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Bohemian Lessons


Bohemian Lessons

Alira A. Rosi



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Dedicated to my beloved pets of past, present and future—

Thank you for making my dark days lighter and my light days brighter.


[] Table of Contents

Copyright © 2015 Alira A. Rosi


Chapter One:


Chapter Two:


Chapter Three:


Chapter Four:

Observations & Opinions

A Day Without Mail


About the Author

[] Foreword

Unlike the title suggests, Bohemian Lessons it isn’t a manual on how to be a Bohemian, but rather a string of colorful word baubles hung on gypsy lights and strung throughout my cranium. These word baubles are formed from my experiences and observations of animals, nature, family, society and art. When the question entered my mind, I wonder if anyone else has these same types of shiny word baubles in their brain, I decided to share them, always with the hope someone else might discover one of my word baubles compliments the decor in their cranium.

There is no single style of poetry in these pages for, just as in my artistic endeavors, I can’t seem to stick to one thing for long. I haven’t the attention or interest to keep in a comfortable groove when it comes to art or poetry. I let the subject dictate what’s written and in what fashion it’s written, with lots of experimenting. I chose to arrange the poems according to subject matter, from poems written in a hypnagogic state, animals, nature, poverty, abuse, beauty, hope and potential.

I thank you for taking the time to read these poems and I hope some resonate with you. If any poems inspire you to create art, I encourage you to do so and share your creations with me. I would love to see them.




[] Chapter One:

[] Hypnagogia

Poems written before sleep



Thinking poetry

before sleep

is like grocery shopping for words,

small expensive ones

in the front of the mind

next to the checkout

and cheaper, smarter words

in the back of the mind

where you have to float to find them.

Wide Net

Though I cast

a wide net,

I never dreamed

to catch you—

it was only to see

what filters through.

Reanimation—From a Dream

“Don’t break your back dumping

her into the vat,” one says to the other.

And in I go, without a sound.

When the meal worms have had their fill,

out of the vat I jump—

my polished golden bones.

You can tell it’s me,

‘cause of them big ol’ birthin’ hips.

Okay, God.

Now you can start over.






A drunk,



spilled into

water words.



into sounds

to soothe



to mend,


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Bohemian Lessons

This eclectic anthology is the debut collection from the remarkably versatile poet Alira A. Rosi. Ms. Rosi intricately combines themes that everyone can relate to, from subjects as mild as dreams and nature, moving to far more jarring and thought-provoking observations and undertones as seen in the misogynistic voice in The Ghost of the Man You Were. Her writing ranges from the horror of suffering from child abuse in Mosaic Girl to the delights of capturing a sunset on canvas in The Art of Sunset. This collection is varied and extensive including poetry written in her teenage years. It can be said to read like a diary, as if her every thought has been turned exquisitely into poetry. Rosi leads readers along a whimsical, winding path of dreamlike verses and light-hearted haikus on nature and animals. Inspired by the little blooms of promise and possibility found growing between the cracks on the road of pain and poverty, Bohemian Lessons has a little something for everyone. It is a creative bouquet of human emotion and experience.

  • Author: Alira A. Rosi
  • Published: 2016-01-03 22:40:08
  • Words: 6132
Bohemian Lessons Bohemian Lessons