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Black Wings Preview


Black Wings


My invite, the opportunity to discover a new world a gift given to an early present before it hits the shelves

Release on September 4th 2016 Feel free to connect with social sites and tell me if you like! Your experience is worth the world, you, the reader and fantasy seekers! Without further ado, I hope you enjoy











Chapter 1



Pop Pop!


Outside gunshots rang and Kyron jolted in surprise, the ceramic bowl he was holding fell shattered to the tile.

“Dang it!” He said and grabbed the broom behind the fridge. “Who the heck is shooting at 7 of clock in the morning?” he said. “Jesus ain’t even up this early!”

He swept the coco puffs and pieces pieces hastily. “I didn’t even get to put milk on em.” He grumbled.  

After dumping them in the trash, Kyron tiptoed to the cabinet, hoping he could eat at a bowl of cocoa puffs or frosted flakes before Rashad fully woke and cussed him out the kitchen.  He grabbed the box from the top cabinet and reached on the shelf below for a plastic bowl.

Kyron licked his lips. Maybe I can still make it without him getting-


“ I heard some shit break, I knew it had to be yo fat ass.” croaked a raspy voice.


Kyron huffed and turned to the hallway; the kitchen had two entrances, one leading in the living room another leading the hallway, Rashad stood at the hallway entrance, arms crossed and a sneer on his lips.  He wore grey sweatpants over dirty draws, on his bare chest a burn marked tanktop, he scratched his wrist in a way that suggested his lips rolled more than weed and lsd.. Kyron really wondered what his mother saw in him, with his splotchy brown skin, too faded tattoos and long grey spot-dreadlocks he looked like a dying lion.


“What the hell you trying to devour now f*ck-boy?” Rashad rasped.“My grocery bill already high enough as it is.”

Take some money out of your crack budget and it probably wouldn’t be so bad. Kyron thought.

“I just wanted to eat some cereal.”


“No, what your fat ass wanted to do was eat all the cereal.” Rashad snorted and picked his nose with a long nailed pinky,” Look here you little bastard, last I check school ain’t stop serving breakfast.  Maybe if you wobble yo ugly piggly wiggly ass up there you’d catch it. Now get the hell outta my kitchen!”


“But I woke up late today; breakfast ends at 7:45 and its 7:22, I might not make it in time.” Kyron pleaded.


Rashad’s sneer snaked wide and he walked to Kyron. “Well then you wasn’t that hungry in the first place huh?” His hand pulled back, he slapped Kyron hard on the cheek, Kyron fell to kitchen floor, vision hazy from the smack.

“Now I’m gonna tell you this one more time get the hell outta my kitchen.” Rashad roared.

Kyron rubbed his aching cheek and stood up slowly. “Yes Sir.”



He walked in the living room and stooped to snatch up his backpack next to the pale green sofa, a slurp and crunch caught Kyrons ears, he cut a glance behind to see Rashad eating cocoa puffs in the same bowl he had held.

Kyron stared in indignation. I can’t eat it because you want it for yourself.

 Ever since Rashad moved in with Kyron and Keisha( Kyron’s mother),  home transformed into a living hell.  He treated Kyron like he a household slave, cussed him out at every hour and punched and shoved him like a sparring bag. Assaulting him inside and outside the apartment to the amusement of his neighbors.  In fits of tears from the purple and dark red welts on his skin, Kyron would run to his mother and beg her to kick Rashad out.  


“Why do you keep making him mad?” Keisha always responded accusingly. “If you wouldn’t start a problem, then there wouldn’t be a  problem.”

“How am I starting the problem when I didn’t even do anything?’ Kyron shrieked.

His mother would close her eyes, inhale and whisper a few words to herself.“ He really does loves you Kyron,” She said after the meditative mutter. “he just has a strange way of showing it.”


His mom would if she could ride to hell in Rashad’s defense. “He loves you he just has a strange way of showing it.”  

Hell, The Pope himself could stand infront Kiesha and say she shares a toilet with a dumb,drugged out, alcoholic asshole, using her home as a haven to snort coke and pop pills she would still come to his defense.

Before his fingers touched the knob, he measured his height on the doors frame. He traced the marks with his fingers and sighed. Five foot two. Nothings changed. Sixteen years of age and a growth spurt seemed like a myth. He hadn’t grown since seventh grade.

I [_look like a black hobbit.  _]He thought somberly.  Kyron’s mother had said his father, before he died was a very tall and beautiful man, catchy charisma and too-white teeth and all.

“Apparently those genetic traits skip a generation.” Kyron said sadly so many nights to himself

Kyron was more traumatic than charismatic, as far as his face, with its big moose lips and depressive deer- like eyes smacked away any possibility of attractiveness like a fly swatter, and as far as size, it looked like he was divinely ordained to appear a dwarf.

He swung the front door and shivered as a gust of freezing air blew on his gray coat.

“Clo ma dooe you half etarded on of a bitch.!” Rashad yelled through a mouthful of cocoa puffs.”You lettin all dat fucin cold air in!!”

Kyron stepped onto the porch and pulled the door shut.  He sighed and raised his gaze to the snow bearing clouds..

[_Lord, somehow please let this day to turn out better than it began.   _]He prayed hopefully.

But Kyron knew it wouldn’t change, his life was trapped in an endless labyrinth of pain, a path of suffering that had no end..   Yet despite the hopeless vision of the world surrounding him, a change of fate approached that he could never imagine.









Chapter 2


“I can’t stand him!” Kyron fumed as he walked over broken liquor bottles and crack pipes. He winced at the sprawled out Crip on the stairway steps to the left side of the Project’s courtyard, the man’s True Religion sweater wet with blood. A old woman holding a laundry bag stuffed with dirty dresses stepped over the man’s body to walk to the Laundry room.

“That explains what the ruckus was earlier.”Kyron noted.

 They lived in the notorious Charles Vil Housing Projects, nicknamed “CV jets” for short.  Fifteen apartment-buildings made of decayed red bricks layed out like horizontal long legos and covered in snow (it was November) and bullet holes.  The projects were managed by the section 8 housing authority, but as far as Kyron and the other residents were concerned the real owner were a dangerous street gang called

“Villz Mob Crip “.  Its initials, VMC were graffitied all across the bricks.




The majority of the members were black teenagers in dark blue sweaters and blue fitted caps, they sold drugs to dope fiends in the apartment alleyways, committed countless murders with the Ak-47s and desert eagles that they hid behind trash cans and least of all picked on the prey of the projects like Kyron religiously.   The Section 8 program that Kyron and his mother lived on covered most of the expenses for their home and Rashad received a monthly social security check for “disability” that helped pay for groceries. But that still didn’t give him the right to beat on Kyron, or call his mother out her name when his drinking buddies came to play madden on PS4.

“When his social worker comes over, it’s oh my back is so sore, I can barely walk to the store.” Kyron mocked in Rashad’s raspy voice while he walked through the apartments. “ but when he’s got a crack pipe in his hand, that  whole  act goes out the freaking window.”  

He walked out the black iron gates to the street corner of the apartment complex, then turned left at the main boulevard, leaving the barren landscape of poorly painted homes, and huddled in trash bundles on the sidewalk homeless that surrounded Charles Vil Housing projects.  .  



I already deal with enough BS at home; I don’t see why I have to put up with it at school, He thought gloomily as he walked, making sure go around the shivering bodies wrapped in dirty wet blankets and old carpets.


  Twenty minutes of walking down the road took Kyron to the central sector of his city, a myriad of fast food restaurants, mom & pop shops and of course his high school, the second part of his daily misery


The neighborhood started to shift from the small shack-like houses of South Side Portela into the four bedroom suburban homes of Central.  The city, Portela, Massachusetts was a small one, about 70,000

residents at the most, but the lines of social class were very strict, the middle class residents resided in the East and the north, the impoverished unfortunate like Kyron resided in either the South or the West.

For it being a relatively small city there actually were a lot of things to do for fun.  In the non-ghetto part of the north is a large shopping mall that’s always packed on weekends, on the eastside thrives a famous district called Merry Bell, its streets lined with dozens of sports bars, edm clubs and hard –to pronounce named Italian restaurants.


 In the neighborhood around Kyron’s school also was a lot of little entertainment and hangout spots, the most popular of them being an old-school style movie theater called “Johnny’s”.   On the theater’s walls facing the sidewalk were tall posters for all the new movies playing now, and on the right-side of the ticket booth they still had playing times for Lord of The Rings Return of The King, which over ten years ago had produced their biggest ticket sale of a three day period to date.


Kyron was too young to go see it then, but years after it premiered he watched reruns of the movie on TV with eyes wide as baseballs, his mind finding an odd solace in the bright world of fantasy that opposed his ghetto and lonely reality.  





He stopped at the crosswalk in front of a small brightly colored restaurant called Sac’s tasty hot dogs, directly across the street from his high school.  He unwillingly drew back from a daydream that involved him eating seven pounds of reese’s peanut butter cup ice cream.


Jesse Bethel High School, khaki colored buildings, more flagpoles then needed, stupid kids and craigslist picked teachers.  One thing he could honestly say about the school was there was something, always something crazy happening that garnered city-wide attention.  From the stabbings, shootouts and riots between rival gang members, to people getting caught having sex in empty classrooms, or the frequent dope dealer getting caught selling weed to a staff member,  but other than that, it was as normal as any other school.


Kyron walked in the front building and looked at the wall to his left, A yellow and black jaguar, the school’s mascot, was painted above a tall grandfather clock that read 7:45am, breakfast ended at 7:40 am and his first class was at 7:55am.

 “I guess it’s cool.” He said and patted his pudgy stomach. “ I don’t need a reason to gain any more weight anyway..”

From the attendance office on his right a glass door opened and out walked a pretty Mexican girl wearing a pink hoodie and stylish green army fatigues.   Kyron caught the girl’s eye and gave a

friendly smile, she rolled her eyes in return and walked past him without saying a word. His eyes followed the girl’s hips down the hallway where a crowd of North Face coats,

Trukfit beanies and LRG sweaters herded to class. All of them laughing and gossiping with each other about the videos they had watched before coming to school on Vine and Worldstar Hip Hop.  Most were talking about the newest internet prank, a camera phone



video prank of walking up to unwary victims who wore ugly shoes while recording yourself and yelling, “WHAT ARE THOSE!?”.  

 Kyron sighed and turned down the hallway corridor, he tried not to bump into anybody

That might pick on him on.  The shiny yellow hallways of the school were covered with old trophy cases and ancient pictures of former athletes and debate teams.

As soon as he was in the main flow of student traffic the assault began.  Unidentified hands smacked the side of his head and the back of his neck leaving stinging pains, words like bitch boy, retard and ugly serenaded his ears like obscene musicals from all directions.  An already defeated soldier in the war of social acceptance, he simply continued walking, shoulders slumped, his head ducked down and gaze focused on the white tile of the hallway floor while struggling with the urge to cry.

 There was a time when he would have attempted to at least whose hands beat his neck and shoved his shoulders, or try to run away from the torment, but it would be to no avail.  The last time he had done that the situation only worsened and ended with a viral video of him being choked out with an extension cord.   It happened the same day as his birthday actually.

Finally after what felt like an eternity Kyron turned left into his geography class doorway, the insults lingering behind him still.  The room was decorated with pictures of mountains, continental maps and a timeline of geographic discoveries throughout the years.  

Inside the class was almost as loud as outside, with kids chatting, texting and discussing any and everything besides geography.




Pretty girls with winter leggings and uggs laughed and flirted with the loud obnoxious boys wearing snapback fitted caps and diamond studs in their ears, nerds and emos dressed in all black clothing that had bold statements on the front like “murder is natural or Jesus was born out of wedlock “ sat in the  corner, desk turned to each other trading magic gathering cards.


And on the side of the wall close to the windows, sat the three boys that Kyron hated more than cottage cheese. Devon Jones, Ronnie Potts and Marcus Fellbrook; the first treated like a god and the last feared like the devil.


Devon, the clique’s cool kid, the star footballer of Jesse Bethel/wannabe gangbanger,  six foot two, caramel skin complexioned , long cheekbones like a handsome lizard And smooth waved hair.  He loved to start problems and pick on people (particularly Kyron); from the infamous Crest Courts of Westside of Portela and part of a younger set of the Crips called Cutthroats.  Their reputation for  robberies and kidnappings caught headlines County-wide.   Devon’s their most popular member, although more for his football skills rather than his criminal activities.

Ronnie was a dark skinned senior with long dreadlocks and wide gaping lips that never closed.  He was short, fairly taller than Kyron with no athletic or academic talent, but he did have the knowledge to stick around people who he knew could backup the spew of shit he talked.


And finally, the most feared amongst the school and maybe the city, Marcus, an eighteen year old junior  (held back twice), he stood about 6,6, with ugly sh*t-shaded skin, a black bell pepper nose, acne afflicted forehead and cold heartless dark eyes. fat bulged from his hips, but his shoulders held balls of boulder-like muscles.  Marcus was the lead member of the Villz Mob Crips of Kyron’s neighborhood. The older members of his gang trafficked drugs with the Crips of The Courts so naturally he and Devon were



pretty close.   What Marcus lacked in facial features and social skills he made up for being feared as the monster of Villz Mob, God only knew how much blood he spilled.

All three of them loved to beat-up Kyron,meeting him in the classroom and the lunchroom with punches and insults like there was a force field attracting them.

Kyron sat down at his desk in the middle row and the three boys stopped talking immediately.  Grins split their faces and the bullies unleashed their wrath.

“Look at this ugly n***a  that walked in here .“ Ronnie exclaimed with shock, “My n***a, a gopher prolly pull more b*tches than you .”

“Cuz, what da f*ck you wearing?!  N***a is that Goodwill? Devon added, grabbing his hips as he roared with laughter.

“All dat sh*t you wearing gon be red by da time I’m done Cuz.”  Sneered Marcus, he cracked his giant knuckles with anticipation.


The classroom shook laughter at Kyron.  Every time he tried to ignore the insults, a piece of gum or a paper ball hit him in the side of the head.

:BItch boy!!

“f*ck n*gga!”

“P*ssy *ss b*tch!!”

“n*gga i know them big ears hear me!!” They howled.

“Man, why do I even come to school? “He muttered miserably, because the torment is even worse at home.  Rashad cackling to the sky with a beer bottle in one hand and a blunt in the other floated in his mind.





Just when he thought he was going to quit school for good and the last insult left Marcus’s mouth he heard a cheerful laugh and looked at the classroom door. Nicole, his hidden crush and the most prettiest girl Jesse Bethel walked in and stopped time, her two pretty friends following close behind.



Maria was a varsity cheerleader with shiny dark hair, long tan legs and a beautiful smile who dated Ronnie; she blew a kiss at him when she walked in the classroom that made him stop teasing Kyron for a minute to smile at her.  Sammy was a cheerleader too, a young kelly rowland look-alike with perfectly shaped lips and a body made of curves to die for.

Kyron had eyes only for Nicole. People always said she looked like a Jessica Alba, the comparison suggested by slim yet swaying hips, a colgate-commercial smile, a mild touch of makeup with a religious faith in Hollister and Abercrombie, along with ever-straight tawny hair and hazel light green eyes. It all gave her a natural look that made Kyron’s blood rush to all the right and wrong areas. Together with her pretty friends they were the cheerleader clique that all wanted yet few could possess.


The stream of insults stopped long enough for Maria to walk to Ronnie give him a kiss and playfully shove him after he made about her new backpack. Sammy and Nicole, instead of following Maria to the corner of Kyron’s antagonists, sat at two desks in the middle row.   Nicole recently broke up with Devon and was trying hard to avoid speaking with him.


 The rumor was that Devon had secretly cheated on her with an older woman from his neighborhood. At a Midtown Starbucks, Nicole’s cousin saw them kiss and decided to take a picture.. She sent it to her cousin and the next day they were done.

Either way, it didn’t stop a stubborn Devon from flashing that cocky smile of his and making duckfaces while she ignored.  Nicole set her Hollister backpack on the classroom floor and talked to Sammy and Maria with her back towards Devon and his friends.




 Just as intuition told Kyron that the jokes were going to begin again Mr. Sagnam walked in like a lanky ghost.   A tall, frail figure, pale and stale, wearing broken glasses and onto his head receding strands (the glasses broken from him being tripped so many times, the hairline running because of how much the kids kept him stressed.), wearing ironed black slacks a white dress-shirt and shoes that looked like-


WHAT ARE THOSE ?!” a boy called Keith yelled from behind Kyron, pointing at the fading loafers on  Mr. Sagnam’s feet. The whole classroom burst into laughter, even Kyron cracked a smile.


“Alright class, that is enough, that is enough,” Sagnam said in his nasal voice, he set his briefcase down, drumming his fingers on the table. “I’ve told you all many times, outside of these doors you can be kindergarteners, but inside this classroom you are high school students.”

“Then what the hell are you on the outside that make you look so f****d up on the inside?” Ronnie responded and laughter lit up again.




“Ha ha ha, okay class joke time is over, I want silence or the next person that talks is getting sent straight to the office”.

The class fell silent, Devon blew one last kiss at Nicole, in response she rolled her eyes and tried even harder to ignore him.  Devon cussed under his breath and turned to whisper something to Marcus.

While Mr. Sagnam  rambled about the himalayas and longitude measurements, Kyron snuck sideways glances at the curve of Nicole’s cheek, her head resting on an open palm as she stared at the board in boredom.  He knew good and well he had no chance of being with her, he was nowhere as good looking as Devon, nor as popular but every time he passed her in the hallway, wrapped lovingly in Devon arms while


they were together, staring up at his face with adoration, he could never stop the longing he felt in his heart that plagued his heart and even followed him to the gunshot projects he lived in.

 I can’t even compare to someone like Devon he thought and  laid his head down on the desk after peeking one last glance at her hazel gaze. hell the best I can do for her is teach her who not to hang out with. He turned his thoughts from Nicole and tried to focus on the gibberish written on the chalkboard, who knows?  She’ll never call me cute but if I focus she might could call me smart.


Kyron smiled . Yeah, like she would ever call me that .

“Sire.” The voice repeated.

Kyron frowned, wait a minute,



Kyron raised his head from the desk, the voice wasn’t coming from somewhere in the room he looked around at the bored faces staring blankly at the chalkboard, not one person was even leaning in his direction.


Am I tripping right now? He wondered.   

“I’m over here idiot..” The voice said again this time with a little more impatience.



Kyron looked in the direction where he heard the voice and his eyes widened with surprise. On the wall window-sill ,  few desks ahead of where Devon sat, stood a little furry creature. He looked like a ferret with white and black fur , tiny horns on his head and wore clothes that looked like they came from an Victorian consignment shop.    

The creature waved at kyron with a furry claw.” Finally! You’re not as slow as you appear.”


Kyron’s mouth dropped open.

“A better greeting would be hello but I guess open mouths will suffice. “ The creature hopped and hit the tile and crawled across to Kyron’s desk.

Kyron looked left and right in shock, none of the teenagers saw the talking ferret.

He  rubbed his eyes before blinking three times and squinting, now the little creature was on top his desk,holding a odd key in one claw, a golden acorn engraved with a K in the other, Kyron had terrible eyesight so he didn’t even know how he could see the rune.


The little creature sat the acorn down, found a little hole on its surface and inserted the key.   He turned towards Kyron and met his gaze with orb- like blue eyes.


“ I have a message to deliver to you.”

“ A , a message? “ Kyron said quietly, scared someone would hear him.

The creature rolled his eyes. “Yes smart one a message.”

“From who?” Kyron asked.

“The Fae Realm.” The little man said.

Kyron’s. “The Fae Realm?”



The little creature turned the key .“The People need you, it’s time to return.” The creature gazed slightly at Kyrons garments and his snout wrinkled. “Make you sure you come in better attire.”


. The shell of the acorn cracked apart,  A silver ball of light, even smaller than the acorn floated from inside the shell.   The light expanded and grew bright a light tune started to play, touching and sweet, A sensation of total peace washed over Kyron’s body.

Oh my god that is beautiful. He thought.   It’s melody cascading over his ears like a waterfalls currents, its tempo ignited faster,its volume rising higher his eyes started drooping as it got louder, The light got brighter and enveloped the whole classroom, then suddenly his classmates, the teacher, all of it vanished from his vision.  


Kyron stood up from his desk in shock.  Instead of green walls with maps and latitude measurements he was surrounded by a dark purple field as far as the eye could see, gigantic grey clouds soaring around him like wispy grey cruise ships. Kyron turned his head around, there was no student, teacher or desk in sight for miles, not even the one he was just been sitting in.


“Where am I?” He muttered.

A strong gust of air blew on Kyron blowing his coat off in the breeze, the strength of the wind so powerful it almost put him on his knees.

“What the heck, what is going on?” He panicked.

Suddenly a silver light burned on the horizon and the cadence of music returned.

its rays illuminating the dark world around him, the radiance touched his skin and sparkly smoke blew off his arms 





Kyron yelped and looked down at his hands, to his shock the skin on  them blew off into Golden wisps and green sparks.   He raised both hands to his face, the wisps of magic burning away, revealing on his left hand a glowing golden ring, a single red stone set in the center of the golden band.

“It’s beautiful.” He marveled.


“IS THAT HIM?”Shouted a god-like voice that made Kyron leap back in shock.  “ IS THAT THE ONE?”

“Yes milord.” Said the voice of the creature Kyron saw standing on the classroom windowsill. “It’s him alright.”

“HE DARE –WEAR- THE –TREASURE- OF-MY KINGDOM!!!”  The voiced rumbled again.  

“What you mean this thing?”  Kyron shrieked, he searched for the source of the terrifying shout but it came from everywhere.“Hold up wait you can have it! I didn’t take it!’’ He hastily snatched at the golden band around his finger, but he couldn’t pull it off it was like it was glued on.



The silver beams flashed ,on the horizon was a beautiful beach haloed by moonlight radiance, on the beach’s border was a city-like golden mansion of tall towers and curved ceilings, his eyesight allowing him to even see the sapphire diamonds that made the avenues and streets in between its walls, the cerulean cobblestones shining like blue diamonds. On the crystal sand shores surrounding the towers, Blue skinned women ran in the sand and flirted boldly with handsome men and on the shore swam ruby scaled mermaids with beautiful faces , and voices to match, emerald-eyed children with sea shells twisted in their hair and pointed ears played in the eternal revelry of their life, some slept in golden orbs.




His mind was caught in the strange ambience of delirious awakening, hardly believing that the luminescent realm that surrounded him was not a figment of the imagination. Amongst the calico fluorescent people and the tunes of their sea coral banjos with seaweed strings his eyes and ears surrendered all preconceived notions of reality.

It’s beautiful.” Kyron marveled, almost to tears at its beauty.

 But there was more, in the midst of the paradise, standing in the sands was the outline of a very tall lord, walking towards [_him.  _]He wore a long black coat and a wide brimmed traveller’s hat The man’s face was obscured by a light, but on the man’s hand shone a single gem, a ring, like the one Kyron had on.

“The Sun Court calls you.” A choir of the loveliest voices he ever heard, sang.

“For me?”

“ Only you, we are waiting for you.” A Choir of voices sang from its shores.

Kyron stared at The Realma longing grew in his heart to walks it streets, slowly he took a step forward and reached out his arm towards the city.”

“We have always waited.”

“I am coming.” Kyron croaked.

“You have been summoned.”

“I am coming.”

“We have been so patient.”


“No!!! Wait please I am coming!” he yelled and ran towards the beautiful city, I have to ge there Man

Boom!  He collided into the back of the boy sitting in front of him stumbling to the classroom floor in shock.


“ What the hell is wrong with you Bruh?!” the boy sitting in front of him roared.

Kyron jumped up with surprise and looked around startled.

“Thomas! “  Mr Sagnam snapped. The whole class was looking at him with amused grins.














Chapter 3


“Do you mind explaining the reason for your tasteless humor while I am trying to teach?” Mr. Sagnam said.

“Ummm.” Kyron said sheepishly, he really didn’t have an answer because even he didn’t know what happened.

“Let off him Teach !the n***a was having dream about getting laid.” Ronnie yelled from the back of the classroom,  “That’s as close as he’s gonna get to it anyways.” He added.

The room shook with laughter from wall to wall .  Kyron rose and sat in seat, if black people could blush, he’d be bright red.  He sat at the desk with his head buried in  arms, wanting to disappear so bad  it was ridiculous.  

Dude, I can’t believe I just did  that , he despaired ,  you mean to tell me all that was just a dream? I really hallucinated all of that?  The creature, the voices ,the beaches the city, It felt soooooo real! he thought miserably.



Out the corner of his eye He saw Nicole and Samantha looking at him and talking in hushed tones with smiles on their face.

He groaned. It’s bad enough she knows I’m a punk, now she knows I’m a freak too.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sagnam was struggling to calm the class down.

“Alright class, alright, it was funny but not that funny.”

“ It wasn’t that funny because you ain’t getting none either!” Ronnie roared and the classroom rolled with laughter again..  After a few minutes the classroom quieted down enough for Mr. Sagnam to continue his lesson, ( it wasn’t like anybody was listening before) but for the rest of the period Devon, Marcus and Ronnie  sat in the corner staring at Kyron, grinning like kids who just had their first birthday cake. Kyron felt their stares on his back, but all he could think about was the world he had seen.


He peeked from under his elbow at the window sill where he saw the little creature only moments ago, wondering if  he would show up again, holding another golden acorn that could take him to the beautiful city.

But by the end of class no matter how many glances he gave to the windowsill the little man would not appear again.



…DINGG!  The bell rung and they all rose from their seats like Jesus had returned.

“And remember class dont for get to stud-” Mr Sagnam started

Ronnie hurled A heavy blue text book at the professor before he could finish,Mr Sagnam yelped and ducked low, the book hitting just above where his head had been.

“Shut the f*ck up and get another job!” Ronnie laughed as he waited for his thuggish friends.


Was I just daydreaming? Kyron thought, he rose from his desk and hurriedly stuffed  his binder and geography textbook in his backpack. [_ I could have sworn I saw that_]

thing, and the music, it felt so real.  But he didn’t have much time worry if it was real or not,  he was desperately trying to make it out of the door before….

“Ay cuz, I think it’s time to collect.” Marcus said loudly.

 Kyron’s blood froze and his heart started beating fast.  

“Yeah i think so to, cuz this n***a  aint  pay in a while. “ Devon said slyly.

Kyron turned around and saw that all three boys were walking towards him, grinning evilly, cracking knuckles and tightening their belts .  Devon and his clique charged kids they didn’t like (and rumor had it a few janitors) , a “Fk Ni***a Fee”, for going to the same school that they went too, usually about 20$ a week per person. Kyron never had money, so they never had mercy.

“Come on man, you guys know I  don’t have anything, just let me be.” Kyron pleaded.


“Oh this n*gga aint got our dough again?!” Marcus muttered, murder in his soulless eyes. “Oh yeah bruh, I think it is definitely about that time.”


Without a second thought of the dream, his dream-girl or anything else, Kyron slung the backpack on his shoulder and dashed to the classroom door, he got stuck by two blood thirsty young boys that grabbed his arms so he couldn’t leave, eager to see a fight., they shoved him back from the doorway

“Please let me go!” Kyron shrieked as he tried to push past the taller teens.

Too late.



Devon slugged Kyron in the left side of his head hard, so hard his vision faded dark a few seconds and he sprawled on the ground in pain. As soon as his body hit the cold tile, a wild assault of kicks, punches and even textbooks  came at him from all angles.  He cried and tried to cover his face  from the Jordans, Yeezys and Vans covered feet kicking him.

Everybody else that was still in the classroom, guffawed with laughter, Some cheering on the fighters, others whipped out iphones and samsung galaxies screaming. “ Worldstar! Wash that n*gga!! F*ck him up!”

WHY DOESN’T ANYBODY EVER HELP ME? (note that Sagnam watched the whole thing unfold but just shook his head like he didn’t see anything )

“Aight Cuz that’s enuff..” Marcus said.

“Are you sure?” Ronnie said ”This n*gga ain’t never got our dough! We should kick his ass into the hallway.”


“Its aight I can catch his ass afta skool in Da VIlle,” Marcus said evilly, he kneeled down and whispered. softly.”You hear that bitch? Got another ass whooping waiting for you as soon as I see you back home.”

Ronnie delivered one last kick to Kyrons hip and picked up his backpack.

Devon stretched his long arms and yawned. ”Whew! worked up an appetite whooping his ass.” he laughed.

After the beating was done the four boys stepped on him (literally, Marcus making sure his heavy foot fell on kyrons fingers.) and left the classroom all smiling in pride like they had just won a award.  

Miserable and beaten, Kyron rose to his knees, brushing the dirt off his bag before slinging it over his shoulder. What other reaction could he have?  The beating he got today was the same one that waited for



him on the hour, every hour.   He turned to Mr. Sagnam who sat at his desk sorting papers with false interest.   

“You could have done something, or at least try to act like you cared.” Kyron said bitterly and walked out the classroom.  When he turned out the classroom he rubbed his left hand, now sore from Marcus boot and felt something metal brush his fingers, his mouth dropped once he looked down.

“That’s. . That’s impossible! “He stuttered and raised a shaking hand to his face; he was wearing the same ring he had worn in the daydream.  The red jewel in the center of the golden band flickered and cast a light to Kyron’s eyes.

We wait for our king .The voices he heard in the daydream sung.   We wait for you.

I’m waiting for you!

Experience the Adventure , September 4th 2016

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Black Wings Preview

Harry Potter meets Boyz in the hood Kron Tramell is a black high school student waking up everyday in a caged life of cocaine fumes, gunshots and abuse at the hands of thugs and a drug addicted stepfather. Then one day he opens his eyes to a magical reality. Kyron is a changeling, the half fairy son of a dead king. Through his fairy heritage and new found magical power he obtains freedom from the hood. But he still craves revenge on the bullies of his past and returns from the faerie realm on a rampage. However, violence only begets more violence and when Kyron fully realizes this He may not be able to accept the repercussions. What future will he is use his magical powers to manifest? Real Book Release September 04 2016

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  • Published: 2016-07-02 00:50:39
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