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Bored At Work

Bored At Work

by Crystal Kayoz

Copyright 2017 Coyotes Publishing

Shakespir Edition

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How Bored Am I?

How bored am I here at work
Earlier today I had the biggest jerk
Standing ‘round waiting on time
The flow of people stopped on a dime

No people here but staff
To myself I just laugh
So tired from working this double
Every thought like a bubble

Into space I stare, lost in thought
In this hell I feel I shall rot
How bored am I
Just staring at the sky

Counting down the hours ‘till I go home
Wishing the streets I could roam
Anything to flee from this place
Anything to be with my own race

In a place where I’m not the only one
Who speaks English, and not just for fun
I tone them out, especially today
Because I’m just that bored.

Crystal Kayoz

Into Space

Staring off at the wall
Feeling like I’m about to fall
Free as a bird without a care
Feeling the wind blow through my hair

Into space I travel again
Floating free, holding only a pen
On the walls I begin to write
Hoping my mind will soon take flight

These wonderful walls of white
In my mind I’ve reached a new height
Floating free into space
Coming down, the clouds I’ll chase

Returning home to find you here
Sit and wait and have a beer
Fluffy feet go running past
Guess it’s not ‘home at last’

Still off in space with such a buzz
Everything around me has some fuzz
Which way is up and which is down
Reality returns, and I’m left with a frown.

Crystal Kayoz

Still Bored

Slow day today, nothing to do
Stare at the ceiling thinking of you
Watch and wait for time to pass
Almost like fishing for bass

Sit and wait, wait and sit
So bored you think you’re going to have a fit
But then it all pays off and the day is done
Then it’s time to go have fun

Home from work to be with my man
This place I work I wish I could ban
Hate my life, hate my job
To the world I’m nothing but a slob

No friends, no fun
Seems I’m always on the run
From myself, not the cops
I guess for that I should get props

Dishes can wait, I just want to write
Though I know on this, the manager would fight
What do I care, been here all bloody day
5 minutes of peace, let me have my say

Still bored out of my mind
A new job I really have to find
Forever lost in space
Aching for my special place… My bed.

Crystal Kayoz

The Untitled Poem

Wanting something I can never have
Wishing I were the Queen to some elaborate hive.
Feeling things I haven’t fell in a very long time
Seems for me, life will forever stop on a dime.

Nothing ever pans out
Sitting around with a pout
Why not me ? Why not this once ? I ask
Wishing right now I had a flask

Life sucks, always has, always will
This void in my life, never to fill
Days turn to weeks, then a month, next a year
Everything surrounds me in fear.

I want to make a change but I don’t know where to start
Seeing as how I’m not “school smart”
A life of fast food seem to be all I’ll get
A life full of stress and regret

Wanting something to call my own
Not always living in the in-laws home.
Seeing others with what I want makes me sad.
But then I look at you and only feel glad.
Because you’re my rock, my all.
And without you, I would surly fall.

Crystal Kayoz

What To Do

What to do, what to do
The sky is not blue
Nothing sounds good
At least nothing I should

Want to drink and sleep
Somewhere inside I want to weep
Bored with work and life
Want to end it all with a knife

Be rid of this existence I hate
Knowing deep down that isn’t my fate
To take the easy way out
That’s not what life’s about

Watching as the puddles form below
The lights softly aglow
With this peace of mind
My strength should be easy to find

But alas, I am weak
Like a piercing through your cheek
I am but flesh and blood
Though I feel like a stick in the mud

Always in the way
Listening to what others say
Sitting and wondering what to do
When outside is anything but blue.

Crystal Kayoz

Bored At Work

  • ISBN: 9781370932467
  • Author: Coyotes Publishing
  • Published: 2017-03-01 18:50:08
  • Words: 724
Bored At Work Bored At Work