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Blue Moon

Blue moon


Revo is a 27th century failed technology that anticipates speed based on impulses and delivers accurately. The reason why this technology failed however is because impulses drove the drivers of this technology into oblivion. In another century of blue moon, the technology is infused with another which leads to the death of many. The potential of this technology is however rediscovered in the 31st century and channeled properly. Gazelles was the word used to describe the chaos which captivated the drivers and the world at large when the technology was first sold.

Intergalactic concept in blue moon is different. In this century only humans exist in the entire universe, surprisingly.

Suits won in the blue moon centuries are both organic and engineered.

K D auto is a canvass that defies gravity and has an unlimited number of green energy even enough to power-on a city in a kick. 79 is the more user friendly of the auto series.

Hitler hill is just like the K D auto. At default it can leap 9 meters from any platform without green energy. Its energy is however limited. The super Hitler can float even ten times higher at default mode.

The Prestige watch is a century changing technology that was first discovered in the 27th century. The 4000 was the first to literarily work in real time. Whoever wears this watch can accomplish more distance and physical activity than someone without. Its operating system is able to compress your to do lists into5 times less and/or more. It’s the first watch to physically interact with time in a location and both interpret and drive the owner accurately. It is one of the most valuable technologies in blue moon.

Axis is used to define the dimensions of the world by which activities are carried out. People don’t travel long distances physically in the blue moon century and so there are different technologies for each dimension. Some aren’t compatible with others. A 2d axis is strictly visible, limited in space and mechanics in the blue moon centuries.

Banks are primarily used to collect license in order to access the four other dimensions in the Blue moon centuries.

Ekwuolbia city is on three Planes. In-between the planes are expresses for intradimensional and interdimensional trips. Express lifts are sort of tubes that protect individuals crossing planes from accidents. Because of the speed of trips, the only visible thing in express is light. A busy city would be full of lights in its express.

31st Century in Ekwulobia

Those once in a blue moon experiences that we have: the ones that can keep us thinking for a light year. In fact we get boom moments when the thoughts jump out our heads like revo powered gazelles.

You’re in a conversation and for a second you hear their voice. You’re watching an intergalactic match in space and in a flash there’s a glitch and it’s their face. They are not those moments you can repair or easily delete. They are those moments you easily remember their name. That moment they first called you.

That moment they got your name right but you wouldn’t turn. You try shrugging it off but then they call your name again.

Now you pretend and still act like you are not sure when you turn back. But they give you a smile like they never knew you heard the first time and the second time too. They give you a long smile till it dawns on you that they put a lot of effort calling out your name. Panting, you know they probably ran some good distance to pat you at the shoulder.

Chico? They ask. And you realize your name sounds different the only way it can sound in their mouth. This time you begin to admire them and you don’t realize when you give a smile in return.

Few steps and you already feel like she would go a mile with you from that spot. But it’s late so you think maybe she would give up the chase early, but even then, she trips you on her first impression.

‘Did I get your name right’ she asks.

While you are about to reply, she does something with her nails like some salon ritual she invented herself and you almost get carried away too. But then she jumps back to play like the referee and reminds you that your name is Chico and it probably meant you were the new guy around.

So I’m like ‘Uhun! I am the new guy around!’

The next thing she did definitely put all the drama in a curve and oh I forgot to add that at this time we were stuck floating in the middle of an express lift”. I was on a K.D auto canvass; she was on a super hitler hill. She held my hands and asked that I keep her floating till the traffic relaxed and the lights freezed. She drew closer and kicked my K.D auto 79 and asked me to kindly power it. I said ”Yes”. I kicked back and we were on. Her suit’s design was one that easily collapsed into the skin on contact. This time my hands collapsed into hers. I asked if she wanted her sonic suit to be powered on. She said “I’m not sure”. She kicked again. “That will do”, she added.

Now she slips back and says ‘me and you over gravity, ha-ha! By the way I’m Bunke and I am definitely going to have five minutes of your time this night, Chico’ with a smile.

Her hand stretched, we shook, this time slowly floating off the middle of the frozen lights.

I guess my big eye balls were wide open for a while. She noticed. I guess that’s why she asked,

‘I hope you’re not planning to keep my hand hanging all night, Chico’.

‘No’, I replied.

‘Yeah right, a gentle man shouldn’t do that’, she added.

So we shook: her ebony hands soft like a cats pad crushing a coconut for no less than 5 seconds. She let go.

I for one never seen a girl dressed like this for a while, I whispered.

Her seamless body suit was a monochrome of colors that easily sunk into the lights in the streets and yet magically hid and revealed her skin’s radiance like an ultra iris. It was jet black but she turned into a stream of oceanic grey and orange brown streaming in fine patterns which carefully filled into her feminine frame. The tinted silver highlights also tilted the way of her figure one second at a time like a designed rainfall, mindfully mapping her brilliant architecture in the exact moment. She also had on a mildly glowing brown gold jacket with an orange rose print which transposed into a sort of creamy red soup as it dripped down the rims of her temples, the edges of her hips, over and against her vibrant brown skin and into my palms. She was design. But it wasn’t just the tech. her voice was so organic that you wondered how it yet mixed with the air around to deliver a fresh water screeching through a rock in a such a rush sound and how her lips were yet bold and jovial at it. You’d be thrilled. I was.

‘I promise to be a gentle man for the next five minutes’, I said. She laughed this time and just enough to let out the door in her teeth.

‘And afterwards you would be what, the hulk?’ She giggled again letting me notice the little dimple on her left chick.

‘No. The Guardian’ I replied.

And so she laughed again as she looked straight in my face and said ‘I’m already beginning to know you’.

‘And we’ve not gone past a minute’, I replied.

We both smiled and laughed this time and then looked somewhere else for a start. She sunk her hands somewhere while I tried to steady the gush of lights from almost every corner in express.

‘Blue lights, red lights, yellow lights: Every one of them is just so bright’, I said.

‘Well, probably that’s why we call it our rich and colorful city’, she replied.

‘Ekwulobia is so busy and alive! The streets don’t just end on transverse bridges. ..’

‘It actually starts there!’

‘It is one big vast screen full of colors in so many details and everybody really acts like they care about you.’

‘I do’.

‘That’s the part that hits you. In fast trips and even on blink teleports. Someone knows me here, someone thinks I’m the first fair guy who’s really fair, then someone thinks its really nice meeting me, and it would even mean more to their little clan to see me. They talk about me all day. I shouldn’t be shy. I would love the green spot like home. Then suddenly the green creme is really what I’ve been missing from my table. It’s definitely better for my skin. I should really buy it.’


‘You think.’


‘And suddenly I don’t really look smart without a mechanic watch. I’m all 31st century tech, no personality.’


‘So I finally decide to buy in on the prestige 42000. I’m telling the time from 3 perspectives. I’m meeting a person twice at the same time. Infact I bought the watch with a glass strap once and a sand reader all in one real moment. I’m like, this is dope. Its my first.’

It’s really dope.

‘Nothing classy about it right? Till I tried it on a teleport room.’


‘Yeah! I never knew it was stuck on a mutual drive and a 2D axis.’

‘It is.’

‘I never knew!’

‘Thats why its classic!’

‘There’s nothing mutual about the Prestige.’

‘It is dear’

‘Among who.’

‘Anambra’s centinarians. Haha!’

‘Ah! I was so clueless. I really thought the whole ad thing was really for everyone. I thought I could speak to the governor and a chief engineer separately and at four separate meetings just in 36 hours. I was so embarrassed when four minutes into the conversation, the deputy governor referred me to a freud to get better accustomed into the necessary culture for businesses. After she laughed at me, and apologized about my misinformation, she strongly advised that I get a freud. And I’m supposed to be a pro.’

‘Well, you were just clueless.’

‘Thank you. Bunke.’



‘You don’t want a city that is not, do you?’

‘What, crazy?’ I asked.


‘Well, maybe not. I love its kind of crazy.’

‘I’m as crazy as this city.’ She warned.

‘Haha, maybe you’ll be my better freud.’ I replied.

‘Ah! That’s not a job. You’re not a terrorist. Tourist rather. (Haha)’

‘Trust me, I’m not a stranger in this city either.’

‘Really? So tell me what is home for you in my city. Tell me.’

‘The fire under the pots’


‘I love the fire under those pots. Right there towards the bottom left of the power station. There is real coal right inside the platform that holds the pots.’

‘O! What about it?’

‘Ummm! The yellow!’

‘Really! I love yellow too and the thing in the pot. I feel hungry already’, she whined.

‘Great! I was saying. It reminds me of childhood. I used to have this small girlfriend that cooked for me. When she came around I made the fire for her to cook. It’s usually smoke first until it gradually turns yellow and then she would get the ingredients ready and put it all in this steel pot which my dad occasionally used in his studio. It was our mini pot. Those where classic moments.’

‘Uwww! That’s sweet’.

‘You did that too?’ I asked.

‘Yeah! She replied, some twenty years ago but I was no one’s girlfriend though.’

‘What? Were you someone’s boyfriend?’

‘Ah! That’s just silly!’

‘Nope. (I dragged) Silly is the part where I call her Mrs Riggs.’

‘Mrs Riggs, whatever you mean.’

‘Mrs Riggs, the wife of…ring a bell?’I asked.

‘O! Mr Biggs. That’s so cute and brilliant. I mean for that little boy you were then, not this huge tall somebody you are now’, she added with a warning.

‘Ya! I sometimes think of calling them that name here though.’

‘Haha! She laughed… Mrs Riggs. Less than a month in Ekwulobia and you want to go around giving us names.’

‘Trust me; the women here are better cooks. They deserve the name.’

‘Well, maybe that could work, she added with a shrug.’

‘Why not? You guys cook and eat very good food here.’

‘Thank you.’

‘I don’t know about you though’, I said on a mocking note.


‘I’m only saying I’m not sure. It might be you work out.’

‘Of course I do. I love my shape and I take very good care of me’, she said with some pinch of pride added to her tone.

‘I love it too’, I said.

‘You should have said that first’, she replied.

‘It’s just unlike the average girl in Anambra’, I stressed with a shrug.

‘So you mean you haven’t seen someone who cooks well, eats well and still looks this slim in Anambra?’

‘Ummm! That’s a hard one.’

‘OMG! Chico, do you realize what you’re saying.’

‘Ummm! Nope. Haven’t said a thing.’

‘What you’re trying to say is that I’m your one in a million type of lady? Hnnnm! (She exclaimed with such seriousness on her face). Tell me Chico, am I?’

‘Quickly I switched. You’re hungry. Yes you are. So let’s have a bite of baked beans or maybe yam and potato and a taste of Mrs Riggs’ special sauce.’

‘Don’t change this episode. Say it.’

‘Say what.’

‘I’m one in a million.’

‘You’re so hungry.’

‘Say it.’


‘Or try Bunkechukwu, you cook so well, feed so well and still look so good. How come you’re the only one like this in Anambra and Ekwulobia? I get that a lot from even some of the married men passing by. Just say it and don’t forget ladies in Anambra are over a million. So that makes me one in a million.’

‘Right there! You said it. Now can we cross over to the other side of the street and you finally get to eat all you want, since you’re obviously so hungry, I whispered.’


‘Bukky’, I replied.

‘She shrugged her shoulders and cat walked almost at the same time as she said ‘you’re so boring Chico and FYI I eat a lot.’

‘I knew you were hungry, I replied as she stepped to the middle of the road quickly and asked if I was coming already.’


I can’t say I wasn’t stunned. I wouldn’t say it wasn’t a little bit dramatic. The whole conversation I mean. Didn’t think I could share so much and still feel the need to share so much more.

It was just like the first day I saw her. I never thought a girl could be so lovely just like that. She came for a galactic license like almost every other person in the bank but was observably not properly attended to. She already had some sweat on her face when I got my first glance at her. She had to have breezed through gravity too long for her skin not to break into a sweat. I could tell she was tired. I was somewhere in the queue when she stepped in for a word with a bank staff. I only remember the words I heard her say just before everything got blurrily.

‘I can’t believe I’ve been all out in 2d, meeting 4 times more people I normally would meet, traveling 3times more through space I normally would, all at the same moment and all for nothing’, she said.

Just then, the man in front of me who looked like some consultant was heads up. Three young guys who chatted about something they watched through their 3d glasses which had to be fascinating looked up again like people who didn’t realize what went past them the first time.

I also remember how the woman on the other side of the glass began to stammer until Toluwase, as was written on the ID attached to his suit came to her rescue and was still saying just about the same rubbish. And someone, who had to be one level higher than the guys that first attended to her just had to be passing by at that particular time. He was tall but I beat him to it. He told her how sorry he was together with the staff at the bank, the branches of the bank and the network traffic coordinators as well as he called her over to sit just around the corner. Right then also, the woman who sat around the corner who looked like a fourth class labourer with a french cultured gait immediately understood Igbo and all that was going on all over the floor because she stood up almost immediately and said ‘Nne, sit down ehn’.

‘There, I’ll be back’ is what the tall guy told her as he went frantically behind the glass with some documents in his hand. Sincerely it was hard to figure out exactly what was happening. It was the feel of tables turning down, waters flowing up and ball pens hitting the floor in slow motion. In fact until my ball pen hit the ground I didn’t know I was next on the queue. That was our first.


So before long, it was our turns to order for our native snacks on the queue and we did. She made a good joke out of my Mrs Riggs idea with the sales girl who was doing a good job being slow. Surprisingly everybody enjoyed the joke. I enjoyed the way she talked to everyone there and couldn’t forget for a moment that I was there. She asked me if I thought they were really qualified to be called Mrs Riggs and daughters and I said ‘Yes’. They called her beautiful woman in Igbo as they laughed.

It was probably that kind of beauty that made me curious enough that morning in the bank to float to her sit and ask her if she usually sounded like that even on a bad day. And she replied, ‘No, I’m not having a bad day’. So I just told her like a gentleman that I am, ‘I just loved your voice’ and she said, ‘Thank you’. That wasn’t all there was in my mind that morning but she was already up on her feet and about to go into one of the glass rooms to meet the tall guy. So I probably just had a window to tell her my name and say ‘hope to see you some other time’.

So she held out one piece of yam to my mouth and said ‘for a brilliant idea, have a bite and tell me what you think’ so I did.

‘Just one word’ she added.

After some chewing, I replied ‘Terrific!’ in a doubtful tone.

‘Terrific’, she asked? ‘Are you saying that because I’m putting you on the spot or for lack of good English tutors’.

‘That just came out randomly’, I retorted.

‘Okay! I’ll give you one more chance. You’d have to tell me what you think about the potato in a bite too.’

‘Okay’, I said. ‘But I’m sure it’s going to taste exactly like the one I bought too.’

‘Shhhh! One word and trust me, mine always tastes better.’

So I said ‘fantastic!’

‘Fantastic kwa!’ she was taken aback but recovered quickly as she said ‘while I was thinking you would come up with a better word than terrific. You say fantastic. Yack!’

‘Well I didn’t do so well with English and literature in school’, I confessed.

‘No wonder’, she replied.


So we laughed again as we walked down a street in the less lively and noisy part of Ekwulobia

She asked, ‘so why do you walk past this street almost every day’.

I said, ‘it’s the easiest route to my humble abode’.

‘You and Humble!’ she compared.

‘How did the words even come out of your mouth? She continued. Not with the proud height you carry up and down while walking; you still believe there’s something humble about your abode.’

‘Now, you are bullying me because of my height right?’ I replied.

‘That makes it a draw then.’

‘O! We’re counting scores now’, I asked?

‘If you say so’

I laughed and said, ‘you’re just a piece of work’.

So after a brief pause she started again.

‘But really, you know I think you’ve been stalking me all this while’, she said.

‘Stalking you?!?’

‘Yes and I live 3 blocks from here.’

‘No!’ I dragged with the expression ‘you’re not serious, are you?’ written all over my face.

‘Seriously, I live on this street and I’ve seen you go past it 4 times at day light and 2 times at night at least for no more than ten 24s now.’

‘Wow! You’ve been stalking me’, I quickly replied.

‘No I’ve not. You’ve been the one stalking me, Chico’

‘No way, I replied with a suspicious look against her face.’

‘What? You’re giving me the eye already when you know you’re really the stalker here?’

‘Why am I the stalker here’, I asked.

‘The bank’ she said.

‘What about the bank’ I asked.

‘Twenty minutes after we had that little chit chat of ours on the lounge’, she added.

‘Uhun! The one where I really loved your voice and you couldn’t let me see the blush on your face when I told you it was adorable right?’ I asked.

‘So is that why you waited outside the bank till I came out?’

‘No, I don’t remember ever seeing you that day again.’

‘So if that wasn’t you deliberately stalking, then the Comic wall in Beeva’s underground tunnel the next day would definitely be you, right?’

‘Wow! I had no idea I was on a hot seat already,’ I said.

‘You better sit tight,’ she replied.

‘Okay! But first, I won’t use the word stalk. I don’t think you’re a prey. I’m really not a hunter either.’

‘Uhun! Continue.’

‘I’m not serial.’

‘Ooooo! I’m scared. She whispered with a light mocking tone attached.

‘Don’t be. I’m not a stalker. I don’t know about the comic wall thing. I only remember dragging behind you the first day I realized you used the salon on my street.’

‘St Mark is your street?’


‘Hnnnm. So exactly how far did you drag along, Chico?’

‘Only to this point Bukky, the block of flats you call home’

‘Oh! And here we are. I live in one of the elevated flats. I guess i really love my space.’

‘O! And I never knew that. You would expect that I knew if I really were stalking. But I don’t because I’m not.’

‘Good talk. Chico!’

‘Thank you’, I replied.

‘Save it because you successfully did a bad job defending yourself.’

‘Woah! Someone is upset?’ I said.

‘Just say you’re a stalker.’

‘Alright I am.’ I replied.

‘Suddenly she leaped and asked, But why Chico?’

‘Well, for a start I realize now that it’s face of Darego you look like.’

‘Yeah! She’s my big sister’, she replied with some more light on her face as she vanished and reappeared into the tube that would suck her quickly into her flat.

‘You bet.’ I replied.

‘But no, seriously I worked with her some months ago. I even have pictures of us.’

‘So that makes her your sister?’ I asked.

‘Yes.’ she replied as she stalled the tube from moving.

‘Well, here’s something new to think about tonight.’


‘Your lips are part of your first five features.’

‘Well, I get that a lot; she replied as she flung her hands through her braids and stepped backwards into the tube. ‘It looks like face of Darego’s lips right?’ She added.

‘No!’ ‘It’s more like what comes out of it. Don’t get your hopes too high.’ I

‘Well, that’s the kindest thing I have heard this night.’

‘I told you I was a gentle man, I replied.’

‘I believe you now!’ she had to scream now as the engine powered up with some screeching.

‘Let’s do this some other time she added, this time her voice fading in.

‘What?’ I quickly asked.

‘You try being a gentleman again.’ She answered ‘You might even get to taste how good a cook I am, she added like someone whispering and yet her voice finding a way through to my ears.

‘How’s that going to happen? Are you planning to waylay me for five minutes again?’ I asked?

‘I’ll just hit you up.’

‘How?’ I asked.

‘O! I have your local already.’

‘Wow! You’re even a better stalker than I am.’I screamed as she looked down from above me in the tube waving.

‘Good night Chico’, came down like dew sliced on the pores in my skin.

Good night Bukky, I replied, feeling a bit cheated that I had to be the one on the other end. I felt the moment could last longer if we were both on a Prestige 42000. We would have almost an hour more to make up 5 minutes in real time. We would have saved time and saved each other in some kind of way.

But we did. In fact we spent over twenty minutes with Mrs Riggs and I remember every moment of it. I remember when I’m in a barbing salon. I remember the following day, the day before and today. I remember her face, her big jovial lips, her rounded neck, the door in her teeth, the warmth on her palms and the swag to her moves.

These days, I just try to eat yam and potato somewhere else. I try not to read fashion magazines. I try to let her loose in my head as she floats into her space, still hoping my prestige 1million would seize a day and make it for two with my name trickling down from the clouds like,

‘Chico!’ the only way it can sound in her mouth.

Blue Moon

#shortstory #Sci-fi #Futuristic #Romance A pick from the Blue Moon Centuries. 31st Century in Ekwulobia. Chico tells his story about Bunke in the city of the future. An original African sci-fi and futuristic stage for romance. Please read and review.

  • Author: Justus Nwaefido
  • Published: 2016-10-12 00:35:08
  • Words: 4378
Blue Moon Blue Moon