Bozeman - A Musical





Charlotte Jones- Clark's Sister. Extremely private. Afraid. (16)  

Clark Jones- Charlotte's Brother. Very attached to Charlotte (8)  

Annie Silverman- Foster child. Not a stereotypical mean girl, but doesn't care for Charlotte. Been through a lot  (14)  

Sarah Karison- Foster Child. Compassionate yet cold (15)  

Madison Elenois- Foster Child. British. Clearly struggles with her transfer to America. Sweet. (13)  

Mayzie Letoire- Foster child. Left brained, dark, hard to the world. (17)  

Landon Brooks- Foster child. Cares for his group home, (17)    










Act 1 

Scene 1 

Pitch black. Nothing is scene. A voice is heard. 

Charlotte: We are all temporary. Nothing is forever, neither our families, nor our friends will be around for eternity. We are all bound to a limited life on Planet Earth. 

Lights open on CHARLOTTE. She stand center stage in a room with a couple bunk beds in Bozeman, Montana. It is the “Willow Hills Group Home”. It is empty. It is winter and the weather is extremely snowy, almost Blizzarding. 

Charlotte: We grow up, we learn, we work, we think, we die. Nobody thinks about living until it’s too late. 

CLARK enters and crawls into one of the bunk beds. The lights open on the whole stage 

Charlotte:January 9th, 2012. Dear diary, Our first and only night in Willow Hills Group Home. A house for screwed up foster kids that nobody else wanted. 

Dear diary it’s another snowy day in Montana 

[*Dear diary, I’m feeling pretty lonely on my own *] 

I know Clark is here, I’ll stay beside but I’m feeling so lost in the world 

Dear diary, Bozeman is not much different from my home 

But dear diary, god I’m still feeling so alone 

[*But I know *] 

[*Life is just for right now *] 

It doesn’t last forever 

If I make the most of life who knows how far I could go 

[*Life is just right now and I mean, *] 

[*This is all I got *] 

And I only got just right now 

Dear diary, I fear the kids will hate me once they know me 

Dear diary, I fear that all the kids won’t like what they see 

But Clark and I can take this, we can take it by the ear 

Because life is more than only what we fear 

There’s few things in life that are this unclear 

[*But I know *] 

[*Life is just for right now *] 

It doesn’t last forever 

If I make the most of life who knows how far I could go 

[*Life is just right now and I mean, *] 

[*This is all I got *] 

And I only got just right now 

Dear Diary, Dear universe, please let them like me 

Dear diary, dear universe, please don’t push me down 

Dear diary, dear universe I feel so unsteady 

But I know, but I hope that I will rise above 

[*The madness that life throws at me and *] 

Everyone will one day remember me as the girl 

[*Charlotte Jones who bore all of life and took it on the chin. *] 

So I know 

[*Life is just for right now *] 

It doesn’t last forever 

If I make the most of life who knows how far I could go 

[*Life is just right now and I mean, *] 

[*This is all I got *] 

And I only got just right now 

CLARK gets off the bunk bed and goes to CHARLOTTE. 

Clark: Where are all the other kids, Charlotte? 

Charlotte: They’re at a museum today. They’ll be here. I promise. 

Clark: When? 

Charlotte: I don’t know, Clark. 

Clark: Why don’t you know? 

Charlotte: What do you mean, why don’t I know? 

Clark: You should know. 

Charlotte: Clark, not now. 

Clark: You scared? 

Charlotte: I mean, yeah. I’ve never been to a group home before. 

Clark: We’ve never. 

Charlotte: Yeah, sorry. We’ve never. I’m sorry Clark, I’m just… I’m a little scattered today. 

Clark: Why? 

Charlotte: I’m just really tired right now. That’s all. 

Charlotte: ([_To audience) _]I was terrified. I’d never had to go to foster care before. I was scared. Clark wasn’t easy to keep happy, so I needed to make sure he thought I was in tip-top mental shape. 

[SARAH, ANNIE, MADISON, and _]MAYZIE[ enter_] 

Annie: He was climbing all over it! 

Sarah: But the sign said not to! 

Madison: When has Landon ever listen to rules? 

They laugh 

Sarah: Oh, hi! You must be… 

Clark: Clark. 

Sarah: Cool name, and you? 

Charlotte: Uh- Charlotte.  

Annie: Did you forget your name? 

Madison: Come on, Annie. Give her a break. 


Annie: I was kidding, I didn't mean to- I'm Annie. Nice to meet you.  

ANNIE and Charlotte shake hands. 

Madison: Madison. 

Sarah: I’m Sarah. 

Charlotte: Nice to meet you all. [_(to audience) _]Mayzie was the dark one, she didn’t say much. It seemed like nobody really cared what she had to say anyway. 

Sarah: You know you’re not really supposed to be in this room, right? 

Charlotte: What?! 

Sarah: Not you, your brother! The guys room is across the hall. Better not get caught in here. It’s never pretty. 

Charlotte: [_(Far too concerned) _]What happens if they get caught in here? 

All the girls, except MAYZIE respond to CHARLOTTE’S question by looking down and avoiding eye contact. 

Charlotte: Uh-sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you- 

LANDON enters. 

Landon: So you’re the new kids? 

Annie: Landon, you can’t be in here. We were just telling Charlotte and Clark that they can’t- 

Landon: Annie, Annie, Annie. Relax. West isn’t even here. 

Clark: West? 

Sarah: Peter West. The house parent here. 

Annie: Where’d he go? 

LANDON shrugs 

Charlotte: I’m Charlotte, by the way. 

Landon: Charlotte? That’s a little fancy. 

Charlotte: My mom liked nice things.  

Landon: Well, Charlotte. I guess all there is to say is welcome.  

Welcome to Willow Hills 

It’s a house, but the people make it home 

The people, oh the people they’re all family here 

And it’s time for you to join the pack 


We’re all friends here, a perfect little squad 

Of misfits and orphans who are much too far from god 

We have waited for you to meet with us here 


We’ve been hoping that you’re learn to love it, dear 

It’s not much, but it’s our special little place 

A place where I am safe from the world 

A place where no one hears you 

But a place where we mean well 

It’s my home 

Isn’t it swell 


I’ve been here since I was 7 years old 

Since I moved from Paris to here 

[*It’s strange *] 

[*And its small *] 

But if there’s one thing I know 

You’re welcome here 

[*At Willow Hills. *] 


At Willow Hills 

You’ll have a family 

At Willow Hills we’ll be your home 

At Willow Hills we’ll set the world on fire 

Just for you 

All for you 

At Willow Hills 

We’ll be your family 

At Willow Hills we’ll be your home 

At Willow Hills we’ll set the world on fire 

Just for you 

All for you 

[*At Willow Hills. *] 

Welcome to Willow Hills 

Landon: So, how bad did she screw up to get you here. 

MAYZIE shoots a look at Landon, clearly signaling his question was inappropriate. 

Sarah: Landon, you shouldn’t ask- 

Landon: It’s necessary information. 

CHARLOTTE and CLARK look uncomfortable. 

Landon: So? 

Charlotte: Um-My mom had a drinking problem. 

Landon: And your dad? 

Charlotte: He died. 

Landon: See? It’s not that awful, you two. I was fine asking. 

Sarah: It's the principal, Landon. I'm sorry about that, Charlotte. And you made her talk about her dad who happens to be- Landon you really can’t ask things like that.  

Charlotte: It’s fine, really. [_(to audience) _]My mom never had a drinking problem. She tried to kill Clark and I. She killed my dad. We called the police. She’s in jail. So we’re here. 

Madison: Landon, why don’t you show Clark the boys bedroom? 

Landon: Kicking me out already, eh? 

Sarah: You weren’t supposed to be here in the first place, Brooks. 

Madison: Clark, go with Landon-please. 

CLARK reluctantly goes with LANDON, he hugs CHARLOTTE as he leaves. 

Annie: Ugh, boys. 

Madison: Tell me about it. 

Sarah: I’m sorry he was a jerk. 

Charlotte: Like I said, it’s really fine. I don’t mind at all. 

Sarah: You sure? 

Charlotte: Completely. 

Annie: So, tell us about you. What do you like. Who are you? 

Charlotte: [_(to audience) _]I’m an honest person, I swear. But just this once. I needed to keep my life a secret. [_(to ANNIE) _]I’m pretty boring. I like to read, and listen to music. I’ve lived in Bozeman all my life. [_(to audience) _]I just moved here last night. [_(to ANNIE) _]I don’t know, I just, am who I am I guess. 

Sarah: What school do you go to? 

Charlotte: Bozeman High School. (to audience)I’ve taught myself using the internet since 5th grade, my mom never took us to school. I don’t know how we got away with it. (to SARAH) I love it there. 

Sarah: Cool! Me too! 

Madison: Sorry you have to be here, but I’m glad you’re here with us! 

Sarah: Yeah! We’re lucky to have you! 

Charlotte: Thank you. I appreciate it. But um- do you have like a bathroom with like- a shower.  

Annie: No, actually, we used buckets for showers, and we have an outhouse. 

CHARLOTTE looks horrified 

Sarah: She’s kidding. I promise. 

Charlotte: Oh thank god, where is it? 

Madison: Down and to the left. 

Charlotte: Uh, thank you… 

Madison: Madison. 

Charlotte: Madison. Got it. 


Lights fade out.   

Scene 2 

A black stage, a single light on CHARLOTTE. 

Charlotte: I was afraid. Everything was new, and I was anxious. More than anxious, I was [_horrified. _]I wanted to go home, but I didn’t know where home was, or if I had one. 

Lights open on a bathroom. CHARLOTTE splashes water on her face, seemingly scrubbing at it, she continues looking in the mirror. The door opens, and LANDON enters. 

Charlotte: Occupied! 

Landon: Oops. 

Charlotte: That means leave, Landon. (She emphasizes his name, showing she remembers) 

Landon: Why are you here? 

Charlotte: I told you my mom had a- 

Landon: Do you think I’m stupid? 

Charlotte: No I just- 

LANDON gets uncomfortably close to CHARLOTTE. 

Landon: People don’t get put in here for drinking problems, kid. 

Charlotte: I’m not a kid. 

Landon: Just-I just want to know why you’re here. You owe me that. 

Charlotte: I owe you nothing. 

Landon: You’re living in my house. 

Charlotte: [_(Crossing her arms, losing her temper, choosing to display authority she knows she lacks) _]No. I’m living in a group home. It’s East’s house anyway. You don’t own me or my past. I owe you nothing. You aren’t my friggin’ boss and I don’t take orders from teenage boys. 

Landon: West. 

Charlotte: Huh? 

Landon: The house parent’s name is Peter West. 

Charlotte’s face goes red after realizing she can’t win. Landon remains calm, asserting a cool and cocky vibe. 

Charlotte: Is that all you got from my speech? That I don’t know the house parent’s name?! 

Landon: No. I got that you think you own the place after you’ve been here for an hour. I’ve been here since I was 11, I’m 17. You’re scared. I get that. So was I when I got here, you don’t have to be so…cold. 

Charlotte: I’m not scared, and I’m not being cold. 

Landon: C’mon, Char,, just- 

Charlotte: Uh-no. No nicknames, Landon. 

Landon: Charlotte. I understand that you want to be strong for your brother, who’s name I’m blanking on but you don’t have to be strong for me. I tend to be the rock for everyone here. I never want you to feel alone. 

Charlotte: I-I just want to be left alone right now. Is that okay with you? 

Landon: Sure. 

LANDON exits. CHARLOTTE throws her head into her hands and begins to cry. 


Scene 3 

Hallway of Willow Hills Group Home, CHARLOTTE is walking down the hall. She stops looks down and picks up a small metal object. It is a bullet, it is untouched, meaning there is a gun somewhere that the bullet is for. 

Charlotte: Oh my god. 

CHARLOTTE looks at the floorboard, where a piece of it is plied up. She pulls off the board. She picks up a handgun and a masterkey out of the hole in the floor. 


[*I just found a gun *] 

In the floorboard 

[*I just found a *]*gun * 

[*Under the floorboard *] 

[*Oh my god. Oh my god. How can this be. *] 

I just found a bullet 

In the floorboard 

[*I just found a *]bullet 

[*Under the floorboard *] 

[*Oh my god. Oh my god. What do I see. *] 

I’ve been here an hour and things already went wrong 

I’ve been here so short but somehow my troubles are long 

I’ve never seen one of these 

How could this be 

[*A real live gun *] 

Under the floorboard 

[*I found a murder weapon *] 

Or an only source of defense 

[*I found a key *] 

In the floorboard 

I found a key 

[*Under the floorboard *] 

Oh my god. Oh my god. What’s this for 

[*I need to tell someone *] 

But what if this is theirs 

I could get myself killed 

Why are these the burdens I always bear 

Why am I the one who finds things in the floorboard 

Things that could maim or destroy 

Why am I the one always fixing to find trouble 

Every way I turn 

[*I found a gun *] 

[*In the floorboard *] 

[*I found a gun *] 

Under the floorboard 

And I need to do something so it’s not used 

I found things that could kill 

And though I wish it wasn’t me 

I have to step up and be the girl 

Who takes life on the chin 

I found a gun 

And I am nervous 

[*I found bullets *] 

And I’m afraid 

But I know 

But I know 

That I must go help the children 

Who need me 

These kids need me 

They might just need me 

Because of what lies 

Under the floorboard 

[* *]

Charlotte: [_(to audience) _]I couldn’t believe what was in my hand. It wasn’t mine, and I didn’t know who’s it could be. I was in complete and total shock. Like, why me? Why was it me who finds this, who got placed in this home. I knew what I had to do. And I knew why I found the gun now. The house parent was out, and the house was completely snowed in. Nobody could get in…or out. I needed to get everyone into one room and figure out who’s gun it was, and if they had more. [_(to LANDON and CLARK) _]Come out into the hallway! 

LANDON and CLARK enter 

Charlotte: We’re completely snowed in, so I thought maybe we should all hang out. 

Landon: Get to know each other better? 

Charlotte: Exactly, and since West can’t get in, we could hang out in the girls room. 

Clark: What’re you holding behind your back, Char? 

CHARLOTTE is filled with fear, until LANDON jumps in, not knowing he’s being distracting. 

Landon: So he can call you Char? 

Clark: Char! 

Landon: (Sarcastically) I’m hurt, really. 

They enter the girls room. CHARLOTTE, who has stolen and hidden the keys in her back pocket, locks the door from the outside before she enters, locking everyone in. 

Annie: Woah, why the hell’d you lock it for? 

Charlotte: Someone here is a danger, to all of us. I’m taking matters into my own hands. 

Annie: If anyone here’s the danger, it’s you. I’ve known these people for most of my life, then you walk in the door and suddenly there’s a danger? I don’t think so. 

Charlotte: Everyone put your hands up. 

Madison: But why? Are you going to kill us? 

Charlotte: What?! No! 

Madison: Then why do you have gun. 

Landon: What?! Charlotte? 

Charlotte: I found it. 

Annie: Bullshit. 

Charlotte: I did! I found it! It was under the floorboards! With bullets and everything. 

Annie: Convenient you find that your first day. 

Charlotte: I bet it’s yours, isn’t it. You’re so afraid of me finding it. 

Sarah: [_(Calmly, treating CHARLOTTE like a cop would in a hostage situation) _]I think she’s scared because you have a gun, now if you’d just put the gun down- 

Charlotte: Put it down?! And what? Let whoever’s it is shoot me? Hell no. I’m not putting it down until we’ve talked through this and I know whose it is. [_(to audience) _]It was about to be quite the snow day.    

Scene 4 

Everyone is sitting on their bunks except for LANDON who sits on the floor. CHARLOTTE takes the key out of her pocket, unlocks the door, throws the gun out of the room, and locks the door again, but this time, throwing the key out of the room with it. Snow is scene in a blizzard outside of the window. 

Annie: Why’d you lock us in? Are you insane? 

Charlotte: So that we’re all safe from whoevers gun it was.  

Landon: C’mon Charlotte. We all know it’s yours.  

Charlotte: But it’s not. I- 

Madison: We’ve been here for years, no one ever has had the gun.  

Sarah: I have to admit, it’s awful suspicious that we have never had an incident like this until you showed up.  

Clark: Charlotte what’s going on with you? 

Charlotte: Are you serious? Clark, you too?! It’s not mine, I saw a plyboard pryed up and I found the gun and bullets and stuff, it’s not like it was lying around. You had to be looking for it. 

Landon: What exactly were you looking for? 

Charlotte: I don’t know, confirmation? 

Clark: Of what? 

Charlotte: I don’t know, just-like-that this house was as strange as it seemed to be.  

Annie: You think our home is strange.  

Charlotte: That’s not what I mean.  

Mayzie: Leave her alone.  

Everyone turns, shocked that MAYZIE spoke.  

Mayzie: It’s not her gun.  

Landon: Mayzie, dear. Let just- 

Mayzie: It’s West’s. 

Clark: The house parent?! 

Mayzie: He threatens me with it.  

Landon: What?! 

Mayzie: He threatens me with it. Whenever he gets angry or frustrated he’ll point it in my face and threaten to shoot me.  

Landon: Why didn’t you tell me? 

Mayzie: He said he’d kill us all if I told.  

Sarah: Oh my god. 



Where secrets lie 

We lie with them 

[*We sacrifice our brains and our lives to house them in our hearts *] 

We sit in our bedrooms and cry all our tears out 

To keep in a secret, where secrets lie 

[*When secrets seep in *] 

Our heart seeps out 

Our own passion draining smoothly from our lungs 

We breathe in the lies, and out the happiness 

Our own self worth going, where secrets lie 

And I know I should’ve told you 

And I know you should’ve know 

And I know that I’m a liar for keeping this 

But where secrets lie, I’m lying with them 

And as my secret lives, I am dying inside 

As I break, my secret is mending 

And I am all alone 

And I am so afraid 

And I am just a secret to tell on another day 

Where secrets lie, so does our body 

We submit in order to let it exist 

Where secrets lie, there is my morals 

Where secrets lie, there is my faith 

I used to be so happy and now I am just broken and alone 

Where secrets lie 

We lie with them 

[*We sacrifice our brains and our lives to house them in our hearts *] 

We sit in our bedrooms and cry all our tears out 

To keep in a secret, where secrets lie 

[*When secrets seep in *] 

Our heart seeps out 

Our own passion draining smoothly from our lungs 

We breathe in the lies, and out the happiness 

Our own self worth going, where secrets lie 

Where secrets lie 


Where secrets lie 

I lie with them 

I lie with them 

Madison: Mayzie, I had no idea.  

Landon: I’m so sorry 

Mayzie: It’s my fault, I kept it a secret.  

Landon: Mayzie. You thought you were protecting us. It’s not good to keep secrets but that does [_not _]put you at fault. West was wrong. And he could go to jail for that.  

[_SARAH, getting nervous at the talk of WEST begins to get antsy. _] 

Sarah: Are you gonna let us out now?  

Charlotte: I-I-uh-I 

Landon: She threw the key out of the door.  

All except MAYZIE and CHARLOTTE freak out, glare at CHARLOTTE and groan 

Charlotte: Look I’m sorry, I just thought I was doing it for your, for our safety. 

Annie: You locked us all in? 

Charlotte: Can’t you just call someone? 

Sarah: We aren’t allowed to have phones.  

Madison: And the home phone is down the stairs.  

Clark: So essentially we’re trapped.  

Charlotte: I wouldn’t say trapped, I’d say- stuck.  

Landon: Those are synonymous. 

Madison: What? 

Landon: They mean the same thing.  

Madison: Ohhh.  

Charlotte: Different tone.  

Landon: Same meaning. But either way, we’re in a room together, locked in, because you- I’m not saying you’re in the wrong, but-  

Annie: Yes she’s in the wrong, are you kidding? She took West’s gun and locked us in here.  

Sarah: She was doing it to protect us, I’ll give her that.  

[_ANNIE plops down on the bed with a huff. _] 

Landon: Either way, it’s best we stop blaming her, we need to stay as calm as possible.  

Madison: She’s the reason we’re locked in here, she’s the one who needs to get us out.  

Landon: There’s no way out. We just need to wait until West gets home, and then we can get out.  

Hope: Thank you.  

Landon: ‘Course.  


Scene 5 

The Willow Hills kids still are in the room. Landons eyes light up with an idea after several moments of awkward silence. 

Landon: Well you’re all so talkative.  

Annie: Well what are we supposed to be when Mayzie’s life is being threatened.  

Landon: It’s not like he’d actually shoot her.  

Sarah: You don’t know what he’s capable of.  

Landon: He wouldn’t! I know him! 

Annie: You don’t know when someone could just-snap. Break. Shatter into a million pieces. They have their mind all in tact and then all of a sudden they crack, and you don’t know who they are anymore.  

Landon: Okay, Annie.  

Sarah: Can we talk about something else, please.  

Landon: We should play a get to know you game with Charlotte and her brother.  

Clark: I have a name.  

Landon: Dude, I’m sorry, Chris.  

Clark: Clark, my name is Clark.  

Landon: I’m sorry, I’m so bad with names.  

Charlotte: We are [_not _]playing a get to know you game. This is not 4th grade, I refuse.  

Landon: Okay, well what else would you suggest. 

Charlotte: Well I don’t know anything about any of you. But I hate get to know you games.  

Landon: Well, we should take turns talking. We just don’t stop talking, if you stop talking you’re out.  

Charlotte: That’s still a game.  

Landon: Okay, so what do we do, because I’m not going to sit here in silence until West gets home.  

Sarah: Can we stop talking about West? 


Sarah: Just stop, okay! 

[_CLARK pulls a journal out from under a bed, it is SARAHS. He passes it to Charlotte. Lights dim, and the spotlight goes to Charlotte. _] 

Charlotte: [_(To audience) _]I shouldn’t have opened it. I [_know _]I shouldn’t have opened it, and I didn’t mean for anyone to see, I just thought maybe I if I could know more about Sarah then we could get along. The words just escaped my mouth, if I could’ve stayed quiet, no one would’ve seen my peek. [_(In real time) _]Oh my god.  

Sarah: [_(Seeing Charlotte with the journal) _]What the hell are you doing with my journal? 

Charlotte: We need to tell someone.  

Sarah: Give me that.  

Charlotte: We need to contact the police.  

Sarah: [_(reaching for the journal) _]GIVE IT. 

Landon: Wait, you need to tell the police about what? 

Sarah: Nothing.  

Charlotte: [_(reading from the journal) _]West hit me again today. I guess I’m getting used to it by now. There are bruises on my stomach. I don’t know what to do. There is only one thing to do. I need to run away.  

Madison: You’re running away? 

Landon: West beat you? 

Sarah: [_(To Charlotte) _]You snoop! You liar! 

Charlotte: I can’t let this go unsaid. You’re in danger.  

Landon: When did he start beating you? 

Sarah: I- 

I was 9 years old when I came to Willow Hills 

I was fragile and young and yet somehow unafraid 

[*I was a kid. *] 

And he blew his lid 

He kicked my stomach on my third day here. 

9 years old and feeling abandoned 

My parents were gone 

I had no one left 

Now the man who was going to save me from this world 

Was still my enemy 

11 years old and still nothing had changed 

Annie’d come in and started to be my friend 

I was still just as lonely 

I felt as though no one was there 

But at least I had had a friend, I had finally found a friend 

But when nobody saw, he’d attack 

[*Like a vicious wolf in the light of the bright full moon *] 

He said nobody wanted me 

He said he was my only way to live 

So I take what he gives 

And  let him kick in 

[*When nobody sees *] 

Then I was 13 years old and he was rougher 

He would slam the door shut when he came 

He would slam my head against the wall 

He threatened to kick me out 

He threatened to hurt Annie 

And that was enough to shut me up for good 

Now I’m 15 years old and it never gets better 

When he gets home he will open the door 

Tell me to come downstairs 

Tell me to lay down on the floor 

And then he will hurt me 

He will hurt me 

He will kick me 

He will punch me 

He will send me back up to my room and I will sob 

Quietly, so Annie would never hear 

[*And nobody sees. *] 

[*What that man can be *] 

Cause when nobody saw, he’d attack 

[*Like a vicious wolf in the light of the bright full moon *] 

He said nobody wanted me 

He said he was my only way to live 

So I take what he gives 

And  let him kick in 

[*When nobody sees *] 

When nobody sees 

[_SARAH bursts into tears and LANDON hugs her, the rest of the kids join in and hug her. _] 

Annie: We have to tell someone. We have to report this.  

Sarah: I-I don’t want to cause any trouble.  

Annie: First Mayzie, and now you. There’s absolutely no way I can just let that man go unpunished.  

Mayzie: He’s not a man. He’s a monster.  

Landon: I-I don’t know.  

Annie: I’d rather Sarah and Mayzie, and for a matter of fact, all of us be safe from West.  

Landon: I can’t go to another group home. I can’t.  

Clark: So you’d rather put their life in danger? 

Landon: [_(flustered) _]No! I don’t want that-I-I grew up here! I can’t leave now! 

Charlotte: Clark has a point, you’re choosing between comfort and safety.  

Sarah: Not just safety for Mayzie and I, but safety for you too.  

Madison: This is all very scary.  

Charlotte: It is very scary. Landon, listen to me, we can fix this. We can change the way Sarah and Mayzie are treated.  

Landon: They’re like my sisters.  

Sarah: And you’re like my brother. But I can’t live like this anymore.  

Mayzie: We love you, Landon. But if you love us you have to put our safety first. We didn’t have to tell you about what West has done. And if you sit by and know it’s happening, you’re just as bad as West.  

Charlotte: I know it’s hard but if you love them, you’ll put them first.  

Landon: I want to! I want to trust that things will be okay. I want to let go  

I want to let go, I want to hold on 

I want to be here and I want to be gone 

I want to shut up and I want to be loud 

I want to stand out yet I want to be in the crowd 

I want you right here and I want you away 

I want you so safe and I want me in danger 

I want you so safe 

I want you so safe 

I want you so safe 

[* *]

But I love you 

I love you so much 

I love you 

[*I love you *] 

I love you 

We’ve grown up here 

In the walls of this house 

I can’t imagine leaving 

Sneaking away like I never was here 

[*But I love you *] 

Yes I love you 

[* *]

In the walls of this house I’ve hid for years 

Behind you all I’ve feared 

Afraid I’d have to leave again 

Leave my loves the begin the end 

In the walls of this house I’ve grown up tall 

Years and years old, I’d climb and fall 

I never I would leave 

But hearing you makes me grieve 

[*I could never go *] 

I could never go 

I could never go 

[* *]

But I love you 

I love you so much 

I love you 

[*I love you *] 

I love you 

We’ve grown up here 

In the walls of this house 

I can’t imagine leaving 

Sneaking away like I never was here 

[*But I love you *] 

Yes I love you 

[* *]

And I 

Knew we would grow apart 

Go off to college and split 

[*But I *] 

Thought I’d have more time 

With you 

Oh with you 

With you 

But I love you 

I love you so much 

I love you 

[*I love you *] 

I love you 

We’ve grown up here 

In the walls of this house 

I can’t imagine leaving 

Sneaking away like I never was here 

[*But I love you *] 

Yes I love you 


Sarah: I’m so sorry, Landon.  

Landon: No. You did the right thing, it’s just, I just- 

Mayzie: Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing. But we keep pushing. And we keep fighting for what’s right, because the right thing will always be the best thing.  

Charlotte: Wait a second. We can fix this! 

Landon: What do you mean? 

Charlotte: We don’t have to split up, [_you _]don’t have to split up.  

Sarah: I’m not staying here. Not after I told you all.  

Charlotte: You wouldn’t have to! It’s the perfect solution.  

[_Everyone is clearly getting excited. _] 

Mayzie: Well? 

Madison: How do we all stay together? 

Charlotte: It’s simple. We just tell the people who put us in foster care to keep us together.  

Everyone deflates. MAYZIE begins to get angry 

Mayzie: Please tell me you’re kidding.  

Charlotte: It’s easy! All we do is- 

Mayzie: [_Please _]tell me that isn’t your idea.  

Charlotte: Why? What’s wrong with it? 

Mayzie: Oh my god, you’re serious.  

Charlotte: I’m confused.  

Sarah: Mayzie, she’s new. 

Mayzie: So you just wave your magic wand and everything’s fixed? That’s how it is. Because it’s not like any of us wanted to have our siblings taken away from us! 

Charlotte: You had siblings? 

Mayzie: Oh yeah. I had a sister. Annie had two brothers. But no, everyone gets a happy ending because [_you _]did.  

Annie: What she means is- 

Mayzie: Don’t translate for me. You know why we’re here, Charlotte? You wanna know? Because nobody wanted us. Nobody.  

Clark: Mayzie, I’m sorry you- 


[*Who could love me? Poor old Mayzie. *] 

What could they want? 

Been in the system for fourteen fucking years 

Who would I be? 

Who would I be if somebody wanted me 

If somebody wanted me 

[* *]

I bet I’d be in a big white house with a perfectly painted fence 

And two parents who would love me even when I’m a mess 

And maybe I’d have siblings who’d tell me to behave 

But most of all I’d have a home to stay 

To stay 

Who would I be if someone had cared 

Who would I be if someone had dared 

Who would I be if someone had told me that everything would be fine 

Would would I be 

If somebody wanted me 

If someone had wanted me 

[* *]

I bet I’d have a family who’d sit together once a day 

I bet I’d have a mom who knits 

And when it’s getting cold outside she’s pull out lavender sweaters 

Ad they’d always perfectly fit 

I bet I’d have a dad who was loving 

Who’d teach me how to change a car in an old dusty garage 

(Belting so loud, you can hear the pain and want in her voice.) 

He’d toss me the keys to my new used car 

[*And he’d teach me how to drive *] 

And we’d drive through all of Bozeman 

And we’d drive down Grand avenue 

Through all of Montana and then 

We’d stop for coffee and hit the road again 

From Troy to Baker across the whole of the state 

(Calming down) 

And we’d smile at each other in the silence of the car 

And suddenly the distance doesn’t seem so far 

And we get back to Bozeman and we laugh in that dusty garage 

(She breaks, plopping down on the bed, realizing this elaborate daydream will never happen) 

But they didn’t want me anyway 

They’d never want me anyway 

[* *]

Who would I be if someone had cared 

Who would I be if someone had dared 

Who would I be if someone had told me that everything would be okay 

Would would I be 

If somebody wanted me 

If someone had wanted me 

If somebody wanted me. 

[* *]

Charlotte: I don’t understand?! They couldn’t separate you guys! You’re practically family.  

Mayzie: Don’t you get it?! They don’t care about us. They don’t care about where we are, as long as they don’t have to deal with us. They, the system, the evil friggin’ system is corrupt.  

Charlotte: We can petition the courts! 

Mayzie: Do you have money for a lawyer.  

Charlotte: There has to be a way! 

Mayzie: But their isn’t. And at some point you have to learn to live with that.  

[_Lights dim, spotlight is on CHARLOTTE _] 

Charlotte: Dear diary, I feel so powerless. I feel so stranded. It’s like there’s- 

The spotlights shine on whomever is speaking, but one is always on CHARLOTTE 

Mayzie: -Nothing you can do. Maybe you should learn to-  

Sarah: -Think about things logically before you say something, before you-  

Landon: -Get our hopes up about things that will-  

Mayzie: -Never happen. You’re one of us now and you-  

Clark: -Are my sister. Now what if they split us-  

Madison: -All apart. We wouldn’t be safe anymore. We would be-  

Charlotte: -Stranded. So you’re planning on-  

Landon: -Stealing West’s phone and-  

Mayzie: -Calling the police and reporting West-  

Sarah: -He could kill us, so we need to-  

Madison: -Be prepared to fight back but-  

Clark: -What if something goes wrong. What if-  

Charlotte: -He shoots us.  


Charlotte: Dear diary, I’m not sure what to do.  

End of Act I. 

Act 2 

Scene 1 

[_CHARLOTTE stands in the middle of the stage with the light only on her. She writes in her diary. _] 

Charlotte: Dear diary, the more I speak, the more tension builds. It’s like everything I do is wrong. I’m scared of ripping the Willow Hills kids apart. I’m afraid that I’m the reason they’re separating.  

Lights up on the Willow Hills kids in a circle, playing “Never Have I Ever” 

Landon: Never have I ever read a book over 300 pages.  

[_MADISON, ANNIE and MAYZIE clap their hands once and put a finger down. _] 

Charlotte: Wait! I’m still confused on how to play.  

Landon: I say something I haven’t done. If you’ve done it, you clap and put a finger down.  

Charlotte: So if I’ve read a book over 300 pages I clap? 

Landon: Yes.  

Charlotte: Well duh. [_(She claps and puts a finger down) _] 

 Landon: Gee, thanks.  

Madison: Never have I ever drank Gatorade.  

[_Everyone claps and put a finger down. Except MADISON. _] 

Clark: Oh my god, really? 

Madison: Yeah. We don’t have that in England.  

Charlotte: Oh wow.  

Sarah: My turn! Never have I ever been out of Montana.  

[_CHARLOTTE and MADISON put their fingers down and clap. CLARK glares at CHARLOTTE. _] 

Madison: Really? That’s just plain rude.  

Mayzie: Charlotte, I thought you said you’ve been in Bozeman all your life? 

Charlotte: (Flustered) I-um-I misunderstood the question! You said been out of Montana? I thought you said been in Montana! Whoops! I mean, why would I ever leave Montana, with all those-um-cows? 

[_Everyone is suspicious of CHARLOTTE but they let it slide. _] 

Landon: Mayzie, how about you go.  

Mayzie: Uh, okay. Never have I ever-uh-shoplifted.  

LANDON claps and puts his finger down 

Charlotte: Oh my god, are you serious?!  

Landon: Pre-foster care. I was 3. I stole a pack of batteries from a radio shack. 

Sarah: A radio shack? Who the hell goes to Radio Shack? 

They all laugh 

Landon: Clark, bud, why don’t you go? 

Clark: Never have I ever skipped class.  

ANNIE claps and puts a finger down. 

Sarah: What?! When?!  

Annie: Long story.  

Sarah: Your turn, Charlotte! 

Charlotte: Pass.  

Landon: [_(Not happy that CHARLOTTE passed) _]I guess I’ll go then. Never have I ever…been called a slut. [_(He laughs) _] 

[_All the girls clap and put a finger down. _] 

Landon: What?! How?! Madison you’re so young- Annie I know for a fact you’ve never-  

Charlotte: It’s practically just life for girls. We’re all just…sluts to everyone. No matter what. We all just get called sluts.  

Landon: [_(In disbelief) _]Never have I ever been catcalled.  

[_All the girls put their fingers down and clap. _] 

Landon: Never have I ever- 

Mayzie: Stop, Landon.  

Landon: You’re lying, Madison. Please tell me you’re lying.  

Madison: Why do you want me to be lying? 

Landon: Because you’re thirteen, you’re a [_child. _]Children shouldn’t be catcalled, or-or be called sluts. That’s just wrong.  


It’s the norm, to be called a slut 

Even though you’ve never touched a boy 

Even if  you’re pure as hell you always- 


[*Are a whore *] 

It’s a norm to be called a whore 

It’s a norm from the moment we’re born 

Not a human just a- 


Piece of meat 

Rarely get respect from people on the street 

[*Like, hey cutie come take a ride in my car *] 

And I’m scared he might take me away 

From my- 


Home. Or what’s left of it 

From my brother and sisters and school 

This home isn’t much but he’ll take me away 

[*For good. He’ll take me away *] 


Forever. He’ll take me away forever 

To the room in his basement 

Where he’ll never let me see my room again 

So when he says “C’mon why are you running” 

I run like hell to the hills 

And I keep running 


[*I don’t stop running *] 


I keep running 

Because I’m afraid he catch me 

Because I’m afraid he won’t leave me alone 

[*I am afraid of his hands on me *] 



And I am afraid he will find me 

And I am afraid of his mind 


I am afraid of his intentions 

His poor intentions 


And he drives off in his explorer 

To attack some poor other girl 

And I am afraid of the girl and the man who will get her 


That poor girl could die today 

[*And I feel bad for being relieved *] 

But I’m safe 

[*And I’m home *] 

Still shaking 

Still scared 


But I’m home 

I’m home 

[*Still shaking *] 

[*Still scared *] 

But I’m home 

I’m home 

I’m home 

Landon: I-I had no idea. I feel so ashamed. 

Charlotte: It’s not your fault, Landon. It’s…I don’t know who’s fault it is, but it’s not yours. It’s not an “all men are responsible” thing. It’s a “society is a bitch” kind of thing.  

Landon: I just- I don’t know if I’m adding to the problem. I don’t want to be the reason you run away scared. [_I’m _]scared of being your source of fear. I just- 

Sarah: Landon! Enough! You’re fine! I promise.  

Landon: I just- 

Sarah: Landon.  

Annie: My dad once told me, when I was really little, that you’re only responsible for the choices [_you _]make. The choices you are responsible for. That’s it. That’s all.  

Charlotte: Your dad? 

Annie: Yeah?  

Charlotte: You have a dad? 

Annie: I had a dad? 

Charlotte: Oh, I- 

Annie: What, because I’m a foster kid I can’t talk about my parents? I’m not allowed to know about them, they just don’t exist? 

Charlotte: No-I- 

Annie: Because they did. They were amazing. And they aren’t something I’m just going to throw away because you don’t want to hear about them. 

Charlotte: ANNIE. Please. I wasn’t saying you weren’t allowed to talk about your parents. I’m sure they were great. I just- I thought all foster kids hated their families and-  

Landon: Woah Charlotte… 

Charlotte: I’m new to this, okay? I’ve never been exposed to this kind of thing. This whole world of foster care.  

Annie: Most of us miss our families. Most of us would die to see them again. To relive that moment. The last time we saw them.  

I remember the last time I saw her 

Looking through her purse for her checkbook 

My mom 

I remember her telling me she’d be back in an hour 

I remember her telling me that’d I be just fine 

All alone 

[* In my home*] 

I remember dad telling me that mom was just stressed 

I remember him saying she’d be fine in an hour or 2 

If he only knew 

She picked up her purse and she headed out 

Dad followed behind and I started to pout 

Please don’t leave 

Please don’t leave 

And mom said, that’d it all be fine 

She kissed my forehead and looked me in the eye 

And smiled 

Oh that smile 

That last time I saw her smile 

[*She was headed out the door for the bank *] 

And I miss it 

[*The way her forehead crinkled *] 

I miss it 

The way she looked at me with her eyes 

Oh her eyes 

So she headed out the door and then 

[*I was alone. *] 

[* *]

3 hours went by and I never got word 

I waited for hours as time was curved 

I waited by the door and I waited more time 

Until 2 cops arrived 

“I’m sorry little girl” They said 

“I’m sorry little girl” They said with solemn eyes 

They told me they died 

My parents had died 

They never caught the man with the gun at the bank 

And I cried 

Oh I cried 

And I thought to myself of moms smile 

Oh moms smile 

Oh that smile 

That last time I saw her smile 

[*She was headed out the door for the bank *] 

And I miss it 

[*The way her forehead crinkled *] 

I miss it 

The way she looked at me with her eyes 

Oh her eyes 

So she headed out the door and then 

[*I was alone. *] 

I’m always alone now 

I’m always afraid now 

I wondered what they’d say 

If they saw me today 

If they see me smile 


The last time I saw her smile 

She was heading out the door 

She didn’t turn around after that anymore 

I wonder what they’d say if they knew I was here today 

If I could see her smile that way 

But now I have to pay 

For the choices that bastard made 

In the bank 

What I’d give 

To see her smile 


To see her smile again 

Charlotte: Oh my god, Annie. That’s awful.  

Landon: We all have stories like that, Charlotte. We all lost our parents in some way.  

Sarah: Either they screwed up or died or…none of us have parents anymore.  

Clark: How did-you know. All of you- 


[*My family grew up in Wales. *] 

In a little town called Abercarn 

We would sit 

And we would play 

Then my mom started smoking 

It started with pot and then got worse 

Crack and Heroin were her best friend 

We were speeded closer to the end 

She wasted money on plane tickets here 

[*She flew and left us on the pier *] 

By the lake 

My last day 

She said I was stupid 

Our last days 

Said I was a mistake 

My last day 

Was nothing but pain 


Our last days 


My mom had died when I was 3 

Dad took the risks to afford to raise me 

He started to drink and it got real bad 

When he got home from work he’d get mad 

He’d hit me 

And he’d beat me 

Like West still does today 

Between him and my dad 

I never caught a break 

And then I tried to fly 

From here to Idaho 

Called the cops 

One Sunday night 

And Dad told me to pack my bags and go 

My last day 

Was a wreck 

Anyone can atest 

I had a sister 

Who I can’t find 

It’s been years since I have seen her 

My last day 

Was so hard 

And it did me no good 

Now I’m stuck 

[*Always stuck *] 

To the same old tune 


My parents fought all day and night 

Every day they would always start a fight 

So one day I decided I was done 

Grabbed 50 bucks and to the train I’d run 

And I rode on that train 

‘Till it stopped it Bozeman 

And I walked to this place 

Where a man could take me in 

I said I had no home 

And I wanted a family 

So they put me here 

And I’ve stayed right here 

Who knows where they are 


Our last days 

Were a disaster 

We remember the contents like the back of our hand 

And we think we’d go back 

Until we look again 

Our last days 

Were the beginning of the end 

Our last days 

Were the beginning of the end 

Charlotte: Jesus! Landon, Sarah, Madison- I-  

Landon: We don’t need your sympathy.  

Sarah: It’s honestly okay. I’ve come to terms with it.  

Madison: As have I. It’s just- difficult to talk about. But it helps.  

Landon: It’s a relief to talk about, to be honest.  

Annie: So why are you here? 

Charlotte: I told you, my mom was an alcoholic. [_(changing the subject) _] You all, Annie included are so brave. I- I feel so honored to have met you.  

Annie: Not honored enough to tell us the truth. 

Charlotte: What? 

Annie: You lied to us, from the start. You read Sarah’s diary. You keep lying.  

Sarah: Annie, I’m not mad about her- 

Annie: We just told you our past, the most personal thing about us and you still don’t have the balls to fess up and explain to us why you’re here.  

Charlotte: I told you I- 

Annie: Do [_not _]lie to my face like that. Don’t you fucking dare. I told you everything in hopes that you would feel safe enough to open up. I’ve held my tongue this whole time so that you would feel safe enough to open up. And what do you do? You spit on me. Your metaphorical spit is all over me. You lied to me. After I told you how my parents died. After I relived a traumatic event, for [_you. You, _]who is far too good to be here. [_You, _]who has to know everything about everyone, but you don’t give us a clue as to who you are!  

Landon: Annie, breathe.  

Annie: And [_you, _]who comes in and tears our home apart, burning all these trails. All these forests that we’ve worked so hard to build. And you come in and light a match to every single one of them. People don’t get here because of alcoholism, Charlotte. They just don’t. 

Sarah: Charlotte, I think it might be best if you tell us why you and Clark are here. I feel it might be better for all of us.  

[_CHARLOTTE looks at CLARK and CLARK nods, signaling her to tell them. _] 

Charlotte: Okay. The night before I came to Bozeman, my mom, Clara Jones- 

[_Footsteps are heard trudging up the steps. _] 

Landon: Oh my god. It’s West.  

Charlotte: Finally!  

[_The footsteps stop. We hear WEST pick up the gun. He cocks it. _] 

West: [_(offstage) _]Playing with guns are we?  

Mayzie: He cocked it. He’s going to- 

Landon: He’s going to kill us.  

Sarah: Oh my god.  

[_Footsteps get louder. He bangs on the door. _] 

West: [_(offstage) _]Where’s the damn key? 

LANDON tries to open the window, but it won’t budge. 

Landon: It-won’t-open 

Sarah: Landon, hurry! 

[_ANNIE runs to the closet and gets a high heel and tosses it to LANDON. LANDON takes the heel and slams the window open with it. _] 

West: [_(offstage) _]The hell  was that?!  

[_This scene can be done a variety of ways, video screening, creative set building. Use your imagination. _] 

[_LANDON climbs onto the roof, they are on the second floor. He takes SARAH’s hand and they start to balance on the roof. The foster kids climb out one by one until only CHARLOTTE and CLARK are left. _] 

Landon: Charlotte, c’mon.  

Charlotte: I can’t I- Landon I can’t.  

Landon: He’ll kill you Charlotte. [_Please. _] 

West: [_(offstage) _]Open! This! Door! 

Charlotte: What if I fall? 

Landon: I’ll catch you.  

Clark: Charlotte, we have to go.  

Charlotte: I- 

Landon: You have to come with me. You have to trust me right now.  

Charlotte: I-I trust you.  

Landon: Please.  

[_CHARLOTTE climbs onto the roof and LANDON picks up CLARK and carries him. They go to the window next to theirs. _] 

Landon: This is West’s room. It connects to the fire escape. If we go in here we can get out.  

[_LANDON takes ANNIE’s high heel and smashes the other window. They all crawl in and climb down the ladder onto the street below them. _] 

Charlotte: Where now? We have nowhere to go.  

Landon: We-we have to report West. To the police.  

Charlotte: But you’ll get separated.  


[*But I *] 

Thought I’d have more time 

With you 

Oh with you 

With you 

But I love you 

I love you so much 

I love you 

[*I love you *] 

I love you 

We’ve grown up here 

In the walls of this house 

I can’t imagine leaving 

Sneaking away like I never was here 

[*But I love you *] 

Yes I love you 

I have to love you 

[* *]

[_The foster children exit. _] 

*Blackout. * 

[* *]

Scene 2 

[_The kids sit in the police station together, holding hands. The spotlights go on them individually as they make their statements. _] 

Mayzie: He would threaten me, at least three times a week. He would rip out his gun and say he’d shoot me. He was going to do it this time, he was ready to shoot.  

Landon: I didn’t see anything wrong at the time, but officer I assure you he was going to kill us. He was going to kill us all.  

Annie: Sarah’d come to bed with bruises. We never knew what they were from. She’d promise they were only her being klutzy.  

Sarah: Almost everyday he’d hit me. He’d kick me, he’d punch me. Whatever anger he’d had at everyone else, he’d take out on me.  

Madison: He was mean. He never hit me but he’d yell at us. Almost every day.  

All: He’s not fit to be a foster parent.  

[_CHARLOTTE is in a chair center stage, cops on one side of her, the foster children to the right. Both sides listening intenty. _] 

Charlotte: I had gotten to Willow Hills that day, I had found a gun under the floorboard and I-  

[*I threw the key and the gun outside the door. *] 

[*I hoped that I was helping, I don’t know if I did. *] 

But I was new and scared and lonely 

And I didn’t know anyone at all 

Cop: How’d you end up here? 

My mom, she drank alot 

Every night, she’d come home drunker than the night before 

And she’d hit Clark or me or dad, but we stood by 

She got a gun from who knows where 

And she came home one night 

Drunk as hell, pulled out the gun 

And shot 

My dad fell to the ground 

His scream still replays in my mind 

He did nothing wrong 

Just tried to protect us 

Just to protect us 

Clark and I, we ran upstairs 

We locked the doors and said our prayers 

And god didn’t save my dad that day 

I wish god had saved my dad that day 

Clark called 9-1-1 as I sobbed in hysterics 

And his tiny little mouth said words I can’t forget 

My mommies got a gun 

She shot my daddy 

I think he’s in heaven now 

I think he’s in heaven now 

And my heart shattered 

The man I loved was gone 

And the woman that killed him 

Shares my blood 

I should’ve shot her 

I should’ve killed her then and there 

I heard the sirens and the lights flashed bright 

Everything I’d ever known was gone 

The cops came and they took Clark and I away 

And they told us they’d find a place for us to stay 

And I came here, in the silence, and it’s all so scary and strange 

And I found 

I was gone 

All hope was gone 

I should’ve tried to save him 

[*I should’ve called the cops *] 

I should’ve done a lot of things I didn’t do ‘cause I was scared 

I should’ve 

I should’ve 

I should’ve 

[*And I’m sorry. *] 

[* *]

*Blackout. * 

[* *]

Scene 3 

[_All the foster kids now stand behind CHARLOTTE writing in her diary. CHARLOTTE reads the messages aloud. _] 


From Mayzie: 

[*Hey Charlotte. *] 

Thanks for understanding and thanks for finding the gun 

This diary looks like it must be so fun 

Thanks for the memories, they kinda sucked but that’s okay 

[*I learned so much from you on this one snowy day. *] 

From Sarah: 

[*Hey Charlotte. *] 

[*I know we’ll never meet again *] 

Or maybe we will, who knows 

[*But thank you for reading my diary *] 

Even though your personal space blows 

You taught me how to be a stronger person 

You taught me that secrets kill 

So thank you 

Good luck on your journey 

[*In life. *] 

[*Have fun. *] 

From Madison. 

[*Hi Charlotte. *] 

Goodbye for now, I’ll see you one day 

I feel it in my bones we’ll meet again 

You taught me that secrets hold a lot of power within 

Come to England 

I’ll be there 

[*From Annie. *] 

[*Hey Charlotte. *] 

[*I didn’t really like you *] 

But you taught me that I’ll be okay 

I can handle my own story, my parents aren’t too far away 

From Landon. 

[*Hi Charlotte. *] 

[*You better come to visit me *] 

Because I’ll miss you a ton 

Learn to trust in yourself 

It’s worth it if you just believe it’d be fun 

[*Goodbye. *] 


[*Goodbye. *] 


[*Dear future Charlotte. *] 

I’m still learning to love myself 

And it’s always been hard but 

Here’s to the years to growing old and gray 

[*And still falling apart *] 


Still falling apart 

[*It’s okay to be still falling apart. *] 

[* *]

Charlotte: Dear diary. This has been the scariest, craziest 24 hours I’ve ever lived. Bozeman was…a story to be told. And a story I’m going to tell. And maybe one that other people will tell. My time in Bozeman wasn’t the happiest time of my life. But it was a moment. A memorable moment. And that’s all a moment can truly ask to be. A single moment in the vastness of the universe. A second, a fragment of time in this ever-dying, grueling world. And that’s all I ever wanted to be. I truly want to live for just right now. And only now. Because if it wasn’t for right now, there would be no yesterday, or tomorrow, or anything. Everything, every second of every day is made up of just right now. And that’s a pretty amazing thing.  

[_CHARLOTTE closes her diary. _] 

*Blackout. * 

End of Act II 

End of show 

[* *]


[* *]


[* *]

[* *]

[_ _]


Bozeman - A Musical

Charlotte Jones is moved to the Willow Hill Group Home, located in the heart of Bozeman, Montana. She locks herself in a room with 5 other foster children and her brother, Clark. They quickly begin to learn more about each other, and the lies that reside within the group home.

  • ISBN: 9781370755660
  • Author: Persephone Litchfield
  • Published: 2017-05-13 08:05:10
  • Words: 9687
Bozeman - A Musical Bozeman - A Musical