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Black Eyed Susan Vixen

Black Eyed Susan Vixy

Copyright © 2016 by Penny Tawret

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Chapter One

Meeka “Vixy” Woods

I awoke once again to the good old beeping of my little fifteen year old alarm clock; which I was deeply surprised and overall shocked that it unbelievably still worked like a charm after the passage of all these years, and in damn near perfect condition along with all the rest of my little trinkets in my wonderful little jail cell sized bedroom. The second and more natural wakeup call in the form of my loudly rumbling stomach, began to sing its usual early morning song and I quietly padded down the soft shag carpeting of the stairs to the rather picturesquely remodeled kitchen area where, as usual, I ran into Emma munching contently on a few packs of her favorite maple syrup flavored bacon. Taniel was kicked lazily back in one of the far end chairs at the end of the kitchen table, sipping gradually here and there on a hefty mug of homemade iced coffee, news magazine in hand and the usual dankness of the pads of her feet permeating the room with a sickly sweet; bread and butter pickles like odor. She looked up slowly, dressed in her usual garb of a simple white beater shirt and black slightly worn jeans. “What up, Foxy Brown?” She greeted, dapping me up humanely as usual in her normal way as I promptly opened up the fridge. “Hey, good old trout walker the panther.” I quipped jovially in return. “Glad to see you and Jelly here are the only other beings not dead around here at way past the crack of dawn and sunrise.” She chuckled softly with a weak yawn. “Well, you know Jenni and crew.” She replied. “She and Jera both sincerely enjoy more than usual amount of beauty sleep; especially good old Wendy of all living things.” “Yeah. Them snakes do indeed love their ever so dear discretion. That’ll all soon change as well once we liberate good old B-more as well on our list next up.” “Right you are, puss in boots.” Emma chimed in. “But, I do know one thing’s definitely for damn sure. I’m not at all doing a thing on an empty stomach. Let’s just chill for a while and eat.”

Black Eyed Susan Vixen

  • ISBN: 9781370243006
  • Author: Penny Tawret
  • Published: 2016-07-23 08:35:07
  • Words: 430
Black Eyed Susan Vixen Black Eyed Susan Vixen