preparing one for movement.


K: What kind of movement?


S: Usually the movement that will propel someone forward.


K: What if it’s a space that allows someone to remain stuck.


S: Yes. There are those that feel the need to stay in the space of emptiness to hold on to what was…being weary or trepidatious about what could unfold.


K: Is this where the other shoe drops?


S: Unnerved about what is hanging over one’s head?


K: Sure.


S: Allow me to pose a question to you, My Love. (picking at his pants)


K: Okey doke.


S: Do you, when the emptiness surrounds you, get nervous that what you thought was is over. And then, do you My Love, take the time to mourn slightly without giving yourself a chance to get excited about what could be beyond the emptiness that you feel?


K: I feel sometimes that I’ve been abandoned because in the emptiness I can’t pick up on things as easily as I would when things are circling in movement.


S: Is it not, My Heart, that you are only adjusting to more energetic connections than what you would be used to and is not the emptiness that you feel simply the adjustment to this?


K: I would suppose if you were to look at these things in a half full kinda way, then what you’re telling me would be correct. Simon, humans can’t always look at a glass half full.


S: (nods) I understand your point. You, Kimberly, are quite content in explaining this to others. Is it not because you are aware, then, that it actually works for everyone this way?


K: I am aware but my emptiness is not like the emptiness of others.


S: Quite right. (smiles) It never lasts for long unless one allows it to.


K: I agree.


S: So, is it only emptiness that we are to discuss this morning or is there more?


K: There’s more and I think it may have to do with the emptiness a little bit.


S: Very well.


K: Dark night of the soul.


S: Is an extremely difficult situation for people to be in.


K: Yes it is. Is it happening more and more lately?


S: (thinks) It happens in waves, Dearest. Everyone’s growth is at a personal rate, not a global one. If one is experiencing the dark night…they are experiencing a rebirth. Birth is painful. Some…with the understanding of the awakening process, that which humanity calls it, prepares and begins to work with what they have, to hold on to the peace. Others…they have no clue what is upon them, only believing that everything is working against them and nothing for them and they decide to remain in that feeling very much alone and misunderstood.


K: Do others outside of oneself…contribute to this or is it because of the state of mind and heart of those going through this dark night of the soul…that they believe they are being attacked or not understood or being left, neglected and abused.


S: It is both. It is an allowance of what is tolerated and what, to some, simply is no choice.


K: How far can this dark night go?


S: Until death, Love. Until death.


K: Whatever way that happens.


S: Indeed.


K: It happened to you.


S: Yes. It did.


K: If someone is reading this, obviously they’re curious about spirit and spirituality and ghosts or angels or whatever. Is there help for those going through this?


S: One must have the courage to admit that they are depressed, sad, losing control, fearing the night or continuously living in the night. This cannot be hidden away and it cannot be assumed that no one is there to listen to them.


K: No. I agree. Do you think that sometimes people feel that they have no one that will understand and either try to bury it or lash out?


S: Of course.


K: What did you do?


S: I buried it. (leans forward and looks straight at me in the face) And I must apologize for what that did to you.



A different chat for a different time.



K: Forgiven.


S: Are you sure?


K: As much as I remember bits and parts of it…it’s forgiven and I’m here now.


S: Sometimes dances are not to the rhythm of both bodies.


K: No. They are not. Anyway…


S: Yes.


K: People’s perception of the dark night…when looking at a person suffering from it…it can be frustrating to them believing that it could be so easy to just come out of it.


S: (leans back) It is a judgement call without a willingness to see it from those that feel they are suffering.


K: So where can these people go?


S: To people that would care to offer something new in regards to compassion.


K: Where can they be found?


S: By simply reaching out and asking. When people feel as if the world is against them, they are reluctant to reach out and seek people that could ultimately help them believing there is no point. On the other hand, there are those that could be of great assistance to support the emerging spiritual form and yet they hide in the background believing themselves not being able to assist in such a capacity.


K: When do they meet?


S: (grins) It is usually divine intervention.


K: Ah. I don’t think people…I mean, people don’t want another diagnosis or more meds. Of course, sometimes they are in need of it badly but sometimes…I don’t think that a person wants to see another doctor or get more pills or whatever it is that medicine believes they need. If they feel a lack in understanding through the medical community, is it an idea to search out others…I guess councilors of the spirit and to add that to the therapy that the medical community is giving? Could there be a meld of the two?


S: And this is what Spirit and Science is becoming; to treat the whole of a person including the spirit.


K: Is this coming?


S: It is. And quite quickly. You see it with Elisa and Erik Medhus, you see it with Colton, you see it with Lisa, you see it with Leanne…you see it with Spirit and Human coming together to work for more than just a diagnosis and these people are working toward a goal that cannot easily be understood. They are sharing their talents in ways that isn’t always understood, even to those who practice these modalities but even just with the intention of being helpful to those who suffer or who question or who ponder…this creates the miracle of healing. The dark night of the soul can be healed but it takes the effort of those who are living with it and it takes the effort of those who can assist to come out of hiding and offer themselves in these ways.


K: Desperation?


S: Because of a willingness to continue and rise above the night as the sun does. Only, it doesn’t look that way to many.


K: So if they knew their desperation to know more and to heal was actually making that happen…desperation would be fleeting and hope would be restored?


S: (smiles softly) Yes.


K: This is a big topic and one that isn’t so easily understood because depression and illness and dark nights…they can be intense and everyone’s different and it effects them at such deep levels.


S: We do not sit together and believe that this is so easily fixed. There are experiences here that are given to understand personal power. The dark night can equal victimization…this is a war of the heart.


K: And the mind? Wouldn’t it be the war of the heart and mind?


S: When one feels victim to a lack of love it is warring with the heart that the love actually exists and yet it is being denied. This is when the brain swoops in to create stories or excuses for this.


K: Huh. Again…feeling and seeing it but words are tough.


S: It is only on a one on one basis that you would begin to understand the desperation of humanity to gain answers as to why things are happening to me. Why does this always happen to me…why. You deny yourself your spot in the limelight of love and continue to believe that it will always be that way.


K: Is that why earth…sometimes is so hard. Because we experience stuff on a personal level but then we also experience it on a global level?


S: Yes.


K: That’s a lot.


S: It is.


K: How honored are we for it?


S: There cannot be enough esteem or honor that would equate to the celebration from me and those of the unseen that would even touch…to the finest minute amount…the admiration for every single human being and animal and plant and insect on this planet to choose to do what they are doing at this very moment on this planet now. If one could feel that total and unconditional force of love that I feel or that God feels…they could not contain it and so it is given in small doses. (grins) Those small doses equate to your words of over the moon and back. We have so much gratitude. We have so much love. We have so much commitment to each and every one of you to assist you in any way we can. We wish for you to feel our embrace as we hold you up so that you may only stumble and not crash. We wish for you to engage us in conversation so that you feel you are listened to and validated for all that you are. We wish to kiss your cheeks and brush your tears so that you may know that you do not have to find someone to do it for you on your own. It is the simplicity of us that is ignored for we are thought to be big bold and large but it is in the subtleness of our touch that we dwell with you in the most intimate of ways. And it is not wrong nor is it evil to believe it. It is not the devil that plays with your hair or a poltergeist that flicks on the light for you in the morning. It is your family in spirit. It is your soul mates and your twins and your highest selves that greet you at every corner of your life. And we hold our arms out to you and allow you to fall into them at every second. This is our relationship with this earth. It must be for our gratitude could never be enough.



I’m a little speechless.



S: Was that too much. I must say…I can get very poetic.


K: Uh…yeah. No. It’s great. It’s more than great. It’s something to share. I’m just a little tongue tied.


S: Yes. Well…I tend to enjoy making that happen.


K: Leanne’s gonna call me out for being a big baby when I admit that I’m a little teary.


S: May I let you in on a little secret?


K: Sure.


S: She gets teary as well.


K: (I’m laughing) Fine. Good. Should we end it there?


S: Hhhmmm…You have more.


K: But you’re kinda chokin’ me out with the love vibes here Simon. It’s hard to concentrate.


S: (rubs his bottom lip in thought)


K: Wicked man!


S: I will pull away so you can finish.


K: Heaven. I wanted to know if it was a place that was separate from us or contained within us.


S: You’d like to speak of this now?


K: I would. Since I can breathe again.


S: It is both. One carries heaven with them in all ways. It is what Kryon would call the God Inside.


K: Okay but it exists outside of oneself as well, right? I mean, when I was with those people that died…


S: Paul would be proud that you’re using honest words in your conversation instead of skidding past.


K: Anyway…they leave the physical.


S: Yes. You’ve felt that. What does it feel like?


K: Like a soft jolt of electricity. It’s like a shock or a…vibration of an electrical current.


S: Yes.


K: So it’s going somewhere?


S: It is. It is not above or below. It is right beside. It is a place that is the turn of a page in a book. We are never separate from you in the way you would think. There are dimensions that we travel to. For example, you see your planet, Venus, as one way when from where I am…it is very different.


K: I hear it’s pretty full of life.


S: It is.


K: Do we join heaven when we sleep and dream?


S: Yes. You call it the astral plane. There are different levels within the word heaven and yet there are not. It is a rainbow…the colors are all differentiated, by sight, in levels but heaven takes that rainbow and squeezes it all together in a sphere of color, depth and vibration.


K: So much in that little sphere.


S: There is.


K: And it’s a place where you can create anything, be anything, do anything, build anything?


S: Yes. A thought creates.


K: So simple.


S: It is.


K: Is there duality?


S: If one chooses to experience duality than they will but Beings, very quickly learn, that it simply cannot thrive in the context of what you are comparing it to. You are comparing it to earth’s duality. It cannot compare to that.


K: So if one is worried about someone that has died…is it misplaced?


S: It is never misplaced. Love is never misplaced. But…those who have lost the physical and now have merged with the heavens…they are well taken care of. They are taught. They are reminded. They are free to travel, to learn, to experience all that there is to experience. There is no limit. If one needs earthy comforts for a while as they get used to their new way of life…so to speak…that is available to them.


K: It is everything in one place.


S: It is.


K: Hard to define.


S: Sometimes.


K: And they come back here.


S: Of course.


K: And to where they are in other lives.


S: Absolutely.


K: The thing that gets me is the movement with thought. Like no travel. No time spent in a car or on a plane.


S: (grins) It is something.


K: And to like… visit other realms just by thinking of it.


S: What a thing to dream.


K: Yeah. I guess that is the way to do it for now.


S: Dare to dream. This is heaven. Dare to dream of the best that could ever possibly exist and understand that it is truth.


K: Wow. Awesome.


S: Be willing to open yourself up to heaven. As I said before, it is where we dwell but we are with you in this time and place as well. We’ve not said good bye in the way you may think of a good bye. Believe it to be…I’ll be right back.


K: You’re so cute when you speak practically.


S: Am I?


K: You are.


S: Well then…I will take that as a compliment.


K: It is. Anything else on heaven that I could put into words?


S: (smiles) Maybe, if there are questions from others, we could revisit it then.


K: Sounds good. Thanks Simon. Love you.


S: Love you to the moon and back.


K: At least you care enough to not make me explode.


S: My Love, you are needed. Now is not the time for those kinds of fireworks.


K: And I’m grateful for that. Wouldn’t be pretty.


S: We will see each other soon.


K: We will.


S: Until then…



Conversations with Spirit guide Simon – Simon, Is That You? & Judgement


July 11, 2017



There have been a few requests for Simon to be a guide to you readers out there. By all means…have at ‘er. I got to thinking that it might be an okay idea to do a channel with Simon about how you can tell you’re working with him. I was also curious about the topic of judgement. It’s not a big channel on judgement. Just a couple of questions that I just thought I’d ask because…well…what the hell.



K: Simon, where have you been all my life?


S: Right here Sweetheart. Right here. How are you?


K: I am very well. Treading new waters lately.


S: And how do those feel?


K: How ‘bout you come back in about a couple of months and ask that again.


S: (grins) Very well. I will ask when said phase has lessened.


K: There are a couple things that I would like to bring up with you today if you don’t mind. I’m sure you know what they are.


S: I do and I am ready for anything that you would like to speak with me about, today.


K: I have been doing some coachings and people love you…


S: Is that so? It is only my accent they love and nothing else.


K: Uh…please. Come on. You’re a good looking guy, you exude romance, you’re completely honest in how you say things to people but don’t shy away from making a point. You’re like the whole package without the body.


S: Without the body? Then what is it you ‘re looking at as you speak with me?


K: You.


S: Hhhmmm. Well then. I will leave this to the readers to decipher. I apologize to them on your behalf for you are being…obtuse.


K: But in my obtuse-ness I make a little sense.


S: What is your question, My Love?


K: I’ve had many requests to have you as a guide to those that you have reached with your words.


S: Yes.


K: And they ask my permission…for some reason. It’s not necessary.


S: No. It is not.


K: But…I would like to ask how they would recognize you. How would someone know, when they call you in, that you are there with them as a guide?


S: Well then. That is quite the question.


K: Would you come in personally for all of them…in ways that they would sense or feel you or would you stay your Simon self?


S: I would stay my Simon self. I quite like who I am…as Simon.


K: So do a lot of others.


S: Very well. We will speak on these things. I am not obvious.


K: No kidding.


S: Yes, you are aware that I tend to stay in the background.


K: Why is that?


S: I’ve never been a loud man. I’ve only ever been one to be in my head…in my imagination. I’ve never announced myself. I’ve preferred to stay in the crowds and as much as I don’t mind the attention, that is an aspect of me that does not change.


K: Okay. You tend to come in when the topics get serious. Like for those that have really…I don’t like the word serious or heavy but you tend to come in when there needs to be more of a direct approach. I would call it tough love.


S: Yes. I have no use for beating the bush.


K: Around the bush.


S: Corrected. (smiles) When a person is interested in working with me I will not attack the problem at a level that is comfortable. For someone to linger in their comfort zone does nothing for growth. As I do this, I am aware that people’s trust or belief diminishes because I will not tell someone the same things in which they hear from another. If you are calling upon me…you will get deeper truths. Whether you are prepared for them or not is not important. What is important is that I will offer only this. I cannot sugar coat life. Life continues to be difficult for many with many questions about the outside world when really, it is the Self that is being neglected and nothing more. If one is constantly looking outside of themselves to be fulfilled, you are neglecting the true essence of your humanity and your spirit…one, I dare say, that has been ignored for too long which makes one consider reaching out to spirits like me.


K: Yes. But in saying that…you are gentle.


S: I am. I would hate to offer anything but loving words that will allow people to be comfortable in my presence to actually listen to them. (words)


K: What if people don’t? Do you get offended?


S: This coming from you? (laughing)


K: We do not always agree.


S: No. We do not. That does not mean I know more than you. I would never say that to someone for their experience is all they know but to use one’s experience as a means to pave the way for something grander when one is willing to do the work of healing and of health…it’s a very good recipe for success.


K: What makes you stand out from other guides? What makes people ask if they can work with you?


S: I generally work with those who feel the need to look deeper, who know what is best for them but require validation to move forward. I work with those souls who have been to earth many many times. You would consider them old souls but I disagree with this term. Just because they are new to the earth does not mean that they have existed less time than anyone else. They have just chosen to incarnate elsewhere or act as guides to others.


K: Like you.


S: Yes. Like me.


K: So how would someone feel you around?


S: It is through the heart that I travel. If you were to search for me in the dark, after you’ve called my name, my orb would be rather large…it would float towards you like a balloon. I am not quick. I tend to hover.


K: Yes. Agreed.


S: You would feel as if you were walking by the shore as this is what I tend to do frequently. I do love the ocean. It’s something that I bring with me to those who call on me. If you were to use your imagination, I would wait, in the sand, for you.


K: So you would get a sense of the ocean.


S: Yes. One would get the sense of…happy innocence. I’m sorry Dearest. I struggled with those words. I’m not sure how to describe the fact that I enjoy the words of poetry and the acts of such.


K: Do you go to women more?


S: There are few men and more women but I must be honest with you, Kimberly. More women seem to be keen to make the spiritual leap than men. This is only my opinion. I do not have, what you might call, data on this subject. These are only my experiences.


K: I could see how you would feel that. I can see that the men who are on these journeys actually are very in touch with the divine feminine aspect of themselves. That’s not to say they aren’t’…studdly but you get where I’m going.


S: Please, Dearest, speak more.


He’s making fun of me.


K: Not funny.


S: I enjoy your moods. I enjoy when you cannot string two words together without adding a dash of Kimberly to the mix. It is why we speak so often and why I spend a night or two. To simply hear conversation from those you have known and remember…from those who still carry with them the same qualities that you used to know many years before…it is something to be a part of.


K: So you like my spaciness when full moon comes and I can’t necessarily get the words out in perfect order.


S: Yes.


K: I can’t even remember where we left off.


S: How you can sense me.


K: Oh right. So the orb in the dark, the feeling of the ocean, the feeling of getting all twitterpated because someone’s actually paying attention to you as a beautiful human being. I find, when you’re around, that there is so much compassion and respect and just…so much love.


S: Thank you.


K: I also find that you know exactly what to say. But there are times where you will have none of it and gently put someone to bed.


S: (grins) Yes. What is there to do in a moment of tears or panic? It is useless. Dry them and rest. All will be better when you are in a state of composure.


K: Agreed. I like when you start off, with those that have difficulty breathing…you tell them to take a breath.


S: It is the only way to begin for when one breathes, it takes them into their body and their intuition and the message will then be clear and accepted. If one is reading my words with short breaths…it is only because they suffocate themselves with the wall they have built around themselves and because of this wall, my words will not be accepted nor will they be understood as nothing but love and understanding for all one is and all they have been.


K: That’s awesome. What a way to put it. Sharon and I were talking about belief and that’s how these things work. It’s very contingent on how much you believe. Can you see past the doubt of someone?


S: Of course. That is where the truth lies. Beyond the doubt. I will not tune into another’s doubt except to call them on it.


K: Yeah. You’re pretty good at that.


S: It tends to snap them back into a state of awareness where I will actually be heard.


K: I hear that tone again.


S: What tone?


K: That, ‘Simon’s getting serious tone so watch out for the wings.’


S: Ah yes. Master Medhus said that once, did he not?


K: I think he said something like, ‘Uh oh, Simon’s got his wings out.’ Meaning you’ve brought out the tough love guns.


S: Am I that transparent?


K: Kinda.


S: Very well. I accept the description.


K: So, for everyone that reads this, will you be their guide if they want you to be and if they resonate with your energy.


S: Yes. I will. It is never an issue to be of service in love to those that require an extra ounce of understanding in regards to life.


K: That and an extra jolt to the heart like someone’s receiving a love letter in class from their crush.


S: (grins) Why does no one send letters anymore?


K: I don’t know. It’s pretty disappointing.


S: Would it be something to begin a circle of individuals that would hand-write letters to each other to get back to the heart of things?


K: Maybe. You could organize it.


S: I would be the first one to put the stamp on it.


K: And who would you send it to?


S: Anyone that requires such things.


K: You’re charming.


S: Quite.


K: I want to talk a little about judgement.


S: (groans a little in a pensive way) Dearest Heart, it cannot be escaped. Even with the purest of intentions from someone, it can easily sneak in.


K: I know but how do we…I know we live in a world of duality and that there will always be light in dark and dark in light but how do we step back when we feel we are being judgmental.


S: Reserve comment. (getting more comfortable on the couch) Why must everyone have a comment?


K: Sometimes comments can be good.


S: Sometimes they can but, most often, comments are made when one does not agree with what a person or a behavior is presenting to them even though it has absolutely nothing to do with one, there has to be a comment.


K: Will judgement eventually become non-existent?


S: One day…far into what you might call your future, there will be none but My Dearest, there will always be personal opinions. It is the intent in which they are used that is key. What is your intention behind your comment? What is your intention with your personal opinion of another? Is it to make yourself superior to them? It is to degrade them and is your comment for everyone to hear or is it said under your breath so it stays quiet, allowing no one but you to sit in your indignant state of being. Even if it is for a moment.


K: Wow.


S: Yes. My wings are out.


K: (chuckling) Then we are to evolve to a point where it’s not commenting to degrade another but to share personal thoughts; rather than opinions, so that we can continue to learn from…our individualistic natures.


S: It would do well for many to not be so quick to judge but rather to step into another’s shoes.


K: How so?


S: Before speaking to the driver ahead of you as if they committed the most atrocious crime…could it be they are rushing to get medicine for a sick child? Could it be they are rushing to see a parent that was just admitted to hospital? Could it be they have just been let go from their current job and have not the mind to drive appropriately.


K: Okay.


S: And when you see a person on a street in a style that you would never ever dare wear or that is tattered as if they don’t care what state of dress they are in, could it be that they have not the funds to dress as they would like? Could it be they have not slept because of illness or worry and so the best they could do at that moment is to wear the shirt that they have forgotten has the stain or the hole?


K: Sure.


S: And as you stare at a child that is dressed for summer as the snow falls to the ground, could it be that they are just getting to know themselves and find the peer pressure to look a certain way all-consuming but they are well aware how uncomfortable they are and so they have just left the store with a bag of sweaters. Do you understand Dearest Heart, of what I speak?


K: I do. I totally get it and I find that when I begin to go down that road, I look at them and step back and try to see what the Universe sees. Some may call it God. I call it Source Creator but if we could lay down the comments from the peanut gallery and just look at them knowing that their presence on earth is in Divine order and they are living according to what they know…sorry. I’m speaking verbal diarrhea here.


S: But you make a very good point, My Love. If we could look at every individual as the part of Source that they eternally are, that they just came here to experience and yet…the experience is very different than your own, would it not be easier to let go of the judgement and begin to use the energy of compassion.


K: It can be very hard though, Simon. Especially when looking at violence or death or whatever.


S: Yes. This is understood. Practicing compassion also urges one to practice the act of forgiveness. It is an understanding that individuals who have committed the most atrocious acts onto man kind or earth should be judged and sent to your hell to burn for eternity. Source has said, go forth to experience and bring, what you have learned, to me.


K: Direct quote?


S: I would be paraphrasing So, when looking at the duality of the world, one would expect there to be evil in it. It is the hardest thing for a human to do…to step away from the judgement, withhold comment, understand that everyone has their part to play and to send love to any situation that arises because when one sends only hate and anger and judgement…maybe some disbelief…you are feeding that energy that this Earth is trying to clean up.


K: So judgement is feeding that in the world that we no longer want?


S: It adds to it, yes. Some may think it harmless, to judge or to pass judgement as opinion and at times, it very well may be. It is to catch oneself in the moment of speaking and knowing, ‘Wait. I am passing judgement. I do not know their story. What is it about me that is creating this judgement? What do I not wish to see in myself that is projecting onto another?’


K: There it is. Is it always about the one who needs to pass judgement?


S: When one critiques another on their looks, is it so easy for them to look in the mirror and accept all of them or do they continuously feel that they lack in some way and so they search for that lack in others? Does one, when going about their day, passing judgement on others…do they sleep well or do they lay awake wondering where they went wrong in this life and if they had done such and such, would they be better off?


K: I think many people who judge sleep very well at night.


S: They may. This is very true. It does catch up Dearest. If it’s not through lack of sleep it is by the tables that will turn in some way.


K: Ah. Judge not lest ye be judged.


S: It is a boomerang effect. So tell me, when one receives judgement what does that feel like?


K: Not good. Especially when you’ve done all you felt you could.


S: Precisely, so in understanding the feeling or the emotion of being judged, why, then, would one continue to do that to another. It is a cycle the requires…a break.


K: I agree. So if we caught ourselves in the act whether it be walking down the street or driving or watching the news…


S: The news takes its toll on many. For some, it requires to be turned off indefinitely. There is much deceit in the media. It would do a person good to understand that it is a drug; much like alcohol, much like your cocaine. It is very addicting and needs to be turned off by many. To focus on lies disregards the truth of what this world really is about.


K: Yeah. I found a sense of freedom with limiting my media. And I have limited it a lot.


S: You have. I commend your efforts.


K: Thank you. I find I work better in this capacity when I tune out to tune in.


S: That is how these things work best.


K: Judgement vs. discernment?


S: Discernment is choosing what is best for one’s own Self and Truth while leaving the rest behind whereas with judgement…one tends to carry it around.


K: Ah. So if something doesn’t resonate with you…


S: Let it go. There is no need to become bitter or reactive when being given information, through the senses, from another. If it does not sit well with you, decide what does not and leave it there for another. There is power in this. There is peace in this.


K: Cool. Anything else on judgement? I’m not really sure what else to ask.


S: Then leave it as it is. If there are questions, they will come. If not, then there will be nothing more and we shall continue on with assisting others in whatever they need in their moments of concern or doubt.


K: Like you are so good at. I love you, Simon.


S: (grins) What is a man to say other than I love you as well. Take care My Love. (kisses both of his hands and offers them)


K: See you soon.

Bridging The Gap, Conversations With Spirit

A written collection of messages from my Spiritual Council of Light, Army of Angels, Saints & Guides. These messages are all done through automatic writing and are shared for the soul purpose of spiritual growth and understanding. There are many that surround us that are unseen or unknown. They do not surround us to cause fear or question but to uplift and offer us the love and support that we crave and are so deserving of. I have been channeling Spirit for a few years now. These are a collection of words from the start of my spiritual journey to today. Welcome.

  • ISBN: 9780991912186
  • Author: Kimberly M. Quezada
  • Published: 2017-08-17 04:17:35
  • Words: 88253
Bridging The Gap, Conversations With Spirit Bridging The Gap, Conversations With Spirit