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Blind and Dark

Chapter 1.

The puddles splash in all directions beneath her feet. Around there is dark and nasty weather only adds the drama. She knows that she needs to run forward, not looking for anything, but from whom she runs?

Continuing her way through the narrow streets between houses, Kara is ready to surrender. This thought came in her head repeatedly. To surrender. But there is some difficulty in this. She does not know from which she runs and does not know to whom she is going to surrender. This, of course, scares. And this fear does not allow her to stop.

Enjoying life. Yes, Kara is explicit dreamer. She devotedly believes that ahead, somewhere around the corner, calmness is waiting for her. She also believes that this calmness is already very close, maybe behind the next corner, and it certainly is about to pounce on her and take her away from all that is going on in her life right now. This desire to escape somewhere, sometimes it does not matter where always pursues Kara. Yes, however, as most of the people living on earth. The desire to escape for some has turned into an obscene aim which they cherish every free minute in their heads. Of course no one is going to achieve it, but to cherish… Yeah, they do that very often. Actually, Kara is one of these people. But in her life, perhaps this desire can be considered a side effect. I think she even has all the right to have this desire.

Through the cold, darkness and fear that drives her forward by kicks, Kara stops near the road. Breathing heavily, she quickly looks around. Where to run now?

She knows the city well. At least, this part of town. San Francisco is her home, although sometimes she does not think so. Therefore, standing in front of a choice where to go, Kara feels within herself a small reproach of guilt. She does not know from whom she runs, but, at least, she needs to know where she should run. But where?

Kara momentarily closes her eyes, trying to turn off the flow of tearing her apart and very conflicting thoughts. Then, she opens them without hesitation ran ahead brazenly crossing the road in the wrong place. Now the middle of the night and there are absolutely no cars in the city. As people. But rules are rules. And foul almost always leads to disastrous consequences.

Kara is dazzled by bright pale yellow headlight which forces her body to freeze in place. The instinct of self-preservation is not working. This instinct often does not work in Kara’s life. Although sometimes it does seem that Kara has not this instinct at all. In general, pale yellow glare of headlights, wheels and piercing whistle through and the car alarm. This is what is happening now with Kara. That’s just her reality is quite different from the reality of this world. Instead of the pale yellow color of blinding lights, she sees a burning red spot. The car seems to her a large triangle which is going at her with acute angle. Perhaps the only sounds she perceives correctly. But with visual perception Kara has problems.

This is not a disease, no, Kara is the healthiest of all the possible people in all world. Throughout her life she has not cold or chickenpox, or chronic diseases. It is very commendable, although Kara does not think so.

Kara grew up in a wonderful family. She was an only child, but later she found out that she was adopted. Kara was, of course, upset, but rather more frightened. Since childhood, she had the wrong perception of the world. Square things seemed to her round, and very often, wanting to run around the table, Kara ran into sharp corners.

All childhood her body was covered with bruises, but to the school years she had learned to live with the problem. The parents took her to the doctors, but no abnormalities were found. Kara is the healthiest person we have ever seen, in the voice all the doctors said. But the parents did not give up, wanting to help their daughter to become normal. Kara also had such a desire, but she had no illusions, and therefore learned to live with what she has.

After the tragic death of her parents, she was left completely alone and too early. She was fourteen. Before died her father told her that she was adopted. Perhaps her mother would have done the same thing, that’s just a chance she had not. When the car flew into the tree, the mother died immediately. The doctors managed to take the father to the hospital but it was unable to save him. So in fourteen years, Kara was left an orphan, with the problem, which she could not tell anybody, and with which it was very difficult to live. Wrong perception of the world. Perhaps we should begin to explore this problem, even if only one person has this problem. Indeed, like many diseases, it can be contagious.

A sharp blow to the hip is the last thing that Kara remembers. And now she’s lying in a puddle on the road, feeling nothing but the long-awaited calm.

“Are you safe?” a muffled male voice breaks into Kara’s mind, causing her to start worrying.

Who is it? What happened? She’s in danger? These questions begin to drill her brain, settling a panic in the depths of her soul. Kara gently lifts up on her elbows and looks around nervously. Triangular car, a bright red light, which is now not pointed at her face, and … And the black figure, the shape of which she can not understand for several reasons. Firstly because of the rain which, as it seems to have become even stronger, and because of dark in her eyes.

“Yes,” Kara responds mechanically and quickly gets off the ground.

Her clothes are completely wet, and water is dripping from her hair, as if she had just been out of the shower. But she does not care. She does not feel pain, and it seems to her she is in order. This means that she needs to run.

Kara confidently takes a step back, trying to move away from standing next to her figure. She is confident that it is a human, or rather, a man. She had learned to distinguish humans from the cabinets and drawers when she was five. Therefore, she is confident that it is human. But stepping back, Kara loses the balance and falls again on the wet asphalt in the same puddle, in which she was just a couple of minutes ago.

“Damn,” the man spits this word under his nose and rushes to her.

Kara feels as warm and strong hands pick her up by the waist. She harbors breath, mentally watching as the heat emanating of his strong hands, slowly penetrates into her.

“You need to a hospital,” with a low and angry voice the man says, and deftly picks up Kara in his arms.

Man. So close. Kara gets like in another world. Although at times it really seems to her that she lives in two worlds. But what she feels now, it’s completely different. She had not felt it ever.

Kara does not know how to describe the strange vibration in the stomach and dryness in the throat, which to everything else makes it difficult to breath. It’s not fear, it is sure, but what is it then?

A man goes to the car with fast and confident step. Kara keeps silent, hardly even breathing. But after a moment, the meaning of all that is happening now comes to Kara and she understands what he’s going to do with her. Yes, of course, he once told her that he is going to take her to the hospital. But only now Kara understands this.

“I am good. Let me go, please. I need to go home” as possible confidently hiding the tremor in the voice, Kara says.

Male does not respond. He just keeps going to the car, intending to send the victim woman to the hospital. It is his duty, as he thinks. But Kara does not think so.

“Sir …” Kara wants to rebel, but then she realizes that she does not know who he is and what his name is.

But he may be very dangerous, and maybe, she should not be rude to him. From this reasoning a pride wakes up in Kara. Six years she was running from someone in fear and not even knowing what she is afraid of and how one from whom she runs looks. The fear that constantly accompanies Kara everywhere is causes a wave of protest in her. She is tired, yes, Kara is tired to be scared.

She is tired because her life does not belong to her and because everyone do not understand and do not listen to her. Just as man is now doing. He ignores the words of Kara and just continues to do what he sees fit, not thinking about what Kara wants to.

“Call me Kyle,” irritably man spits these words.

Of course, he does not like that Kara is trying to challenge his decision to take her to the hospital. Although rather, it’s just annoying that she argues with him.

Kyle is too independent and his main passion is to suppress the will of others. Most often, women’s will, because there are too many who want to jump into his bed, and honestly he very often uses it. And this is logical, because the tall, broad-burning brunette with transparent blue eyes easily takes possession of a woman’s heart.

“Well, Kyle! I do not need to go to a hospital. I’m all right,” Kara continues to insist on her own.

Kyle again does not respond to her words and silently he seats Kara in the front seat of the car. His jaw is clenched and the muscles are stretched. Kara annoys him, but he like a true gentleman, is obliged to deliver the girl to a hospital and make sure that all is well with her.

Kara is irritated almost exactly like Kyle is. She does not like the fact that an unknown man does not listen to her and allows himself to get her into the car without her consent. Looking intently into the car’s window, Kara is trying to see where Kyle is. She have to wait until he goes to a safe distance, and then she have to open the door and escape from all the legs. But the rain mercilessly beats on the windows of the car, not allowing her to see anything. Therefore, Kara quickly reaches for the door handle, deciding that now is the time to flee.

“Do not even think,” she hears a deep voice which is full of threats.

She quickly pulls her hand from the door’s handle and looks at Kyle, who confidently sits behind the wheel. He is completely wet, however, as Kara is.

“I do not need to go to a hospital, I need to go home,” Kara makes another attempt to convince Kyle to let her go.

At heart, she knows that it is useless. In dealing with men she never had any luck. Neighbor Andy is excellent proof that she does not have the skill to communicate with men. Well, maybe she just was not born for this. After all, men are not simple creatures and are fundamentally different from women. It is difficult to understand what the man thinks what he wants and is he angry today. So when Andy invited her to the bar, she could even not assume how it will all end. Andy ordered her a glass of brandy, and then offered to go to a motel. He said it so casually, as if she was a prostitute, and the sex was a continuation of disgusting binge in the bar. It was the first and the last date on which Kara agreed to go.

“You jumped into the road, and the hood of my car rode in your thigh. Do you really think that I let you go? Maybe you have a serious injury. And anyway, what the hell are you doing on the road at midnight?” Kyle burns her through by his eyes, and this time, without concealing his irritation and indignation.

Kara helplessly closes her eyes in an attempt to collect all the thoughts and respond to such inconsiderate words of unknown to her man.

“I’m fine!” Kara quietly breathes and leans back on the seat.

She hates to argue, and in particular she does not like to argue with the man she does not even know. But what she should do?

Throwing a tired look forward, through the windshield of the car, Kara sees running a shadow.

Shadow slips past the headlights and Kara does not have time to see anything. But this is not necessary. It is sufficient a moment to realize that it still haunts her.

“What?” Kyle grabs the hand of Kara, forcing her to look into his eyes.

He does this instinctively, as soon as notices as expression of her face changes. Realizing that the response from the girl, he will get, Kyle quickly turns on the light in the car, deciding to figure out what’s wrong with her himself.

“I need to go home,” Kara says firmly and quickly turns her head to the window.

Darkness is certainly scares her, because when the dark comes she needs to run, but now, when the stranger turns on the light in the car, she is scared, too. And it’s strange, because the light is the only safe place for her.

“Can you stop telling me the same thing?” Kyle c sniffs at her discontentedly.

Maybe he really should let her go? Judging by the manner in which she talks to him, she did not suffer. Yes, and letting her go, Kyle saves himself from the mass of problems. First and foremost, from the obligation to apologize to Inessa another mistress to which he was driving at such a late hour.

Nervously cursing under his breath, Kyle puts the keys in the ignition and the car moves off. Yes, let this smug damsel on all four sides, is the ideal solution. But what the hell, he does not do it?!

Kara nervously is compressed into a tight ball, knowing that the only thing that she can now only succumb to the will of fate. Although, or rather, the will of a stranger to her man. She is scared and of course, she wants to rush off away from the man who is sitting next to her on the seat. But she is locked in the car, which in addition to all is going.

Kyle feels different feelings. On the one hand he is outraged that he has to spend his time on the sitting next to him girl. But what is even more outrageous for him, so this is her reaction to it. Kyle of course, eligible bachelor, and beautiful and smart, but rarely does good deeds. Conscience? It completely crippled and shell-shocked several times. So what the hell he is busy with this girl? He glances at the sitting on the next seat Kara. She got wet to the skin and she is shivering from the cold. But she does not seem affected. Scared? Yes, maybe. But affected? No. Kyle frowns again. The inner voice again tells him that it is much easier to say goodbye to the girl at the first stop and continue the path to Inessa in the world of debauchery, lust and pleasure. But why instead of it he only presses harder on the gas, causing the car to race ahead even faster?

When the car arrives to the hospital, Kara quickly jumps out of the car. It is still rainy on the street but who cares, because Kara already got wet to the skin.

Kyle, cursing under his breath, too, goes out of the car. He still has something to lose, because his clothes are half dry.

“What the hell are you doing?” he growls angrily, heading toward her.

Kara takes a little air into the lungs, preparing to run. But she has not time. Kyle is next to it too quickly. Now way to escape she has not.

“You brought me to the hospital, thank you. Now I can handle myself,” how to politely Kara answers.

Rain mercilessly beats her in the face, and cold chews her bones, but the man who is standing in front of her has a far greater impact on her. He makes everything inside Kara stretch like guitar strings. Even a little bit and it tears.

Kyle is going to object. And it’s not because he does not want to leave Kara, no. He just does not like it when women put forward their own terms. He always decides everything. But at the last moment, Kyle still manages to keep his desire to be a leader in everything and just silently he goes back into the car.

Kara quickly goes to the hospital. She does not want to do it. For what? She feels great. But it is so cold that she needs at least a couple of minutes to stay in a warm room.

Of course, the feeling nervous perturbation is very familiar to Kara. She has been living with him for a long time. Although her life can hardly be called life. Every night she has to run, and the day all commands he says, what to do and do not listen to her opinion. It is hard to call like life. But these things she can not change.

With some difficulty opening the huge glass doors, Kara comes in the hospital. She was often in the hospital as a child, but she came here with her parents and only in order to pass the tests. So she does not know how things work here.

“Excuse me. I was hit by a car and I need that a doctor examined” with trembling voice, she says, going to a girt sitting at the bar information.

“That’s just terrible. Come out in the office. The doctor will examine you,” the blonde in a white coat takes a magazine and runs on it by her eyes.

Then she points by the hand on the white wooden door with number 17.

“Thank you,” forcing herself to smile, Kara responds quickly and goes to the door with number 17.

The desire to be a sweet and stupid conscience that plagued Kara at every opportunity, forced girl to be nice, even to those who did not deserve it. Again, a Andy is a perfect example. He was not a gentleman with Kara, but Kara, whenever accidentally encountered with him in the elevator or at the door smiled at him and said hello, how are you? At first Andy shied away, apparently realizing that he does not deserve these words from the girl with which he so horribly behaved. But then, he was used to. So now, when she does not have the strength to smile, she is cold and tired, she still forces herself to smile and be pleasant. Although the girl in a white coat really deserves it. After all, she nice talked with Kara and helped her to get to the doctor.

Kara stops at the door with the number 17 and timidly knocking on it.

“Come in,” the woman’s voice comes from behind the door.

Not boldly pushing the door, Kara comes in a small office, where are just a couch in the corner and a table at which an adult woman with glasses sits and she is writing something.

“I …” Kara stumbles, frantically thinking about what she has to say.

Woman raises her head and looks at the Kara surprised.

“What is your name?” the woman asks quietly, wanting to help Kara with the search the right words.

Kara nervously sighs then she closes the door and walks over to the table where the woman sits.

“I am Kara Land. I was hit by a car and I …” Kara stumbles again.

But now, it is not because she does not know what to say, it is because the woman looks at her in a strange way. In her eyes there are so many conflicting emotions. The horror, surprise, disgust and pity. Head of Kara goes around from this.

“I’m Dr. Richardson. And I will search you. But first, you need to take off wet clothes, or you’ll get sick,” she quickly gets up from the table and goes out of the cabinet.

Dr. Richardson absents just a couple of minutes, but for those few minutes Kara manages only to blink a couple of times. Apparently the cold acts on the Kara, decelerating her mental faculties.

“Hold,” Dr. Richardson returns to the office.

In her hands there are hospital pajamas and she holds it to Kara. That’s all that the woman can offer her. Well, it is not surprising, because it is a hospital, not a boutique.

“Thank you,” Kara whispers in answer.

Pulling off the wet clothes is not the easiest task. Especially when your hands are like a lifeless piece of ice and they refuse to carry out their functions. Kara is not accustomed to give up anything, so when jeans refuse to crawl from her legs, she just sits on the floor in wet underpants and still stubbornly pulls them.

Being in dry clothes, even in hospital pajamas, is very nice. Kara quickly began to feel like the warmth gradually began to seep into her body.

“Good. Now come on, I will search you,” Dr. Richardson says and comes to Kara.

With the head of Kara everything is okay, pupils react to light normally. In general, it can be safely said that Kara escaped with a few bruises and a slight shock. Although, or rather, one bruise. On Kara’s thigh, just there, where the hood of the car hit her, there is a bruise the color of a ripe eggplant. Bruises are usual thing for Kara. Especially considering her distorted vision of the world. She already learned to properly evaluate the things that surround her, and learned to understand that all forms of objects she sees wrong. But as a child she too often was wounded and fought on the sharp corners of the table, which seemed to her round rather than square, as it was in reality. Therefore, a bruise on the thigh did not surprise her.

But Dr. Richardson is struck. The bruise is huge. It was evident that from bumps under the skin of Kara small vessels burst.

“From such a blow, I am surprised that you could get to the hospital your own,” Dr. Richardson says confused.

Kara sighs. She completely feels fine and bruise … pff, she generally is not worried by that. She got used to it. Moreover, the bruises have become her friends, since she spent with it all her lives.

“I am not hurt. And I feel good. Frankly, I should not come here, but … the guy who was driving the car, which a little touched me when I ran out to the road he did not let me go and forced to go to the hospital” in the same breath Kara reports.

Dr. Richardson, amazed at how easily Kara says about what happened again lowers her head down, looking at the bruise. The bruise is large. Very large, but Dr. Richardson is more surprised that Kara takes it so calmly. For girls bruising is a disaster. And the incident, which Kara had to go through, would have brought any girl to tears. But Kara is calm. Very calm.

“Good. I’ll give you an ointment. It will help get rid of the pain,” Dr. Richardson exhales doomed and goes to her desk.

Kara is watching for every movement of doctor. It is not associated with curiosity. She just does not trust. Kara’s life is a continuous run from the darkness, a distortion of reality and prolonged depression due to the fact that she is not like everyone else. Therefore, trust is the one luxury that Kara can not afford.

“But I am okay. I am not hurt,” Kara replies calmly, looking at the strange tube in the hands of the doctor.

Ointments, tablets, sprays or gels, all this never helped Kara. The bruises were hurt, but the pain could be endured. Parents were very worried about Kara and constantly were buying a different analgesic ointment to her, when she managed to get another bruise on her arm, forehead or leg. But it did not help. The bruises were still hurt. But after all the pain could be tolerated so Kara never complained.

“But such big bruise will definitely hurt” firmly the doctor says and holds the ointment.

Kara sighs and nods obediently. She knows that even if the bruise is hurt, it will not help. But to explain this to the doctor is stupid occupation. Because it’s hard to explain what even you do not understand.

Kara smiles a sign of gratitude to the doctor and almost falls into a state of total relaxation. But rough steps behind the door attract her attention, forcing all the muscles in her body tense. What is it? Or rather ask who is it?

Kara often heard steps, whisper that was singing the same song from her childhood, and she often saw the shadows behind. But these steps … they do not look like anything that Kara faced before. Therefore, instead of the usual reaction to the steps she stands rooted to the spot, unable to even move. Only the heart is jumping in the chest, wanting to jump out and run away.

“Kara Krett? We’re here for you. Resistance is futile,” the door is opened and in the doorway, a tall man in a black suit appears.

Fear, confusion, despair, it is perhaps too weak words to explain the state of Kara. But the habit to always be strong, to be proud and fearless does not allow her to give in to instincts to run or immodest desire to hide in a corner or to hide under the bed like a little girl.

“Who are you?” Dr. Richardson asks, puzzled.

It is not the desire to protect Kara, but rather a concern. Who are these people and what are they doing here? Yes. This is certainly not an attempt to protect Kara. This is an attempt to satisfy own curiosity. In this people are too similar. Everyone considers that he is the center of the universe and everyone only cares about himself. This is one of the not favorable sides of the human’s soul.

“We are a secret organization and we are working on the government. So if you are going to stop us, we will act promptly” with the threat in the voice the tall young man in the black suit answers.

Kara swallows formed saliva in her mouth. This guy can not be the unknown, from which she runs for many years. This unknown hides in the darkness, and can not stand in the doorway and talk to her like that with ease and power. Although Kara could not be sure of it a hundred percent. But the inner voice that never let her down, saying that it is not a danger from which she runs. But that it still is a danger, she understands perfectly.

“I will not interfere to the government. But may I ask what made this girl?” Dr. Richardson asks another question.

A man in the black suit, ignoring the question of the doctor takes a look at the girl standing in front of him. She’s like a statue. Skin color of Porcelain, a complete lack of movement and sight glass to nowhere. Yes, definitely she looks like a statue.

“Miss Krett, I beg you not to do something stupid,” he says to the girl.

Kara mechanically rests by gaze in the figure of the man, which now reminds her black lacquered cabinet and then she makes a noisy breath, as if only she understands what is happening.

“I …” the hoarse and uncontrolled voice Kara begins to speak, but she manages to say just one word.

Then in her head the all-consuming black hole appears and saying next words it simply is not possible. At once the man in black suit takes a step toward her, Kara takes a step back. This allows her to recover a bit and still understand that she needs to run. Although, where? From the office there only one exit and that exit is blocked by the tall guy in the black suit.

“Do not think to escape,” the man warns.

Kara menacing frowns, as if preparing to attack. For the guy in the black suit it is a little unexpected. After all Kara is very fragile and seemingly nice girl. But what lies inside this fragility is unknown to anyone.

“What do you want?” almost without a quiver in the voice finally Kara says.

The man raises his eyebrows in surprise and a sly smile appears on his face. Kara shudders. This man is clearly not used to stand on ceremony, and about mercy he never heard. Therefore Kara should not count on mercy. Although she perfectly understands it.

Fear blocks the logic and all the instincts simply pull out. This is happening now with Kara. She, without hesitation and the logical construction of plan, rushes forward, hoping that she somehow still will be able to slip past the man and rush out the door to the potential freedom. But this is a big mistake. Because as soon as Kara is next to the man he deftly pulls her to the wall, and in one movement he injects into her neck bright green liquid from a syringe. Everything happens in an instant, too suddenly and too soon.

Kara has time to breathe only because unpleasant pain in the neck, where the stranger plunged the needle there. And then, a full nothing and darkness.

Kyle is trying to throw the girl who literally threw herself under the wheels of is car out of his head. But he still thinks about her. There are many different types of people. Kyle is one of those who spit on everything and everyone. Alien’s life, in other matters, as well as his own has no value to him. Therefore, now he just needs to go to the next exercise. Sex is for Kyle the next exercise. He changes girls so often that sometimes does not remember even their faces. But in this he sees the meaning of the fair sex. Entertainment. Kyle believes that two breasts, long legs, gorgeous hair, tight stomach, puffy lips and the intoxicating smell were created only for that. The women are creatures for fun, in this Kyle believes. But now he feels heavy on his heart and with every moment it becomes only harder. He should back. And then … then, he’s going to act according to circumstances, however, as always.

Approaching the hospital, Kyle almost immediately realizes that something is wrong. The black Mercedes near the most hospital’s doors does not inspire confidence in him. And the feelings never failed him. After all, thanks to his instinct in his head there are still not bullets. And believe me every third person on this earth wants to put a bullet in his forehead. Only the fact that many do not realize how Kyle Grent looks like saves him.

Kyle parks his car on the other side of the road and safely goes to the hospital. Whatever happens, he is going to act according to circumstances, and it is always saved him. So he is confident that it will save him in this time too.

Approaching the black Mercedes, Kyle sees how a tall and very broad-shouldered man in a black suit, as in X-Men goes out of the hospital. In his hands there is the delicate female body in terribly and not sexy hospital pajamas. But hanging down dark brown hair of the girl furiously shouts to him “it is Kara.” Panic is the main enemy of Kyle, to whom he a long time ago said goodbye. But now … now old friend is back and at the most inopportune moment.

Kyle knows that the seconds until you blink once again, may be too expensive. And now he is losing more than a second and it suggests only one thought. Hell, all is bad.

Finally, when the panic recedes and Kyle again turns into a ruthless, very strategic predator, the picture starts to appear before him in a very different light. Now he sees the two men, in the hands of one there is the woman that he needs. What for? Kyle has no idea. But if two of the bug in expensive suits needs Kara, it is certainly that Kara is needed to him too. Quickly making his way into the back seat to the driver of the Mercedes, Kyle with one deft movement turns his neck. Killed. Then he humbly waits for the second guy in which hands there is Kara and as soon as he opens the car’s door, he also turns his neck. Killing is something that is always easy and pleasant for Kyle. But now he feels much better, because for the first time in the life for the murder he gets forty-five kilograms of prize. However, how to use the prize he still does not know.

The softness and delicacy were never known for Kyle. He grew up and was educated in the harsh conditions. Fate also did not give him to drink lemonade. All this made from his skin solid steel and from the heart pulsating stone. Therefore, despite the fact that, instead of spit on stubborn brunette, he, how it can be said, is saving her life, to be nice with her, he is not going. So casually picking Kara up, Kyle briskly goes to the car.

“Damn,” he irritably swears under his breath when he notices that horrible hospital pajamas lifted up, and now a hip of the girl is fully opened before his eyes.

On the hip of Kara he sees the huge bruise, which obviously appeared because of his baby potbellied BMW flew into it. But he does not care. Much more appealing is that the elegant hip looking directly at him makes him an irresistible urge to touch her.

“Damn,” once again Kyle swears under his breath and irritated he grabs the edge of the hospital pajamas.

Sexual hungry he may have at any time when he wants to. And if he was not such an idiot, he would have lying now in the bed with the sultry blonde. But no. Now he is here and on the back seat of his car there is brunette who is unconsciousness.

Actually, Kyle always preferred blondes. They seemed to him more accessible and stupid. He did not need to care, spending time at her and wait until she finally deigns to please him in the bed. He had only to smile and girl is in his bed. The truth is that it works only with blondes. Once he tried to do this trick with a brunette, so she demanded from him a bouquet of flowers and travel. Bouquet he could give to her, but spend his time … No, Kyle could not.

Chapter 2.

Twelve hours later, Kyle was ready to explode. He never did like to wait, and this is what he had to do the last twelve hours. Kara does not wake up. He approached and occasionally fingered her pulse. It seems she is alive, but for some reason she does not wake up.

Kara feel through the calm a dull ache is sneaking. The eyelids are still heavy, so it is difficult for Kara to open the eyes, but she may think, and at the moment it is good. What if she is lying in some basement, and then the working brain will very useful.

“Finally,” an irritated voice with a hint of sarcasm breaks into Kara’s mind as soon as she opens her eyes.

Everything is quite harmless, and Kara is even surprised a bit. After all, she expected to see something frightening, dark and shapeless. But no. She is in a bright room, and lying on something soft. On the bed.

“What?” Kara idly rubs her eyes.

Apparently, the brain is not still working like she thought. Otherwise, she would have run aimlessly.

“I see that you get enough sleep” again she heard the voice in her head.

At this time, she reacts differently. Kara quickly turns her head, resting by her gaze on the wardrobe, which she had seen before. This is Kyle, or rather the way she sees him. And she sees him as a bent in the middle closet which is put in a bowl with a hole.

“What? What am I doing here?” an indignant voice Kara asks.

But through this indignant in her voice trembling could be heard. The last what Kara remembers is strong and rough hands on her neck. And then … all in a daze. However, to be here, next to the guy that almost hit her by the car, she did not expect.

“For beginning I would like to hear thank you” Kyle replies.

Yes, his too self-centered and self-satisfied nature never sleeps. However, as his desire to surpass all. This is very reminiscent of megalomania. And yes, Kyle is sick by this.

“Thank you” automatically Kara answers.

But in her mind there is not the slightest understanding of why she should thank sitting in front of her wardrobe.

“Good. Now I want to know who you are and why two giant on the Mercedes came for you,” Kyle says smugly.

That feeling that he is experiencing now … so it can not be compared with anything. Solid, ruthless heart of Kyle never trembled so when he saw a sitting girl on his bed. However, in his bed no one girl was. As also in the house. But saving Kara he simply has not different option. His house is the only place where he can go.

Kyle casually runs by look at great, but messy the hair of the girl. Strangely, Kara does not look very sexy now. Her face is pale, and in her eyes there is still frozen fright. Her hair is tangled and dirty, and she is dressed in a strange hospital gown that even the starving man would not call sexual. Yes, Kara does not like the beautiful and self-confident girls who constantly surround Kyle. But that does not repel him. On the contrary, it attracts him.

Irritatedly moving on the chair, decidedly Kyle looks away from the girl. Hell, he should not look at her. At least because now it is quite closely in his pants. But on the other hand, what the hell that girl so affects him?

“I do not know why they came for me,” Kara replies.

Run. This is her constant instinct. It works every time. If she hears a rustle or a strange sound or feels a sudden draft on her cheek, she runs. This is instinct which is simply rooted in her skin, in her mind, in her. But now … now it does not work.

“You should not play with me” through clenched teeth Kyle says.

He tries to convince himself that his reaction now is only just professional pride. No one dares to lie to Kyle Grent. But is it so? Is his reaction professional pride? Or is it something else, more profound?

“I’m not lying,” Kara seriously frowns.

She looks like a child who is outraged disbelief and incomprehension of parents. Her lips are inflated as a child, and there are the naive tears in her eyes that turn her eyes into a glass eye.

Kara never lied. Maybe sometime she does not agree or she avoids conversations in which she feels uncomfortable. But to lie. No. Kara never lies.

“Good. Then let’s start again. Who are you and why two thugs came for you?” trying to keep himself in the hands and talk quietly Kyle repeats.

He is accustomed to the plaintive expressions of people’s faces when he was going to kill them. When he went on his first mission to kill the young girl that changed to one rich man, she also cried and begged him not to do so. And hell, he almost believed her and even was going to help. He was too young for the job. But when he lowered his weapon, the girl whom he had put a bullet in the head, stabbed a knife him in the chest. Half of months in the hospital and the reputation of a loser, that’s what it gave him. His pity almost destroyed him. Of course, then he killed this stuff, just out of revenge, but still a lesson is lesson. So now, looking at the sitting in front of him girl who looks innocent, he tries not to feel anything. He tries to get rid of the desire to rush to her, to hug her, to reassure and maybe even to help her if she needs his help. He saved her, simply because … he just saved her from the interest and in this perhaps he needs to convince himself as quickly as possible. Otherwise …

“I said I do not know” Kara answers irritably boldly raising her voice.

Is she bold? Maybe. At least, she always makes herself to behave boldly. And now, ignoring the rapidly pounding heart in the chest, she jumps out of bed, making it clear that it is impossible to scare her.

“Hush, Lady” with poisonously calm voice Kyle answers and his brow bents.

Boldness and simulated courage of Kara amuses him. However, just because he knows that her heart trembles with fear before him.

“I’m not a lady. Thank you for saving me, but now I’m leaving. Where’s the exit?” continuing to play a bold girl, Kara says.

“She is devil”. These words fly through consciousness of Kyle. He tilts his head to one side barely suppressing laughter. She asks him to show her the way out and it’s really funny. Because the lady usually asked Kyle to show them something quite different, more intimate place. However, he already understood that this girl is different.

“I do not think so” finally Kyle answers carefully watching as the bold expression of Kara’s face changes.

If a couple of minutes ago, Kara thought that she was lucky that Kyle came back and saved her from the thugs, but now she already does not think so. Moreover, the self-preservation instinct that just a couple of minutes refused to work now works instantly. So without hesitation, Kara rushes to the door and ran out into the unknown to her corridor. She does not know where to run. But in this situation, Kara was too much, so she knows that not knowing where to run, you just have to run. After all if you stop, you deprive yourself of any hope of salvation.

“Oh shit! Stop” Kyle swears under his breath jumping up from his chair and trying to catch the hand of Kara.

But she cleverly manages to slip out the door. Rabies is perhaps too mild word to describe the emotions that Kyle is now experiencing. He is ready just to tear her to pieces to destroy her because she dared to suggest that she can escape from him.

Thanks to his skills fighter and killer, he knows how to catch prey. And Kara is a prey for him. How else? After all, all is victims for Kyle. Surely pushing by feet from the floor, Kyle deftly knocks Kara down. He did not plan it, and certainly did not expect that at the time of the fall, he would come into contact with all the roundness of the girl. Although, or rather he simply did not think about it. And it’s strange, because Kyle always thinks a few steps ahead.

“Let me go” wriggling like a cobra, Kara is hissing.

Kyle clenches his teeth and stronger presses Kara to the floor. This is mistake. A big mistake on his part. And there are several reasons. The first reason is that pressing Kara to the floor stronger, their bodies is touching stronger. And Kyle as a true man reacts to it. The second reason is that pressing Kara to the floor stronger he causes a pain to her and thereby definitively loses the right to hope that she will trust him.

“Don’t move!” trying to put in his voice a threat Kyle tells her and even stronger presses her with his body.

At this time, Kara screams. The pain in her thigh pierces through her and because of the anger, tears appear in his eyes. Her anger is not directed specifically at Kyle. No, it just gets angry that she is now in such a position.

Scream of Kara like something heavy hits at Kyle’s head. Mechanically he weakens his grip, allowing her to move freely underneath. He is ready for the fact that now she is going to start again to escape. Hell, he is just sure that she screamed only for that he loosened his grip and she was able to escape. After all, that’s how his victims did. They begged him for mercy, bearing in their minds cunning plan to escape from him and even to kill him if it was possible. But to his surprise, instead of trying to escape Kara compresses under him, nervously clutching her hands to her chest. She looks helpless and again reminds him of a young child. In his chest something is compressed. He quickly shuts down all processes in the brain and then everything happens by inertia. He quickly feels the girl’s body, thinking that it somehow can help, and then completely lifts the hem of her hospital gown to her stomach, putting Kara in disgusting situation. In the end, her naked thighs no man did see.

“Why the hell do not you have given pain medication?” he growls nervously looking around the huge bruise on her thigh.

Basically, it should not care about it and even pain of Kara should not interest him. But something is wrong, because he is still interested in it.

“What do you allow yourself?” blushing with shame Kara hisses.

She barely holds back the rush to grab the edge of the hospital pajamas and pull it down to the heels. Actually she is just stopped by what she is sure that if she does so Kyle will realize his superiority. And she can not prevent in any way. Pride would never let her do it.

“And I want you have understood something. I allow myself everything that I want. For me, there are no rules and restrictions. Just remember that once and for all, and deliver me, please, from the silly questions,” he retorts measured tones.

Kara frowns. She still feels pain although, now when Kyle does not press her so hard to the floor, the pain is much more tolerable. As for Kyle, he thinks that frown of the girl is a reaction to his words. But what else egoist who thinks that even the sun rises only for the sake of him could think?

“Can I get up?” Kara says sarcastically barely restraining her impulse to lift the chin proudly.

She is not stupid and good understanding of people. More specifically she has just a good intuition and inner voice had never been let her down. So now, when everything inside her just screams that this guy is dangerous and it is better not to show the independence and pride, she tries to follow that voice.

Kyle dissatisfied purses his lips in a line. The tone of the girl he certainly did not like very much, but he also knows that if he is going to lie on her at least another couple of minutes, he will lose his mind finally and the zipper on his pants. Neither one nor the other can be allowed now. Therefore, silently he stands up, carelessly forcing Kara also to stand up.

Kyle is not used to tenderness. He never tolerated tenderness towards himself and never gave this to others. Even in the bed he was so rude that not every girl could stand it. However, he did not care. Any girl that gets into his bed never gets out of it as long as Kyle gets what he wants. Satisfaction. So now, raising Kara from the floor, he does it roughly and carelessly, as if Kara is not a girl but something not important thing to which he does not want to even touch. However, it is seems so to Kara. What is in fact, neither Kara nor Kyle do know. Till.

Chapter 3.

“Now I’m your hostage?” irritationed Kara crosses her arms and sits in the chair.

Her whole body hurts, but pride is much stronger than the pain. It always has been so. Even when classmates mocked her, called Kara dumb and blind when she crashed into a table, or could not normally enter through the doorway, she never allowed herself to relax. She always held her head high and behaved with dignity. However, now she is also trying to do it.

“I do not keep hostage, lady.” Kyle grins, watching feigned confidence of the girl.

Interest? Maybe. But Kyle is rarely interested in something. And he was never interested in people, and especially women. If only for sport. But now, his instinct tells him that in his, in his favorite chair, not just a girl is sitting, but something more interesting. However, Kyle hates puzzles. Partly because he hates to wait. And how we all know the answer to all riddles it is necessary to wait. Or rather to look to solve.

“I am not lady. And you can not hold me here. I need to go home. I had to return home at the night,” exasperated Kara sighs, feeling uncomfortable.

This is due to the fact that her sense of dignity is hurt. How? Everything is very simple. She sits in the chair in which she does not want to sit and she and she must to report to the man who is not known to her. It’s just a brain explosion. Explosion of her beautiful female brain.

“Is someone waiting you at home?” Kyle casually interests.

Kara looks at him from under her lashes, trying to understand the motive of his question. Strangers can not be trusted. Mom taught her this since childhood. And even now when she is a grown woman, and as Kara thinks she can take care of herself, she still understands that this rule can not be neglected. Especially in relation to the men.

“Yes, and probably this someone is already looking for me!” Kara says after a few minutes of thinking.

False? True? Fifty on fifty. On one side her stepsister Agnete is probably already gone mad wondering where she is and why Kara who went in the library last night has not returned yet. But on the other hand, Agnete is unlikely looking for her. Why? Just Agnete knows about the strangeness of Kara and most of the time, she tries not to interfere in the private affairs of Kara. However, until today, Kara has always been grateful to her for it. But now, she would prefer that Agnete was caring stepsister and went on her heels. Then Kara would at least hope for salvation. But alas. To this she can hardly hope.

“Yes, I know. Two men in black suits. Oh, no, wait. I killed them” jokingly responds Kyle responds and Kara sees the threat in his eyes.

All internal of Kara immediately is compressed. Killed? This word is ringing through her head like a siren, warning of the danger and immediately calling the lam from this stranger. But hardly Kara is now able to even move by her tongue. She is shocked.

“Once again I have to beg you to thank me?” continuing to make fun of Kara, Kyle says.

Murder for Kyle is usual thing. But apparently, he has forgotten that the ordinary law-abiding citizen, and especially for women, the idea of the murder is a great shock and psychological trauma.

“You … killed …” Kara nervously digs her nails into the edge of the chair, trying a little to cope with the arising in her a strange feeling.

It’s fear. Yes, she’s scared. But as well, there is something else that she feels right now. Maybe it’s a relief? In the end, the guy in the black suit was not a good person.

“Clear. You are not going to thank. Get up,” Kyle takes a deep breath and walks over to her.

Kara swallows nervously. First, his approach, but rather, the fact that he has crossed the zone of her personal space, makes her nervous. And secondly, whether she is a hundred times damned if she is going to obey the unknown man.

“No,” she responds immediately and decisively shakes her head to the sides.

She tries to show the gesture of the seriousness of her intention not to budge. But from the outside it looks childish fun.

“Yes,” barely suppressing laughter in his voice, Kyle says, grabbing her by the shoulders, and sharply raises Kara from the chair.

He tries to look stern. It is his little trick that always helps him. After all, when you’re serious, people are afraid of you, and if they are afraid, then respect. Therefore, the severity is the main weapon of Kyle. But now, looking at the perturbed and flushed with anger Kara’s face, it’s hard to be serious. Hell, all that he is able to do it is to look at her and just smile. And maybe even to laugh loudly, which, incidentally, is quite unusual for Kyle.

“Do you think it’s funny? I need to go home, and you can not keep me here,” Kara says, imagining how her fist flies him straight in the eye.

Smile of Kyle is definitely an exciting spectacle. And maybe, in other circumstances, Kara would enjoy this. But not now. Now she is more concerned with the fact that she is here by the force.

“You’re very funny. But that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to take you home, and see for yourself that nothing will happen to you on the road,” Kyle, making every effort to stop laughing answers Kara.

Surprise that appears on Kara’s face makes her eyes turn into two black holes, again originating in Kyle wave of laughter. But this time, he deftly handles this, and instead of smiles, he just frowns. After all he needs to do anything, not to laugh again.

“Do you play a knight?” sarcastically Kara says later realizing that now it is better to bite the tongue.

But the nature and long-ingrained habit in her brain to defend herself against all by means of attacks hardly would allow her to just meekly nod.

“Oh, lady. Believe. I’m not a knight,” Kyle grins, marveling at her audacity.

When she appeared on the road, almost out of nowhere, he could not imagine that Kara is such impudent, capricious and eloquent woman. Then she sensed him as a shy and…. scared. Yes, of course, she was scared. After all, she almost died, and of course, the fear was appropriate. But now, standing right in front of Kara, Kyle feels like someone else is standing in front of his, but not the girl which almost under the wheels of his car. And it warms his interest. What else, besides the hot blood and a long tongue is covered in this girl?

Chapter 4.

Kara nervously bites her lips, sitting next to Kyle in the car. Just a couple of minutes, and she will come out of this car and never see this guy. It’s all about what she now can think of. But in addition to these ideas, there is something else. Excitement. Even despite the fact that the guy, who is sitting behind the wheel, seems a very dangerous man, she realizes that only he can protect her. Just as he already protected her. And so, when she comes out of the car, she will be in danger. However, she should be used to it. Although, before the danger was hidden under the cover of night, and now even a day is full of danger.

“I think now I deserve your thanks,” Kyle says complacently and stops the car right at Kara’s house.

Kyle behaves like a gigolo now and despite the fact that part of him actually is a gigolo, Kyle never allowed himself to behave so. But along with Kara, he can not do anything. Stupidity breaks out of him when he is near Kara.

Mentally cursing himself, Kyle again tries to make a serious look. It takes him a few seconds, so when Kara turns her head and looks at him, a combat readiness already is on his face.

“Thank you” automatically Kara answers and quickly gets out of the car.

It is difficult to surprise Kyle, but now he is certainly surprised. She just told him thank you with cold and almost lifeless voice and came out of the car. No one had ever done this to him. No one had ever ignored him. And of course, like a true male, Kyle immediately feels a desire to rush after her, to grab her hand and to make her explain. But at the last moment, he stops himself.

“To hell,” he says through his teeth and nervously pushes the gas pedal to the floor.

Growling of the car makes Kara to flinch. But putting all the power, she still manages not to look back. In the end, it is better to forget about the guy and go back to the usual state of affairs, where she is her only support and protection.

“Kara, where have you been?” the excited voice of the half-sister is heard as soon as Kara enters the house.

Of course Agnete is worried because of the long absence of the sister, that’s just now Kara does not really want to discuss it. However, has she a choice?

“I’m sorry I could not call you. I was almost hit by a car, but I’m fine,” Kara tells with the tired voice.

Agnete quickly looks around the sister. Only now, she notices that Kara is dressed in the strange clothes, or rather into a strange rag that even to name clothes is hard.

“What? And why you are in such a way?” it is not clear about what Agnete is concerned more?

The one that once again her sister was in danger, or the fact that she is dressed in the hospital gown?

“Agnete, please … I’m very tired and I want to lie down. Can we talk later?” Kara looks at the sister with pleading eyes, anxiously waiting for at least a nod to finally go with a clear conscience to the room and lay down on the bed.

Kara got used to the constant running, to the fact that she sees the world differently, to what in her mind constantly crazy thoughts flash. She got used. It never oppressed her. But now, everything has changed. It is difficult to say what has changed exactly. But change is clearly happened.

“Good. If you want to eat I …” Agnete, having sustained a small slot for which it was possible to study the sister finally nods.

Agnete, like she thinks very well understands the people. She was even going to be a psychologist, to wear a white shirt and black skirt, to gather your hair into a ponytail and always wear glasses to look more serious. But her parents were very against this idea, and in the absence of solid spirit Agnete surrendered. So now she is not a psychologist, and economist. For reference Agnete hates numbers, and so she certainly will not become professional in this. She has accepted this a long time ago. Still, thanks to the psychological instinct, now she understands that to try to talk with Kara is senseless now.

“No, I do not need anything. Thank you,” Kara does not give her to finish the sentence.

Food is good. Everyone loves food. Food is life and so on. But Kara has some problems with it. And it’s not that she suffers from anorexia or even some eating disorder, no. Just because of the constant and maddening thoughts she often forgets about the breakfasts or lunches or dinners. Therefore, the body it completely is accustomed to constant hunger. Of course, sometimes Kara feels unbearable hunger, but it happens very rarely.

Kara’s condition could be shifted with cola and be drunk. This drink is certainly could knock any legs. But, unfortunately, your own feelings you can not have drunk. You have to endure, to tolerate or to obey.

Kara falls awkwardly on the bed. She does not care that she is dressed in the hospital gown, and that bruise is on her hip. All that interests her now, it’s the prospect of sleep at least a little bit. But there is one problem. Obsessive depressive thoughts do not allow her to dive into the ocean of sweet sleep. Therefore, tossing from side to side, Kara understands that she has only one way. She has to accept the fact that sleep is unattainable now for her.

The danger, the constant feeling of the fear and the need to experience it all alone, it all did not bother Kara before. She just took it for granted, as if in a different way it even can not be. But after she met Kyle, her thoughts and beliefs changed. He saved her. For the first time in Kara’s life someone saved her, and she can not ignore it. And she can not continue to live with the conviction that nobody can help her. Because it is not so.

Nervously turning over to the other side, to somehow get rid of the depressing thoughts about Kyle, Kara does not notice, as she appears too close to the edge of the bed. Actually she realizes it only being on the floor. Crying of surprise and sudden pain in the hip, Kara curls up on the floor, giggling nervously because of this situation. Of course, it is funny. But that’s just it is nervous laughter, and clearly it means that she is tiered.

“Kara, are you okay?” Agnete, having heard the roar and clamor, bravely rushes into the room of the sister, ready to rescue and fight the enemy, if it is necessary.

But to her surprise either save or fight with the enemy it is not necessary. Maybe only if to save yourself from the strange behavior of Kara.

“Yes” through laughter and tears, Kara responds weakly flipping onto the back.

So now lying on the back and looking at the ceiling she takes a deep breath to calm down. What is wrong with her? Previously anything like it did not happen with her. She certainly never laughed lying on the floor. Kara does not even love to laugh. Even a smile on her face is rarely can be seen. This is logical. After all, when you are forced to constantly fight with your own fears during the day and at night to escape from the unknown, it is difficult to be cheerful and smiling.

“If you want to talk, I am always happy to listen to you,” Agnete says still cautiously looking at the sister who still is lying on the floor.

Yes, her psychological intuition tells her that it is unclear. But after all Agnete is not a psychologist, and it is the only reason why she forces herself to think that she is wrong and Kara is in order. However, Agnete is a little informed about the self-deception and she knows exactly that sometimes self-deception can be very useful for. But is it useful now?

Agnete is wonderful friend and sister. It’s true. After all not many people can tolerate Kara’s strange behavior, her constant shoots and cries at night. Even parents of Kara could hardly stand it. Agnete refers to this understanding. Kara never feels crazy or freak being near Agnete. Everything has always been just the opposite. Just next to Agnete, Kara feels like a normal person.

“I know. But I’m so tired and I want to sleep. Have you a sleeping pill?” barely moving y the tongue Kara says and closes the eyes, trying at least briefly to escape from reality and thoughts.

Thoughts have strange property. They live as much as they want to, even when you sleep or think that you do not think or even when your brain is not working, thoughts still continue to live. It is impossible to stop. We can only put up with it.

“Yes I have. But maybe you should take a shower, drink chamomile tea first. Sleeping pills are not the best solution to the problem, and you know it” Agnete answers, taking a step toward the sister and looks down at the face of Kara.

Yes, Agnete could be a great psychologist or a doctor. But however, for Kara it is enough that Agnete is just a good man.

“Good. But if it does not work …” Kara reluctantly agrees and takes a deep breath, showing Agnete that she does not like her suggestion.

But there are words to which it is better to listen to. So, these words are such words.

Kara clumsily lifts from the floor, feeling fatigue in the whole body. She is tired, yes. But more moral than physical. The fatigue in the body is only a faint echo of the moral fatigue.

We have constantly to do some things being alive. For example to breathe even when we do not see the sense in it or to move when we do not want to. Silly banality that is what we have to constantly do. Here and now, Kara slowly goes to the bathroom, barely resisting the urge to just flop on the floor to close your eyes, and at least mentally escape from reality. But alas, it is impossible.

Standing under the soothing drops of shower, Kara carefully tries to block all the anxiety and thoughts, which also makes her feel not very good. These thoughts are connected … actually, probably, God only knows what or with whom they are associated. But in any case, these thoughts are driving awareness of Kara in depressive pit, and it’s not so good for mental health. And this Kara understood in a long time ago. In the end, how could be otherwise of she lives with a failed genius of psychology?

In general, Kara’s life did not change in any way. All the same someone stalks her in the darkness. Although now the danger waits for her not only at night. But does this change anything? Kara did not feel in the safe a long time and she was resigned to the fact that fate throws lemons to her. And to make lemonade out of the lemons is simply impossible. At least, Kara can not.

“I made you chamomile tea,” Agnete says as soon as Kara inters the kitchen.

Chamomile tea of course will not be able to get rid Kara of the inner experiences, but, at least, it may well help her sleep. And that’s good in this situation.

“Thank you” with tired voice Kara responds and takes the cup from the hands of the sister.

Agnete nervously purses the lips in a line, trying to suppress her desire to start questioning Kara about what actually happened to her. In fact, Kara’s stories about the mysterious pursuer in the dark rather amuse Agnete. Of course, she does not believe it to be true and even thinks that Kara simply embellishes reality. And she like a frustrated psychologist knows that sometimes people do that. They invent strange stories and hidу reality in them. Why? Because they believe that the reality is boring. And now, as Agnete thinks Kara invents mysterious pursuer, who appears at night in the dark and pursues her. That’s just Agnete does not quite understand what lies behind this fictional story. She does not understand how fiction of Kara can be associated with reality.

Chapter 5

At six in the evening hours and this means that night is coming. The darkness is coming. Kara opens the eyes frantically realizing that the time to run is approaching again. She does not need a clock to understand this. Her body is more precisely then any clocks. Every day, feeling the approach of night, Kara is experiencing an incredible rise of the forces. She feels ready to run. Like a hunted rabbit which is ready to run to the cardiac arrest. This is a habit or more correctly this is instinct. Kara gets tired of it, she is tired of the constant need to escape from some danger that she had never seen in person. Although, she must say thanks to heavens. After all if she met with the danger face to face she would lose your own life.

Kara slowly gets out of the bed and goes to the door of the room.

“How are you feeling?” Agnete asks standing right outside the door of Kara’s room.

Agnete was not standing here seven hours until Kara was sleeping. No. She just ran up to the door every ten or twenty minutes and listened to, Kara is sleeping or not. Probably, from the outside it looked very funny. Although it the unhealthy interest of the sister to her life, Kara does not see anything funny. The only truth that she believes is don’t not trust anyone. And despite the fact that Kara loves Agnete and incredibly she is grateful to her for what she listens to her strange idiotic stories when Kara simply has not strong enough to keep them in herself Kara knows that full and blind trust is equal to death square. Don’t trust anyone that’s what Kara’s motto is and with it she has been living for more than a year.

“Thank you. Very good” plausible trying to smile, Kara responds quickly and goes to the kitchen.

She needs to have time for half an hour to eat to take a shower and mentally prepare for the next race from an unknown into the unknown.

“You’re going to leave again for the whole night?” Agnete follows Kara.

However, the question of Agnete bears some silly sense. Kara disappears every night, that’s for a whole year they live together. So to ask about what happens systematically and without days off is stupid.

“Yes. And please don’t worry. I’m fine” again squeezing out herself a fake smile, Kara responds.

There are times when you do not want to open the mouth to move the tongue and say something. Even blinking you do not want. So now is the moment in the life of Kara. In her mind all through covers with the fog, and the heart, beating the usual rhythms, shrinks with each stroke, realizing the inevitability of another night of fear. Therefore, to answer question of sister is not easy for Kara. But she tries.

“Of course, I’ll worry. But … Look, of course I am not an expert in psychology, but still, psychoanalysis is my passion and I understand something in this. So. I see that you have problems. Mental problems. And, perhaps…. Perhaps you need a professional help?” carefully choosing each word, Agnete says.

She does not intend to offend or hurt the feelings of Kara. Quite the contrary. She pursues a noble goal. She wants to help Kara. But as usual, the pursuit of a noble goal goes sideways.

“Agnete, I’m not crazy! Okay. And let’s stop to talk about it. I’m all right,” Kara responds irritably and grabs a piece of bread from the plate, which is on the table.

She just needs to urgently fill the mouth with something that does not blurt out some nasty things and not to hurt the feelings of the sister. In the end, Agnete is her only connection with the normal world. Because apart from Agnete Kara has no one. No one in the whole vast world.

“I understand, I’m sorry,” Agnete exhales and looks down guiltily.

On the one hand, Agnete is well aware that climb into other people’s business is ugly and wrong. But on the other hand … She feels no, she clearly sees that Kara is not all right, and simply she can not pretend that all is well. But how can she help her? And whether Kara needs help?

“I’m going to take a shower, and you need to stop worrying,” Kara says with full of the mouth and quickly goes out of the kitchen.

Most likely before the next races Kara again will not be able to eat. However, she is used to such. Very often, either she forgets about food or something just prevents to eat to her. As for example the conversation with Agnete which happened just a minute ago. This conversation completely killed Kara’s desire to eat.

Chapter 6.

The cold literally chews Kara’s bones. She rushes down the street not even knowing where she still runs. Around here is darkness. The street is almost empty. On the way when she raced like mad she just once run into a homeless man, who because of anger and resentment that she run into him could break Kara to the pieces if she stopped. But she can not stop. She knows it. And despite the fact that she has no more forces to escape and she just can not breathe, Kara knows that she can not stop. But what to do when in front there is a dead end?

“No, oh, no!” choking Kara stops and rests her hands on the wall.

Dead end. Next here is nowhere to run. Ahead there is no road, and the creature with which it is better not to meet behind. Slowly turning around, Kara harbors breath. She feels that something is coming. Every hair on her body feels it, and under the influence of fear stands on end. What’s next?

Shadow is weightless and seems not at all dangerous. But very often, what is hidden in the shadows, can cause pain and make anyone to suffer.

Sharp claws digs into the back of Kara, causing her to cry out in pain. But the shadow is everywhere and she simply has no place to escape. Now Kara is not hoping for something. She simply can not hope for anything because the pain is drowning her and all her hopes. It seems to her that it lasts forever. Gigging into her soft silk back claws, forcing to shout loudly pain, it all is never-ending circle in which Kara is now. But suddenly something throws her into the air. Kara's body like a rag doll hits the concrete wall and falls to the floor. So what is next?? Then Kara gets on a small island which is called emptiness. She loses consciousness.

Resist that hides its true face … is a futile action in which Kara convinced herself. Lying on the cold asphalt, she is now fully aware that she will never ever be able to win a shadow. Run? Maybe some kind of sense is in this. But Kara does not see this sense. With difficulty opening the eyes, Kara does not immediately determine whether she is alive. Her body hurts a little. But much stronger the soul hurts. The fear that she experienced has left too deep scars on her soul.

The street starts to lighten. This means that the morning is coming. The joy that usually Kara experiences every time when light banishes darkness does not come to her in this time. She is just too shocked to rejoice. Slowly, collecting all the forces which left in her, Kara gets off the ground. She is cold, scared, and this time the fear has too much power. It just filled up all the space in her heart. What to do next?

The street is still empty. For the first time in her life, walking on the empty street, Kara thinks what she could have if she were normal. She could currently be in a soft bed and sleep soundly now. Then she woke up, had breakfast with the family and went to school then she would meet up with friends drank coffee with them and maybe even would have gone to some party. But no. Instead, Kara slowly is walking down the street, completely devastated and devoid of happiness.

Agnete is still asleep, and on the one hand, Kara is pleased it, because now she is not ready to talk to anyone. But on the other hand, she feels so bad and she needs that someone just was near.

Kara cautiously, trying not to make a sound sneaks into her room. Nearest twelve o’clock she has nothing to fear. But somehow, she feels not easier from that. Although, maybe the reason that in the soul of Kara voracious black hole is formed is in the fact that had happened about an hour ago? Kara takes a deep breath, quickly pulls off the clothes, writhing in pain which she feels when raises the hands up. Then she goes in the bath and stops in front of a large mirror. Reflection is clearly frightening, but Kara does not worry due to protruding bones or bruising under the eyes or the horror in her eyes. The only thing that scares her badly is deep wounds on the back.

Looking at these wounds, Kara immediately recalls terrible gnashing of teeth. It immediately recalls how ruthless sharp claws were digging into her back, how hurt she was then, and in the truest sense of the word, she was dying. These memories are poison and the antidote is not. Giving herself a little time to be weak, Kara covers the face with the hands and lowers onto the cold floor of the bath. Just a couple of minutes Kara lets herself be weak, and then … then she again becomes strong.

“Kara? Are you crying?” the voice of Agnete is heard for bath’s door.

Kara stays put. Did she too allow herself to be weak and a moment ago cried bitterly, like a small child? No, Kara’s pride just could not let that happen? Or could?

“No, I’m fine.” trying to make voice to sound confident and carefree Kara responds and gets up from the floor.

But her voice is trembling treacherously. So she can only hope that Agnete does not hear the tremor.

“Good.” Agnete answers.

Kara listens to again to understand whether she can relax, because “good” out of the mouth of Agnete does not guarantee that Agnete believed Kara and will ask her about anything. But hearing Agnete’s steps, and then the sound a slamming of the door in her room, Kara sighs of relief. Agnete is gone and it means that she can assume that the danger is gone too.

Hot water’s droplets fall on the cold body of Kara making her shiver. She is trembling in pain. The deep wounds on the back too painful respond to sudden changes in temperature. But nothing can be done. Kara need to wash the blood off to change into clean clothes and try to at least the next twelve hours does not remember what happened. Is it possible? The answer to this question is not important, because Kara needs to try her best to behave as usual that Agnete will not suspect anything.

Kara never felt uncomfortable due to the fact that Agnete sometimes interfered in her life asked questions and sometimes tried to control the life of Kara. All this Agnete called care. And Kara, in general, did not mind. For a person who is really lonely sometimes it is needed that someone to take care of him. But now…. Now Kara feels like a caring sister in the truest sense of the word, drives her crazy.

Agnete is in the kitchen and Kara does not really want to go now to the sister. Kara just wants to lie on the bed to close the eyes and think about nothing at least a couple of hours. But if Kara lies in the bed Agnete certainly will come to her with questions. Therefore, Kara reluctantly goes to the kitchen.

“You came early today,” Agnete says, lifting the head and looking at Kara who is coming in the kitchen.

Kara takes a deep breath.

“Yes.” Kara answers and sits on the chair.

Agnete pours a mug of tea and puts it right in front of Kara. Then she takes a packet of biscuits from the fridge and also puts it on the table.

“Eat. And then you need to sleep. You look awful,” Agnete says.

Her words are full of care. Previously, Kara heard this care in the mother’s voice. It took plenty of time to forget about it and come to terms with the fact that now she is all alone. But no, Kara still remembers the care in the mother’s voice and the love in her eyes. She really misses her.

“Thank you,” Kara replies, quickly driving away the sad memories about her family.

Kara spent a lot of forces to stop to think about the family and about her past life. And although her past life, too, was covered with some fog of madness, Kara still considers his past life perfect. At least in her previous life she did not have to run from the darkness every night.

A knock at the door makes Kara to flinch. Inside, everything is compressed in a strange way, even attempts to convince herself that she has nothing to fear, fail. In the end, it’s five in the morning and at such an early time, no one goes to visit.

“You’re waiting for someone?” fighting with the tremor in the voice, Kara asks and looks at Agnete.

But the expression of Agnete’s face speaks for itself. Agnete does not wait for the guests and it means that the danger is behind the door.

“No,” Agnete responds quickly and without hesitation goes to the door.

Kara quickly follows by her. Through the translucent door Kara notices two dark silhouettes. This is clearly men. Kara immediately recalls a man in the hospital who wanted to kidnap her. Yes, definitely these two silhouettes which are standing behind the door are similar with Kara’s memories about the man who was in the hospital.

“Do not open!” Kara grabs Agnete’s hand.

Agnete blankly stares at Kara. Horror in Kara’s eyes and cold Kara’s hands all it says only that she is terribly frightened. But Agnete does not understand why.

“Why?” Agnete asks.

“Please. I can not explain. But they came for me. Do not open the door, please,” Kara whispers.

“But in our house lights on. They will not go away. Just go to your room, I’ll open the door. All will be well” Agnete answers.

Kara wants to argue, but at the last minute she bites the lip and agrees with Agnete. In the end, there is no other choice really.

Once in the room, Kara feels on the top of the stress. Her muscles are strained as steel ropes, and in the head the horrible thoughts are flashing. She does not feel safe. She never felt safe, but … Kara nervously bites the lip. She again recalls Kyle, but rather about those feelings that she felt being with him. She was quiet for the first time, and she felt safe.

Kara does not know how Kyle looks in reality. She does not know what his eyes have color, she does not know his facial features. But she knows the feelings that he evoked in her. Calm. It was calm. And even when the mind were screaming to her that she should not trust him, the heart just was beating calmly, and whispered to her that with him she has nothing to fear.

When voices behind the door suddenly fall silent, Kara thinks that she dies for a moment of fear. She walks slowly to the door and opens it with trembling hands.

“Agnete?” not too loudly she calls the sister.

But in response she hears silence. Fear instantly evaporates and now Kara feels only unwavering determination to rush to the aid of the sister. But as soon as Kara leaves the room, she encounters with Agnete by the forehead.

“I thought …” Kara exhales in relief.

“No, everything is fine. They really come after you. I said that now you are not at home. They said to come back later. Hell, Kara, what you got involved?” Agnete is looking at Kara demanded.

Agnete’s eyes are full of terror. And Kara understands why. Men in black suit frightened her.

“I do not know why they want from me. But now I can not stay here and put you in the danger,” Kara quickly turns around and goes to the room.

Agnete without hesitation follows by her.

“And where are you going?” Agnete is indignant.

Of course, she cares about Kara. She always cared. But now Kara feels that she must take care of Agnete.

“I do not know.” Kara replies casually and pulls the backpack of the closet.

Then she takes a couple of things and stuffs them in the backpack. To take a lot of things is unreasonable, because more likely Kara will have to spend the night at street. Therefore, Kara takes only the bare essentials: a few sweaters, hats and underwear. This is enough for at least the first time.

“No, I will not let you,” Agnete snatches backpack from the hands of Kara and looks at Kara with challenge.

“Agnete, come on” Kara wearily lower hands down and takes a deep breath.

Agnete behaves like a child, and Kara does not have today the strength to play along with it, or vice versa to deal with it. In fact, after everything that happened last night with Kara, Kara’s sole desire is to flop on any horizontal surface to close your eyes and finally sleep at least a couple of hours. Therefore, now Kara is not able to argue.

“No. I will not let you live on the streets. You have nowhere to go, so you’re staying here,” Agnete says categorically and quickly goes out of Kara’s room.

Patience. At such moments, Kara is trying to be patient. But now it’s not so easy. Tinnitus, aching pain in the whole body and even the desire to die, just do not allow Kara to be patient. She wants to close her eyes and turn off. That she can. But to be patience…. No, now it is just impossible.

“Agnete, I will leave anyway. So come back and give me back my backpack,” Kara after Agnete.

But, as might be expected, in response to the words Kara hears only silence. This means that Kara should not expect that Agnete will return the backpack and approve her decision to leave. But the decision has already made. And Kara is determined to do what she thinks is best. And it would be better to leave.

Chapter 7.

A couple of dollars in your pocket and she is full of confidence to keep going. Where? Actually, it’s not too important. But Kara now fully realizes one main idea, the main advice that the life gave her. You should always move forward and do not stop. When you stop, you become immediately vulnerable and weak. Only moving forward guarantees you life and says that you are alive.

People are going very quickly on the streets. They all make their way somewhere single-mindedly. And Kara … she is slowly going through the street, nervous shivering.

Like any man in this world, Kara is afraid of the unknown, and she feels lonely. Of course, Kara truly may be called a lonely. After all, only a lonely man will wander around the city without a clue where to go and what to do next. But like every lonely person, Kara fully got used to this role. She does need no one, just as no one does need her.

When the day hovering over the city and people create a fuss on the street, the illusion of life appears in the other minds. Is this real life it is difficult to say, but that’s an illusion … it’s yes. And of course, this illusion facilitates inner pain, helps a person to stop feeling lonely, left out and miserable. Kara feels safe when outdoors there is light and people is walking around constantly. After all dark, which she is afraid of could harm her. Therefore, meeting the approaching night, paralyzing fear penetrates in the soul of Kara slowly. How could she survive the night? And whether she will be able to?

“Are you really going to live on the street?” someone big strong hand grabs Kara by the elbow.

She turns frightened. Before her there is high rectangular shape. This is Kyle. Sometimes it is difficult to know it is human or wardrobes because for Kara it looks the same. But that it is Kyle she understands immediately. Maybe she knows his voice, but the important thing is that Kara is sure it is Kyle.

“What are you doing here?” with a hoarse voice she asks.

Kyle smugly grins, in the depths of the soul rejoicing to see the typical girl again, which he almost killed. It is strange, because before it was all the same for Kyle when he killed people and … Hell, he did not even remember their names. But the thought that he could kill Kara makes him to wince.

“Well, I came to your house, but your dear sister said that you are a stubborn fool left the house,” Kyle replies calmly and slowly releases the elbow of Kara.

“And why did you come to my house?” Kara asks question again.

And one single rule that Kara follows more than a year, forces her to ask questions, rather than just be glad that he is still here standing in front of her now. And this rule says, do not trust anyone.

“I think you need my help!” Kyle says confidently, smiling charmingly.

That’s just Kara still can not see that smile. All that she can do it is to hear the emotion in his voice. But to see his face emotion she can not.

“And how can you help me?” Kara asks defiantly.

“”Well, for example, to provide you with housing,” Kyle mysteriously responds, noting that Kara is incorrectly shifting from foot to foot.

Kara quickly considers the words of Kyle, trying to understand whether there is a trick in them. But her attention is concentrated on the vital need for her body. Restroom. Kara urgently needs a toilet otherwise her bladder will just burst.

“Can you stand still?” not able anymore to endure the silence that appeared between them and the strange behavior of Kara he says irritably.

Kyle has a lot of positive and negative sides. As any other person. But he has one feature. He always has problem to communicate with people. Perhaps that is why, instead of communicating with them, he shot in their heads. But he can not do it with Kara. He has to deal with her and that more important he wants to communicate with her.

“No, I can not. I need a toilet” hurt his irritation in his voice Kara responds.

Kyle is confused a little by such directness. Usually the girls pretend to be from another planet, and especially do not talk about the toilet in his presence. But Kara is very different from all. And Kyle has to live with it. Although, to be quite honest, Kyle likes the fact that Kara is different from all.

“My house is not far away, so I can offer you to use my toilet” Kyle replies, clearly trying to keep track of Kara’s reaction.

Kara bites the lip, trying to find a trick again in the words of Kyle. But she wants to use the toilet, and perhaps for the sake of it she is ready to do anything.

“Well,” Kara replies.

If the state of Kyle can be described by at least some words, most likely, a new language would appear on our globe. Because such a word as “amiratiti” exactly does not exist in the world. But it exists now in the mind of Kyle and despite the fact that even Kyle has no idea what means this strange combination of letters, this word does not cease to sound in his head.

That time, while Kara is in the toilet, Kyle a few times called himself an idiot, then the same amount of time he scolded himself for what he called himself an idiot. It’s hard to remember when Kyle behaved so stupidly ever. But after Kyle nearly knocked Kara on the road and then saves her as a noble knight whom Kyle actually never was everything in his life went awry. Sports interest in girls subsided, the desire to sleep was gone and even the food ceased to please him. Although Kyle absolutely is big fan of the pizza and this dishes always forced him to feel hunger whatever his mood, health and weather. But it changed.

“Thank you.” Kara comes out of the toilet a little embarrassed by the fact that Kyle is right next to the toilet’s door.

“You’re welcome,” Kyle replies, crossing his arms over the chest.

Typically, this gesture helped him to pack up and pull himself together. But what the hell, right now it does not work?

“What time is it?” Kara asks unexpectedly.

Now, when her body feels great and she does not need to think about her needs, Kara’s mind goes back to reality. In reality, where the time is very important. Kara remembers that when Kyle came up to her on the street, it was almost evening, and this means that she needs to hurry. Darkness is coming and it means danger is coming, too.

“Nine p.m” looking at his watch, which is on his arm, Kyle answers.

“I need to go” having gasped in horror, Kara responds and quickly heads for the door.

But Kyle’s hand deftly, almost immediately grabs her by the arm not allowing her to make even a step.

“Where?” brazenly Kyle wonders not even thinking whether he has the right to ask Kara such a question.

Kara looks at him in surprise. She has trouble with breathing because Kyle’s hand is holding her arm, and she is outraged that he has the audacity to invade her personal space. Personal space, as Kara thinks is all she has, and she is not going to allow anyone to encroach on it.

“Let me go” frowning, Kara says demanding.

Kyle is barely holding back a smile on the face. Spiny character of Kara amuses him, although sometimes it infuriates him. However, now, it’s hard to be mad at her. Because the rant woman is before him and despite the fact that sometimes she irritates him he returns to her again and again. Mentally. But if Kara enabled … Yes, Kyle would dig in full lips of Kara if she argued. But to think about it is the torture, so Kyle gives a cold stare to her, fending off all obscenely erotic thoughts aside.

“I’ll let you go, but you’re staying here. And believe me I will not let you sleep until you tell me what the hell the men in suits came for you” calmly Kyle says and releases Kara’s hand.

There are words saying that you certainly put fear into the hearts of people. Kyle did not such word. But even those simple and seemingly innocuous words that he said force Kara’s heart to shrink in the grip of fear. She harbors a breath, just for a moment, thinking about what she should do next. Darkness is approaching and she needs to run, but will she be able to get away from Kyle?

“Kyle, please. I have to go,” Kara pleadingly looks at Kyle, secretly hoping that his ice of ruthlessness will melt and he let her go.

But this is silly. As foolish as to hope that the star that fell from the sky certainly lies somewhere on the earth and even could be touched. But what can defenseless girl? Only to hope.

“Where?” with cold voice Kyle asks.

Kara hears the cold voice and realizes that Kyle totally spits on her pleas. He is not going to let her go. Then Kara immediately wonders. Why? Why is he so unceremoniously interfering in her life?

Having decided that to say anything to Kyle is useless Kara cleverly turns back and boldly goes to the door. It is not clear what she expects doing it. After all Kyle does not look like a fool, but by her action she shows him that she considers him a fool. Of course, the ego of Kyle is hurt. But instead of reacting, Kyle quietly folds his arms on the chest and leans against the wall. He wonders what will happen next when Kara finds out that the door is locked.

Kara suddenly stops walking past the room where the light is turned off. The rattle of claws is heard out of the darkness. Everything inside is turned. Memories of last night’s break into her mind again, paralyzing the body of Kara. She still remembers the noise, clatter of claws and gnashing of teeth. These are the sounds she heard. Exactly these. And now she hears the rattle of claws. From what she runs it is near. It’s here.

“Let me out, please, let me go” awakening from the stupor in which Kara stayed long few seconds, she rushes to the door and realizing that the door is locked, starts pounding by her fists on it.

It’s locked. Like for any herbivore animals in the forest trap means death. And now Kara is trapped.

Kyle did not expect such reaction. He did not expect that Kara would rush to the door with the fists, and that she would so desperately beg him to let her go. He could have let her go, but not now, not now, when she is so frightened by something. He just can not. And his unwillingness to let Kara go he explains only by the fact that he wants to unravel the terrible secrets of her to understand what she is afraid of, and why she was chased by the men. Why is it important? This question Kyle does not ask himself. But the answer to this question could very surprise him. Most likely, at first he would not even believe why in fact he so desperately wants to help Kara.

“Kara, calm down,” Kyle says, and, seizing her by the shoulders, pulls Kara from the door.

To calm people … Kyle has no idea how to do it. He can kill people, torture them and get to tell the truth. But to calm … No, he is not able to. Therefore awkwardly clutching kicking Kara to the wall, Kyle is still trying to figure out what he should do next to calm her down.

“Please,” Kara begs weakly, wincing at the pain she feels from the fact that Kyle pushes her against the wall.

Fresh wounds on her back immediately send her body in agony, and Kara wants to scream. But she does not allow herself this. Just miserliness tear of pain manages to escape from the clutches of Kara’s control, roll down her cheek and die on the lips of Kara.

All in the heart of Kyle falls somewhere in the abyss. Tears. It never caused him so much pain as now. Many of his victims cried and so what? He never reacted to it. But seeing a single tear on the cheek of Kara, inside everything is turned upside down. Pain compresses the heart.

“Kara, I will not hurt you,” he quickly releases Kara, stepping back and allowing рук to take possession of her personal space.

Kara needs to feel safe and to feel relief from the fact that Kyle’s hands no longer hold her and there is a distance between them again. But, instead, Kara again feels lonely and abandoned. However, this feeling is accompanied her all her life. But next to Kyle, but rather when Kyle is near, Kara feels differently. Heaviness in the chest, feeling of fear, a constant struggle inside, it all disappears. Serenity comes when he’s around.

“I know. I just need to go,” Kara whispers, casting a frightened look in the room where the dark is.

Darkness frightens her. She has been running away from it for a long time, but rather from what is hidden in the darkness. And now, now it is also necessary to run.

“Where?” Kyle asks again a question that he already asked before.

Kara looks at him. According to the voice, she realizes that Kyle wants to get an answer to this question. Although, the fact that he asks this question the third time, also says that he wants to get the answer to this question. But Kara does not know how to answer him.

“Nowhere. I just need to go,” she says quietly.

Kyle is keenly watching Kara. If Kara can perceive the reality of the world the way it really is, she would have definitely see a predatory look of Kyle and she would have felt as this look affects her. But probably for the best that Kara’s reality is different from the reality of the world. Otherwise, the way how Kyle is looking at Kara would drive her crazy.

How to understand woman? The answer to this question Kyle does not know and to be honest he thinks that it is useless thing. But now he has desire to understand Kara and the desire to understand Kara does not allow him to just open the door and let her go.

“I will not let you go anywhere. Tell me, what are you afraid of?” putting into the words so much heat, Kyle says.

He does it to Kara trusted him. And it is inexplicable reasons why Kyle for the first time needs someone to trust him.

“Darkness” unexpectedly Kara shouts.

Savoring the bitter taste which remains on her lips after she said these words, Kara quickly lowers his head down, regretting that she said. Just one word. She said only one word. But the whole life and all her secret are hidden in this word.

“Darkness? But it is there you want to leave now,” Kyle really does not understand Kara.

Sometimes, Kara also does not understand herself. That’s just a self-analysis, psychological conversations with yourself…. she simply does not have time on this.

“Yes. Kyle, please. I can not stay here,” Kara again tries to convince Kyle to let her go.

She invests so much human entreaty in her words that any on the Kyle’s place would let her go. But Kyle is not any. His heart is harder than stone, and the soul is colder than groundwater. And despite the fact that he genuinely experiences some feelings for Kara, well, at least he does not spit on her Kyle still is not going to change his decision. He rarely changes his decision.

“Listen. I promise you safety and promise, that darkness will not be able to overtake you. You need to calm down. See, now I turn the lights on throughout the house. Now darkness is gone.” With sugary voice, Kyle explains.

Kara feels like a small child. She was afraid of the dark since childhood. But earlier a creature with terrible claws did not attack her in the dark and it did not cause injury on the back. Mom also turned the light on in the room and sat next to her as long as Kara fell asleep.

“It will not help” doomed Kara exhales and slowly slides down the wall, clasping her head by the hands.

Kyle does not pay any attention to it. He, of course, wants to rush to her at least, to try to calm her down. But the talent to calm people he absolutely has not. Therefore, the only thing he can do it is to prove Kara that near him she is safe.

Kyle bypasses all the rooms, and turns the light on everywhere. Now Kyle’s house can be seen even from space. Kyle also turns on all the street lamps around the house. And now darkness definitely will not be able to enter in the house. But Kara does not believe it. She has been running for several years and only it saved her life. And now … now she is locked, and all that she can do it is to wait. To wait for the death.

Time passes very slowly. Kyle decides not to touch Kara. He just sits in front of her about the other wall and watching her.

In life, you can endlessly look at three things: fire, water and human. So now, looking at Kara Kyle has an opportunity to study her and maybe even understand. Until, of course, it does not work, but Kyle knows how to wait and knows how to get what he wants.

Chapter 8.

Kyle puts Kara on the bed. It is almost morning now. The street starts to lighten. Kyle did not sleep all night watching at sitting in the corner in a protective posture Kara. But when she fell asleep, he decided to put her on the bed.

Kyle saw a lot of people. A lot of women. But Kara … She is thin and elegant as a princess, with a solid and a little wild character. And when Kyle lifts Kara into his arms he feels that he holds a small child in his hands. That’s how he feels when sleeping Kara tightly presses against his chest as if seeking shelter. But he also notices something else in the contradictory beauty. Kara is too exhausted, she is too skinny and she’s too scared. Now puzzles become more. And Kyle’s desire to solve them is also growing.

Covering Kara by blanket, small drops of blood on the jacket of Kara attract his attention. Blood … He is familiar with all shades of blood. And despite the fact that Kara’s sweater has a couple of small red spots Kyle can not simply ignore them. Carefully lifting the jacket of Kara, Kyle is trying even not to breathe. Firstly, in order not to wake her. And secondly, to somehow stop the growing excitement within him. Skin of Kara has color of melted milk, and he so wants to touch it. But when he raises the shirt higher he sees not the most exciting picture. He sees deep bloody band that covers the entire back of Kara. Seeing it all inside Kyle strangely breaks. First he gets hurt in the chest he even feels a burning sensation in the throat. And then … then the searing wave of anger covers him. Who did this to her? Even for a person who used to see such horrible things to see this on the body of Kara is unbearable for him.

“What are you doing?” indignantly Kara exclaims, opening the eyes and struggling to get out of the beautiful place called sleep.

Kyle is quietly moving away from her, ignoring her question and indignation. Now, he exactly will not let Kara go and he absolutely is not going to allow her to ignore his main question.

“From whom are you running?” he asks this important question and sits in the soft chair in the corner.

It is deja vu. Kara already saw it before: she lies on the bed, and Kyle sits in the chair. Of course, not so long ago she was in the similar situation.

“What the matter” Kara replies through clenched teeth and gets out of bed.

At this time, she suppresses a rush to escape. For the last time, the attempt to escape failed, and most likely this time the same would happen.

“You were safe last night. With me. I offer you my help. But I need to know everything.” Kyle says with cold and terribly annoying calmness in his voice.

Kara nervously bites the lip. Kyle’s words are the absolute truth. Well, the part where he says that last night Kara was safe. Beside him. But no one has ever suggested a help to Kara and so she simply does not know how she should react.

“I can not tell you,” Kara exhales and weakly sits on the edge of the bed.

Her whole life is like a lump of absurd and impossible things. She never shared it with anyone. She was accustomed to that she can not trust anybody, that all of her problems are only her and now … now, when the help is offered to her … she just is not sure she can trust someone.

“Why? I have seen many things in life, so it is very hard to surprise me,” with a relaxed laugh Kyle answers, leaning back on the chair and playfully crossing his legs.

By whole his appearance he shows that he is willing to listen to. But is Kara ready to talk?

“Promise me that you will not think that I am crazy,” Kara raises the eyes and looks straight at Kyle.

The distortion of reality, it is disease with which Kara has been living all her life. Previously, she was upset that she does not know how the real world looks like. Of course, parents told her about the world and they even read various works of art to her, or rather fragments, which described the city, river and forest. But she had never seen it with her own eyes. And now, looking at the crooked black figure, which is very similar to the cupboard, Kara wonders how actually Kyle looks like. What color his eyes have? Or how his smile looks like? Of course, she should just accept the fact that the answer to this question, she can only get if she asks Kyle. But to have opportunity to see the reality of the world is very desirable for her.

“I promise,” Kyle replies confidently.

Kara takes a deep breath, trying to breathe as much confidence and then she closes the eyes for a moment. She needs to collect all the thoughts and prepare to discover all her secrets. Or rather one of the secrets. With Kyle she was safe this night, and only it gives a confidence to her that she’s doing the right thing. He can help her. For the first time in her life, someone can really help her.

“I run from the darkness. Then, when you almost hit me by the car, I ran from the darkness. Every night I run from it. One night, I chose the wrong way and was trapped. Then the darkness overtook me and all that you saw on my back … I thought I would die.” Kara says in a trembling voice.

She gets easier. She never thought that sharing with someone her secret will give her so much relief. But it’s happening now. As if a heavy stone fell from her soul.

“Darkness?” Kyle blinks at her.

He is well versed in people and can distinguish whether a person is lying to him or not. So now, looking at Kara, listening to her story-confession, he realizes that she speaks the whole truth. Hell, Kara’s words are quite incomprehensible to him. But the expression of the face of Kara… Yes, she’s telling the truth he is sure.

“Yes. Actually I run from what is in the darkness.” Kara replies.

Kyle raises the eyebrows in surprise, and then takes a deep breath.

“Have you ever visited to a psychiatrist?” Kyle replies.

Kara closes the eyes feeling like these words just slapped her across the face. She hoped that he would understand her. But he, like Agnete considers her crazy. This only proves that Kara is alone in her distress and no one can help her.

“Yes, you are right. I am clinked. So I go to get the best psychiatrist in the city” irritated Kara responds and quickly jumping from the bed rushes to the door.

Kyle curses under his breath, rushing after her. What the hell, he did not keep his mouth shut??

“Stop” with command voice Kyle says.

Usually, when he said this, the people obeyed him and stopped. But Kara is not like everyone and it is logical that the command voice of Kyle does not effect on her. Everything is different when Kara is near. To be with her is more difficult and perhaps more interesting.

“Leave me alone,” Kara responds quickly goes toward the door.

She is angry. Not at Kyle, of course. At herself. She allowed herself to confide in someone, knowing that nobody can be trusted. She still hears the muffled laughter of classmates and their words, “no one will ever understand you, psycho”. It was a very difficult time for her. Although the whole Kara’s life can be called a difficult time.

“Kara, hell!” grabbing Kara by the elbow, Kyle growls and again presses her against the wall.

Wrinkles which immediately appear on the forehead of Kara due to the fact that she frowns remind him of the scars on her back, and he abruptly releases Kara.

“I’m sorry” Kyle says quickly, realizing that he causes hurt her.

“Just forget what I told you,” Kara responds wearily lowering the head down.

That night, the first time in a very, very long time, Kara was able to sleep. Just a few hours, of course. But still. Although she still feels tired.

“Let’s start all over again. You run from the darkness or rather from what is hidden in it, right?” Kyle puts the hands on the shoulders of Kara, forcing her to look at him.

Kara raises the head and nods.

“And the wounds on your back … you got them …” Kyle continues.

“In the darkness, there is something. It attacked me,” Kara finishes Kyle’s words.

Kyle quickly scrolls all in the head. Of course, it all seems like nonsense and it is hard to believe in Kara’s words. But he personally saw the wounds on her back. And it means that she is telling the truth.

“Can I look at your back?” Kyle says, feeling somehow uncomfortable.

Usually, asking for a woman remove the jacket, he did not feel any discomfort. And also such excitement he did not feel. But the thought that Kara is going to lift her blouse … goose bumps appear on the skin. But he needs to focus on. His desire is not the main thing now. Wounds that cover the entire back of Kara is the main thing now.

“Well” having a little thought, Kara responds and turns the back to Kyle.

With trembling hands, she modestly lifts her blouse, exposing the back. Now deep scratches on her back are visible. However, only half of them are visible. Kyle gently helps Kara to lift her blouse higher, closely examining scratches. He saw many, many horrible things – the internal organs on the floor, scarlet red blood gushing from the mouth, but it …

The life of Kyle is full of horror. And scratches on the back of Kara actually do not look so bad. These scratches are very unusual, yes. And more likely this unusual makes Kyle to worry. He just never imagined that someone or something could cause such injuries.

“Does it hurt?” gently touching the scratch by fingertips, Kyle asks.

Kara quickly puts the edge of the jacket down and turns to him.

“Sometimes,” she says.

Many conflicting thoughts are in the head of Kara. But she has only a couple of minutes to decide what to do next. On the one hand, she needs help. She is very tired to fight with something unknown alone. And considering the fact that that last night she was not running and still survived, it is possible to say exactly that Kyle can help her. But on the other hand, Kara is afraid of. The rule which says “do not trust anyone” firmly is rooted in her mind, and that’s why it’s so hard to take care of Kyle.

“What you told … I do not want to lie, so I say honestly, it’s hard to believe. But you need help, and I offer it to you,” Kyle says nervously folding his arms across the chest.

Kara takes a deep breath and closes the eyes. Judging by the voice of Kyle, he says earnestly. But to decide to trust to someone … it turns out, it is not so simple.

“Good.” unexpectedly Kara says and opens the eyes.

Her heart is pounding so fast as if she is going to jump with a parachute, and the thoughts in her head start to fuss. Something is going wrong. Kara treads on dangerous way and whole body is in a panic because of it. To trust to someone … How will it end?

“I’m glad that you agree to take my help. I do not like to keep hostages” Kyle answers grinning.

Of course, he is glad that Kara still thought better of it and realized that he could help her. But something in his words causes a strange feeling in the soul of Kara. Maybe mention of hostages a little frightens her? However, Kara easily gets rid of all unnecessary feelings and doubts and she smiles in answer.

The house, which usually had only one visitor – home owner, now has a strange girl. For home it is probably is quite nice. Although and Kyle likes it. The only discomfort that he experiences is connected with the fact that the smell of Kara pursues him everywhere, beckoning, and not giving a rest.

“Do you live alone?” suddenly sweet and soaked by fatigue voice bursts into consciousness of Kyle, tearing him from the deep erotic thoughts.

The girl with whom it is necessary to talk… it should not be difficult, but Kyle somehow feels just that. Previously, he did not have to talk to girls. He is not good in this. He is certainly a professional in the bedding business, but in conversations… No, he is not very good in this.

“Yes,” he replies in a hoarse voice, only now realizing that he is in the kitchen and he is making tea now.

Tea? It is very surprising that tea is in his house. Imperceptibly shaking his head to get over, Kyle takes two glasses and puts them on the table.

“Why? I mean, why do you live in this big house all alone?” Kara asks again.

Unlike Kyle, Kara does not feel any discomfort. She does not like to talk, but now the conversation calms her. Relaxed conversation is what you need to feel comfortable and relax a little.

“It happened. I like the fact that I live alone. So I think you’re hungry. The food is absolutely not in the house, so I suggest to have the breakfast in a restaurant,” Kyle says, taking a cup of hot tea to her.

Hunger. Kara does not feel anything like that. The only thing that Kara really wants it is to sleep.

“I’m not hungry, thank you. The only thing I would not refuse, it’s a dream,” Kara responds and removes the cup mug of tea from yourself.

Kyle stares at her. Kara feels it, but even looking at Kyle she can not see his face. More precisely, she could not see his real face. So to answer the question why he is looking at her, she also can not.

“Good. Come on, I’ll show you the room,” Kyle finally responds and gets up from the table.

Kara follows him without hesitation.

Kyle’s house is in several times bigger than the house, where Kara lived. There are more rooms and more space, respectively. But once in the room which has a bed, Kara feels comfortable. She even feels like home.

“I do not have women’s clothes, but you can take any of my shirt. Fresh towels is hanging in the bathroom,” Kyle says, and turns to leave.

But at the door, he stops abruptly.

“Don’t you really know for what two thugs came for you?” he asks, without turning around.

“No, I don’t” Kara quietly answers.

She is warily watching at Kyle’s back. He does not believe her, yes, perhaps he really does not believe her. Mentally preparing for the fact that now she will have to convince him that she does not know anything, Kara closes the eyes. To convince someone in something. Is that possible?

“Well,” Kyle replies surprising Kara by ease in his voice and then he walks away.

Kara opens the eyes. Kyle left. But most importantly, he believed her. Like.

Before, Kara never thought about the life. She just did not have time for this. But now, when she is standing under rapidly falling drops of the shower all that she wants to reflect. Or rather, to think about Kyle.

The fact that a man and a woman is like two halves of one whole, Kara always knew. Well, at least she knew it from eleven years old when she like all children was interested in the question where do babies come from. But Kara never realized this fully. Until today. Kara’s body reacts to Kyle, she understands it. But before she thought it was fear, she thought she was afraid of him. And it was quite logical, because he is a stranger, who almost killed her. But now, when Kara definitely can say that she is not afraid of Kyle, she can not give any other explanation fluttering wings of butterflies in the stomach. And it bothers her.

Kara comes out of the shower, puts on a fresh shirt of Kyle and goes to bed. She does this automatically, not thinking that she is in someone else’s house, and dressed in man’s shirt under which she has only the panties, and she is now rests in someone else’s bed. It’s hard to think about anything when you experience an unhealthy need for sleep. When she wakes up, maybe Kara will certainly think about the strangeness and singularity of her situation, but now, just only thoughts about the dream and bed.

Kyle paces the room. Previously, it seemed to him much more than it is now. Kara is sleeping behind the wall and apparently that is what worries him. The idea that the girl he wants to particularly accurately, is sleeping in the next room, drives him crazy. But beyond that, there are a few things that bother Kyle too. Scratches that cover a large area of the Kara back are one of these things. This is not just a wound, it is claw marks. When Kyle saw the scratches for the first time, he thought that it was his overactive imagination ran riot. Claw marks … it sounds ridiculous. But when Kara allowed him to examine her back again … all doubts were gone. It was really claw marks.

About what is possible and what is impossible, Kyle never had to think. He knew that if he puts a bullet through the man’s forehead, he will die. Otherwise simply can not be. But just how it is impossible that a man was attacked by a beast with huge claws? Yes, and in San Francisco. This is absurd. But what to do with the direct evidence of the fact that Kara was really attacked. And she was not attacked by a man. He is sure in this.

Chapter 9.

Kara slowly opens the eyes and sweetly stretches. It seems she slept enough. Although another couple of hours Kara would prefer to remain in a horizontal position and with closed eyes. But a strange noise outside the door attracts her attention. Kara gets up quickly from the bed and leaves the room. Now, being in the hallway, Kara knows what this is strange noise. It is a knock at the door.

“Kyle?” Kara calls, not knowing what she should do.

In fact, she is in someone else’s house and to open the door … home owner must open the door. But Kyle is nowhere. Kara looks into the next room. She understands if Kyle was in the house, he would reply on her call and knock at the door. But as they say, hope dies last. Finally, realizing that in this room there is now Kyle, Kara goes to the door. The question whether she should open the door is still throbbing in her head. But to ignore the knocking, she can not.

Kara puts the hand on the door’s handle feeling doubts and, taking a deep breath, opens the door.

“Hello” a woman about forty with a small suitcase on wheels stands on the porch.

“Hello” automatically Kara answers.

The woman looks Kara from head to foot and then a wide smile appears on her face.

“I am mother of Kyle, Janet Grent. And you …” with the warmth in the voice Janet reach hand out to Kara.

Kara, a little confused as sensible heat in the voice of the woman does not immediately understand what to do. Standing a few long seconds in a stupor, Kara is trying to recover and only after a few seconds, she holds out the hand to the woman.

“I’m Kara,” she says.

Janet nods in satisfaction, then takes standing beside her suitcase and confidently enters the house. However, Kara does not mind, because Janet Grent is mother of Kyle, and Kyle is home owner.

“And where’s Kyle?” still with warmth and joy in the voice Janet asks.

“I woke up, but his is not.” Kara responds immediately, realizing too late that her words fraught with a double meaning.

And one of the two meanings is incorrect. However, quickly remembering that she now stands in Kyle’s shirt and on her head tousled hair, Kara begins to blush. She can only pray that Janet did not think anything obscene or bad.

“I’ll call him,” Janet says and pulls the phone out of a miniature handbag that hangs on her shoulder.

“I’ll go upstairs and get changed,” Kara answers and using the moment while Janet is talking with Kyle on the phone, she goes quickly upstairs.

The blush of shame is still on her cheeks and horrible thoughts climb in the head. What now thinks Janet? That Kara was sleeping with Kyle? The mind boggles.

Quickly taking the shirt off, by the edge of the eye Kara notices that the scratches on her back begin to heal. This is surprising, because such deep wounds do not heal as quickly. But due to lack of time to think, Kara quickly put the jacket and jeans on. Then she gathers her hair in a high ponytail, and goes down to Janet.

“Mom, I did not expect that you were going to come today,” Kara hears the voice of Kyle.

And the first thing she feels it is relief. After all, if Kyle is here, it is not anything to worry about. But then, tart and unrelenting fear comes. Kara’s hands immediately turn into icicles and she freezes on place. She is not ready to get acquainted with the mother of Kyle. She is not ready.

“I see that you did not expect that I come today. But I am very glad that I came. Are you going to tell me something?” Janet says with note of fun in the voice, and warmly welcoming the son, hugs him by the shoulders.

Kara feels superfluous. And this feeling does not allow her to go down the stairs and join to nice Grent’s family. Therefore, Kara trying to be inconspicuous returns to the room.

When Kyle opened the door and saw his mother in the doorway who was trying to dial his number, he was surprised. But Kyle’s hands were occupied packages with food, which he bought to feed Kara and so he could not pick up the phone. However, when he finally put the bags on the floor and was fully able to see expression of mother’s face, he immediately realized that she had seen Kara, and most surprisingly, the mother liked Kara.

Janet Grent repeatedly tried to establish personal Kyle’s life. But the girls whom the mother offered, Kyle did not like. And those girls, with whom usually Kyle spent his time, the mother did not like. The last time, when the next family dinner which takes place once a month in the Friday, the mother asked Kyle to come with a companion, Janet Grent almost got a heart attack. Of course, when Kyle invited Rosalind for the dinner, he knew that his mother would be a little shocked. But open hysterics with tears and recriminations that Kyle will soon drive her to the grave, he certainly did not expect. So now, seeing the radiant smile on the face of the mother and the genuine happiness in her eyes, Kyle is a little surprised. The liked Kara, that’s for sure. But there is one problem. Kara is not Kyle’s girlfriend despite the fact that he would not against it.

“She is very beautiful,” Janet whispers him and winking to his son, takes the suitcase and walks up the stairs, into the room, which usually Janet takes, when she comes to visit him.

Kyle, being some time in shock, stands and looks after the mother. Janet is the only woman who is able to get Kyle to fall into a stupor. And she often uses it.

Kara nervously bites nails pacing from corner to corner. The only thing that she considers it appropriate now, it is to leave. Kyle’s mother came to visit her son, and it seems to Kara, she is third superfluous here. But just to leave she can not now, because at the bottom right at the exit Kyle and his mom stand. Or more precisely stood.

“Have you decided to stay here for a few days until mom leaves?” jokingly Kyle says and enters the room.

In surprise Kara nervously shudders like a naughty child and looks at him with frightened eyes.

“No,” she replies automatically.

Kyle, feeling terrible gray wolf because of how Kara is looking at him, takes a few steps, shortening the distance between them.

“Good. Because it should be said my mom is in awe of you,” he says, pausing a step away from Kara.

Due to the strange excitement and confusion in the head, Kara does not know how she needs to perceive the words of Kyle. Should she be happy or scared? What?

“I think I have to go” quickly chattering, and at the same time surprising that none of the letters in the words she has not messed up, Kara says and boldly goes toward the door, bypassing Kyle.

But not so fast. Kyle instinctively grabs Kara’s arm, not allowing her to make even a step.

“What? You can not leave,” he says seriously, looking straight into the eyes of Kara.

Kara hears the seriousness in his voice, and thanks God that she can not see the serious expression on his face right now. Otherwise, she would have felt dizzy if she saw it. Because Kyle is not going to let her go.

“But… Look, I woke up and you were not. Someone knocked on the door and I could not ignore it. So I opened the door, and there was your mother,” Kara says as if apologizing for something.

But the truth is that Kara is ashamed again to meet with the mother of Kyle. Damn, Janet got it all wrong and now Kara just can not face her again.

“And where in your words the reason that you need to leave?” still seriously Kyle asks.

Kara frowns. Doesn’t he understand?

“Kyle, when I opened the door, I was dressed in your shirt. Do you understand? Your mother obviously thinks that you and I …” Kara does not have the courage to finish the sentence.

Just the thought that Kyle’s mother could think, the blush appears on Kara’s face. And of course, Kyle notices it. From what he wants joyful laugh and at the same time embrace Kara as hard as possible. But laughter is now not very appropriate, and about to hug Kara … A thousand devils, Kyle would give much for it, but he just does not know how Kara will accept this rush of emotion. So he decides not to risk it.

“Listen! My mother is a very kind person. And she will not blame you. And the fact that the mother is really delighted with you guarantees that you are in the safe. So throw silly idea out of your head and try to relax,” he replies calmly and slowly releases her hand.

Kara looks at him blankly. Why he is not confused by the fact that his mother thinks that Kara is his lover?

“Relax?” indignantly Kara retorts.

How could she relax, being in a very strange situation? Even in the pursuit of the unknown, she felt much more comfortable than now.

“Kara, you’re exaggerating. My mother does not care my personal life,” Kyle tries to put all the tranquility to which he is able to, that these words sound like true.

After all, in reality, mom of Kyle on the contrary, is very concerned about his personal life. But it is not necessary that Kara knows it, the more so this knowledge does not help her to relax.

“Well, then I’ll sit here,” with a challenge and a children’s indignation Kara says proudly lifting the chin up.

Kara’s character can be called heavy. She is used to decide herself, she is used to take care of herself to save herself, when it is necessary and she is not accustomed to someone pointed out to her what to do. But Kyle … First he tells her to relax and by the way it is not so easy for Kara in the given situation, and then tries to convince her that his mother is an angel and she has nothing to fear. But whatever Kyle says, Kara trusts her own senses more. And given her feelings, Kara sees only two options. The first is to leave. But Kyle does not allow it, so this actually is not option. A second to lock in a room and sit there until Kyle’s mother leaves the house. As for Kyle, he is certainly not satisfied with both.

“I do not think so,” Kyle replies through clenched teeth, and barely suppressing the urge to grab Kara’s hand and pull her out of the room by force, he clenches his fists.

She’s too stubborn.

“Are you swearing?” suddenly tense atmosphere in the room is broken by the perky female voice.

This is Janet. Kara harbors breath, relying on the fact that Kyle will take the situation in the hands and settle everything. But Kyle, like Kara keeps silent.

“Have you swallowed languages?” friskiness in the female voice disappears and now Janet says with seriousness and with a small fraction of the claim in the voice.

She like a true matchmaker wants to know what the hell is going on between the two lovers. But there is one small problem. Kara and Kyle are not lovers.

“I’m sorry, I must go,” knowing what to expect help from Kyle is useless, Kara says and without waiting for anyone’s reaction quickly goes toward the door.

Kyle loses only one second on inner struggle. After all, his pride would not allow him to rush after her. But he also can not let her go. Therefore, finally, having thought all pros and cons, Kyle makes a huge step forward and grabs the hand of Kara. It seems, to grab her arm not letting her go, is his new job now. Unpaid job, among other things.

“We have already discussed this” very quiet growling through clenched teeth, Kyle says, leaning toward Kara’s ear.

His breath burns ear of Kara and ringing beads of excitation immediately scatters over her body. However, she is not quite realizing that her feelings are associated with the excitation. This is logical, because this is the first time.

“I go to the kitchen and wait for booth of you there in ten minutes,” Janet says, feeling superfluous, and quickly leaves the room.

Janet is desperate romantic, and therefore everything that is happening in the room, inspires her. Just like in the soap operas.

Realizing that now she and Kyle are alone in the room Kara again feels uncomfortable. But the desire to fight with Kyle or to get one’s own way does not appear. No. She just feels uncomfortable.

“Kyle, I do not like this idea. I feel superfluous here. Two days ago we did not know each other, and now I’m in your house.” Kara says quietly.

But Kyle does not care and to put it mildly, does not care what Kara feels. He is not going to let her go, and perhaps she will have to accept it.

Being independent, rough, not to know the fear of losing someone, not to love anyone, all it brings some peace in your life. But it also takes away the taste of the life. Kyle never worried about anyone. Yes, of course, he took care of the mother, paid for her trip to the sea and different holiday, but still he did not care about anyone. Wolf-alone, perhaps, is the most appropriate description of the internal state of Kyle. And so, one rainy night, which does not differ from the previous nights, Kara entered his life and something went wrong. Now he could not return to his former life. He tried but could not. And of course, this infuriates him. Mentally, he exhibited Kara out the door million times, but it’s just thoughts. In fact, he can not let her go.

“Forget about everything. Now we’ll go to the kitchen and knowing my mother, I am sure that we are waited by something tasty. Let’s go” Kyle answers and takes the hand of Kara.

Now she has no chance to escape.

Chapter 10.

As Kyle expected, Janet did not come empty-handed. She brought his trademark pie with cherries and her crown pancakes with cottage cheese. However, Janet usually comes to her son with such diches. Why? Because Kyle loves these dishes by his mother. But now, sitting at a huge table a piece does not climb into his throat.

“Kara, how long have you known my son?” Janet asks Kara.

Silence, by which Kara and Kyle were satisfied Janet is not. And she like very confident woman decides to break it.

Kara looks at Kyle frightened. Her eyes scream, no, they pray, “Help.” And Kyle responds to this plea immediately.

“We met not so long ago,” Kyle answers instead of Kara.

Janet complained looks at her son. After all she wanted to communicate with the future bride of her son. Yes, Janet considers Kara is the future bride for her son, and she does not even hide it.

“I am glad that you are such a talker. But I want to talk with Kara. Kara, my dear, you have not even touched my house pie with cherries. I want to tell you a secret, Kyle loves it very much. Somehow I will give the recipe to you,” again referring to Kara, Janet says.

Kara hears a warm and sincere sympathy in the voice of Janet. Yes, Kara also likes Kyle’s mother, but this strange feeling inside does not pass. She feels still uncomfortable.

“Yes, your cake is a miracle” sending a piece of cake in the mouth, Kara answers.

Food. Kara missed this wonderful feeling when something tasty and melting on the tongue gets to your mouth. Because of constant running, Kara lost interest to usual and even vital things. Such things as food. But today, she was able to sleep, and she even feels rested. Therefore, chewing cherry pie, Kara really enjoys this taste.

“I’m glad you like it” Janet says and sends a piece of cake in the mouth too.

Kyle looks as his mother and Kara eat the pie. They eat his favorite pie, which he also usually eats so. But today, a piece does not climb into his throat. And the strange thing is Kyle does not know why.

Adventure, danger, frames from a horror movie all this excites Kyle’s blood and gives a sense of his own importance and the fact that he is still alive. And his interest to Kara he explains by the desire to know all her covered with darkness secrets. Well, at least he does not deny the fact that for the first time in the life a girl caught him. For real.

Continuing to watch as Kara absorbs pie, Kyle notices mother’s closer look. Apparently, she looks at him long enough. Because when Kyle turns his head and their eyes meet, a radiant smile appears on the face of Janet and sparkle in the eyes. Yes, his mother really believes that love is between Kyle and Kara. With one hand Kyle is surprised because there are not reasons that the mother thought so. But on the other hand, he likes the idea of the mother. While he is not yet ready to admit it to himself.

After dinner, when Janet decided to relax and let like she thought, lovers to be alone, Kyle offered Kara to go to the fireplace and enjoy by a cup of tea. Kara She agreed but wanted to give up at first. But at the last moment “yes” left her lips, and the way back simply was not.

“You have a very dear mother. Why doesn’t she live here with you?” Kara asks Kyle, sitting in an easy chair in front of the fireplace.

Kyle is sitting in a nearby chair and closing his eyes, takes a deep breath.

“Because she’s cute,” he says laughing.

And it’s true. Janet is too cheerful and too fond of talking. Kyle would not have suffered to live with her under the same roof.

“You’re a loner. I understood,” trying to keep the conversation going, Kara says and takes a sip of tea.

Kyle gives her laid-back look, but does not comment her words. He really considers himself a loner. And always considered.

Realizing that Kyle is not going to say anything to her, Kara gets up from the chair slowly.

“I’m going to sleep, if you do not mind,” she says Kyle.

He does not immediately understand why Kara is standing in front of him, because a moment ago, she was sitting in the chair. But then, realizing that he was in a meditative state for a few minutes and missed the moment when Kara got up, he nods. She really needs to rest, because at night, Kara was not asleep.

Life Kyle could be called unusual. In ordinary life, you will not see brains on the wall or the intestines on the floor. Still, comparing his life with Kara’s life, then Kyle’s life does not seem so unusual.

Sitting comfortably in the chair, Kyle closes the eyes. A mug of tea that he drank a couple of minutes ago does not bring him any good. Usually, Kyle does not drink tea, but with the advent of Kara in his house, that has changed. Expensive bottle of Scotch which stands on the mantelpiece, attracts him by majestically notes, even when his eyes are closed. He urgently needs at least a couple of sips of something good.

“Do you abuse alcohol again?” Janet’s voice sounds humorous behind Kyle.

He, in turn, ignoring these words, takes a glass and pours the Scotch himself. In the end, he is a big boy and can decide what to drink.

“I thought you rest” slowly turning around and taking a sip of Scotch, Kyle answers.

Janet sighs. When her son became so adult?

“I wanted to give you time to spend alone with Kara. So tell me why she’s in the room, all alone?” Janet says and sits in the chair, in which Kyle sat a couple of minutes.

Yes, now certainly time for frank conversation, which Janet so loves and Kyle hates. But in this case, when this conversation is connected with Kara … Kyle can not admit it, but to talk about the strange, sexy and covered with a mystery girl, it is a pleasure. As if talking about her it is like to be near to her.

“She was tired and went to rest,” Kyle replies calmly, pretending that the mother’s words did not hurt him.

But it is not so. Of course Janet likes Kara, which in turn is a bit surprising for Kyle. Pleasantly surprising. But the fact that Janet truly believes that Kyle and Kara is a couple … it hurts him. Why? He does not know it yet. But inside angry dragon wakes up whenever Janet says about Kara like about his bride.

“Good. I was going to stay with you for a few days. But given the circumstances, I’m going to leave tomorrow morning.” Janet exhales and rises from the chair.

Kyle does not say anything. What can he tell if leaving in the morning is the best that the mother can to do? With Kara something going on, Kyle knows it. At night, Kara was not sleeping, arguing that in the dark something hunts her. And maybe, Kyle would have considered her mentally ill. But he saw the terrible deep scratches on her back. So given all this, the fact that the mother is in his house, complicates his life.

“And by the way, I never gave you advice. You’ve always lived as you wanted, and I never interfered. But now, for the first time in the life I want to advise you. This girl is your only chance to be happy. Just do not miss it” already climbing the stairs, Janet abruptly stops and says without turning around.

Kyle again, does not answer anything, although she does not wait for an answer. All that Janet wants her son heard her.

Remaining time was a blur for Kyle: a glass of scotch and constantly sounding mother’s words in his head. But looking at his watch and realizing that the time is nearing evening and darkness too, Kyle quickly comes true. He needs to go upstairs and help Kara. How? Well, maybe, turn the light on and just keep her company. Kyle still remembers the smell of fear, which then hovered over his head last night when Kara was sitting near the opposite wall curled up. From these memories Kyle’s heart is compressed. Yes, he should help her.

Usually, Kara’s body is much more precise than watches. Why? Because in the most unexpected moment clocks could stop, but Kara’s body … no, Kara’s body always was very reliable. But apparently, given the fact that everything in the world is not constant, the body of Kara now as broken or stopped clock is not working. And in other circumstances, this failure in her body could cost her life.

Kyle slowly opens the door and enters the room. Frankly, he did not expect to see Kara sleeping. And it must be said, he was not ready for it. A woman and a bed, like Kyle thinks, it is a good combination of letters. But now, savoring this combination in his own language, Kyle feels weak and vulnerable, obsessed with only one thought. And before that thought could be described in one simple word. Sex. But now, the word is too unworthy of the thoughts that arise in his mind.

Nervously swallowing the resultant saliva in his mouth, Kyle comes to Kara’s bed, mentally splitting in two and separating from that part of him that wants her so passionately.

“Kara!” whispering so as not to scare her, Kyle says, leaning over the sleeping girl.

Perturbed part of him, which is full of lust, desire and obsessive thoughts about Kara nervously is standing on the sidelines. There is her place. Kyle relates to life simply, without unnecessary bows and fanaticism. And this attitude has always unleashed his hands. The motto of I do what I want, get everything I want, is excellent confirmation of this. But now, he strongly binds his hands, repeating in his mind only one sentence, “she is only a mystery that I want to solve.” No selfish and arrogant slogans. Only a direct statement of facts and the inevitable false.

“What? What are you doing here?” opening the eyes, Kara says.

Her voice is hoarse and sleepy, but the heart in her chest dances tap. What’s going on? Where’s she? Why in the mouth such horrible taste?

“It is now seven hours and I thought …” Kyle hesitantly begins to speak.

“Seven o’clock? No, it can not be so” not allowing him to fish the sentence Kara says and quickly look at the watch.

Now it is clear why her heart is pounding. She’s in danger. More precisely the danger is approaching.

Kara quickly jumps out of bed and stars going side to side. It seems that it becomes harder to breath. She almost is choking. Last night she was able to survive. But what if tonight it is not possible? The idea that she needs to run, only aggravates the inner nervosa of Kara.

“You need to calm down,” with unusual voice Kyle says.

Now he looks like a kind and caring person. But Kyle knows that this is not true. And it says that near Kara, he becomes a different person. Where are all his severity, indifference and renunciation of the world?

“I can not. I need to go …” swift step going toward the door, Kara answers.

Again, it is the usual scheme. She wants to leave, and he, grabbing her by the hand, does not allow her to leave.

“You’re in safe here. I promise. All you need is to stay away from the darkness.” with calm and very convincing voice Kyle says.

Kara looks at his face. Useless. She still does not see the face of Kyle, because instead of the face, Kara sees a black spot. It never cared about it. That’s only now … now all is different.

“And what if it is not so? Last night I was lucky, but I do not believe that today the luck is on my side,” Kara responds breathlessly.

She needs reassurance which Kyle could not give her. She understands it. And also Kara understands that she has to take a difficult decision. What to do to stay or go?

“I’m just asking you to trust me,” Kyle whispers and gently removes a stray strand of hair from the face of Kara.

And this is mistake. Escape from that part of him, or rather a complete disregard that part of him that craves Kara, fails. As soon as he touches her cheek with his fingertips, all inside is permeated by electrocution and power exceeds all limits of physics. He’s just ready to break up into smaller particles due to the voltage power.

“I do not know” Kara sighs and takes a step back.

As soon as there is a distance between them, Kyle comes to life. He really can not control himself? Nervously running by the hand through his hair, he tries to calm down. He needs to focus on what is more important now. And to help Kara is now important.

“Everything will be fine. I promise,” Kyle says back.

But these words are now more likely he tells himself. Kyle tries to convince himself that the attraction he feels for Kara is only a temporary weakness, and that he will be able to cope with these. But Kyle not very believes in it.

Kara raises the head and looks back at Kyle. Black spot that Kara sees tells her nothing. But even so, for inexplicable reasons, Kara likes to look at Kyle. There can be plenty to dream up. For example, imagine how Kyle looks like, imagine what the expression on his face is now, finally, can imagine that Kyle is prince and he is ready to save her. However, partly Kara does it each time watching him.

“Good” not sure Kara answers, wondering how difficult it is to say a simple word.

But in this situation, this word is too expensive. After all, if Kyle is not able to keep his word and help her, then Kara will die.

Realizing that Kara decides to still trust him, Kyle feels relief. She is not going to leave and it pleases him. Quickly turning, Kyle comes to bed and takes off all the cushions on the floor. Kara looks at him in surprise, and although she wants to ask what he is doing, she keeps silent. She decided to trust him, so asking questions is stupid.

“Sit down,” Kyle says, and points to the mountain of pillows on the floor.

Kara raises the eyebrows in surprise, but still saying nothing, silently sits on one of the pillows. It’s weird, cute and weird again. What Kyle up?

“Tell me that you’re not going to keep quiet through the night. Otherwise I’ll go mad from boredom” trying to defuse the tense atmosphere that now is in the room, Kyle says.

Kara takes a deep breath and exhales slowly.

“No, I’m just nervous,” she says.

Kyle quickly scrolls in the head all the worst moments of his life. Whether he was nervous? No never. He was angry. And on the spot of Kara he’d angry. Why? Because his pride, ego, selfish nature hates to feel a hunted beast and a person who had no choice but to only wait for the fate. But about how to be nervous, he knows well. As soon as Kara entered his life, to be nervous became something like a hobby for him.

“I understand. But you need to relax. Tell me about yourself,” Kyle says, and sitting comfortably on the pillow, he looks at her.

Kyle always was interested ... only in his reflection in the mirror. In other words, he was interested only by him. Of course, sometimes he made inquiries on his victims, but it was rather scant information about who the victim is and where goes. Be interested in someone fully, in his life, hobbies and everything else??? Kyle did not have to do it ever in the life. Hell, he does not even know all about his mother. That’s how selfish he is.

“I do not know what to say. I live with my half-sister. We had the same father. But he died. And my mother also died,” Kara answers Kyle, and trying to take control at her trembling hands she takes the edge of her T-shirt and begins to twist in her hands.

Kyle immediately notices it. And trying not to dwell on the fact that a part of Kara’s body is visible from under the T-shirt, he again asks her question.

“Do you miss them?”

This is a stupid question. Kyle knows it. But Kara does not think this question so stupid. After all, a million times, she asked herself that question a million times she could not find the answer to it. Not because she did not know the answer, simply she did not have time to answer. Continuous running and the struggle for life, as we know, does not leave a chance to think even a moment.

“Yes, of course, yes. But I got used to the idea that they are not. You know, I believe that they are with me. Although I can not hug the parents talk with my mother, I still feel that they are with me. They are in my heart,” Kara says, and a small smile touches her lips slightly.

Remembering about the parents is as pleasant as drinking hot cocoa on a cold winter evening. Kara has not a lot of memories about them. After all, time takes them. But still, the love she felt for her parents is eternal and neither time nor even death can take this.

“I think parents would be proud of you!” Kyle says, and lightly touches the hand of Kara, causing her to stop to twist the edge of t-shirts.

Feeling the hand of Kyle on her hand, Kara stops breathing. What is a strange feeling inside? She quickly tries to cope with the fluttering butterflies in the abdomen and pull herself together, but is it possible?

“I do not know,” with hoarse voice Kara says and rises sharply from the floor.

She just need that a distance appeared between them. Kyle pretends that her behavior in no way does not surprise him. But still it is not so. Kyle has always seen through women. He knew that a woman feels for him. But now he has not idea what Kara feels. Her sense is a mystery for him. That is why, now, when she suddenly jumps up from the pillow, Kyle feels a bit puzzled. Why is she doing it? But then, in his head very tempting thought appears. What if Kara feels the same he feels? This means that their attraction is mutual.

In the bathroom, Kara washes the face with cold water, and making a few deep breaths trying to recover. What’s wrong with her? Kara feels weird. Perhaps it is fear. But she was afraid before, that’s just what she feels now she never experienced. What is this?

Kyle is desperately considering the main question at the moment. What he should do next. He offered to help Kara and he is going to help her. But to sit in a room with the lights on every night, it is not help. But another idea he has not. It is difficult to come up with some plan, not having a clue what you’re fighting. But Kyle needs to solve this challenge.

Chapter 11.

This night, like last night, went well. In the morning, Kara slept, and Kyle, despite the fact that he, too, wanted to sleep, did not want to go away and leave her alone. It is already beginning to lighten, and Kara is not at risk now, but to leave her alone … in the end, now he is responsible for her.

Torn apart and contradictory feeling toward Kara drives him crazy. If he does not have time to lock bursts unceremoniously thoughts in his head, his nervous system cracks. When his life had time to change so dramatically? When he missed the moment in his life devils occurred with uprising momentary victorious cry. When? No answer, and because of this, in the soul of Kyle so familiar and dear to him feeling appears. The feeling of anger. He is angry, yes. But at whom? At Kara who somehow has a strong influence on him or at himself for that he is too weak to resist this? No answer again. But at least this anger gives him some hope that he still has not changed, and inside he is still the same selfish Kyle Grent.

Steps are heard behind the door. These steps belong clumsy but trying to be quiet Janet. Kyle remembers that his mother was going to leave this morning, but he could not imagine that she decided to leave secretly, without even saying goodbye. What’s really going on with his life? It seems the changes in his life touched absolutely everything. Even his relationship with the mother.

“Mom?” quietly opening the door and leaving the room, Kyle says in a whisper to attract attentive of Janet.

She is going to the stairs, holding the suitcase. Janet does not immediately notice his son. Partly because she’s too busy thinking about how to go quietly.

“Oh, Kyle. I thought you were still asleep” shuddering in surprise, Janet turns around and says.

Kyle sighs. His mother was thinking that he and Kara were sleeping together with all the intimate effects, of course. But it is wrong. Instead of sleep, Kyle guarded Kara all night from the darkness. Although even for him it sounds too strange.

“I’ll help you” not commenting the words of the mother, Kyle quickly approaches her and takes the suitcase from her hands.

Despite the fact that Kyle in general is not used to help and in his life he rarely did it, he always helped his mother. Especially, when Andy Grent left them. However, about the father he rarely remembers and he is absolutely not mad at him. Maybe this is due to the fact that part of him understands his father. Family life is not sweet honey and certainly it is not the dream of any man. His father supported him and the mother financially, but personally he was not present at any family party and Kyle’s birthday. It could seem sad. But Kyle felt a huge relief. He always believed that attachment to someone is a weakness. Therefore attachment to the mother was the only affection with which he accepted. And the thought that his father’s part in his life could be something important for him, was disgusting for him. The assassin has to be invulnerable. And Kyle always tried to be invulnerable.

“Why did you call a taxi? I can take you,” Kyle says, coming on the street and seeing a yellow car.

The idea that his mother will get to the airport by taxi does not please him. Partly because he is quite able to take her there.

“Stop talking nonsense. I actually hoped that I will be able to leave quietly and not wake you. So spare me from the nonsense. You should know I love you,” Janet tells him and confidently taking the suitcase from his hand and giving him the taxi driver, gets into the car.

Kyle nervously puts his hands in his trouser pockets and waiting until the taxi car turn the corner, accompanies his mother by look. However, after a few minutes, Kyle realizes that he is standing in the middle of the street with a stupid smile on his face and looking at the empty road. What’s wrong with him?

Not wanting to analyze the behavior, Kyle turns and goes to the home. But his attention is attracted by a black car that stands through the house from Kyle’s home. Actually there is nothing suspicious. And ordinary people would not attach any importance to this. But Kyle is not an ordinary person. He’s an assassin, a ruthless and calculating son of a bitch and his instinct is much sharper than instinct of any predator. That is why, throwing quick look at the car and calmly continuing to go to the door of his home, he is already considering the global plan of escape. This car monitors his house, and it means that it monitors Kara too. And as he is now her personal guardian angel, he must do everything possible to protect her from any danger, and it does not matter, it is a shadow or people.

Kara opens the eyes, hearing loud banging of door. What is it? Accustomed to the fact that always the danger is around, Kara jumps out of bed and leaves the room.

“We’re leaving!” with a gruff voice Kyle says almost knocking Kara down with his sudden appearance at the door.

Kara does not have time to answer anything. Kyle confidently grabs her arm and pulls down somewhere.

“What’s going on?” she finally says.

But Kyle does not answer her. And it is not because he did not want to answer. Simply, he is too immersed in his thoughts and to be honest, did not even hear the question of Kara.

“Kyle!” Kara shouts, and strongly pulling the hand, stops.

Patience, and even more humility, the two concepts are not familiar to Kara. She is accustomed to survive alone, have come to rely and trust only herself, so now to follow someone completely unaware she does not like.

“A black car came for you again, and if you really do not know who they are, then I think we need to get out of here,” through clenched teeth, Kyle answers and grabs Kara’s arm again.

Kyle is angry and Kara feels it. But why is he angry? And is he angry at her?

Ignoring the desire to resist Kyle and say something different, Kara still follows him. This time, it is easier to trust him. Most likely this is due to the fact that last night, as before last, Kyle kept his word and nothing happened to her. But still, what Kyle is going to do? Where they are going? But even Kyle is unable to answer these questions. All he knows it is the fact that they need to leave the house and secretly.

“Where are we going to go?” Kara pulls hand back and stops.

Forces to continue to ignore the rising panic in her, she has not anymore. And despite the fact that Kara, surprising even herself with that statement, trusts Kyle she still can not to blindly follow him.

“Away from here. Just sit in the car we do not have much time,” Kyle replies calmly.

He has already managed to understand an important fact. To argue, to raise the voice at Kara, all this is useless. He understands her feelings, but now all that he needs is that she silently got into the car and stopped struggling. Now every minute is important.

Kara nervously bites the lip, watching as Kyle sits behind the wheel of a blue Ford. Perhaps this is the second car of Kyle. But what to do? Follow him again or to stay single? However, the choice is obvious. Therefore, following the instinct of self-preservation, Kara obediently sits in the front seat of the car. What’s next?

Kara has spent enough time on the run, so she should not feel any discomfort now. But, she feels a strange desire to stop all this and stop the car and return to the past two days, where she did not have to run. And despite the fact that she lived only two days without the need to hide and rut to somewhere, she was very used to it. What now? Life is pressing on the gas, and carries her into the ocean of infinite running.

“What are we going to do?” Kara says with very quiet and disturbing voice under her breath, realizing too late that these words Kyle hears too.

She was about to ask this question to herself. She often asked herself, because before she was alone in her problems. But now, now she is not alone, though the habit to rely only on herself makes itself felt sometimes.

“First we’ll pick at a roadside cafe and eat. And then we find some motel. They will not look for us there” Kyle says and pressing harder on the gas pedal makes the car to go faster.

This gesture says that Kyle feels confident. Although fundamentally it is not so. He had been in different situations, a million times he was on the verge of death, and even found time to catch a couple of bullets. But in his life he never did feel like he feels now. Just because he never had to take care of someone’s life. And now, now he should not just think about own survival. He should think about Kara’s security.

“Well,” with a choked voice Kara responds and biting her lip, turns back to the window.

The salty tears sting her eyes, but she is not going to cry. In her life there were days worse than today, but she never cried. Pride never allowed her to it and would not allow now.

One of the most devastating feeling is the feeling of own powerlessness. When you realize that anything is not dependent on you, even your own life. When you realize that you walk directly over the precipice and can break down at any moment. It makes you feel sorry for yourself, to shed tears because of understanding that you are not important. Your life is just a regular life, which, like every life has its end. All this slowly but surely leads you to madness, pain and despair.

Chapter 12.

Kyle knows a little bit about himself. He had no time for self-examination, and he never came in search of himself. He just lived. But the only thing he knows about himself well, is the fact that he hates the taste of the food that is served in roadside cafes. The love of luxury has grafted to him since childhood and nothing can destroy that love. But to go to an expensive restaurant when someone hunts you… no, he’s too smart to do so. But Kara needs to eat. To be honest, her thinness annoys him. In the first place, because looking at her collarbone, he sees no seductive hole between them and protruding bones. And then in his mind there are terrible picture of Kara starving. He does not like this. Therefore, trying to come to terms with the fact that the taste of the food at roadside cafe does not deserve, in his opinion, to be in this world, he still turns to the parking lot of very small and modest cafe. For Kara.

“You need to eat something,” noting that Kara is not eating, Kyle says.

He ordered two hamburgers, french fries and soup which is strange color. “Festive soup” was written in the menu. But strange swamp color of soup was soon to be called “soup corruptly” or “soup fuck up.”

“I’m sorry, I’m not hungry,” Kara answers and pushes the plate away.

She was not used to eat knowing that they are hunted. It can be assumed that this is her a little principle. And after all it is difficult to eat when all your thoughts only God knows, where.

“But you need to eat. We stay at the motel, and there we will not be able to eat. Therefore, take a spoon and eat” Kyle says and pushes the plate back to Kara.

But Kara’s reluctance to eat did not surprise Kyle. He also did not feel the appetite looking at this meal. But to eat is still needed.

Kara silently takes a spoon and starts eating. But her thoughts are still far away, and despite the fact that Kyle is right and it is really needed to eat, Kara can not push more than one spoon of disgusting soup in herself.

Time plays a key role in everything. Kyle knows it. So quickly looking at his watch and realizing that they have been sitting in the cafe for nearly half an hour, Kyle quickly rises to his feet and without explaining anything, puts in the package two hamburgers and french fries, which they have not eaten. In is time to move forward. And Kara does not mind.

Motel turned out a terrible dream of Kyle. At first, he wanted to take two rooms. But then abruptly he changed his mind. He never cared about anyone’s feelings, and he should not care about anyone’s feelings now when Kara needs his protection.

According to the forecast the weather told that today it would by rainy at night. Evaluate is it good or bad, it is difficult. On the one hand, Kyle knew that rain would complicate the search for pursuers and, therefore, until the morning they can safely stay in the motel. But on the other side…

“Why you help me?” Kara asks.

This question just now comes into her head, and of course she decides to ask it. She never met heroes or saviors, and so she just stopped believing in them. But what forces Kyle to help her? Kara is confident that there is a reason, and she wants to learn it.

“You would prefer that I did not help you?” Kyle responds with a question.

Kara sighs. Of course, she is very happy that he helps her. But why? However, the answer to this question more likely she will not know today. At least for now.

“Of course, not,” Kara says realizing that now, to some extent she depends on Kyle.

Although, if you think about it to be depend on someone is not bad. At least, when you’ve been all the life alone.

Kyle took a shower, and without even noticing, as night came, sat down in an easy chair, which is located in a motel room. Chair, to put it mildly, is not the most convenient. But to sit down on the bed … for some reason, Kyle decides not to do so. And not to confuse Kara is the first reason.

“What happens if we get caught?” Kara says, still daring to interrupt the thoughts of Kyle.

She saw how much he was absorbed in some thoughts. And despite her indiscreet desire to know these thoughts, she did not bother him. But now it is night and Kara just can not stay alone with this. Previously, she ran from the darkness, and now hides from it. This works, because she is still alive, but the habit of running still makes her feel more uncomfortable, as if she is on pins and needles.

“We will not get caught,” confidently Kyle answers, but part of him is still immersed in some thoughts.

The fact that they will not get caught, he could confidently say, even if Kara wakes him up in the middle of the night. He was never caught, and he is not going to be caught today. It is simply impossible, Kyle is sure. Still, there are several things that troubled him. And the first thing is now stirring in his pants. The attraction, lust, desire, you can call it whatever you like, it is not controlled. And, as Kyle thinks it is because for several days he did not have sex. And sex is a dish that Kyle ate every day. And since, now he has absolutely no time to, for example, call Inessa and assign a meeting, he just need to come up with at least something to get rid of tormenting his lust. And there is a way. Although, before Kyle basically did not use them. Never. He considered this method for the weak who was not able to drag the girl into bed. And now, apparently, he will have to use this method.

“I would like it to be so,” Kara breathes and sits to the floor, leaning back against the headboard.

Kyle looks awkwardly at her. Kara seems so weak, so he feels strong desire to protect her. All his life he wanted to protect only himself. But now it has changed … Kara changed it.

Realizing that to control himself becomes more difficult, Kyle sharply rises from the chair and goes to the bath. Unfortunately, this is the only place where he can go.

“No, do not leave” Kara also jumps from the floor and grabs Kyle’s arm.

The idea that she will have to stay all alone drives her crazy. And it is not matter that Kyle is just going to the bath.

“I just …” Kyle sharply pauses.

Kara is in the danger zone. She is too close to him. It seems to Kyle like the heat from her hands, which squeezes the arm of Kyle penetrates into the depths of his body, forcing the mind to lose control. He needs to do anything, that between them a safe distance appeared again, but he can not, he simply can not.

“If you leave, I again will be alone. I can not bear it,” Kara whispers, completely not even knowing about Kyle’s condition at the moment.

All that is now important for her it is trembling fear inside. It eats her, paralyzes her, slowly killing her. And that’s why she does not notice the tension in Kyle’s body. However, if she can see his face, so the real face like it is, she would certainly have realized that he is excited. Eyes that turned into a black hole are direct proof that Kyle is on the verge and that at any moment he can pounce on her like a hungry dog on a bone. But she can not see or feel it. However, maybe it is for the better.

“I’m not leaving,” with a hoarse voice Kyle responds and without controlling anything puts his hands on the shoulders of Kara and attracts her to him.

She is small, warm, and smells so delicious. Perhaps this is how he would describe her now. For eloquent descriptions, he simply does not have enough brain activity, because now, his brain almost is turned off. But to control a part of him, he still can.

Kara presses to his chest, but after some time, realizing that this is not entirely correct. And despite the fact that Kyle hugged her, Kara feels that she has no right to it. But to be so close to Kyle is an unforgettable feeling. In the stomach butterflies appear again, and it becomes dry in the mouth of Kara. It seems that all her body is out of order. Kara sends signals to your body, telling herself to pull away from Kyle, but the body does not listen to her.

“You should to move away from me,” Kyle says harshly, still hugging and pressing Kara to him.

He understands that his patience runs out, but he can not do anything. Damn, when in his life, he wanted a girl so hard? Never. The answer is too obvious even for Kyle. Never.

“You should let me go,” Kara replies, trying to speak calmly.

But her voice trembles and Kyle immediately hear it. At first he thinks that this trembling is consequence of fear, but listening to the beating of her heart, Kyle realizes that the reason of her trembling in the voice is connected with excitement. Joy breaks into him with furious force, taking the remnants of common sense. She wants her, just as he wishes her. And this idea completely absorbs him, unties his hands and allows him not to be a gentleman anymore, and just take what he so needed now. Take Kara.

Kara, feeling the lack of air, opens the eyes. Black spot is too close, and on her lips … Lips of Kyle covers Kara’s lips, taking possession of the whole space of her mouth. She would be frightened, but instead of fear, she feels a sweet feeling as if she is on another planet. And she likes it.

When Kyle’s hands slip under her blouse sharply, both of them understand that the invisible line that restrained them is erased. Kara never had to feel the touch of strong and hot men’s hands on her skin. And she never ever thought it was so good. Of course, she just did not have time for this. But most importantly, she just has not the right man.

“Tell me to stop,” Kyle whispers, continuing to kiss the lips of Kara, which have taste of the honey.

He says these words not because he wants to stop. He says that because Kara’s feelings are important to him. It’s funny, because other people’s feelings are emptiness for Kyle. He never cared about it.

“I … can… not …” stammering Kara answers and her hands glide up the chest of Kyle.

Only touching him, Kara can study him. In life, often it happens that people are attracted to a body, beautiful face, and anyone is not interested in the soul. And Kara always thought that this was the reason why she had not the second half. Although the reasons for this were several. But now, when she feels strong male hands on her bare back, she does not think so. Because here it is what she had been deprived all her life. Relatives and dear human.

For window it is thunder, breaking the intimate moment. Kara instantly reacts to it and a flashing light bulb over their heads. Heart feels of trouble, because the light is the only safe place for Kara. So getting out of Kyle’s grasp Kara nervously looks around. All the butterflies in her stomach die and the mind begins to work very actively. She is scared. She is so scared that it is even hard to breathe.

“Kara” excitedly Kyle says her name and, grabbing her by the shoulders, forces Kara to look directly at him.

Excitation immediately moves on the background. It is difficult to wish someone who is scared to death. Especially, when the object of your desire grabs you like a lifeline.

Thunder shakes the window of the motel again, and the light is turned off. All that Kyle feels it is like Kara’s nails dig into his skin. And then … Scream, rattle and deathly silence. Kyle falls to the floor, feeling all around. The darkness burns his eyes. But only one question is in his head. Where’s she?

“Kara,” he cries when his hands grope lying warm body.

Now clearly it can be said that all his life flashed before the eyes of Kyle. Twice he died twice and twice he resurrected for few minutes, when darkness still enveloped them. It is two minutes which brought so much anguish and pain.

When the light is turned on again, Kyle discovers blood on his hands. It’s so familiar, because a lot of different blood has been on his hands. And he never was shocked as he is now. It’s the blood of Kara, and he promised to protect her.

“From darkness it is not impossible to escape” spending all her strength, Kara says.

She is hurt, but a sense of inevitability, the realization that death is just around the corner, act on her as a small dose of morphine.

“No, no, no. All will be well,” trying not to panic Kyle answers and tearing shirt on his stomach, looks at a bleeding wound.

He knows how to kill, but he does not know how to save. For the first time in his life, Kyle wants to go back and change his own destiny, to learn medical knowledge and become a law-abiding citizen. Then he could save Kara.

Outside the window the headlights flash. They came for Kara. This Kyle is sure. But to give her … be he damn, if he allows Kara to get into paws of pursuers.

“Go away,” Kara squeezes a confidence out herself, trying to put it into words.

She also understands that the flashing lights mean. And she also knows that it’s all over for her. But Kyle … He has a chance to leave.

“Do not command!” Kyle snaps and takes his shirt off.

Having crumpled shirt into a ball, he presses a deep wound in the abdomen of Kara. He is not a doctor, but looking at the wound and at the same time at the pale face of Kara he realizes that it is fatal wound. Approximately the same as Kara looks now his victim looed before the death. But let Kara die, he is not going. And if he needs to turn the whole damn world upside down to save her, he’s ready to do it.

Frantica lly counting the seconds in his head, Kyle picks up Kara in his arms and rushes down the corridor. According to his calculations, it should be enough time to get to the car before the pursuers will understand it. And what then?? Then a hospital and the hope that Kara will remain alive.

Rain mercilessly knocks him to the ground, hits him in the face and prevents him to see the road. But to stop it means to surrender. And Kyle is really not used to give up. The car is just a few steps away, and he needs just to overcome them.

“Kyle Grent, I advise you to stop, or I’ll shoot” Kyle hears voice breaking through the rain.

Then a click follows and Kyle realizes that no matter who stands behind him has a gun. If he has not the responsibility for the life of Kara, he would not stop. For him it is better to die than to obey the orders of someone. But now the circumstances are quite different.

“I need a hospital,” Kyle yells and turns carefully.

They came for Kara, but she is dying. Kyle’s assumption that the pursuers will want to save Kara, it is not stupid. Moreover, given the state in which Kyle is now. He is in despair.

“What?” the man replies puzzled, and slowly lowers his gun.

Rain, it seems, begins to pour with even greater force and tenacity, not allowing man to see anything. But hearing Kyle’s voice the man understands that he speaks the truth.

The next few minutes slip before the eyes of Kyle as an instant. The man runs up to him, trying to take Kara away from Kyle’s hands, but he, of course, does not allow, and then Kyle hears steps and some voices behind. And now, after a couple of minutes, Kyle finds himself sitting in the back seat of a car. Kara is still lying in his arms. He slowly leans to her face, trying to see she is breathing or nor? She is breathing. Kyle never felt such relief as now. She is breathing.

“Everything will be fine,” Kyle says stiffly, hoping Kara still hears him.

But all that is now achievable for her, it is the long awaited repose. For her, life stopped. She is not running, she does not feel any fear and in her mind there is no thought at all. Yes, life definitely stopped for Kara. And despite the fact that for others: Kyle and unknown people who, for whatever reasons, pursue her, things are different. But for Kara finally the long-awaited moment of tranquility came. But soon, the reality is still making its way into the consciousness of Kara, making her feel all physical pain, causing her to immerse in it and literally drowning her in the sharpness of sensations.

When the week moans break out from Kara’s throat, Kyle falls into a nightmare in which he is powerless and incapable of anything other than continuing curses under his nose. He never wanted to help people, but now, he tries to help. Although not to help people like Kyle finds out, is much easier than to help.

“We need to go faster,” Kyle says furiously to the sitting behind the wheel driver.

But the car already is rushing at breakneck speed, risking to crash into any column. Because of the rain the driver literally has to go blindly. But Kyle does not care. All he cares about is moaning Kara and her life.

The driver silently adds speed, resisting the urge to say something to Kyle. And despite the fact that to go fast is dangerous, the driver realizes that it is very necessary. It is worth the risk, because he needs Kara. However, Kyle also needs Kara and only God knows how they are going to share her.

Chapter 13

The two longest hours in Kyle’s life took a little faith and a few thousand nerve cells. Still, it’s not such a big fee. It is not big fee for the life of the person who you care about. So when Kara is moved from the operating room to the intensive care unit it seems that Kyle get to the seventh heaven of happiness. But now when all his experiences are behind, Kyle notices that he is not in a public hospital. Of course, immediately it is not easy to notice, but thanks to his powers of observation and due to the fact that now Kara’s life is in safe and he does not need to worry about her, Kyle still notices some strange things. And the first strange thing is that hospital is absolutely empty. Here, in the truest sense of the word, is no one. But as it is known a lot of patients should be in a hospital. Kyle again looks around. Yes, it is definitely not a hospital. Seizing the moment, while the hall is completely empty, Kyle slips into one of the rooms, hoping to find at least some answers to his questions. But finding himself in the room where the strange chair with special straps for the hands and feet is only, Kyle realizes that he is certainly not in the hospital. He is in some laboratory.

When you’re in a desperate situation, very often, you take not the right decision. And you always have to deal with consequences. And you are not worried about it, because the most important thing is to gain time, or in the case of Kyle and Kara, to gain time for life. But, the consequences sooner or later will ask to pay the bill. And Kyle will have to pay very soon.

Nervously twitching by foot, Kyle is sitting on a bench near the chamber where Kara was taken. In his mind different thoughts flash, but they do not make any sense. First, he needs to see Kara, and only then, he will surely figure everything out.

“Mr. Grent, I am Jack Devids. Previously, there was no time to get acquainted.” the man who brought them to this place and it can be said, helped Kyle to save the life of Kara, comes to Kyle and extends the hand.

Kyle raises the head in amazement, trying to figure out how to treat to the man who is standing in front of him. On the one hand, he helped him, but on the other hand, Kyle’s instincts tell him that to trust Jack Devids is stupid and dangerous.

“How is Kara? Can I see her?” ignoring the gesture of Jack Kyle responds and without hesitation jumps to his feet.

Kyle is a head taller than Jack, but it seems growth is absolutely no value. Jack feels very confident and certainly demonstrates this to Kyle. And Kyle who is used to be the most imperious and confident man in any dealing with people is a little irritated by it. Still, competition is in his blood.

“She’ll be all right. We’ll take care of her. And you should go home,” Jack says politely pretending that he is good-natured person.

“First, I need to see Kara!” Kyle responds immediately.

The fact that he is in deep shit, Kyle guessed even before the arrival of Jack. And despite the fact that the time Kyle has enough, he could not think of a way out of this situation. But this is not surprising. Previously, Kyle had to save only himself, and now on his shoulders there is the responsibility for the life of Kara. And it, in a sense, puts pressure on him, preventing him to find a solution and make the right decision about what to do next. But time passes and Kyle realizes that the longer he thought, the stronger he falls in the inevitability and hopelessness.

“Good. But then, you have to leave,” frowning, Jack says and opens the door that leads to the ward where Kara is.

Kyle ignores the sense of approaching danger and, without hesitation, enters the room. But when he sees lying on the couch Kara, he stops abruptly. The pallor of her skin, it seems, can even be seen through a distance of several light years. But Kara’s helplessness impacts on Kyle more. It is unbearable to see her in this state and it is unbearable to know that he is to blame for this. After all, he promised to protect her.

“You have a couple of minutes,” Jack says dryly and leaves the room.

A couple of minutes are not much, but it’s much better than nothing. Kyle takes a step forward, slowly approaching to the lying on the couch Kara. All that he needs, just make sure she’s okay, and then…. Then he had to go back to the question what to do next?

“Kyle,” Kara says with a weak voice, forcing Kyle to stand still.

He did not expect her to open her eyes, and certainly did not expect to hear his name from her lips. But it’s happening now.

“Kara, do not worry, everything will be fine,” Kyle whispers in answer after a moment’s pause.

But these words Kara does not hear. Her eyes slowly close and she falls asleep. More precisely mad dose of anesthetic puts her to sleep. And by the way, the pain does not allow Kara to rest even in the sleep.

Kyle touches the cheek of Kara by his hand timidly. Kara is warm and it is really pleasant to touch her. But the pallor of her skin puts a terrible doubt in Kyle’s soul. What will happen next? Should he hope for something good?

“Mr. Grent, it is time to go” tall man with broad shoulders says, suddenly entering the room.

Kyle immediately captures notes of threats in his voice. Oh, and about threats Kyle knows a lot. He also often threatened. That’s just in his life no one ever threatened him.

“I’ll stay,” casually Kyle replies and ignoring the man he turns back to Kara.

But there is one thing. The right to choose was not given to Kyle. The conditions were dictated to him and he should follow them either voluntarily or with the help of stakeholders. Although the self-confidence of Kyle, his firm belief in his own superiority it does not allow Kyle to understand this. That is why, out of habit, he decides to act on his own.

The next few minutes for Kyle were full of humiliation and in some degree of pain. The tall man, who just a moment ago, came into the ward with a very specific request, immediately twists the hands of Kyle and after another minute, Kyle finds himself outside the gates of the huge strictly protected buildings. But now he is absolutely sure that the building in which Kara is now is not a hospital, and Kyle made a mistake bringing Kara there. But to whine or give up, he was not used. It is needed to decide everything, and Kyle is determined to do it as quickly as possible.

Chapter 14.

Doubt, uncertainty and a mild form of a nervous breakdown – all this is travel kit that Kara always carried inside her, somewhere in the deep of her soul. Of course, now it is not so. Now, Kara does not experience these emotions. She does not feel anything. At first, all she felt was pain. But soon, the body was used to it and now, even such feelings like the pain she does not feel. Kara is completely devastated and swallowed by sleeping. How many? A couple of days. That’s how easy a couple of days can disappear from your life. And it is possible you will never know about it.

Days could be turned into a couple of weeks. This could happen very easily if Kara was surrounded by complete silence. But low male voices outside the door, breaking through the veil of sleep, forces her to open the eyes. And what she sees it leads her in horror.

In such rooms Kara has been … never. Maybe in the nightmares, of course, but these dreams she does not remember. Cold couch, strange tube around her face, and a strange form of torture devices which is lying on a small iron table with wheels. These harbingers of evil and Kara certainly knows it.

The voices behind the door become quieter and Kara, assuming now that no one is behind the door, gets up from the couch. This is certainly not easy. But desire and even need to get out of this awful room helps her to cope with pain and fear.

For Kyle, these couple of days was a living hell. He made several attempts to get into the building to get Kara from there. However, all his attempts failed right at the top. The building is very well guarded. But Kyle still had an idea which he decided to leave for last. Although, of course, this idea was great and inspired more hope than others. That’s just Kyle did not want to resort to extremes.

Thanks to the ability to Kyle to find all the information he needs, even when it seems impossible, Kyle managed to find a secret plan of the building and thus get a chance to implement the dangerous plan to rescue Kara. Why dangerous? Because if he makes a mistake in the calculations he can kill Kara. And for this reason, Kyle has left such a dangerous plan for last. But now he has no other choice, and the fate forces Kyle to take the risk.

Think about some kind of intent a long time is not explicitly for the faint of heart. Kyle is not nervous, but to think about something a long time he just does not have enough patience. Especially now when he wants to hug Kara as quickly as possible and breathe a sigh of relief, “she’s safe.” And if he thinks a long time, it will not happen soon.

Kara feels cold emanating from the floor which comes through her feet and penetrates the whole body. Feelings did not let her. It is an eerie place. And even despite the fact that in her reality, this room looks more attractive than it really is, Kara still feels by the entire skin that this place is disgusting.

“Hello, Kara” she hears a deep male voice behind, the same empty and dark, as well as the room in which she is.

What’s wrong with her? She did not hear someone entered. Sharply turning around, Kara’s head starts spinning. This is due to the sudden movement, but it should not be so. Kara has never felt like now. Her head aches, heart is beating in the chest so fast, and she could blame fear, but Kara is not scared. All that she is experiencing… nausea, perhaps is everything that she feels now.

“Who you are? What am I doing here? Where is Kyle?” without hesitation, in the same breath Kara says, ignoring swaying of the body to the side.

All that interests her now, it is the answers to these questions. In particular, she is interested in the answer to the last question. Where is Kyle? After all, she remembers exactly that he was there.

“Many questions. But I’ll tell you. I am your friend. You’re here that science has made a huge step forward. And Kyle … Well, he betrayed you, threw to die, and we saved you. You know that you can not trust anyone. So you made a mistake when you decided to trust a man like Kyle” calmly, without the old coldness in the voice, the man answers.

Kara frowns. From his words it is not clear anything. However, simply the answers do not suit her.

“Yes you are right. No one can be trusted. That is why I do not believe you” with the challenge Kara says.

She was never brave. And she also was not the cowardly. But she also never was touched by anyone’s word so deeply. The man said that Kyle betrayed her, threw to die, but she does not believe it. She just could not believe it. He could not do so. While on the other hand, Kara always wondered why not even knowing her, he still decided to help her.

“Call me Jack” the man says more friendly and takes a step toward Kara.

Without thinking she takes a step back. Kara is satisfied by the distance which is between them and despite the fact that this distance is still not so great she does not want to lose a centimeter of this distance.

“Do not come to me,” Kara growls, wondering when she learned to be so aggressive and rude.

Apparently, she learned it from Kyle. However, now it helps her. Probably.

“Good. But I think, after we talk with you, you will stop reacting so,” the man says and not wanting to put pressure on Kara or frighten her, he goes to another corner of the room and sits down on the stool.

Kara is still motionless. She does not know what she needs to do.

“I’m listening,” she says.

The man takes a deep breath and then exhale. Due to the fact that Kara could not see the expression on his face what it is in reality, it is difficult for Kara to understand can she trust him.

“When you were young, parents often leaded you to the doctors. Actually this is the reason why you’re here. The doctor was surprised by your health. And that is why for all mankind there is hope that all diseases will soon be defeated. Do you understand?” Jack says.

His voice is full of inspiration and madness. Kara swallows nervously, trying to focus on the words and understand something. But it is useless. In Kara’s head there are as many questions as it was a few minutes ago, when she had not yet heard the inspirational speech of the man.

“I still do not understand?” Kara replies.

Kara looks now a little silly. And she knows it. But all what is happening now, she does not like and probably anyone would not like. Therefore, she has all the right to look silly.

“Our organization is very influential. Therefore, we contacted with every doctor that you visited, and we brought them a special viruses and bacteria that they settled in your body and … Kara, you’re not sick. Even AIDS could not hit your body. So we decided that we need your blood, and with its help, we could figure out how your body manages to be so independent. But all was in vain. So we decided that we must examine you. And since your parents died, and we have not found your biological parents, so now it is your new home,” Jack says a long speech, putting in the last word so much optimism that nausea of Kara is just getting stronger.

“I am not a laboratory rat” Kara shouts to him and in a fit of anger rushes to the door.

But it’s locked. What she hoped? Perhaps she hoped that a miracle would save her from this terrible place. But miracle never was in the life of Kara. More precisely, saving miracle.

Kyle harbors breath, and then presses the red button on the small remote. Is he scared? Kyle believes that no but clenched jaw and rapidly beating heart screams yes. After all, he made the most risky step in his life. He relied on fate and trusted to luck. And this is not the most reliable shoulders.

The building is shattered in an instant. More specifically, half of the building. A huge explosion which is stunning all around and flying in all directions debris of impregnable walls that prevented Kyle to reach to Kara. All this should not cause strange feeling in Kyle’s chest. But it is happening. He feels like everything inside him stops, freezes in the poisoning expectation. Is all well? Was he right, deciding to take the risk? All these thoughts take precious few minutes. But then … then he again becomes a cold-blooded, calculating and fearless. It is time to go for Kara and finally find out the answer to the main question. Did he kill her?

The walls shake and Kara bounces off the door frightened. What is it? Is it a plan to scare her? But noticing that Jack leaps to his feet, it is clearly he is nervous, and Kara understands it seeing the tense spot, which she sees instead of the real Jack. Shaking the walls is something unplanned, and possibly dangerous.

Kara never suffered from claustrophobia. Although, maybe she just does not know about it. After all, before she did not have to be in a locked area. She always had a way forward and never back. But deadlocks, locked space … Kara ran into a dead end once in her life and nearly died. That is why, now, the inner voice shouts to her that she is in danger and that she is completely powerless to change it, because she is locked.

“Open the door,” Kara desperately shouts and again hits the door with her fists.

But whatever the inner voice says her, Kara is not going to give up and accept the fact of her own impotence. To die in an attempt to save herself, Kara likes more than to expect her own death, sitting on the bed or standing in front of the door.

“The door can be opened only from the outside. It has an electronic lock. We do not get out of here until someone will not let us” with feigning calmness Jack answers and pulls out his cell phone.

Kara never believed in fate, and apparently, therefore, fate had never been kind to her. It seems, from birth Kara enters in the strange and the trickiest situation. Hell, she was many times on the verge of the death and she probably would have to get used to it. But no. Each time, feeling over the precipice, Kara felt fear. This fear has always different shades. But the most important thing is that each time, experiencing fear, Kara loses some part of herself. Only emptiness reminds after and it always took a time to fill it.

“I understand, sir,” Jack says, and seriously frowns.

Jack Devids. About him only one thing can be said – his life is built on to obey to orders. He is so used to it that at times, when he had to make his own decision, he simply can not do it. So now, when he was given a strict order to explore the Kara and try to hide all the tests in a secret safe under the floor, which should not be affected under any circumstances, he unconditionally agrees. To obey to orders – the meaning of his life and the only thing he can do.

After having heard Jack’s voice, and felt in it a threat, Kara abruptly stops banging on the door. She’s in deep shit, and of course, she has to deal with it. But the attempt to fix it, hope that all is not lost and she has to fight for her life it is not stupid. And it is the firm belief in which Kara believes.

“What are you going to do?” Kara asks cautiously.

And her question certainly can not be considered irrelevant or stupid. Because Kara realizes that Jack will be frank with her, after all she has nowhere to run.

“Half of the building is destroyed and therefore, our half could be next. And it means that we will not be able to get out of here. So I need use the remaining time to take some tests. And I begin with retinal” coolly Jack says and takes a step toward Kara.

She rests her back against the door. She is scared because she has nowhere to run. But suppressing momentary weakness, Kara quickly takes herself in hands and rushes to the other corner of the room. Jack raises his eyebrows in surprise. He certainly did not expect that Kara would fight. But though, the desire to live drives people to desperate and futile attempts to change the outcome. Destined to the outcome.

“Kara, we will die here, so it is useless to resist. But your analysis can help a lot of people on this earth it can help to make evolution. I think you should be proud of this opportunity,” Jack says with a sly smile and turns his head toward Kara, which is behind the couch apparently ready to fight.

Then he takes a deep breath, understanding that Kara is not going to cooperate with him. But severe problems, difficulties in the execution of the order never frightened him. And it does not frighten him now.

Kara said goodbye to life a lot of time. But this time, she does not have time for this. Even when Jack’s hands grab her by the shoulders, she spends every second of the fight. And it seems this is the most correct in the present moment.

“If you do not want to cooperate with me, then I’ll just poke your eye, and until you are bleeding, I’ll take the rest of your organs for analysis,” Jack growls furiously, trying to grab Kara’s hands which mercilessly are pounding him in the chest.

These words should frighten her. But these words only added forces to Kara. She sharply raises the leg and hits the man between his legs. Then, while he is bent from piercing pain, she rushes to the door and again starts pounding by her fists on it.

“Help, help,” Kara desperately cries, bursting into tears.

It can not be said, that she believes that the help will come. But to call it that’s all she can. To hope that she still has a chance to survive, that’s all she should.

Nobody likes scenes. Therefore, irritated by stubbornness of Kara and her futile attempts to escape from him, Jack quickly comes to his senses. And this time the fury inside him can destroy a small state.

Kara hears steps behind her, but when she turns around, something hard and big flies straight into her nose. She cries out in pain, but then feeling a push Kara finds herself on the floor. Blood gushes out of her nose with enormous force, and tears appear on her eyes. It hurt, but usually, when Kara feels pain she does not cry. Now, of course, is an exception.

“Bitch, I’m tired of being nice to you,” Jack growls through clenched teeth, squeezing the neck of Kara with one hand and with second hand persistently reaches for instrument which lies on the table with wheels.

He’s going to do what he was told and nothing can stop him. That’s how Jack thinks. But his plans for the first time in his life will not to be done.

Kara does not know how much time passed since then, oxygen stopped coming in her lungs. Probably it is not so much if she manages to think about it. But in any case, no matter how much time passed, more importantly that the time increases, and it decreases the chance of salvation. Probably it is time to say goodbye and rethink life and let life slip through the eyes. But only what Kara can think about – it is not fair. And all she feels it is a metallic taste of injustice. All should not end like that. Because deep down, like many of us, Kara believed that her life would certainly have a happy end. Despite all the horrors of her life, her distorted reality in which Kara had to live, or even pursuing her darkness, Kara believed that fate, in the end, would have mercy on her, and everything would be better. But the better did not come.

At even the last moment, when hope is completely extinguished, sometimes miracles happen. And it would confidently be said that such is impossible in Kara’s life. And that would be true, because the miracle never happened in her life. But apparently, she still has pulled the lucky ticket.

Kyle is focused on the electronic lock, which led into the room in which Kara should be. Kyle could not be sure that she is there. For this reason, everything inside him is saturated with fear and aversion to himself because of this and anger. If Kara was transferred, it is quite possible that she could be in that part of the building, which he destroyed. And then it could mean that he killed her with his own hands. Kyle has killed many people, life means nothing to him. However, all this principles do not work in relation to Kara.

To decode the lock Kyle has spent almost five minutes. It’s too much. But to do it quickly, he could not. Therefore, when the door is opened in front of him, and he sees a large male figure lies on a small frail figure, Kyle freezes. This is Kara and she’s alive. Then it all starts to happen without reason. Now, instincts control him and he feels only burning desire to save Kara. With a deft movement, Kyle manages to pull Jack from Kara and throw him to the other corner. And with a sober mind, he would have killed the poor man who is lying in the corner. But now to rely on his mind is dangerous, because it does not work and that’s why, rather than to deal with the potential threat – Jack, he rushes to Kara.

“Kara, Kara?” without hesitate feeling Kara, Kyle says excitedly.

His voice is full of anxiety and all-consuming concern. In the eyes of Kara’s there is still dark, but it is enough air in her lungs, so her first thought when she hears the voice of Kyle, “I’m in heaven.” But when Kara sees as some black figure appears behind Kyle’s back and downright pushes him away, Kara understands. This is not a paradise. She is still alive and now not only she is in danger, but also Kyle.

When Jack talked about the fact that Kyle betrayed her, Kara did not believe him at first. She did not want to admit that it is possible. But then, she thought, that maybe it is really so. After all, Kyle appeared in her life accidentally, and she knows him not very good. But when she was pounding by her fists on the door and called for help, she knew that Kyle can help her. In whole world only he can help her. And despite the fact that Kara was not entirely sure that Kyle did not betray her, Kara believed that the decision to trust Kyle was right.

Errors. Very often, having done them, we can not fix anything. Kyle is not tended to make mistakes, because he knows that the price for it may be too high. But something changed in him, in his life and all around him. Therefore, lying under the pressure of stubborn Jack, and feeling, as he gradually ceases to have enough strength to hold back the arm of Jack which holds a sharp thing to thrust in the chest of Kyle, Kyle is trying to understand what exactly has changed? After all, he never lost in his life, but now the loss knocks on his door.

On shaky legs, Kara stands up from the floor and quickly wiping the tears from her eyes, looks around. She was scared before, but now the fear in the truest sense of the word, cuts the ground from under her feet. As once in early childhood, Kara lost between the two realities: the present and her. All things are merged into one single black spot. And Kara can see nothing. All around her spreads out and realizing that rely on the eyesight she can not now, and that she has a little time, because Kyle is in danger, Kara grabs something iron under her feet, and in the next instant, pierces the body of Jack by the subject.

Mixed feelings are born in the air. Kyle feels relief, pushing Jack’s body to the side, and Kara … she sees things differently. On her hands there is sticky blood, and before the eyes there is the veil of tears. Inside she gets a sense of guilt, fear and disgust. What did she do? She killed the man.

The death is usual thing for Kyle, so he not immediately notices the state of Kara. Only one thought flashed in his mind. It is necessary to get out of here and go in a safe place. Only it motivates him and only this is important for him. So, not wanting to waste even a drop of the time Kyle grabs Kara’s hand, and without further ado, drags her toward the exit roughly.

Chapter 15.

The world that surrounded Kara suddenly collapsed. We often create the illusory representations of the ideal in our minds. And we live in them. There is nothing wrong. But when these illusory representations crumble and unceremoniously something about what you never thought of, and what you’ll never be ready bursts in your life… you can call it a personal doomsday. And the personal doomsday came in Kara’s life.

For someone who is used to such things all is consistently. Kyle knows the value of life, but for him personally before life had not value. Even being so selfish, Kyle rarely cared about himself. Of course, the self-preservation instinct was in him, but Kyle never thought about how he loves life and that his live has values .

The last three days was very hard for Kyle. Almost all the time, Kyle suffered because of the thought that Kara could suffer and now it is behind. She is near, sitting in the car. She’s alive, and perhaps this fact brings to him a great happiness.

“Kara, I’m sorry I did not protect you, as promised,” Kyle says, when the car stops at the small house.

This is not Kyle’s house and a few hours ago, Kara would worry about it. But now her head is occupied with other thoughts.

“Kara?” not having an answer from Kara, Kyle says and lightly touches her cheek.

He wants to reassure her after all that has happened most likely caused her psychological pain. But he does not know how to calm people. He knows how to lead people to despair, to make them say what they do not want to say, and of course he knows how to kill. But how to calm he knows nothing. Kyle never came across it.

“What?” Kara turns the head.

All are now in a different way. Now Kara does not see even that was able to see before. Before the eyes all floats, and she feels only desire to get the pain out of the soul, because it drives her crazy.

“Does it hurt you something??” Kyle asks anxiously and nervously examines her from head to toe.

Kara harbors breath. Yes, it hurts. Soul. She rubs her hands, feeling that they are still sticky. But is there any blood? She raises her arms and looks at them. Kara wants to see whether there is blood on them, but all she sees it is darkness floating on the air waves.

“Are my hands in blood?” Kara asks thoughtfully, still looking at the hands.

This question more likely she asks herself. But to find out the answer to this question she can not. So if someone can answer this question, Kara is ready to hear the answer.

“What?” Kyle, thinking entirely about other things and taking care only of his own experiences, does not understand the question Kara.

Although if you think about it what can be easier than to answer this question? To do this, you just need to lower the eyes and look at the hands of Kara. And then say whether it is in blood. But Kyle does not see the importance of this issue. How many times his hands were covered with blood? It is impossible to answer this question. The number will be infinitely high. That’s just it is important. For Kara.

“Hands. Are they in blood?” Kara says and her voice is filled with fervor.

It makes Kyle still look at her hands. Yes, they are in blood. And Kyle still does not understand why she is so interested in this question.

“Yes,” he replies in doubt.

Kara reacts to the answer immediately. She opens the car’s door and jumps out. She needs space a lot of space to give vent the inner panic which is mixed with the pain out of her soul. But wanting to do it, Kara is faced with mass difficulties. And the first difficulty – her pain is ingrained in the imaginary wall of her soul.

Confused and a little puzzled Kyle out of the car and follows Kara. Only now, Kyle notices that Kara goes with uncertain step and swaying side to side and breathing heavy. What is wrong with her? At the moment succumbing to panic that with Kara something can be wrong, or she may be mortally wounded, Kyle stops abruptly. What should he do? He is not used to feel helpless, and the last three days were filled with just that disgusting feeling. But he also can not give up. Does this mean that he is willing to lose? No. Rather, it means that he is not going to lose.

Kara with difficulty, as in a dream, could get to the bathroom a couple of times bumping into door jambs. Now more likely a pair of fresh bruise flaunts on her body, but Kara does not care. She always spat on the bruises, and especially now, when human’s blood is on her hands. All that she is interested it is the bath to which she was rapidly approaching.

Stopping near the closed door, Kyle thinks involuntarily. With closed doors in his life he did the same. He just kicked it out by foot. But now something does not allow him to do so. He feels like it is a stranger’s area behind the door and despite the fact that he wants to get there, he does not feel right to do so.

“Kara, are you okay?” leaning against the doorjamb, he asks.

In response, he hears only the sound of water and the quiet sobs. Now Kyle does not need the answer. He already knows it.

Kara is used to take care of herself and from this habit, at times it is much more difficult to get rid of than addiction to alcohol. But Kara was never anger at the fate for it. Take care of herself, she took as a given, something that does not depend on her. But now, taking care of herself it seems to her cruel punishment, because more than anything else, at this moment, she needs someone to take care of her.

Kara nervously rubs the hands, lathering them again and again. It seems a couple of movements, and her skin will be simply erased. But it seems to Kara like blood ingrained in her skin and stuck to it forever. And due to the fact that she can not see the real world, Kara does not see that the blood on her hands is not anymore.

“Kara, if you do not answer, I’ll knock the damn door,” cautious, with a hint of a threat Kyle again says, listening to the sounds wafting through the door.

Noise of water interferes to hear anything clearly, but Kyle still manages to hear the sobs. And if a few minutes ago he was not sure that it is cry, now he is fully confident in this.

Kara hesitantly turns off the water and goes to the door. It is unbearably to be alone with yourself. She wants to escape. That’s just it is not possible to get away from yourself, from the self-loathing. And despite the fact that her reality is very different from the reality in which all the rest of the people live, Kara realizes that despite these differences, the feelings that she feels are the same in both realities.

Kyle hears a click of the lock and cautiously opens the door. He does not particularly understand what is happening and a little concerned about the fact that now apparently he’ll know the answer to this question.

“Kara, are you okay?” he asks seeing Kara which is standing in front of him.

Her eyes look strange, and Kyle never saw such a sight. Even his victims when they realized that their life is over had not such sight. In the look of Kara there is something frightening.

“I …” choking by words, Kara says, but to finish the sentence she does not have enough strength.

After all, as long as she keeps all the thoughts in her head, it seems that everything is not so bad. She has a hope that maybe she exaggerates. But if she says these words in the ears, says that she killed the man … Hope will be collapsed and there will be nothing but a harsh and unrelenting truth.

“Kara?” Kyle says grabbing her by the shoulders, as if trying to get out of her a continuation of what she had not strength to say.

Talking with another person, attempt to understand him it is, to say it mildly, difficult and always a little enraged Kyle. Now, it is not an exception. He wants to understand Kara and wants to know what’s with her, but her reluctance to talk to him, takes him out of himself. He feels like Kara is locked within herself and does not want to open to him. But it is so necessary for him.

In response, Kara sobs and hiding her face in her hands she falls to her knees. Kyle’s presence affects her, and now she can not stop erupting outward flow of hot tears. Why she reacts so she does not know? But most importantly, from this she does not feel easier. Even with tears the pain does not leave the soul of Kara.

“Devil” cursing under his breath, Kyle falls near Kara and clasping her by shoulders, cuddles her.

He does this on an intuitive level. Usually in such situations, he sent all to hell. What sense to calm someone, if that is impossible, Kyle thought?! But now all is different.

“I killed the man” pulling away from Kyle, Kara says and tears rolls down her cheeks with new force.

She said it. To be proud or hate yourself for it? What’s the difference? No words, no emotions, no hypnosis or hiking to a psychologist does change the fact that the life of Kara never will be the same. She will never be the same, because the sense of guilt, disgust and hatred to yourself it is something that will stay with you forever. Over time, of course, you will get used to live with it, but to be the same … no, that’s impossible.

Kyle looks at Kara puzzled. He expected … Kyle does not know what he expected to hear. But he is confident that he expected to hear something different. Is Kara crying and behaving so strangely because of this? But then Kyle realizes what Kara feels. She is not him and he absolutely forgot about it. Very often we judge people on own, and that’s why Kyle did not realize what is wrong with Kara.

“Kara, listen to me,” Kyle takes her hands making her to look at him.

There is no sense, because she still can not see his face. Especially now, when her eyes are full of tears, a mess is in her head. But his voice … his voice can tell a lot more than his face could tell her.

“I understand that you think you did wrong. But it was not murder. You did not kill anyone. You defended and it’s not the same thing. You had no choice, do you understand it?” Kyle continues to speak.

He believes in his words, so his voice sounds convincing. Kara must get better. But this is not happening. Comfort yourself with the fact that you were in a hopeless situation and the fate is blame in everything…. Kara could never do that. And now it, too, is impossible.

“No, no, no,” Kara whispers back, grabbing Kyle’s shoulders and digging into his skin with her fingernails. “I killed him. Circumstances do not matter, because I killed him,” Kara continues to speak and her voice breaks on the last word.

Kyle harbors breath, trying to quickly come up with an answer to the question what to do next. But when Kara falls into hysterics, and begins to choke from overwhelming her pain, Kyle realizes that there is no time to think. He need to act.

Many people have been nervous breakdowns, tantrums or just a panic attack. Usually in such cases, you need to take sedatives. Kyle never experienced anything like that. He can be safely attributed to the one percentage of people with stable psyche, but with hysterical of people Kyle encountered frequently. Yes, he came across it when put a gun to the human’s head or when he threatened them. For this reason, Kyle knows very well what to do in this case.

Quickly opening the door of the cabinet above the sink, Kyle grabs the tablet and easily turns them into his palm. He is not a doctor, so has no idea how many of these pills are needed. But looking at the weeping Kara Kyle understands. It takes a lot.

“Drink,” Kyle says and holds the tablet to Kara.

Then he takes a glass and pours water into it. Without thinking Kara takes the pills and drinks them in one gulp. Are they able to absorb her pain and guilt? Probably not, but they are able to give her at least a couple hours of sleep.

Kyle does not complain about changes in his lives. And there is a reason. Now his life is more interesting. Previously, every day certainly was similar to the previous. He got up in the morning, drank a cup of coffee, read the morning newspaper, and then went to another messy. It was boring, yes, but Kyle felt comfortable living so. Before. And precisely because of this state of things, he had not very valued life. What does he have to lose in the end? And now everything is different. Because, his life has become unpredictable, dangerous and full of surprises. This life is harder but more interesting. And despite the fact that he did not have time to think about everything and figure out whether he likes it or not, he does not complain about changes in his lives. And it already means something.

Having swallowed a handful of pills, Kara feels better. Speaking better, it means that she has no longer enough forces to cry. So sitting down on the floor in the bathroom, Kara again frantically remembers everything that happened to her during the last twenty-four hours. She thought she had lost Kyle when woke up and did not see him, then, she thought she would die when the walls of the room in which she was locked were shaking, and then she killed the man who … she wanted to take Kyle’s word for truth and stop blaming herself for what she killed the man who perhaps even did not deserve life. But Kara had never God’s syndrome and that is why she can not accept the fact that she interrupted someone’s life.

“Kara, I’m very, very sorry that you had to go through it,” Kyle says thoughtfully.

Kara despises what he is. Murder is a common thing for him, but… She’s terrified of it. She killed the man defending herself, and still the guilt kills her. And he killed people just because he was paid money for it.

“It is not your fault” with a feeble voice Kara answers and leans back against the door.

She has no strength to continue to fight in hysterics, but she still hurts. She feels pain because she came down to the very bottom and now she has not a chance to go up.

“No. It is my fault” Kyle replies confidently and takes a step back.

He needs to stay away from her. Maybe he even should go back to his boring life and leaving Kara alone he would be able to just protect her from afar. But to be with her … he has no right on it anymore.

“Do not leave me” as if reading his thoughts, Kara says and looks up.

She looks into his eyes, and her gaze penetrates right into his soul. It seems in this cramped bathroom, both of them feel lousy. She feels lousy because she killed the man, and he heels lousy because a long time ago he lost the right to be called a man. He is a murderer, assassin, and so on, but not a man. Now he understands that.

Please Kara Kyle leaves no chance. He sits down on the floor next to her and just immerses in the silence. He is silent, she is silent. Silence is always much more honest than speech. That is why now, each of them feel pleasant to listen to the silence. After all, honesty for both of them is hidden in it.

Thoughts left Kara’s mind very quickly. This happened thanks to the sedatives, because they immerse a dream in the consciousness of Kara. Kyle immediately does not notice it, just because his thoughts are at the peak of activity. He frantically thinks about his past and what his whole life, perhaps, he only admits this possibility, but is not completely sure, was not quite correct. But after all, nothing can be changed. Very often we have to live with what we have chosen.

The house in which they stayed is almost three times less than the luxury home of Kyle. But back there, they could not. Kyle knew that there they will be looked for and did not want to risk it. Despite the fact that he was not the best person in the world, he was still very smart. Kyle did not want to drag Kara in a cheap hotel, so to rent the small house was the only way out.

Carefully lifting Kara from the floor and carrying her into the bedroom, Kyle feels an attack of rage. He often had the feeling lately. And most of this anger was directed at himself. Few people in the world hate themselves so openly and boldly as Kyle does. He never thought about luck, and how it turns out now he is just a loser. Why? Because his life finally has something valuable, something really caring him, but he spent his whole life trying to be unworthy of it. Yes, it very often happens with the losers. But he is angry as well because it can not be changed. Impotence that is what he feels and it angers him.

Night is the guest who comes every day at the same time, without delays and omissions. And knowing what the guest brings, Kyle certainly armed to the teeth. He turned on the lights throughout the house, even on the porch, pushed all the curtains and opened the doors. Though about the doors … he did it because of nervous tension. He just had to do something. After all, before Kyle skeptical treated to the word of Kara about that something is stalking her in the dark. But after he nearly lost her, Kyle was not so skeptical in this matter.

Desert was formed in the throat of Kara. She feels it, even through the deep sleep. Also she feels like the heat envelops in her body and the fact that she is lying on something soft. She spent several days lying on a hard couch, so it is not surprising that she feels it all now. However, she also feels anxiety. How long she is sleeping? What if darkness has already come?

There are plenty of options for how to live your life. And we always have a choice. So why we do not choose and why we give in to the will of fate or course of life and just humble ourselves with everything that happens in our lives? Kara thought about it many times. But each time, life as if protesting and forbidding her to think about it, kicked Kara with renewed vigor. Over time, Kara did no longer reflect on her lives and become simply to survive. Survival instinct so developed in her, that it literally is merged with her, and now she does not present herself without constant thought about her own safety and unceasing sense of anxiety.

“You’re in safe,” Kyle says, as soon as Kara opens the eyes.

Seeing the worried look of Kara, which repeatedly Kyle saw, he immediately realizes that she feels. Although he wants to believe that he understands.

“What’s the time?” Kara asks.

The alarm in her eyes does not abate even after Kyle’s words, in which he tried to put all his serenity, which he is generally only capable of.

“Now eight in the evening, I turned on the lights throughout the house, ordered dinner and made sure that the light will not go out like the last time” again in a calm voice Kyle says.

Yes, life offers us the whole range of templates on the theme of “how to live this life.” But we are too stupid to make some choices and take responsibility for everything that happens in our lives. We agree to learn to humble ourselves, but do not agree to change something. Stupidity. Contemporary life is based on it.

Kara trusts Kyle. Of course, sometimes she feels that this is a mistake, but she still trusts Kyle. So now, when his speech is full of confidence and tranquility, Kara allows herself to relax.

Getting up from the bed, Kara looks at the calm Kyle. He goes to the door and now she will follow him. But for these few seconds when she climbs out of bed and looks at the back of Kyle who is going to the door coming coup takes place in Kara’s mind. It is still too early to say about the consequences of this coup, because a couple of seconds is not enough to comprehend what is happening. But very soon, Kara will have to face these consequences.

“I ordered Chinese food. I hope you do not mind,” Kyle says, offering Kara to sit down.

Chinese, Italian, French, or maybe even Russian food. For Kara all these categories are combined in one. Food. After all food is food and Kara has always been indifferent to it. Grab a muffin on the run and drink cold coffee, perhaps, that’s all that Kara was able to last three years. As a child, her parents fed her different foods, but then she did not attach any importance to this. And only now, when the time to stop, to look into the cookbook and cook for herself is something she does not have, Kara with the severity of the soul remembers the mother’s cooking, and the delighted father’s cry when he tried this concoction.

“I guess I do not mind,” Kara answers and sits down on the chair.

A man who is used to eat on the go can not remain indifferent to the taste of Chinese food. Therefore, feeling on the tongue the taste of tangy noodles, Kara now can not stop to eat.

Kyle enjoys watching how sitting in front of him subtle and always tense female, with undisguised delight is eating food out of the box. Disgusting comparison Kara with women with whom he usually met appears in Kyle’s mind. None of the women with whom Kyle is used to sleep, would not eat food out of the box. Firstly, it’s bad for the figure, and secondly, it’s not sexy. But Kara is not like them. She is different. Yeah! Kyle spent with her for almost a week, but she never looked at him as at a man. For Kyle and his high self-esteem it is a little strange. However, it is also strange that he did not seduce Kara and he did not drag her to bed, although a couple of times he was excited so much that it seemed a little bit more and he would explode like a balloon.

Realizing that in the paper box is empty Kara raises the eyes and looks at Kyle. His paper box with food is still full and from this a blush appears on the cheeks of Kara.

“I’m sorry, I just did not think it would be so good,” Kara says embarrassed and puts the empty box on the table.

Kyle does not immediately understand the meaning of Kara’s words, because his mind is still hover somewhere outside the space in which he and Kara are now. Therefore, having hesitated a long moment, he finally says:

“I’m glad you liked it.”

Kyle always believed that to talk with women is an empty case. In part, this conclusion appeared in Kyle’s head because he always had a hard time talking to individuals of the opposite sex. But, with Kara, he does not experience any difficulties. And this is another reason to think about.

“I did not have time to thank you,” Kara says, taking a deep breath.

The memories of what she did and her newly awakened sense of guilt, create small oceans in her eyes. But Kara is not going to give in to the impulse of his feelings and let the tears fall again at her with next portion of hysteria. Therefore, gaining a deep breath Kara clenches the fists and tries to fully take her feelings under control.

“You should not thank me. If it is not me, you would not have to go through all that you have experienced” seriously Kyle answers and his eyebrows go together in one line.

He frowns, and it means that talking about it Kyle does not like. But Kara needs so to tell him so much, and she just can not put it off. Kyle will always not want to come back to unpleasant memories of what had happened, and Kara too, so it makes no sense to postpone the conversation. In any case, the right time will never come.

“No. If you were not there … everything could end worse. I trust you …” Kara says, but she is interrupted by the noise coming from the other end of the house.

Kara’s heart freezes in fear. What is it?

Kyle sharply jumps up from the chair, thereby scaring Kara stronger.

“What is it?” whispering, Kara says with trembling lips.

She knows that she needs to be afraid of the dark. It always has been. Darkness – the main enemy from which she can not expect mercy. But now, even the light keeps inside a danger. And understanding this is terribly frustrating.

“Stay here and I’ll check” also whispering Kyle says but his voice unlike Kara’s voice is full of determination and confidence.

It even seems to Kara that Kyle is not scared. And it’s good. At least one of them can keep the mind.

Kyle throws appraising glance at Kara. She’s scared, he sees it. And despite his strange desire to take her in his arms and try to calm her Kyle decides that it is better to check everything and then to comfort Kara.

The corridor is empty. However, this is not a guarantee that the house is unoccupied, and the noise was simply the result of their rapid imagination. Therefore, approaching the front door, Kyle is preparing for the worst. In life, he perfectly learned the lesson on “How to get a winner, even if the enemy has all chances to win?”. You must always be prepared for the worst.

Very sharply opening the door, Kyle stumbles upon a dead bird, which is right on the doorstep. This, perhaps, is often seen in a horror movie. And Kyle would undoubtedly have laughed at this, say that stupid bird crashed against the door. But this is not a horror film, and Kyle does not funny. Looking around to make sure that the dead bird flew on the doorstep itself Kyle takes the bird for leg and throws is aside. Corpses never frightened Kyle, and certainly corpse of a bird is not able to frighten him. Therefore, happily accepting the fact that the bird was a source of noise, and they have nothing to fear, Kyle comes in and closes the door behind him. Now he can go to calm Kara.

For Kara time lasts too long. It seems that Kyle had gone too long ago, and in her head involuntarily horrible thoughts appear. Fear mercilessly blocks access to oxygen, and in Kara’s eyes again everything starts to blur. It happened to her when she was locked in the same space with the man who wanted to harm her. And despite the fact that now she can run or hide somewhere, Kara still is experiencing the same frustration that then.

Not wanting to shake with fear and remain in the inevitability, Kara decides to go for Kyle. It’s not easy, because full darkness is in her eyes. Therefore, grabbing by the shaky hands for surrounding her furniture Kara slowly is paving the way from the kitchen to the hallway. She is like the blind and frightened man. However, at the moment she is so.

“Kara?” being a little alarmed by strange behavior of Kara, or rather, by her eyes are misty and looking nowhere and strange movement of hands that are trying to grab the all-around, Kyle says.

Hearing his voice, Kara freezes. She is so eager to see the dark figure with shadows, she always saw, looking at Kyle and realize that he is okay and that she has nothing to fear. But the darkness in his eyes seems to become darker, against her will.

“Kyle? What was it? Why are you so long?” continuing to look into the darkness, Kara says and her voice breaks on the last word.

Fear has on people too much influence. And he is able to get to melt the ice on the heart, and make tears appear in the eyes, even if it is out of place.

Kyle takes a few steps toward Kara, closing the distance between them. What IS happening with her? The answer to this question Kyle would like to get immediately. But he does not have time to ask the question because Kara’s hands dig into the shirt on his chest, and she desperately clung to him. Kyle hears the fast beating of the heart in her chest, he even hears how she is breathing, and he wants to comfort her. But as soon as he feels her so close his body fills by strong and so passionate energy. And now, when fearless beast is alive in his pants it is difficult to say or think about his desire to comfort Kara.

“It’s okay, you do not have to worry” automatically Kyle answers and puts his hands on her shoulders.

But then, all his desire sharply disappears and concern comes into his consciousness. Still, Kyle is worried the question of what is happening to her.

“Kara, what’s going on?” he says excitedly and pulls away from Kara.

He needs to look her in the eyes. Kyle thinks it will help him to find out the answer to his question. But seeing the glazed look in the nowhere, instead of answers, Kyle finds new questions.

“What?” trying to pretend that she does not understand the question of Kyle, Kara says.

But a lie is not a strong point of Kara and she knows it. So decision to lie was stupid on her part.

“Kara?” with mild threat and frustration in the voice Kyle says, giving Kara to understand what her answer does not suit him.

Kara sighs resignedly. In her heart she really wants to share everything with Kyle. She trusts him and given the fact that all the life Kara concealed her vision of the world from all, she really like the idea that now, finally, she can to share her heavy burden with someone.

“I do not know how I can answer your question,” Kara says honestly and lowers the head.

Despite the fact that in the eyes of Kara there is still dark, she feels tension in the air. The human body is designed in a special way. Therefore, when we lose the ability to see, we begin to feel better. Therefore Kara always clearly felt that many could not see.

“I think you just need to tell me everything,” Kyle replies and taking Kara by the hand, helping her to get to the chair and sit down.

Kyle keeps a secret and he is well aware how sometimes it is difficult to open up to someone. In his life he never opened to anyone and the needs in this he did not feel. Moreover, Kyle always respected the secrets of others, but to accept the fact that Kara hides away something … it is impossible for him.

“Good. I will try to tell you, but promise me that you will not think that I am crazy or some strange special, from which it is necessary to stay away. If you really decide I’m crazy so just leave without saying anything to me. Okay?” Kara stops breathing waiting for an answer.

“Speak,” Kyle replies.

He feels strange. Partly Kyle thinks Kara … He thinks she is strange, unusual, and maybe a little crazy, but he would never leave her because of this. He just could not leave her, even if he wanted. Therefore words of Kara that if her story cause strange feelings in him he should just walk away, strangely hurt him. It causes him moral pain. And before Kyle did not know how to feel moral pain.

“When I was child, I always hit the corners of furniture or ran into a doorway. It was difficult to move from one room to another, because it usually resulted to bruises and tears. My parents took me to the doctors to find out what was happening to me, but no one doctor could help me,” Kara suddenly interrupts the story.

Darkness in the eyes gradually gives way and Kara returns to her usual perception of the world. But this is still not enough to understand what emotions Kyle is experiencing after all that she said. Maybe he is gone?

In response, a minute silence follows.

“Go on,” finally Kyle says relaxed, allowing Kara to exhale in relief.

He’s still here! For Kara it is a good sign.

“Over time, when I grew up, I began to understand that the world is not the way I see it. All forms are distorted and even people I see like black spots of strange forms.” Kara continues.

“And what about me? How you see me?” Kyle says, and kneels next to Kara who is sitting in the chair.

Now their faces are opposite each other, and despite the fact that Kara does not see the facial features of Kyle and his wrinkles on the forehead because he frowns, Kara still understands what he feels. Now Kyle is focused and serious.

“I see you like a black spot. A large, black spot” Kara thoughtfully answers, lightly touching his face by her hand.

She as if studies him, and this, in turn revives next attack of excitation in Kyle. It seems impossible. How one touch can cause such a bright range of emotions? But this is so and Kyle can not do anything with this.

“Kara …” he says warily her name, as if warning her that a little bit more, and he would lose control.

But Kara does not understand this suggestion. Partly this is because Kara had never been in a situation like this. All that it did all her life, she was constant running. She never looked back and never stopped. It was so until Kara met Kyle, so all that is happening now is quite new for her.

“Often I asked parents to describe to me what the world really is. I know that the grass is green, and despite the fact that I have no idea what green looks like, I think it is very beautiful. I also know that the sky is blue, and the color of oranges is orange. But there are many things that can not be described. They can only be seen. And sometimes, I so much want to get a chance to see them at least once.” wistfully Kara says and abruptly gets up from the chair.

She does this automatically. Just because tears appear in the eyes and she instinctively, tries to hide it.

“Kara” Kyle rises too, hanging over Kara like a mighty rock.

He takes her hand and puts it on his face. In this moment there is something of value and high and Kyle does not want to miss it. Kara opened to him, and this revelation covered him with its warmth. Nothing like it he has never experienced before. But now it is happening and he likes it.

“When I saw you lying in a pool, I was so angry. I do not like the clumsy ladies and certainly I do not behave like a gentleman,” Kyle grins, for a moment, indulging in the sweet memories of the past.

“But, you did not throw me on the road and by force drove me to the hospital. Only gentlemen behave so.” Kara answers protest.

“Yes. Everything inside me screamed that it was better to leave you alone, but some part of me did not want this. Kara, you’re the most mysterious woman in this world, and I want you to know this.” Kyle’s gaze falls on her lips and mind repeating something reasonable, calms down.

Feelings take remote control in their hands and then … then Kyle dives into something new.

“Kyle” quivering lips Kara says his name, feeling a strange tension in the air.

However, tension prevails not only in the air but also in her body. What is it?

Kara does not have the time to answer this question because lips of Kyle desperately cover her lips. The first kiss is always remembered. And now Kara understands why. It is difficult to forget the warmth of someone’s mouth which like a caring mother takes your soul in the hands and gently sways. Kara feels as if they are immersing in some other world where there are no obstacles, abysses and dangers. In the world, where everything is equal and one.

The kiss brings something new for Kyle. Kyle always thought kisses are stupid, and he did not like to kiss someone. But to feel the softness and moisture Kara’s lips to hear her heart beating fast and how hard she is breathing, all that can not be compared with any of the orgasm in his life and certainly it is pointless to believe that he will now be able to stop.

Chapter 16.

The fact that someone’s touch can be so pleasant, Kara had no idea. Also Kara had never thought about the fact that it is possible to lose the head from someone’s touch. But in life everything is difficult to predict. We have to learn things gradually. So now, knowing one of the few enjoyable aspects of life, Kara for the first time allows her emotions and feelings to take up.

Kyle studies Kara’s body with his powerful and greedy hands. How they managed to get to the bedroom? On this question Kara or Kyle can not answer. Maybe the passion brought them on its wings?!

“Kyle” Kara takes a lot of air into the lungs, and a little removes from the hot body of Kyle.

She needs a few moments to recover and understand what is happening. But Kyle does not give this time to her.

“Do not ask me to stop because I can not,” Kyle says with voice full of despair and then covers her mouth again.

The passion is unbridled beast and to tame it or control is completely impossible. However, in the heart Kara does not want to control it. For the first time, when she closes her eyes and plunges into the darkness, her soul is filling with warm she finally does not feel nasty fear. And she has not desire to resist.

Lowering Kara on the bed and covering her face with hot kisses, Kyle struggles with a passionate desire to pounce on her and take hold of her. Previously, he would have done so, and would not oppose his wishes. But he does not want to rush with Kara. He wants that moment lasted as long as it is possible.

Distinct vibrations that cover the body of Kara every time when Kyle touches her, introduce her consciousness into a special trance. She is not scared anymore, she feels good. In Kara’s mind immediately the thought appears that for the sake of such moments can safely survive the agonizing ten years in agony. What is ten years of suffering compared with the minutes of pleasure that she feels now? It’s nothing. So allowing herself to immerse in the bliss, Kara presses against Kyle and passionately bites into his mouth. Boldly? Desperate? Yes.

Clothing falls to the floor, staying in the shade all the happiness that fills the air in the bedroom. Two naked bodies, their interweaving, their heat and fierce desire to connect, it pushes the world over the edge and fills all around with an electric voltage. Importantly, do not forget to breathe. And it’s not easy when instead of air you want only touches.

“You are so beautiful, my God, you’re so beautiful,” eagerly studying naked Kara’s body, Kyle whispers.

The female’s body has never made him so excited. Like a lotus flower, delicate and velvety, with wonderful intoxicating fragrance that magically attracts Kyle Kara’s body opens to meet him. Wonderful future is hidden in this. An hour ago, Kyle could not even dream of such a moment of quivering and now, in his arms there is the most desired girl and she is ready to surrender to him. What else can be asked for in such moment?

When Kyle’s hands lie on her stomach and slip between her thighs, Kara shudders. Not from fear, but from pleasure. Languishing in waiting for an answer to the question of what will happen next, Kara closes the eyes and arches her back to met Kyle. Now it is exactly not the way back.

Bumping into obstacles, Kyle always showed stubbornness and rigidity. But this time feeling the barrier, he freezes. Thoughts, emotions and feelings momentarily freeze too. It’s true?

“Kyle” whisper of Kara leads Kyle to feelings.

Should he stop? If only Kyle could. But even all the composure of the world is not able to keep his impulse and an irresistible desire, which is fully concentrated at the bottom of his stomach. Yes, Kyle can not even think about to stop.

For Kara at this time everything is different. Yes, of course, she also does not want to stop, and probably could not. But at that moment when she feels something hard erupts in her the world of Kara turns to the head. Is it necessary to start talking about love or even just to think about it … No, Kara is simply not ready for it. But, like everything else in her life, love is not going to ask her permission. It just opens the door to her heart and is now going to live there. Irrevocably and definitively.

About the small island of pleasure, can be composed a legend, can be written many books and just a lot of talk. But to go there is much nicer. Therefore, the first time being on this island, Kara feels adult, desirable woman. She had never felt so. Her whole life was reduced to only one sense – she is the person who has to run all the time. Where – no matter. The main thing – to run.

Kara instantly falls asleep on the chest of Kyle. And Kyle tries to think about something very important. But this important is not yet formulated in his mind, and, therefore, it is useless to think about it.

If you think that you are educated by parents, teachers or friends, you are deeply mistaken. But it is the life educates us and life consists from many minutes and hours. Therefore, in a certain period of the life, looking back, you often think that you did not live quite right. Kyle is not an exception. Now, after the most memorable nights of his life, Kyle looks back … and he only regrets that he did not spend the allotted time to become worthy of the girl lying next to him. He just never thought of becoming for someone worthy. He did not care. But Kara had come into his life and everything began to change. But changes to which you are not ready is the path to depression.

Day light, which covers already lit room, makes Kara to return from the dream world to the real world. Finding herself completely naked, sleeping next to Kyle, who tenderly embraces her waist, frantically Kara remembers everything that happened during the night. Shame? No, the shame is not the cause of blush on her cheeks. The blush on her cheeks appears because of heat that Kara is experiencing, remembering all that happened. But apart from the heat in the soul, Kara feels something else. But what?

About the revolution that happened last night in Kara now it is time to start talking. Until now, Kara did not think that she really changed the life of Kyle. Because of her he is in danger now. Such reasoning does not come easily to her, because knowing that her presence in his life – a danger for him, she has to decide on a very important step. Of course she yet is not ready on it. Yeah, probably, she will never be ready. Especially, after what happened between her and Kyle.

Kara carefully trying not to wake Kyle, gets out of bed and wrapping in a sheet goes in the bath. At the heart becomes nasty, especially when she comes to the mirror. Own reflection Kara also had never seen. She saw only a terrible manifestation of her reality, which were shapeless and cloying. She always hated it, but now it is much stronger than hatred.

To make decisions is not always easy. Especially it is not easy when you’re trying to find the right decisions. But the right decisions are not. There are only the consequences of the decisions, which we has taken and we have to deal with it. Therefore, pulling on the jeans and trying to drown out the inner doubts, Kara looks at Kyle last time. He is the best that happened to her in the life. But everything tends to end, and Kara is mentally preparing for this end.

Chapter 17.

Opening the eyes, Kyle almost immediately feels that something is wrong. This feeling is so deep that can be easily missed. But Kyle has spent more than half of his life listening to the depths of his soul, so the slightest whisper which is coming from the depths of him, he immediately hears.

Empty bed. This should not surprise Kyle, because he always slept alone, and after a stormy night with some beauty, preferred her to leave before he wakes up. Everyone did so and, Kara has done it too.

“Kara?” quickly jumping out of bed, Kyle checks bath.

She is not. Kyle has a premonition that Kara is not in the house. He just does not feel her presence. She’s gone. And in some way it is solution to his problems, because now he can return to his former life. But why he feels so lousy?

Still hoping that Kara is somewhere in the house, Kyle quickly inspect all the rooms. He knows that she is not in the house, but he also can not stop looking for her. What is it?

Often in life we require certain things. Kyle has always demanded the freedom, independence, and that everyone were afraid of him. He never wanted to universal love or worship. He was quite satisfied with the fact that everyone is afraid of him or hated. But then, life gave him something more valuable, something unusual, something of which he always escaped. Kara. And Kyle opposed to this, challenged fate, considering every time that it would be nice to return back to his former life. And now, his old life is back, Kara is gone. But there is one problem. He does not need former life he needs Kara.

Sitting down on the edge of the empty bed, which still smells by Kara, Kyle is at a crossroads. He wants to rush for Kara, find her and return. But the question what to do next stops him. Because Kyle has no answer to this question. What do people do when they find the same man? Getting married? Or maybe have children? In any case, Kyle just can not get her back, because he believes that he is not worthy of her. He’s a cold-blooded killer, a loving and caring only of himself. But he can continue taking care of Kara, only in secret.

Kara is slowly walking on a long time known to her road that leads to her house. Returning home, earlier it meant that for some time, she could relax and take a breath. The house was a place where she could feel good. But now, approaching it she does not feel anything except the nagging pain in the chest.

“Kara?” Agnete looks out the window and with loud lamentations rushes toward Kara.

Kara manages only to raise the eyes, and immediately finds herself in the arms of the sister. She is pleased to see Agnete, but she would prefer a peace and quiet. But Agnete is just not able to keep quiet. Absolutely.

“Where have you been? All is well? I thought I will no longer see you,” an excited voice Agnete says and holds Kara even stronger.

“Everything is okay” Kara replies, spending the last air.

The decision to return home was not easy. As Kyle’s decision to leave her forever. Kara never dreamed of love, and she never dreamed of a prince. But, having become acquainted with Kyle, she allegedly received the most precious gift in the life, of which she was afraid to even ask, therefore, that it seemed to her that it was impossible to get it. But, she had to give up this gift. Not for herself, but for him. For Kyle. Being close to him, it means to keep him in danger. Kara knows that she is doomed to a constant running, and she just can not condemn Kyle on it.

“When you were gone, I was visited by… I think his name is Kyle. He said he is your friend, and he was very nice. Very nice …” Agnete removes from Kara and looks straight into her eyes.

On the face of Kara anything is not written and in the eyes there is emptiness, and no emotions are on the face. She feels pain but apparently this is not seen.

“I need to be alone. I’m tired,” Kara does not allow Agnete to finish the sentence and without waiting for the answer, quickly goes to the home.

Yes, she just needs a little time to be alone, and then, she will find the strength to move on. At least Kara wants to believe it.

The clock is going too slow. It seems as if time has passed to another mode and now the day has more hours. Fatigue and inner weakness do not leave Kara. She is still sad and lonely and worried did she he right thing?

Fending off all thoughts aside, Kara abruptly gets up and leaves the room. Conversation with Agnete is not a bad idea. At least, to continue to sit in the room alone with the thoughts is a lot worse than to sit with the sister and drink tea.

“I missed you,” stopping in the doorway of the kitchen, Kara says.

Agnete flinches in surprise and turns abruptly.

“Me, too,” she breathes.

Kara smiles.

“Then I suggest to drink a cup of tea and talk” Kara says and takes two cups.

Agnete nods. Agnete never refuse to talk. She is a major fan of long and frank conversation. There are not doubts. And earlier, Kara tried to avoid any conversation with the sister, but now … now it’s different.

“Where have you been?” Agnete sits down on the chair and taking a sip of hot tea, begins the conversation.

Kara sighs. She did not expect that the conversation involves questions. Although she should guess. After all she knows Agnete for ages.

“I was trying to change the life and thought that this would be possible if I’m gone. And I was right. That’s just I’m not ready for these changes” mysteriously Kara says, running by her finger along the edge of the cup.

Thoughts return to Kyle. The hope that it will eventually end and reminiscences about him will fade with time, no longer seems feasible. How can she forget the warmth of his mouth, hands, and the sweetness of his kisses? From even thinking about it, Kara’s body is filled with invisible vibrations. But she needs to learn to live with it for the sake of him. And she is ready to try hard, because this is how she rescues him. And this is quite a powerful argument to clench the teeth tightly and try to survive the fact that she will not see him anymore.

“You’re talking in riddles. Is it connected with Kyle?” narrowing eyes, Agnete again asks.

“Probably, yeah. I just…”

“Fallen in love” Agtete interrupts her.

“Maybe. But to be with me is dangerous for him. I’ve already brought him a lot of trouble. Therefore, I decided to leave. I think I did the right thing,” Kara sighs heavily.

Many people say that you should try to talk more about things that are bothering you. They say that if you talk about it, talk about your feelings, it becomes easier. But Kara does not feel relief. On the contrary, speaking about Kyle, she begins to miss him, and especially miss what happened last night. And even it sounds vulgar Kara feels an irresistible desire to repeat last night still at least a million times.

“Why you say that? Maybe he is your destiny, and you reject it,” Agnete comes to the highest degree of protest.

In addition that Agnete is a terrific psychologist she also is inveterate romantic. Unlike Kara, Agnete had the opportunity to read hundreds of romance novels, and it only strengthened her innate romanticism.

“My fate is constantly to run somewhere, to hide, and just try to survive. Many times in my life I was in danger, and I do not want that Kyle suffered,” in Kara’s voice notes of threat appears.

Agnete never tried to understand her. Maybe she just could not? But in any case, now Kara does not like that Agnete doubts accepted her decision. After all, to get away from Kyle was not easy. Kara still hurts to know that she will never see him again. Therefore, the words of Agnete hurt Kara.

“What are you talking about?” Agnete blankly stares at Kara.

“I’m talking about the darkness. It haunts me. You can not understand me, because you always look for some psychological cipher in my words. But there is not cipher. Do you understand? I have no idea what’s wrong with me. I just know that I can not read, watch TV. I’ve never even seen how the sky, the sun and grass look like. I do not even know how you look. All I know is that the dark spots shapeless are people, and that the darkness is able to kill me. If you do not believe me, then see” Kara sharply jumps up from the chair and lifts her blouse.

Healed scars on her back still look scary. At least for Agnete because she never saw anything like this.

“Kara …” Agnete gently rises and touches the scar of Kara, as if not believing that it is real.

But every scar on the body of Kara is real.

“Do you believe me now?” Kara says with a challenge and turns to Agnete.

Kara does not see her expression, but she is well aware what Agnete is experiencing now. She’s scared and a little confused. This is normal. Maybe. At least finally, Kara fully opened the soul to the sister.

Previously to open to someone to tell it like it is, it seemed impossible to Kare. But Kyle taught her to trust. Is it good or bad, only time can tell. But sharing with the sister, Kara became easier, partly. After all now Kara feels not lonely. And it is really a pleasant feeling.

“Yes. But how is this possible?” Agnete falls on the chair, trying to learn just received information.

It is not simple. After all, when you cognize something beyond the scope of your usual world, life irrevocably changes. Agnete always clearly was convinced that she knows everything about life and especially about the psychological component of the life. But now, she is not sure of anything.

“I can not answer this question. And I can not answer any other questions about it. I do not know anything. All I know is that my life is not like the life of normal people. And every morning I decide to fight or not. While my answer always was the loud “fight”. But with each passing day I feel that I have less forces” Kara inhales to stem the flow of tears which is bursting out.

Last time, she too often cried. Kara is follower of force and tears are impermissible luxury for her. From tears it only becomes more difficult and more painful. It makes no sense in the tears.

“You’re strong and have enough strength to fight. God, in your place, I would have gone crazy,” a little recovered from the light shock, Agnete says the inspiring speeches which she usually tells everyone.

Yes, that certainly can not be taken away from Agnete, it’s her great soul and an uncontrollable desire to make the world better. That is why Agnete almost always says only that can inspire people, instill a faith at best.

“Thank you that you believe me. All the years I was all alone, and it seemed to me the only way out. But it turns out I was wrong,” Kara’s voice breaks on the last word, but at the last minute Kara takes herself in hand and does not allow herself to show weakness.

Now she needs to get ready to start a new life. Now she does not need to run the streets at night, panting and almost dying from fear, she does not need to hide everything in herself, and she does not need to be alone. Yes, it is definitely new life for Kara. But she needs Kyle that to be fully happy. That’s just even to think about him Kara does not allow herself.

“I want to walk. Is it needed to buy something?” Kara asks, looking at thoughtful Agnete.

Walk should distract Kara from the sad thoughts. At least not for a long time.

“No.” all the same wistful voice Agnete answers, without even looking at the Kara.

She is in a strange for her state, and it is quite logical. Therefore Kara decides not to ask any questions and just silently leave.

Chapter 18.

Approaching Kara’s house, Kyle feels on the very edge. Some feelings have not description, and now Kyle is experiencing such feeling. He is angry, but at the same time happy, because now he will see her even from afar. Such conflicting emotions he never experienced before. While more correctly to say, he did not experience it until Kara appeared in his life.

Pushing all feelings aside, and forcing himself to be the same Kyle – cold and calculating, Kyle leans back in his seat and began to wait. He is waiting for Kara. Or rather, he looks after her, because he promised to protect her.

In the pocket of his pants suddenly a buzzing is heard. This is a phone. Inessa. What the hell does she want?

“Hi Kyle. I thought you’d call. How are you?” a woman’s voice is heard on the other end of the line.

Before Kyle liked to hear corny female voice, which was full of pleading and full submission. But now … now he is sick of it.

“Hi, Inessa” with displeasure and not hiding disgust Kyle says.

Now he does not feel joy at the thought that he needs to talk with the beauty woman who had the audacity to call him. Nobody calls Kyle. And how she found out his number phone?

“I see you’re not in the mood, but it’s easy to fix” more playful voice Inessa says and then silence follows.

Kyle frantically puts all in his head. When he became a faithful dog? But that is what happened to him, after Kara broke into his life. A wave of anger covers him. When, well, when he changed so much?

“I’ll call you later,” Kyle answers and hangs up without waiting for an answer.

Call of Inessa brought him to a series of strange thoughts. More specifically, a number of correct ideas. What’s with him? For the first time the woman left him immediately after the most magical night, and he is like an invertebrate animal, now stands near her house, and for what? He wants to take care of her! It’s just incredible. Nervously running a hand through the hair, Kyle sighs heavily. What the hell is wrong with him? Without thinking, Kyle gains Inessa’s number. He must become the same and this is his chance to step on the past way.

The available girls have a lot of drawbacks. The first disadvantage is that the man loses his innate strength of a hunter and becomes lazy deer. But when a man has a front on which he has to fight, hunt for women no longer gives him joy and benefit. So it was with Kyle. He’s an assassin and in this profession it is certainly impossible to lose a congenital instinct of the hunter. For Kyle women had another sport adventure which even did not make him joy. But then, one fateful night when he was going to regular bed reception, life pushed him to the mystery – Kara, and his life changed dramatically. That’s just for such change Kyle was ready.

Kyle easily reached the house of Inessa and almost did not regret about his decision to go to her. Kara went and gave him to understand that she does not need him. On the one hand Kyle was glad it, but on the other hand something bitter was in this.

Pausing for a few seconds near the door, Kyle takes a deep breath. It helps not to think and relax a little. Although why he is so tense? He did this hundreds of times. But now he is tense.

Pulling the costume of daredevil and relaxing man in one person, Kyle rings the doorbell.

“Hey Kyle,” the door opens and the tall blond with red lipstick and lace underwear stands in front him.

Yes, she was waiting for him. Not wanting to distract and even talk, Kyle takes a step, shoving Inessa in the house. Then he locks the door, he always did so, and quickly takes off his shirt. He knows why he is here and he is not going to waste time.

Touching bare skin of Inessa Kyle feels as if he is touching the cold iron. He does not feel anything, and in particular he has no desire. Nervously cursing under his breath Kyle dramatically pushes Inessa away.

“Why did you call me?” unexpectedly Kyle asks.

He did not think about it, but apparently he did not want to know that he thought about it. He just wanted to pretend that after Kara left him, he could easily go back to the past life, but it is not so.

“What?” Inessa stares at him.

In her view, Kyle picks guilt. She’s hiding something, and he needs to find out what it is.

“Why did you call me?” Kyle asks patiently again.

He had a premonition of trouble, but he does not quite understand the meaning of this disaster. Kyle did not quite understand what is going on.

“I just missed” Inessa playfully puts the hands on Kyle’s bare chest and says trying to get away from the conversation.

This means that Kyle asked the right question. Inessa called him for a reason.

“Answer me” pushing her, demanding Kyle says an increases tone of the voice.

But suddenly, in the room the phone rings. Inessa quickly comes to the bedside table and picks up the phone.

“I …” Inessa abruptly falls silent, staring at Kyle.

Apparently this call is one of the reasons why she called Kyle. And Kyle understands it. So without thinking, he flies up to her and grabs the phone out of her hands. Then she puts the phone to his ear and hears a man’s voice.

“Your task is to keep him in your house as long as possible,” the man’s voice says.

These words are not enough that at last something can be understood. Inessa thought so, but for Kyle it is quite enough to realize what he made a mistake. He left Kara undefended, and now she’s in danger. Embittered throwing the phone against the wall and watching as it is broking into pieces Kyle slowly sinks into the abyss of rage. Controlling – his Achilles heel. Why? Because he can not control himself. He has spent a lifetime to learn it, and it seemed to him that he had learned. But how it turns out now this is not so.

“Why did you call me?” slowly turning to Inessa standing a few feet from him, Kyle again repeats the question which he has not yet received a response.

Whether he needs the answer? No. For him everything is clear. But he needs more details. And he is going to get them at all costs.

“I do not understand …” Inessa continues to represent a misunderstanding.

But she did not consider one. Kyle does not care, he always gets the answers and now is no exception.

“Listen to me, Inessa. I wring your neck if something happens to Kara, so do not pull the time. I’m waiting for the answer,” Kyle says through clinched teeth, slowly approaching her.

Inessa, of course, has no idea who Kara is, but it is enough for her that Kyle threatens her. His voice is full of confirming notes, so she almost has no doubt that Kyle will fulfill his threat if she does not tell the answer him.

“I do not know anything. A man called me and offered a large sum, if I call you and entertain you as long as it is possible. I did not know …” Inessa intercepts breath as soon as she sees the flaming lightning in the eyes of Kyle.

No one has ever been so angry at her. So to see this anger for her it is terribly.

“If something happens to Kara, I will be so angry, and this anger I will brought down to you.” casually spitting out each word, Kyle says and flies out of the house, not even bothering to put the shirt on.

On the street there is a small rain, and falling on the sweaty skin of Kyle, the rain dies in the fiery throes. Drizzle will never win a rage.

The first thing that Kara is experiencing, feeling as drops of the rain one after another fall on her face, it is a joy. She has never seen the rain, but she felt it many times. And oddly enough, Kara managed to fall in love with it. Reflections about the rain cause her to reflect about Kyle. She has also never seen him but she felt him many times when he touched her when they made love, when he kissed her, when he was just there. And she fell in love with him. She loved him irrevocably and forever. Throwing back her head, Kara puts the face under the rapid drop of the rain and closes the eyes. Remembering about Kyle she feels hurt, but without these memories Kara feels like she is slowly dying. Memories are needed her, and if payment for them – the pain, then she is ready to pay.

Slowly walking down the street, Kara does not think about the route. She just goes and enjoys everything that is happening to her. Around her there are flashing black spots – it’s the people. They are in a hurry, trying to escape from the rain, hide in a safe place, or just go back home to their family. This is a manifestation of the life in which there is no place Kare. And it might upset her, but what’s the point to be upset over the fact that you can not change?

Approaching Kara’s house, Kyle sees a black car standing nearby. No need to be particularly smart to understand what is happening. They came for Kara. Frantically thinking about a plan of action, Kyle sees like a man in a black suit comes out the house. Kara is not with him and that’s a good sign. Maybe Kara’s not home? But then where is she? To find the answer to this question is meaningless, but Kyle knows who can answer the question. Agnete. After waiting for a black car leaves, Kyle quickly out of the car and heads for the door of the house. Agnete was kind to him last time. So he is sure that she will give him the answers to all his questions.

“Kyle?” Agnete opens the door and stares at him.

Yes, she definitely did not expect to see him. This is not surprising. After all Kyle is only the second time.

“Where is Kara?” without hesitation, Kyle comes into the house.

To stand on the doorstep is too dangerous. People in the black car can return, so it is best to remain undetected.

“She’s not at home,” Agnete answers, looking at him suspiciously.

In her voice he hears mistrust. Why? Kyle was sure that Agnete is delighted with him and he also was sure that she will not be wary of his questions about Kara. After all, the last time she easily told him about Kara’s whereabouts.

“I already knew. Why a man in a black suit came?” pretending that Kyle does not notice suspicious attitude of Agnete, he asks.

Agnete takes a deep breath and then frowns. It is difficult to understand whether it is necessary to speak frankly with Kyle. After talking with Kara, all mixed up in her head and now it hard to think clearly.

“You can trust me. They are looking for Kara and I need to find her before,” Kyle says again, as if pushing her to talk.

“Good. She went for a walk. I think she’s in the park.” Agnete exhales.

Kyle nods and quickly turning on the heels of his shoes, goes to the door.

“Why are you shirtless?” unexpectedly Agnete asks.

Most likely, it was necessary to ask this question before, but Kyle was too focused on getting answers to his questions. And as Agnete was not sure that she could trust him, she missed the fact that Kyle is almost naked. After all, few guys walk in trousers and bare-chested in the pouring rain.

“If Kara comes, be sure to call me” without answering the question of Agnete, Kyle says and flies out of the house like a bullet.

Kyle obviously does not apply to people who are accustomed to rely on God or chance. He is used to rely only on himself. It’s safe. But departing from Kara’s house, Kyle the first time in his life feels an acute need for faith. He just needs the belief that man in the heaven will not allow Kara to suffer.

Opening the door, Kara quietly enters the house.

“You’re all wet. Where have you been?” Agnete swoops on her almost at the same moment when Kara closes the door behind.

For Kara it is not always easy to transfer сare of Agnete. But now, after a beautiful walk, Kara feels on top of mind.

“I’m wet because there is the rain outside. As for the question, where I was, I told that I was going for a walk,” Kara replies calmly and puts house keys on a small table near the mirror.

“I’m sorry, I was just waiting for you, and you still did not come, and I thought …” Agnete abruptly stops.

Shivers run on Kara’s skin. She hears a fear in the voice of Agnete and she also becomes scared. Involuntarily.

“What happened?” Kara harbors breath.

It’s hard to breathe, waiting for the answer to one of the most chilling blood questions.

“A strange man came. He was looking for you. I told that you are in the library and will come back not soon. And after him Kyle immediately came. He, too, was looking for you, and he said, if you come home, I should call him.” Agnete answers.

“Why he was looking for me?”

“He said that he needs to find you sooner than men in a black suit. What’s going on?”

There is one drawback in speaking the truth. The same negative is when you’re lying. Truth requires more truth and falsehood requires more lies. So now, standing in front of the sister, Kara is trying to make the decision to continue to tell her the truth or lie. Lies perhaps could save Agnete from experience, but on the other hand, it is batter to know the truth. After all, knowing the truth you will never find yourself in a difficult situation.

“I’ll tell you, but first I want to take off wet clothes,” Kara says finally deciding to tell the truth Agnete.

“Well, I’ll make some tea for us,” Agnete nods.

To find a true friend, you need to go through loneliness. As you have known the loneliness, you start to appreciate a man who suddenly appears and becomes for you a small island of light in the endless lonely universe in which you lived for so long. Therefore, thinking about whether to speak frankly with Agnete, Kara could not take another decision. Of course, Agnete deserves the truth, because, in spite of everything, she was always near with Kara. She was always the small island of the light. But pulling off the wet clothes, Kara suddenly thinks about the price of the truth. She told all to Kyle and he was beside her. For Kara it should be a happy moment. But soon it became a huge challenge. Why? Because knowing the truth, he decided to protect her but it could be dangerous for him. Kara just could not let him suffer. She would simply have not survived if something happened with him. But telling all truth to Agnete, will she have to leave her too? The issue grabs poisonous claws into the soul of Kara, causing her to sink into doubt. Maybe she should not tell the truth?

“I promised to call Kyle, but if you are against …” hearing Kara’s steps Agnete sharp turns and says.

Kara takes a deep breath. Maybe she is against?! But what’s the difference? Agnete in fact made a promise, and promises should be contained.

“I’m not against. But I do not want to see him again. It’s hard. I just want him to stay away and he was safe.” Kara responds with a shrug.

Agnete nods knowingly and takes the phone. Of course, she does not quite understand Kara. Although it is difficult to understand Kara. But having heard the words of Kara she still managed to understand the main thing. No Kyle. That is enough to plan a conversation not to put Kara in an awkward position.

Taking a sip of hot tea, Kara directs look out the window. All she sees it is darkness with strange ripple. Ripple is the rain. She also hears a knock on the roofs and windows and the sound of the rain crashing on puddles. It calms. Although, to be calm this state is very precarious and unstable.

“Well, I will tell her,” Kara hears the voice of Agnete and automatically directs the gaze at her sister.

“What?” Kara asks.

Now she a little regrets that she did not listen to the conversation Agnete and Kyle. Maybe then she could understand anything. But in any case, it is impossible to return the time back and so she only can hope that Agnete now will explain everything to her.

“He said that he is going to keep his promise to protect you” Agnete says and these words make Kara’s heart to beat faster.

She remembers Kyle’s promise to protect her, but she did not expect that he will restrain his promise after she silently left him. It’s just hard to believe and difficult to understand how to relate to it. Be happy or start to worry?

“That’s just it is because of this promise I went” with annoyance in the voice Kara says, renounce looking at the far point.

It is hard for her to accept that her sacrifice is in vain. After all, if Kyle is going to continue to protect her he is still in danger.

“Maybe you should leave him?” Agnete says, waiting with trepidation the reaction of Kara to these words.

Agnete knows how this topic is painful for Kara, but she could not remain silent. Just because it is difficult to stand aside and watch her sister suffers.

“Let’s talk about that part of my life that I did not tell you,” Kara quickly changes the subject.

Agnete nods. Maybe it is really better to talk about something else?

“On the day when I met with Kyle, strange people came for me. They said something about a secret organization. At the time, they failed to pick me up. Kyle stopped them. But one day, when I and Kyle were escaping from them, I was in the dark, and that haunts me attacked me. I do not remember what happened next. I only remember that I woke up in a strange room. At first I thought it was a hospital, but it turned out that this was a laboratory. Kyle let them bring me there to save my life. But that’s just they saved my life to investigate me.” Kara abruptly stops.

She tries to understand what Agnete is experiencing now hearing this crazy story, more like a horror movie script. But in response, she hears only silence.

“But why did they want you to investigate?” finally Agnete says.

Agnete’s voice is full of calmness and it gives forces to Kara. So she can continue her story.

“I never got sick in my life and, on top of that I can not see the world the way it is. I think they think I’m an alien,” grinning, Kara answers.

Of course, there is nothing funny in the story of Kara. It’s terrible to be a laboratory rat, on which all hunts. But talking about it seriously … it’s just bad for mental health.

“But how did they know? I mean, I only learned about this today, and in fact we’ve known each other all our lives,” Agnete says thoughtfully.

“My parents thought I was something sick and took me to the doctors. This was the fuel for the medical interest.”

At this time, Kara does not feel relief after a frank conversation. Maybe because now she must decide what she should do next? Stay and put Kyle and Agnete in danger or leave? Apparently, the choice is obvious.

“And what will you do?” Agnete asks.

Kara sighs. Yes, she needed this question.

“I’m going to leave” with confidence Kara says and stands up abruptly from the chair.

Agnete like a mirror image repeats the action of Kara and too sharply stands up.

“But where?” Agnete is not thrilled with the idea of Kara.

However, it is because she is not aware of the complexity of the situation. Kara realizes it precisely so that’s why she is determined to leave. Where? This is the right question. But the answer is not very important. More precisely, the answer to this question should be secret.

“I don’t know. I will decide on the way. I’ll call you. But it is better if neither you nor Kyle will be aware of the place of my location. Then you’ll be safe,” Kara says quietly and lightly touches Agnete’s shoulder, as if saying by this gesture, all is well, you have nothing to worry about.

But Agnete has different opinion on this subject. And it is exactly the opposite opinion of Kara. How Kara can require Agnete to be calm, after all that she said Agnete?

“But you will not be safe. What if they find you? You will all alone and nobody will able help you,” Agnete exclaims accusingly Agnete.

Yes, Kara will be entirely without help and it would frighten her, if it is not for one thing. She lived most of her life, relying on herself. And as we can see, she's still alive. So it is quite likely she will be able to survive now. Alone. And if not?? This option Kara also pondered and came to a shocking inference that it is not the worst thing that can happen.

“Look, I am quite confused. I do not know who I am, what’s wrong with me, and can I even expect that someday my life would be normal. Hell, I do not even know my biological parents. In general, I’m just trying to do the right thing. You and Kyle all that I have in my life and I can not allow that something happened with both of you” swallowing emotional lump that formed in her throat, Kara says.

“You were adopted?” shocked Agnete asks.

It seems she does not know Kara at all. In general, at least does someone know Kara?

“I’m sorry, apparently, I did not tell you. And what’s the difference? Now it is irrelevant. Tomorrow morning I’ll leave, and I just want you accepted it” with these words, Kara leaves the kitchen, heading to the room.

The decision was made therefore it is useless to continue the conversation.

Lying in bed, Kara listens to the silence. It seems that no one is in the dark. But this is a deception. The only place where she is in safe, it is the room that is illuminated by a bright light. That night, she can only be here.

Chapter 19.

Kyle gets on the comfortable seat of the car and looking at a burning light in the window at home, inadvertently dips into memories about Kara. For people who believe in fate, perhaps it is easier to understand everything that happened is foretold. But Kyle is not a man who believes in fate. He does no not believe in anything. That’s just Kara showed him a different world. And not understanding this world, and even without realizing it, he terribly wants to be part of this world. Become a part of the world of Kara.

Sex! This is an integral part of Kyle’s life. More precisely, it was so until … Kyle sighs deeply. It just can not be that one person changed your whole life, changed you. But what then is happening now with Kyle?

Nervously running the hand through the still damp hair, Kyle closes the eyes, trying to stop the flow of his thoughts. He must concentrate on the essentials, namely, Kara’s security. What for? Simply otherwise he can not. He can not simply exist knowing that at any moment something bad can happen with Kara. Just can not.

Suddenly, the light of a car which is passing by forces Kyle nervously to jump. It’s almost two in the morning and the fact that now there is the car can not be pure coincidence. Casting a glance at the glass rear vision, Kyle notices that the car stops almost outside the house of Kara and it means …

Further thoughts die under a veil of fear and confusion. Without hesitation, Kyle gently gets out of the car and goes to the window where the light is on. He is confident that there is Kara. She is there where the light is. He needs to warn Kara, and figure out a way to get her to a safe place, avoiding the darkness. But how is this possible, when everything is under the cover of night?

Kara flinches hearing a knocking. Then, the knock is repeated again and again. Carefully she gets out of bed and goes to the window. Yes, a knock comes from here. As if someone throws small stones at her window.

“Kara” someone’s muffled voice is heard.

Kara opens the window cautiously, trying not to come close to the darkness.

“Kyle?” puzzled she is looking at the black spot, which is directly under her window.

This is Kyle, Kara is sure. Even despite the fact that all ordinary people look like black spots, Kara can easily distinguish the relatives from the other. How? It is difficult to answer. It’s just instinct, that’s all.

“I know you did not want to see me, but they are here. We must get out of here,” Kyle whispers.

He tries to speak as quietly as can to be unnoticed. But fate has a surprise for him. And the surprise is presented to him with a loud shot.

Kara’s heart stops. Shot. Yes, it’s shot. Only weapons may make such a terrible and profound knock, which covers all of you from head to toe. But to hear the sound is not the worst thing. The worst thing is when you realize that the sound is a kind of message to you or those you care about.

“Kyle” Kara lowers her eyes down to where only a moment ago, Kyle was and sees his body is lying.

Life stops. All important and all that she cared about before disappear under the cloak of fear. Fear for the person’s life that you care about. The next moment, Kara already is racing through the dark hallway and jumps out the house.

“Kyle,” she desperately yells and rushes barefoot through the puddles to him.

Kara’s reality is different from the reality that everyone else sees. Yes, she does not see the gushing blood from the chest of Kyle and his bleary eyes – the messengers of death. But even in Kara’s reality the death looks terrible. Just because instead of just seeing it, Kara feels it.

“Forgive me,” weakened Kyle’s whisper bursts into consciousness of Kara.

“No, no, no. Do not dare. Do not you dare to say goodbye to me,” tearfully Kara tells him, and feeling the wound, quickly clamps it by her hand.

She does this instinctively. Her mind now simply does not work and all that she has it is her instinct.

“Go away, it is dark here,” Kara again hears the voice of Kyle.

Yes, the darkness now surrounds them and, most importantly, Kara hears growling in the darkness. But she does not care. For the first time, she is not frightened by the darkness. Now she is frightened only by the fact that she can lose Kyle.

“What happened? Oh my God …”Agnete pops up on the street, but after seeing Kara who is bent over lying on the ground Kyle, she immediately understands everything.

“Call a doctor” Kara helplessly cries.

Kyle makes a groan. Until this moment, Kyle did not feel pain. After the shot, he felt his whole body was numb, but now every cell of his body feels the pain. Collecting all remaining strength, he slowly raises the hand and brings it to Kara’s cheek. Heat. The heat instantly penetrates into him, causing his heart to break up into pieces. Previously, he did not see anything wrong in death, no minuses, but now minus still was. Death will deprive him of the possibility to touch, to feel, to be, to protect Kara and it’s the worst portion that fate could give.

“I’m sorry, that it came out all wrong. I do not have time and I just want you to … I want you to know. I love you, Kara,” Kyle makes the last moan and his eyes closes.

The hand that only a moment ago touched cheeks pf Kara, goes limp and falls to the ground. Kyle stops breathing.

Chapter 20.

The last words that Kyle said Kara were devastating for her. Her soul is torn, partly because she could not tell him that she loves him, too. Just there was not enough time. Just as there was no time to wait for the ambulance, and there had not enough time to save Kyle.

“Are you sure you want to go?” Agnete comes in Kara’s room and sits on the edge of the bed.

Kara raises lashes and looks at Agnete. She needs to answer, but how can she say when everything inside her slowly decays, dies, collapses. You are kind of live, because your heart is beating, but at the same time, you realize that you have lost yourself forever. You are not anymore.

“Okay. I will go to prepare clothes for you. If you want, I can go with you?” knowing that the answer to the first question, she will not get Agnete says again.

At this time, Kara nods. Yes, she needs support. The decision to go to Kyle’s funeral can not be discussed. Of course, Kara is going to go. Even despite the fact that she feels pain, she is difficult breathing and she want to weep bitterly.

Taking into account that usually Kara feels quite comfortable being alone right now, being all alone, she does not experience such comfort. Kyle died on her hands, and he said he loved her, but why then he left her??? Anger that is slowly emerging in Kara's soul pushes outward tears. Why, oh why, constantly Kara repeats the word why he left her.

Death does not ask permission, when it comes. It just comes and you lose the right to choose, which had in life. You have nothing else to decide. But you know about it only when you die yourself. For your loved ones all is quite different. When you die, they are angry at you because you did not fight. And they do not realize that you had no choice.

People who are willing to say goodbye to Kyle came not so much. It is rare, because usually to accompany the soul to the light all those who somehow were familiar with the deceased came. However, during the life Kyle did not start friendship he also was not kind with a good neighbor or friend. He was the embodiment of the dark forces – the mysterious, ruthless, cold and calculating. It is thus all knew him. Janet Grent, of course, believed that her son had kind soul and that he was kind boy, but all the others were sure that he was the embodiment of evil. Only Kara was able to know his soul, could see his true face and his love. However, now, that’s why she hurts so much.

“Hello Kara” someone’s hand rests on the shoulder of Kara.

She flinches in surprise.

“Miss Grent” Kara says with a choked voice.

She did not expect to meet the mother of Kyle. Just because she absolutely thought nothing, except for the last minute, which she spent with Kyle.

“How are you?” Janet asks.

In spite of everything, for the mother of Kyle it is easier to tolerate the death of her son than for Kara. This is due to the fact that Janet had always known that the image of Kyle’s life will lead to an early death. Of course, Janet hurts at the thought that she is now all alone, and that she has the difficult fate to bury her only son. But Janet tries to take it.

“I …” Kara abruptly stops.

Every time she speaks, tears come in her throat and it becomes difficult to breathe. She will never be able to share her pain with someone. Never.

“Kyle never was afraid of death. He was not afraid of anything. It is because we lost him so early” Janet looks at Kara with understanding look.

Yes, her voice is full of sorrow and at the same time, it seems she came to terms with everything. For a moment, Kara thinks about how can it be possible to live with the loss of a person, whom you love? But then the memories of her parents give her the answer. Can. Once she did this, she let go those she loved. But why now it seems impossible?

Agnete supported Kara almost every minute of the day when it was needed to say goodbye to someone who is needed to you like air. During this time Kara could not speak and could not even lose a single tear. Partly it is because she did not say a word. In the evening of the same day, sitting in the room, Kara thinks only one thing, it would be good now to be in the arms of Kyle and just sit silently next to him at least a couple of minutes. But no, now it is impossible.

To say goodbye and continue living it is the most difficult act in the life. However Kara did not try, no matter how she tried to come to terms with what happened, the pain did not leave her. As if life became empty.

Finally deciding to leave the room and have a cup of tea, Kara cautiously enters the kitchen. Agnete is not. Perhaps she is not at home, or maybe she is just in her room. In any case, now Kara is not worried about it. Maybe it is even better that there is no Agnete here otherwise Kara would have to talk to the sister but Kara now does not want to talk at all.

Sitting at the table and looking through the window, Kara felt a slight nausea and chills. All day she had spent, as if on pins and needles now voltage too had passed within it. The funeral of the most disgusting event where ever had to visit Kara. And probably any other person. Why? Because in your heart, and so hard, and seeing the coffin, which is immersed deep in the ground and people crying, you’re getting worse. So now, when Kara remembers the hour that she spent next to the grave of Kyle, she feels pain.

“Don’t you mind if I join you?” Agnete suddenly enters the kitchen.

Kara does not immediately notice her, but hearing the voice of the sisters slowly turns the head.

“Sit down,” Kara replies.

She realizes that in the end she will have to talk to Agnete. She’s the only one who she has. And she realizes that she can also lose her if she does not take appropriate measures for her security.

“I do not know what to say to you and how to help you to go through all this. But I’m always near” cautiously, choosing each word, Agnete says.

Her words make the corners of the lips of Kara to jump up.

“I know.” Kara replies.

That the sister is always ready to support her, Kara never doubted. But now she can not take her support, despite the fact that she needs it. Kara blames herself for the death of Kyle and she simply can not afford that Agnete suffered, too.

“Agnete, tomorrow morning I will leave as I planned.” Kara says, and looking directly at Agnete.


Kara sighs. Agnete probably thought that after everything that happened, Kara would change the mind to leave. But the decision to leave was accepted and the incident only confirmed its accuracy.

“That bullet that killed Kyle was meant to me. And I just will not be able to bear if you also suffer. I leave and I want you to come back to your old life. Promise me that you’ll be good,” Kara says putting the rest of her care in these words.

She simply can not afford Agnete did not accept her decision to leave. And Kara just can not leave without being sure that Agnete will be fine. So now she madly needs Agnete promised her that she will be well.

Agnete squeezes the jaw. She understands the intentions of Kara, but it does not become easier. Kara is going to leave and Agnete does not consider it correct.

“I’ll be fine if you stay” Agnete says.

Kara nervously bites the lip. And why did she hope that Agnete would agree with her decision to leave?

“I just can not stay. I’m sorry,” Kara sharply rises from the chair and walks out of the kitchen.

What’s the reason to continue the senseless conversation? Kara’s decision is already accepted and Kara is not going to change it. So Agnete just needs to take it.

Stuffing things into a small travel bag, Kara feels dizzy again. She is tired and has not eaten all day. But after all that has happened it is difficult to think about food or about the rest. The body simply refuses to relax. Kara sits on the edge of the bed, and takes a deep breath. Feeling as if the ground goes from under her feet, and the heart begins to beat faster. This is attack. A panic attack.

Kara grabs the head with the hands. The tears are flowing down her cheeks. This stream can not be restrained because she too long restrained it. But now, collecting things something broke in her, and keep herself in the hands, she simply has no strength anymore.

Kyle changed her life. He introduced her to the other – normal world, let Kara for a while to plunge into the world of pleasure and just walked into her heart. And then … then death came between them. When Kara decided to leave Kyle after the most wonderful night of her life, she hoped that saved him. But it turns out this is not so. Feeling of guilt with which Kara does not fight, and does not even interpret it certainly is now an integral part of her soul. She blames herself for everything that happens in her life. But if before she could forgive herself for something, then the death of Kyle she could not forgive herself ever.

After a tense night, Kara gets up from the bed when darkness disappears. It is time to leave. Time to say goodbye to Agnete, to take the bag with the most necessary things, to take savings and leave the house in which she was not alone, maybe even forever. It’s fucking sad, and Kara would feel this sad, if it is not overwhelming guilt and nagging pain in the chest. But, because of all that she had to endure, sad is perhaps, the most unimportant feeling. It stands at the end of “feelings” list.

“I still hoped you would change your mind,” Agnete stands near the door pf Kara’s room.

Kara shudders in surprise. After all, now it is early in the morning and Kara hoped that Agnete was still asleep. She certainly was not going to go away quietly, without even saying goodbye, but also to see the sister near the door she did not expect.

“I just have to, you have to understand,” Kara replies, looking directly at the face of Agnete.

If only she can remember facial features of Agnete, remember the sister like she really is and not black spot as Kara sees her then maybe it would be easier to say goodbye. At least Kara would be assured that a man who almost whole her life was by her side would remain in her memory forever. But all that Kara can take with her it is memories of the warmth which she felt every time sitting with the sister in the kitchen and talking about unimportant things.

“Yes. But promise you will call me” Agnete weakly breathes and the next minute concludes Kara in arms.

This is goodbye. It is not the most pleasant feeling, but at least Kara will not have to worry about the death of the sister, because after her departure, Agnete should be safe.

“I promise,” Kara replies.

Words are not always enough. As time. When Kyle died, Kara did not have time to tell him everything that could and wanted to say. She did not have enough time. But how much time is needed to still say everything? One, two or maybe three lives? Or maybe an eternity? Yes, time and words always are not enough. This resource is unlimited, but at the same time is too small.

The first thought that came to Kara’s head as soon as she left the house, “she needs to leave San Francisco.” But because of this thought, Kara’s heart sinks. No, to leave the city where she lived all her life, it is simply impossible. To leave all the memories of this city, too, is impossible. It is nowhere to run. But it can be created a semblance of escape. And Kara is going to do it.

The main task that Kara had – Agnete’s secure. Agnete has no idea where Kara is going. She probably thinks that Kara is going to get out of town. And this is a plus. If Agnete considers that Kara left the city then she will not look for her. In the meantime, she and Kara will be at a distance, Agnete is safe.

Kara has several options and ideas, where she can go. Half of the day she spent in the restless wanderings through the city. A couple of times she even thought that she was being persecuted. But it is difficult to be sure of this, when the whole world in your vision is distorted.

Towards evening, when darkness already gradually is covering the city, Kara has to decide what to do next. She needs to stay somewhere and the fact that in her pocket there is not very much money, Kara decides to stay in a motel. It is cheap and there is eating light. Although the last time, problems were with the light and she almost died. It is good that Kyle was there. Again remembering like Kyle watched over her, lump appears in her throat. Now it is clear that she will never accept the fact that he is no more, and pain in her heart will never stop.

“Room number 512,” an elderly man says with smoky voice and hands room’s keys to Kara.

The motels are different from other places where you can stay. It has a disgusting smell and stained concierge. These factors directly and is the cause of the low cost of these places.

“Thank you,” Kara takes the keys and goes into the deep of the corridor.

Rooms flash past her with different number plates. Kara walks slowly past them until her forehead rests on the door with the number 512.

The room is not so bad. Although, Kara does not care. For her, the main criteria of the rooms were light and bed. So any room that has these two criteria could already be considered as excellent.

After locking the door behind and having turned on the light, even though the room is still light because of the natural light that penetrates through the window, Kara goes into the bath. She just needs to take a shower then to go to bed and wait the next day. And then what? Probably, all the same. Today, she is waiting for tomorrow and tomorrow she will be waiting the day after tomorrow. In the end, in all probability, it is now her life. Unless, of course, nothing will mix her card.

The night passes surprisingly quickly. Maybe just because Kara was too immersed in her thoughts and did not notice that the light scattered the darkness. This is surprising, because earlier every night forced the hair on the head of Kara to stand. But things changed. After the death of Kyle, everything changed.

Chapter 21.

Four weary, dull, lifeless and monotonous days were behind very quickly. Kara just once called her sister. To call more she could not, simply because she was too absorbed in solitude and flashed in her head thoughts about Kyle. Nothing bring joy to her anymore. Previously, after the night, Kara was glad. God, because she could survive another night and it was definitely a great reason to celebrate. But then, Kyle died, and all the good that Kara had, too, died with him. She misses him so much that sometimes it is difficult to breathe. Sad for him turned her life into hell. However, his death turned her life a living hell.

After dinner, having drunk a cup of coffee, Kara decides to go to the cemetery to visit Kyle. So crazy does so, is not it? They go to the cemetery and represent the deceased hears and sees them. As though it may sound crazy, but it is better to have at least a little hope that it can be so in fact than to think that those whom we love forever was gone from our lives.

Kara does not have such thoughts and hopes. But she just has to go there. She wants to just sit at the grave of Kyle and at least for a moment pretend that he is alive. At the cemetery, but alive. Nonsense, but who listens to reason, when the heart hurts so much?

How a cemetery looks like? Kara did not ask this question ever. But now, sitting on a small rock in the middle of the cemetery, the first time she thinks about it. Why? Because the search for Kyle’s grave was impossible for her. Each tombstone has the same shape and the labels on these plates Kara can not read.

“I think I lost you forever,” Kara hopelessly lowers her head to her knees and slowly the tears roll down her cheeks.

Kara never thought about justice. But now she feels that fate is unfair to her. First, she took the dear man, now slyly laughing at her because she can not even find the grave of Kyle. This is unfair.

Back home and just fall down on the bed, the only thing that Kind can do. To do that, she does not want, however, just like to do anything else. Just she does not see sense in this.

The next night, it is rain on the street. Kara immediately returns to the memories of that awful day – whistling bullets, sticky blood on her hands, and the last words of Kyle. I love you! Whether she dreamed to hear these words? No. Just as she did not dream that she would meet a man capable to accept her like she is. But he appeared. However, later he died. As Kara thought because of her.

San Francisco – the city of happiness and light taste of loneliness. Wind howls and rain pours here very often. This creates some unique and very intimate atmosphere for each soul. But sometimes, this spirit of intimate atmosphere leads you to the very edge of your emotional wounds. And falling down, you will never be able to climb.

Kara takes a deep breath, just … just at least for a moment to be in a light-hearted world, without thoughts and feelings. And that’s where we find ourselves, making long slow breath. But when Kara returns from this world to the reality, the light in the room abruptly shuts. Is this a joke? Kara automatically jumps out of bed. The wind outside the window makes a loud high-pitched whine and Kara shudders. What should she do? Rushing to the door, as to the only chance for salvation, Kara jumps in the motel hallway. It’s dark, too. If the darkness is everywhere, then she can only run. No matter where, the main thing is to run without stopping.

Once outside, Kara first feels a little confused. Previously, she ran every night from the darkness. But now, it is difficult for her to navigate and understand what to do. She grew out of a habit of.

Overcoming knocking her to the ground and playing in her hair wind Kara rushes forward. Puddles under her feet fly in different directions, and the darkness literally comes on the heels. Not to stop is the main thing.

Throughout the life, Kara struggled to survive. And she never asked herself the question, why? But, according to the law of meanness, this question comes into her head now and not able to answer it, she stops abruptly. Stop – the death and it looks like a suicide. But why to fight for the life which does not give you any joy? Maybe this time is to stop fighting.

For Kara back sounds muffled rattle of claws and roar sound behind Kara’s back. She slowly on shaky legs turns and breathes all the air from the lungs. She is preparing for the end.

“Run” demanding and full of anger voice comes from the darkness, and Kara instinctively obeys this voice.

Lights light up on the street, it means that the electricity came back to work and it also means that there is now a place where Kara can hide. But being under the lantern light the exciting idea breaks into consciousness of Kara. Kyle. She heard the voice of Kyle. It is this voice told her to run and that’s why she obeyed to it. Because it was Kyle.

The wind howls fiercely and Kara covers herself with the hands. It could not be Kyle. Kyle died. Maybe this is the game of her imagination? Puzzled by these issues, Kara leans on a column and slowly descend down it. The cold from the ground penetrates very quickly into her but she too is immersed in thought, so it does not bother her.

When Kyle died, more than anything, he wanted to stay close to Kara. No matter what way, just to be near her. Even as a ghost. And since everyone desires, rather the most sincere wishes always come true, he got the chance. But this chance had the global minuses. Now he was the one that all life Kara was afraid of. He became dark.

When Kara decided to open up to him and told him the terrible and seemingly fictional story about the darkness stalking her entire life and that it was able to kill her, for Kyle it was hard to believe it. But now, as the protagonist of the fictional, as he thought, story he finally begins to understand something.

The first thing he realizes is the fact that life is full of surprises and that often fiction is not really fiction. Maybe the stories that we read in childhood, too is real? In any case, the tale which Kara told him is real and he is now part of this tale.

Kyle remembered as darkness enveloped them, and then, as his eyes were closed and he thought he died, he was swallowed by something. It is difficult to say what it was, but every night he vehemently feels damn power inside. Every night he has to deal with a violent desire to inflict pain to Kara.

A few nights ago, Kyle stood in the street and looked at the window, where the light was on. At the motel’s window. There was Kara. Part of him, the part that is now owned by the terrible creature, wanted to break, to fight with the light and sink the sharp claws into the soft body of Kara. The other part, which he could still control, was glad that she is surrounded by light, and therefore she was safe. But what to do next? He absolutely can not control the monster inside.

“She will betray you, destroy you. Don `t doubt. Then you will hate her as much as I hate her now,” once voice within him said.

It was an unknown creature that swallowed Kyle.

“No,” Kyle said firmly, not having of any drop of doubt in the fact that the voice was talking nonsense.

How can you hate someone you love? There is simply no such force that could settle the hatred in the heart in which already love lives. But the voice kept telling him that it is inevitable, and this led Kyle to some reflections.

Standing in the dark and looking at Kara sitting under a lamp, Kyle decides to try to speak with the monster inside.

“What are you?” Kyle says mentally, hoping that the monster hears it.

And it is so. It hears it, just does not perceive seriously. Day when the daylight completely deprives the monster forces Kyle can influence on the monster and get him to talk. But to wait until dawn he has no time. If the light goes out again … Kyle just is afraid to hurt her.

“The answer to this question does not matter,” a loud, angry laughter is heard in response.

Again, an irresistible feeling of anger and thirst to hurt her appears inside Kyle. And the monster does not just want to kill her. He wants to make Kara to suffer.

When finally the morning comes, and the darkness slowly begins to dissipate, Kara can breathe calmly. She spent the whole night sitting on the cold ground under the lamp, which gave her a small island of the world – the shelter. Any other man would certainly have got an inflammation of the brain or at least cold. But Kara never got sick. It can be said that she has the strongest immunity in the world. Therefore, knowing that she is now safe, Kara stands up slowly from the ground and goes to the motel.

The night was, to say the least, strained. The thought that she heard Kyle still is in Kara’s head. For the first time in a long time she has a hope. Maybe he’s still alive? Yes, of course, the idea can clearly appear only in unhealthy mind, but Kara is too sure that she heard the voice of Kyle. And the only thing that can explain this – the idea that he is still alive.

After she drank a cup of hot coffee and ate a sandwich, Kara decides to call Agnete. She just needs to talk to someone and maybe even share her thoughts about Kyle. While to hope that Agnete will support her idea that Kyle is alive, there is almost no chance. In the end, she and Agnete were at a funeral of Kyle and saw his body. It lay in eerie wooden box with a lid, and then was buried deep underground. Given all this, it is really difficult to admit even the idea that Kyle might be alive.

“Hi, I hoped you would call me every day. But for five days you called me only once. I resent” Agnete picks up the phone on the first ring.

For Kara it is nice to hear the voice of Agnete. And on her face even smile appears, just from knowing that Agnete still is very concerned about her.

“I’m sorry, but I just wanted to be alone. How are you doing?” Kara responds and sighs.

Maybe it is better not to talk Agnete about the thoughts? Probably, it is really better to leave thoughts of the magic Kyle’s resurrection otherwise Agnete will start to consider her crazy. While maybe she already considers her crazy?

“I am fine. Yesterday two boys came. I said that you left and did not tell me where and incidentally it is true. At first they did not believe, so I allowed them to see the house and make sure that I did not lie. I think they will never come anymore. How are you?” Agnete answers.

Kara nervously rubs the forehead, trying to decide whether or not to speak. Then she sighs resignedly.

“I’m good. I sit, drink coffee and eat not very delicious sandwich” Kara says finally making a decision to say nothing to sister.

Kara thinks it would be better? Agnete is on the way to return to a normal life, and it is not necessary to bring her down the way.

“I would make a sandwich for you but you left” with a joke Agnete says.

Yes, Kara left and Agnete should to be used to it. But Agnete is not of those who quickly get used to the changes, so she just needs time. Maybe when Kara will call her the tenth times she will be no longer mention that Kara was gone in contrary to the persuasion of the sisters to stay?

“I know. Okay, I want to get some sleep, and probably you have a lot to do. I will call you later.” Kara says, deciding to end the conversation.

“I love you” Agnete answers and hangs up.

Now Kara is again all alone, sitting in the small room of the motel, and just trying to figure out what to do next. Just to continue the life, pretending that nothing happened last night, or…

The day passed too quickly, and already with the approach of night, when Kara was standing under the hot jets of the soul, she came up madcap, dangerous and very crazy idea. Kara is sure that she heard the voice of Kyle, and perhaps he is still alive. To ignore it, she definitely can not. And, despite the fact that the soundness of her ideas about the miracle resurrection of Kyle, it’s hard to believe she still decides to take a desperate step. She decides to meet face to face with the darkness and find out whether or not there is Kyle. She is not afraid, because if Kyle is really in the dark, he will not hurt her, she is sure. Well, if he is not there, it means that he is dead, and then if the darkness kills her she will not hurt especially. Recently, Kara is not afraid of death anymore.

Standing at the window and staring into the dark street, Kara tries to see … Kyle. Maybe it’s silly, but she so desperately wants her assumption that Kyle is alive, was true. Then all would be in her life perfectly. She is sure of it.

“I hope you’re there.” Kara says in the whisper and puts the hand on the glass of the window that separates her from the darkness.

Kyle is in the midst of the darkness, and looks at Kara who is standing at the window. She is beautiful, and he could stand there, staring at her for ages. But he can not, because at any moment the beast inside him is ready to break away from the chains and hurt her.

When Kyle discovered that he is now part of the greatest threats for Kara, the first thing he tried to do it is to destroy the beast. But the darkness can not be destroyed. And Kyle can not be destroyed anymore. He also tried to go as far as possible from Kara, but with the onset of the darkness, he again and again magically, appeared next to her. It follows only one conclusion. Darkness is invincible and it is impossible to stop it. That’s just for Kyle it is hard to put up with it.

Kara slowly comes to the door, where the switch is attached to the wall. Now it is late at night and this is her chance to find out, finally, whether the voice of Kyle she heard or it was still the game of her imagination. The palms of her hands involuntarily become wet, but Kara, taking a deep breath, still dares to make a responsible step. She turns off the light.

Fear comes unexpectedly. It’s like uninvited guest which can not be denied. It comes and arbitrarily enters your “home” – the soul and proudly spits on you. And all that remains in this case, it is to accept the fact that you’re scared.

Gnashing claws and quiet growl are heard around Kara. The heart stops. This is partly because of fear, but also due to the fact that now, finally she will know the answer on her main question. Is Kyle alive?

“I hope it’s you,” whispering under the breath, Kara says and closes the eyes.

Now, it does not depend on her. If she was not mistaken, and Kyle is alive, she had nothing to fear. But if she was wrong….

Once behind Kara, Kyle watches with horror how the monster is approaching and frightening her. Part of him involves in it, but also he watches it. Observation – the only food that is allowed to him, because Kyle can not to affect the monster.

“Go away, Kara, I pray, go away!” mentally Kyle prays, hoping that, like last time, Kara can hear him.

But this time, it is not so. Kara does not hear him.

Chapter 22.

Kara opens her eyes. She is lying on the floor, in the center of the room. Her whole body is burning. The throat is dry. The last thing that Kara remembers it’s loud growl and sharp blow. And then oblivion. She’s alive, physically! But her soul is broken into pieces. While every effort, Kara slowly rolls over on the back, uttering a soft, desperate moan. It is hurt even to move. But it is much more painful to her to know that Kyle was not in the dark. Maybe she’s going crazy? Maybe the voice of Kyle was her imagination? But if all these questions have the answer is yes, then Kara does not know how to continue to move forward.

When the monster attacked Kara, Kyle felt so strong fear that for a moment was able to break away from the monster. This helped to take up the monster and save the life of Kara. But he also knew that Kara was in danger because of him, because she was looking for him.

When Kyle realized that he loves Kara … It was a shock for him. He was always confident that his heart is not able to accommodate anyone, and that he was not born for love. And then she came into his life, and all began to change. Therefore, when dying in her arms, Kyle finally admitted to himself that Kara is love of his life, Kyle was willing to do anything to stay. Perhaps that is why the monster was able to take possession of him.

Some evil has no name. No face. No voices. Kyle considered himself the scourge, and to some extent it was true. But now, when he literally is merged with the real, the supernatural evil, Kyle is able to look at himself from the outside. And looking at himself from the outside Kyle understands that he is the same as the monster is.

When darkness perished under the light of the day, Kyle had to make a decision. Go along with the dark or stay. Of course, he wanted to stay. But was it safe? Then Kyle thought that if he is gone Kara will continue to search him and even God does not know how it would end for her. In general, the risk was in the decision to leave and in the decision to stay. Therefore, still deciding to go away and try again to divert the monster as far as possible, Kyle took a last look at lying on the floor in the heart of room Kara and out the door. But then he stopped. Behind the door sobbing could be heard, and Kyle knew what it was. This was lament of Kara. He wanted to come back, but he just could not. Why?

Kara cautiously gets up from the floor, wipes the tears from the cheeks, and touches the wound on the neck and sighs heavily. Does Kara need such life? All is over, and Kara should finally admit it. But it was hard to do, because she had hope. The hope that Kyle is still alive. But now even the hope she has not. Now Kara has only a harsh reality. Now she is all alone is forced to the end of her days to run from the darkness and be alone. It is not the best scenario of life. And all for what? For the sake of a miserable existence. No, now Kara is not ready to accept this fate. She has no power, and desire to do this. But she has an idea. She decides to put on all of this the huge, fat, point.

No one can imagine what a man who is all alone in his mad world feels? In this case, all the cries that you need to accept the fate, to become stronger, and no matter what to keep moving, just cease to carry any meaning. Why move forward if you’re all alone?

Last, what still decides Kara, it is to clean up, change clothes and go to the pharmacy. She does not want to do any of this. She wants to just freeze in place, and cease to exist. That’s just it is impossible. But it is possible to go to the drugstore, to buy a lot of different drugs and be done with this shit once and for all. Yes, for this, she is ready to get out of the room.

All these preparations for the suicide seem at first glance, the action of a mentally ill person. But Kara is not sick, she is in desperate. This is perhaps even worse.

Buying medicines, Kara spent only about ten minutes. It is small, when compared with the universal time, but quite a lot when it is connected with a human life. After all, if Kara had these paltry ten minutes when Kyle died, maybe … of course, she told him everything what is in her heart, but this more likely would not change anything. She would still feel so much pain inside.

Returning to the room, Kara drinks a cup of coffee, takes a shower, as if it had some value, then, standing in the bathroom near a large mirror for the last time looks at her reflection, which she never could see, then fills the hand with all tablets that she bought and boldly shoves them into the mouth. Now she has to wait. She does not know what she has to wait but this expectation pleases her much more than the idea that it is necessary to take care about the darkness again.

Five minutes later, when Kara is lying on the bed and just stares at the ceiling, waiting for the death, she thinks again about Kyle. She does not have much time as she thinks, and to be in painful expectation and fear and raging suggestive thoughts she does not want. But the thought of Kyle contrary inspire confidence in her that she does right. After all, he was her little happiness, hope that she could still fill her life with meaning, and then he was gone, and all hopes were gone, too, along with him. It was painful.

Kara hardly can be called Juliet, simply because she really is not like her. Juliet is air and full of hope the girl. Kara, in turn, is lost soul, which all her life sneaks through the darkness. The world she sees distorted, and if we talk about the social adaptation, she always felt like unwanted in this world. So, yes, to compare Kara with Juliet from great novel “Romeo and Juliet” would be wrong. But in some ways, Kara still is like Juliet. She, like the heroine of the novel, lost the meaning of life with a loved one’s death. But will Kara’s story end as tragically? It is difficult to talk about it.

Before the eyes of Kara all begins to float. This is a sure sign that the end is approaching. Mild smiling, Kara closes the eyes and takes a deep breath. The thought that soon all her suffering will end warms her. But her enchanting attitude to death is destroyed by noise outside the door. She hears footsteps. Then the steps calm down and the door of the room opens sharply. Men in black suits have found her.

It is amazing how complete confidence that you are on the verge of death, robs you of all earthly fears. Before Kara’s heart would sank at the thought that she is caught. But now she does not care. What is the difference when you have only a couple of minutes or maybe even less?! Therefore, ignoring all Kara just closes the eyes and goes back to her thinking about Kyle.

“She swallowed the tablets,” Kara hears a male voice coming from somewhere far away.

“It is urgent to deliver it to the laboratory. Maybe we still will have time to take tests” then Kara hears the second man’s voice.

And then, silence. Silence comes in Kara’s head.

Kyle races with all legs, wanting to divert the monster as far as possible from Kara. It’s sad, because he is trying to save her, but Kara has already decision, and now she does not need his help. That’s just Kyle does not even realize it.

“I will return to her again and again. I will find her and force her to suffer again and again. There is nothing can stop me,” the monster, which is now more in the head of Kyle than in his body, finally, decides to speak.

This is Kyle’s chance to know why the monster pursues Kara. After all of course, a reason should be.

“I’ll try” Kyle answers, and loud and arrogant laugh is heard in response to his words.

Of course, the monster does not believe him. But Kyle is telling the truth, he is not going to give up, ever!

“You’re the same as me. And when Kara will see it, she will never be with you. And then you will understand me,” the monster again says again.

“You’re right. But even if she does never want to be with me, I will still protect her. And by the way, tell me, I’m alive?” Kyle replies, continuing to run.

The monster again laughs.

“Life, death, this is relative concepts. There are many planes of life, and you are now in a single of these planes. So, you can rightly consider yourself alive” lazily monster answers.

At day the monster seems to Kyle more sane and reasonable. At day at least it is impossible to talk with him. But at night, when Kyle has to feel all the hatred, anger global scale and strong bloodlust, Kyle loses all hope that he will ever be able to cope with this monster.

Chapter 23.

With difficulty opening the eyes, Kara for a moment thinks that’s it, what lies behind the point of no return which is called death. Kara feels herself completely alive. But who knows, maybe all feels very alive after death. But when she moves the hand, she realizes that she’s not dead. No, she’s very much alive, and the first thing she wants to do it is to scream out loud, what the hell! She wanted to die, and she was just a step away from death. What happened? Why she is still alive?

In Kara’s mind there is a terrible ringing, and tears is welling in the eyes. Maybe fate does not let her die? Maybe fate wants her to suffer forever? From these thoughts, the pain like a hot iron touches her soul and Kara begins to panic. Her mind is in foggy. She slips from the high bed, falling to the floor in frustration, and bursting into tears, crawls to the door. But to find the door it is not so simple. Touching the smooth wall, it seems to Kara as if she is locked, buried in the dreaded concrete box. And it would be pleased to realize if Kara knew that death is still going for her. But she feels so alive that she has simply no doubt that the death does not even think to take her. Even death does not need her.

At last finding the door, Kara discovers that it’s locked. Of course, how could it be otherwise? Trying to restore the latest developments, Kara immediately understands where she is. Well, or she guesses. Although she knows exactly for what she’s here. Kara remembers how two men in black suits broke in her room, but then it did not bother her. She thought that she was dying. But now, when death turned the back on her and stomped long strides away from her, she is concerned about it.

“Let me out” helplessly shouting, Kara strikes with all her force on the door, and slowly rolls down.

She is scared and she gets angry because of it. The whole her life the fear pursued and tormented her. She was afraid of the shadow, she was afraid of the night, she was afraid of people, and this list is endless. She was always afraid of everything. But then, Kyle appeared in her life – a knight from the pages of well-known fairy tales, and for some time Kara ceased to fear. What can you fear when the knight is next to you? But now she is single again, and fear again takes possession of her.

Thoughts about Kyle do not deliver her pain anymore. Or deliver. But it seems within her there is so much sense that it is difficult to understand the reaction when she repeatedly scrolls in the mind the ghostly image of Kyle. If she was an ordinary person, she could clearly remember the features of Kyle, his smile and the color of his eyes, but all that she has it is oiled image of Kyle without the face and form – a kind of black spot which become dearest to her. It’s definitely sad.

Behind the wall there is a strange roar, and Kara involuntarily shudders. Then she hears footsteps and a cry that appears suddenly and as suddenly subsides. Kara is now even more scared.

Slowly crawls to the side, hearing footsteps outside the door, Kara is trying to pull herself together. Fear paralyzes not only her brain, but also makes her blind. Of course, from the birth she can not see the real world, but the fear takes even opportunity to see not real world.

“You’re alive!” the door opens and Kara hears a deep male’s voice.

She heard it when was lying on the bed in her room and thought that she was dying.

“Where am I?” almost without a shudder, Kara says.

She tries to be fearless. She always tried to be fearless. Even in the face of the danger, when it would be wiser to give in to the instinct of self-preservation, and not to think about the pride, she behaved very bravely.

“I think you ask not the right questions. For beginning you should ask, who I am! Everyone asks this question first. Try” the voice answers her.

Kara suppresses a growing panic, which she feels because of a deadly calm and self-confident note in the voice of man.

“Who are you?” she says, but this time, her voice is trembling betrayed.

The man grins, then Kara hears approaching footsteps.

“I am Elvis” the man answers her, leaning to her ear.

From the pungent smell that comes from the man, Kara’s head starts spinning. The man poured on too much perfume. However, the pungent smell emanating from the man is not the biggest problem. Much more important it is that Kara is again locked in a strange room, like an animal. And this time, Kyle will not come to save her.

“Tell me Kara, did you ever think about the fact that you’re not alone? I mean, did you think that in this world there is a man who has distorted vision of the world, the same as you?” the man proudly straightens up and going around Kara, stops directly in front of her.

His words are full of hidden meaning, Kara feels it. But also Kara is interested in his words. If she understands him right, it means that she is not lonely as she thought.

“Well, you can not talk to me. Maybe this topic is not interest you. But what about your friend? I think his name was Kyle. Maybe you want to talk about him?” he man, realizing that Kara is not going to talk with him he says again.

This time he touches a sore spot of Kara. She has to make all the best to keep herself in hands. She is not going to show to the bastard her weaknesses. Never!

“Well, if you do not want to talk to me, then maybe you want to talk to her,” the man says and Kara hears the door opens.

She looks up and freezes. That can not be. She sees the low gray-haired woman. Her lips are compressed into a single line, and the eyes is downcast. She looks exhausted. And most surprisingly, Kara sees her. No, she sees the woman not like a black spot, as usual she sees people she sees her. Hands, feet, head, everything is as it should be. Probably. And Kara sees all this, for the first time in her life.

Knocking of the door returns Kara from the world of thought and a little shock. Now she and a gray-haired woman are in the room all alone.

“I …” Kara hesitantly get up from the floor and takes a deep breath.

What she has to say. The woman does not even look at her. Although Kara is very surprised. After all, before she could never be sure, someone looks at her or not. But the woman she sees perfectly and sees that she does not look at her.

“I always thought that he never met anyone like me. I hoped,” she says in desperate and getting round Kara, sits on the edge of the bed.

Kara instinctively follows the woman and sits next to her. She wants to talk to the woman. Perhaps this woman is able to answer the main question who she is?

“Why?” Kara asks.

Woman smiles weakly, and then looks at Kara.

“This world is not for us.” the woman replies.

Kara does not really understand what she is saying. How the world where Kara was born, can be not for her. This sounds like nonsense. The world is one, and it is for everyone.

“My name is Kara” Kara holds a hand to the woman.

When people meet, they always do so. But seeing the confused look of the woman who looks strangely at the outstretched hand of Kara, Kara regrets that she made this gesture.

“My name is Josie,” the woman replies calmly and again directs the gaze to the side.

The woman at first glance, looks very cute. But as it turns out later, she does not like to talk. Maybe Kara too would have preferred to remain silent, but she has so many questions that to keep the mouth closed is simply impossible for her.

“Why I can not see the world?” Kara asks, ready for any consequences that this question can have.

But the woman, on surprise, quietly turns the head to Kara and after minute pause, says:

“Because this is not our world. I have lived here more than half of life and this world is still alien for me” Josie replies.

And this time, hearing the sad note in the woman’s voice, Kara understands that incredibly sad story is hidden behind these words.

“And what is our world?” Kara puts her hands on her knees ahd nervously squeezes fabric of jeans.

The woman’s words sound like a fairy tale. She says that this world is not theirs, and it is hard to believe it. But maybe, some sense is still in this?

“Our world is much air. It is in general not very different from this. But it is different. With times the image of the world in which I was born and where I was happy disappears from my memory. But I know only one thing, it is much better there,” Josie’s eyes are full of sadness, and the voice breaks on the last word.

Kara swallows. The world where it is so much better, how it is? Kara liked to live here, well, or at least she always told herself that. She was alone, but she never thought that all would be different. That is why she just had to accept the reality as it is.

“All my life, I thought that I was some kind of wrong, but it turns out I’m just not of this world?” incredulous Kara asks.

Josie nods confidently.

“Who am I?” Kara asks the main question.

She does not hope that learning the answer to this question, her life will change somehow. No. Rather, Kara is too sure that her life will never be good. But not to know the answer to this question … In general, all is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

“You already know the answer to this question” Josie grins.

Yes, for woman, this conversation may seem amusing. But for Kara all is not so. all her life she wondered who she was, and now she finally has the opportunity to get this answer. It’s not fun, it’s exciting and serious.

“No, I do not know” Kara sharply stands up.

Her head starts spinning from the sudden movement, and she sways to one side. On her soul in an instant become lousy.

“You are you. No matter in which world you are. If you can understand this, then many of your questions will finally be answered,” Josie also rises from the bed and walks over to her.

“But I do not understand,” Kara says desperately and closes the eyes, wanting to appease the raging thoughts in her head.

Now Kara knows that she is not alone. The first time in her life she saw the man as it is, and that should please her, instill the hope in her and just let finally breathe freely. But none of this happens. She still hurt, lonely and want to die to stop all this pain inside.

“Now what will happen to us?” Kara turns to Josie and looks straight in the eyes.

“I would like to comfort you and say that everything will be fine. But I’m not sure,” the woman responds bitterly and puts the hands on Kara’s shoulders.

Yes, the good can not be expected here within the four walls! But without any hope to be here is also impossible.

“I already once escaped from them, maybe at this time we will be able to do the same?” Kara quickly looks around.

She feels strange. When she looks at Josie, she sees everything clearly and colorfully, but when she looks to the side a mist reappears in her eyes and everything turns into shapeless black spots. It is disgusting feeling.

“I’ve been here so long that I had no even a hope to get out of here. But maybe together, we still can do it?” a smile appears on the face of Josie and an optimism begin to burn in her eyes.

Maybe they really will be able to do that?!

To be unique, special or unusual it is difficult, and in truth, Kara was always considered it unfair. Nature is unfair to the unique, because it causes them to be alone. And loneliness is terrible. But when Kara still found that she is not the only one, she does not become easier. So perhaps she was alone not because she is not like everyone else but because she simply can not be like everyone else. After all Kara does not know how to trust or work in a team or be part of a society in the end. All that she can it is to escape – to escape from the darkness and of herself.

“Can I ask you something?” suddenly, Kara breaks the silence.

For all the questions like who I am and where I am, Kara forgot about the main thing. She needs to know about the dark, because the dark turned all Kara’s life in a living hell. The constant need to escape, to run, and just try to survive prevents to live and be alive.

“Yes, I think you can” Josie answers.

Kara comes to a woman, and standing right in front of her, looks at her face.

“I am haunted by darkness. Why?” Kara says.

Josie’s face is distorted with fear, and Kara immediately begins to worry about, too. Earlier talk about darkness frightened Kara, too, but such terror that she sees in the eyes of Josie, Kara never experienced.

“I guess it would better to stay here,” the woman responds sharply and quickly sits down on the edge of the bed.

“What? Do you like to be a laboratory rat?” Kara wonders.

Just a few minutes ago the woman was ready to get out of here she was full of optimism and faith that it is real. And now, she says, that it is better to stay here. Kara does not understand anything.

“There is no darkness here. Therefore, we will be in safe here,” this time the woman answers calmly, but behind this calm the tranquility of a terrible storm of emotions lies, Kara is sure.

“It’s because of the darkness? Why are you so afraid of it? Is it also pursuing you?” Kara is not going to give up so she comes to the woman and sits next to her.

Josie incredulous looks at Kara. A woman’s heart is like the ocean depths, the bottom of which has a lot of buried thing. She never swarmed in these depths, and so now she is too scared to look inside herself and answer the question of Kara.

“You know, Kara, the world in which you and I have to live, our world, is full of beauty and harmony. This world is not the same. It is cruel and dangerous. Of course, to be here is also good, but there is no place for us here. Personally for me, this world became a hell. I never thought about that for my sins I have to pay, but apparently fate sooner or later imposes account, regardless you are for it or not,” Josie takes a deep breath.

Kara never understood the woman, but now it seems to Kara that the woman’s words have not meaningless.

“So, the darkness is punishing me for something?” Kara says, wanting still to understand what the woman says.

“No. Darkness is my punishment” decisively Josie answers.

Again, Kara does not understand anything.

“But she’s stalking me!”

“You know Kara, love is a great reward. To have, to know love is real happiness. But, this is a responsibility that not everyone is able to carry on the shoulders. I could not,” Josie guilty lowers her head as if she is ashamed of herself.

And Kara harbors breath. Talk about love again returns her to the thoughts about Kyle. Yes, Josie’s right, love – true happiness, but this happiness she lost.

“I know something else about love. Love breaks us,” Kara responds thoughtfully and quickly gets up from the bed.

Remembering Kyle Kara’s heart bleeds and tears appear in the eyes. Therefore, in order to hide it from Josie, Kara quickly comes to the wall and pretends that she is looking for a way out. Although it looks strange and funny!

“Honey, are you okay,” Josie also rises from the bed and goes to Kara.

Apparently, Kara still could not hide her emotions from Josie.

“Yes,” Kara responds quickly and, pulling a smile on the face, she turns to face the woman.

“Tell me,” Josie pleadingly looks at Kara.

To tell someone who is just like you, and who may be able to understand you, us tempting idea. But can Kara do it? Will she be able to control herself talking about Kyle?

“His name was Kyle. He died a couple of weeks ago. Once, when I was running in the dark, I decided to stop. Without him, I feel so bad. As if everything was taken away from me and now I’m completely devastated. Then I thought only that I could finally stop running. What is the point, because I’m all alone? Suddenly I heard the voice of Kyle, right in the darkness. He told me to run and I ran. Then I had the hope, perhaps, he is alive? Yes, it sounds crazy, but what if he’s alive? I decided to meet with the darkness again, but he did not come. I woke up in the morning on the floor of rooms of the motel and just … I have no more hope. I do not even know why I’m trying to get out of here. I have nowhere to go, I have no one, and most importantly, I do not have him.” curling up in anguish, Kara covers her face with her hands and sobbing, falls to the floor.

Josie immediately falls next to her, hugging and shaking weeping Kara from side to side.

“Sh-sh-sh, everything will be fine” Josie calms her.

But nothing can console Kara. The pain she feels will live in her forever.

After a couple of hours when the explicit time and sentimental talk was behind Kara and Josie began to invent a plan to escape. It is not easy, because they do not even know where they are. But Kara has one idea – a crazy and dangerous idea.

“You say that there is never dark here?” lights appear in Kara’s eyes.

“Yes” Josie answers warily.

“I think I have an idea how we can get out of here.”

Kara’s plan is full of danger and risk. But it’s the only way to get out of here. But whether Josie is ready for this?

“Are you offering to meet with the darkness? No, it’s a crazy idea. NO” frightened Josie answers, waving the hands to the sides.

“This is our chance to get out of here. If they never turn the electricity of, so it means all locks are powered by electricity. We need to make a circuit, and then …”

“And then the darkness will come and kill us. Do you realize what you offer?”

Kara, too, is scared at the thought that they will need to meet with the darkness, but the fear Josie is much more than just a fear. Something else is hidden behind this fear. And while Kara does not understand what it is.

“I promise that nothing will happen to you. But we simply have no different way out,” Kara approaches very close to the woman and puts the hand on her shoulder, as if saying together we can handle.

After all, when you are alone it is difficult to cope with anything. It’s certainly possible, but it is difficult. After all, when you’re alone, no one can tell you that everything will be alright in a minute, when you lose faith in yourself.

Meanwhile, Kyle is going along the deserted streets, farther and farther. He is not sure that he will be able to keep the monster. After all, where would not he leave during the day, at night, at the click of a finger, he found himself next to Kara. The monster went back to Kara.

Darkness slowly is covering the city. Kyle decides to go ahead as long as he can. Without even pausing for a moment. Maybe the farther he goes, the greater the likelihood that the monster will not be able to go back? This is just a theoretical assumption, because in practice, it does not work.

Immersed in the power of monster, Kyle, for the time loses himself in the cold emptiness of his mind. When he regains consciousness, he finds himself in a strange place. He certainly did not expect to be near the strange building resembling a garage. But he’s here.

“What the hell” rapidly inspecting the building, Kyle says to himself.

Monster just sounds a loud laughter in response. This is not surprising, with the onset of darkness, the monster becomes a real monster.

Kyle is definitely sure of one thing: with the onset of darkness, the monster leads him to Kara. But why now they are in this place? A little thought, Kyle finally understands why. Kara is here and she is in danger. And to help her, he can not because he’s one of the dangers that surround her. Anger and hatred, recently escort Kyle’s soul with convoy. But now these emotions are so strong that Kyle becomes difficult to breathe.

Kara and Josie examine the room in search of acute and iron pieces, which in the opinion of Kara can help them cope with electricity. But they find nothing. Just the bed, a silicone tube that was connected to Kara when she woke up, and a small bottle of water are in the room.

“Can use the water?” Josie takes a bottle of water in hand.

Kara looks at her, thinking. Maybe it is good idea! The use of water in order to cause the electric circuit is much safer than to try to shove a piece of metal into the switch.

“I think it will work,” Kara replies, confidently coming to Josie and takes the bottle out of her hand.

Now it is the time to act. Kara takes a lot of air into the lungs, comes for the light switch, removes fuse and throws encourage glance at Josie.

“Ready?” Kara asks her.

Josie nods in response. Of course, Josie does not feel delight at the thought that she will have for the first time in a long time to meet with the darkness. And what is even more terrifying that once she was the cause of the generation of the darkness. But while she is not ready to talk about this.

“When the lights is turned off, we need to run and do not stop. Well?” Kara says again.

“And what if we’re wrong and the door will be locked?”

“Then we will die” quietly Kara responds and in the next instant, pours the entire contents of the bottle on the switch.

It immediately begins to spark and smoke. Then the light is turned off in the room. Now they have no way back, only forward, and it is desirable to run!

Kara sharply grabs Josie and pulls her to the door. Pulling the handle, Kara discovers that the door does not open. The heart is compressed. What if she made mistake and now they are locked in the dark room, and the darkness is about to swallow them? Then she would break the promise that she gave Josie. And Kara could not let that happen. Therefore grasping hand door with both hands, Cara pulls it with even greater force. The door opens.

“Come on,” Kara shouts and again grabs a hand of Josie pulling her out through the darkness.

Josie is not a young girl who is full of forces to rush forward without looking back. She is an elderly woman who does not have so much energy. Disease, of course, she has not, but she also has not enough energy. Therefore, trying to keep up with Kara, Josie is several times on the verge to stumble and fall. But each time Kara appears at this time near and saves her.

The noise that appears from the off electricity in the building inspires panic in the heart of Kyle. But at night he can not control himself or the monster. He tried to find the secret to control ruthless monster which he is now also, but nothing worked. He is powerless.

The dark, of course, has advantages. And one of them is concluded that you could be invisible. Therefore, when the two tall men rush to the door that lead into the room, Kara and Josie cleverly are merged with the wall and manage to be unnoticed. And after a couple of minutes, they are on the street. Now they need to run forward and find the light in which they can hide.

Josie is not hero and she was never bold. This is partly the reason why her life at one point turned into something so horrible, that sometimes she was sick of it. But she always knew how to take responsibility and admit her mistakes. That’s why she never reproached destiny for what her life lost paint. She knew that this was her fault. So now, making the way through the darkness and feeling, as the darkness comes on her heels, she also knows that this is her fault. But before she could convince herself that she would never have to face the darkness and return to the most disgusting moments in her life. To the time she first betrayed herself and her love. But apparently she was wrong.

“I can not,” Josie sighs resignedly, slowing down.

“No, we can not stop. I see a light ahead. We will be able to rest there, but not here,” Kara stronger grabs Josie and drags her forward.

She promised that nothing would happen with Josie and she is going to fulfill this promise. Even if Josie is not going to help het in this.

Running up a small island which is lit by a lantern, Kara feel a greater confidence. If they were able to get to here, then also they will be able to move on. But they escaped from the clutches of the strange people who are not going to allow them to just walk away and Kara and Josie should not to forget about it.

“How are you feeling?” noticing a strange expression on the face of Josie, Kara quickly walks over to her.

The woman’s face is white as a paper, and the frank terror stands in her eyes. Is she so scared?

“I hear that he’s here,” Josie whispers in answer, without even looking at the Kara.

Josie’s words and before seemed to Kara not quite understandable and even crazy, but now not only the words of Josie seem to Kara crazy, but Josie, too.

“What are you talking about?” Kara asks blankly.

“Darko” Josie says, as if Kara knows that name.

“I do not understand.”

“I betrayed him, and now he wants revenge” Josie says.

Kara notices some strange moves away. She glances into the distance and sees two black figures with enormous force approach them. It is not dark, but it’s also dangerous.

“We need to run. Ready!?” Kara grabs again Josie and without waiting for her answer, rushes forward, straight into darkness.

Kara has no specific route where they need to follow in order to survive. But Kara has a specific and very strong desire to survive and that is why she does not intend to stop. She is ready to run, yet she has a chance to run.

Kyle follows them closely. More precisely, the monster follows them closely. As for Kyle, he is now somewhere far from reality. He recalls Josie’s words and despite the fact that he has no idea what the name which she said means and why this woman is next to Kara, he still can not ignore the fact that this woman spoke about the darkness. He is sure of it. The woman called the darkness by name. Darko. Name is appropriate. And that means that darkness has a very interesting story that Kyle wants to find out.

Chapter 24.

Kara knew that they can not go back in the motel’s room. Despite the fact that there they will be able to hide from the darkness, they can not forget about another danger. About the people who pursue them. But surprisingly Kara, Josie knew how to solve this problem.

“Before I was caught and put in a cage, so to speak, I lived not far from here, in a small apartment. We can go there. I do not think that there we will be to look for. About this place, it seems to me, no one knows.” Josie says.

Kara nods. In fact they have nowhere else to go. Therefore, the proposal of Josie is very appropriate.

The apartment is really small. But it is very cozy. The paintings on the walls, the walls are painted in pale blue, soft sofa in the middle of the room and two comfortable chairs in the corners. The apartment looks very comfortable.

“There is no food, but I think I can find tea,” Josie says and quickly goes to the kitchen.

Kara looks around again, and then sits down on the sofa. She is not tired physically, but her soul wants to curl up on the couch, to close the eyes and go to sleep, immersing in a world where she can nothing to worry about. But life told her loud “not”, every time when Kara wanted to relax. Maybe someday she still will have such an opportunity?

“I hope you like green tea,” Josie enters the room with a small tray in the hands on which there are two cups of tea and a small bowl of candy.

Kara immediately thinks that Josie would be a great grandma, if her life was normal. But apparently, neither Josie nor Kara was destined to live a normal peaceful life.

“Yes, I do love. Josie, tell me about Darko” Kara takes a little courage and asks Josie.

The first reaction of woman on Kara’s request is more like a cat’s reaction, which was thrown into the water. She, as well as the cat, looks too frightened. But then the face of Josie becomes the same as before, and she calmly sits down on the couch next to Kara.

“The world in which you and I should be and this world should never have been crossed. But sometimes, we break the rules. And this leads to some consequences,” Josie says and carefully takes a cup of tea in the hand.

“And Darko …” Kara is trying to grasp the connection between words of Josie and Darko.

“When I got here, I met Darko. He was very charming and mysterious. I immediately drew attention to him. And it just so happens, he also paid attention to me. We began a whirlwind romance, with strong statements about love and planning a future life together. But later I realized that he was not as good as I thought. He was evil. So I decided to break up with him. It was not easy, because I loved him with all my heart. But I had to. I betrayed our love. Then he turned to what he really is, and now he takes revenge on me,” Josie sighs wearily.

“What do you mean turned?” Kara incredulous stares at her.

Of course, it is difficult to imagine that an ordinary person can in an instant become a darkness that haunted her all her life. Well, to be exact, all her adult life.

“As I said, we should not be in this world, and our stay here is full of rules that can not be broken. I broke his heart, and this led to the fact that he turned into a creature about which the people of this world can only read in fairy tales. Do you know why we can not see the world? Because it hides the truth from us. We do not see the true face of the people, because this world does not trust us. So, if the people of this world fall into our world, they will also be able to see us. This is product of nature.” Josie says.

Kara convulsively swallows, trying to learn the words of Josie. But it’s not easy. It is not always easy to accept the truth.

“Tell me about the guy you love” Josie abruptly changes the subject.

Kara takes a deep breath and leans back against the couch. Remembering about Kyle and talk about him, it’s nice, but it hurt too much.

“Sometimes I think that I do not know him. But then I remember that I love him and I understand that everything else is not important. I still can not believe that it is gone. Sometimes it seems to me that I am about to run into him face to face,” Kara responds and a blush appears on her cheeks.

Talking about Kyle her body, instantly recalls his touch. She felt so good when he kissed, hugged and caressed her. She just can not accept the fact that she will never be able to pull over to his strong chest.

“Love Lives Forever. You know, when I decided to give up on Darko, I thought that over time, my pain would subside. But it hurts me to this day. All we can do is put up with this pain. Everybody’s soul hurts but everyone has own pain,” Josie puts a hand on the shoulder of Kara, and gives her a slight smile.

Yes, Josie is right, everyone has own pain in the soul. But Kara does not feel easier. And the more she does not feel easier at the thought that her pain will never subside.

In the morning, Kyle regains the ability to be himself. At least now he can relax a little, because during the day he is not dangerous for Kara. But the idea that with the onset of night, he again begins to hunt her, introduces him in tension.

“Why do you wish to harm Kara, Darko?” Kyle asks the question, the answer to which he was trying to figure out all night, alone.

“You’re not stupid,” the monster grins in response.

Yes, Kyle was not the stupid man. Especially in the sense when to be stupid was very dangerous.

“I think it is a frank talk time.”

The monster can resist Kyle at night, but during the day he does not have power. This is fair because at night Kyle is in the same position. Therefore, using the allotted time when he can be a top, Kyle decides to find out everything.

“Josie was the love of my life. I loved her as much as you love your girl. But she betrayed me. She betrayed our love, because I was for her not too good. I could not forgive her and my hatred of her, turned me into what I am now,” the monster replies.

Kyle picks up a pain in these words. But he does not understand how it is possible to hate someone you loved so much. No, Kyle is just not able to understand it.

“But Kara did not betray you,” Kyle says blankly.

“Yes, but she is the same as Josie. Believe me. Someday you’ll tell me thank you,” the monster responsible and then disappears, leaving to Kyle huge stream of thoughts for consideration.

When Kara trusted him, Kyle knew he was not worthy of it. And he put up with it. The main thing that was important for him it was her safety. As it would be ridiculous to sound, but he was convinced all his life that no one would never be able to enter into his heart and become important to him. But Kara could. And Kyle was happy. He was able to know the love and was quite pleased of it. Then he died. Or not? In any case, he became the shadow, and despite the fact that he wants to break into the house of Kara and hug and feel her scent, he prefers to think of her safety. Why? Because when you love, you can not think about your desires. You can not think about own pain that you feel, being separated from loved ones, you can not demand that someone you love loved you, too. You just love. But the monster, who spoke to Kyle about love, does not know this. And that’s why Kyle confidently concludes that Darko never loved. Otherwise, he would not have turned into such a terrible, ruthless, absorbed by own anger creature.

Kara slowly washes her face and takes a shower. After the frank conversation with Josie she feels better. All the same, she feels completely lost and not knowing anything about herself. But still, that Josie said, there is something that has proved useful for her. Now she knows that there is not one world, but two, and perhaps even more.

“Is it possible that Kyle is now in another world?” Kara comes out of the bath.

Josie stares at her. She is a little confused by the issue of Kara.

“After the death, they say, the soul …”

“No. I’m talking about the fact that maybe he’s alive. I heard his voice then, and I’m sure it was not my imagination” Kara does not allow Josie to finish the sentence.

“Did you see him dead?”

“He died in my arms, and then I was at his funeral, but …”

“As far as I know, the dead are not raised,” Josie throws at Kara look of sympathy and leaves.

Kara is left alone with the pain and doubts. Kara realizes that the words of Josie are true, but her heart refuses to believe it. She heard his voice, she is sure of it.

Getting ready for the night and to the fact that they may have to run again, Kara thinks about Agnete. She promised to call the sister as often as possible, but due to recent events she just did not have that opportunity. And now the apartment has not phone and go out is dangerous. Kara sighs, apparently, very soon she will have to apologize long and hard. Before Agnete.

“I must apologize to you,” Josie enters the room and goes to Kara who sitting on the couch and looking into the distance.

“For what?” Kara looks at her.

“Because of me, Darko hunted her. Many times I thought about how to ask for his forgiveness. But I do not have the courage,” Josie says.

Yes, she was never bold. Although, the word “never” can always be changed to the word “before”.

“I think you just do not feel guilty. You said that he was not a good man maybe you’re just angry at him for that. Maybe you are angry at him for what he did not live up to your expectations and fulfill your dreams about happy and carefree life together?”

All these words are materialized on Kara’s language so unexpected that only having finished speaking, Kara realizes that she was rude.

“You’re right. I’m angry at him. But when I met you, I realized something. We all have to pay for our mistakes, and I’m sorry that you had to pay for mine. But I want to fix that,” after a moment’s pause, finally, Josie says.

Kara did not expect such a response. But if you think about it, she did not expect any answer. She thought that for such frank speech, Josie just put her out the door. But she was wrong.


Josie weary sighs then sits down on the edge of the couch.

“I just apologize to Darko. In all conflicts, the two are always blame and I want to make amends. Tonight I will meet with him,” Josie responds confidently.

From these words, a ringing appears in Kara’s ears.

“It’s a huge risk. I several times found myself face to face with him, and he almost killed me.” Kara’s eyes widen in horror.

It’s frightening to think about to approach even one step towards the darkness. Although she is more afraid not for herself, but for Josie. It may sound strange, but in the time they spent together, Kara is very attached to her.

“I know. But otherwise we will run from Darko forever. I think it’s time to put a point on this,” Josie puts the hand on Kara’s knee, trying to soothe her.

But Kara is simply not ready for it. She is not ready to let Josie do something that perhaps she should have done long ago. After all Josie can suffer.

Chapter 25.

Night comes too quickly. Maybe because Kara was afraid of its occurrence, and as often happens, what we are afraid of comes too quickly. But in any case, at nightfall, Josie is going to carry out her plan into action.

“Think again, please,” Kara takes Josie’s arm, when they come to the door.

Josie is going to get out to the street, towards the dark and do something she believes can change the fate of Kara. But there is no guarantee that the darkness will want to listen to Josie and her words will be able to melt glaciers of heartless and ruthless creature.

“I thought a lot of times. I have to” Josie replies.

“Then I go with you.”

Kara does not really understand what she will be able to do if Josie’s plan fails. She’s just as Josie, afraid of the dark. But to let her alone, Kara can not.

Josie is not happy with the fact that Kara decides to go with her. She is very nervous and in addition nerves, now she also is worried about Kara. She does not want that Kara risked her life. But it is useless to argue.

Kyle hates when day gives way to night. But he can not avoid it. Every day, he had to give half of his existence to the monster and just prays that the monster could not hurt Kara.

Monster always finds Kara, wherever she was. So today, when Kyle finds himself in the alley, which is covered with small islands of light, he begins to worry. The inner sense tells him that something is wrong here.

Continuing to stand in the dark and struggling with the horrifying thoughts, Kyle notices two silhouettes far away. He immediately recognizes Kara and it pushes him to the edge of panic. What is she up to?

Premonitions – keen perception of happening are small beacons that do not allow us to get lost in own ignorance. Kyle knew that his misgivings are working like clockwork. He himself called it intuition. Kara also always trusted her instincts. That is why, standing next to Josie, she is already preparing for the worst.

“I’m ready,” Josie says.

She says it more likely to herself, trying to convince herself finish the job, and finally put in her heart and tragic story big fat point. Is it possible? Nobody knows. Therefore, all that she can do it is to try it.

Josie is coming to the edge of the small island of light to the line, where light and darkness meet. She worries, but her sense of determination to do what she is here, give some energy to her.

“Darko, I know you’re here. I want to ask you for forgiveness for that …”

Josie is interrupted by loud and frightening laughter. It is Darko – the darkness.

Kara clasps herself for shoulders. Because of excitement, all blood in Kara’s body congeals and she nervously shudders. Now it seems to Kara even more strongly that she made mistake that allowed Josie to go on it. Maybe it is not too late to fix it?

“Josie, I think it is bad idea,” Kara comes up to her and takes her hand, intending to pull the woman away from the edge of darkness.

But Josie confidently releases from Kara’s hands and goes back to the edge.

“I know you hate me, and I deserve it. I’m so sorry that I did not have the courage to fight for our love. But the past can not be changed. All that we have it is the future, and I do not want to continue the war with you.” Josie says again, still hoping that her speech is able to conquer anger of which the monster is full.

But Darko does not respond as Kosie expected Josie. He rushes to Josie with roar, dying in the rays of light, and then alive again in the darkness. He does it again and again, as if trying to conquer the light and destroy Josie in his darkness. But the most amazing thing that Josie does not react to this, and she only occasionally winces from piercing scream of Darko, looking off into the distance.

“We need to go,” Kara decides to intervene.

The danger is approaching, and Kara feels it. She grabs Josie’s hand, this time, not allowing her to escape, and drags her away. They need to run, to return home. And Josie need to once and for all forget about the stupid attempt to know the forgiveness of the ruthless and cold Darko. He is darkness, and it can not be changed.

The first thing Josie feels it is desire to escape from the tight grip of Kara and ask to her crazy idea to talk with Darko. But at the last minute, she changes her decision but it is too late.

Darkness is filled with burning hatred, which literally climbs over the edge. And in the next moment, when anger becomes indescribable proportions, dark envelops everything. Lamps, which created small islands of the light, explode from voltage and the whole alley plunges into darkness.

“Come on,” Kara shouts, realizing that this is the beginning of the end – of losing.

Josie obeys to order of Kara immediately, but inside she is not so scared as Kara is. She tried to correct the mistake of her youth, but apparently this mistake can not be corrected.

“Hello Josie” the darkness says with low notes and violently pushes Kara aside.

He needs Josie. Now he needs Josie.

Kara hits about a tree and falls to the ground. It becomes hard to breathe, but the pain in Kara’s body is nothing with the fear. Fear for Josie. Casting a quick glance to the side, Kara sees as darkness thickens around the woman, absorbing Josie the stronger. Darko waited too long to get back. He saved his rage and anger for so long that now it is impossible to stop him.

“Kara, go away,” Josie shouts with the last strength, knowing that she can not be saved.

This is her retribution from which she ran away so long. And despite the fact that her plan did not work and Darko could not forgive her, Josie feels happy. She tried and did everything that was depended on her. But like it turns out Darko’s wounds are too deep.

Kara strongly rises from the ground, ignoring the words of Josie. She’s not going to run away in fear, leaving Josie at the mercy of this monster. Therefore strongly goes toward the clot of darkness, she frantically tries to come up with a plan of action. How could she stop the monster?

Kyle watches for what is happening now, but all of his attempts to intervene fail. He sees Kara rapidly goes to the danger and he just is unable to prevent it. He tries, but he can not. Monster is too angry now and his strength is too high.

“Kara, go away,” Kyle repeats the words of Josie, but Kara does not hear.

It seems that the disaster is inevitable. After all Kara rushes into danger, and Kyle can not prevent it.

For Josie, this situation was inevitable, and she always knew it. She knew it even then, when she decided to betray the love to Darko. So now, feeling like she is gradually dying in the bunch of the darkness, she finally feels relieved. After she betrayed Darko, gave up her love for him, her entire life became meaningless and empty. But now, she feels that the end of this is coming.

Kara breaks into the darkness, like a hurricane, but because of the overpriced power, she is a prisoner of darkness. Kara tries to find Josie, but all she feels it’s nothing. It seems as if Josie is not here.

“I loved you, but now I hate you, and all I need it is to show you my hate” Kara hears growling darkness.

Josie says nothing. Is she alive? Kara again attempts to find her, but and this time it is not possible. Then it feels like someone’s hand grabs her around the waist and pulls out of the darkness. When Kara opens the eyes, she finds herself lying on the other end of the alley. How this could be possible?

“Kara, do you hear me?” familiar voice breaks into the consciousness of Kara, causing her blood to congeal.

That can not be. Is it again the game of her imagination, or … Kara looks up and sees a clot of darkness beside.

“Kyle?” She says with a trembling voice.

“You have to go,” the shadow answers her, ignoring her question.

Kara quickly rises to her feet, feeling a slight pain in the ankle. But she ignores it, because right now, it does not matter.

“But …” Kara wants to argue.

“Now,” but the voice interrupts her and this time Kara does not dare to object.

But that does not mean that she is going to go away. She glances into the distance, where the darkness still swirls around Josie. Kara has to go there. In this she is sure.

“You can not help Josie anymore” Kara again hears the voice, which is so similar to the voice of Kyle.

But it’s hard to believe that it’s Kyle. Despite the fact that she hoped all the time that Kyle was alive, now it is not easy to accept the fact that it is so. She is just too scared and all her thoughts are mixed.

The time that Kyle spent on to convince Kara to get out of here away, the darkness absorbed Josie and now the goal of darkness was Kara. When Kyle saw that Kara went into the darkness, he felt a powerful discharge, which allowed him to gain strength, though not for a long period. But during this time, he managed to rescue Kara from the darkness and convince her to rush to a safe place. And now Kara knows that he was alive. But with this Kyle does not know what to do.

On the one hand, many times Kyle wanted to conclude Kara in his arms and just tell her that he is alive. On the other hand, she should think about her safety.

When Kara left him, leaving his home immediately after the most beautiful night of his life, Kyle could not understand why. He still does not understand. But he promised to protect her, and he was going to keep his promise, even if Kara never wanted to see him again. He was going to be close, but at the same time away. But he also understood that to hide the fact that he is alive was too selfish on his part. However, even now he is not sure that he’s alive. But he can say one thing confidently he is not what he was before.

Kara rushes through the narrow paths, bursting into tears and gasping from her overflowing emotions. She’s mad at herself for letting Josie go to this terrible and dangerous step and she is angry at herself for that now she is running, instead of trying to save Josie. But in the mind of Kara all is mixed and she does not know what to do. She needs to stop, but her legs dutifully carry her forward in a safe place.

Coming in Josie’s apartment, Kara slams the door behind and with trembling hands turns on the light. Only now, being in the light, Kara realizes what happened. Josie died. Darkness killed her and she did not save her. Closing her face with hands Kara falls to the floor and all the accumulated tears pull out of her.

“No, no, no,” she whispers under her breath, gasping in pain.

What has she done? Why she left Josie? In the mind of Kara immediately the memories of that terrible day, when she killed the man appear. His sticky blood, it seems as if even now is on her hands. And, now Josie’s death is also on her conscience. She is disgusting person. She is not better than heartless darkness.

Last that Kara remembers it is tremors. And then she falls asleep. But when Kara opens her eyes, she finds herself lying on the couch, and covered with couch blanket. But she did not lay down on the couch. She would not dare to lie down on the couch of Josey after everything that happened. Jumping out of bed, Kara hears a noise coming from the kitchen.

Maybe it’s Josie? Inspired by this idea, Kara rushes into the kitchen. But once in the doorway, she freezes. Near the desk a tall man with dark thick hair and incredibly beautiful eyes which is shrouded in mystery stands. And what is surprising it is that she sees the man as he is. So, it means that he is the same as she?!

“I have prepared breakfast for you,” the man says, and the heart of Kara falls in the heel.

This is Kyle. No, it simply can not be. She could not see him.

Continuing to stand and stare at the man, Kara hardly makes herself to breathe. She is shocked. Inside all the senses are frozen, and she just can not do anything about it. She is torn between the desire to throw on his neck and hug tightly, and the desire to race away from him. She blames herself for everything that happened with him and the feeling of guilt just does not allow her to follow her heart. And her heart wants to be in his arms again.

Kyle often wondered what would happen if he is again in front of Kara? He wondered how she will behave. But her stupor now introduces him into confusion. What’s wrong with her?

Kyle gently takes a few steps forward. Now, between them there is a negligible distance. He wants to touch her, but what if she is frightened.

“You’re alive,” Kara finally gasps and reaches out to Kyle’s face.

She wants to make sure that he is real. And when she touches his cheek, she realized, yes, he is real. Joy like whirlwind burst into the consciousness of Kara, and she boldly rushes on Kyle’s neck. In the eyes tears appear again.

Kyle exhales in relief and hugging Kara’s waist, presses her tightly to himself. He breathes in the smell of her hair and feels the warmth of her body. How long he wanted this moment.

“I’m so sorry, I …” Kara says pulling away from Kyle and looking him in the face.

“I missed you so much” Kyle does not let her finish the sentence.

He gives in to his feelings, and bent over her head, covers her lips as if the long-awaited water source in the desert.

Kara immediately is absorbed by Kyle’s passionate kiss, but her soul is still full of guilt and regret, therefore, collecting all the strength, she gently pulls away from Kyle.

“It is my fault. Because of me, you …” Kara abruptly stops.

Died? But he is here, very close to her.

“Died? Kara all that happened to me is not your fault. I really thought I was dying, but then I thought that I would not see you again, touch you. And then, death was gone. I do not know what is happening with me now. And I really do not care. The only thing that worries me, it’s you, so please try my waffles. I prepare them for the first time,” Kyle lightly touches the cheek of Kara.

Kara sighs. She’s really hungry. Although her soul is now hurt and the food is the last thing she thought the last twenty-four hours.

“Well,” Kara nods.

Sitting down at the table, Kara stares at Kyle. Yes, it is really he is. Kara diligently studies his features. Actually Kyle looks pretty mysterious. Broad bushy eyebrows, which make him look predatory, thin lips and pronounced cheekbones. Brutal. But, despite the fact that he looks menacing, Kara is fascinated watching him.

Previously, she did not know how Kyle looks like. She saw him as a black spot. But despite this, she fell in love with him. It did not matter how he looks like, she just loved him. And now, when she sees him, she feels as if she has won a huge jackpot. Maybe this is the beginning of a bright band in her life?

“Why do I see you?” unexpectedly, Kara asks Kyle.

He calmly puts a plate of waffles on the table and pours tea in a mug. Then he sits down across from her.

“Can you see me? I mean, me?” Kyle looks blankly at Kara.

Kara holds a hand to him and gently touches his nose.

“Yes. Your eyes are dark as night and you has the bristles and your hair is dark. I mean, I used to see you as a big black spot. And now I see you, the real you,” Kara says, studying the face of Kyle.

Her piercing eyes force Kyle to feel uncomfortable. And from the words that she sees him real he also feels uncomfortable. Just because she is wrong. If she sees him real, then she would never come near to him. After spending time with the monster, he is absolutely sure about this. But unlike the monster, Kyle did not blame Kara. A long time ago he understood that he is not worthy of her.

“I am pleased, when you touch me and I feel nice when you look at me, especially now,” Kyle sighs and closes his eyes for a moment, basking in the warmth emanating from the hand of Kara.

“What happened to Josie and why at night I saw you … you were like a bunch of darkness” Kara abruptly removes the hand from Kyle’s face, feeling a pang of guilt for the fact that for a moment she forgot about Josie and that she did not help her.

Guilt is the flood for any soul. Guilt kills all of you, and gradually getting to you. But nobody can get rid of it. There are not miraculous healing pills from this feeling or ancient broth. It seems that guilt is an invincible disease. Maybe even worse than the plague, in some sense, of course.

“When I died, I did not want to part with you. This desire was so strong that I literally was about to cure the wound in my chest by this desire. Then I felt the cold, and when I came to myself, it was dark I was standing on the road and looked in your window. More precisely, Darko looked, and I was just his shadow. At day I am free of him. But at night he takes power in his hands, and I can do about it nothing,” Kyle says honestly.

“So when I heard your voice, it was you?”

Kyle nods.

“But why you did not come so long? I went crazy every day, thinking, you’re dead. I even tried to go to your grave, but there all is the same, and I just could not find it. And your mother, my God, she thinks that her son is dead,” tears appear in Kara’s eyes again.

Kyle gets up quickly from his chair and putting his hands on the shoulders of Kara, he sits on the floor in front of her.

“I’m sorry, forgive me. Every day I tried to deal with the monster. I promised to protect you, and I’m not going to break that promise. I wanted so much to knock on your door to hug her and say that I’m alive. But I just could not. I tried to lead Darko far that he would not able to find you. But when dark covers city, I again and again turned out to be next to you” with trembling hands Kyle wipes tears from Kara’s cheeks.

“And Josie? What happened with her?” Kara raises her wet eyes and looks straight at him.

Kyle sees hope in them, but unfortunately, he can not give it to her. He could not lie to her, simply because it makes no sense. Sooner or later, Kara will find out what happened to the woman.

“She is dead. Darko killed her,” Kyle whispers in answer.

Kara’s heart stops for a few moments, and then she falls helplessly into the arms of Kyle, holding him by the neck and presses to him stronger. Tears with even greater force roll from her eyes and the heart beats so fast that even Kyle hears its punches.

Pain can not be avoided. When a person is born, he already agrees on it. And Kyle always convinced that humanity deserves the pain. This is little vaccine against callousness, he thought. But now, hugging and shaking crying Kara, he curses the whole world because it causes pain to her. He curses nature, because it created a feeling – pain.

For some, the search of yourself become an obsession. Someone prefers mad with trying to find the truth. War, strife, and many hours of debate on what is good and what is bad, it is a passion for someone. But Kyle was one of those people who never searched for anything and never thought on the subject, what is good and what is bad. Kyle just lived, made a choice, and then faced with the consequences of this choice, again made a choice and so on to infinity. This he called life. But all his thoughts lately were directed only to understand how to do the right thing. But does right thing exist? Perhaps this question unlikely will be answered by someone, because there will always be those who has different answer.

The night crept on tiptoe behind Kyle’s back, reducing his happy time that he wanted to spend with Kara. He has to pack up and accept the fact that a couple of hours later the monster holds of him again, and he will become impotent. Although the idea that it is still possible to stop the monster, does not leave him.

“Say, what’s next? Will Darko to haunt me at night and you to disappear at night? Will it end ever? Will we be able to be together?” Kara climbs awkwardly on Kyle’s knees and looks him straight in the eyes.

In fact, she likes to see in his eyes. It calms her. But when she returns to thoughts about what is happening in her life, anguish and panic cover her.

“I don’t know. Darko will not give up he is too full of hate” Kyle responses doomed.

Yes, Darko will never stop, and Kyle is absolutely sure in it. But he also is sure that Darko can be stopped. After all, for every force, there is force. All that is needed it is only to find that force.

“Josie told me about what happened between them. She said that he was a man and she loved him. But then she learned that he was not a good man, and decided to leave him. When she said it, I remembered that day when I killed that guy. At that time, I also ceased to be a good person, but you did not leave me. Why?” tears appear in Kara’s eyes, but she skillfully holds them back.

For a long time she thought about what had happened that day. She so well remembers all that happened at sometimes it seems to her as if it happened just a couple of minutes ago. Guilt torments her constantly.

“I made a lot of mistakes in this life, and was always convinced that nothing good I can not wait. In the end, when you’re not a creator of good, you should not rely on the mercy of heaven. And then you broke into my life and darkness that always was inside of me began to fade. I know that you torment yourself thinking that you killed that guy. But he would certainly have killed you if he had the chance. You just defended” Kyle answers, stubbornly suppressing his screaming guilt and despair.

All has its own time and when the time comes and Kara learns that Kyle was doing and who he was, she will never sit on his lap hugging his neck and talking to him like now. Then he will pay the price for all his sins. And Kyle was always sure that he was ready to pay. But now this confidence disappears.

“I know, but it changes nothing” with sadness in the voice Kara responds.

Kyle has no words that could comfort her. First, just because he does not think that Kara is fault of anything. And secondly, he himself killed many people and he understands that to endure and put up with it only a soulless man can. Namely, this is how he thinks of himself.

Kara, knowing that the night is very close and she will have to say goodbye to Kyle once again dares to look into his eyes. She sees it. Now she sees Kyle like he really is and it is a great happiness for her. After all, she did not even dream about this. But in addition to the feeling of happiness her heart is full of a lot of other emotions – sadness, guilt, pain and sugary taste of powerlessness.

“You can live in my house. I know that to be in the apartment of Josie is not easy for you,” Kyle says, going to leave.

Kara just nods at him, and then, hugs Kyle around his neck and kisses him on the lips. This kiss fills the whole soul of Kyle, crowding all other emotions out. Again desire which covers him every time when she touches her begins to take up over him. But he can not let that desire to cloud his mind. He can not stay, and if Kara continues to kiss him, he will not be able to go away. Therefore, collecting all the power in his fist, he pulls away from her.

“The main thing, you always should be where the light is. Promise me!” Kyle says, trying to adjust the flow of Kara’s thoughts in the right at this moment direction.

Kara nods again. Of course, she did a lot of stupid things and made several attempts to end her life. And Kara is very happy with the fact that Kyle does not know about it. But now mistakes are not needed her so she can easily give a promise to him not to do silly things. After all, why she needs to do this when Kyle is alive and stands in front of her?

Sitting in the chair and listening to the silence, which now envelops her, Kara stares out the window. Even sitting in the other corner of the room, Kara knows that Kyle is now somewhere outside.

The story Josie told her, left a few fingerprints on Kara’s soul. She can not understand how it is possible to abandon the love? Kara knew that Josie did it, wanting to do the right thing. But after leaving, she did not stop loving Darko. Because love – eternal. You can not just go and stop loving. And it is strange that Josie did not think about this before.

Kyle mentally prays that this night was over as quickly as possible, and he was able to again return to Kara. In fact, he prays that all the night came to an end as quickly as possible. Sure, it’s strange, because Kyle did not believe in prayer. Many times his victim begged him for mercy and it did not work. But now Kyle is in the circle of despair and prayer is his only hope.

“Do you want to get rid of me, Kyle?” monster suddenly asks him this question.

Kyle restrains himself at the last minute because hearing the question he wants to cry out in a loud voice, “Yes, I want this more than anything else.” But to say this means to give a weapon in the hands of the monster. And it would be so stupid from his side.

“Can you really answer me this question?” putting into the words feigned indifference Kyle says.

Monster grins. Of course, he can answer this question. And what’s more, he’s going to answer it, because the monster has a very good plan.

“If you accept yourself for who you are, then you will be able to get rid of me forever.”

Kyle does not respond to these words. He is looking for the catch. Accept yourself for who you are, it sounds noble and right. But Kyle knew who he was. And he knew that he was a monster. If he accepts it, Kara saw his real face, and then he will lose her. But on the other hand, separated from the monster, he will be able to protect Kara. His selfish nature is screaming to him that it is not option, because for Kyle it is very difficult to even think about the fact that Kara can hate him. But another part of him, a sensible, tells him that much more important to ensure the safety of Kara than thinks about himself. Kyle stands in front of a difficult choice.

Chapter 26.

Kara expects the arrival of Kyle. The night is over and they again have a day which they can spend together. So sitting on the couch, Kara waits when the door opens and Kyle enter the apartment.

Kyle is approaching to the door, thinking about what he needs to do next. Of course, the choice is obvious. Kara’s safety is paramount for him. But for some reason, to make a choice he does not dare.

“Good morning,” Kyle says with gentle voice, entering the apartment.

Kara gets up from the couch rushing toward him. Now Kyle felt wanted and loved. From this it becomes even harder.

“I thought that the night would last forever,” Kara pounces on Kyle and hugs him around the neck.

Kyle closes his eyes, enjoying the closeness. He enjoys the fact that she is so close to him.

“Me, too. I called a taxi. As I understand it, you do not have things so we can go home now!” Kyle touches by a hand silk hair of Kara.

“Your house?” Kara pulls away from Kyle.

“My house is your house. Come on” Kyle replies and taking her by the hand drags Kara to the door.

Still, the fate is a very tricky. She throws you into the open ocean which is called life, forcing cope with all the difficulties yourself.

Therefore, when it’s good weather, you can not relax, because, a couple of minutes later the storm will start, and you can die. That’s how the fate has fun of people. And Kyle damn hates the fate for it. Why the fate does not take pity on him and does not allow him to enjoy the happiness, which now sits next to him, holding his hand?

Once home, Kyle does not feel anything. He does not feel the joy of that he again is in his house, and certainly does not feel relief.

“I must to say something,” Kara suddenly stops and turns to Kyle.

She looks directly at him and Kyle feels uncomfortable because of it.

“When I left, I thought it was right. Due to the fact that you were there with me, you could get hurt. However, it still happened. When I thought you were dead, I just … it was hard. And it happened because of me. If I was able change the past, I would never have allowed to meet with you, because our meeting changed your life and killed you.” Kara swallows nervously and then turns back to Kyle.

She tries to hide her tears from him. She loves Kyle, but the idea that she is the cause of all his misery, makes Kara unhappy. And so, she wants him to know that she regrets that his life changed because of her.

“No, do not dare to think so. You can not imagine what my life was like before I met you. And my death … What’s the difference, right now I’m here with you,” Kyle grabs Kara’s arm and forcing her to face him.

Then he carefully removes a stray lock of her hair behind her ear and looks adoringly at the woman who was able to conquer the depths of his gloomy soul.

“But now you’re a prisoner of the monster. What can be worse than that?” Kara replies.

Kyle sighs. Being a prisoner of the monster is not the worst thing for him. The worst thing for him is to lose her. But sometimes you have to choose between your desires and what is right.

“I know how to fix it” unexpectedly Kyle says.

Yes, he made a decision, but still some part of it, is not yet ready for it.

“You know how to get rid of the monster?” Kara does not believe the ears.

“Yes.” he nods in response.

“And it means that then we will be able to be together?”

“If you want to. But now, my love, I ask to give me another magical night of love” Kyle gently holds his fingertips on bare neck of Kara.

Kara’s skin is covered with pimples. From his touch she is thrown in the heat.

“But it is the day?” not hiding a smile, Kara answers.

“It does not matter!” Kyle says and in the next second covers her mouth with his lips, sinking in the sweetness of the kiss.

When Kyle first learned tenderness of Kara’s body, for him it was a revelation that he was her first man. At first he felt uncomfortable. Many times he asked himself did he deserve it. But then he felt a boundless feeling of pride. Kara is his. She is and will always be his. Completely.

Omitting Kara on the bed, Kyle is able to at least not for a long time turn off the raging flow of his thoughts. All he cares about right now. All he is focused on now, it’s Kara’s soft body under his arms and the softness of her lips on his lips. Kyle just does not know what can be compared with. Such bliss and relaxation can not be obtained anywhere else. It can be obtained only by referring to a loved one, feeling his and heat yielding of his body.

Kara boldly opens his eyes and looks at Kyle. This happens just before the explosion, in which they rush headlong. Bliss – vicious sweetness that we all so ardently wish. So proud and grateful for the fact that now Kara got it, she runs a hand in hair of Kyle and immerses in the remains of his heat.

Nobody is ever ready to risk. Kyle is also not ready. But the only thing to which he undoubtedly is ready, it’s to protect Kara.

A man and a woman are like two halves of one whole. Man defends and protects the woman, and the woman gives him incomparable warmth. It is a law that works flawlessly. Of course, Kyle can not be called careful, but he’s a man. And every man who meets right woman is ready for her on everything. Therefore, careful getting out of bed so as not to wake Kara, Kyle leaves the house.

It’s quite strange, because once Kara did the same. She left when he was asleep. Kyle does not want to pay her the same, but night is coming, and she is so sweet to sleep, that he simply does not dare to wake her.

The thoughts which are swirling in his head right now hardly can be called simple. It seems as if that is all he has already made a decision and he should simply do what it decided. But no. In his head there is the weight of contradictory thoughts that are literally tearing him to pieces. He wants to protect Kara, and if he is not part of the monster, he got it. But, he wants also to be with her. Very wants. But if Kara sees his true face, it is certain that she never will belong to him. This thought hurt him.

Monster with great pleasure seizes power over Kyle, not concealing his delight from it. But in the end, what can be expected from the monster?

“I thought a long time, trying to understand how you feel, you know, I realized something. You said you loved Josie, but it is not so. You, Darko, just do not know what love is,” Kyle says suddenly.

Laughter of the monster fills all around.

“And you, my friend, did not know of betrayal. Your heart was not broken, so you can not understand what I feel,” casually the monster answers, pretending he is not touched by Kyle’s words.

But it is not so. Darko is deeply convinced that his love for Josie was so strong that even the heavens bowed before this love. And despite the fact that after Josie’s betrayal Darko turned into a terrible darkness, he is quite sure that since he loved, no one will be able to love.

“You’re just a coward. Josie abandoned you, because you did not deserve her. And you, instead of having to take it, hated her and then killed. No, you do not know anything about love.”

These are the last words that Kyle said Darko and then he makes a fateful step and does what he thought was necessary. He takes himself.

Darkness is in each of us, it’s not scary. It is scary when you are the darkness. Persistently avoiding contact with his own soul Kyle did not even believe that it is so black. Yes, he knew that there is a lot of blood on his hands, but the soul is too sinful to dream of paradise. But he never believed that a real darkness is inside his. He is now the darkness.

Separating from the monster, Kyle is now able to protect Kara. He tries to focus on this, just think about it, because the idea that now Kara will turn away from him forever, is just unbearable.

Kara wakes up late at night. The room, like the whole house light is turned on, and it means that it is already night. And it also means that Kyle is gone. Kara breathes deeply and closes the eyes again. Maybe she should go to bed again? Then the night will be much faster. But all her attempts to fall asleep turn to dust. Therefore, Kara gets out of bed and goes in the shower.

Every moment surprises wait us. For someone it is surprise, that he has next minute. And for someone it is surprise that the next minute did not come. In any case, life does not get tired to do the unexpected and not always pleasant gifts to us. So some gift waits Kara.

When day is slowly approaching, Kara is already looking forward to the arrival of Kyle. She has prepared breakfast for two, which consists from toast and hot coffee brought herself up and put Kyle’s shirt on, because in the house there are not her own clothes. All her clothes stayed in the motel, from where she was abducted. Of course, she could go back, but Kara is not one of those girls which can do the hard way for the sake of the junk.

Kyle went into the house and the first thing he feels, so it is a pleasant smell. Now he knows exactly what it means “it’s nice to come back home”. Yes, it is nice to come home when you are waited.

“Why did not you wake me?” Kara appears in the doorway and posing as a hurt child, looks at Kyle.

He grins. Kara looks funny and very innocent. This again makes him take the path of grief, from which he was trying to get through the night.

“Good morning, my love” Kyle answers, ignoring her question.

The second time he calls Kara “my love” and it melt all the simulated ice in the heart of Kara. When he first called her so, Kara thought it was a mistake. Maybe these words just escaped from his mouth. But now she’s sure he really believed her his love. Therefore, succumbing to the joy, Kara rushes on the neck of Kyle and firmly presses against his lips. This kiss says more “I love you with superhuman love” than “I want you here and now”. And most surprisingly, Kyle likes that this kiss speaks of love, rather than lust.

“I made breakfast,” Kara pulls away from Kyle and playfully looks at him.

Kyle nods, and the next moment picks her up. Kara cries out in surprise.

“Then let’s go. I’m very hungry and I’m not talking about food,” he says in a hoarse voice and deftly slips into the kitchen’s door.

“Toast and coffee?” he examines the table.

A blush appears on Kara’s face. She never had to cook. She just does not know how. But the toast, she made a couple of times, so yes, now on the table there are toast and coffee.

“I do not know how to cook, so that’s all that I can cook” she says frankly.

Kyle grins. He knows what she is thinking, but it’s not quite what he had in mind.

“Thank you, but I would prefer you to stay away from hot and dangerous things” he says casually and kisses her on the nose.

Kyle never dreamed of a normal life. But what if he and Kara were ordinary and normal people? He would not be a cold-blooded killer with an impressive experience, and Kara could see the world the way it is. Darko did not pursue her, and then they just could enjoy each other. They would have breakfast together every morning, spent a passionate night and then again have breakfast in the morning. It seems quite feasible, but not for Kara and Kyle. The fate of them is quite different.

“I made toast and before. I’m not blind after all,” Kara says playfully, involuntarily blushing because suddenly appeared the heat in her heart.

Kyle takes care of her and it is so nice that Kara wants to scream with joy.

“Well,” Kyle frowns.

He does not really like that Kara sees his words playfully. But after all she is right. He should not treat to her as a patient. She is different, but not sick.

Sitting down at the table, Kyle feels guilty. He was already thinking about how to say Kara who he really is. But in theory, it is easier to do than in practice. So he carefully set the idea aside on the back of his mind. But now these thoughts again appear in his head. And what to do with them right now, Kyle knows.

“Are you all right?” noticing that Kyle is thinking about something and at the same time his face looks puzzled Kara asks.

Kyle looks up and stares at her. Now he has to make another choice. Lie to her or tell the truth?

“Yes,” he says, choosing a lie.

He knows that he will lose Kara and very soon. But at least, letting the lie to her now, he has a little more time to be with her.

Kara takes a deep breath. The answer of Kyle does not calm her but Kara decides not to give in to her doubts and just take this. In the end, she fully trusts him.

After breakfast, Kara goes to bed to get some rest. Lately, because of the experience, she feels defeated and tired. But the desire to relax immediately pours slowly into a desire to sleep. Therefore, closing the eyes, Kara falls in sleep.

Chapter 27.

Last night which Kyle has is tearing him apart. Life of Kara ruthlessly exhausts her for several days, so despite the fact that she was sleeping half of the day, in the evening, when again her face touched the pillow, Kara fell asleep again.

Kyle sits on the edge of the bed gently removes hair from the face of Kara helplessly exhales. He never loved anyone and knows about love – nothing and after all, the feelings that he feels now, as the sweetness air envelops in his heart, giving him a long-awaited peace in the soul. But he needs to go. He must.

Very often, when we get what we do not deserve, we need to voluntarily give up this. This is unwritten law. Especially this law works when love is involved. So Kyle, for the first time in his life decides to do what he should do. Now he can not be selfish. Close to Kara, he can not be selfish, because the egoist always thinks of himself, but next to Kara, he can only think of Kara.

Being in a dream Kara feels inside is a strange feeling. It makes Kara sharply awake. But as soon as she opens her eyes, the corner of her eyes she sees as a shadow passes over the wall and slips into the bath. Heart of Kara is transfixed with fear.

“Kyle,” she quickly looks around.

In the room he is not and it leads her to an even greater horror. After all, he said, that freed from the monster, and it means that he now has to be next to her in bed.

Kara gently gets up from the bed and on shaky legs goes into the bath.

“What are you doing?” Kara whispers under her breath, barely able to restrain on her feet.

She is so frightened that she is ready to faint.

Kyle noticing how Kara wakes up, quickly slips into the bath. Standing in front of the mirror, he timidly raises his eyes and looks at his reflection. He’s monster. He has always been. Only now, Kara will see his real face, and…. He will lose her. If only he could change it…. But he can not. All he has only to wait for a minute of the inevitable end of his world.

Kara slowly comes to the door of the bath with trembling hands opens the door. And then – emptiness.

Kyle stops at the moment when the door swings open. He immediately sees a frightened face of Kara. That’s it the fateful moment which he was so scared.

“Kara,” he exhales her name, regretting everything at once.

But Kara does not hear him. Her shoulders lower slowly and in the next moment, Kyle sees how she falls. A deft movement, he can pick her up. Again, to feel the warmth of her body, the smell of her hair and just to be with her … all that infects the heart and soul of Kyle. Now he expects nothing good.

Sooner or later, we must face the truth. The later this happens, the harder the clash. Kyle could tell Kara the truth from the beginning, and maybe then he would get rid of the pain that he feels right now. Maybe Kara was not hurt, if she knew the truth. But we are running from the truth as long as it catches up with us. And then we have to look her in the face, and our lives falls apart forever.

“I was born into a wonderful family. You know my mother and she is really wonderful, kind and sympathetic person. I love her, I guess. In fact, before I met you, I do not feel anything. I lived alone, I had no friends, I decided for himself what is good and what is bad. Life was for me an act of desperation. I did not see in it anything tempting. Just life had no meaning for me. And then the sense of life found me. The sense is you, Kara! I love you more than life, my love, but it’s time you learn the truth. The truth about who I really am.

In the world I have many names. Killer, private executioner and etc. All that’s me. Murder is very easy and pleasant experience for me. I was hired to kill and I get paid for this money, big money. And I would like to say that I killed the villains, like then, near the hospital. But no, Kara. I killed anyone for whom I was paid. I just did not care. When I told you that I know a way to get rid of the monster, I knew that this would be the end for us. Because, to get rid of the monster I had to accept myself as I am. I understand that you will never be able to accept me. And it is right. I am worthy of you, so I’m leaving. I promise to protect you. Just otherwise I can not. But I promise that you will never see me again, and I will not force you to relive the horror over and over again. I wish you happiness Kara and I will love you forever. And forgive me for my lies. I love you”.

Kara again and again re-reads this letter, shedding oceans of tears in the paper, on which these words are written. She tries to focus on the essentials. She remembers what she saw when she opened the door. Darkness, cold, cruelty and the horror which she experienced is simply unbearable. But only now, reading the confession of Kyle, she realizes that she has seen. She saw the true face of the one who she loves with unearthly love. It seems time stops for her.

We always have a choice, but sometimes because of our own cowardice, we are afraid to make that choice. Usually we say “I have no choice.” But it is always there and now Kara is trying to make this choice. Kyle left. Realizing of it it’s painful for her, because she once lost him. But on the other hand, now knowing the truth, knowing the true face of Kyle, she should feel easier. But no, she still hurts.

The phone has to be in the house of Kyle. Therefore Kara clumsily gets out of the bed and leaves the room. It seems to her she saw the phone on the first floor. But she is not sure. Now she is not sure in anything.

Phone is on the first floor, almost at the point where Kara saw it. So not delay, she quickly picks up the phone and dials the number of Agnete.

“Hello,” with a quiet voice Kara says when Agnete raises the phone.


Kara sighs. Yes, she did not call for a long time. And maybe he would not call today, if it had not happened what happened. The realization that she is a bad friend comes to her instantly.

“I’m sorry I did not call. How are you?” Kara helplessly exhales.

When she decided to call Agnete, she was hoping to get support from her. But now, when Kara fully understands that she is not the best friend and especially the sister, she decides not to say anything Agnete.

“I’m fine. How are you?” Agnete answers.

Kara bites the lip. This issue causes the tears appear on her cheeks. But she can not cry, otherwise Agnete will guess that something is wrong. And Kara can not let that happen.

“Good” carefully putting in a word all of her remaining optimistic, Kara says.

Only now Kara realizes that to talk about Kyle would be very foolish. After all Agnete and the mother of Kyle, consider him dead. Yes, she can talk about Kyle only to herself. And decide what to do next to her, she can only itself.

“I miss you and I’m sorry that you can not go back. To be in the house without you it is very lonely,” Agnete says.

Kara also feels lonely. Especially now. So she understands the feelings of Agnete.

“I miss you, too. But you know, I will never go back. I love you and I want your life to be normal. And if I’m around, it’s impossible. And call I will now to call rarer. But do not worry, everything will be fine” Kara replies, taking a deep calming breath.

“Why? You got a problem?” Agnete’s voice becomes agitated.

Kara thinks for a moment. When she read the letter of Kyle all that was hurt for her it is the fact that he was gone. Yes, his soul is full of darkness, and he made a lot of terrible things but who is perfect? Kara immediately remembers how she killed the guy and how she could not stop Josie and she also died. And Kara thinks that she is fault in Josie’s death. Yes, no one is clean, no one is perfect. This Kara is now assured. And she is also assured that life without Kyle will be a living hell for her. She loves him, and he does not even know about it. After all Kara never told him three treasured words. Just because she was afraid. But now … now she is not afraid.

“Yes, but I know how to solve it. I love you Agnete. Bye” Kara hangs up without waiting for the sister’s answer.

Kyle was gone, because he thought that Kara would do the same as Josie did. And Kara blames herself for that. Of course, if she told him how much she loves him, he would never have gone. But Kara is not going to give up. Very often, for love and for the happiness you need to fight.

Kyle feels not just disgusting. He is on top of the most insignificant feelings. The city is around him, the sounds of cars, which are in his head every minute and the cold coming from the crude bench. All this is so terse, unimportant and does not bother Kyle. In a moment, he asks a question, and whether he is alive still?

“I see, now you know what I mean,” the familiar, and to some extent hated voice says to Kyle.

It’s the monster. Surprisingly, because Kyle was hoping that he would never hear that voice. He thought that the monster could talk to him only when he was associated with them. What if he is still associates with him?

“No, I do not know” Kyle answers flatly.

He sits in the middle of the park on a wet bench. People walk past him and it even seems to Kyle that they do not notice him. Maybe it is really so?

“I, too, was defeated. But I know what will be able to ease your pain. Death. You need to kill Kara” the monster leans to Kyle’s ear and his whisper permeates in every cell of Kyle’s brain.

Blood begins to pulsate and not withstanding voltage, which housed the monster’s words in his soul, Kyle jumps up.

“Bloody bastard! You are the most insignificant creature. You killed Josie, and she was the one who loved you. Now you’ll rot alone forever, eventually realizing how much you’re worthless. You do not deserve love of Josie, but you did not have the courage to admit it. Now what? You are one, and Josie is dead. You are in hell, do not doubt it,” Kyle yells, feeling like anger raises temperature of his body.

If he was able to see the monster, he would certainly have attacked him, splash out seething in him rage. But the monster is invisible at the day.

Chapter 28.

Night boldly knocks on the door and Kara, undoubtedly for the first time in a long time, rushes to the door and opens it safely. There, in the dark, Kyle is. She is sure of it. After all, he promised to protect her from the darkness. Now it is night and the darkness where Kara is. And this means that Kyle is here, too.

“You just need to make a move,” Kara says herself, looking at the line, through which she has to step over.

There, behind this line, are the darkness, and the danger. But the idea that there is Kyle, warms the soul and gives a determination to her. Therefore, gaining more air into the lungs, Kara takes a step. Now it is surrounded by darkness.

Shivers run down her spine, but Kara, studiously ignoring it, straightens her back and quickly looks around. Around it is dark, but the monster, she always heard behind her, when she enter into the darkness, is not. And Kyle is not also. Kara begins to worry. What if something happened?

The streets are covered with cold of night. People are not. Only occasionally passing cars. Kara safely goes somewhere ahead. It does not matter how, but she must find Kyle. Therefore, stepping barefoot on wet and cold asphalt, Kara persistently paves the way to an unknown destination.

“Kyle, well, where are you?” Kara whispers, feeling as hope slowly leaves her.

What if she does not find him? What if Kyle is gone forever? From these thoughts, Kara’s eyes again become wet. No, she can not let that happen.

Suddenly, Kara feels cold breath on the neck. Then she hears the rattle of claws and understands it is Darko. Previously, she would undoubtedly be scared of it, but now she is happy. After all, if Darko is here, then Kyle is here, too.

“Hello, Kara” the monster leans to Kara’s ear, enveloping her neck with a terrible cold.

Kara stops at the site. She tries to suppress a growing panic that monster’s words make Kara feel. But in fact it is nothing to fear. After all Kyle should be somewhere nearby.

“I’m not afraid,” Kara says to herself mentally, but her body is still trembling betrayed.

But the fear is not harder than thought that Kara will not be able to find Kyle and tell him what she feels. Therefore, clenching her fists tightly, Kara proudly lifts the head and again continues the way forward. Darkness thickens around her. The same thing happened with Josie. Darkness was killing her slowly, wrapping with the cold. But Kara believes that Kyle will save her. He always saved.

“Kara?” a voice calling her is heard from afar.

“Kyle” Kara exhales but it gets hard to go.

Darkness squeezes her chest, and deprives the air makes the blood in her veins to grow cold. Kara tries to break free, but it’s just not possible. The monster is too strong.

Kyle almost is paralyzed with fear. As soon as he sees that Kara is on the road, and the darkness is around her he freezes for a moment. Thoughts in his head absolutely disappear and all feelings are smelled by unbridled fear. Kara is captive of the monster and he needs to help her.

Life is very fragile thing. Kyle not always appreciated it, and even more so, never thought about its value. But now, going through the air and trying as quickly as possible to get to Kara, Kyle finally realizes. Life is too precious gift that fate gives and not everyone and at any moment, we can lose this gift. However, now he is not going to lose it.

Peering into the darkness, Kara sees a black figure that is approaching her. But it is approaching so slowly that sometimes it seems that she is looking at time-lapse filming.

“You’re the same as Josie.” the darkness says, poisoning every word with his hatred.

“She loved you, and you killed her.” feeling like air is becoming less Kara answers.

Again she looks into the distance, trying to see the black figure. An inner voice tells her that it’s Kyle, but he is too far away. At some point, Kara loses hope for the best. In the end, the darkness stifles her, and most likely it is her last moments, because her body is getting weaker and weaker.

“Do not say that. She betrayed me. She deserved death. Just like you,” the monster shouts, and Kara feels like the ground begins to shake beneath her feet.

Then, Kara feels like sharp claws pierce the back of Kara. Now hope finally disappears. Kara again glances into the distance, knowing that the black spot, that’s all that Kara sees before his death. It’s not a happy ending, but perhaps it was a foregone conclusion long ago. Maybe Kara was destined only to know love and not be happy?

“I love you, Kyle,” Kara says in a whisper and her eyes close helplessly.

The body can no longer resist the force of the monster. Only dripping blood on the asphalt from the deep wounds which the monster left on her body indicates that she still is alive. But for how long?

In the world there are a lot of weapons. But there is the worst, the most destructive and the most destructive weapon. This is word. Monster had a closed and very poor world in the head, in the consciousness, in all his existence. And the monster believed that all his beliefs, this gospel were truth. But when he heard the last words of Kara, inside his everything has been turned upside down. After all, she can not love Kyle. Monster was just sure that Kara would betray Kyle, as well as Josie had betrayed him. But no, Kara is now here, ready to sacrifice be herself for the love of … the monster. What does he know about love?

Kyle struggles to overcome a great distance between him and Kara. But the harder he tries, the more Kara is from him. He vaguely sees what happens with Kara, because she is shrouded by the darkness, but he feels that now something very terrible happens.

“Kara” in desperate Kyle cries, continuing to run.

But suddenly an invisible wall that held Kyle collapses and pushes him forward to Kara. Darkness is dissipated, and then, a piercing scream is heard. Kyle realizes that it Darko, but what is happening?

Faith – the power that can save you in the most unexpected moment. This of course, does not always happen, but most of all, having faith you can provide yourself plus one more chance for salvation. Kara had faith, but lost it at the last moment. However, when he hears a piercing scream of Darko and feels like holding her darkness begins to fade, faith returns in her soul. But she feels so broken, so helpless, that she simply does not have the strength even to stand still. Therefore, as soon as darkness dies in own evil, Kara feels like falling down. But the deft movement Kyle grabs her by the waist and picks her up. Feeling his warmth Kara sobs and spending the last strength she presses against his chest. But to say the most important words, she does not have time.

Chapter 29.

“She will be sleeping a couple of hours. Can you tell me what happened?” Janet comes to her son, who was presumed dead, and still not believing her own eyes, she says.

When Kyle was holding Kara in his arms and when he realized that she was wounded, he could not think about anything except how to save her. His mother is a former surgeon. So, without hesitation, he called her. And, despite the fact that Janet left the world of medicine for several years ago, she could not refuse. However, at first, she did not believe at all that this is Kyle. But after she hung up, she heard the doorbell and when she opened the door her son stood on doorstep and bloody Kara was in his hands. It was a shock for her, but on the other hand, any mother would want to see her dead son alive, even if it seemed impossible.

“She definitely gets better?” ignoring the question of the mother Kyle says.

Mother sees him like before. Only Kara can see his true face. And Kyle is still convinced that Kara will not be able to accept him ever.

“Yes” Janet answers, taking Kyle’s unwillingness to answer her question.

But in the end, he is now standing in front of her, alive and well, and she just should be glad. And she is glad.

“Well,” Kyle exhales in relief.

The main thing is that Kara’s alive. If something happened with her… Kyle shivers. No, he can not even think about it.

“Can I hug you?” Janet’s voice turns to a whisper and she looks at her son with eyes which is filled with frozen tears.

She spent so many nights, mourning her only son. So now, standing in front of him, she just can not believe her luck. God gave her a second chance, and she is so much grateful to him for that.

Kyle raises his eyes and looks at his mother. To be honest, Kyle did not think about her before. All that interested him, it was Kara. But even now he can think about his mother. But looking at the mother’s eyes and realizing how much pain he brought her, Kyle feels guilty. Therefore, saying nothing in response, he silently hugs her. Janet sobs and harder presses to her son.

“You’re alive,” she whispers.

Yes, he is alive. Maybe.

Life has a few signs. The first sign is heartbeat. The second is the breath. If your heart beats and you breathe, then you are alive. But being alive is much more than beating heart or breathing. To be alive means to love, to be necessary and the main thing is to have a sense of life, to feel the taste of life. And after meeting with Kara, Kyle felt alive the first time. He felt that his heart is filled with warmth and love. Like wings grew behind him.

Kara opens the eyes, and through the pain, forces herself to move. She not particularly understands where she is, but she is confident that Kyle’s not here. Otherwise, she would have felt his presence. This immediately makes her panic. Kara clumsily slips off the bed, and absolutely not giving value to her actions, she leans against the wall leave the room.

“Kyle,” she tries to speak loudly, but because of the strange weakness in the whole body, Kara’s voice is a little louder than a whisper.

Voices are heard from a distant room, so hoping that Kyle is there, Kara stubbornly, ignoring the pain, and weakness goes there.

“Kara?” Janet turns abruptly.

Kara stands in the doorway, clutching the wall as the lifeline. Her legs are shaking.

“I …” Kara swallows nervously.

Only now, she notices that her throat is quite dry.

“You should not get up from the bed,” Janet quickly approaches her and grabs her by the elbow.

She wants to help her to sit down, but Kara does not need this. All she needs is Kyle.

“Where is Kyle?” Kara asks.

“He went out on the porch, and you need to go to the bed” Janet frowns.

Kara nervously shakes her head and tears appear in her eyes. She still did not have time to tell him what she had to say for a long time ago. How can she go to bed? No, she needs to see Kyle.

Janet does not quite understand what is happening now. She understands that Kara is now hurt, because the wound on her back almost killed her. But Janet does not understand why she is so eager to Kyle.

“Good. But promise then you will go to the bed” Janet exhales doomed.

“I promise,” Kara replies.

Janet again picks up Kara’s arm and helps her to get to the door that leads to the veranda. Door is glass, so Kara immediately sees Kyle. He sits with his back to her, and his whole posture suggests that he is tense. Kara smiles. He’s here, just a few steps away from her and now she finally will tell him what she feels.

“Thank you” Kara turns to Janet and gives her a tired smile.

Janet nods and then quickly leaves. Kara turns back to the door and again looks at Kyle. It is night and it means that Kara will see the real face of Kyle. Is she scared? Now not. What is the difference what she sees, more importantly, what she feels. And she feels an irrepressible love for him. He is her whole life.

“Kara?” Kyle turns abruptly and seeing Kara, quickly jumps to his feet.

Seeing the face of Kyle, Kara flinches. Kyle notices this and quickly turns away.

“Kyle, do not” Kara takes a few steps forward, overcoming the distance between them, and puts her hand on his shoulder.

Kyle stops. He just can not move. Her touch, and just the fact that she’s there … it like paralyzes him. He can not move, because then he will spoil this moment.

“Kara, I’m sorry …” Kyle nervously squeezes the jaw.

He’s sorry that he deceived her and he is sorry he scares her with his views. He’s just sorry that he is not worthy of her. But how to gather all these feelings into words and tell her? Kyle does not know.

“Look at me,” Kara says in a whisper.

Of course, it can not be said that she is ready to see the darkness again, but on the other hand, if the darkness is part of Kyle maybe she will be able to fall in love with this part, too. Or maybe she already has fallen in love with this?

“But …” Kyle is puzzled.

“Please,” Kara interrupts.

Kyle slowly turns his head. His eyes are closed, and even through the darkness that Kara now sees, she feels his pain.

“Open your eyes,” Kara whispers and tenderly touches his cheek with her hand.

Kyle obeys.

“I was afraid that I would not have time to tell you. When Darko surrounded me, I thought only about that and did not tell you … I love you, Kyle” the tears roll down her cheeks.

Inside her there is so much sense that probably it will not be enough even one life to describe them. But most importantly, she is now happy.

Kyle stops breathing. The world stops all around him for a moment which seems agonizing eternity. Kara’s words sound echoing in his head. She loves him. Could he expect ever to hear these words? No, absolutely not. He was convinced that Kara would leave him. Moreover, he believed that this would happen, because that’s what Kara had to do. But he was wrong.

“I read your letter again and again and again. I had to experience the horror, but instead I felt only pain, there,” Kara puts her hand on her chest, “I felt the same pain when I thought you were dead. I thought I lost you forever. Then, I found out that you’re alive and I could breathe easily again. But when I found your letter and realized that you’re gone …” Kara’s voice breaks and the flow of tears with even greater force pours from the eyes.

These words shake the world of Kyle. His whole being, all that is within him flips. He grabs Kara’s waist and cuddle her.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I thought it would batter to leave. But I was wrong. I love you more than life. You are my life. Damn, all these words are only a tiny part of what I feel actually” Kyle says.

Kara slowly pulls away from him. Their eyes meet.

“Promise me that you will no longer leave me. Do not leave me ever,” she whispers to him.

“I promise you, my love.” Kyle answers and covers the mouth of Kara.

They are immersed in the deepest, most passionate kiss. The world around becomes pale. The passion that rages between them overshadows everything. Only he and she.


Rain outside increases it seems, with each passing moment. Weather brings sadness, but Kyle’s soul is now so light and joy that the rain is not able in any way to overshadow his condition.

Kara quietly snuffles on his chest. Kyle feels the warmth of her naked body, and the desire that last time does not fade, makes his blood to rush madly through the narrow veins.

“Hi,” Kara slowly opens the eyes and stretching, smiles to Kyle.

“Hi,” he says, sinking into her smile.

It does not need much for happiness. Just a moments. Moments which are filled with sincerity, warmth and care. And Kyle and Kara finally have such moments. Every morning, they smile at each other, and even after hours of separation, they hug each other so tightly that almost impossible to breathe. Before going to bed they wish each other good night and, plunging into the warm each other they fall asleep. All this is genuine and eternal happiness.

Blind and Dark

Kara has already got used to the fact that she is not like everyone else. She does not see the world as it really is and she can not live a normal life. Kara's parents died and she had to learn to live alone, to be alone. She is not like everyone else and she is lonely. Each night, Kara have to escape from the darkness. She tries to survive. This is the main purpose of her life. But one day, life pushes her with cold and rough Kyle Grent and everything in her life is turned. However, just like everything in the life of Kyle.

  • ISBN: 9781370271160
  • Author: Angelina Krafft
  • Published: 2016-09-18 14:20:16
  • Words: 77261
Blind and Dark Blind and Dark