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Do You Remember Day One?

Me neither, but oh my goodness, the day we were born must have been quite the explosive revelation to our minds! We had been confined to a small place of safety for quite a while and suddenly, WOW! It’s interesting when realized, we were all born identically so. Not one of us exited our Mother’s womb casually complacent regarding our new “massive” surroundings.

As if landing on another planet in another galaxy, we were awestruck with the magnitude of what we were beholding! Our new environment’s information was fluorescently colorful and seemingly limitless in scope. Our faculties would still need to be developed but already present and installed by God was our ability to be amazed and amazed we were!

If we could have talked our dialog would have included words, phrases, and questions such as: This is big! I’m gobsmacked! Are you kidding me? Who are all these people? Why are they all so big? Why am I so small? Why are they all staring at me? Did I just “fall” out of my Mother and if so, do these strangers know how to put be back. Perhaps I get to stay, although I’m not sure if that’s a safe idea considering the secure confines I just left? Is it just me or is anyone else cold? I’m so overwhelmed I think I’ll just cry and see where that takes me. And our journey began!

The point is, we were all equally amazed at our new unknown and although unable to verbalize our amazement, we did our very best to process all this brand-new information that flowed like a raging river into our minds. In our infancy we discovered two very important dynamics to life: The unknown can be “a little” scary, but it can also be “a lot” cool!

Hello Mr. Coffee Table

It wouldn’t be very long before our adventurous spirits concluded that if there was going to be a journey, mobility that transcended crawling would have to be incorporated into our lives. Our introduction to walking was no doubt an adventure of un-paralleled peril but we couldn’t resist the challenge with its endless possibilities.

During those early steps we met Mr. Coffee Table. We weren’t sure if he was friend or foe. He was certainly helpful in assisting our uprightness but our very tender foreheads always seemed to encounter his very hard surface as if he was playing some sadistic trick on us. Perhaps he was a necessary evil in the process we surmised, so we continued to use him as a prop for our much desired end result. Walking was going to be “amazing” and if Mr. Coffee Table’s inclusion in the plan was a “must”, then so be it! Besides, Mom and Dad couldn’t hover over us without ceasing so we were going to need a third party if success was to be ours.

We would learn in those early days that the painful “ouches of life” can be followed by two very opposite reactions: Lay prostrate on the carpet and be defeated by life’s bumps and bruises, or get up and try again. Also realized in our education was the revelation that “hard things” can in time become friends.

Back then “inspiration” was a constant dynamic in the atmospheres of our lives. We no longer missed the “cocooned” safety of our past residence. We couldn’t understand its now named “womb”. Perhaps an incorrect pronunciation of “room”, we thought. But this was no time to get bogged down in semantics. We had a “huge” life to discover. We were too busy pondering possibilities as we found ourselves positioned in the back seats of our parent’s moving vehicles thinking: “Wow, this is amazing”!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so please allow me to break from “tradition” for a moment to share something I noticed on-line recently. Its captions and facial expressions really do accurately display the beautiful innocence of childhood. A innocence that I’m not convinced was meant to be totally left behind in the process of “growing up”. Can’t we be amazed adults?

Fellow Adventurers

Does anyone remember the “sand box”. The place of meeting with other sojourners of a similar age. Back then it was an integral inclusion in all parks. A church-like creation where testimonies regarding the “incredible” were exchanged. So, are you saying you can make “castles” by using a plastic pail and shovel? Wow, that’s amazing, show me how!

There were those unfortunate mishaps of “still to be worked out clumsiness” when sand would end up in mouths, noses, ears, hair, and all manner of orifices sand doesn’t belong, but building castles meant taking risks, and the reward was deemed as worth it!

We still remembered our dear old friend Mr. Coffee Table, and the lessons he imparted to our psyches. “Sometimes the pain is worth the gain”! We considered “sand castles” applicable to the mindset! Besides, there was still that “car thing” on our minds so perhaps “sand castles” could possibly be a stepping stone in that direction?

We were about three-ish. We hadn’t yet been politicized, culturalized, racialized, categorized, nor pasteurized. No, too early for that. We were simply happy to be learning from and sharing with our fellow sojourners as we journeyed together in this magnificently amazing thing called life! “Innocence” is a beautiful state of being, where you haven’t yet been taught all the things you should have never been taught later! The Garden Of Eden “pre-fall” quickly comes to mind as being perfectly descriptive. I imagine Adam and Eve spent those early days immersed in their “amazement” of God’s provision. Innocence and amazing do seem to be co-related. A mind that refuses to be inspired will never experience amazing. How could it with its determined desire to remain earth bound in its thinking?

Infantile and “innocent” are not the same. Child-ish and “child-like” are equally different. To forfeit the italicized descriptives in those two sentences for the comfort of predictability, is a terrible life demeaning choice. “Amazing” is the net result of a life lived in the improvisational, with impromptu flashes of watching God’s plan for you and others, explode before your very eyes. It is breathtaking! It’s appreciating and acknowledging all things in wonderment, through the lens of heaven. Amazing is bigger than the world can provide as it transcends the mundane obvious and catapults you into the glorious. We were born “amazed” and were never meant to grow out of it!

So, What Happened?

In short: We sadly conformed to the massively limiting status quo of whatever our individual environments were! It kept us in the majority. It was safe. It maintained our acceptability and popularity. It was also spiritually debilitating to the extreme!

For us that call God “Father”, how does that align itself with His magnificent creativity? We have been created in His image to be able to observe as He observes. Insight is no more than higher sight fueled by our burning desire to see it. The “it” spoken of is always there. The “it” spoken of is “amazing”! Neither of those two factual statements are up for debate. The only question that remains is, how valued is that visual to us.

Do we want to see things horizontally or vertically? One is amazing the other is not! If mundane is our lot in life, then the likelihood is, it’s there by our own choice thus self-inflicted. The good news found in that truth is this: We can change our minds in a heartbeat! We can lift our eyes higher with a guaranteed promise from God to accommodate.

Matthew 7 -11: “If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him”?

Seeing The Unseen

2 Corinthians 3 – 18: “And we all who with unveiled faces ( vertical sight ) contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into His image with ever-increasing glory which comes from the Lord who is Spirit”.

From glory to ever-increasing glory is to be our inherited and God gifted lot in life! Abundant life as the bible promises, is the abundant presence of Jesus in it. Age therefore, should only enhance the reality of our Lord’s glory! Thus orchestrated, led, and fed by the Holy Spirit is the “can’t do without” contingent to an amazing life.

I can’t be doing “my own thing” and have His radiance reverberating through my days as an ever-present tangible dynamic. Jesus can’t be an add-on of religious convenience. He must become the object of my affection as I am His! A two way relationship is called for and has never been suggested by Him as optional. That’s not legalism but rather realism.

I must look into His beautiful heart and come to grips with why I love Him, and then decide with that understanding firmly entrenched in my soul: Who else would it make sense for me to want to emulate? I’ve tasted and seen how amazingly good my Lord is, but if sitting on my right to be predominately “me” is the net result, then my appreciation for His goodness without the desire of that goodness to be transferred into my own life, leaves me with a serious question as to my appreciation’s legitimacy.

In common terms: If I were any extremely wealthy man and bestowed my generosity on you, I would hope you would then become generous. If you didn’t I would consider the equation only half completed according to my initial purpose in being generous.

Jesus Said?

Jesus said: “By this everyone will know you are my disciples if ”? Now we all know how that scripture ends with “you love one another” but may I take a moment of liberty to hopefully provide clarity. Have you ever noticed that a scripture can be read so many times that its profoundness gets a little lost in its repetitiveness.

So, a true story to enhance an important truth, then we will get back to my “liberty” moment:

I have a Son who lives close by to where I reside. He is now in his mid-forties and living happily with his family in a town nearby. But there was a time in his twenties when we shared the same roof over our heads. Just he and I bacheloring it kind of thing. Not near as dangerous as it might sound! No one got food poisoning so that being my meter for success, I deemed our adventure well done!

However, our co-existence together did not go without a little strangeness from time to time, most of which would occur on the phone. My Son had many friends of the female persuasion. To be fair, always one at a time. Sean’s forays into the world of romance were not always as successful as I might have hoped, accompanied by the occasion crazy lady or two. With all due respect, they were what they were! Well, sometimes very angry young ladies would call when Sean wasn’t home. Not knowing who was at the other end of the phone I would innocently pick it up with a sincere “hello”.

And then as if standing in from of a machine gun, I would get the full story complete with the volume, language, and incidentals as to leave no misunderstanding regarding her complaint. I think it was then I invented “to much information” as a now well used phrase. I never got the credit I deserved on that one. It came at a high price!

I would wait patiently for my opportunity to introduce myself as Sean’s Dad not Sean. By faith I believed she had to breathe eventually and when she did, I would jump on the opportunity like a dog on a bone!

My patience was rewarded as I shouted, to match the already established volume: “Sorry, I’m not Sean, I’m his Dad”! It’s truly incredible how suddenly quiet a person can get when you say something like that! My few words took on the impact of a very strong sedative.

It would take a few minutes before the young ladies voice continued with: I’m so sorry Mr. Taylor. You sound “amazingly” just like your Son”. I gently corrected her by saying: “Actually my Son sounds “amazingly” like me”.

A true story with a serious moral: As His son, I so want to be accused of sounding just like my heavenly Father! That would be amazing to me! For that to happen the sound of ME must go.

My moment of scriptural liberty and personal awareness: “Bill, by this everyone will know you are my disciple if you: “Sound Like Me”!

I can’t imagine anything more amazing than to hear God’s heart coming out of my mouth, so much so that, “I” become silenced! Deny yourself, pick up your cross, and follow Me, with the promise of AMAZING for those who do! What an invitation!

As we reflect back on our “newly birthed baby”, perhaps that’s what “born again” truly means. A change of residence from the confined to the set free, with all the many awesome nuances of the amazingly divine to experience. Is there really any other intelligent way to walk this walk?

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