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By Wild Rose Cherry

Copyright © 2016 by Wild Rose Cherry

Published by Wild Rose Cherry at Shakespir

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Table of Contents

Bound to Man

Bound for a Woman

Into This World


Every Where

Confusing Things

At Last



Bound to Man

My creator was a man,

So I always kneel to man.

What kind of logic is this?

The brothers I love are men;

I understand all of that.

I need them each hour and place.

I’m bound in my aching chest,

A man comes to salve my wound.

His heart beats in time with mine.

My heart chimes with his drumbeat,

Mourning man’s many mistakes.

Both hearts are worn out by sin.

We smile to one another

In brief times of worldly peace.

We send hate high when love dies.

When our monuments crumble,

Man and woman flail and die.

We thrive when the world is new.

We brave the wilds together,

We lie down when we’ve been spent.

We share the children’s nightmares.

I look to my lover’s eyes,

And leave the world in sorrow.

Why must we be bound to man?

Bound for a Woman

A man once had me over to his place,

I looked into the fire fading before me.

His woman, it seems, left with no trace,

She was free of his grief – that I could see.

Memories of his hung on the walls,

Like ornaments in many a home.

Scents of failure lurked in the halls;

Books in piles from the days of Rome.

He asked me how his wife was now,

Wanted to know about her new friends.

She’s well, I said, though I didn’t tell how,

Better she’ll be, when her heart mends.

I left in a rush at the sound of his crying,

Hopes for his healing having grown dim.

Grey clouds spit rain down on the dying -

I was the thief who had stolen from him.

Into This World

Cinnamon and saffron within the same jar,

Look out at a world that seems to not care;

Glass can be seen straight and right through,

But a labyrinth was built up all around me.

In your eyes, I can see my many regrets,

Having lived for so many thoughtless years.

With you, I know where true things are found,

For love may guide the meandering life.

Better in a dark corner by you, my love,

Then in all the gardens rounded by walls.

Terror fills me when you seem distant,

Holding fast is what you wished me to do.

Can I survive without my cinnamon?

Your warmth enlivens my dried-flower flesh.

Would you leave by the hand of another?

I pale when not nestled by your sweet side.


I tried to heal my wound

By putting it on you;

I heard you stop your song,

And whistle a new tune.

Our nights were warm and light,

Then coldness came and stayed.

We lose our way in life

When dead memory invades.

Every Where

A maze your mind has made,

Of the times you have known.

Every where you pervade

In the places you’ve shown.

Over here, your first love;

Back up there, a spoiled child.

You saw me as your dove,

You hadn’t seen me wild.

A marriage bed unused

Was like a stillborn thought.

You found your place with me

And in our home we fought.

Till regret do us part,

My grave beckons to me.

I’ll hold you in my heart,

If ever you go free.

Side by side in our bed,

I drink your words so kind.

I followed where you led,

Our lives are so entwined.

Confusing Things

Pine trees taken away,

Toasters made in China,

Sneaky ads that never say -

In the kitchen with Dinah.

Love spins the world around,

Cash is a girl’s best friend,

Crying without a sound,

The broken hearts will spend.

Women lust in their bed,

Who’s making a fuss?

Can’t forget what God said,

In hatred you must trust.

At Last

At last you are designing me,

To stop my doing when you call.

I fit within your ample eyes,

Colours astound me in the fall.

Turning around I always do,

Seeing your mirror in my gaze.

Following you up the stairs,

The nights ascend into the days.

Mountains rumble over the earth,

Waters catch the lure that is cast.

I have come to you from the depths,

To find peace in your arms at last.



This small sampling of my poetry and prose is centered on the points of view of a woman who loves women. From our ambivalence towards sharing a world with men, to genuine remorse over disillusioned partners, on to comparing the love between women to the mingling of spices, these seven poems are gentle and serious reminders of the importance of love in individual lives, and the world as a whole. No adult-only content.

  • ISBN: 9781370748679
  • Author: Wild Rose Cherry
  • Published: 2016-09-03 01:20:09
  • Words: 846
Bound Bound