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Black Male, Addendum 2017

‘Addiction in the U.S.A.’



1961, NYC News media, was the first time I recall ever heard of a ‘War on Drugs”.

I have heard of many “war’s” since 7 Mayor’s of New York phrased similarly: Mayor’s Wagner, Lindsay, Koch, Giuliani and Bloomberg, among others; so many in fact in these United States, have called for this ‘war on drugs’ I cannot waste time trying to list politicians that uttered this politically motivated term; just take my word for it. If, you have ever resided in almost any city in America or resided within the United States for at least half a century, then one must know of at least one war against victimless crime. One also knows or should know what the outcome has been with all of those wars.


As a society, we have lost every one of the drugs wars we fought in, every one of them.


For the first time in America the resignation from the Office of the President was performed by Richard M. Nixon (1968) following his founding of the “war on drugs ”; as many, many other political types, Governor’s, Mayor’s and everything in between, held similar so- called ‘wars” against mostly victimless crimes or just to name a few victims; sports betting, prostitution, (car window ‘washer-squiggy’) pan handling criminals and a whole panoply of ‘quality of life criminals’, witch mostly all ended without any sign of them ever being won by any government administration, then came some 4 decades later, 09/11/01 the all out ‘Rag Head, Camel Jockey” fight, with the Towers being destroyed, which ultimately provided us with a ‘universal enemy’. Americans finally had someone to beat up on as our enemy.


To beat up on a common enemy which should have never been our struggle to begin by our corporate American war machine, commenced the war machine effort anew with more war cries. This war, like most trumped up skirmishes, can never be finally won. Now, the great hope of the world has found a fight to help us forget about the strife in our Homeland, the impossible quest for freedom is again, a back seat engaged. Whatever happened to promises made to Americans, four decade’s ago? How about that pledge?


We have been fighting a war here in my Homeland for about as long as I have been alive, most of my entire life, for at least the last 70 years we have fought every war but the war on cigarettes. When will we begin a war for peace?


Today, we are now as a result of relaxed prescription drug laws, (having for more than half a century been allowed to freely sponsor drug addiction) until today. The ill effects are visited on the wealthy. Now, with a new awareness overtaking the white (power) ethic, which is the dispensing of medically prescribed, opiate drugs have come full circle. With our legislatures made aware of substance abuse as an issue no longer of the poverty class, today, we see the victims of substance abuse now the users. When for over the last fifty years, explicitly, addiction was considered a (colored) problem; better left to the police powers to deal with than what it has always been: a socio-economic medical perplexity?


In the 1930’s in America, American’s viewed booze quite the same problem as we view opiates; however, we then termed it such a different kind of social problem. Booze existed as substance abuse, and the solution was undertaken to ban it from our shores. And how did that work out for us, very badly. Why do we continue to use incarceration, an unworkable solutions as an answer for such a medical perplexity?


The poor use mind-altering substances mostly to deal with poverty and that cannot be cured with incarceration. First it was booze, and white powder’s coke and heroine then pot finally, the whole panoply of illegal drugs against the power of poverty. The finding of ways and means to escape the reality of poverty, often are otherwise a question of a boring existence, is employment. But, the Republicans don’t want to spend any national treasure of what ails us, but more on wasteful wars to keep Americans fighting ourselves building corporate wealth, while we continue to eat our young with never ending wars. I’ll already be dead, but rich kids and their kids should be set for life. What kind of life Mr. Donald Trump, what kind of life?


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Black Male, Addendum 2017

Opiates in America 2017

  • Author: BC Jones II
  • Published: 2016-09-17 09:05:33
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Black Male, Addendum 2017 Black Male, Addendum 2017